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29 Sep
Twilight Mirror Live Wallpaper

Posted by Abusive Studios in Personalization | Sept. 29, 2014 | 73 Comments

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After receiving several requests to give the Twilight Mirror the same Live Wallpaper treatment that I did for the Gate of Time, I decided to put something together to satiate the demand. :)

This wallpaper is still very rough, and not interactive or customizable... But it's starting to look pretty decent already! I'm throwing it out to the Android-phone-owning Zelda fan community now to ask for suggestions to make it worthy of the Zelda name -- if you have any ideas, please send them my way!

Thanks a ton to Kimberly for the mirror texture! She did a great job re-realizing it with an extremely detailed mirror drawing.

PUBLISHER IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH NINTENDO IN ANY WAY. Twilight Princess, The Legend of Zelda, and Nintendo are all registered trademarks of Nintendo of America. Please don't C&D me, Big N!

Whats new

    - better Swiping
    - Fixed scrolling bug. (ugh; thought I'd copied this fix from Gate already)
    - Camera bob re-enabling itself should be fixed
    - Bug fixes
    - Real (I hope) fix for Samsung device homescreen scrolling
    - Swipe up/down to open/close mirror
    - Rings move at different speeds
    - Fix for Twilight Fragments disappearing after screen is unlocked (Thanks to those who reported it!)
    - Twilight Fragments
    - Higher resolution gate texture
    - Camera movement (optional)

Abusive Studios part of our Personalization and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 29, 2014. Google play rating is 88.9456. Current verison is 0.7.33. Actual size 748.0 KB.

Download twilight-mirror-live-wallpaper.apk 748.0 KB


Antonio Salce

Excellent! All I'd like to see, is centering options, for those of us running. (Currently it's skewed to the left) Nexus 5 phones on kitkat 4.4.2... Thank you so much for this!!! Full five stars regardless (I was one of those who clamored for this!). ***thank you for adding this feature! Its perfect!****

Steven Parrigin

Scrolling still doesnt work It worked for my S5 before I updated it but now with this new update it doesnt want to scroll anymore. Every time I scroll over it either does nothing or glitches up. Fix this because it was perfect... EDIT: the new update is still doing the same thing as the last

Zachary Chaidez

I practically passed out!! This is gorgeously done and irrefutably awesome! I may or may not have let out a terrible noise and fell out of my chair when I found this; it moves so fluidly and I really hope you update your Tip Jar app so I can donate! I would recommend this to anyone, but the only things that could possibly make this better is a centering option for the side scrolling, because it is off-center on the first page of my phone, or more depth to the "Open" option because I would love for it to get that full depth!

Sabrina Whitaker

Awesome :D So epic. I love the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess but I'm stuck on the stupid desert temple :T. If someone could give me a link to help or to just tell me that would be great Thanks :D

Jacob Waldrup

Works almost perfectly. It doesn't let me change the background colors or apply custom colors for whatever reason? I may just be doing something wrong. Any help?

Kai Kurino

This is awasome! I just love it, there is nothing cooler, though i wish it had secrets. like the other one. work on that for the next update please! Thanks! P.S. You. Are. Epic.

Daniel Dempsey

Awesome app I love the detail of the app. Still kinda glitchy but it's pretty cool

Paul Rudd

Amazing Wonderful app with lots of customisable features , love it !

James Shapiro

Its great But being a live wallpaper, kills the battery so much

R. A. Summerlin

Yes. YES. Oh yes. I loved the Gate of Time as well. This is just too sweet. The sliding mechanic to open the mirror is a nice touch.

Spartan ECHO

Awesome Beautiful, smooth, and doesn't drain my battery like I thought it would. Also, I love changing colors!

Joshua gaines

Woot Worth the Battery drain. If you enjoy LOZ and want a kickass wallpaper; this is it!

Lars Perez

Awesome, but choppy It was working great, but for some reason the speed has slowed down a lot even though I have it at 60 fps

Caitlyn Ryan

What? How do you turn it on? I have a Motorola x and I can't work it :|

Gabriel Arguijo

Amazing, but fragments are gray no matter what. Please fix, thanks.

Talia Bostian

Thank you! I love the addition of the fragments! Favorite part! Makes the whole wallpaper so dynamic!

skywardwolf chibi

I love it This was my fav zelda game so im glad this exists

Kaitlyn Coons

Amazing I am obsessed with Twilight princess and it looks so realistic I wish there were more

Sam hardy

Best live wallpaper I have used thank you great work

Jorge Chavez

AAAAHHHHHH!!!! Thank you for the update!!!! The "open with scrolling" feature is back on!!!! I love this OMG I'm never changing my wallpaper again

SquidMelon Studios

Truly Spectacular! It has been done with absolutely amazing execution, and is neary perfect! If I could suggest anything, it would be a toggle for the speed of the rotation of the rings. Some may want them to go a bit slower. It is great in every other aspect, though!

