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29 Sep
Treasures of Mystery Island 3

Posted by Alawar Entertainment, Inc. in Puzzle | Sept. 29, 2014 | 123 Comments

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A young journalist is sent to a beautiful island to report on multiple ghost sightings in the area. Upon her arrival she is greeted with her first paranormal encounter. Help her dive deep into this mystery that will task her with hunting hidden objects, solving challenging puzzles, and shining a light on the mysteries of ghostly apparitions that are terrorizing the people! The answers are waiting under the eclipse in The Treasures of Mystery Island 3: The Ghost Ship!

- Four massive chapters
- 60 spine-shivering locations
- Unlimited hints and tips to help you on your adventure
- Interactive tutorial to get your off and running

Alawar Entertainment, Inc. part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Sept. 29, 2014. Google play rating is 92.5801. Current verison is None. Actual size 0 bytes.

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Karen Addison

What a fantastic game! Full of twists and turns. Loved the adrenalin rush when I thought the tidal wave was coming, but saved the island - yay ! ☺

mer geist

Fun! I really enjoyed this game. It had some good challenges. Games I hadn't played before. I had no problems playing this on my android tablet. Everything went very smoothly. My only problems were the challenges of the game and that is where the fun lies. Thanks for another great game.

Tissue Tee

Problems Problems Problems I just bought this game and from the beginning there have been nothing but problems. The constant adds popping up as you play. Is there a way to stop that? I thought that when you buy a game the adds are supposed to stop!?? Also, the must be a bug in this game because I had to download it twice and still it kept shutting down as I play. Also, the sound didnt work the first time i tried to play the game. I wouldn't recommend you get this game. I have a new device and it still isn't working well on my galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition. Not a good download ?

Kathleen Ribblett

Good Game Love the game. It's a different twist on your typical hidden object game as you are looking for pieces of an item within a scene instead of multiple items in a given place. I would have given 5 stars expect for the fact that even after I paid for the game I still continue to get pop-up ads.

Lisa Schmitt

Worked like a charm I have this game on my computer. This game plays almost as well. My phone handled it well. No cliche's noted. Worth every penny.

J May

Terrific and Very Challenging Game--- and Very Satisfying when accomplished. Highly Recommended for Experienced Puzzlers

Rebecca Holdaway

Ok Hints anoyed me took were i didnt need to go and loading every room love the game really fun xxx

Simon Hartley

3 ads in the first 5 minutes? Not what I expect from a paid game. Got lots of paid for Alawar games, this is the first I couldn't be bothered to play.

William Foreman

Great Game! Very complex, but great hints to keep you moving.

Redneck Miller

First game I've done by Alawar. Its not the last either. Was worth the price.

Ruben Ghafadaryan

Cool! Great game. It is different and exciting. Would like it to have a map with quick jumps between locations.

lucie hemers

Great game. I loved this game. Gorgeous graphics as usual and good storyline. A little more difficult than some other Alawar games but very satisfying. I would have liked a bonus chapter but hey! Still cheap at the price.

Cortney Rose

Fun! Not my favorite of the Alawar games but still fun. Wish it were a bit longer since it was $3.

Grantandsammie Sutherland

Great game Enjoyment start to finish. No problems.

Ulanda Mixon

Pay to play I hate the ads.Where is the sound, come on, this is so sad. I have nerver!lol

Diane Piggin

Pretty good. Not sure whether I was going to like it but pleasantly surprised and liking it more and more as the game progresses.

Janice Abbott

Great game. This is my favorite game ever!

Analisa Donnelly

Not bad. A little slow but good time waster

Alyson k

Awesome This game is great and longer then most, well worth th money

Darlene Stillings

Enjoying this game

Amanda P

Ads in a paid game????

Renee Dietz

Need help I'm almost all the way through the game and get a hint for the mailbox with a note. .. my hint won't work anywhere else. .. what am I missing? Other than that, love the game

Richy Gatenby

Ads in a paid games :-( Would be five stars if no ads were in.

candy christopher

The Treasures of Mystery Island Action mystery keeps you on your toes.

sam Thorne

Good game I don't like seeing ad's for other games when you pay for games, most of us don't need ad's coming up for us to buy game's in fact it puts one off in buying future game's off you.

