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12 Feb
Tractor Pull 2016

Posted by Antithesis Design in Sports | Feb. 12, 2016 | 108 Comments

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Tractor pulling is just around the corner, but you can pull from your couch right now for free! Hook your tractor to the sled and give it a pull. Pull the sled like a pro, pull against the best.

Rev up the tractor to get your turbo boost spun and engine warm then slowly, but quickly, drop the clutch and let it rip.

Drag the sled over 300 feet to get a full pull and win the tractor pulling tournament.

Get cash to buy more tractors, while upgrading your tractor or diesel pulling truck to win events.

Watch the live leaderboards to see who's team is pulling the farthest today in tractor pulling, diesel pulling, or truck pulling. Pull with an M1 Abrams tank.

Drive up your bankroll and buy more tractors, diesels, dragsters and trucks. Upgrade tractors to win more tractor pulling events.

Easy to play tough to master.

Have Fun.

Whats new

    Realistic Physics
    Leaderboard and Personal Bests
    Better Camera angles

Antithesis Design part of our Sports and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Feb. 12, 2016. Google play rating is 73.6627. Current verison is 20160212. Actual size 23.0 MB.

Download tractor-pull-3d.apk 23.0 MB


Adam Shirley

Everytime i buy the blue modified, put some upgrades on it. And play the game say 15mins later, it says i do not own the tractor and that i have to buy it again. Its so frustrating. But other than many glitches which will eventually be ironed out, it is a good game.

Devin Rudibaugh

Once again another craptatsic failure. Other games can get it right why can't you? Second time I've had this game and second time I'm deleting it. Figured with the new upgrades it would be better. Don't waist your time with this when there is a better pulling game out there worth spending a couple bucks on.

Eric Rush

Dang It sucks compared to the first one

Tony vaquera

Great game This game is pretty fun but it does have its bugs and glitches i hope theres an update soon. Last night i geuss the game glitched and i was able to select literally any vehicle and also the front wheels are always sliding down to the back wheels for some reason

Tyler Falter

Paid for no ads! Paid for no ads yesterday and I'm still receiving them. Love the game, but please fix this issue. Then it'll receive 5 stars from me.

Andrew Liakos

The update killed it The previous version was better. I lost my motor upgrades and money on the update. It over heats and always blows my engine. =/

Jacob Jansen

Ads!!!! I paid for the ads to be removed, and it did nothing. If you can't fix it can u at least refund my money???

Kevin Doty

Free cash button works when it wants. Graphics are mehhhhh!!! No matter how good you pull always get beat. Bought my first 4wd truck and lost my fully upgraded tractor.

jeff green

Needs work it will go in rev and truck u buy will not save

Ron Lemasters

Couldn't even play this game

Jerry Suffecool

Love it but I love playing it one my favorite one so far but the ads are unreal. Every time I go back to my garage there is a add. If there was less adds this game would be perfect

john elliff

Constantly crashes I'm using a droid turbo on 4G and the game constantly crashes anytime I try doing an event or the tug of war pop up.

harley davidson

Fun I have downloaded all of ur pulling and racing games boat and car. Love the graphics with this new 3d and the trucks are super cool. Would love to see u guys make like a transfer case button to make the trucks run 2wd or 4wd be a use they currently look 4 but only pull in two. Also be really cool if u could change the gearing too. The only problems I have is the trucks act like the tractors when really they should stay more planted not wheelie regardless where weight is and the other problem is winning.

Seth Graves

Good game Pretty fun game best I have played since the 2d version. But need more classes and more vehicle brands also you should be able to beat the computer last but not least need to be able to paint your truck or tractor. If they got those done I would give it five stars

Eric Wetzel

Great potential. Once fixed 5 star. I LOVE the new 3D. However ot has changed recently. And I love the conxept and the graphics. However no matter what distance i pull u always get beat by lije 5 to 15 feet. It's like it's following me and making sure in always loose. If u have a fully upgraded tractor in thr very first track and pull 350 Ft the opponents Wil Best me 355, 360,367. If I have a tractor not Upgraded on same track and pull 225 feet everyone pulls just above me, 230,238 and 245. No matter what u do ir adjustments i do can't wi

kimeson gounden

Pointless I made 80k after fully modifying my truck, but there isn't a better vehicle to buy, or tougher competitions so pretty pointless. Very boring

adam flora

To hard to beat cpu Need more tractors and truck like the old game . Need more places to pull.

