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14 Aug

Posted by Lyubomyr Lisen in Tools | Aug. 14, 2016 | 64 Comments

Apk file size: 6.9 MB

A fast and optimized Amiga Emulator

Features: AGA/OCS/ECS, 68020 and 68000 emulation, harddisk-support, WHDLoad-support, Chip/Slow/Fast-mem settings, savestates, vsync, most games run fullspeed.

Chui, john4p, TomB, notaz, Bernd Schmidt, Toni Wilen, Pickle, smoku, AnotherGuest, Anonymous engineer, finkel, Mustafa 'GnoStiC' Tufan, Lubomyr, pelya.
Oscar Orallo Pelaez & Stephane Dallongueville (the authors of the FAMEC m68k emulator)
Android port by Lubomyr, SDL port by pelya.

Warning: This version only for device with NEON support.
For device without neon support, as tegra2, will be published separate version later)

You will need Amiga kickstart ROM files to use this emulator, they are not included.
You may install Amiga Forever Essentials to get ROM files, they will be auto-detected:
If you install ROM files manually, please put them to android/data/atua.anddev.uae4all2/files/kickstarts directory. Files must be named as kick13.rom kick20.rom kick31.rom

'1'- autofire [HOME]
'2'- Right mouse click [END]
'3'- joystick fire/left click [PAGEDOWN]
'4'- [PAGEUP]
additional buttons (can be added via SDL-settings)
'5' [SDLK_F13]
'2' + '4' - textUI vkeybd

SDL keycode action:
F15 - textUI vkeybd
F12 - emulator menu toggle
F11 - change input method

Source code -

Whats new
    - new API fixes
    New and powerful Amiga emulator Uae4arm released at GooglePlay. Please check if it compatible with your device.

Lyubomyr Lisen part of our Tools and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Aug. 14, 2016. Google play rating is 82.2883. Current verison is Actual size 6.9 MB.

Download uae4all2-1.apk 6.9 MB


Darren Graham

Doesn't work Couldn't get adf files to work.

Michael Taylor

Pretty Nice, but with one Flaw There should be a NES-like D-Pad option, with some games like "Fire and Ice", it's hard to control with the current joystick and therefore for me, making it unplayable, otherwise great emulator

Bob Fresh

Just stunning. Happily playing swos from virtual hdd on my p.poor Alcatel fone. Jolly well done + thank you.

Paul Chadwick

Best Amiga Emulator on the Market Hopefully you can add some faster routines for the AGA support.

Velid Sales

great work great emulator, there is raspberry pi version as well!!

John Foster

The best

michael cummins

Useless and I'll tell you why For one not everyone is a emulator nerd. We all don't know how to work this, I have a playstation, Nintendo, sega and arcade emulators. Work fine. But spending half a day trying to almost get this working to having a problem. There is no tutorial video, that would help. It makes files on your internal and external, which adds to the confusion. Why not ask me were I want it. Is that to hard to program in it. I have of course downloaded amiga forever, why can't it find the files itself, that to hard???

Ronnie Bradley

Good have been good if only I wanted an Amiga emulator for my tablet and as this one seemed to have full compatability with both A500 and A1200 games I downloaded it. I own WinUAE for my PC so getting the ROMs was not a problem and I decided to have some of my pinball games for both types of machine set up for me to try. First problem is that your emulator does not auto-detect the ROMs. This isn't a problem in and of itself as I can easily select the ROMs but it really should auto-detect them and yes, the ROMs are properly named. The main problem though was once I loaded a game. I loaded Pinball Dreams and hooked up my USB keyboard to play it. However your emulator only detects some of the keyboard's keys. In order to play Pinball Dreams you need both the left and right SHIFT keys, the down arrow key to release the ball and at the very least F1 for you to start a 1 player game. Now I use my USB keyboard whilst online and all the keys work perfectly but on your emulator it did not detect the RETURN key, the left SHIFT key or the arrow keys, making the game unplayable. You have the making of a good Amiga emulator there you really do, but without full keyboard compatability it is less than useless

John Dee

Weird setup, why can't it be just normal like other emulators No joy at all so far, it won't even lemme access the folder with my roms and yes I changed the drive settings.


It's so easy to use a cavemen could figure it out. LMAO that they can't figure it out. Maybe, they need to download one of the other emulators and uninstall this one. Best android amiga emulator ever. Figured out how to get the arrow key movement and other keys working with might & magic 2. We haven't played the game since the late 80's. Incredible!

Mark Allen

Only wish it would hide the android mouse cursor once emulation starts, can it? Like a couple other users I bought the Cloanto Amiga Essentials kickstart ROMs, they just do not work currently. Black screen is all you get. The included AROS kickstart is fine.

Cameron Elliot

1 frame per second Unusable now, it used to work, not sure if it was on this phone though.

