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1 Aug
Tweaked Revolution

Posted by 96 Creative in Racing | Aug. 1, 2013 | 63 Comments

Apk file size: 26.0 MB

Tweaked Revolution is a true street racing game with unmatched levels of car customization in the Google Play store.


Create your driver.

DEALERSHIPS: Purchase cars at 6 different dealerships.

SHOP: Purchase homes, visual & performance parts, paint your vehicle, fuel up.

AUTO SHOP: Perform jobs to earn extra cash & TR Coins.

HOME: View your vehicles & their information. Sell, Tweak, Tune or Showoff them here.

RACE: Practice your skills in the 1/4 mile. Wager a bet against a random opponent. Race 6 different teams and their members to unlock backgrounds in the showoff, earn cash as well as TR Coins. Get 10 Wins at a race spot to unlock its background.

PREMIUM: Purchase TR Cash, TR Coins, premium vehicles & exchange currency.


- Choose from over 65 vehicles with 3 views each! front, side and rear.

- Modify EVERY aspect of your car with thousands of possible combinations. Categories include; headlights, taillights, front bumper, side skirt, rear bumper, hood, fenders, roof, trunk, mirrors, door handles, antenna, body panels, front seats, backseat, rims, tires, calipers, rotors, struts, springs, exhaust, rear view mirror ornaments, window tint, spoiler and even lug nuts.

- Paint any part any colour you wish.

-With your ride fully tweaked you can now choose to show it off or use it to play in 3 mini-games including:

REACTION TIME - Once the light turns green, hit the gas! How close can you get to a 0.000 reaction?

GAS FILL-UP - Ever try to pump gas and try to stop the fill-up exactly at $20? this mini-game you are given a target fill-up cost. How close can you get to the target without going over?

PIGEON PLOP - Nobody likes when a bird ruins your new shiny polished paint by plopping all over it. Wipe off all the plop the passing pigeons drop on your ride. 10 or more plops and you lose! How many can you wipe before there's too many birds to handle?


-ARMv7 processor with vector FPU, minimum 550MHz, OpenGL ES 2.0, H.264 & AAC HW decoders
-Android™ 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, and 4.0
-256MB of RAM

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Whats new

    In-App Purchases
    New smoother Racing Engine! NOTE: *You now have to swipe up to increase gears, and swipe down to decrease**
    Torque, adjust gear ratios and dyno tuning! Accessible from the car menu in your home.
    NEW Showoff Contests. (must be connected to the internet)
    Access the TR main menu from the settings menu.
    Save to SD Card
    New car & more parts added.
    Latest Fixes:
    Visual quality improved
    Race sound bug

96 Creative part of our Racing and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Aug. 1, 2013. Google play rating is 79.3348. Current verison is 2.01. Actual size 26.0 MB.

Download tweaked-revolution.apk 26.0 MB


Ashley Van Der Schyff

I love it I love it just a few stupid things like the nos and more custom kits for all the cars

tom clee

Good aparts from a few minor things This game is great but the gear changes can be very glitchy or unpredictable, I also don't like the micro transactions aparts from that it's a brilliant game

Stevan Kellam

Well done It is pretty good. I was skeptical at first because of all tthhe pay to advance dracing games. This is not like that. App purchases are an option but completely unnecessary for gameplay.

Zachary Uzmack

Needs work I would give this a 5 stare if they would fix the nos. And take away that stupid effect when you push the nos button. Just make the car faster no need to have the screen go all crappy. Also gas should refill over time like other games. I mean ya its more realistic right now with you having to buy it but thats kinda lame, also we should be able to shift without taking our thumb off of the gas. Then it would be more realistic like power shifting. But other then that i love the game.

Austin Sleeper

Most problems were fixed Racing is smoother, doesn't crash as often, now I can race more then 3 times a day, even though I'm sill losing money winning races, I redownloaded. Much improvement! Bad: Sometimes after shifting I have to double tap the gas to accelerate. Still lagy sometimes. P.S. I still think gas should cost money, and $1000 seems like much. Also new cars would be cool! I noticed you have Mustangs but no Camaro! :( '91 Z/28 '00 SS (hint)

Jone Phasavath

Fun game Its really cool, the only thing i dont like is that the sound quality of the engine sound doesn't sound all that good when your racing or on the dyno, i would love to be able to launch and spin my tires but it just boggs down, but the graffics, cars and all the different cosmetic stuff is really kool on the game, if you guys can just fix those minor hiccups i would give it 5 stars, im a mechnic and this is one of the coolest games I've played yet, and i like that u can lower the car and camber it lol

Austin Fletcher

Black screen I start the game and its all black for a long time plz fix i closed all apps it worked fine after that but it started acting up again

Colton Couty

Pretty awesome I love this game it looms weird but its pretty good lots of fun good for car rides and little kids

Joel Lima

OK game The shifting is horrible to go to second it go to nutral Other than that it's cool but the car Can be more life like

Jordan Choong Ayala

Awesome! The new update brought a bunch of improvements and now I just ask to add the 2002 Subaru WRX Sti, Skyline R30, R31, R32, R33, Dodge Stealth, 2005 Acura NSX, Toyota AE86, '94 Toyota MR2, Mitsubishi Evo X, and the Honda Beat

Junior Townley

Wow I have been waiting for a game like this for ages! My only gripe is that when i apply decals to a car and try to race it the screen goes black and freezes there, im confident you guys will solve it though so five stars all the way!

