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12 Dec

Posted by Zatta in Tools | Dec. 12, 2014 | 74 Comments

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Since Android 4.4 the /system partition can not be mounted rw for some devices (Note3 fore example) by this app. This has to be done manually before installing the custom gps.conf file before choosing to install. I'm sorry for the inconvenience!

The app.
This app does installs a customized gps.conf file for your GPS. It has several different profiles to choose from. We recommend to use the default Google profile but it is up to you. Appart from the profiles you can customize the one chosen.

NTP servers
Derek Gordon maintains a special NTP server pool for you. Dispite what everyone thinks, it is not necessarily the one closest to you which is the best. We consider Derek Gordon's server to be the best option to choose because it has the best data and is most frequently updated.
For more information about the NTP server check out the "About this app" section found under the settings of this app. Also, feel free to visit for more in depth information.

aGPS Alamanacs
Derek Gordon maintains a special aGPS almanac for devices using Qualcomm or similar chipsets. This xtra.bin data file is updated every 30 minutes and is located on a content delivery system maintained by the generous donations of ther userbase.

To maintain the server we need money. Donations through this app will be divided between Derek Gordon (Crypted on XDA) and Zatta (on XDA).
Each star costs 2 Euro and will reduce the waiting time before you can install the patch. 0 star users wait 20 seconds, 1 star users 10, 2 star users only 5 and 3 star users and Premium users can install immediately.
You can become a premium user for only 5 Euro. This is a discount of 1 euro compared to a three star user!
We choose this method to allow every one to use all features of this app and because we believe in XDA developers users. Please, don't leech!

Backup and restore
On the first run of this app a backup is made on your SD card. Don't remove it because a backup is only made during the first run (or at an update if you choose to remove it anyway) and no other backup is found on your SD card.

ROM updates
The patch this app provides is located on your /system partition so every time you do update your ROM the patch is overwritten and you will have to redo the patch.
Unless you are using a Cyanogenmod based ROM and your rom has addon.d support. In that case a script will be placed in the addon.d directory to preserve the patch. It can be disabled in the app's settings but is enabled by default.

Asus users
On ASUS roms a typical file is present at /system/etc/gps, namely the gpsconfig.xml file. This app pathes that file as well, to be specific the PeriodicTimeOutSec parameter. Of course a backup is made of this file as well.

Special thanks to Sneakyghost for translating this app to German!

Whats new

    Version 1.1:
    *Now also localized in Italian, translations by XDA Member Kiba No Ou
    Version 1.0.5:
    * Removed in-app donations, thanks to everyone who has donated!
    *improved mounting /system to RW
    Version 1.0.4:
    *Added German translation. Huge thanks to Sneakyghost (xda senior member) for this!
    Version 1.0.0:
    *Repaired addon.d file preservation function

Zatta part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Dec. 12, 2014. Google play rating is 84.7804. Current verison is 1.1. Actual size 672.0 KB.

Download topntp.apk 672.0 KB


Nancy Lam

GPS location set in 2 secs Finally! An app that really fixes GPS location problems. Loads quickly on my Note 3 so I'm not sitting in my car waiting for GPS to work. Awesome! Has improved both Google maps and Here maps (which I downloaded thinking Google maps was the issue).

Dominic Mondello

Wow! This little piece of software completely fixed the GPS lock issues I had with my Note 3 running CyanogenMod11 and CyanogenMod 12 unofficial! Thanks a lot

Mavis Wong

Recommended for all note 3 users Note 3 is a fine machine, and this app is the engine oil -taking away your searching for GPS and battery draining issue at one go. Thank you dev.

Scott McGee

Works as advertised I was too lazy to install custom gps.conf for my area, and this made it brain-dead simple. I got faster GPS lock with more satellites using generic Google profile, but 5 stars anyway for an app that encourages my laziness.

Trey Carpenter

Seems to help slightly Dropping down to 4 stars because this makes applications report that location has been found, but encompasses such a wide area that Google Maps can't even display where that location encompasses. Be wary. Only reason to download is if you care about every millisecond. The only thing it really influences is your server for aGPS.

Ryan Horton

Works! Galaxy s4 i337 MDL . worked perfectly. Flashed pacrom and lost GPS locks. This worked with a reboot.

Lawrence Then

Totally fixed my GPS issue Have been trying all day to fix my GPS and this totally fixed it :D


Unbelievably good Before this app it was any where between 3 to 10 mnts for a gps lock. Now it's just in a few seconds and that to with out data. Amazing app. Thank you dev.

Morten Bang Jensen

You fixed it! THANK YOU! I spent days trying to work out how to get my gps working. All it took was your app and one click. Thank you so much <3

perry rockett

Great app Fixed my note 3 tried everything this really works.


Didn't work on my note 2

jeffrey uy

It didnt work on note 2 n7105,it keeps coming back on derek gordon even if i install my country and reboot which is ph.