Adrian Chiang

DMS support Please release a tool Android users can use to covert DMS images to ADF format or put DMS support directly into UAE4ALL2...

Ralf Zille

I love ... ... Amiga 1200. This emulator Uae4all2 is okay and it runs with gamepad "Logitech F710". But no 4:3 resolution! Widescreen 16:9 is bad. And audio mono is bad.

Mishka Town

In Amiga Heaven again I'm loving this app, just can't get enough of Amiga! Thank you for all your hard work on this app & keep up the great work.

Lee Revell

Easier than it looks. Genius. Reliving my mid-teens. Thanks.

Adrian Reef

Awesome It has some bugs in the configuration panels, if you don' t get the order correctly it changes your configuration but once you get it it's forever! You might rely on permissions but it isn't a game changer. 5 stars once fixed.

Majid Ghoroghi

Nostalejia Tank u,Tank u and Tank u again.

Syed Ali

Excellent Excellent but does needs improved compatibility

Janet Cupp

Bummer Not Kitkat friendly :-(


This is the best amiga emulator period. Running black crypt, dungeon master, chaos strikes back, bards tale series, might and magic2 and gold box d&d. I love it. No problem with any config.

Graham Hunt

Really want to rate it higher... Installed it. Bought the Cloanto ROMS. Installed them in the right folder, appropriately renamed. Downloaded some. ADF files. But all I get is a black screen with strange circular symbols at the bottom... It's probably something I'm doing wrong. I would love this to work, and will happily give this a better rating if you can explain what I need to do... ?

Michelle Ellis

I want to love... but Hdfs are not loading, neither apparently is booting from a directory.... and you can only mount one drive =( the interface is pretty clunky and the parent folder .. just inexplicably stops working.

Robert Kuropatkin

Very good. I never had an Amiga (nor any other "weird" computer like Atari ST), but thanks to this emulator I'm able to discover some of the greatest games ever made (Turrican 2 is phenomenal), plus it's on Android so it's portable! I never figured out how to load hard drives but whatever... I'm pretty sure that's just me being silly. Thank you for all your time and efforts!

Nada Cansler

Top notch A perfectly good Amiga emulator, especially for a free one. I've been able to run most of my roms with this, still working on a few but confident I'll eventually get them going. I'm puzzled as to why the developer went thru the trouble of giving a mobile Amiga app hard disk support lol, but it's there for anyone that can make use of it. Thank you for all of your hard work sir it is much appreciated and to those that complain, you don't deserve access to such a fine app. A Readme would be awesome tho! :)

David Evans

Great for small sessions only. Works great except for no save state meaning you cannot save your progress. It should work but when you try nothing saves. Shame as I'd like to come back later and continue my progress.

Sebastien Tremblay

Awesome but Boots right up, solid, lots of options that you can twaek on the fly, faster than the emulator on my computer.... but i cant get to see the keyboard... makes it useless :-(

Monuwar Ahmed

Almost there... Could you please fix the keyboard. Definitely need the cursor keys, colon and preferably the amiga keys. Also support for blizzard and picasso would be appreciated.

Arshad Iqbal

Great App I Never missed the AMIGA COMPUTER.


Best emulator I've found Did not take long to set up. Had to figure things out, but once I optimized everything, it works like a charm. The only downside is the keyboard. It takes up most of the screen and makes the sound choppy on any sound setting. Otherwise, great emu! EDIT: Portrait screen freezes the app. Oh well. Still best emu I've found.


A must-have Amiga emulator For all of you, who whine that UAE is too complex to use: I've purchased real hardware couple months ago - getting genuine Amiga to run is MUCH harder then setting up this emulator.

Erl Pop

Excellent, with so many options in menus. Only big problem I have is when I use my blue tooth Mouse, my " Bauhn" Tablet shows the android mouse pointer as well as the Amiga mouse pointer. Game tested on Cannon Fodder 2.

Milan Margeta

Simply great

Peter Amberg

Not good Mapping to native resolution is poorly done, impossible to read text in certain fonts! On screen buttons are very ugly. Keeps crashing randomly.

Christophe Tretsch

great improvement but... but i still have speed pb in first samurai (?why?). By the way, it seems the savestates get lost when restart the app? can u fix it,or do you already have the solution? ..... in shadow of the beast2, at last, i can use the keyboard in-game!!!! i was waiting for this improvment since the begining. i almost cry of joyce. great work! please continue, keep up the good work

Tommy Sanders

Once you get it set up right you're laughing. Only issue I've come across so far is slightly messed colours in fantastic dizzy

Andy Aquino

Help I can set up my games but every one of them shows the same screen, the one where there's a hand holding a floppy disk. Is there any way you can reply back with help?