Jason Snow

Huge potential This game is pretty good. It is a bit buggy, and gear changes are sometimes chunky and unresponsive. This has caused me to lose a few races. However, the amount of fun to be had and the massive selection of cars makes this a definite recommendation from me. Just be warned of the frustrating bugs and the finite amount of fuel you have. (Which, although expensive, can be purchased with in-game currency.)

Donna Tripp

Best game ever This this game is so awesome I just wish they would make you put your some of the gas when you have to shift and you have to use real Queens to fill up gas really wish you would just do it all the time but overall it's the best game I've ever played there's a bunch of cars to choose from and the so many different combinations you can customize and do everything to your car and you have 4 minutes in everything you get to buy home just so awesome download:-)

Wayne Payne

Good game! Good game. Has improved quite a bit recently. Awesome satisfaction!

Joe Eason Jr

Love it My lil 4 year old god son plays it all day all the time. It's a great game that keeps him busy. Needs more parts.

Jordan Palmer

Havent played Hey yo can u please fix az i go into the game nd it force closes on me when fix ill give a 5 star thankz.???!

dan s

Game It's a good game but changing gears suck needs fixed I keep losing because it goes from second back to first

Tyler McCaffrey

GOOD! Game has so many choices for customizing, just wish they had sounds to match each vehicle, and a moving backdrop while racing bc it looks like youre sitting still.

Viktor Kovalchuk

Bigger Wagers Good game but you can only wager 2,000. Needs to be much higher. I have over 750 wins and 29 loses. 5 stars when I get a challenger that makes it 30.

Kyle Lowry

awesome but tweaked mode some cars it won't let me full customize like paint job won't let me paint my calipers and springs and then it won't let me save the car at all

Kyle Rusty Bongay

Please fix the bugs Its very good game but when i buy a car and tweak it ,it shows that i dont have a car to tweak for .im giving it 4 stars for now.

jae Daniels

Very good Suggestions? Add 2009 Mercedes Benz E63 AMG 2013 Hyundai Genesis R-Spec Coupe 2010 Infiniti M45 2013 Cadillac ATS and 2009 Range Rover Supercharged

Michael Premdatt Singh

BEST GAME EVER!!! i love this game soo much,thank you guys for making this game,this is the obly drag racing game that your can lower and camber ur car and change the car visually and also have a house an can buy one and have a job all together!! Only issue is sometimes it freezes and just exits and goes to my home page

Jared Haden

Tweaked Revolution Hey it's me again, just to let you know that once again that some of the cars can't be saved or colored, but still liking the game. Also maybe different color rim choices. Thank you for your time. Also could you be able to put the premium cars on to the tweaked section as well.

Corey Lee Quee

^_^ Love da cars man but try to improve the shifting a little bit because it may not swich gears sometimes

Joe Lyon

Samsung galaxy rush Awesome game very addicting. There's a few bugs like purchasing tires and tire width in career mode. It worked the first time making a car. After that it stopped but there are a few more bugs I can't think of right off hand.

Brian Marrero

More racing After race every one and pass everything nothing else to do gets bored and still in level 13

Beau Holness

I love this game 1 star means hate 2 dis like 3 its ok 4 liked it 5 loved it

Landon Junstrom

Best racing game I would say that this is the best racing game that I've played on a mobile device, except for a few minor bugs that I really hope will get fixed! But this game keeps getting better and better after every update! Great job!

Holden Linder

Awesome There is more than racing in this game,cuz u can costomize your cars and buy houses

Cliff Titus

Good game all around you can make out what cars what. Kits and tweaks are cool. Fix the nos and make shifting a tad smoother and be a near perfect game

Jayden Busby

Ok I can't do career mode because the game crashes. Please fix and I will rate 5 stars

Joseph Jackson

The Best This game is the best customize game on my phone and also the graphics are alright but the game is cool i am looking forward to you guys making more games

BlackSun Pengin

Amazing Best tuning and racing game out there. Thanks for the win of the 1st ever tr showoff contest.

Tyler Petram

Its fun but doesn't function well I have samsung s3 phone. Game is actually really fun but when it gets down to racing or switching menus. Game tends to lag and doesn't respond to you touching the screen. If this bug or defect gets fixed. This game would be a lot more enjoyable and way more fun to play on.

Huey Omara

Good Start Could be better like more cars, optional automatic acceleration, better homes, better home prices, online mode..l. my opinioncthen tjis would be better tha drag racing

david carpenter

Won't work Every time I get to the first race with the orange car it says loading race data and then its just exits the game, why is this happening?

anson ottathayal

Black screen Plz hlp me i gave u 5 stars coz i know u worth it but game doesnt open up only black screen its look awsome i realy want to play

Joseph Arico

. Game is really fun but it looks like something off new grounds. Graphics could use improvement

Jeremiah Mills

Game sucks It won't shift half the time or it shifts into natural you halfto bye fuel with coins that you don't even know how to earn if I could give it negative stars I would.

