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8 May

Posted by Australian Museum in Educational | May 8, 2016 | 92 Comments

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Massive skulls, powerful jaws, two heavy-duty legs and two teeny-tiny arms. And don’t forget the large, bone-crunching teeth. Most of us picture all tyrannosaurs like the iconic T. rex. But is this true?

Tyrannosaurs were, in fact, a very diverse group of meat-eating dinosaurs that thrived in the Northern Hemisphere for over 100 million years during the Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods (from 165 to 66 million years ago). Eventually, some of this group became the world’s top predators. Only a mass extinction event halted their dominance.

Play the game
Hatch your dinosaur eggs and collect them all!
Hunt for clues and reveal the secret behind the formidable dinosaurs that make up the tyrannosaurs group.

Created by the Australian Museum and Eye Candy

Whats new

    - New Australian Museum Branding
    - Updated UI

Australian Museum part of our Educational and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update May 8, 2016. Google play rating is 75.1674. Current verison is 4.3. Actual size 45.0 MB.

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Jessica Milia

See-through glitch! Arrgh! If the developers of this game could PLEASE fix the transparent dinosaur glitch, I will give it 5 stars! Oh, and can you also make the dinosaurs do more things, other than just eat, get picked up, and run around the area? For example: when something is thrown at them, let them react more, or let us have the option of petting them/naming them, even. Maybe you can also have them lay down, and/or sleep. That would be cool!

Tegan Buckman

Bit fun Maybe , once you have found the things , you can rampage in a city or fight other dinosaurs , now that would be awesome!!!!

Disa Ster

Boring! You're supposed to do the same thing over and over. You can't control any dinosaurs and the only thing you can do is tap a bunch of boxes to break them in search of fossils. Most braindead game ever.

Bethany Cochrane

I rate it this because its a great app. Highly educational. But it gets a bit boring when you just smash things on the app and feed your dinosaur. But I recomened you play it twice every 3 hours. That way it doesn't get boring. :)

William Paddock

Really cool! This is an excellent app for anyone interested in dinosaurs. The graphics are good and the physics are fun to play with. I didn't give four stars because many of the dinosaurs weren't fully textured, sometimes the game could be a little laggy, and moving items was hard to do sometimes. Those issues aren't big deals, to me this game is worth it.

Kathleen C.

Stupid All u do is break boxes by tapping them and then picking up the dinasor and placing it on the object to pick it up. And all it says is info about the dinosaur. Stup stupid stupid. I'm uninstalling. Don't waste your time

Summer Wilcon

Informative Im pretty sure the glitches you people think are glitches are like that on purpose because the dinosaurs themselves havent been classified into a family, and/or are incomplete fossils. Yes the game gets boring but I kept it for the facts and knowledge I now have that I didnt before. I agree having a background thats not a concrete cage would be more asthetically appealing, but the main focus of this, /free/ mind you, app is knowledge.

Quinton Gray

Cool Cool you get to hurt the dinosaurs and throw boxes at the wall and smash the boxes cool

Hunter Tinker

Omg loved it XD !!!!!!!;!!!; I loved it there needs to be more non killing Dino games with interactions and cool grafix .5 stars .PS make it with spinosaurs and cerotosids for at least 100 definite downloads .pps haters need to stop. it has the word learn on the picture .I wouldn't expect a monster vs city type game .

John Breedveld

Problem is, what do you do after the tyranosaurs? Uninstall and hope for an update? Know how many known dinosaurs there are, and then there's the rest of the prehistoric lifeforms.

zoe the latias eon pokemon

Looking for a good dino game get this Evey one i consider this game if you're looking for a very good dino game but if you don't like it its OK but if its to much mega bites or mb then don't get it its a good dino game get it

Paola Palomares Paola Palomarez

Hello is the beast gsme ever but there eegs dinos ok Get a eeg the red and is the the king of dinosaurs ok but get the Fosiles den i well tell you when you get all the dino i tells you the Things of this dino bye =) |= Oh dont foget dont play in night den you drime bad a dino eats you ok bye

Curtus Gillespie

Good Just wish it was longer and plz fix so u can see what all the dinosaurs look like

Brock Fuller

SO COOL Year 1 year 2 and kindergarten at stanwell park went to Sydney Australian museum we played this game there this is a great game

Maya Krawczyk

One problem This game is really cool, but there's one problem with this, some (in which I mean most) dinos hatch transparent like a ghost. Well add a star if you fix/tell me why :-)

Jacob Whitehouse

Neat I like how u can grow all your Dino's and look for fossils like jurrasic park but I don't like the motion the Dino should walk the way u tap.

