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26 Oct
True Or False

Posted by alpop studio in Puzzle | Oct. 26, 2015 | 99 Comments

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Want to check your erudition and to compete with other players? If so, offer you a game True Or False (I believe - I do not believe).
This game is both as a test of your knowledge, and as a competition with players from around the world.

Every day the top of the best players changing and you always have a chance to settle in the first place. Compete with friends and family, with friends and acquaintances,
with the world - and show off your results to your favorite social networks! Answer all the questions correctly and become the NUMBER ONE.
Come to the game every day and enjoy new questions and achievements!

The game already has hundreds of interesting questions and their number will increase.


Whats new

    Added ability to see answers.

alpop studio part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Oct. 26, 2015. Google play rating is 74.9686. Current verison is 1.0.4. Actual size 5.0 MB.

Download true-or-false-11.apk 5.0 MB


Andrew Tobin

True or fucking crap! Total waste of time...install more crap to get answers?and some of your answers are completely wrong!!!DO NOT INSTALL THIS SHIT!

Keith Myers

Game switches to ads at random times But all things considered.. Not bad for what it is

Al Has

What a joke Most of these facts aren't true. Baby elephant can fit in a teaspoon? Yeah alright

Evelyn Velazquez

Liked it I liked because it's awesome

Serena Sluss Mendoza

It's alright It's alright

Richard Di Ciero

Wrong answers, bad adds, don't install this game! After almost being almost tricked to click on a very intrusive add 3 times in 14 questions I had to write this. That ad ruins the game completely BUT there are a few other big problems too! The game dev clearly couldn't think of enough questions and I got "polar bears the best?" that is a completely subjective question. Then a bunch of the answers in the game are wrong. The game dev should have fact checked before releasing this. You can't see the great wall from space. Look it up. That was 1 of many.


Enjoy the game Your answers are shown as either right or wrong. In the case of false, you will have to find the reason yourself. But it is still a fun game.

vicky perkins

Started to like this game Too good to be true can't finish game without them officer you something you don't want to play

Mildred Eziri

Very fun It's hard but i really like it

Will Allen

Very poor english/wording Not to mention random pop up ads.

Patti Schoor

Just no... Holy ads Batman! I dont mind ads on free games but this game is loaded with them including popups uggh. Also your grammar is terrible. Not very professional looking app. Will be removing.

William Smith

True or false Guess game

Keith Adams

Fun playing with the whole family

Ricky Tolen

Lol I was shocked but I actually loved this game IMMEDIATELY

Veronica Cain

True or false Informative and fun

Bert Ian

true or false

Amber Servold

Repeat..repeat Too many of the same questions asked over and over again

Mary Bailey

Decent daily game. I would like to know the percentage of right or wrong responses to each question.

Clara m Rose

Truly a fun game to play

Gail Garret

True and false You guess the answersay true or false

Googevil Forcingthis

No answers? You need answers at the end so I know what I got right and wrong!!! If you add that, 5 stars!

Amanda M.

True or false It IS ok:-! But it does ask dumb questions. :-) :-\

Dylan Scott

DEEZ NUTS Guess what i got in da mail today... DEEZ NUTS! HA GOT 'EM

Alexandra Browning

What the hell is a polar hare?

Fab M

First ad froze my whole phone

paige cardinal

Its okay...... Some questions are to hard and I think the buttons can get messed up in all sorry I wouldn't recommend this game ?? sorry!!!!

Swaran Garcha

Gwjchsg Awesome

Timothy Nicolle

Need to install more game for answers. Some questions are subjective. Can object x do this? True or false? Well sometimes it does and it technically could... so true? FALSE!

Noah Pfefferle

Good game And people got to stop criticizing games. Unless you actually know how to and have experience making a game and can actually make a game better than this one there isn't any reason to criticize the games

Planket magelord

Uninstalled after 5 mins You have incorrect answers, some of the worst engrish I've seen in an app, and a ridiculous amount of ads thrown at your face again and again. Interesting idea, terrible app

Sebastian Morgyn James

Nonsense With unclear questions and answers that could be true AND false, it makes the game more "that sounds like they didn't make it up" over "that's clearly nonsense". Majority of the questions are wives tales and myths that seem like out of date history text book quotes. "Van gough only sold one painting" for example. We don't know that. That's a stupid one. Good job putting it together, bad job on the fact checking. What's the point.

