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12 Jan
Trial of the Clone

Posted by Tin Man Games in Role Playing | Jan. 12, 2014 | 39 Comments

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"You are a clone raised by the mysterious Silene Monks. Once the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy, they have long since been superseded by modern technology. Now they spend most of their time hanging out and playing video games.

But you are not like the rest of your clone brothers. You have been chosen for a special destiny. Make the right decisions and you'll complete your training, explore a universe full of adventure, and prove yourself a hero. Make the wrong decisions and you'll be dead. Really dead. Its hard to emphasise just how dead you will be. So here's a pro tip for you: try to make the right decisions."

Written by Zach Weinersmith, creator of the hilarious award-winning comic strip 'Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal'.

You're a clone who sets out to find your place in a cold, uncaring, but also kickass and ridiculous futuristic world, solving challenging puzzles and fighting monsters along the way. It's like D&D for people who are too cool for other people!

PLEASE NOTE - Due to mature content this app is for users who are 17+ only. It is not recommended for children.

Exclusive new features in the app:

• Wil Wheaton voice over! Listen to Wil Wheaton whisper things like "love", "plasmaster", "moral ambiguity", and "disappointment" into your ear.
• All new death endings, written by Zach himself. Not available in the print book!
• Achievements to find throughout the gamebook
• Play the gamebook following all the rules, or cheat all you want!

Trial of the clone has been brought to Android using Tin Man Games’ critically acclaimed Gamebook Adventures Engine featuring:

• An automated Adventure Sheet to keep track of stats and inventory.
• Artwork gallery. Find an illustration in the gamebook and be able to access it full-screen forever.
• Bookmarking system which saves your position in the gamebook, much like putting your fingers between the pages to remember your previous page when reading the paperback!
• Specially composed soundtrack
• Landscape support for larger devices


"A hilariously entertaining new addition to the gamebook genre, Trial of the Clone is a brilliant way to spend a rainy afternoon." - POCKET GAMER, 8 out of 10 - Silver Award!

"I've finally gotten around to reading my copy and it's an absolute delight." - BOING BOING

"I won’t dawdle with getting this out there: I love Trial of the Clone. It made me laugh numerous times and it made me want to replay it many, many times just so I could see how things could work out differently. It's simply brilliant." - 148APPS, 4.5 out of 5 - Editor's Choice!

"If I really wanted to be lazy, I could summarize my review for Tin Man Games’ newest app Trial of the Clone like this: Buy the damn thing- NOW." - JUST PRESS START

"This story touches so many GeekDad hotspots, there is a possibility that this post may self-implode in the awesomeness described here. Page after page, choice after choice, Trial of the Clone is very funny. The result is a glorious experience." - GEEKDAD

Whats new

    Fixed an issue where the art gallery would improperly black out on some devices.
    As always, if you have any issues I will try to fix it as best I can, just send me an email at the contact link!

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Daniel Ryslink

Elementary school humor The writing and the jokes are bad. And by bad I mean really bad. All the "strange sounding names" in the game are in fact just silly Czech words that does not help the experience at all. "Silene" means crazy, and what "Sourek" means is not suitable for a public review. I have played many text games, and I have purchased this only on the premise that Wil Wheaton would not lend his talent to something that is utterly horrible. Turns out I was wrong, but on the positive note. his narration is the best aspect of the game. Too bad it's not enough to push the rating higher, because it's the only good thing about this game. Wasted money, totally down the drain. Elementary-school style humor, silly plot and little else.

Anders Tonfeldt

Painfully funny I know it's a cliché but my side was actually hurting after playing this. This isn't geek humor. It's THE geek humor. The full narration by Wil Wheaton was the cherry on top of an already delicious cake.


Good, snarky fun! I was hesitant to get this app because of the other comments, but I'm glad I decided to give it a chance! I laughed quite a bit during the story. Anyone who grew up in the 80s will definitely appreciate the humor. The only warning there should be is the humor and language is adult.

Todd Crouchman

Come on really??? The jokes were like jokes that weird uncle( that you are afraid to be alone ), would tell, not funny and uncomfortable silence. Mature rating , but immature and amaturely writen .

Sean Metivier

Will Wheaton That is all.

Fatih Altınok

Awesomeness! I played it, and it was great!

Paul Platt

Grouchy Reviewers It's cute and funny. If you don't find the content your cup of tea, grow up and stop complaining about that. Some media have silly and slightly off color humor. Get a sense of it. As for the game technically, I am 1/2 way thru and haven't had any real issues. Wil's voice does start repeating in certain page turning scenarios. I'm not going to gripe about it. Thanx for making me chuckle, Tin Man.

Kevin Chan

Overall Design Need Improvement I'm cool with the content despite it being a bit cheesy & crass, but I do have issues with the overall design. The notorious tracker Flurry has no place in any app and certainly not a paid one! One star deducted just for that!! Scene loading within the game is a bit slow, but Wil's audio is even *slower*! (sometimes disconnected & restart from beginning too! ffs why can't we just download them to our device anyway?); battery consumption is also a bit much considering this is a "static" game & user interaction is at a minimum. You spend most of the time reading but the statusbar is hidden but no time/battery info (could easily be displayed opposite the Scene info). The music volume can't be adjusted and obscured Wil's voice so no choice but to turn it off, and you can't rewind or fast forward Wil's reading nor adjust its speed. Your saved progress is sometimes incorrect. I could go on but suffice it to say all those minor things add up to make the app less enjoyable than it could be. I could give Tin Man's other books another try (remove the button from the main screen!) but given this experience that will be unlikely unless they're heavily discounted...

