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27 Jun
Trapped in the Forest

Posted by Ammonite Design Studios Ltd in Adventure | June 27, 2015 | 53 Comments

Apk file size: 55.0 MB

From the creators of Slender-Man comes an all new survival-horror game! Chop down trees, hunt for food and build your own base in a forest haunted by an ancient evil.

How long can you survive for in the forest?

Whats new

    * Mobs will no longer attack while you're in a cabin
    * New weapon - Bow
    * New crafting items
    * New animals

Ammonite Design Studios Ltd part of our Adventure and have average installs from 1000 to 5000. Last Update June 27, 2015. Google play rating is 71.3717. Current verison is 3.0. Actual size 55.0 MB.

Download trapped-in-the-forest.apk 55.0 MB


Buttered Cheetos

Slow, but amusing. I bought the game out of boredom, and it amused me for a long time. My only fault with an otherwise brilliant game is lack of crafting. Perhaps a bed, some weapons, and maybe a different variation of cabin with a door, and this would take a good game and make it legendary. The newest update made a good game better, but once again, still a lack of crafting items.

Dylan Boucher

Horrible Game!!! Very bad graphics. No story. Not that much fun. Doesn't deserve a 5 star rating.

Sharon Smith

boring you need to put more items a door a fence gate torch guns without deer guy mode more mierals material more animals more crafting items and being able to jump and sprinting and faster rate of how fast you swing and online

OniMike Vision

Good app Fun game loads of potential but the big deer guy has got to go. You can kill him, shot him 3 arrows and chopped him non stop before i died from him hitting me 3 times. Wouldnt mind seeing clans like in The Forest.

Andrew O' Connell

It's good but when I get stuff, it dissappeares from my inventory

Lewis Wiltshire

More Drops More Crafting Great game but it needs as I said in the title more drops and more crafting what I mean by drops is well for instance the bear it drops nothing on death so maby add bear skin or something to make a rug out of and also add things to craft such as decrative things eg doors and dyes from flowers and things such as saws or some type of tool to help you do something.

ThEpic WookyCooky

Save Issue and add more please Sometimes an item will suddenly disappear from my inventory out of nowhere, which is very annoying, fix please. Please fix this save issues. Also, please add more crafting options, like an effegee, a sword, and others, maybe stone armor to. And can the cabin have a swinging door please? Also the animals do a lot of damage. And the deer headed men shouldnt be always hostile. Please add this in next update

Michael Brasile

Its good It needs to have more danger and new crafting items like a tree house and it should have water

Alfa Gaming lol

Oh my gosh It wouldn't download and would not give me a refund

Diego Garcia

Terrible WTF it won't let me play and it shuts down my phone

A Google User

It is a fun game a little bit lag and little bit of glitches in the game

the_one_and_only _smithy

Its OK but It deletes my items after getting them so they should have an update to fix it

Joshua Colon

WTF!!!!!!! Any freaking reason why whenever I walk 2 feet I lose all my stuff!? Its hard to do anything when you don't have any stuff!!!!!! FIX IT. (Don't buy)

Dominick Higgs

Awesome This game is awsome

Dapronewb 123

It would be better if you had beds and torches and other enemies and if you get to choose were to build stuff

Brady Tyslau

It's ok Whenever I walk away from my cabin and fire I lose it like it totally disappears so then there is no point of the game if u can't walk away from your house for a couple minutes

Natasha Odonnell

DOESNT SAVE PROPERLY!!!! The game can be fun BUT once I saved the game and then quit it, I came back later and loaded my saved game only to have all of my crafted items (fences, walls, fireplace, cabin) all gone and my inventory nearly empty, all I had left were my items (axe, pickaxe, machete) PLEASE FIX THIS!!! I SPENT OVER AN HOUR BUILDING MY FORT.

Brett H

Needs fixing urgently Concept is ok, but my inventory keeps emptying itself for no reason, makes it very hard to build things.. Please fix this problem.. For a paid app its very disappointing. Not much to do.. Getting quite boring..


I Love This Game! I spent around 30 mins fortifying an area and gathering materials and then began to hunt. I loved seeing the bears walk past my camp and I was worried! I only have a couple of problems. 1. If you reload the game, you go back to daytime. 2. I haven't seen any enemies yet ( the people with the antlers ). 3. There isn't enough control with placing fences and other crafted defences.

George Whitley

Crap When you save your game you should resume from were you were last time not in a random place in the forest ages away from your house walls fire

Andrew Climer

Deletes my stuff!!! This game is really fun but their are a few problems with it. such as deleting stuff in my inventory, placeing things (such as fences) is too hard, cooking food instantly when I walk up to a fire pit, and enemies being able to hit you through walls! Please update the game a bit it has great potential!