Kevin Hamm

Boring. Plus crazy amount of ads Game was tolerable but out is the first app I have quit and uninstalled because of stupid amount of ads.

Alvin Ho

Nice concept, terrible app Some of the answers are wrong. You can do some simple research and find that some of their answers are in fact myths or common misconceptions... Not only that, it's loaded with annoying ads.

Amber Presley

Good game to pass the time, I noticed a few of the answers were wrong and the answers sometime change from round to round. But overall a good game :)

Jessie Knowles

It's was fum until... It was a fun game until it wanted me to install free game to see if the answers were correct or not. I think that's silly, also the grammer isn't the greatest and tons of ads.

Shelz Theas

Tried and wanted to like it.. So, reading the reviews made me want to try it. First off, the grammar is horrible. Some 'statements' read well. Others made me tilt my head, wondering who helped the developer translate it. Actually, that part was OK. Amusing, really. What I didn't like was that after playing a couple of rounds, you can't see the correct answer without having to download other apps. The other annoyance was the insipid ads that would pop up mid question.... Ads and making me download another game.... Meh.

Matthew Cook

App is baddest This app sucks. A lot of the questions are broken English and don't make sense. Avoid and get an app from someone who isn't fresh off the boat.

Yiğit Işık

Nice concept, but there are some incorrect statement&answer combos. Small example, "You can't sneeze with your eyes open.". According to the app, it's true, but it should be false. It is not advised, but you physically CAN sneeze with your eyes open. How do I know this? I've done it many times. I could give it more stars because I like the concept, but incorrect questions are too big of a part of the app

Angel Johnson

I get to learn things i didn't know before!!

Mel Rochon

Not bad But true that some answers are incorrect so its confusing!! Cant see the great wall of china from space. Thats a myth! Shawnna Carlson .. oh my maybe you should brush up on science and do some research and not just assume you are correct. Go to the nasa page and it clear as day tells u that u are an idiot and u are the uneducated dummy :)

Jenn Johnson

Fun Its fun and tests you're knowledge well, but sometimes the constant ads can distract from gameplay.

D Latimer

Gets boring Some "facts" are based on variables that can't be true and I'm in the us so all that talk about kilometers and kilograms and stuff is not super fun to calculate

Angie Alvarenga

Played twice and deleted The grammar is absolutely horrendous in this game and it can make the statements unclear. Which makes deciding whether they are true or false more difficult, not in a good way. I also think quite a few of the facts are wrong.

Brandon Walsh

Repetitive, wrong and adds pop up randomly While playing the game for about 5 minutes I encountered questions twice, questions that where wrong and while trying to click and answer an add would randomly pop up causing me to click it... For example for one question it says that elephants are the only animal with 4 knees while in fact they only have two yet the answer was correct...

Melissa Weston

Challenging A lot of things I didn't know ! I will pass this one on to my family!

Jarrod Savignac

Not good Not even worth the download. The answers are wrong for some questions

tex everett

Contains errors Chickens, which are birds, have a tooth, called the egg tooth on the tip of their beaks to aid hatching. It falls off soon afterwards.

Darryl Burke

Ads during game play are very annoying At least have them after each round. During the middles of a game is extremely annoying.

Debbie Robinson

Very entertaining, keeps your brain healthy...

Dave Wood

Good game I like trivia games like this, except for the pop ups once in a while, its got great questions

Edin Durek

Too many pop ups. Deleting after 2 minutes of play.

Mary Ann Spurgeon

TRUE & FALSE is fun and teaches while playing .

Shawnna Carlson

Oh my, be careful Mel, actually you can see the wall from space. Its not a myth. Jus makes you sound really uneducated.

Sam Lindskoog

Ok Some questions I would never think of otherwise

Sheena Sanders

Nice Nice game questions pretty hard but that's good makes you think!

