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28 Jun
TOTAL for Mobile

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Apk file size: 5.6 MB

TOTAL for Mobile is the perfect mobile companion app for TOTAL on the desktop. With TOTAL for Mobile, you’ll save the most time from field to office and shave minutes off of every report by not having to retype, resketch, and reformat, since all field data and sketches flow into your forms. It’s the best real estate appraisal app yet.


Starting, editing, and sharing your reports between your Android device and desktop is easier than ever before. Whether you start your appraisal reports in TOTAL or from your Android device, the new design gives you instant access to your files from the cloud. And, the updated syncing process makes it easy to choose which files to send on your schedule, instead of sending everything at once.


Your QuickLists sync too, so you’ll fly through data gathering by simply tapping to fill in your canned comments instead of typing.


With TOTAL for Mobiles’s new photo tools, add as many subject photos as you want. Then, the correct photo forms are automatically added to your report in TOTAL when you sync. No more juggling extra devices or extra work organizing and relabeling the photos yourself. TOTAL for Mobile does all the work for you.


Creating detailed sketches is as simple as swiping and tapping with your fingertips. Quickly define lengths, angles, arcs, and areas. Pinch to zoom and pan across the screen. And tap to drop symbols and labels in place so your sketches look complete and professional. Or, you can easily draw your sketch by sending measurements from your Bluetooth-enabled DISTO laser measuring device.


Create audio recordings, notes, and freehand drawings on the fly. They’re added to TOTAL’s Spectrum Workfile when you sync. TOTAL for Mobile also takes advantage of your device’s GPS to create precise maps and give you turn-by-turn directions -- extremely helpful for navigating to your subject and comps.
With TOTAL on your desktop and TOTAL for Mobile in the field, you’ll go paperless. Best of all, it’s absolutely free. Download it today.

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Founded in 1985, a la mode’s mission-critical desktop, mobile and web tools are used by more than 100,000 real estate and mortgage lending professionals located in every county of every state in the U.S. a la mode has been deploying forms on handheld devices, en masse, and routing form-data via the Internet since the mid 1990s. To learn more, visit

Whats new

    June 2016 Update
    - You can now share files to a Workfile from external apps.
    - Added the GP Residential [Letter] form.
    - TOTAL for Mobile now supports the new DISTO D2.
    - The amount of time files, photos, and sketches are backed up is user selectable. This allows you to save space on the device by setting it to 1, 3, or 7 days.
    - Images in the recovery folder no longer appear in the Gallery or Photos apps.
    Complete list of changes:

a la mode, inc part of our Business and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update June 28, 2016. Google play rating is 82.2727. Current verison is June. Actual size 5.6 MB.

Download total-for-android.apk 5.6 MB


Jeff Duecker

Great app. Would love to have the ability to complete a final completion report, sign, and send from out in the field. That's one of the few things I can think of that would really make this complete. Otherwise a fanastic app that I use daily and can't live without. Runs flawlessly and very dependable. A real workhorse. Just what you come to expect from Alamode. And as usual, the absolute best tech support in the business. If you want to get the absolute best use out of this app get Galaxy Note 3 phone!

Paul James

Does not work with SAMSUNG DEVICES The new layout is awesome! But it doesn't work on the number 1 android device Samsung Galaxy tab S 8.4. Called technical support and all they say is that no one else is calling in on the issue. I've tried this on 3 different Samsung devices (galaxy Pro 8.4, galaxy tab S8 .4 and galaxy note 3 phone) and all the same. It will not register entries in the critical items where you enter property data. It will at 1st but eventually it starts screwing up. I even went to the extent of resetting the Samsung galaxy tab S 8 .4 and loaded total for mobile only. It still didn't work. That's a sad situation. Ended up returning the galaxy tab S 8 .4. Having to go with Apple iPad now, just in order to get towork. We are in high season now being that it is April. I have been working for months on developing my workflow with mobile appraising. And now I have to start all over again with a completely different device and system. This is really screwing up my business. If you're serious about getting started with mobile appraising. Forget about the Samsung devices unfortunately.

Jarrett Hardesty

BRING BACK THE OLDER VERSION This verison almost always jumps to the bottom of the page while working through the critical data field.... Very annoying

Shane B

Very helpful and convenient. Only a minor gripe: for some reason the app goes to landscape mode on it's own once in a while, even if my phone is not in landscape mode. I don't see a way to turn that off in settings. Love the app, though, thank you.

