Download Trapped in the Forest FREE apk 2.022 free for Android smartphone

21 Sep
Trapped in the Forest FREE

Posted by Ammonite Design Studios Ltd in Adventure | Sept. 21, 2016 | 113 Comments

Apk file size: 70.0 MB

From the creators of Slender-Man comes an all new FREE survival-horror game! Chop down trees, hunt for food and build your own base in a forest haunted by an ancient evil.

How long can you survive for in the forest?

Whats new

    * Mobs will now no longer attack you while you are in a cabin
    * New weapon - Bow
    * New crafting items
    * New animals

Ammonite Design Studios Ltd part of our Adventure and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 21, 2016. Google play rating is 68.744. Current verison is 2.022. Actual size 70.0 MB.

Download trapped-in-the-forest-free.apk 70.0 MB


Sir-Noah Watson

It okay but, LET ME KILL DEBRON (DEAR GUY) HE LOOKS AT ME THEN HE follows me ever when hes in fog plzz fix but it kinda fun becase I keep trying to kill him so byr

Joshua Colon

Good but, The first half hour it was cool, but after a while whenever I got anything, it would dissapear right away,making it impossible to do anything please fix and I'll give you 5 stars.

Holden Yankey

Needs more things to build and do I and most people in my opinion want more to do in the game like more to build and a harder way to survive

dsani delacruz

I love it but... This needs to be fixed I'm tired of having to keep running away from the deer man thing hes everywhere once I lose him there he is again and again!!! This is a problem and it needs to be fixed also the quality is not the best and also when I get away from the animals they stay on my back once I just lost them but I really would like those things fixed

Bryan Christensen

Scared the poop out of me Hey guys if you play there is no ghost just bears wolf's bunnys deer and all sorts of things it's a good game I saw the deer dude guy some thing like that well it scared me so I just backed a way from the deer dude guy I don't know but it scared the poop out of me really badley don't play unless you have what it takes

dan lewis

Good but.... Wen I cut down a tree I pick up the 3 logs. But wen I look in my back pack it all goes :O so can you fix it then I will give you five stars. Oh yer do it on the over one as well.?

Ryan Shoaff

Fun, thrilling, exciting, and creative When I play this game there are only 4 words to describe this; Fun, Thrilling, Exciting, and Creative. I would recommend the computer version, better everything, you are also not constantly harassed by wolves and the cannibals look better, way better. Not to mentio Man-Bear-Pig, jk he is a cannibal and there are multiples not just one.

Brian Raner Jr

Fun game but its a bit buggy and needs less ads please cause when I play it all it comes up is ads like im trying to enjoy the game but with the ads for real and thay moose guy gets on my freaken nerves and plus in a real forest there aint no moose guys

Ty Jones

Really good game I really liked it it has good graphics it has a lot of animals and its awesome. Also the deer\moose guy is killable I killed him by going between a rock and a bush and for some reason he kept trying to get between the rock and bush to kill but he keep walking in place and didn't try to attack me.

shaun sutton

good but scary it is a very good game but is so creepy.when i see that moose man i get scared and go strate backwards without looking the way im going and when i do look the way im going i see him agian.

Sheyla Hipster

Ok I liked it but when the deer man came it was kind of creepy because he would follow you so please take the deer head out thank you? this picture is just my reaction

John Healey

Ok Need Updates add deer meat and more wild life less fog water etc.

Anton Filipov

Love it When you die things that you found you can still use them

Owen Shand

LOVE IT I love it apart from the moose guy thing that I like to call it a tree demon plz get rid of him PS awsome game dudes ?

hitman gaming

OK but The deer man keeps following me Plz add better weapons and make him be killable thx

Joi Reno

You should be able to continue and u can't kill deer man and when the deer man is around my cabin I can't go there so I have to make a mother >:(

Cofine Takashi

Its just pitch black.. Could you fix it... I wanted to play this but its just black... If you fix it i will give 5 star

justin parks

Awesome game but Take out the fog add more graphics and tribes and other civilizations add tree houses and more tools and building supplies and please make the game brighter

Abigail Lloyd

Cool Good but it would be nice if there was more to craft,and the deer guy is weird,I don't hate him but I don't like him either

Olivia Oen

Good but... I didn't like that the moose-guy thing kept following me, cause every time I saw him and turned away and ran back to my shelter, he would be there. Please remove the moose-guy thing.

anastasia beaverhausen

DEER THING IS GLICHED I was watching my friend play and he tried killing him and to be honest he looks very creepy after he went to attack the deer man was just punching him to death so he to start over again and why is their a deer man in the game anyway?Its the weirdest thing in game. Please fix and I'll give five Star's.

