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12 Nov
UFB 2 - Ultra Fighting Bros

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The Ultra Fighting Bros have company in UFB 2! Discover the all-new CAREER mode and fight your way in 50 bone-breaking challenges and combats against fighters from all around the world. The greatly improved multiplayer mode is also sure to get you and your friends hooked from the first punch. Step inside the arena, it’s time to fight!

Beat dozens of challenges and fights to progress through your career and become the greatest fighter of all times! Show off your best moves at the UFB Arena, the Forest, the Glacier and the Power Plant!

Fight against friends -- or enemies -- in real life too! Engage in challenging combats and make good use of all your training drills in career mode. Can you beat them all?

Engage in combats with or against Bulldog Burton from the USA, Brutov from Russia, Hellga from Sweden, Rocha from Brazil, Raging Ramirez from Mexico and Brobot from Mars -- plus their zombie and hyperstrong counterparts!

• Fun game inspired by Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
• Single-player arcade mode and multiplayer mode: play by yourself or with friends
• Simple but challenging gameplay
• Greatly improved over the original Ultra Fighting Bros game

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

Tapps - Top Apps and Games part of our Sports and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Nov. 12, 2015. Google play rating is 81.9234. Current verison is 1.0.5. Actual size 34.0 MB.

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Jevons Chen

Find the coin levels really hard, can't pass if you don't get all of them, otherwise it's really fun

João Tomás

Various issues I'll make a list of what's wrong with this game. career levels that aren't fights, like breaking craters, getting coins and hitting targets are way to hard and make you do everything perfectly and even when you already got 1 star for the level you can still lose from hitting those jolt balls and the electrified floor. You should just "win" the level even if you lost all lives but you hit the 1 star score. Apart from that this isn't kid friendly at all because of the excessive difficulty.

Cj Phillips

Amazing This game is like really boss next time u need to add 4 player or online game i will rate this game 1000 times

Vanessa Romero

Good game but Wish u added a shop for power ups and finishing moves but for now 4 stars

Anthony Wakim

Opinion I guess its addicting but theres not much to it. But if you would get one its ufb2. New characters and stuff.

Kyrese Rush

It's decent I haven't deleted it yet so I must like it subconsciously.

Carmen Rush

Great! Awsome who ever mad thi is awesome.My kids love it!

Jacob Boston

Awesome I beat my little brother all the time

Kurt John Silva

Zzz. Its ok but its too laggy from me

Yafiah Rida

So loved it Super excited to play the game

dan wedekind

Nice My brother and I like to play it!

Cortlin G

Super duper awesome It's actually violent but awesome and kind of like UFC but cooler

B Ahmed

Ok Needs more character concept and moves to use because gets boarding after a while and also needs more regular updates.

Patricia Torres

It is so cool my kids love it You should put more charecters

Emil Vente

The best Its Awesome!!

LJ Araujo

Awesome Game Very cool game!!!!!!

Donald Donitzen

I loved it I loved the first one but this one was the best game on my tablet

Isaiah Natal

Nice Very good game.Its awesome

Ethan Lamb

Best game ever played fun game of time

Chris Terna

UFB 2 Its awesome

Frederick Salcedo

Nice game love it so much!!!


LOVE IT This game is so FUN!!!!!!

Dylan Taylor

Hate it Its so hard to win!

hayley y

UFB 2-ultra fighting brothers It a good game only if you like wrestling and you get to challenge other wrestlers and you can go on a world tour and no there are girl wrestlers

César ME

Can u give each fighter a SPECIAL MOVE THEN i rate 5 STARS

chatchitto tumros

Awesome Add more fighting styles and more fighters ill give 5 stars and atleast 4 or 5 character available for free

Declan Cooper

Awesome This is an amazing game and I recommend it to everyone

Sothea Saren

fun game I really love it

Mikey Gott

Awesomeness You can get characters and play as them in multiplayer.

Adwin Syah

Love it More feature please

Captain Wind

I was having fun... Until I got to level 28 and it is the most bull thing I have ever played. It is hard witch would not be a bad thing if it was actually fun. I spent a long time trying to beat it and I did but it did not count. I'm done with this game

Ayden Jameson

Love It I'm bummed out that I payed money for the first game but now I don't have enough money for this one and there is so many more cooler things in this one than the other one . But everything else deserves 5 stars. I was really excited to see that there was a second one now.