Shannon Summers

A la mode Sketch would not save; I'm sure a patch is in the works. Good overall app. Time saver/handy.

Myles Heckaman

Sketch glitches send me back to the older version

Wayne Lovett

Appraisal app Good and save a tremendous amount of time

Leon Cluff

Sketch Gets Deleted Started using this app less than one week ago for sketching. With latest release my sketches get deleted upon upload. The scenario seems to be whenever I use trace mode, draw a few lines, and quit trace mode because I traced wrong line and start trace mode again and complete sketch, everything looks good. I have a basement, first and second level and labeled correctly. I do a save and close and upload to cloud. In the office I merge it and all I have are the few trace lines that I quit using during sketching in field. Everything else is deleted including labels. I open on tablet to double check and it is all gone there. I called support and it is known issue. Back to Apex Sketch for me. Using Samsung Tab Pro.

Morgan Duffy

Recently Updated, Major Flaws 3/3/2015 This app just went through a major update 2/24/15. As of the current state, it has a lot of nice features that improve the usefulness of the app but at least one major flaw. The menu on the side that always stays there allows for quick jumping between areas. My major complaint with this app in the current state is that if you're not careful, it will delete everything. I was out appraising a house and was to the point of the inside measuring interior walls and taking notes when I flipped back to the sketch and a weird glitched caused all dots in the corners to be enlarged, preventing me from seeing the sketch. So after staring at a bunch of overlapping large red dots, I close and save the file. Now I reopen the file and go to sketch, again, large dots cover the sketch, so I hit "discard and close". DON'T DO THIS. It deletes everything, not only what you might have just done but all previously saved changes too. So I lost my sketch, notes, and pictures. If you like gathering data twice, choose this app!

Brittany Brownlow

Amazing Easy to use, and incredibly convenient.

John Lyons

A great App! I haven't picked up my clipboard in over a year now. Just the sketch program alone is worth giving this app. a try.

Paul Thies

Works well I find this program to be very helpful. Still a few bugs that need to be worked out. Looking forward to the next update. UPDATED 01/30/2015 Promises Promises Promises. I have heard about an update that is "Coming" for months. The program erroneously enters data into your report that is not correct. There seems to be no time frame to fix the issue!!! I keep hearing next update next update. Blah Blah Blah Program could be GREAT IF ONLY THEY WOULD SUPPORT IT!!!!

Gerald Ulbricht

Not reliable, rooms function still not fixed.

Eric Sutherland

I use this app every day Great app for appraisers. I use almost all features, but even if you use for just photos it's worth it

Jason Bushnell

Getting better. Thanks guys

Travis Murphy

Used to love it "Loved it" Well I use this app every day and it's been working just fine. But now it doesn't let me add data from the drop down menu. I have to add everything manually. Which isn't hard to do just annoying as hell. When I try and use geo mapping it crashes. Plus another annoying thing is the sketcher. When moving an area our doesn't allow you to place where you want, most of the time. Which is frustrating because the point of this app is to eliminate double doing data entry. Motor RAZR Maxx HD

Brian Van Auken

Love it I have been mobile appraising for 10-15 years now, starting with a laptop. So glad for the additional photo pages,now 100% of my inspection is with my phone or tablet. I figure it saves me 20-30 min PER APPRAISAL

Keith Lewis

I LOVE IT! It saves me 45 minutes to an hour on every appraisal by not having to retype my notes from the field. It also takes the place of my camera, clipboard, file folder and a pencil. All of my photos, sketch and notes are downloaded right to my reports

Tony Loy

Sketch Like it except for the sketching. I can't even make a rectangle. The swiping doesn't seem to work for me. Wish it had arrows at least

Lisa Arnold

Works good most of the time, only one issue so far. The app will close and fail to upload photos sometimes.

Timothy Thurnes

Time saver Very happy with the updates and continued improvements.

Jeff Leger

Excellent Much better than the last version, but I am having a problem with the multi-family form. I start a 1025 form on the computer and then sync it to the cloud, and then download it to my phone. Somewhere along the way, it removes the 1025 and replaces it with a URAR. It happens every time and I can't figure out why. Taking away a couple stars until this is fixed. UPDATE: November update added the 1025 form. Now 5 stars.