Ron Baldwin

does not work it did not let me play just all black on my sreen

Joseph Lang

Its good but...... GET RID OF WOLVES!!!!!They are impossible to run from and they do a lot of damage. Do this and I'll rate 5.

Cole Miller

This game is Alsome but I think that should remove the deer human and replace it with tribes of Indians and if you kill there letter you become in command of that trip but other thin that Alsome

Levi Miller

Great game Its great in such early release, and guys the deer man IS killable he is just hard to I hit him with Axe about 20 times and he died. All I wish is for more crafting I will stick to the game until updates

jacob workman

Good but It needs more stuff like tree houses or lakes and boats

Jada Simmons

I love it This game is very awesome but take out the fog to creepy and those animal human people switch them with Indians and tribes then it will be better

Matthew Bardell

:( ????? I had some were stuff happening it started going in to ato control. and toke me to a wolf and killed me 5 times

Nathan W

Good but I hate how much energy you have you need a lot a lot more energy and take away all the fog

Charlotte O'Dea

Awesome I killed the deer man i stood in my cabin and he couldent get me ?

Luke Lucas

It does not work This game does not work at all

Matthew Spencer

The game is rubbish. To laggy to hard I don't even know how to pick up the axe at the start! Total rubbish. Uninstalled after 5 mins! Also the controls r confusing

Alejandro Melendez

Cool Its cool but one question how do u like cut stuff

Justin Colon

Horrible. I can barely move... I don't even able to do anything because ads pop up every couple seconds.

Stacey Brown

I like it How do you pick up things in the game coz I found a Axe in the game but I don't know how to pick it up please fix

Logan Smith

Amazing Amazing but a glitch when instead of giving me a pickaxe it gives me two axses

Bradley Dye

Ehhh It REALLY needs an update that makes it not have so many enemy's!?

Bell Eurek

What I can't figure out how to play I just walk around how I tap the backpack nothing tap the ax nothing do you find stuff on the grounds

Aries Burgoes

Good Game Good game but that need to make it so if u run away your the creature can't find u

Daniel Sziller

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini It would be awesome if they would leave this as a demo and update only the paid version, give it new stuff etc. This game could've been one of the best apps if they would care about it.

Tristan Tetz

Good game. But the bow does not work and wish that there were more animals around and different ones on the game

Gavin Joyce

Can't do anything All I can do is walk. I can't kill animals,and I can't chop down trees

Sean Todd

Does anyone know how to play this game? I think i could do better with an old coloring book n broken crayons

Dolce Kis

BORING So boring u can't do anything don't donlowd this garbage. Very Boring


Has potential lots.. Good but you can add more features and fix controls and make sensitivity faster


I'm going to explod

Jeffrey Fossum

I loved the game It is so fun I loved playing it it did scare me kind of but I play five nights at Freddy's so not really.

Erin Kershaw

I Do Not Know How To Pick Up Stuff I found a pickaxe on the floor by a tree but I don't know how to pick it up

Chad Bennett

Cool concept But can't pick anything up??? Just running around a Forrest getting mauled and avoiding deer head wearing cannibals.

Duke Parker

I'm stuck In the game I'm stuck in my house because the Dear man is at my door blocking it pls fix this

Mrs. Robertson

DO NOT DOWNLOAD! This game slowed my phone down TREMENDOUSLY! Once I open the app, there was nothing but a black screen with ads at the top. I tried to close the app and it wouldn't close. I actually had to hit home a few times to back out. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!!!

Kelly hoffert

Who would even create this!? Okay, so I downloaded the app and nothing poped up exeped a advertisement on the top. I sat there for like a hour nothing! This game is a piece of bullsh..

Isaiha Lewis

Sucks I open it then a black screen with a add on top looks fun but how was a supposed to know if I can't even play the game y'all need to fix si you can get people actually like this game

CMLL Luchador

F*cking bad Its stupid that you can't save. So f*cked up that you need to pay for the full version. This game sucks. For the people who has slowed phones by this game, you should download a booster or junk cleaner like: Clean master lite, du booster etc.