Ronnie Bradley

Still haven't fixed the problems My original review stated that the app didn't recognize shift keys, return keys or cursor keys. I got a reply the other day saying the problems were sorted so re-installed the app. No, the problems are not sorted. whilst it does now recognize both shift keys the return key and the cursor keys are still not recognized and there is no sane way to map the keys. the mapping option doesnt even mention the cursor keys. Very very poor. If you are gonna claim something is fixed, at least have the decency not to lie.

David Forrest

Nice to see addition of keyboard Getting much better with the keyboard but 2 more suggestions..... 1) Have ability to use portrait mode and have the keyboard and joystick underneath. Ideal for Samsung S5 phones. 2) have an option to return to menu as I have to quit by going to list of programs running and swiping the program off

Chris H

Generally great..... Except I can't play skidmarks! I think it's something to do with serial port emulation, as it works on PC emulators.

Clint Thrust

Awesome :) I only use it for Cannon Fodder, it didnt take much time fiddling around with the settings to get it working as if I was using my old A600. Thank u all dev's, YNWA ;)


Amiga Forever Essentials It is not auto detecting the kickstarts? What's the deal?

mal numan

Not auto detecting forever essentials or any kickstart Roms

Chris Newton

On screen controls have gone No longer able to see on screen controls on Android tv

Rainer Koschnick

Input issues The mouse is rather annoying and the keyboard doesn't work 100% either, without working cursor keys it's even more difficult to use.

Sam Earl

Very good free emulator but could be better. Most disappointing thing was the lack of Physical Mouse support since i have a bluetooth one that works fine on everything. Also not being able to go fullscreen is awkward for people like me that like to review games on a blog and need to take screenshots (although some emulators have their own screenshot feature).


Works well, issues with mouse All games tested have worked and run at 100% speed with no glitches. I do have trouble with stylus control, the cursor is not near the stylus . Because of this, mouse controlled games like Canon fodder can't be played. the stylus offset option in the menu does not help.


GALAXY edge s6, cant access my sdcard or any where in my fire system /storage/emulated/ is inaccessible on Android 6.0.1???

Andrew Pointon

Works great on Shield TV, but would like to be able to set the save states directory as it doesn't seem to work for me - maybe it's trying to save them to my external hard drive without write permissions? If you can sort this out its 5* all the way. Thanks for a great emulator.

Rich Williams

Awesome Best 1! Works amazing with amiga forever roms....just wish i cld save game so i could carry on! All blank floppys are write protected and no idea on earth how to unprotect them :/ and save state does nothing

Toofan Keshtkar

Best Amiga Emu ever As a big amiga fan and owner of A500 and A1200, this is the best thing for Android.

Jared Malkavian

Lags alot on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro Works, but very choppy. Other A500 emulators work finde... :-/

auzman auzman

Works like a dream Used this for years. Have had no issues and always works flawlessly. Well done devs.

Jamie Taylor

Uae4arm is much better. Arkanoid and Rainbow Islands do not work with this emulator.

Dan Tootill

Superb emulator but with one major flaw. You cannot map the fire button to a physical key on a Bluetooth keyboard. The cursor keys emulate the D-pad by default and you can map the on-screen buttons to Amiga keyboard events, but you can't set (for example) the X key on the Android device's keyboard to a joystick button.

David Wemm

Wasted an hour on this junk..

Ibn Batuta

Impossible to mount ISO files Bullocks and BS, in the year of the lord 2016 *everybody* distributes bootable setups via ISO file, including all sorts of Amiga follow-up versions like AROS or MorphOS. Everyone but this emulator, who seems to be unable to mount ISO files at all :-(

Chris Winder

LgG5 SCREEN Res issue Not sure if its working correctly on lg g5 maybe a screen problem when running workbench like its overscale d. Tried different screen res in workbench but doesnt fix it. Pls fix :)

Christoffer Lilja

Best Best Amiga emulator for Android out there.

NebudZvedy Zvedy

Lousy GUI with physical mouse and keyboard Hello, with Ondroid and Android 5.1.1 and physical mouse and keyboard, is not working ".." for directorie up, in browser windows. Click, double click, enter nothing is working. So i can load my roms or adf files, fix it pleas.

Kelvin Shirley

Any find roms So I have downloaded kick start rom on to SD card but the file list in UAE shows a list that seems to have no relation to the actual file directory. I can't find the SD card at all, so can't play :(


Stopped working GALAXY edge s6, cant access my sdcard or any where in my fire system /storage/emulated/ is inaccessible on Android 6.0.1???

Awesome Turrican 2, The Settlers, The Shepherd, Diggers, Paradroid 90, Flashback, Pinball Dreams,... awww yiss! :)

Graham Hunt

Really want to rate it higher... Installed it. Bought the Cloanto ROMS. Installed them in the right folder, appropriately renamed. Downloaded some. ADF files. But all I get is a black screen with strange circular symbols at the bottom... It's probably something I'm doing wrong. I would love this to work, and will happily give this a better rating if you can explain what I need to do... ?

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