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14 Jun
Toyota Link

Posted by Intelematics Australia in Travel & Local | June 14, 2015 | 71 Comments

Apk file size: 6.5 MB

The Toyota Link app allows you to connect your Toyota Link enabled vehicle to the internet, remotely send navigation destinations before you get to your car and configure basic service settings. Please note this app will only function if you own or drive a Toyota vehicle compatible with the Toyota Link service. For more information consult your vehicle manual or contact your Toyota dealer.

Whats new

    A new version of the Toyota Link app is available. This update is required to support Pandora internet radio in your vehicle. You will require a Pandora account to use this App.

Intelematics Australia part of our Travel & Local and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update June 14, 2015. Google play rating is 42.8931. Current verison is 2.0. Actual size 6.5 MB.

Download toyota-link.apk 6.5 MB


Ravi Kanth Nishtala

Non-functional My car comes with the navigation feature but this app doesn't help with navigation much and ends up consuming battery real quick too. The app cannot be closed and had to be force killed. Need more functionality incorporated to really have practical use.

Steve Larkin

Pretty disappointing... Pretty disappointing both in design and function. Having to force kill the app to get rid of the notification is really poor design, a hack really. Write a native Android app, and follow the proper Android design guidelines! "Toyota Link will include five in-built Apps at the time of launch with additional apps planned to be rolled out later in the year." "“We expect Toyota Link will rapidly grow to become Australia’s largest connected vehicle program,” said Game." Not seeing it...

Fanny Tang

What's the point? Since my car doesn't come with navigation, what's the point the let me save destination? I thought it can use my phone's data to navigate or so which it's clearly not. Then whats's the point to give me that option!?

Jason Pagnozzi

Non-functional app? Why build something thst is not worth the effort? Glad the car works bettet than this...

Bryce Edhouse

Why bother? Less functionality than a house brick. Very ordinary.


Not sure what they were thinking. A nav app that doesn't, a fuel finder that misses more than it finds and a weather app. Not exactly inspired programming. At least the car is good.

Drew Beckwith

This app gave me cancer. Worst piece of shot app I have ever used. Toyota you should be ashamed. Need I say more

Jon Hyles

Hopeless. Waste of time. Can't do anything when car is moving.

Anthony McGrath

Found it only works if you turn off/on your phone each time you want to use it. Apps always running & forced stop required; useless. A very poor attempt for an app Toyota, your customers except more....

Shaun Voigt

Pretty ordinary This is a pretty weak attempt at an app. Having to force close the app is simply ridiculous. The petrol station coverage is pretty light on. I would have expected far more features in all respects. Send the team responsible for this on some serious training.

bruce pech

I hate the download to audio unit Downloading this app to the audio units is just a joke. Why make it only loadable via a wifi connection. Make the app to be uploadable by a USB stick. A certified phone still drops out constantly. :@

John Ennis

Pointless/Behind the times Weather only shows minimum/maximum, not actual current temp. Fuel finder didn't pick up a BP garage with cheaper petrol while I was on the forecourt, recommended a garage 5km away and more expensive. Can not see any use for this app after just buying a new car.

Daniel Choo

Was not very friendly initially and took forever to download to the head unit with several "unsuccessful download". But the hard work pays off. Love the fuel finder and weather updates! Awesome app.

Daryl Kimmins

Useless IT DONT WORK! Expected A whole lot more from Toyota. Very disappointing.

Brett Bolden

Needing to force close it sucks The fact you have to force close it sucks and you need to have app running before you connect to car. There is also only 1 fuel station in whole North qld. That is woeful.

Oscar Aguilera

Worst registration ever Bad all the way

Mark Sykes

Crap software designed to sell you software that replaces software that already works better on your phone. It makes me resent buying the Rav4. Last Toyota I ever buy.

Dexter Madrigal

Is there any option like downloading the updates to a memory stick?..we have atleast 3 cars to update daily and downloading through wifi is a PITA

Darryl Armstrong

Wi-Fi for cars is needed Cars are years behind in technology they need a upgrade to Wi-Fi. Bluetooth is a joke it's old and slow and is outdated we need an upgrade

Johan van der Merwe

Do not waist your time. Do not waist your time.