Steph Hill

Great game This game has it's flaws as suspected but it is a genuinely fun game.

Shae Racker

10 stars! Keep em coming! Only 1 glitch. The time on the clock is 4:30 and you have the big hand and little hand in the opposite spots

Nikki James

Excellent but has bugs! Loved this game really long compared to others I've played lots of brain power needed! On occasion the app would close and moving objects would turn into a white square which was quite strange also I struggled to recognise some of the collected items from the images provided I think a the name of the item should be available when clicked on or in the journal.

ben benson

Very enjoyable Fun game,addicting. Lots to do,took me a week,playing a few hours a day and I only had two ads pop up the entire time!something to do while waiting for"the room three " to come out!

Pippa Foster

Was really enjoying the game but im stuck on the clock even though i know it should be set at 430 even tried 620 incase the hands had been mixed up. What a shame im gonna have to remove it now

Maria Thomas

Treasure of mystery island 3 Apparently not all phones are designed to accommodate all games. My screen is too small and items to be found are microscopic. It's a shame. The story line seems good and the game interesting. Just wish i was able to play it without using ,"hint " l) I

Rebecca Garner

It loads the game but doesn't let me play it then gets out of it! Not happy at all, fix it

Lana Korten

Good game This is a free game with very few ads. It has nice graphics for an older game and a decent story. There is a ood hint system and the ability to skip puzzles if you get stuck. The game also has a map feature so that you can navigate without having g to spend time walking from place to place. Overall a good little game.

Josee Leon

Nice long game I didn't really like finding the object parts in the scenes. Some were impossible to see even on my Google Nexus 14. Good thing for the hints. The story kept me enthralled though and I liked that you could use the map to move around and see where actions were possible.

E. Tamami

Addicted Complete the game in 2 days. Unlike others that can make easily to forget, this one just can't get me enough to play it. Worth to play..strongly recommended for those of you who love adventure. Thank you Alawar. Gbu.

Cheryl Wallace

Loved it Great game! Not too difficult but not too easy. Took a few days to go through which is much better than some that took only a few hours.

Krista W

Stuck I have gotten to a point that I can't seem to do what I need to do. I can't open a locker, even though they let us in the lock. I can't find a hose to siphon fuel from one place to use in another. I can't progress any further...

Sandy B

Disappointed Enjoyed the game until I had completed a lot of the quests and then the map was no help and the hints would no longer show. Tried numerous times then finally deleted the game and started again and got to the same place & could get no further. Disappointed & will not try the other games.

suzi mccoy

AWESOME I loved everything about this, storyline, length of time to play (longer than most free games), just difficult enough. Try'll probably enjoy it.

yvonne lewis

Couldn't put it down Finally after hours of "enjoyment", I got sleepy, and let it go. Not too hard, an interesting, challenging and fun game with excellent graphics. Also it's worth real money.

Mary Ferguson

Best of the series Assuming this is #3 in the mystery island series with same 'find pieces' HOP style. Lost 1 star for map with negative positives (I.e. indicates something to do but there isn't) , painful delay in scene transitions, and no bonus game section.

Rebecca Turner

It grew on me.... The story was decent. Had an ending that made sense. No HOG...but you had to search for fragments of objects. The mini games were either easy or difficult. Had a map system that was well labeled which was appreciated.

Leah Albrecht

I really enjoyed this game. It wasn't a quick game by any means and kept me wondering what was going to happen next! Very impressed and enjoyed playing every minute of this game! Thanks! :-)

Lynn Mair

Treasure Island Ghost Ship Can't open clock to recieve last piece of sponge so uninstalling. Tried 4:30 and every other time but nothing will open the cabinet. Too stressful where should be fun. Kind of slow moving with alot of back and forth but nice graphics and could be fun if worked properly. Liked was a free game even if had a few ads to watch. Please fix glitch.

Scott Bell

If you are looking for a long play...this is the game for you. Fun game, with great graphics. They did run a bit choppy in the final sequences. All in all, a good story, with clever puzzles. There is a lot of trotting back and forth, and that can get a bit tedious. I absolutely recommend using the hint able play, as it gets difficult to find small parts.