Lita Baht Yisrael

Would have 5 if.... I would have rated it 5 if it would let me pass level 11 I beat it multiple times but it simply would not let me past level 11 I recommend you to not download this game unless they fix it overall it's a pretty good and fun game

Nick debenedetto

Simple, yet crap The concept could've been done so much better. No differences between characters, items r trash, stages r bland. U guys messed up

youngweezy Shepard

It's a good game but the creators should've made the game to where if you sign in through Google + you get all the characters Please listen

Saima Ali

Its just a stupid game I cant get all 18 box on the hard level and it should be pfb that means poo fee me

Jonathan Molleda

PRETTY AWESOME A simple but very enjoyable game, a great one to play with friends or by yourself alone if you guys are reading this? DOWNLOAD THIS NOW! :-)

Majeztik Bordonada

Ufb This game is fricken boss me amd my bro love it thx for creating it?✌

joseph brown

Perfect Never thought such a great idea can turned into such an addicting app the difficulty and one button controls make a great experience

Daniel Owens

Wow Love it I would say more but I wanna go play it (=

William Galloway

Worst game ever It will not let me play the game I can't even get past the play screen

Alexis Solorio

Amazing Smack down Awesome

Gavinandmom Chavez

Loved it I have an absolute blast when I play this game The only hard thing that's really hard is the grab the coin levels besides that I love it????

Elaine Grant

Fighting bros. I like it but I want all the guys in one time

Dane Kevin Smith III

It could've been better with Bluetooth multiplayer or local network all in all its fun. It should be local multiplayer and Bluetooth multiplayer.

Peace Maker

It's good enough to get a 4 stars..... I honestly liked the game and I would love if they would have a new version of it I mean an update

Logan Shepherd

Awsome!but I wish you had more charictars

Sonu Madhavi

It's awesome I can't stop playing. It has nice graphics

KameshIo Barnes

Oh don't do Yea yah OMG! One of the Best games in history

Malachi Buchanan

Love this game My younger brother loves 1 and 2 and he us undefetable,,I can't even beat him??,,he's a boss

Jake Mihalsky

Was fun This game was great at the first few levels, but then after that it startes adding an electcal ball to some levels which ment u had to avoid two tjings in one level. Also when you're on the fooor you roll so slow.

Zinion Bordeaux

good I like it, it's just I thought you would be able to play online. That would be awesome

lycan brown

I love it but it says after I beat level 29 it tells me to unlock the lock that says to go needs 5 stars right... I have 45? please fix it????

Manuel Arredondo

Cool Game I like the game but I wish I did not to buy the powerups

Borys Garbowski

Awesome game It's fun to play and really it!!!

kory Couillard

awesome Very easy to pick up and it is very addictive

Tianna Burns

Cool ???????☺ add more action when you make a new one please do

Cyle Spring

I love the first one a like the second one.

Melissa Rendon

Cool Awesome it feels like you are playing Spiderman

Aero Rivers

It's really fun It's way better than ufb

Artan Shameti

Awesome! Its so awrsome me and my friends play all the time against each other. I finished career mode and i like the difficulty in the levels. I also like the different characters. Continue to a part 3 and possibly add more characters. And we should be able to have the option to have 4 or 6 lives like the cpu in career mode.

banana yap

This fricking game when you get coins in a level that needs 350 coins and the time is not enought this game sucks so bad I dont really know what they were thinking to makethe game

Your Lr

Um Good but bad BECAUSE you should make it 3 rounds but you should make it online it is a cool good game if people you're reading this get this game it is fun and cool is multiplayer but I wish it was online

Lucky Dhir

Loved it This game is awesome! It requries skill, patience, and statergy. It is HD and great quality. I really recommend trying this game. Also there are no crashes and bugs ☺.

Clay Peters

Could be better It has potential to be a 5-star game, and the basic matches are amazingly simple and fun. However, I had to take one star because of the lack of innovation from the last game. There is 4 modes (and a half): Matches, vs (play with a friend), boxes (where you smash boxes that fall from the ceiling) and coin mode (where you collect coins that reappear every few seconds, and the difficulty can change from a walk in the meadow to a walk through the meadow on fire and with nails in your feet). The half mode is zombie mode, which is where the computer has more lives. All of this is on a left to right line map for the "campaign". Not much innovation. Going back to zombie mode, I thought it would be a really good idea to have them regenerate lives or something instead of just more lives. The other reason I took a star off was because of a dumb bug where even if the person is below you on the wall, they can still slam you, which is incredibly frustrating

Jhony Orlando

Why ppl so #DISTCUSTING This game is sö cool shutup dont say its FREAKING UGLY and see your grammar before you comment

Douglas Gates

UFB fighting Bros 2 This game is. Sooooooo cool I love it I love games like this who ever made this games I thank that person

Dinesh K Suthar

Awesome ! Good graphics , very good - time killing game !