Rajat samra

Boring game When I driving tractor automatically goes other side ..and then trg again ...provides a contol button to control tractor left and right side

Brandon Jolly

Fun challenging game I have won 3 pulls out of 200 very hard to beat cup. Wish it had more divisions to pull in like the other one. I'm sure it will happen sooner or later

Chris Bell

First game was better. Like the new graphics but the old game is better. No matter how much you upgrade you cannot win. CPU opponents always pull a few feet farther. And why have adjustments that you can make on the tractor if they do not do anything? You can run the tire preassure all the way up or all the way down to negative numbers, changes nothing on the tractor or how you pull. Also need more places to pull like in the first game. Fix please.

Zac Nelson

Can't win No matter how upgraded it is or how hard you pull they out pull everytime

Greg Hurlow

Can't beat It is hard to beat the computer no matter what you do

jc mendoza

Needs work Seems laggy, nexus 5 no like, cool but 2d one is better

Ken Wittmuss

Crash and burn Keeps crashing every time I open it or do a competition. Locks up my galaxy note 3 so I have to reboot it. Uninstalling until it's fixed

Cory Isham

Tractor pull 3d Really entertaining and if ur into truck and tractor pulling

Troy Hallman

Bull crap You can rarely beat the computer I have 3/4 of the mods and I can't beat the the computer with a 472 foot pull

Adam Crowe

Sucks I love the game and all but it keeps kick in me off every pull!! Makes me so mad if I could play with out gettin kicked I'd say nothing but good stuff for this game

Joey Geile

Can't beat cpu. They are always ahead no matter what otherwise I would 5 star

Ronald LaFountaine

Love it To many pop ups don't waste your time

yadiel nevarez

Love it I have loved the tractor pull games these are tje best

John Kalinke

Tractor pull How is it that every time I upgrade and go down the track further, they go even more. Fully upgraded and still have not won a single race. 1st pull is always longer then the second no matter what. Come on now. Need to look into that. 1 star

Jake Johnson

Can never win No matter how many upgrades you buy for your tractor you can never get 1st place...time after time best I can place is 3rd

Jeremy Spence

Would like some 4x4 trucks or some other like quads or what ever else could be thought of like old game

David Robey

More trucks and tractors If there was a more broad range of trucks and tractors I would give u a 5 star also on the international harvester tractor the decal is backwords and as me being an international fan it really bothers me

sean stephens

Descent game Its fun, but you can not win, period, the closest i have came was second, even when i pull 470 plus the competition always pulls more, no matter what, very very annoying, so basically you have to practice 10 times just to earn the cash to upgrade your tractor and run one race. Uninstall.

Jeremy Lindeman

?? Just paid 2.50 for the $25,000 and I didn't get the money in my account. Uninstalling.

Chance Wilson

Tractor pull This game is amazing

Chris Mabey

Galaxy tab s Always pulls hard to the right. Can't stop it.

Benjamim Planty

Love the game but.... Great game but the bugs do need fixes, having same trouble as other users with loosing vehicles and upgrades, when you build up $100,000 and buy and upgrade the peterbelt or one of the pick-ups just to have it glitch and loose all of it, it sucks, if these bugs were fixed then I'd actually consider spending money on it and giving it 5 stars

Matt Martin

Frustrating. Been playing for 2 days and already cant stand the overpowering ads that disrupt gameplay and annoying glitches. Tractor started going backwards and wouldnt stop until i had $-109,000. I am unable to continue playing unless i pay real life money to take currency out of the ATM in game.

Eric Odom

Galaxy s3 was a good game... Loose/erases my old cars when i purchase new ones WHY?!!! 2nd time this has happened to me.

Brian F

Bugs need to be fixed The saving bug needs to be fixed!! Every time you do all them races to make enough money to buy a better tractor or ride and modify, as soon as you close the game you loose it. When you open game back up your new tractor will be gone. All that money lost


Needs more venues. Other than that, its really great.

Deana Christopher

Wtf If the game would ever get pass the loading screen before a crash I might be able to actually rate this better than one star. FIX THIS AND I MIGHT CHANGE MY RATING.

Jonathan Barnes

Fix it Game is fun and adicting but bought and fully upgraded 72 chevy then the jd tractor and now i have to re purchase the chevy every time i play fix it and 5 stars

Aaron Jones

Every time I close the app I loose all the tractors I bought and the pro mode doesnt work the tractors don't steer

Gary Owens

Please fix Saved up bought the tank, now I don't own it! Please fix!

