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21 Apr
Treasures of Mystery Island

Posted by Alawar Entertainment, Inc. in Casual | April 21, 2013 | 65 Comments

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Alex was making a routine run across the Atlantic Ocean in his cargo plane when his girlfriend's lucky talisman started to glow. Moments later, as his pride and joy dove toward choppy waters, he found himself parachuting to the beach of an uncharted island. When a native rescues Alex, he begins a hidden object adventure that will take him to the heart of a strange island, where he'll find hidden treasure and unleash the curse of an angry god!

Your seek-and-find skills will be challenged like never before as you beat 20 captivating episodes set in a world time forgot. You'll need to not only find lost objects but also return them to where they belong to receive help from the natives. You'll also have to collect the scattered belongings of 24 clients, beat over a dozen mini-games and earn a slew of trophies! Can you solve the mystery of the island?

◇ 20 thrilling episodes to complete
◇ Over a dozen mini-games to beat
◇ Tons of trophies to earn
◇ Unlimited hints and tips
◇ Learn-as-you-play tutorial
◇ OpenFeint integration: you can unlock achievements and compare your results with friends as well as the rest of the world!

Whats new

    ★ Enhanced game performance
    ★ Resources are downloaded through Google cloud
    ★ Minor bugfix

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Kelly Primrose

Stuck Read many of the reveiws & lots of people r saying the same thing . I love the game and bought the full game only 2 get stuck . Well I'm stuck too at the hunters lodge with the glue and antlers pls help . Pls fix or update .

Saffron Smith

Deceptive = beware I'm rating this game so low because it's misleading. You only get to play 3 levels and one mini game before they want you to pay. If they had been open about this being a demo, I would consider buying the full, and defiantly rate it higher.

Jess Stevenson

Glitch I paid for the full game and I'm stuck at one part where I'm supposed to put a head on a statue. It's not working, so I can't progress. Please fix this.

Elizabeth King

Loved it! Great game! I got stuck a few times, but after lil thinking I made it to next level :) game worked great for me. No issues :)

Leanne Stanton-braybrook

Basic! This game was a short demo, cartoon graphics and scenery. Puzzles was ok, although was not clear enough at the beginning what was expected to complete the game. Once worked out easy enough! Then requested payment. Certainly not good enough to ask for payment! Much improvement needed! Really needs work on all levels, gameplay, instructions, graphics, scenery, longer gameplay and so on! Not really worth downloading for such a short demo!

Robert Derby

Stuck Cannot get past the totem poles, this games needs some hint buttons that give a bit more info.?

Jackie Taylor

Stuck forever on the waterfall levels. Glitch maybe..won't let me place o bjects paid 4 full versionwish I hadn't THANKS

Becki Chamberlain

Misleading information! Good game really enjoyed it but was upset to find it was just a demo, I wont reward a good review for misleading information as it didnt say above! You get the first 3 levels and then the demo is over ! Not impressed with this matter but looks like a good game if you want to pay to play

Mohamad Alfakir

Annoying ads, poor game play. Don't bother This game has two major show stoppers that would make you run to find the uninstall button: 1) objects are broken into tiny pieces so you have no idea what you are looking for and 2) annoying ads after every screen that drive you mad. Storyline is horrible so no real redeeming qualities found.

April Bailey

Wont let me place the glue Stupid game wont let me place the glue and the antler in the second story. You want people to buy your product but then it doesnt work! I want my $.99 back! Uninstall!!!!!!

Samantha Johnson

Im stuck I so love this game! So much that I bought the full version which ive nvr done before, but wen I go to put the antler in the hunters lodge so I can find the last piece of the glue bottle it wont do it so im stuck. If someone can tell me how to fix this I would gladly give it 5 stars

Bo Brown

Disappointing port of good PC game When they ported this over to Android devices (I'm using Nexus 7 tablet), they dropped a bunch of the minigames, such as the cog puzzle, map assembly, cave puzzle, and safe matching game, which means it's mainly HOS, without much variety. (I removed my rant about the magnifying glass B-cuz it wasn't impossible, just very hard--lol.) Still taking away one star from a 4-star game cuz of the missing minigames.