Pauline Grant

Skyhawk Fantastic game the only thing that's wrong with it is the hint button is to slow rechargeing I think it should be a little bit faster other than that I love it

DL Small

Best game ever! This is the only game that I have found that is fun, makes you think, and keeps going and going. I don't want it to end!

Laurie Huitt

Good game but... can get quite frustrating, there is an awful lot of going backward and forward, and each time the screen takes ages to load. Still, it's a big game and it's free, so worth a go.

Gary Harris

This game took me on a journey. I normally don't need to use hints, but this game really had to have them. I would highly recommend this to serious puzzlers.

Greta Fader

Fabulous! Terrific story, graphics and animation! Froze a little bit here and there and the flames, either torch or fire, and stars that appeared whenever you placed a figurine on the model ship sometimes turned into animated squares one in a while, but corrected itself every time it did happen by simply going to the main menu. KEEP THEM COMING!!! :D

Lenka Hrdlickova

Great game good story and it's free to play but not on the phone the items are soo small it's difficult to find them so often have to use hint button the text dissappear quicker than able to read the notes are soo small it's difficult to read neither in the journal and not able to zoom it on my phone

Alan O Connell

Great game Loved it keep up the good annoying ads no stopping at level 9 and charging for more just a great free game.good job.

Wanda Geffre

Highly addictive I love this game better than any of the others. It took me almost a week to complete this unlike the rest that would take me just a day to complete. This is definitely worth your time

Emily Carter

Addictive! Loved the challenges in each level! Managed to finish it in a few hours. Lol.. Thoroughly enjoyed this game. :)

Stacey Edwards

Fantastic Was a amazing game. I loved every second of it. The only thing that irritated me was the amount of time it took to load new screens. All in all though it was great

Wen Damage

Best escape game I've played, well done!! Very creative, well thought out game. Enjoyed the time playing it...want another one now ;)

David Hughes

Long! Great game, a bit repetitive, needed some good cut scenes. Varied locations, tough to find objects. Really enjoyed it.

Dom M

No bad, realy free But i FUC**** hate when a game is asking me for rating and to top it all, on the ending video, got a RATE pop up that stopped the video and the game was over so i dont even know what appen, like... seriously.... other then that the game is not bad, some things are totaly out of logic in the things we had to find/do, the HINT button is a must anyway, good graphic tho

Malcolm Hunt

Shame about adds Played game twice to find bonuses. Garage, boulavard and museum do not register even though you can see them! Then you keep getting annoying ads popping up!! Hence three star rating.

Sar Maye Camaganacan

Amazing game! I can't believe the whole game is free with minimal ads! The graphics, story, and overall gameplay were great, and hints are available if you ever get stuck. I love how the game doesn't take up too much battery power like other games I've played. Thank you for adding support for the s-pen. I enjoyed playing this on my galaxy note pro 12.2. If only there were more developers like you.


Fun game! Fun little time filler. Not too challenging but requires some thought so keeps your interest. It took me a day to beat but it probably would have been a few hours sooner had I noticed the map before the very last round of the game. Lol

R Darin

Best one yet! Not sure how I got through but, I did and the game was very enjoyable. Plays great on my Samsung Galaxy pro tablet 12.2.

Dimitra Karvouniari

Great game Took a while to complete, which is good. Lots of this short of games are too short. The loading screen, though, was a bit annoying when moving from room to room. Overall, great story and very fun game.

Saconda McCallum

TREASURES OF MYSTERY ISLAND 3 This is a very interesting game. It keeps you alert and focused. There are a lot of twist and turns, back and forth but it is worth playing.

Claudine Cooper

What a awesome game and normally halfway through they say you have to buy but not this game I loved it and recommend this game finally I found the one and I've played lots and brought wished they made them like this all the time without charging as it cost enough with paying for wifi at my home then some games charge as well on top of it rip off' great game

Zdenka Petrošová

Geez! It´s such a great game and Ive been enjoying it tons BUT now I´m stuck - I know it should be set up on 4:30 (I even found a walkthrough and looked how it should look like...and no I don´t have the arms wrong) but the case with the rest of the sponge won´t open. Sorry - for me and for you :D - but I gotta unistall this :(

Felicia Jones

Kind of fun I am stuck, can't get recording to work, have items I have no idea where they go. Map shows no question marks or exclamation points as if that section done and there are still safes to open. Items aren't really searchable, it is mainly just keep poking until you land on something. A lot of going back and forth without a clear objective. Few ads though which is great. Update: started over, got to North Coast and stuck again in construction zone. Something does jive.