Gilan Alamilla

The orbs Those fikin orbs this is hard and unfair do not download if you want an unfair game. Hey i got an idea its fighting not the coins,targets and crates mode with frikin orbs.still good game

Bryan Venegas

I like it I love this game thate i have it on my tablet and phone i have the first game and th second game too

Mytha Adora

I like it so cool Bros get a girl and we can all have sex

Ij Taher

Missing Should have more tricks and animation otherwise its a good game and addict

Heet Shah

Please add an online feature..where we can play with other players of the world....make it intresting by customising our own player..with differnt kinds of super power nd levels

Joshua Rademeyer

Good Would be 5 star but I hate the stupid crate levels

Omar Daker123

I downloaded it and it's have very lag Pls fix this I will rate 5 stars

Franz Adean Aquino

Its better when it has online vs but yeh I like it also

Aideen Walsh

Install this game This is a great game please install it. Its sssssooooooooooo awsome

SneakerHead Tips

Its fun but add more players to beat up in career mode other than that 5 stars tops!

Kyrie Butler

Ok Level 15 is kinda annyoing and it's a cool game

Trinity Solis

Awesome The game is extremely awesome. I thought you needed to buy the full game but you had to beat them

Javis Sistrunk

Best game ever Awesome I loved it and it was the best game in the world

Laino Brown

Nice bro Its nice for two player and the graphics are well good!!!

Matthew Li

Retarded The game has no point and I had jumped but I still lost like 10 times. This game is retarded PERIOD

Donovan Stanley

Please add RKO and powerbombs To make this the best game ever

steven touchton

Very good Very good just wish there were more attack animations.

robert fury

Love it. Its awesome. I hope a part 3 comes our where u can build your fighters stat and by costumes in the store and power ups involved.

Monica Sharma

Stuck at the 11th level Overall the game is good, but I am stuck at this level.

Romeo Jethro Jaca

Make the items free This game is very good.. but ill give you five star if you will make items free or add some features in versus mode .. or features like daily battle or weekly match.

kostas topalidis

Ok Just purchase 3.5€ to just have 5 guys and few maps...that should cost 1€

Nakul Menon

Nice You should let us unlock characters not buy them

Graphenreed Family

So funny Me and my best friend played it. It's soooo funny.


Nice game but I hope I can customise my own character

Jeanette Carter

I love this game It's awesome.rage game too lol

Huw Jones

Don't even know what the game is like Doesn't even let me play the game so could be a good game I don't know but it doesn't do this to all my other games.

Anthony Spencer

Power slam This guy coming after me and I just power slam him

Simeon Mccully

UFB 2 It is cool that there is now different players and coin rounds in the game and you can either play versus and against the computer and when i played this game i thought it was pretty great!

Aniel Alvarez

Cool fighting game One word awsome

Damion Cunningham

What the heck On lvl 11 I can't beat it because it has short time and that stupid electricity ball

Shibli Mansuri

Fun game , good career mode. Waiting for more content

Will Allen

Level 11 You guys are very stupid for making a level like that I can't even get past the level

the sullivainia

Ok Its fun at first but then it gets really boring and u have to buys things to make it fun

Family Cajigas

It's OK but... The chest levels are to hard, every time I try to get a chest, the electric ball keeps on hitting me to make it unable to reach it! The other thing that gives me problems is the charters! Since they look so manly and cool doesn't mean you cant touch him!

Steven Phythian

Hate the stupid box smashing part, remove it! There is no need for a box smashing mini game, slows down progress and its pointless

Travis Baugh

Hey guys this game is very good so you should check it out

Rere Pejana

Goog game This game is good bec. I can play it with friends


Good Graphics though I like it becuz it is challenging

Jameel Jones

This was my second first game company Best game ever but 28 was kind of hard but I beat it after a few trys finally make a part three with online multiplayer pleaseee

Yousuf Baig

Vary good game I love this game ever I like it so much I give it 5 stars for this game but there is hard levels I like it I always play with my friends they like it also please download this game this game is fun and asome