Amanda tschantz

Stuck I bought the fill version and I'm stuck. There's plenty to do. But it won't let me.. Please fix..

Helena Titheridge

Potentially enjoyable if it wasn't so slow and clunky. The hints for when you are stuck are really unhelpful.

Cindy Laidlaw

Fun BUT... You only get to play a little for free, then it tells you that you have to buy the game. For this reason, I am only giving it 1 star.

Terry K

Very buggy I got near the end and got stuck. Hints all told me something that was not possible. Started over and got stuck near the beginning where I had no problem the first time. Again hints did not help. Third time through same thing.

Melissa Braddock

Buggy I played to get to part where I had to pay for the game. Was going good and then I get to end of level and it will not put object in place. Unistalled to reinstall to find out I have to pay again. Installed free version again. Get to end of second level and then again, will not put object in the place it goes. I'm glad it was only $.99 for full version. Plz fix! I enjoy games like this!

Kimberly Duguid

Was fun demo until.... Won't let me purchase the full version, says it's a format no longer supported and needs an update. Based on the other reviews I'm thinking I don't want this game anyway.

Susanna Yong

Nice game I tried uninstall and install, replay mwny times but still stud on same place, please help.

Nicole Jones

Read the ratings Immediately uninstalled it. I dont have time for frauds. Peace be still!

Marissa James

Ok It was good when you start to play it but when you get to level three you play one mini game and collect one card and then you have to play I had fun while it lasted but do not get

Dan Hallerman

Short 10 minutes of fun, then spend real money?? No thank you.

s epinoza

Love this game Love it a great game but plaese help can't advance got stuck in the court yard I click on the masks to advance can't can you help please otherwise give five star

Renee Bugden

Boring Its nothing but finding bits of objects hidden in static screens. Unchallenging and inane, repetitive game play. Uninstalled.

Sonia Albert

Love this game.. Once I start playing I never want to stop until I solve everything...

jenn simmons

Waist of time You only get a mini game then you have to buy. Un installing of it says it's free make it free. Don't waist my time!

Stephen Morgan

Deception I loved how the developers designed the game, however, the way it is published is absolutely unacceptable. If you are going to release a game as a demo, advertise it. Nowhere in the description, nor the game itself does it state you are playing a demo. You find out by beating the demo and thats it. I really wish Google would crack down on this.

Trish Burch

Only A Demo After the first 3 dots are finished you have to buy the full version. The description said nothing about this. I hate sneaky, misleading descriptions. Uninstall!

Vivian Thian

when i buy aledy i cant put the stone head on it i cant continues to play.what happen?pls solve it!

Mudrika Kalyani

Very Bad. App Don't. Download it will not work only first 3levels open then other stop for purchase.

Aneta Prusak

Nice game but... Like others I have problem with finding some parts of puzzle. I paid for full version of game. will give more stars if they update game.

Ryan Rhodes

Stuck I was enjoying it but got stuck. I need to put the head on a statue and it wont let me

Melissa Hines

Won't progress There's no way to pass after a certain point thanks to a glitch

ali flack

Glitch Game freezes at totem poles. Can I have my money back?

Megan Naylor-black

One of the best mystery games i've ever played before. It really gets you thinking

Amanda McHugh

Want a refund I want a refund immediately. I played for 5 mins after I paid for the game and it freezes or messes up with the glue and the antler. if your asking people to pay for your game at least fix something as small as that so it's worth the money. Until I'm refunded or its fixed I will not buy another game from you.

Michael Dickinson

No point downloading the free version The description does not say how very limited the free version is, only download if you are willing to pay

Smokedhawgs13 JAKE

Play 3 games then they want you to buy and you can't go any further.

Andrew Marlor

Bugged Can not get past the 2nd set of puzzles, glue won't stick the antler on!!! Fix this bug!!!!

Matt Eckert

Enjoyed very much, wish there were more

Margarite Davis

Mom Kelly...if u got the glue from the tool box on the floor apply to mount on the wall...then the antler...good luck

Valerie Davis

Trying to buy the game but after clicking 'buy' just get a 'loading' screen that never stops. Would really like to play the game.