Marko Jordanovic

Great game Really great game for those who live this kind of games. I enjoyed it for all the forth and back that you have to so, it is not straight forward, do this find this and go forward. You definitly have to use you brain to play this one. Make some more games like this. Thank youca lot.

Jonathan Tse

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & 4 LTE Great game. Has a bug here and there, where I've had to exit to home screen and reload app. But works pretty well.

Soniya c

Simply wow game..kept me so involved dat i didnt felt lyk playn any odr game..thn u developers..grt job..keep making mre such games...thums up for ua team..

Anita Takacs

Nice story telling and challenges. Quite a few days to complete all and not disturbed by adverts. Very funny comments at the most unexpected places. Managed to tie me down in this fantasy world. Big weldone and huge thank you.

Sj Faathi

Supperb game!! Lovved it??. It test our memory power and also to be honest, i only realised yesterday that i have mystery solving powers too!!?. Thankuu for the developing team.unfortunately, i finished playing the game within 3 days. Worried...seeking forward for more mysteries from u. Juz a smalll feedback... wen switching from one location to another, the timing period is too long. ( the sky with the crescent).pls do adjust the timing.☺

Sara Omaya

Use Menu issue At first the game was pretty cool but then in the episode with the yellow school buss i collected too many clues that the ones should be used have disappeared!! Even the hints point to places on the screen but no items to match in the "Use" menu

Rose G

The first time I wanted to play, it worked. But now everytime I press play the game stops and my phone says it won't work. I was really excited for this game, please try to fix it.

Jason Landry

Addicting and fun overall I enjoyed the game took about 8 hours to beat and the puzzles were challenging but not so hard that you get frustrated trying to figure out what do do next .

Vanessa K.

Addictive and GREAT Awesome game. Could not stop playing. Want more like it!

Jenn M

Love it! Totally free and long. Puzzles were in no way too easy to solve! There was a glitch in which i had to start over by going under a different player in the menu screen. Otherwise best game as of it

Shrosh Khan

please help me i am stuck with the clock hand coz second's hand is missing wer to find it?? and what to do with the boat window how to clean it?? and what to do with that tap on the deck?? please any one help who have already played i want to accomplish this game??

Cheryl Duaite

Love this game! So challenging, always something to find or due, can't wait to play another. Good game, the eclipses got to go, way to many.

rupa k

I love to play this awesome game. Superb tackles and etc., but some stage the game making confusion too. But totally I enjoyed

Daniel & Melinda Hanson

Good game, got stuck a few places The hints refill on a timer - no extra purchases in the game. Some of the items/hints could stand a little more direction, but I liked it.

Dan Cutrone

Just One "Gripe" Tough to quibble about anything in an absolutely FREE game that provided hours of fun, but the transitions between scenes could have been faster. Otherwise a great game!

Stephanie Pasco

Presents challenges Great game, awesome graphics and gameplay. Puzzles, hidden items, great storyline. Interactive....this one has it all.

Jerry Reddish

Very interesting game. I enjoyed the "trick" artifacts; I would think that I found the right artifact and it turned out to be for something else. If you enjoy puzzle mysteries or escape the room type games, then this game is for you.


Amazing Absolutely brilliant game to play. Graphics are good, story is good, isn't easy at times but that's what makes it a good game. Different challenges along the way. Not a game for playing when your trying to kill 5 minutes, but a game that you can sit and play and enjoy, get into and want to complete. Will be starting to play again (has feature which allows multiple people to be playing the game) hope there is another game in the pipeline- can't believe that it's free! Rivals purchased games!

Bob Albury

Great game,fun, creative This is an enjoyable game. Good story, nice bits of humor. Some of the hidden pieces were too hard to find w/o the hint button of which I am glad you placed in the game. Hard enough to be entertaining with ;eing so difficult one would give up before finishing it. This was my new computer addiction. Great job.

