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11 Aug
Tractor Pull

Posted by Antithesis Design in Sports | Aug. 11, 2016 | 134 Comments

Apk file size: 16.0 MB

Hook your tractor to the sled and give it a pull. Pull like a pro pulling the sled down the track against 9 of the top pulling leagues around the world. Or put up your bank roll against your friends and pull for the money.

Pull the sled for distance, pull the sled for accuracy or pit power against power in all out tug of war tractor pulling.

Rev up the tractor, truck, diesel, semi, hot rod... to get your turbo boost spun and engine warm then slowly, but quickly, drop the clutch and let it rip.

Drag the sled over 300 feet to get a full pull and win the tournament.

Get cash to buy more tractors, while upgrading your tractor or diesel puller to win events.

Challenge friends from your contacts to some truck pulling . Hustle em and take their cash.

Drive up your bankroll and buy more tractors, upgrade tractors to win more events in this tractor pulling game.

Master race classes and pick up a sponsor.

Get all 72 vehicles including all the best tractors, monster vans, tanks, ATVs, lawn tractors, trucks, classic tractors, diesel and more.

Pull in top pulling leagues around the globe including the BTPA, ETPC, and OSTPA and 6 other real world pulling leagues. Grab the gold in all the cities and leagues.
Challenge your Facebook friends to a pull and bet in game cash.

Fix any damage you cause in the garage, a damaged tractor doesn't run as well.

Don't blow up your is expensive.

Easy to play tough to master. This is a fun exciting and challenging free tractor and truck pulling game.

Have Fun.

Whats new

    - online live head to head pulling
    - new stuff
    - fix issues

Antithesis Design part of our Sports and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 11, 2016. Google play rating is 79.6536. Current verison is 5.2. Actual size 16.0 MB.

Download tractor-pull.apk 16.0 MB


Jam John

Ads have ruined game it totally sucks Game was good till the ads after every pull u eat up everyone's data to watch stupid dam ads screw the game

Cael Wickham

Easy and fun! First you see the first fully up grade the other one.

DJay- S

Loved it but hate it now The adverts totally kill the game ok 1 or 2 or even 3 is fine but after every pull it makes it impossible to play. Some adverts are over 30 seconds long. Until it's sorted I won't be playing anymore

Jason Orendorf

Ads ruined this game Ads now all the time and they lost my stored game a few months back and lost about 20 of my fully modded tractors and cars with no response. Emailed and messaged them over and over with no response. Delete this app or better yet, DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!

Erik Poorman

Did the update and now the game sucks ad after every pull and what new things did you do to the game I can't find anything

Logan Milam

Not bad The new mods seem to be a bit unorganized but besides that it's pretty good

charlie barr

Ads for days Used to love this app. Remove some of the ads PLEASE!!!

Gary Trahan

Could've been 5 stars but you sold out to advertising... Its a 5 star game, BUT it's not worth 3 seconds of game play to be forced to watch a 30sec video after EVERY run. Due to watching more commercials than being able to play, it dropped it to 1 star

Jack Bentley

Great game People are complaining about adverts, just turn off your WiFi on your phone and then the adverts crash and you get to carry on playing!

Coal Machine

Bad game Has a ton of ads on it after every pull there is a ad don't was your time with this game it's a joke

derrick dori

Too many ads There are to many ads on this game. It's like every 2-3 races and then a ad

Steph Doyle

Adds Too many adds.

Iqbal Dogar

I love it and hate it I want to play online this game. Plz repair this game

William Harrington

William It is a very good game for you'r boredom

Ur Soul

It's kicking me out! I'll be playing then all of a sudden it kicks me out I'm lucky to get two races in before it kicks me out and I have to reload it and sometimes I can't play it after it freezes so I have to reboot my tablet, plus it lags still. Fix this and I'll gladly give u 4 stars.

Brad Osborn

I have had this game many times Iv had this game many times since its release and I like the additions of building my motor,as i have a bobby of builden them myself.but theres no explanation to it,but wat really bugs me is the fact u r having me upgrade the spark plugs in a diesel motor cause in the real world that doesn't exist there aren't spark plugs in a diesel motor so you guys need to start gettin some of ur facts straight.I like the new addition but u need to explain how it works and learn the difference between motors.