Ian Nutter

good game only rating because it is annoying that they keep telling me to

Nathan Jackson

The Chief I like to test my mind

Ammar Zaghloul

Too many ads Not gonna play with an ad between every 3 questions

Emily Garcia

Awesome I love this game it teaches a lot of fun facts about everything

Samantha Osage

Pretty good. The aids that pop up suck but it's a good game.

Jason Whitlock

Info is wrong Lots of the questions on this game the answers are wrong bad game the creator didn't do their research

Janey Wright

True or False Dumb game. Same questions over and over. Uninstalling

Abe Normal

Quite interesting, lots of facts and trivia it's like a episode of QI but without the jokes

Simon Devlin

Great up to a point For the first play this is great but when you replay it it doesn't show if you got the answer correct so it makes the game less fun. Also some of the grammar is very poor.

Beverly Stephens

Difficult This game should be played only by a true historian, science buff, well-read on every subject in the world genius. The subjects are about any and everything and not things that you would commonly know. There are no categories. I consider myself reasonably smart but I did not know any of these answers. Maybe about 4 and I guessed on all the rest.

Jeanne Jonethan

True/false mindblowing Educative if answers are provided it would be superlative. Why were the correct answers stopped?

Carol Hildebrand

True or false It's a learning experience and I really like it.

Linda Lee

True or False Very simplistic game. Good for younger children but not very challenging for adults

D Lanesky

can't figure out this game but so far I like it

Jimmy Martin

Jamartin Fun and educational. Great game for adults and kids. Great facts and notes.

Grace Catinsag

Why showing of correct answer stopped?

Liz Seebold

Liz S. I really like true or false This is easy to play and is a learning tool.

Christopher Deighton

Simple to follow. Good family fun.

Kerri Knight

If I could get the answers as to weather I was right or wrong, I would give 5 stars. Until then I give a 3

Tammy Steele

Fun Very educational ?

girly player

It is ok it is nice It is fun!!

Marala Helms

It's a fun little break, challenge the memory???

Evy 0806

Good I enjoy it but it needs to be harder

Jackie Aubert

True or false Easy to play fun to play

layla carter

Never played it I never played but it is fun

Zuzi t

Repeatative and intrusive adds

Kara Medeiros

Terrible Game It was fun for awhile but some of the answers are incorrect and there are so many ads. And after awhile it will not allow you to see whether you get the answer right or wrong until you download a different ad. Don't waste your time on this terrible game.

RECT metal

Way too many stupid ads popping up, many of the questions are worded poorly and many of the answers they say to be correct are wrong. Terrible app, I'm uninstalling.

sunny ahuja

Love it I'm so lucky that I got such a awsome game I love u all who are downloading this game specially girls I love u

Suniti Gargas

True or false I loved the game because I downloaded to gain some knowledge

Devendra Sharma

Not quite good it must be improve such as 5sec for 1 question, unlimited question

Rod Skinner

True or false In order to see the answers l have to download another game, that's crap .


True or false Good game ,you can learn a lot.

Samantha Shaw

Interesting! If you like to learn new things ......... this is definitely the game for you.

Lee Brice

True or false Game

Masie Greenleaf

Makes me think

Jill Olsen

True or false

Aylagh MacAnnadh

WAY TOO MANY OF YOUR ANSWERS ARE INCORRECT! UNINSTALLING! Ads are VERY EXCESSIVE & INTRUSIVE! Do not like an ad in the middle of a question when I am reaching to tap the true or false button & they SUDDENLY DISAPPEAR only to be replaced by some ad I've already seen 10 times in the last 15 min! Poor language skills. A man can give birth to up to 45 children? Really!? I didn't think men could give birth! Also, a camel doesn't spit 'IN' people first (or at all!). Poor vocabulary can cause wrong answers!

Joe Cuschieri

True When the Romans ruled Europe, England and France were of the same country / nation. The answer of false is incorrect. Please resolve...

NormaLee McMichael

Not American App We weren't taught kilograms and centimeters. Also Kelts is Celts!

Anthony Ferrigno

True or False The adverts are so annoying

Tammy Steele

Fun Very educational ?

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