Joo Lee

Won't even let me log in. I can log in with web version but app keep saying invalid user credential.

Graham Patterson

What's the point Does nothing. How about a close button!

Richard Stewart

Really poor programming and design

Simon Queen

Nesds some more work. Its a bit basic and the Map search function doesn't work well at all! Why cant you link it to Google search? Also the app is always on once opened and it kills the battery.

Adam Downes

Doesn't currently work on an android 6 on a nexus 5x works on 4 / 5 only it would seems, displays "Toyota Link Services are currently unavailable. Please try again later." No feature to auto launch when connected to specific bluetooth like other in car specific bluetooth driving aids. have to force quit the app to close.

Alec Wills

Shameful Based on other reviewers I'm far from the only person who can't even log in. Samsung S4 mini. For a company with Toyota's resources this is shameful, makes me very worried about security of the car's system if this is a demonstration of their IT skills.

Noor Dimashk

Terrible I thought it would let me navigate by using Google Maps since I dont have navigation in my car. Turns out it is just a terrible app that does nothing but screw up both the phone and the car's monitor. I am really disappointed in Toyota for doing this. All we need is to mirror our phone's Google Maps on the screen.

Aditya Kandel

Cant navigate Tried a lot of times with destination download. Never ever worked once. Wow good going toyota. Thanks a lot for the feature i cant use.

Matthew Agopian

Not working on Android This app does not work on the latest android software please fix asap, working fine on apple products.

Josh K

Not as bad as the reviews Not a lot of features but weather and Pandora radio works well. Connects OK and no major issue's

George Ilovski

Doesn't work We need the app fixed doesn't work at when running Android 6 .. Please fix app as its not working at all.

Jason Farlow

Really needs a way to exit the application properly. Why would you want it running all of the time?

Justin Parker

Why ? I've had this app for 16 months and the only update is to have Pandora. I'm still waiting for it to become more practical. I wish I bought one of them cars that can mirror your phone onto its media system. Anyway love my Hilux, but destination download, weather and Pandora? It's not even handy finding a Toyota dealer in the area !!!! Since my extra premium warranty won't cover me if I go to another Toyota dealer ! I already know where I get my servicing done.

Jason Jacobs

Toyota don't care about this app Doesn't work on Marsmellow 6. I called tech support for the app and they didn't know anything about it. They said Toyota outsource the support to them. Toyota have given them no indication that they are going to upgrade so it can be compatible with Marsmellow

Alf Caruso

Cannot connect Not sure what happened to this app. It was once great but now the car won't even recognise it is connected.


Don't waste your time The app appears to have all the same problems as 12 months ago so clearly Toyota can't address its key issues. Pity, the car is great!

Tim Forward

What GPS? App is quite bad. Gps is useless, I have never been able to download a location to my car, have tried countless times,compared to YouTube videos of what the app does for overseas models, it seems Australia has been left behind again!

Erica Van Uitregt

Features suck and have to force close This app is awful. The simple things work, like the weather app, but to use the download destination feature, it takes a month of Sundays to download it! I wanted a destination about two months ago and I know just received it to the car! Having to force close the app is tedious too!

Nathan B

Toyota link currently not available Love my hilux. Not sure if I dislike the app as I could not after several attempts even get to sign up. Premium vehicle, premium price, very disappointed with the app. Do better toyota. .

Brad Martin

Incompatible with Marshmallow? Update: just tried again with 6.0.1 and i was able to login, connect to vehicle and the vehicle received a mandatory software update. Does not work with Nexus 6, Android 6.0, unable to sign in. Please update it.

Libris Monachus

Can't log in. Can't close it. At this point, this app is literally useless. I have a TL account but I've never been able to log into the app as it's always "unavailable". Not only that but the back button does not let me exit the app - I have to force close it. Not sure what else there is to say!

Reagan Baello

Useless Wont let me login ... dont waste your time downloading this app

Henry Budz

Have Samsung S6. Cant log in. Have reinstalled 3 times and still no go. Waste of time.

Matt Rudas

Its ok But you would expect more from Toyota

John Poelman

Most un user friendly app I have ever dealt with. Try login on if you can. I have had no luck.