Rick Corey

Awsome game After the update around the 19th of April the game was working fine except for the dyno. While trying to find out which combination of parts gives the best power I noticed the game go from around 90k in cash to 0. I know I didn't buy enough parts and dyno pulls to cause that kind of loss. I'm playing the game on a Samsung Galaxy alpha. One other thing, it is almost impossible to know what your air pressure is in your tires. Could you add a tire pressure guage like you have in the 3d version?

Kevin Brenner

Fix bug Updated now game stops and shuts off.

Bradley Lehman

Good but... It will freeze randomly and I lose a lot of money (last time I lost $50k). Adds will pop up in the middle of a pull and screw me up. It will also not let me change the tire pressure. I know the physics behind pulling and this will help immensely. Other than these (that I can think of) it is a pretty good game.

nick trembath

Fun BUT.... I have no idea why when the ads pop up my game lags and or just force closes really a bummer game is fun but it would be better with a free ad free version but we all know thats not gonna happen

Alek Katcher

Dumb So honestly ive downloaded this game 3 times in a 3 year period and the first time i downloaded i loved it, it made sense and it actually would get harder as you go up instead of always losing even on the lowest level and it was a lot of fun but the other two times you guys changed something about it were you can barely win, its IRRITATING!!!!! If you could put it back to normal please!!! That would be great!

Avery Philemon

Awesome game!!! This is a great game. I understand that some people have issues with winning, but its a great game nonetheless. I will agree that the AI is a little bit ridiculous at times. Ill do an easy pull with a fully upgraded tractor and have like a 450 foot pull and the competition that should only have like 180 foot pulls is right behind me. Its irritating sometimes, but i still say 5 stars.

Tony Mantia

Glitching Very very glitchy game cost you pulls and your money because your tractor blows up. The game has a good base to be great. Fix these bugs and it would be 5 star worthy.

Tyler Simmons

I like this app and I think it would be better if you make the weight limit go up and if you could get the 4 wheelers free and not have to pay for them and if you could get more tires and rims for the stuff

A Google User

Used to love it.... Upgraded my phone and lost everything I had on this game. Updates are crappy, engine now heats up too quickly and blows up when you try to build boost before taking off. Slider for clutch is too sensitive. If you do not hold constant hard pressure or have your finger centered perfectly it's hard to control clutch. Used to love game but not so much anymore. Sorry guys you've been ranked mediocre now :(

mr middle figer

I liked it at first but when I bought the olivor tractor the game screwed up and I can't sell it every time I click on it the game shuts down

Chuck Norris

ok i loved this game when out first came out for some reason i can't unlock any vehicles tht u have to pay for got money and the points to buy other vehicles but for some reason i can't i have 300 points and want to buy two classes but it wont let how do u fix

Matt McBride

Fun It's a fun game to play, but, when I'm playing after a while the screen will go black until I hit a button and it makes sounds and everything...

Cole Burnette

Won't go to my new phone Why do I half to restart? Why can't I get my old phones info like every other game lamo ?

Skidrow Harris

Tractor pulling Im a jhon deere man lots of fun with this damned game wish my f ing tractor would not raise up so fast

A Google User

Wins are impossible Guys this game has an AWESOME concept, but even fully upgraded your tractor has issues beating even the low class machines, on the second set of pulls the 'pull to xxx' events are impossible. The competition pulls dead on or -/+ 2 every time, thats a ridiculously narrow window! The competition needs to be dumbed wayy down and gradually increase as you work through the levels. There is no way my fully upgraded big bud should be getting walked on, or winning by 1 foot on the first set of pulls!

Noah Mccreary

Works good really cool cars an lot to choose from not sure how your supposed to pull more than 600 lbs cause even the super mod maxed out on parts has a hard time

A Google User

Vs mode has never worked for me After 5 different phone all new downloads I haven't been able to use vs mode it just says loading and if you touch anything it force closes

Bobby Hanauer

Update Problem It says updated but my friend has newer version and it won't let me update to it.