Alexis danielle

Awesome game The only thing I would change is the difficulty levels on team races other than that this game is awesome 5star for sure keep up the good work A+


Basic old school touch! Nice basic game for those who like to have customizable options. As long as more cars and upgrades are available, it's a good game. Although the gear shifter is kind of off. Sometimes it misses my shift and the gas pedal does the same. But other than that, it's a good game. It's no CSR competition, but it's like classic Super Nintendo games vs your ps4 and xbox 1's. It's good to get back to the basics every once in a while.

Ryan Hall

Its a good game. But for some reason it dont shift right. Other then that I love it. Great customization and fun

Shawn Close

Good game thus far Shifting is kind of weird sometimes but other than that it's the most customizable drag racing game I've played thus far and I've played pretty much all of them I think. Also its kind of bullshit being put up against cars that are 8 seconds faster than you in a quarter mile drag, but still a good game.


Great concept. Brilliant concept with an unbelievable amount of tuning. Unfortunately, the shifting in drag racing is really clunky and often doesn't register my swiping and has often times cost me the race, an option for buttons instead of swiping would be great and would change this review to 5 stars. *edit* just an afterthought, a show menu would be really cool, where you could take your car to different shows and earn money for awards received, like best car in show etc. I think this would make the game ideal.

Michael Archacki

@96 Creative. Developer, if you're not going to improve this game that needs a lot of improving; then pass this game onto someone who will. It's been months since the last update and that didn't even really bring anything to the table.

Mister Cheez

Most problems were fixed Even though I'm sill losing money winning races, I redownloaded. Much improvement! Bad: Sometimes after shifting I have to double tap the gas to accelerate. P.S. I still think gas should cost money, and $1000 seems like much. Also new cars would be cool! I noticed you have Mustangs but no Camaro! :( 1991 Z/28 2002 SS (hint)

Patrick Harris

PLEASE DONT FIX!!!!!!! Buy the apartment as soon as possible and save up to buy the most expensive car which is one of the German cars then buy it and put it in the first slot in the garage at the apartment. Then go sell it and tap the sell button as fast as you can and it will give you 90,000+ each time you click the sell button! $$$$$$$$ oh and shifting is really easy on the game so don't listen to other comments. To shift just tap the shifter!

Nick Jean

Needs work Good game overall. I was surprised to see my car in the game. Very unstable, run a couple races and it freezes, shifting is very sketchy, you need to add an option to tap to shift or something.

Max Lopina

Just a suggestion.. Love the game.. you think you could fix how it makes the top spring come out of the the hood and/or fender when you lower your vehicle a lot.. and maybe could we be able to adjust rim offset??

Aaron Drawbridge

Had high hopes Even though its in 2D i didnt mind but so many things wrong. Tutorial would have been nice, gear change doesnt always respond, car sound is realy bad and what happens when fuel runs out? Does not refill over time so i cant race anymore? Pity because i quite like the game

Jason Munnoch

Tweaks... Great game, but can't change gear properly, won't go into second gear... Needs a clutch adjustment... Also some better engine sound effects would be great... I'll rate further once fixed

James Maine

Totally awesome game!!! This game rocks! I love how you can create a car in regular mode and then the career is even better!! I have created so many different cars and even my 3 year old niece can get on and create cars!!!

Loggan Plummer

Needs more Fun fact so fun ive beat it 5 times now. And if its this easy to beat a game it just needs more...more teams,spots and cars!!

Legan Dustin

Great game. Got the right idea but is very slow. Slow slow slow. Right idea though....

Jm iz

Bad shifting Needs new shifting mechanics. Would be 5 stars though.

Cody Brown

nice I like the game friend, but I have a complaint with the shifting.. I keep losing races. I swipe up but it shifts down? could you fix it or explain to me how to fix it please? thanks..

Just matt

Good game, bad quality. It needs better quality and music. The shifter sometimes downshifts and glitches. Still a fun game tho'.


HARD CONTROLS When i try to gearshift its too complicated to gearshift. Please change that this game is still goood but change gearshift pls.

Craig Smith

Very addictive Although graphically its very basic it is highly addictive. Would be nice if the engine sounds were different for each car and a career mode would be a great addition but nonetheless a fantastic effort of capturing drag racing and car customization

Lori Landfair

Best ever game Not enough races just that and I want arcade mode and the ability to test tweaked cars and upgrade cars in tweaked mode plz fix 4 5 stars and WHO MADE THIS GAME GIMMEH A HUG PLZ "Kenny Melo" who ever u r plus this is probably the longest comment ever XD lol

Daniel Halstead

Overall Decent game needs a little work like multi touch and have the ability launch the car. Good job in not having people have to pay for coins I like the fact you can exchange money for them. Also you can keep getting money from jobs and don't have to keep racing day in and day out.

laddicca dkah

Slow Slow on my handset- xperia e dual. Must b a fun game though

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