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28 Apr
Turn Down For What Button

Posted by Jay Svoboda in Music | April 28, 2014 | 90 Comments

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Inspired by DJ Snake's and Lil John's hit song "Turn Down For What," this app is perfect for when you're asked to turn it down, but the situation clearly requires some turning up.

Just press the button and get ready to Turn Down For What.

Jay Svoboda part of our Music and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update April 28, 2014. Google play rating is 81.9399. Current verison is 1.0. Actual size 1.0 KB.

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Izzy Bear

Cool I'm not gonna lie but it's actually cool :D

Dominicus Tolbert

Great for proposing I offered my loved one a proposal of a lifetime to be with me forever. When I was waiting for an answer all they could say was 'Turn Down for What?!' Shed a tear for Lil' Jon and this brilliant artistic work.

Justin Crites

Not enough features I strongly feel like I'm missing some critical features that would really make this app feel complete. Strobe effects on both my screen and flash would improve the UX, and the ability to send emails and texts to all of my contacts (either once or repeatedly) stating turn "Turn Down for What" will really boost the reusability of the app.

Matthew Sham

Tdfw? Thru out the centuries philosophers have always pondered the age old question "turn down for what" ? Why do we turn up? Do we turn up because we enjoy turning up or is it turning up merely a social phonemnon that occurs in the presence of others. Regardless this simple easy to use app serves it's intended purpose quite well.

Marc Svoboda

This is all I ever wanted in life I can now turn up where ever I please. I have never turned-down-for-what like this ever before because it is so simple yet compelling. The finger-eye coordination required to use this application is ridiculously low so even your kids can turn-down-for-what. I had such a blast showing all my friends the new way to "turn up" anywhere you go with this button. But seriously, make a widget. EDIT: Nini you clearly lack the finger-eye coordination to use this app and you rated 1 star. Shame on you.


I owe my life to this app This app cured my terminal cancer

Fabrício Werneck

Nice! I'll give it 5* if you "block" the button when the sound is playing. :3

Chris Villalpando

Exactly what i want Does exactly what I wanted. Only thing that would make out better is if it included a widget so i could use it at any moment. Otherwise perfect

Eric Moon

Needs a widget! I love it. If only we had a widget...

Shunondo Basu

Why do we turn down? Every time I feel like it's time to turn down I fire up this app. I am so thankful for its existence - how else would I have instant access to Lil Jon's lifelong motivational apothegm? Turn down for nuthin!

Jaime Castillo

Warning if trying to turn up too much may crash sound on phone and lag, in short do not spam button

Nielle Dela Cruz

Widget? Can you make it easy click on widget

Guillaume Simard

Best app ever 10/10 would turn down again

Andre Fonseca

Incredible Use of Alien Technology Can you develop one for "The Rains of Castamere"?

Keisha Simmers

♥♥♥AWESOME!!♥♥♥ I Love It. I like the short song because I can sneak up on my friends and tell them Turn Down For What do a really quick dance and run off. :P ; D

Nicholas Pan

Classic This app definitely is great, especially when the need arises... To turn down for what. A++

Dylan Kivinen

Exactly what you expect Bring the party at any given moment with nothing but your phone!

Minhajul Islam

You are doing god's work son Lil Jon smiles on you

Jack Roland

Ok It would be nice if it was the full song

Noah Grubiss

Tdwf button It's OK not not the best game for me ?

Adriana Anderson

It makes me want to get up and turn down for what

Zach Merrill

10/10 All life's mysteries solved with the push of a button.

Brandi Wolf

........awsome lololololololol Lol im awsome Made me sis fall for it

Derek Bond

Amazing Would be better if it came with a widget

Christopher Roese

Works a few times The button only works a few times then you have to close the application and reopen to push again. There are other apps that actually work right, every time.

Rucas Rin

I love this button It's perfect for daily use. I love it. I give it 12/10.