Jenny Tucker

Oh wow I played but I didn't play I wanted to play sooooo bad but MY SCREEN WENT BLACK PLZ FIX I RLLY WANNA PLAY THE FREAKING GAME

Cooper Stimpert

Its good Add trail doors and death pits u can build like dig a whole put some spikes with leaves over it or something like bear traps

Kyle Fournier

It won't load after the company logo comes up after you start the app, it should be an easy fix

Joshua Honeycutt

Come on really OK you make a home and then as soon as your done you play something else and you gat back on and you lose every thing. Also once you make a home and walk away it disappears

Sarah Yebouet

WARNING DOWNLOAD AT YOUR OWN DANG RISK. The lady below me is right!!!! It is just a black screen with ads at the top!!!!! I sat there and waited because I thought it was loading but it took forever to wait. And here's something for you to keep in mind folks, THINK before you hit or even look at the install button for all games!!!!! Lucky for people who actually got to play.?

Alex Calderon

It sucks the worst app ever Don't download this tack you space up and don't work

Ricky Allen

Sweet game I played this game I was so scared when that wolf popped up in my face :-)

Eli Hale

Everything but... Liked pics saw YouTube's play it and wanted so bad but when I got it an ad and a black screen pops up and nothing else is that it

Young Money

Sucks dont download when I dowloaded it a black screen showed up with an ad and wont let play

Hannah Ashton

Rubbish DO NOT DOWNLOAD it came on the first time it was fine second time everything was glithched the bears were in the air everything killed me in one hit then it had a black screen with adds its rubbish!!!

Laura Joss

Dont download it Once u get on the darn game it turns black darn it i had to click gome 300 times tp get off THE APP DARN IT WHAT IS RONG WIH IT

Warlord 7

Not enough stuff Please add in more stuff that you can find and craft,apart from that great game.

Dr cat

It was fun but... I had a good time playing this game but when I open the app, this time it shows me a black screen, with an Amazon add at the top too. But besides the point, it will not work for me and I am not sure if it is only me. So, if you are able to fix it, that will make me so happy. P.S: If you do manage to fix the bug, l will also give you 5 stars.✴✴✴✴✴

Loretta Hendrix

I love the game but can you please add beds and sheep.

Austin Brown

Could be better Why not make it more realistic no deer man or monsters or any thing like that just normal wildlife

Lee None

Black screen Like others you open and fade to black screen. You know something is wrong because if Internet is on the add banner at the top shows up just fine. I would still play if fixed.

Nicholas Totman

What is really stupid What is stupid is they don't make it were its comes with save for free and no pay for the game and the guy with the deer head and hand and legs and human chest no he should not be in this game OK . Then the trees should be 4 logs each and the leaf bush should be 4 sticks and 5 leafs each OK and there should be a big longing truck so your logs are on they and with a jeep or a small truck. Plz do what I said to do and you would have more people playing OK

Jake Marino

I can't even start it Its just a black screen

The Kids

Don't download You can't even play the game.when u open the app your screen turns black.

Marie Jadine

It's just a glitch from the black screen same hapend to me but the game works

Sean Fleck

Can't play I don't even know how good or bad the game is because I can never get in to it, it just opens to a black screen and I can't do anything but get out off the game

Logan Watts

Wish I could put no stars I downloaded it ... Sat here for 10min straight looking at a black screen ... Fix please

iiMrWaffle Z

Gets stuck on black screen? dosent load just gets stuck on black screen

Aussie Gamer

Good Animals are too op and deer dont attack you in real life so doesn't rabbits thats what got me confused but apart from that its good maybe more people will download if you add multiplayer for free not pro

Damion Warren

It needs more They need to fix black screen but once you get past it is pretty good, but you should be able to break fences cabins and fires because I built a fence and blocked the cabin entrance. Also its hard to build fences.

Felicity Bolicenco

I sat for about a hour an nothing happened just a black screen with add plzzzzz fix

Angel Chavez

Bruuh How do you pick up things. Only if they gave me and others how to do stuff.

Terrell Leasyre

It's great But I think it needs beds texture packs and traps and one more thing I think u should store stuff so I would definitely download this game.