Jessica Kirshner

Liked the game so far, but I only get a loading screen when I try to buy. Please fix this!

Bronwyn Herr

Couldn't buy it Played the free part, enjoyed it to the point that I was going to buy it since it's so cheap. Pressed the buy button and waited...and waited... and wouldn't go past the loading screen. So, thanks for the free levels, uninstalling now.


Not bad Not as fluid as the other two. Also I wonder why you can play 3 and 2 with out purchase and not this one? I'm sure its worth the purchase but I just don't have extra money these days.

Saiful Islam

Uninstalling Hate this game. It requires an in-game purchase, it should've been mentioned. Just go straight into hell.

Dai'Jah King

Okay It wont let me go to the next 3 levels without buying the full version :(

Carrie Haddican

Like the game but it won't let me purchase full version I have tried several times to buy the game on my Google phone but cursor just spins and spins and spins and spins, you get my drift but based on so many others saying the same thing I guess the company who made it just doesn't care or doesn't care about reviews so doesn't realize there's a problem. Hmm do I really want to purchase from that company if either of these is true????

Gayle Baker

Won't restore my purchase It stopped working a few weeks ago, so I reinstalled. But then it wouldn't restore my purchase. I contacted Alawar, but never got a response. Skip this one.

Kayla Lusk

Misleading says free but isn't! I've played it before on compter. I download it own my phone one lets me go so far before it says I have to buy. It says it's free its suppose to be free very misleading.

Luiza Cunha

Nice so far... But it's not letting me buy the full version!

Ana Bello

Misleading and boring It's just a demo. After the third level you have to buy the game. And I would buy it if it wasn't so boring

Zoraida Espinal

Free? This game is not free, first they give you a try and then you have to pay to continue playing it

Jamie Allison

It's okay I played the third one where the chick was trying ti find her friend and save the island. Loved it. This one here, I purchased it and it wouldn't even open. It'll say the game stopped. Downloaded the free version and you can play it so far before you have to purchase. Need to do it like the games I played where you can download apps and run them to play the next chapter. Please fix. After you finish the tutorial, and you go ti purchase, all it does is say loading and doesn't even show the payment screen

Tanya Aragunde

Not free!! I played the 3rd one before, and really loved it, so I decided to go back and play this one. Was highly disappointed when after a few minutes, you have to pay to play. Not a fan!!

Heather Fletcher

AT300 I'm really enjoying this game.... but please, will someone tell me how to get the mouse through the maze!!!!!!! Finally done it!!! Start placing cheese at the exit then work downwards towards the start........ I know stuck on trying to light the fire, anyone know how?????

Ben Levenson

Very boring Free version is 15 minutes of randomly clicking the screen. Get On The Rain-slick Precipise of Darkness instead.

Joanne Ford

Finished and enjoyed it For those who can't put the head on the statue/ totem pole.....its a puzzle, the base, middle and head must all be the same colour, use the 2 stumps to change it all around and then you will be able to do it

Gail Jackson

Another alawar ripoff I have deleted this game 7 times should of known better than purchase it I can only get as far as placing the head on the totem pole it will not let me do it so cant progress any further

Paul Chvostek

Don't bother. This game is not what it claims. It is only a demo. To get the experience mentioned in the description you need to make an in-game purchase of the full version. Don't reward dishonest marketing.

Kristin Stevens

I love this game For those of you stuck on the antlers, you need to put the bottle in the box on the lower left side then you get the glue. Use the glue then place the antler. All done.

Ann Hsieh

Anyone fixing the game bug??! Same problem to the other s3 player. Wasted $$$$$$ when object just couldnt place n eventually some image is disappearing.... Tried install n reinstall...

Aprille CHA

Fraud Payed for it. And now I can't get to the next level. Refund!

Cindy Hutton

Can't buy it I would like to purchase full game, but when I hit buy button it's just keeps saying loading and gets stuck on that screen. So I Uninstaller it.

Norman Blagg

Stuck This game will not go pass the time to loading screen I have allready paid for the full version and allready played through the full game please fix

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