Arlind Ibraimi

I love the game but whenever i start trying to play it always force closes. I would give it 5 stars if this is fixed

Zachary W

Too many ads Good but could be allot better without ads, my engine blows right away while doing tug a war, it Said $11k to fix my engine but they took $15k

Trenton Ley

I like it I don't know if its just me but I can go into the store to buy sumthing because it just kicks me out so please fix and I'll rate 5 stare.

kim werling

Good Good game but needs more realistic things. Like, put people on the tractor and stuff like that.

Пользователь Google

HTC INCRIDEBLE S v garazhe ne rabotaet perestajot rabotatj touch screen

Aidan Russell

What the h311 Great game however the 30 second ads EVERY time your done a race is retarded. I can see maybe after your second or third race but seriously? Every race? Pathetic

Brandon Cavanaugh

I can't challenge my brother It keeps saying scan when we enter the vs. Menu it pops up rescan can someone help please

Lane Thomas

I rate it I five because I live in Cole camp and I thought that was pretty cool. All the options is also great. One minor dislike is that it some times won't open.

William Clark

Game is great. Has come a long way. Been playing this for years, but ads after every pull? Come on now, we all know that isn't necessary.

Kirk Cleary

Best game ever my dad is a tractor puller his moto is hevn bown hamer down

Matt Martin

Ads You get 10 seconds for a pull then must watch a 15 second video. Ads are making this game terrible

A Google User

Wth It wont let me play online please fix and i will rate 5 stars

Chris Younkin

Ads have totally ruined the game I have been playing this game for years and now that i have to watch a 30 second ad almost everytime i pull it's no longer fun. Another great app ruined.

Levi Graham

I love the game it's awesome. But it glitches so bad you can't even play it. I can't see what I'm doing because it only shows random blocks and tractors everywhere.

Kevin Brenner

Fix bug~~~WHEN???? Updated now game stops and shuts off.Been long enough gee game not that important to them I guess, what a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!

Destiny gearlds

Great game but Im kaden s. Great game i ust to play it all the time i love it but the adds-apps that is anoing.Kdog is out like.

John Lamb

Ads This game used to be fun but now it sucks every time you do one pull it pops up a ad or a 30 second video. I would not recommend getting this game if you don't like ads

Trent Richardson

Great but... Loved it but you need to be able to sell some of the tractors or trucks if need be but all in all well thought out game and the ads could be toned down just a hair. Thanks

Mike Mcdonald

Ads The ads make this game suck

Christian Campbell

Awesome game I'm a huge fan of Tractor Pulls and this game just made me a true Redneck

Isaiah Moore

It needs more trucks and tractors

Dylan Harris

This game is the best

Lucas Hyland


Daniel Reichenbach

Ads ads ads ads end of story

matthew watson

It's good game but again adverts get in the way to many by far such a let down ?

Dan Wells

Just ridiculous. Read review for details. There's a full page video advertisement after each race, or trip to the garage or store, and are between 15-30 seconds in duration. If you play this game enough, it'll chew through your data plan. Absolutely, 100% ridiculous. This is just straight up greedy. They get paid per ad, and with an ad every 30 seconds or so, it adds up. Mobile gaming officially sucks, as we know it. The good old days, when games were really free.., with no ridiculous advertising, or in-ap purchases...

Luis Maldonado

Come on now. Y'all have to put an add up after every dam pull? Fix please that's starting to get annoying.

Francisco Garza

Needs some important tweaks Game is good. But way too many ads. Just let me buy it. I'd pay $2 -$5 if there were no ads. Plus I wish I could start the game over with the money we get started off with. I've been installing and reinstalling to get around that.

Scott Briner

It keeps freezing up when i go to pull. Plz fix I really do like this game.

Jason IMADreamer

So many ads I don't mind ads at all but Jesus Christ they are after every pull and some of them are long. This game could have been great. Uninstalled.

Joe Roberts

Tractor pullung Way to menu video ads having a real hard time playing and when they are done the tractor and sled turn white and its hard to tell what is going on :(

Wesley Huntley

You guys to work on the ads before and after every pull a video comes up!!! How do u expect to keep players if this keeps happening

Charles Wright

Good game just needs to stop with all the advertisements. You don't need an advertisement every 5 seconds.