Frankie Trimboli

Absolutely pathetic Doesn't even start up on my s6 edge. Do not download.

Haley T.

Worst app ever This game sucks all you do is stare at a black screen do not download

Stuart Smalley

Doesn't work on my hudl 2. Just a black screen with adverts at top

Alfonso Franco

It's OK I geuss Oh and if it's not over ok you just don't know how to play

taylor lewis

Awesome Free simple survival game this game is awesome other people said the game opens to a black screen but mine don't it's awesome

Dorito Warrior

Dissapointed to say atleast. When I opened the game the developer logo showed up, and then nothing, just a black screen with an Ad on top. I tried closing and opening the game repeatedly but nothing worked. What a dissapointment, I saw gameplays of this game and I really was looking forward to play. Hope you will fix this in the next update, until then my review will remain 1 star.

NiHilistAnt kc

??WTF?? How many reviews are needed saying "THE GAME DOESN'T WORK!" before you guys fix it? Feels like some kind of scam. Don't download.

Eric Harms

I hate hate hate the game!!!!! You can't play it looks great and all but you can't play it don't download

CMLL Luchador

Its alright Its good but you need to make the full version for free please.

Jeremiah Labaff

Same thing I opened and it just sat there loading and loading and loading. Don't down load unless they fix it.

Ruben McCarthy

AWESOME! I love this game its awesome, but the deerman always spawns near my cabin

Kiara Thomas

I like it because of things that I download and then I restart the game back cause it shows me that damn commercial and then I play until I get tired.

Joshua Kuyper

Challenging This game is got good suvivaul anyway what does the people with the dear legs and head but never mind I love this game so much it is hard

Ethan Hudson

This is stupid You can't really do much, and why are you so close to the ground?

Gage A.

Contols are a bit messed up and theres not much to do

chatter chatter

Similar to mcpe Has axes and picaxes the deer men are like enderman

Sarah Yebouet

WARNING DOWNLOAD AT YOUR OWN DANG RISK. The lady below me is right!!!! It is just a black screen with ads at the top!!!!! I sat there and waited because I thought it was loading but it took forever to wait. And here's something for you to keep in mind folks, THINK before you hit or even look at the install button for all games!!!!! Lucky for people who actually got to play.?

electric___ pickle

Needs work I played it for a little bit and there was really nothing else to do once you build everything and kill everything in the game that it's just boring I feel like there should be more building objectives and could hardly see and if you have ads pop up in the first screen you need to just push back on your device and it will go to the game

mr. mckmal5339

WORST GAME EVER AND YES IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE IN CAPS BECAUSE IM ANGRY I open the game up and I'm so anticipated I was like I can't wait I played the game and installed but it just showed a black screen so many people have this issue including ME so fix it ok!!!

Cayden Solberg

AMAZING OMG OMG Amazing and sooooooo scared I saw deer man what do I do kill him. And some people say some things about a black screen just restart phone

Morgan Salmon

Why bother Seriously u cant even get into playing je game black screen and amozon ads at the top bloody asiatiques of time and money ?????

Sandra Yordy

Don't bother... It shows a black screen and an add but nothing else so don't bother downloading this app, it is just a waste of data space!

Jayson Anderson

It doesn't work I hope this is a mega bug Ill delete this game if the black screen bug doesn't get fixed

Jacob Wilson

Do not download There is no upside to downloading this app. It slowed my phone down miserably and had nothing but an ad and a black screen.


Love the game Just needs a lot more items tools things to do places to go I mean please don't quit I paid for the full so ppl still want this game and updates

Heather Sickafoose

Dosnt even work I got this game thinking it would be a great survival game but i just get a black screen with an amazon ad on top. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!

Rykster 01

Want save state It would be downloaded more if you added the save feature to this. You can only have 1 save state, and you can overwrite it, but only one save state. If you do that I will rate 5 stars and you will have more people playing this game.

Noah Schnarrs

I love it but at least make it to were you don't have a pro version just to save so if you change this I will rate 5 stars

shykera smith

Great job It feels if its real good job.

Darien Cahill

Worst game ever Keep trying

Robert T

Sucks so bad Sucks you getting the game and nothing comes up it comes up is the logo and then after that it just turned into a black screen with advertisements on the top so don't download download this your own risk or else you'll be wasting your time and and the people that made it can you please fix this problem

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