Jenn R

Excellent HOA! Great game! Had everything I look for in a hoa game. Not the best to play on a phone as some objects are hard to see on a smaller screen. Did a good bit of hail Mary tapping. Still very interactive and entertaining none the less. Gave up on finding all the "other world" objects due to smaller screen and dark lighting but still found most. Jump to point if interest map and a good long play. Very pleased!

Tamie Lynch

Good game Totally free game with few ads. Good puzzles. It takes a while to load when travelling from room to room but I still enjoyed the game. It's not really a hidden object game, it is like other mystery islands games where you search for pieces of items in each room to build the items needed. I managedto finish the game but had a few puzzles I didnt finish and I was still able to progress in the game. I also did not find all of the secret hidden objects. I might have to go back and try again to see if I can completely finish and see what happens.

Jo-Ann Fleishman

Great game Only slightly frustrating waiting for hints to reload, eclipses could be a little bit shorter and a bit less running back and forth each time a new clue has been discovered. Otherwise loved it. The entire story was fabulous. From start to finish it totally held my interest. The artwork and video scenes were absolutely phenomenal!! Great job!!

dizzyFUNctional who?

Lasted for the longest time This was a free game that lasted longer than other point and click games ive had to pay for. Graphics were excellent and the game itself was good. Only gripe i have that there wasn't enough puzzles. It was more 'find the hidden pieces that will make an object'. But all in all.. Still highly recommended


Thoroughly enjoyed this game! For a puzzle lover this game is fun from beginning to end. Challenging enough to keep you addicted but not hard enough to make you want to pull your hair out. Along with the 'find the object shards' there are a wide range of different puzzles to solve. Beautiful graphics, great storyline and almost flawless gameplay. Would recommend for any lover of puzzle games. Going to see if I can find the others in the series.

Giselle Burgess

The best of all escape games I am a huge fanatic escape games. But this was the absolute best from the storyline to the challenging puzzles to the easy non-stressful help at the game provides without having to go onto YouTube and spoiling the rest of the puzzle answers. My only concern was the obscene amount of ads and how you could not Escape but clicking on them and then going back. However hands down absolute fun please make another game.

Nuke Hatta

Definitely 5 Stars! Loooong game n teasing the brain. There are some flaws u guys need to fix for ex: some clue left un-picked. There is also one i remember, could not even be found in the book. So we need to literally wrote the clue in piece of paper, or else going back n forth between scenes. The other is the way u guys putting pieces, it should be bigger piece to collect n easy to click. 5 stars given for all the hardwork creating brilliant game n being generous (giving us full free game)! Thank u - 2 thumbs up

Lea Eimen

Entire game for free Not only do you get to play the entire game, but I only had 1 pop up. The story was fun and the scenes were beyond entertaining. The fact that you get hints while you play (with no advertisements interrupting) is just an added bonus. Great graphics as well. I spent an entire month playing the many levels or chapters or whatever you call the different scenes!

Melissa Daoust

Fantastic This was one of the most thought out, illustratively beautiful and creative PAC games I've ever played. It's surprisingly longer than I expected which keeps you hooked to the storyline. The only issue I found was when clicking for item pieces you can accidently press footprints to leave the area. And that happened a few times. But totally worth it thank you developers please don't be shy to make more like these. Brought me back to my Kings Quest days. Ah nostalgia.

Angel Foxx

It's a good game which incorporates different types of puzzles with an interesting story line. I like that the puzzles make sense and it makes you work a little. Of course the hints are helpful if you're really stuck. Took about 9 hours to complete which is by far the longest I've ever spent on this sort of game. The only issue I had was with the loading time between scenes because you have to switch scenes quite frequently. Other than that, I enjoyed it immensely and kudos to the team!

Susan Cranford

Absolutely love it !!! This is my very favorite find and solve game by far. I will look for every game like this from this company...they blow away their competitors in keeping your interest and the depth of game play. You are not cut off and a paw in your face for money almost immediately as with all others i have played. I am a loyal customer now!!!! There is also so much to find and do in this game. Absolutely fantastic !!!!!!!! UPDATE...Well I just completed the entire mission and this is the very best..most awesome..fantastic game I have played yet. Able to actually play through the entire mission was off the charts fantastic...absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!...unmatched developter.