Cody Shepherd

Game is good but there are to many ads I have to turn off my data just to play

Gabriel Henson

DOESNT WORK..WTF I tried every thing to get it to work but it just don't work at all after I hit a fast speed it glitch I hate when this happen for anyone reading my view plz don't get this game its buggy than an ant hull trust me I'm a gamer on YouTube

A Google User

Way to many ads Used to be fun. Ads are long and ridiculous. Game lags out and gets dostorted. Horrible

Jake Shuman

Was great before the ad increase! This used to be a great game but now that there is a 30-45 second ad after every pull it's not worth it! Not to mention all the pop up ads there are. You end up watching ads more than actually playing the game. Reduce the ad rate and I'll download again.

Michael Cole

Fairly good I have my car upgraded to its top but I can't win 22000$ on the game

Tim Skelton

Ads bypass For all you guys bugged with the ads turn off any internet connection you have whether it be mobile or wifi and the ads can't load to play.

Dan Bylsma

Adds suck Great game, but the adds make the game no fun

Brian Waller

Lost all my stuff I upgraded the app and lost everything I had tons off stuff this app sucks now and way to many ads

Calvin Richmond

Wtf Had this game before, never used to have so many ads, promptly uninstalling and very disappointed with the in your face ads.

Justin Schengbier

Ads Holy long ads! Don't have the patience to watch a 30 second ad after every pull. Sorry I'm uninstalling

charles wright

Good game I like the game but the Ads make the game horrible after every pull it brigs an ad and its running my data get rid of all the ads and I'll give 5 star

Rex Spears

Adds Fix the every race adds things or its very likely that someone will come along and recode your game and people will play that one instead of yours

Aaron Goodpaster

I had my truck fully upgraded and still couldn't win any races

Caleb Russell

Its cool but the advertising gets on my nerves bad!!

Trevor Bennett

Fun game. Really glitchy I had downloaded this game a few phones ago. Was a lot better then. Now it's really glitchy when pulling. And it says $1000 for the dyno and I'm pretty sure it took $5000+ from me

Jarrett Mitchell

I love this game. Very addicting I had this game for a while. I had almost all the trucks and all the trophies and my little sister messed with my phone and deleted the game. I downloaded it again. I lost everything. Is there any way that i can get everything back? Or could you make the game to where we can get our stuff back? Thank you

Jack Larock

This game sucks alls it does is midway through a pull freezes and then ads come up


Pretty good game There are a few issues that could be fixed. The speedometer should atleast show 100mph. 50mph and it's always pegged out. Taking off from the starting line is unrealistic, it's more like a drag racing game!

Brody M

Ads are dumb Its a really fun game to play in school under a desk but with a ad every 30 seconds it gets dumb and very retarded

Kayden Elliott

Too frickin addicting Love it if you have trouble with ads turn off your mobile data close the app in the task manger then open it and no ads also if you blow up your vehicle and it costs 11k to fix it just hit the home button then open he app back up hope that you found this helpful so thank you and good luck

david hendrix

Fun... But I have had this game for only 1 day and it is awesome. I saved up all my money and bought a few vehicles I liked; cool. When I got the 50's Chevy it worked for a few pulls now every time I go to use it it freezes and crashes; not cool. Fix this little glitch and it will be 5 stars and recommendations from me, thanks!

Colton Sims

Need fixs I had this game on my other phone wich was galaxy 3 works perfect nothing wrong my new phone has buffer in it and it would kick me back to under pull so please fix because i would give it a 5 star

Michael Pack

No sound I have problems with sound it will be there for like half a pull then that's it until I shut the app down and restart it

Nathan Kidd

To many adds After every pull I get a 30 second ad and it is really anoying needs to be fixed other than that it is an ok game.

Logan Preister

Too many adds I love this game but there is adds every time you play

Dylan Turner

To many adds After 1 win you get an add that glitches the game so you can't do anything and have to restart. The loading screen takes forever so its generally not fun.

Travis Smith

Fix problem The clutch pedal goes back down during the middle of every pull i can never get a full pull

Mike King

Why does the game keep freezing I love the game but now it just keeps freezing when I pit the clutch over 50%

Nathan Falldorf

Great Concept I love the idea of the game, but the events are confusing on how winners are decided.