Van Grounds

LOVE EEEEEET! Awesome app, huge Loz fan here, one of the best apps EVER

Andrew Amaral

AWESOME! All die-hard zelda fans will absolutely love this fenomenal app, like me!

Jacob Clem

Absolutely amazing I am a huge Zelda fan. I saw this and was curious about it. I was not disappointed. :)

Drue Bruner

Awesome! One of my favorite wallpapers but haven't used it for awhile. I just put it up and while it lets me change the glyph color, the background and fragment colors won't change

Levi Ackerman

Twilight princess I bet this wallpaper is based off of legend of zelda twilight princess ;) (my favorite out of zelda series)

Ian Ruacho

This wallpaper is pure awesomeness. The only problem is the background won't be completely black, it stays a dark gray, and when I was messing around with the settings, the background won't be any color other than white or grey.

Trent Young

Awesome! I always use this as my home screen wall paper cause its so cool looking.

Cy Main

Love it Only issue I've had is the fragments colour scheme and not being able to change the colour of them. Can email screen shots if necessary

Caleb of the Whites

Greater Than Any Other Wallpaper I Have Ever Had

Some Dude

Lock screen Would be 5 stars if it had a lock screen option

Sam Alexander

Amazing!! ^w^ A beautiful wallpaper based on LoZ's Twilight Princess! It even made me a little dizzy.... :)

Luke Kelly

Amazing No bugs/glitches no rip offs no scams this is a legit wallpaper I've been searching for one for months and this is the one 10/10

Zachary Bowman

Cannot use I click my preset and nothing happens

Oskar Martin

Amazing Just like in the desert prison...

Dragoon Luque

Awesome For some reason whenever I try to change the background color it never does. No matter what color I try. Best wallpaper ever

Xerxes Kido

GREAT Its awesome, very clear and nice

Brandee Dameron

AWESOME-NESS Twilight is my favorite Zelda title and I could never find a justifiably awesome wallpaper. This is THE ONE. I love it! Great job on this guys. Favorite part is that I can change the color to fit my whims and I'm in love with this!

SE Poteat

Awesome!!! I LOVE IT!!! Now I can make all my friends jealous lol

Heather Kerns-James

Beautiful, but... I love this wallpaper! It's gorgeous and works very well. Unfortunately I had to uninstall because it was anhialating my battery. If there was a way to fix this, I'd be happy to reinstall!

Ember Leo

Again, Zelda squee! As with the time portal LW, just what it says, and beautifully done, but I'd rather an app or Widget than Live Wallpaper please.

Kaitlyn Coons

Amazing I am obsessed with Twilight princess and it looks so realistic!B-)

Antonio Salce

Excellent! All I'd like to see, is centering options, for those of us running. (Currently it's skewed to the left) Nexus 5 phones on kitkat 4.4.2... Thank you so much for this!!! Full five stars regardless (I was one of those who clamored for this!). ***thank you for adding this feature! Its perfect!**** now I can add this, have a another delicious burger, you've certainly earned it! Thank you!

Miguel Guerrero

WOW Hey man, this is the first and only review I will ever do because this is something that definitely deserves attention for the time and effort that you took in making this wallpaper. I am a huge Zelda fan, and this is perhaps the most beautiful wallpaper that has come to bless my phone with. It runs real smooth and there aren't any problems for me so far, but even if there were, I wouldn't bash on you for having a bug that may be unavoidable for some reason. Keep up the excellent work! I truly love this!

Griffin Finnell

Awesome, but I have a suggestion... First of all, I absolutely love this. It is really cool just to look at. The only thing I think you could add to improve would be to allow us to set a picture as the background, like with your Gate of Time Live Wallpaper. Otherwise, no negatives!


You my fellow hylian, do some AMAZING work. My only complaint is the transparency of the settings screen and if that the only thing that I can complain about then that qualifies it as a great setup in my book

Yuseabell Nightingale

Zelda Lover I truly love this app you made!!!:D the artwork and design plus the graphic truly brought the mirror to life!!! I am so pleased with how beautiful and dead on it is, out of all the Zelda games I have played, twilight princess is my all time favorite :D you did an amazing job and I hope to see more of your skills on future apps that may come!:D

Jessica Boles

I love this Ive had this on all my phones! S1 s3 and s6 gold now!! I love it! Such a good job! Hope to see more in the future!! Espically one if just a bunch of twilight flakes moving around! That would be sick! Or diamonds like Ghirahim when he teleports! :') I love your work! The gate of time is amazing too! Thanks for making these free! Do you per chance have a patron account? Or can I donate to you for doing such an amazing job?