Nicole Fernandez

Good app bad story Ran very smooth on my Razor phone. The app is well done, looks good, and is easy to navigate. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy the actual content. I like SMBC, but the story and jokes in this app were immature and uninteresting and the main character was just soo pathetic.

James Doig

Unfunny and poorly executed. The humor in this game really misses the mark. Mechanically: It takes too long to load, changing the font size messes up the text in places, it doesn't stop the screen from locking (which is bad for a game you in which you spend 90% of the time reading) and the voice over loses sync with the page you are on.

Bjoern Ulrichsson

Too much nonsense, too little story I'm a big fan of SMBC's humor, but I think it work better in short strips than in a longer story. While I found some parts of the story funny, it has a too much violence, senseless killing and childish jokes bunched together for my taste.

Daniel Siddharta

I like this type of books... The "funny" i think is not funny.... and the story is kinda your money

Marcus Ahlberg

Hilarious Great game but the app consumes a lot of battery.

Stephane Sonier

Spyware included. 5 star app except it contain a "flurry" spyware. When I pay I just don't want spyware.

Luis Miyar

Better than the book I have the book but it gets thedious to add and remove items and stats. The app automatices this, plus, it has Weathon!

Eric Outterson

A hilarious choose your own adventure A hilarious story. Zach Weinersmith's humor translates well to long-form work. A worthy investment for anyone who likes SMBC. Also, the app runs smoothly on my Droid 3.

Justin LiPuma

Funny SMBC content Funny chain of events given by a page turning D & D style story. Multiple paths to choose from, all made me laugh. Would i spend 4 dollars on this if this wasn't supporting SMBC? Probably not, but then again I'm not a big app customer

Alexander Kashev

Good, but a battery hog There is zero excuse for the battery drain this mostly static app creates.

Bernard Booth

The usual SMBC flair! This had me laughing pretty much non-stop throughout. It was like reading a super extended SMBC comic, and had the usual humor that comes with. I've recommended it to all of my friends.

Timothy Mattson

Garbage No effort was put into the story, it was obviously written in haste with no concern for substance or continuity. The worst ripoff on Googleplay, I am never investing in Tin Man Games ever again.

Lim Hong Tat

Funny and fun I'm such an ass in this story, lol

Aaron Tobias

Great Bought the book on kickstarter but didn't get the Wil Wheaton read along. 3 dollars is definitely worth it.

Sami Elahmadie

Hilarious! The story is excellent, clever without taking itself very seriously. Presentation is solid; RPG elements fit right in. Voice acting is spot on and a wonderful addition.

Julian Sammy

Great fun, great narration, great writing, in no particular order. In the kind of nerd who enjoys games that require many levels of play. In this case we have the game, gaming the game, and enjoying the journey. I have mapped the decision tree DG o

Josue Feliciano

Hilarious and Fun The decisions were always interesting and fun to play through. The bookmark system encourages playing around just to see what some of the more "interesting" choices lead to. Highly recommended.

Mauricio Labarca

Great humor Lots of content

Matt Small

Locking issues This app is great, minus one thing. The developer didn't think to stop the phone from locking. This is very very anoying when Will is interupted mid sentence. Story is brilliant otherwise.

Andrew Conver

Love it! Very funny story, and the Wil Wheaton narration really adds to it.

Mary Mary

This is great. Dont hate. This is totally something i would expect from the brilliant mind that brings us Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. Awesome. If you arnt familiar with his work, just google it. It has this particular style i find hillarous, nerdy, and always gets me rofl. If its not your thing, thats fine, go read something else. XD and like, look at the maturity rating, you were warned.

Lev Borovoi

Sucks When it loads, it takes a lot of time to show the main menu, then a lot of time to go to the actual game. The same after switching to another app. With auto-lock, the app can just hang the phone. Some dialogs lack text. As for the story, it's OK if you like dick jokes.

Felix Turner

App Contains Adult Content The app looks great, however it has content not suitable for young children (e.g. swearing and references to smoking weed). Please add a content warning up top.

Eric Labiner

Brilliant Excellent book and just the app it was missing. The narration is superb .

Ian Zwanink

Fun I really like the story and the way that it is told. The voice acting is excellent, however I'dd wish that there was a option to preload all the voice data so the book is more read-aloud-able without a stable data-connection.

Dave Farmer

Hilarious The only book I've read where multiple matricide is an achievement!

Maurice Bayes

Excellent read/play Great read, enjoyably written. This was my first electronic adventure game book and I highly recommend it.

Elijah Gay

Sweet! This is the funniest gamebook I have ever read.

Keith Hill

Awesome and kinda crazy :) As narrated by Will Wheaton

Andrea McGhee

So disappoint ....doesnt work at all..I was so excited iut games all The time ...$5, $10even 15 dollar games...its not the money as the fact the it just wont play! Grrr. Gonna spend my money somwherr else from now on. Not thru there guys again! Oh my phone is LGStylo.. So no reason it shouldnt work

Charl Jordaan

C J If you consider yourself a Christian stay away from this game. It is blasphemous in the extreme.

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