Ann-Katrin B

Full of mystery Lots of little quests and puzzles, good story, fun to play and best of all: It's a big game that takes time to go through, while you get to "know" the characters. Had to use some hints to find the tiny bits that were well masked but the hints are not instantly available which makes it a bigger hurdle to use them - good! (They take time to recharge). You can also to things in a slightly different order which I like as well.

Alexis Thompson

Awesome, addictive! This game will keep you occupied for hours, it is so addictive and so much fun. The graphics are great the storyline is intriguing and the artifacts are hidden well enough to make it a challenge. No stupid ads interrupting, they do not try to get you to buy or download other games, there's no waiting to level up or to build lives. Just fun.

Jennifer Swan

So far great This game has been great thus far. The graphics are superb, the story line is engaging n entertaining, the game play is fluid with helpful hints. I just beat the game n I loved it except I would have loved if it had been longer! I cant wait til there is another game by the authors of this one. Im sad that the game is over. Thanks for reading.

The Player King

Detailed and fun Don't let the initial mystery item search put you off. I was more used to finding entire objects rather than tiny parts to construct a whole item (and some of the bits are TINY!) But once I got used to this and that you can jump from location to location quickly via the map, it's an excellent example of the genre. Nice ship idea too...

Lightsttn1 A

A bit tooo slow! You need to improve the performance of the App. You could remove the Moon Eclipse to make it to update sooner to the next area. You could make the App to be more responsive to user clicks, and drags. I have to click the screen twice to go to the next area in the game. You could also make it so I can tap outside a selection picture box to close it. I like the App otherwise. I have this game on my PC, and play it often. I like that this App orients with my WIDE-SCREEN MODE display on my ASUS 10 INCH TRANSFORMER TF700T ANDROID TABLET. I hope you will be improving the App so I can enjoy it on my Tablet as much as I have on my PC. Thanks in Advance for Listening, and Making This App as enjoyable to use as it is to play on my PC computer which runs Win 10 Pro in 64-bit Mode.

Irene Ylk

Lots of fun I would probably give it 4 and a half stars on a mobile because it's really hard to see all the hidden objects. However, a) on casual at least the hint recharges pretty fast and b) there's no penalty for tapping everywhere like mad :D. Overall fun puzzles; not challenging per second but not dumb either. Fast travelling between locations very much appreciated.

Kapil Dandekar

Amazing game experience... The biggest escape game I have eva played. All stuffs r outstanding lyk storyline, graphics, touch controls everything. Its not that scary though ghostly storyline. Only thing is, hidden objects r not at all visible easily, many a times they r not in same shape and size when hidden and found. And puzzles r easy for hard core escape games fans like me. In spite of that this game is class it will almost hypnotize ur mind thats sure. U shud keep patience to complete this heavy game if playing with 'HARD'mode

Em R

Great game all around !! This game was extraordinary. It had great graphics and a true to the story storyline all while keeping the integrity of the game itself. It was a little difficult keeping track of all the rooms, which is where the hint button came in, if needed. I loved trying to solve the rooms myself and felt a sense of accomplishment when the hint button wasn't needed. I would definitely purchase a game from this developer. I have played a LOT of games from the playstore and will say that this is, no doubt, the best.

Annette Karsten

Fun game and good graphics! I enjoyed playing this game! However, there was a lot of going back and forth to locations that you had already been to. When you arrive at a specific location, there aren't alot of suggestions, hints, or help as to what you are to do, so I had to use the "hint" button quite often. However, there are items that are highlighted at some of the locations, but you aren't told what to do with them. Without the help of the "hint" button, I would have really struggled as to what to do at some of the locations and may not have been able to complete the mission. That being said, overall I found the game to be fun, challengjng, and not boring! Also, the graphics are great!

Jamie-Lynn Pucino

HOOK ON THIS GAME I haven't been able to stop playing this game since I got it. The best free full hidden object game app that I have ever gotten for my phone. Exactly like the games I play on my PC. Soooo happy to have found this game I hope there will be more like this one out soon. Dont think I will be able to stop playing this game until I finish it.

Vanpriya Cor

Great game! A good hidden objects and adventure game. Great plot. Finding object pieces can be really tough at times. What i loved about it was collecting items and actually putting them to use for further unlocking of the items that will eventually lead you further in the game. And its for free.. no bullshitting like pay for this or that. Kudos to the team!