Rocky Ali

Super duper fun The game very fun to play and graphics are cool

Alan Batalla

Bullshit It's a little bit of fun if you somehow passthrow the f**king shityness who ever mad this game can die in f**king hell you son of a b**** sad exuce for a game wish I can rate 0 star for a bullshit game it bullshit with the zombies and dont even get me started with the f***ing robots

James Riojas

Good but not great I think that this game is good but not great because you have to pay for stages and stuff like that I think it should be free MAYBE more people would still have it on there electronic

Gameallday long

Absolutely fantastic. Really fun, easy and enjoyable. Highly reccomend it.

venkatesh venky

Fun & Awesome This Game is Good & I like the multiplayer mode particularly & also recommend Tapps to add multiplayer over lan feature

Daniel Reyes

UFB 2Fighting Bros Its addictive once you play it you can't stop #BestGameEva

Road to 1K MMR

It's Awesome Sometimes I am you lose and sometimes I won, And thanks

Wild Dodo

The reason I rate 3 its couse there is to many ads and I think that the shock on the ground should make you bounce higher and that you shouldn't need to pay to play online

Peter Mark Taeza

Awesome~! This Game is so Awesome! Easy controls but the game is challenging enough that made me became more addicted to this game~ ! It also has a unique gameplay which became my favorite game of all time. To those who made this game, High Five for ya~!

Kano cartoons

Amazing This game is so freaking awesome so addictive love beating my cousins in it

joe gaming677

Read the thing Love the it the best game and easy for every one to play

Angela Lafrance

Best game!?!?!?!?!? It's the best game ever since the XBOXE3 but can you please put in the DANTDM VanossGaming or one book I want to do and can you put them in like right in the start like right when you update the game when a person goes up on their input on a notification saying that you unlock DanTDM or VanossGaming and show pictures of them and then you can go to select character in pig DanTDM Mod VanossGaming

Saudia Simms Barriffe

Amazing This game is like nothing l have ever seen before

Philip Law

Good game, but some career levels are just plain IMPOSSIBLE. I don't understand how people can get 3 stars on any level that doesn't have to do with fighting others. I'm on level 26 and the goal is to get 34 targets in 1 minute when I can barely get 12 at the 30 second mark when I get ALL the targets without missing any. Make the stages easier because mine is literally IMPOSSIBLE even without any mistakes. Other than that, this game is pretty good and fun to play with others.

Zazz Matazzz

Wow just wow This game is one of the most fun games I have ever played in my life I love this game so very much. It's so simple and it's so fun all at the same time. Beaches are dirty

Palwascha Rasuli

Very good but too hard Its a very awesome game and its the most addicting game ive ever played but it gets way too hard if your not a pro thats so good you probably should not play this game if you have anger issues but other ways this Is the best game ever you should definitely CHECK IT OUT

Omer Akram

Loved It But you know I Think Level 11 is hard I Cannot Pass It At All But That's Ok And Also I Think You Should Make Online Mode It Would Be The Best Thanks Alot For Creating This Game

William Moreland

How unrealistic and easy The first was better I hated it so much the level I was on involves an electric floor and boxes I mean I thought this was a fighting game what a dissapointment I will surely be deleting this app if I could I would give this game a 0 the first one was better this is horror I liked the characters but hated that it is not like the first one with only fighting and that floating ball made the level extensively easy.

Nancy Tagiilima

Love it but.... I love this game but when i hit my enemy i dont know who got smashd on the ground. Thats my only problem (STILL LOVE THE GAME BYE THE WAY!!!!!!!!!)

Rono Bono

Its fun but needs more to do. Things like unlockable costume's and stuff could give more reasons to play longer.

akif nazril

Stupid game Don't download it.. For own sake

Jasmine Um

So frustrating! Couldn't you have at least made the electric bubbles a bit slower? I can't get to any other levels now!

ARLANE Bradshaw

Its pops up sex. Adds Don't get porn post are on this trust me

Kazumi Llaneta

Need to buy the pro pack not enjoyed Why should we buy the pro pack we could play the game for free to enjoy the game


If i could put zero star i would This game sucks it glitched and some times it just go's to title screen and go's back to home this is a waste of space it shouldnt be on the app store this game could be changed to a video about godzilla atacking new york and i wouldn't

pranker banner

CHEATERS starting from level 10 you have to get 3 stars to win wtf

Andrew Cashman

Stupid Why would u make a game with nothing unlocked that's not what you call fun ?

Brandon Jones

Lameee Two fighters and no items unless you pay 3.99 and what a crap game.

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