Michael hoar

Beautiful. Realistic backround and massive animals. I like it. I would give it five stars, but its so hard to hatch different eggs

Dino Al

Tyrannosaurus meet the family.... This game i really love because its so accurate and the dinosaur facts are textbook material right, i highly recommend it

Morton Henderson

Awesome on S3, not on Galaxy Tab 3 My 5-year-old daughter loves this game on my Galaxy S3. Recently bought a Galaxy Tab 3 cheap in the sales and installed the game but it's unplayable. Frame rate must be something like 3fps! Great game, though.

Dalilah Wayda

Like the game Not really that much for though it's kind of boring I want more stuff to do if u upgrade for it to do as some stuff I will do 5 stars

Amogha M

Its cool The gfame is all ajout caring ur own small dinosaur by growing it and feeding it. Sometimes it gets bored but its good

Khyati Kiran

It's just a disgusting n Time wasting game....full of stupid events...I wnt to conclude that it is nt a good game....don't play it

Lea Anne Diesburg

Makenna I am not sure if you are not the intended recipient of this tag only a few years ago and I am Here arm. It will take place in the world of the Office of the King.

Syniah Johnson


Jace Poblete

It's not working! I can't play the game on my Samsung Galaxy S I don't know why it only says powered by unity and then it brings me back to the home screen Help me pls...

Martin Randle

5/5 for the graphics 1/5 for the game play. Great graphics, mildly educational but very little game play. Just a nice, if unrealistic physics engine. After hatching 2 eggs and bashing a few boxes you realise thjat is all there is to it.

Ariana Clay

Five starz Like it very much love dinosaur games plz everyone rate this game its sooooo cool thx for it

Jose Rodriguez

If i haddent downloaded this game i woud be so bourd all the time It is a very good game

John Ream

Not bad its great thanks for making the game i learned the info of them cause im a dino fan ! :).thanks

Dawid Karamanski

VERY GOOD MY FAVOURITE DINOSAUR GAME thats mabe the best dinsosaur game I ever found And its FOR FREEE!!!!!

robert sharkey

I love the game but the creators shud make another dino game with the spinosaurs insted of tyrannosaurs

Jeanne Fryer

Nice, but........ Please addma modemwere you can controle all dinosaurs in an interactive inviroment, pleeeeeeaaaaassssseeeee

Stefan steppe

AWSOME. This game is very VERY good! Australians museum, PLEAS do it also on spinosaurids, saurupods, raptors, ceratosaurs, ceratosopians and more. PLEASE do it!

David Andy

Trynasaures It is super cool from both of us. You will thank us later

la conrad

It's so easy to find the clues Almost every time I open a box I find a clue

Vanessa Gomez

Good They need to add a rampage mode In city like jurassic.park two when the trex ran in the city

Tanuj Agarwal

Please make an option where you can fight with other dinosaurs and please fix the problem with some dinosaurs because they are transparent and if the developer fix this then i will give 5 stars

Kelsey Woollard

Hope This is a good idea to advertise the same time as the first time in the UK and Ireland and the other day and night and I am a beautiful person who is the best way to get the best way to get the best way to get the best way to I have a great time and money when you have to pay the full amount you will need the latesth to the right to cancel the reservation my room aunt the UK for the use of the

ShyGirlLucy Coosie

Good to start It was okay until a glitch made the dinosaurs invisible! With only yellow pigment of some kind. With the same background ( in some kind of concrete backyard!) U get very bored very quickly. Will be okay if they fix the glitch. Gave us a different variety of background, environments. Not asking for much. Will def uninstall.

holden caulfield

Wow! I love it because it's like petting your dinosaurs by feeding it and making it mature! :D

Suzie-Lolly Chipmunk

Interesting Although it gets very repetitive and a bit boring after a while, I really enjoy it. I love dinosaurs, and I learned a few things from this app that I didn't know before. To the reviews complaining about the "glitch" that makes dinosaurs transparent, that is intentional. Upon playing the game, you find out that very little is known about those dinosaurs, and maybe only one fossil has been found. Therefore, they've been made transparent to show that it's only a guess as to what it would look like.