Natasha Hollenbeck

Amazing! Everything you could ever want in an escape/hidden object game! This is the best game I have ever installed. It will be nearly impossible to top this game as a free app. Clear up some memory space on a device with a larger screen (avoid phones) and install. By the end of the game you'll be sounding just as excited about the game as I do.

Lilly Hughes

Got some time? 2 thumbs up Alawar!! This is an amazing game-good story, awesome graphics, great sound effects. Took awhile to play-finding hidden objects was the worst and some in red had to be gotten by other means. Time going between stages a little long but gave you time to think about the quest ahead. THANKS!

Joshua Marchesi

Fantastic adventure I loved this game. It's got all the great challenges of a good search and find game, but unlike most, it has a terrific story that ties it all together, and a really satisfying ending. It's also quite a bit more complicated than most, and takes more than a day or two to finish. Great fun!

LaTonya Houston

Love hidden object games... Game was very addictive. Played for hours, learning how to get around the game through the map instead of by the footprints (you'll find out when you play). The hidden objects were a tad small @ times, making them hard to see, but thankfully they don't charge you for tapping too many times.

Seth Henry

Great adventure! This game has a really cool story, where you are never quite sure what is going on, or who is involved. The puzzles are interesting, and well integrated into the graphics. It may not have the polish of newer games, but it is still very nice looking. I definitely enjoyed playing it.

Sue Holmes

Unnecessarily tedious and overly hidden Too much back and forth, back and forth, and objects are actually hidden - behind other objects. Essentially poke at the screen and hope for the best. Also will not react when I touch an object; many times I used a hint to find something I had already touched but it didn't come out.

mae cal

Mystery Island I loved this game very interacted total free full version. Kept me busy for days well worth every minute I spent on it. Thank you Alawar please make more like this. Unlike some of the reviews I see here. I completed the entire game and I didn't find anything negative about it. Thanks again

Jesse Mendez

Incredible Adventure That was probably one of the best games I've played in a long long time. Being retired I play a lot of them. Thanks for what you do. Had a problem at the very end and needed to use the guide but most of the game I did on my own. Spent a few weeks taking it slowly, because I didn't want it to end. I am a loyal fan. Do you have any others this much fun? Let me know. The only thing I would fix is to label the use items. Sometimes they are hard to tell what they are because they are so small. Great game!

michelle moore

Not just a demo:) I kept expecting the usual 'pay to continue' message but, it never happened. I only saw about 6 pop up ads. It's very long game. Longer than most games including their bonus chapter. There is an interactive map & hints. HO scenes are the kind where you find pieces of objects you need. Would definitely recommend.

Stephanie Kramer

So sad... Its over ?? best game i have played in awhile. Challenging yet its not too hard. I like being able to move around on the map, makes it easier. Also, the story line was pretty cool. games like this are usually completed rather quickly but ive been at this ALL day and finally got done. Just sad its over , deserves 10 stars!!!!

Kim Gilreath

Great game Loved the story line. The game is not too simple or to hard. Ran smoothly with no glitches. If you get stuck in the last episode with only a shovel, ax, four finger hand and a red book. Go to the wall in the construction sight and write down the symbols it makes the keys easier.

Panda Punk

Awesome.. I've played many games before who follow nearly the same gameplay, but this is breathtaking. The story is wonderful and all chapters are free. It's about logic and combinations, things you won't expect and different maps to play on. Keep going, best game I played so far, you guys rock.

Andrew Thomas

Good story but felt they did not have the mix of finding things to solving puzzles right. Finding things was very hard but the puzzles were very easy. The hints also we're too frequent. I think these games need to be written so occasionally you fail and have to go back.

Stephanie Clauson

Good plot and graphics Overall very good, some cut scenes to enhance graphics and I probably wouldn't have continued playing without the hint system. Totally free and totally entertaining! Only negative is that the graphics start breaking down towards the end of the game, but certainly not a deal breaker. Thanks!

Brittany Drakakides

Loved it! I love this game! Great story line and long play time. Most games like this I can beat in just a few hours or even some about 30 minutes, but this game took me 2 weeks to beat! I love these type of games and this one by far is my favorite! Keep it up and please make more games like this one!

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