Heather Sankadota

Sucks major Fix it, takes 10 min to get passed the loading screen on my gs6. Fix it now


Bugs, slow No good, to many bugs

Mike Mcdonald

Junk This is the worse game ever made

Cj Benedict

Good but... Needs some Allis-Chalmers

Jose Villalpando

It lags Tell you when i added turbo on my john deere tractor and when i runed the tractor... It lagged can you fix it i love this game and addicted it wasnt like that when i downloaded please fix it

Derek Fischer

Bugs or something I bought the get rid of ads for this game and exited the game and now the ads are back. On top of that it has problems loading and keeping the game loaded. It freezes a alot. Kinda mad this use to be a really fun game back in the day and the new updates they did to it screwed it up

Dustin Goodwin

It lags out on me everytime Need to fix the game from freezing after you upgrade your vehicles cause its dumb af right now

Trel Rhoderick

Graphics spaz Seem to have a lot of isses loading graphics for the garadge and especially for the engine mod in garadge all the parts are way off to the left where i can barely see them and like twitching around

Jason Gross

Down loaded up date, royaly screwed up the fun game I had, please fix fast!!!!!

Jesse Trowbridge

Ford You should add 3 or 4 ford trucks if there were ford trucks it would be a 5 star

Brian D Bostwick

Game stops It stops all the time in the middle of pulling and I lose all money built up. The motor blows all the time. After u hot set up it puts the tractor to the side and doesn't tell u if track is wet dry. This game would b fun with work. I have played burn out drag racing and it worked great. Wish this game did

Will Brown

Could be cool, but it's not Everything works fine until you do the turbo upgades, then it freezes every pull.

Jason Cassidy

Game keeps freezing and glicthing when reving engine

Robert Sparks

$#!+ As bad as the last tractor pull game they made! You suck!! Uninstall!

James Parsley

The game stops in the middle of the game

summer sheppard

great app fun for compotion with freinds to see who can pull he frtherest

Brock Steppe

Only thing is i cant change pulling leagues.

Lucad Cathmoit

Terrible game Dosent work I never get my money when I get first and is always crashing. Graphics are very bad compared to the old tractor pull

Tucker Colon

Update unplayable The most recent update makes the game crash on launch. Used to waste lots of time on this game now it won't even load.

Dustin Martin

Unplayable New update still has no sound. Steering doesn't work at all. Can't get the front end off the ground even with all the weight on the rear tires and tried adjusting tire psi to get it but no luck. Other than these issues the game would be great.

Robert Erwin

Not happy Paid for no ads not even an hour later the ads came back full force! Not to mention I spent like $10 on extra money to build my tractor and it takes forever to load and kicks me off the game at times please fix my ads or give me my money back!!

George Thompson

Not bad but sound doesn't work and I paid $2.99 for no ads yesterday and I have ads today Why do I have ads today after paying 2.99 to not have them? Why don't I have all of the vehicles I purchased in the past on here?

Nick Rusinko

... Game is good but I have now had 4 vehicles dissappear after building and buying another to modify also for running multiple classes very disappointed in the way it's working have now lost $40 in in app purchases

Martin McDermid

Its okay howrver some bugs The game itself is alright however there are 2 main issues i have with it, one is every time you leave the app and go back in you have to go into the store and select the tractor unless it is the little blue one, my next issue is why cant i get anything apart from mspta. Loved the previous game however this needs a bit of love, bearing in mind that I tractor pull in real life i think i have to applaud that i actually even use it at all

Chelly Mccoy

Hated the adds added 10/20/15 Bad game adds ruined it after getting the option to watch adds for coins I loved it now uninstalled

Derek Ferguson

Integration blows It let's both pedals go when I use over 90% acceleration and bought a truck for it to freeze and not have it or my money when I reentered the game. Fix and I'll give more stars

curtis meyer

Like the game but not happy I went from the free version and bought the ads free and it deleted some of my vehicles and upgrades not very happy.

Charlie Bolt

I want my money back I bought 200000 for the game and bought 1 tractor and two trucks and now I don't have any thing and my trackor was fully built


It's a decent game if Why do I have ads still after paying 2.99. I shouldn't have ads. I want my money back or make it where I don't have ads again

Blake Young

Needs work Graphics are great but the wheels are always turned and you can only get 50 ft with any vehicle plz fix and I will give 5 stars

Rich Wallace

Fix the store issue Store still erases tractors you buy after you close the app. I will be deleting this app until it is fixed.