Nick Stone

OMG! Best app ive ever downloaded! Its right on the spot when you click the app from your home page. Thank you for a true app, make some more.. and alot more! but make em cool like this. #$LEDRO

Carson Morris

Don't turn down this app! Amazing app worth every non Penny spent

Alyssa Clement

Boring It say the same thing now I hate that song its aggy so hate ?????

Leci Summers

Turn down for what Love it because I lost my head phones and my mama keep sayin turn it down then I push the button it works #bestthingever

Shiraz Siddiqui

Solid ...but give me a home screen widget!!!

Sara Torres

I love the song turn down for what

Joseph Ramirez

Justin Turner!!! I spam this button when Justin Turner gets a hit or something!!!

Erick Jimenez

Awesome Would be better if had more length but still awesome:):):):):):):):):):):):) .

Javier Pizarro

amazing I asked the Internet and the Internet delivered

Bee Garcia Meads

Not that great I don't like that it doesent play the full turn down for what song. ?

Brianna Lockwood

It worked for abt 5 mins and now when I press the but to. It doesn't work

Kayla Jones

Be better if the hole song would play

Andrew Tran

Best app Great app for great situations

soheil pourmehdi

One star is too much I don't know what is the purpose of this game,such a shame... Who creates such shi. LIKE THIS.

Loki Coster

Kinda cool At first I didn't know why I downloaded it, but it turned out to be kinda cool

Judas Lin

Really... Gosh, I supposed this would be stupid at first. But it absolutely came out the BEST and COOLEST

Nuclear Gaming

Cool Well so I spammed it 2 annoy my cousin, and eventually the button stopped working. I had 2 restart the app 2 get it 2 work again. And it only gives U a small audio clip of the song. In a future update U should make it a little more annoying and put more of the song into the button. Otherwise I rate 8/8 m8

Simon Saldivar

Well... I guessing there's a limit to how many times you can use it, cuz I was testing it out then it didn't play anymore. Also there should be more options to make the song go for a longer amount of time

Uta Adrian

I like it. But... in my country there is a book(Padurea Spanzuratilor) where you (Svoboda) are killed for being a traitor in the World War II

Adam Smith

Does what it says on the tin! A simple button to play a clip of "turn down for what". No ads...clean interface.....why the hell do people complain!

Abel Duque

Awesome Game But i think This hame is amazing i saw the app i love this song ban downloaded it but i think you should add a bit more to it instead just turn down for what maybe do modes? Like parts mode that you get 4 or so buttons than you tap them and if you tap them all in order you get the whole song! And do some other modes as well so yeah! Love the game but needs some improvements. :-D

Julian Espinosa

Almost perfect A widget for the lock screen or some kind of shortcut would do, plus it needs to be a bit longer. (Y)

Joe Rasmussen

Fantastic! Had me doubled up laughing. Can't wait to find a good way to use it!

Vardhan Shah

I downloaded it but dont get what is it for? Can you tell me what is it for??I press the button and dat song plays.... Gave 4 stars coz i didn't want my ratings to reduce ur average........

Jokha Walid

Sssh note It is awesome for using if someone else is telling you to be quite. I also use it for awkward moments most of all its a 5 star

Dhe Estrada

Omaigad! This app really turn my life upside-down!love it..thank you, tdfw!!

Angel Fermín Martínez Plata

Great Should have more part of the song, or an option to select the short version or the long one.


HOW COULD I BE SO DUMB How could so dumb downloading this dumb app and waste my gbs. NEVER DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!!!!!

Norman Rushing Rushing Norman

It's OK but You need to put more than just that part why not the whole song?

Henryboy Routledge

It looks rubbish It looks boring but it is funny and it is cool

Barkah Kolista

I just cant understand, why this app must be made before? whats function ?? i cant stop laughing for right now

Mal Mall

Awesome No one will turn anything down for what ever again with this app!

Ibrahim Abdellatif

What is it? I actually can't understand it's aim !! It just says tdfw then the song plays for 2 seconds and stops what it is supposed to do exactly please?

James Lee

Black guy songs I love turn down for what my favorite song!