Tash K

Cheap knock off of pre-existing game There is a game that is a much better quality and is superior to this game graphically and has easier controls. It's called "the forest" and it is an early access game that is in alpha version 0.04 currently and is available for Mac and Pc. It surpasses this knock off in every way and I could even go as far to say this game copied The Forest in almost every way. If you want this, your gonna be disappointed. Just get the real game on Steam for your computer.

Rodney Kim

I like it but u guys r having problems with the animals and monsters of seeing them I spawned right next to a deer man

Spring Trap

Good game but... It has a constant habit of deleting everything in my inventory. if you could fix this and restore my inventory I would greatly appreciate it and rate *****

David Carrillo

New stuff and better controls When are u guys going to add new stuff and also fix the controls its kinda of derpy

Moto Mann

Fun and Spooky but..... I cannot and will not spend hours and hours playing if I can't load a saved game. C'mon developers. This needs to be fixed. It may only be a $1.60 but it's still real money! Fix it and I'll give you 5 stars. For now you get 3.

Ethan Massîngham

Hay hay deer man knife It is as some but every one I go on a deer man comes but I'm really good at it

Adrian Carrier

Won't f-ing download Won't let me download I hate this it won't won't pls fix some even give me a refund

Andrew Jones

Needs updates for sure This game is awesome, but we DEFINITELY need updates, 3 stars for now, this game will turn out really nice when there's alot more stuff, please please please update ASAP, this is the only great survival simulator on Google play.

Joseph Dinnis

Paid for app but forced to see advertisements not happy A full paid game should NEVER contain advertisements ..never am very displeased by this.

Jonathan Castilla

Good but needs updates The game works pretty good. I played for about an hour building and surviving but then got pretty bored. Future updates should have more Crafting recipes.

pandor gamer

DONT DOWNLOAD!!! Unfinished abandoned game,!!! DOWNLOAD BETTER THE SURVIVOR 10 TIMES BETTER! The ammonite guys who made those games are loosers the game is unfinished and they never ever update it your inventory gets empty every 2 minutes this is NOT a game this is a NIGHTMARE!!!! give it to you kids and family ammonite and they will throw the phone or tablet to your empty heads!!!!

timothy ilnicky

Abandoned game Don't buy this game, unless you want to spend money on a game that doesn't work, and will never work because the developer abandoned it long ago.. I bought it when it was fairly new to market, with high hopes, but the dev just threw this together, put it on market, and made a quick couple thousand dollars off it, then never updated it again.. Seriously Google? This the kind of shady business you allow on your market, as well as promote the same shady business practices by your so called clients?

Владмимр Картузов

!! Developers why not update in the game, you that have forgotten about the game, or you strains that people perceive the game as not Xoror

Ethan Jones

Awesome Everything I ever wanted is in this game

Angie Weeks

SUPER! FUN! But I think you should make it so predators drop meat and make guns

Lennon Quinn

Why? Why does it feel like ur crouching

Dylan Goode

Ok Its good but there is a few faults like how you can get hit through walls future updates:day time night time beds a building system which connects walls together and doors

adolfo basurto

What is going on Every time I chop a tree and get the logs in my inventory it disappear

Dr cat

Cool Love this game but it needs more stuff

Tonya Parker

Doesnt save game Please fix since its a paid version...

Marco Cottman

It's way better on laptop but after you get ever thing what do u do then

Scott Franklynn

Big glitch It is anoying when you you work so hard to get wood and other things and it just dissapears

Teddy Ogle

Good Cool but add more crafting items

Drake The Ender

Agreed I agree with Scott I have experienced these same problems before so...yeah

A Google User

It is a fun game a little bit lag and little bit of glitches in the game

Tracy Muder

Not good Cant kill animals when attacked no instructions waste of money

Foxy The girl

Love it It's really fun to play while doing nothing!

Nick Hezze

Fix it please Whenever I want to make somthing it takes away half of my materials I need to craft things with.


UPDATE MORE This game is cool and all but you need to update a lot.

Tylor Atwood

Please make more updates its actually a great game It need to have more options that you can build and less glitches because me personaly hate that bears can go through the shelter and attack you plus the inventory glitch please fix and help with future update :)

Savjana Girls

Wasted money!! Well the game looks interesting so I spent the buck to try. To my dismay I hit "new game" then "OK" and the game starts loading and restarts my phone. I tried uninstalling then reinstalling and still the same. Now I'm not saying my phone isn't the issue but I can play other games so I'm left scratching my head and out a dollar. Can anyone help

salvador gil

Potential I played this game for a solid 15 minutes and I can say its not as bad as I thought. No offense Ammonite Design but all your games suck except for block ops. The problems I have with this game is that the crafting is SO limited. I can only build a fence, cabin (that I cant sleep in, its just there) a wall, and a fire. Thats pretty stupid. The Monsters that attack you are almost harmless and the game gets stale real fast. Theres really nothing fun to do. PLEASE make future updates for this game, I beg you.

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