Tina Chan

Amazing Thank you so much for being an awesome person and creating this for our enjoyment. I know you put your time in this for no financial gain so that we can enjoy it so thank you so much ^-^ You have made this Zelda fan very happy and the quality and customization options are flawless. Haven't had an issue so far.

Shannon Aument

Perfection I absolutely love, adore, and cherish my wallpaper. It's just perfect. I get so many people complimenting the slow spinning dials and watching it just do what it does. It plays nicely with my LG G3 and never malfunctions or glitches, even when the rest of my phone is twitching and convulsing in the grips of some miserable paralysis. The mirror is so pleasing to the eye that I've completely removed everything from my opening home page just to see it spin. Thank you for creating something so lovely!

Joel Steven Rodriguez

THANKS ABUSIVE STUDIOS You guys have made a great wallpaper for my phone!! All the losers complaining need to shut up! The mirror is great with the way it moves and is completely customizable. THANKS!!!

Emer O'Connor

Amazing! I really appreciate the effort you put into this. It's amazing! I actually love it

Joshua Campos

Awesome Awesome app really cool not fake reallllllllllyyyyy awesome!!!! Download it now!!!

Epic Pat Pat

Lots of Love! Love your Work man! ;) And Twilight princess is best thing ever! I have played that game for Like 10 hrs! Thanks so much man!

Rob Marchi

Loved it save one thing Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I can't seem to apply a light color as the background. I was trying for a silvery grey like the mirror with white glyphs and black fragments, but I kept getting a black background with grey everything else. Save that one little fault, I absolutely adore this LWP.

Brian Roldan

Beautiful I have friends that notice it, and instantly get jealous. They think it's really cool.

Alex Green

I think this a wonderful app. This makes me wish the Twili mirror was real.

red like roses

Love it ! I love twilight princess so this is so cool love this wallpaper download it its great!

aeon blue

pretty slaps! your face does it, directly to the scenic route

LeoFireBoy2117 Leo

Seems ok but hasn't worked I set some colors but it won't work at all...

Andrew Cagle

Awesome Very cool, works flawlessly on my new galaxy S7. The customization is nicely tuned, the transparent settings screen is a little difficult to see but doesn't hinder the app. Looks really awesome, doubt I'll be changing my wallpaper ever now unless this creator makes another.

jose aguilar

Best wallpaper for a Zelda Fan I saw my friend with this wallpaper and it looked really cool. Now that I have a chance to see it on mine, I have to say it's fantastic. So much customization and it also runs in 60fps(never seen an app that allowed me to change the framerate), you can change the color to whatever you want and... that's pretty much it. Haha. Definitely download it.

Joseph Proctor

Been my wallpaper for few years now on couple of phones. love it


Some colour issues... Utterly fantastic but for some reason I cannot personally change the colour of anything but the glyphs, only the presets work. I can't change colour or shade.

KEVO Presley

Great, but shaky When it comes back to the home screen, it gets really shaky going side to side. But amazing all in all, good job ?

William Urquhart

Pleasantly surprised. Usually these Live Wallpaper apps are buggy and extremely uncomprehensive, but this one works like a charm. For one, unlike many other Live Wallpaper apps, this one is accessible from the phone's settings, as well as the many options for the app. So it's very easy to set up and tweak. From a visual standpoint, it looks great, too. Most other apps are just a still image floating around the screen, so the detail in this is exceptional. I'll be sure to tip as soon as I can.

freddy garcia

Thank you This looks and operates so beautifully, I really do thank you for making this wallpaper, it's beautiful, and adds more of a edge to my phone, as a Zelda fan and twilight princess being one of my favorites, this is the best, not to mention how surprisingly little space it takes too!

OwningMallard02 Kodie

Zelda is the best game Everyone knows that Zelda is the most legendary game ever. So I see why you should make a live wallpaper about it. So I really wish I still was able to play Zelda on my Xbox 360. But one request could you make a wallpaper that actually opens up to a new world.

Valiant Schijf

You provide Zelda fans with some truly epic wallpapers. I hope you do a theme someday. If it's as good as your wallpapers I will definitely buy it and I've never spent a dime on Google apps before. You're great. Thank you.

Lindsay Jo

Loved it buttttt It won't let me change the fragment color it says it changed but on my home screen they're just black. :( but I love it anyway its really cool! Thanks for creating this!!

Robert Thorne

The best wallpaper. That I have ever seen. It cannot be more real. 5*

Lois Samuel

A real gem An absolutely beautiful wallpaper perfect for any legend of Zelda fan! Works perfectly on my tablet I'm so glad it's been made

Nick de Ru

YAY! IT'S AWESOME! After a little rough period the customization options are here! Thank you so much for this wallpaper. It's the best!

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