Tim Fosdick

Fellr Roll coal fellr me and my wife/cousin love this game fellr! Roll tide fellr!

Damon Tousley

The Camera setting is in the way Every time I use the clutch it messes with the camera and its super annoying

corey cripps

Paid for no ads and they reappear Ads appeared after upgrading and all built vehicles lost

Collin Langevin

Buggy Needs a ton of bug fixes but its a good game

tyler Thedork

Realistic physics? Not even How can you sys it's got realistic physics when a semi truck is doing a wheelie with a 50ki lb sled on the back not a bad game but needs more physics work majorly

Chris Lovvorn

I spent money on this game and maxed out the truck and it lags do bad I can't even play and now I can't even get my money back it sucks

Nathan Hellman

Not bad Needs more major events to play with higher payouts. Lags alot and needs a little work but if that's fixed I'd give it 5 stars

Nick Rusinko

... Good game but it lags and freezes during a pull


Buggy and laggy As soon as I added a turbo, the game lags so bad and is pretty much not playable. Zte zmax 2 phone

Chris C

Lagged and pop-up s. Sucked

Hunter Leffler

Sucks Hunterleffler I say it sucks

Tim Skelton

Physics are off. The Four wheel drive trucks never pick the front end off of the track. The game could use some more additions. Such as adjusting tire pressures independently from front to rear. As well as gear selection. The other portion of the game that makes no sense is the four wheel drive trucks are naturally aspirated. No turbo or supercharger. The dynamometer should give a torque and hp reading. We should be able to adjust fuel and timing to make more horsepower. Actual pulling tires would be cool. I.eCepek, pitbull

Justen Scherer

Fun game until you add the big turbo I loved playing the game won some races bought the biggest turbo and now just freezes and doesn't work right at all.... I will try the game at a later date. But as of now Its pointless

Thomas Pepera

Buggy game Was fun for about an hour. Then it got buggy...Skippy then finally locked my phone up. Too many ads too. I realize it has to have ads to be free....but this was excessive.

matthew mcintyre

Great game kind of addictig I realy enjoy this game i play it alot i see alot of people say it lags i dont have any issues on my galaxy s5 id give it 5 stars if it had more tourterments other that the Missouri state tractor pull association as ive beat it multiple times in the last hour

Trey Thomas

Can not win. I have upgraded the tractor to the full extent and no matter how far I am able to pull someone always beats me even by 1 foot

minnyman 23

Works very nice Compared to the other one yall made this app is actually alot better i wish the events where more like the older version and had more of a choice in vehicles but i mean for it being free love the game play it alot

Chasity Barkley

Ad more trucks I'll give five stars wen you ad a Ford powerstrock

bryan pelekoudas

Wtf Wtf did you do to this game it freezes And stops all of the time worked great first time I had it when I downloaded it this time it is crap

Triston Hale

Really buggy!!! Ever since I installed the "twin turbo" it lags and freezes when I pull.

Jeffrey Utley

Junk Very unhappy does nothing but freeze

Luci Galbreath

Every time I get done pulling it shows a video.

sandeep behniwal

Reliance Jio is fack Reliance Jio sim. And lyf mobile Fack compeni is fack

jman 241444

AWSOME It is the best game i ever played

Curtis Frazier

Great game Love the game but about every 3 events or pulls it completely freezes up and I lose the last couple winnings please fix asap thanks in advance

Ian Stamper

Junk Every time you buy a turbo and go to pull the dam thing freezes every time and messes up everything plz fix so I can play this game

Corey Alvey

Wont play on the LG v10 I get 10 feet down the track and the game glitches really bad or kicks me completely off the game

mud mower123

Well it keeps freezing I have a quad core processor snapdragon and 4 gigs of ram it freezes and my audio keeps making a weird pop noise when my audio is down

I spent cash in this game and now it's lagging out every time I try to take off I'm pissed tell me why

Kennth Hafner

Flaws To many flaws to count but I can say if you take all the stuff off the other tractor pull and do that to this it would be cool I'm playing both but this one makes me crack up front wheels swivle like there broke vehicle spins while going down the track but yea make this one like the other I like the way the vehicles look on this one thank you keep up the good work

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