Andrew Manzie

Who taught this mob to code...? Toyota should be asking for their money back. Terrible app that doesn't even work on Android 6. You can't close the app, you must force stop it. It consumes significant battery power when running, and has a useless ui design.


Can't login! Shouldn't be so hard just to create and login but nothing working for me. Wasted so much time! Stupid!!!!!!!!!

Jay Roller

Not working App stopped working on marshmallow for Nexus 6, needs to be fixed.

Jeremy Thuell

No Aurion No option to select Toyota Aurion. What a joke

Jo Robinson

Useless Waste of time

Max S

Lousy beyond compare!

Matt Rudas

Kills my bluetooth connection BT connection to car worked well until I installed this app. A factory reset of the phone was the only thing that would fix the problem. I reinstalled the app. The same problems occured and another factory reset of the phone was done. I have since not installed the app and my BT connection works perfectly.

Simon Queen

Needs a lot more work. I think this app is very poor, no basic functions like searching for an address as you type, not even a copy past function; you have to remember the exact address. Not a good advert for Toyota with Ford offering full voice recognition system! Also the app is always on once opened and it kills the battery.

Ravi Kanth Nishtala

Non-functional My car comes with the navigation feature but this app doesn't help with navigation much and ends up consuming battery real quick too. The app cannot be closed and had to be force killed. Need more functionality incorporated to really have practical use.

Frank Reffo

Crap, i buy a new car, thinking cool inboard cool gizmos and it a complete flop I feel ripped off

Stuart Fenech

Early Version Needs Work The potential is there but it needs work to the login process, mapping functionality and battery usage.

Matthew Mendes

Phone hog This has potential buts its such a waste at the moment. How about get some sort of navigation set up through the phone to the car screen

Iain Finlayson

Total useless Totally and utterly useless app. Don't bother downloading. If you can actually log in it serves no helpful functions

Ali Kashif

College kid can make better apps than this Toyota has cheated us with this pathetic app. We paid the price of an upgraded car and this useless app we get in return and it messes up the phone as well. What was toyota thinking really... needs a lot of optimization and complete overhaul. And needs to be done soon.

Olive Arrow

WHY?! Just got a new Toyota Prado and I need to log into the stupid app to do ANYTHING!! I cant listen to music, view maps, accept calls etc without signing into this stupid app! However that wouldn't be too bad if it wasn't for the fact that you need to fill out ALL of your cars info FOR NO REASON before you can create an account!! .... WHY?!

Chuong Le Pham

Crap App can't be killed with the Back button so it runs in the background consuming valuable battery juice. You have to force stop it from Android Application Manager. Navigation features are too basic compared to more advanced navigational app like Tomtom, Sygic, etc. App needs heaps more work. Toyota should have developed this app themselves instead of outsourcing.

Justin de Bock

Phone killer Judt brought a new car and saw this feature was keen to try it. Kills my phone when its not even in use, i thought my phone was faulty(S7 edge) because it kept overheating for no reason. This app has so much potential but it's wasted we've basically paid for it already with our purchase of our car. I really hope they fix it.

Sherwin Santos

Poor app. I see no point to this app whatsoever. Looks like support for it has died out as it hasn't been updated in a long time. Toyota Australia need to pick up their game. Toyota Entune US equivalent looks so much better.

Ognjen Trisic

Need more work OK but need a lot more work to be good

David 32gtr

Can't sign into the app with any of my android/ ios devices

Sue Rodger

It keeps running and i have to force stop it

Adam Klys

Good sw for 1990s It can be hard for app developers to accommodate different screen sizes and operating systems so when everything is fixed like in the Toyota there's no excuse for postage stamp sized maps and no voice directions, travel time app being separate from GPS map and multiple accounts to use all features. Google maps does everything this does only 100x better, and at higher resolution. Uninstalling.

P Tzortz

This is pathetic! Toyota has absolutely dropped the ball when it comes to technology and it's integration. What a joke.

Davy Wouters

Total crap The most useless app I've ever seen... No updates for over a year now! WTF?!?

Brad Martin

Incompatible with Android 7 - Nougat Please update the app so that it works with Android 7 (Nougat)

Troy Grohs

force stop no good should not stay on all the time, should not need to force stop the app.

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