Pink Monkey

just part of the song its not really good for anything really it doesnt even play the entire song only sings turn down for what and thats it could be better

Michael Stack

I'll 1 and 2 I don't get point of this ANDDD.. i broke it because I pressed it too much

Nora Stocks

I love this app it even makes an echo when you press it more than once

rebecca kingan

Love it Now when my parents tell me to turn my stuff down I play this

Ali Azhar

I dont even know what's the point but still I like this app

Jacky Wee

2015 TOP APP When i'm boring, i'll just take out the phone and turn down for what!

Allan J. Ientz

Sunglasses You guys should show the sunglasses on the screen when you push the button. So the user can put the phone on his or her face

Kat Allen

Best app This app is amazing because think of the possibility say you walk in to a bank and your waiting in line and it is very boring you press the button BAM not boring!!!

Angelo Berios

Needs a widget Please please add widget functionality! It's absolutely necessary to increase efficiency of initiating the action. I can't count how much time I've wasted having to unnecessarily launch the app. Will give 6 stars (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐) once that's done.

Serenity Beatty

Cool When I first heard I'm like what I pushed it again then I was like I like this song so I got up and started dancing I front of my mom and she's like what are you listening to and she listened then she started then my dad

Casey Ratliff

Wow, just wow Where to begin with this app? First I was confronted with a mysterious button and forced to make a difficult decision. After many hours I decided to press the button and was instantly thrown into a world of trials and tribulation, full of incredible characters and an enriching storyline. This isn't just an app, this is a way of life.

Ke0 :D

HOW?!?! I broke the button i don't know how but I did XD other than that the app was very entertaining and funny

Taylor Sharpe

Good, but needs some options Would be great if you could select the part you want to play when you push it. Was hoping for the drop when there's scratching and stuff too. Way more intense (and randomly awesome) when you bust it out.

Tony Orozco

This app has the answer to life. What is life? What are thoughts? Brains? Molecules? Atoms? What is turning down for what? Turning down is simply an ancient ritual in which when to turnt up you had to turn down. The ancient ritual has revived but this app solves it. Also it cured my pet mammoth's herpes.

Maddie always Slays

Seriously This "game" is soooo dumb. I don't even get the point of it. All you do is push the button and it does barely any of the song in 3 lame ways


Awesome but It ain't work anymore... I was spamming the button and suddenly, there is no sound anymore! I feel so sad now... I felt that I used up all the sounds...

Jojo Pines

This is so stupid but I like it anyways. Spoiler ALERT it just says turn down for what and plays 3 seconds of the song. So... It is fun but stupid. I recommend it

jamie wolfe

It's ok Lol it's not an awesome app or anything but it's interesting. You can only press it so many times before you have to reopen the app

Phone Cats

Great But Add more things Its classic cant asked to much but putting the turn down for what song even longer should be better


i broke it i pressed it too many times and now it doesnt make noise...

zaraki kenpachi

WTF ?? Am i the only normal person here ?? It doesnt make any sense AT ALL just repeating 6 sec of the song .... so stupid .. just waisted my time , i would give it no star if i could

Brannon Tjon A Tham

The best app ever I used it when one of my worst teacher got moved to another school

Mary Jane

Haha I... broke my turn down for what button. Hahaha I pushed it to many times to fast. Help


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Press to much and broke it exit out of app and came back and worked. Best app


Pretty Good Other than the fact I have to uninstall it every time I press it multiple times. Its like I broke it.

Alexander Fowle

But why not a widget? Sometimes I fear I won't have time to turn up in a pinch. Why not make the button accessible from my homescreen?

Tristian Stoker

Ha ha funny my sis is like she turned you found I went up to the girl how turned me doun and was like turn down for what

Mateusz Majewski

Best APP ever Usually dont rate apps but this ones great. The biggest utility of all apps here

April Vigil

Best thing ever For a thirteen year old girl that's single this is just so random just the way I like it

Brendan Rivera

Utterly useless The song is great but having a button that repeats that one line is boring

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