Randy Balcom

Excellent app i use it every day

Thomas Terwilliger

Great field tool for appraisers

Travis Holland

Use every day...


Excellent I like this. But there is no giving sketch keypad with all way arrows.

James Powell

Crashes Constantly crashes nexus 10.1

Ken Miller

Game Changer This app is a huge time saver. It allows me to complete a huge chunk of the report in the field. I can do the sketch, make notes and voice notes while walking the subject, and put my photos of the property directly into the report while on site. No more clipboard for me!

Jared Bonner

Still needs some work crashes on samsung note tablet

Morgan Duffy

Recently Updated, Major Flaws 05/27/15 The current state of this app is stable. The most recent major update made things easier to work with and seemed to reduce the amount of time it took me to fill in data. There still are some hiccups, the most notable one being that once you fill in some sections, it jumps to the bottom of the form into a completely different section. Example: When under the critical items tab, I select asphalt for street type from the drop down suggestion box and the form jumps down to the condition of improvements section at the bottom. Some of the glitches I was having with the sketch program appear to be fixed. Due to the stability and functionality of the current version, I give it 4 stars, with 1 star that could be for improvement of some of the minor annoyances.

Robert Abbott

Huge Time Saver Biggest leap in productivity since the PDF writer. Use it as a glorified clip board (not a full blown report writer) and you will save 30 minutes per report... Minimum!

Michael Brady

Lost a good feature A previous version from this developer used to automatically calculate the perimeter of the properties or structures in the CAD sketch. This was a very useful feature, and is no longer in the "info" of the CAD sketch. Please bring it back. The code is already written, and there is space on the "info" menu screen for it to be added. Would be 5 stars, but this feature missing from previous versions knocks it down to 2.

Jonathan Izumi

Use it for work. Long time user of Alamode.

M Pragit

Thank you Very helpful for gathering data in the field. Not just for form filling but helps you with your notes, workfile and navigation.

Keith Pugh

BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD!!! This is a very helpful app. Makes the transition from the field to the office effortless. Thanks for all the hard work you Alamode folks have put into making appraiser's jobs easier.

Timothy Thurnes

Time saver Very happy with the updates and continued improvements.

Paul Marston

Love the app. Great time saver, but wish I could complete the entire form.

Harley Hong

Better than before, but still needs a lot of work. when you select fields on android for location (ie adverse, commercial) it doesn't transfer over the field properly. same thing with remodeled/updated and the timeline. also, i input the subject's situs into the report as a "scanned document" on total desktop, but that doesn't show up on total android. one feature i'd love to see is on the sketch, you tap on the room name, and then take a photo, and enter the flooring. edit 09/09/2015: apparently you can take photos from within the sketch. that's fantastic!

Neptali Carrion

It Helps, But Overall is a good app, but it doesn't allow to change the type size in the sketch. Lines are 6 points as default and area labels 8 points. I wish I could change both of them to 10 points. This is something that I have to do manually by selecting each number and label after I transfer the report to my desktop. Also, when connected to the Disto it doesn't allow to round the number readings to the nearest digits. Update 7/29/2015 Is it possible to have the size of the numbers and labels as 10 points.

Carl Bickford

Good product This works very well

g rego

A necessity!! I switched from ACI primarily because of this mobile software. It beat Phoenix mobile without really trying. Works flawlessly on my Note 5 and Galaxy Pro tablet.

Reno Cappelli

New Update Bloater In an apparent attempt to enhancement stability, a screenshot file is created in your new alaRecovery folder. For every photo you include in your report along with every input made in your sketch. Now each report creates over 100 additional files in this folder, about 15 MG each, sucking up major chunks of your device's memory.

Oscar J Icabalceta

Here's a little something they don't say... For this mobile app to work, you have to have an account with alamode cloud services or vault. That's why it's free to D/L, you just can't U/L or D/L your files!! It appears that it syncs files only via vault, alamode cloud services. It's not like before, that your pc would communicate with the mobile device via network or USB. It's truly a step backwards, I have no intension of using this cloud service only app.

Ken Miller

Game Changer This app is a huge time saver. It allows me to complete a huge chunk of the report in the field. I can do the sketch, make notes and voice notes while walking the subject, and put my photos of the property directly into the report while on site. No more clipboard for me!

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