Gaea Xee Laborada

Amazing and educational. I have been playing this game for years. Very amazing and educational. That glitch some of you are talking about might not be a glitch at all. Maybe that dinosaur has not been fully understood yet. Those dinosaurs have been living for millions of years so you would expect some fossils to be incomplete. Some of you might think this is a boring game because you do the same thing over and over again but to me this is an amazing and educational game. I'm fine if some of you hate it.

Taylor Houser

Quite Accurate and informing I loved seeing feathered Tyrannosaurs, just that some form of media finally got the notion was nice. I am disappointed by the lack of feathers on the T. rex. I understand the debate, but I feel that the evidence points to that Genus at least having some kind of covering at at least point in its life. Overall though the app had get repensation from one the most popular group of dinosaurs. I hope this game really expanded some people's mindsets of dinosaurs, and helped them learn how large Dinsauria is.

gene q

There are no words to describe how awesome this is. incredibly realistic. This truly is amazing. Amazing graphics, animations, and dinosaur models. It must have took great effort to collect all that information, very accurate and educational. But there's a glitch, transparent dinosaurs. On the ipad there isn't. Please fix, but either way, amazing.

Vern Wong

Adorable This is a simple yet adorable game. The only thing that kind of ruined the fun is that most of the tyrannosaurs are semi-transparent or ghost-like. I don't know if this is a glitch of the program or the tyrannosaurs are deliberately drawn that way because of the lack of actual knowledge on those tyrannosaurs' appearances due to the lack of complete fossils found. Nevertheless, the tyrannosaurs are very adorable. I really love how they act like actual, curious animals and less like fantastic/movie monsters.

Jarmin Claassen

Fix glitch. Most of the dinos are transparent. Please fix. Also add some fun like rampages , hunting and make it easier to control the dinos

steven skarina

Great educational game It's a great game that introduces great facts about these Tyrannosaurs, however, I hate the fact that most of them are transparent, it's most likely not a glitch, but I'm supposing you haven't made a design yet?

Isla douglas

I think its great ! Althogh can you fix the see through dinosaurs and you forgot electrosaurus also can thay go into there habitat as well as have to tyrannosaurs in the cauge at one time please .....

Laura Schmitt

Meh It was fun for awhile but after awhile when you complete all the Dinos, its boring.

Najma Muhamoud

Not that good I wish you control the dinosaur and you can use the dinosaurs in a city

Lester Paul Requiro

Forgot Something You guys forgot to add Allosaurus but the game is OK so keep it up

Wahyudi Wirawan

So GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD i love it so much

Ysabel Reyes

Worst Game Ever You can't even make them bigger than 2 ft

jurassigamer dude

Hillarious Made me laugh out loud ??? and fun fact files tyrannosaurs I never heard of and I know a lot of dinosaurs

Casey P

Tyrannosaurs I love the Tyrannosaurs game, because I love to learn a lot about their families and their species. I just loved this game and I love my favorite Tyrannosaurs in the family like Dilong!!!

Angela Welsh

Can the dinosaurs have babies? Cuz my Tyrannosaurus was the first one hatch and its pregnant but it won't have a baby if you tell me I'll rate 5

Matie Ainslie

Austin Ainslie Loved it best graphics on Dino's and so cool only thing that's dumb is you stay in one place but great cause I love Dino's so I don't have a problem

Miller Kids

Amazing models and animations but It's hilarious how my dino runs into walls and eats the meat first other than the fossil XD

Lizzie Reedy

Can get boring but Its super great models great everything you should make more of these games

Dina Assadi

Iove When you play this u brecking out of the egg and play as a dino✌??