Lane Barger

Lags If i add a turbo to anything it lags so bad I cant go anywherr

p0rky351 bob

Love this game I've played this game for years and I love, the game dose not lag or glitch.

Ju He

Fun game but all it does is freeze and stop working

Brian Armitage

Need a improvement Gliches all the time

Matt BLY

Looking for the Volume button in game but no where to be found :(

sam bradford

Cant access store Game is fun but i cant access store. Lg g4

Gage Roth

Keeps freezing other than that good game

It is awsom

Shawn Miracle

Kept glitching out I would click on a event and it would cancel out of the app

Mark Daly

Worthless game So many glitches in this game I wouldn't keep it if they payed me. Freezes as soon as it takes off and when it unfreezes it lets off gas and clutch moving me 10 feet. Then throws 8 ads on the screen which is the reason it froze. There are better tractor pull games for free.

Jesse Zimmerman

Good game annoying ads Loved this game when it first came out.. deleted it cuz I got into another game . Downloaded it again and it's still good.. but the ads after every pull is annoying and makes me want to delete it again.. if I could give it negative stars I would..... You want a 5stars get rid of the ads that play. It's annoying and ruins the game

Jeff Hamilton

Good game Would've gave it five stars if their was not so many ad's. And if from time to time the tractor or truck or sled shows up as a block. Otherwise good all gamers this game just got better,just work with it and you can avoid ad's after each pull. I went through about two and a half clubs no ad's, just popup at top of screen. Can't tell how here or the developers of this game would most likely change it.Good luck, it works

Adam Tarrant

Ads Way to many ads, I'm giving it a 3 star. After every race I have to sit through a 30 second ad. It's ridiculous, if it was 0.99 can't to get rid of the ads I would in a heart beat, but 2.99 for that is crazy.. Everyone else is 0.99. Change it and I'll rate higher

Tim Noland

ADS The ads are ridiculous. I had this app on an earlier phone, it was great, decided to try it again and pretty much after each pull you have to watch a 30 second ad.

Dominic Trumann

Stupid game It won't let me upgrade my Turbo if I do the game crashes every time

othon the Mexican

It freezes when i put the gas in 100% and makes a squeaking sound. Please fix i truly love this game

Ryan Underhill

Fix options. Played this game a few years ago on a different model phone but I do remember you had a vibrate option which increased as you gave throttle to tractor and doesn't appear to be working at all. Is there an option to correct this?

Rahul Dharnia

Good Going Fix The Error message appearing, Add Some Indian tractor too... Like 'Mahindra, Preet, Sawraaj, HMT, Balwan by Force & All the Gold Vintage Gaint 'Hindustan' Tractor

Michael Hartzell

Yuck Nice for some but not me. Poor sound, unrealistic actions. But its free.

ryan logan

It needs the freezing to be fixed. But it is a great game. Thanks. Please fix it.

Gary Lovett

The ads don't bother me I love your games I'm only disappointed that there aren't any more than your current offerings

Galaxy Records

It's force stopping everytime I try to pull

Sean Kinsler

Awful I used to love this game when it first came out but now that I've downloaded it again I can't play it for ask the glitching. Please fix ASAP!

brian mccoy

Too many issues Glitched and froze after first day

Joe Conrad

Like the game, A.I. scaling is poor. I set the team record for a pull, yet didnt win the event against the A.I.

Kyle Arnold

It suck It freezes too much now

bybee mafia

Tractor pull Keeps freezing I love the game but I hate the freezing

Johnny Cusick

Cool I realy love this game great for kids

Brett Kabina

Little lag Only with 1 it laga

Really fun but keeps logging me out

Yaman Mustafa

An OK game but... When I upgrade my tractor, my competitors get better in the same race!

Reet Kaur

Navdeep This is Timepass game please downlad it

Hunter_ R.Clasics

Fun I had this game for years has always been fun to play.

Loved it but You could start with a little more money

Chance Jakubowski

Fuking asome Fuking asome

Jorden Click

What's the best vehicle to get

Jennifer Buchanan

Tractor pull Its awesome

Puneet dhillon

Good Like as real

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