Mary-anne Devara

Love it I really like it you can learn more about dinausaurs

Hannah Patterson

What the heck? Im with u Jason, how do u play this game?at least tell is what ur looking for and Tell us how to actually play this game! Im rating it 1 star, just wish I could rate half a star! Cause I don't get how to play this game! Here's what I think you should add: joystick, eat button when your near fossil and a little river or somthing u can drink from! And please if you make this one PLEASE give it a different name than Tranosaurus....... thanks! Oh and if u DO make this one........ ill rate u guys 5 stars! But to now I'm uninstalling it until u do make this version....... Please if u have this game now it's boring......... So please Australian Museum, make this one PLEEEAASSEE!!!!!!

Sean Wilson

Similar Roar Their sounds like the nundasuchus kaprosuchus postosuchus from Jurassic World

Anubis Death

AWESOME i broke a crate open with a t rex.....i used it like that since

Resse Resendez

Addictive It's amazing and addictive,they should put more dinosaurs

storiam almaty

hate it guys uninstall it if u have it

Marylou B

Love it I love haw they have feathers

alif shahril

I LOVE IT Can you make a survival game for this

Gina Rengel

Loved it That game is amazing


make it so you can save progress and make it so you cane make them sleep sit and fight. If you do all that you get a five stars!!!!:-)

William Paddock

Really cool! This is an excellent app for anyone interested in dinosaurs. The graphics are good and the physics are fun to play with. I didn't give five stars because many of the dinosaurs weren't fully textured, sometimes the game could be a little laggy, and moving items was hard to do sometimes. Those issues aren't big deals, to me this game is worth it.

W Chua

Boo Meuseum! What in the hell world is this game! I mean everythings ok, except, HOW DO U COAX T. REX TO EAT! By the way Fatnnah Fatterson, Ill tell u the instructions. Bfore u crack the egg, THERE R SOME DAMN INSTRUCTIONS WHICH I DOUBT SOME1 WHOSE NOT BLIND CAN SEE!!!!! Back to u lamos, philosiphers would so regret giving the meuseum to u!

Jiminda Lucas

Can there be spinosaurids aquatic creatures and other types of dinos and can there be a option to look through the dinos eyes and u play as it and use it to break objects to find the facts

Janeliz Colon

Love it I love it how the dinosaurs look real, and u have to look for bones through. But it would be better if u can actually control the dinosaur around the pen. Anyways, love the game keep it up

the jurassic gamer

You need more dinos? If you had a spinosaurs game it should be just awesome like tyannosaurs and super good graphics!??

Emily Waugh

I have played this game before It is a great game with the eggs, trying to find the bones, and the picking up the dinosaurs. AWESOME!

Caitlyn Grillo

Add more Please add other Dino's and families please I love please fix and add more things to do.

James Jones

I feel like there should be more updates overall is a great game add new dinosaurs like stegosaurus Spinosaurus

Mallory Taylor

BEST GAME EVER!!!!!! I love to throw the stuff around and well I LOVE EVERYTHING IN THIS GAME!!!!!!! Could you add that they all are in the same pen when you beat the game?

Nikki Harless

How do u even walk :-: Im just sitting there trying to do stuff and i cant even have the dinosour walk the way o want it to

Hugh Neek

This games graphics are good but it socks you can't control the dinosaur it walks around on its own

Cool game My second favorite game first is Minecraft

This is amazing my son like this game

Jared Young

Herbivores I think you should add herbivores.

wendy verschoor

It's cool I LOVE it You can pick up the dinosaurs and fling them ararnd

Jason Voorhees

It's OK but how do u control it

belle raine

Tyrannosaurs Awesome app i will always play it

Luton Tyrone

Luton Buys This is not that bad #Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 lite

BBX Playz

. An educational game; for 3 year olds I was expecting a simulator

brian newland

Thanks for fixing the game

Vincent De freitas

Keep up! Very good

Juliana Pereira

I loved it I really loved it

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