Kezia Paige K. Tee

It worked!? I'vd had to put up with crappy gps for months, but now I just wait a few seconds. This is really useful!

md love

It works Location was set in seconds even from inside buildings

Flores Hugo

Hellll yahh!! Freakin awsome ...good work brother....

Asmadi Md. Zain

Wow... worked superbly with my Note3

Danny Danny

Did not help for my Note 3, still have GPS problems. Does not reboots the phone, perhaps because it runs on Andoid 5 and need an update ¿?

Luis Silva

Garbage Freezes superuser rendering it useless.

azeem kattukunnath

Awsome... Good for rooted phones...nw my grand2 connects gps fast...

Mad Max

Didn't do anything

Pavel Roskin

Noticeable improvement My Samsung Galaxy G4 is quite bad at getting GPS fix in my car, especially in rainy weather. Using this app, it takes two minutes instead of ten. Kudos for supporting CyanogenMod specific features!

Michael Carpenter

Well... It does something... This app definitely messes with my GPS and gets a "lock" in a few seconds, however, all it seems to do is feed fake random GPS coordinates the GPS chip, which my phone thinking it's thousands of miles off course. He'll right now it thinks I'm in a different state....

Alex Paraschiv

Perfect. My Galaxy Note i717 will now lock on GPS in a few seconds. Thanks.

Zi Yang Goh

Impressive I am a galaxy S3 user in Malaysia(Asia), and had p It took many many tries on different settings (which most of them made it worse), but finally there was one that worked, giving me up to 10m accuracy without disconnection in the open area. The only flaw is after i entered a tunnel for a short while, it took around half a minute to regain a signal to pinpoint my location (maybe it is already considered fast). Thanks for this great app, I can trust my GPS once again :)

Damian Kurowski

Amazing Fix in 2 seconds. Wow.

Jay Smykal

Wow, just wow. This is the only thing that fixed my GPS. Tried several methods, conf and lib files, but nothing worked. Thought what the hell, I'll give it a try. Accurate ever since, and now doesn't try to obtain a lock every 60 seconds. Simply phenomenal.

Thomas Parker

Waste of money Total waste of money cant wait to set everything back to stock. I wish I could get my money back. Wow, talk about ripping people off for money, this app rips you off with the best if them.

Simo-Pekka Saarela

Fixed my GPS problems! After using this app and it's Derek Gordon setting I get a GPS fix in seconds and even inside buildings where I couldn't get any signal before. Also GPS seems to be autoclosing now properly after use. Thanks for this amazing app! I have had many GPS related problems with my Galaxy Note N7000 and custom roms with newer Androids have even worsened them to the point where I have needed to disable GPS altogether. Constantly looking for position, poor locking times, heavy battery consumption to name a few.

Ken Ndaru

Really messed up my location Tried the app to see if i can get a faster GPS lock compared to tweaking directly in Eng. Mode. Then all went awry. Can't get my city's location. Even with GPS locked, only my province is shown.

Jannick Hansen

No use for me Using it in China on a Galaxy Note 2. Tried with several different settings. If anything it got a bit slower finding the satellites. Too bad, sounds like it works great in other places

Drilon Shala

It fixed my issue on Note3 Now I get a lock in 5-10 seconds. Since upgrading to KK, I wasn't able to get a decent signal lock. 10 stars. UPDATE: after trying it for a while, I can say that it didn't fix the issue 100%, but it's much better than any other app. I still have issues though. KitKat update screwed us with GPS

Ghetto Star

It actually fixed my GPS!!! I was having issues getting a GPS lock on my Galaxy S3 using CM11. I tried multiple GPS fix apps but they all failed. I used this app and gotten GPS locks in 2 seconds ever since...

Mohd Abdulla

Karboon a7* My GPS was slow but was working fine till I installed this app... Now even when GPS is on it shows off... I tryed to restore but failed. I have formatted my phone but still not working

Ieva Sūnāksle

Amazing Wow, this fixed GPS on my 2.5 year old LG device. Before it took at least 10 minutes to lock position outdoors and the signal was often lost and veru inaccurate, but now my phone can find satellites even indoors! Never thought GPS might be fixed with a simple app :)

Alon Klemm

Yes!! I'm running the latest cm11 nightly on HTC One Verizon, and with this app I'm finally able to get a GPS lock! And I get it fast!! Without this app it was impossible to get a lock on the nightly versions! Thank you developers!!! Thank you!!

Jasper Asuncion

excellent!! Confirmed working on Samsung Galaxy note 2 n7100... Got a gps lock within 1-3secs... compared to 10-12secs prior software installation! good job!

Keven McGill

Sorta works. It says it has a gps lock but when using tomtom navigation, it takes another minute or so to get a good enough lock.

Sohail Ahmed

GPS Fix Almost Instantly Now! This application is wonderful. I spent a lot of time searching to fix my GPS which was taking just too long and this application just did what it says. I appreciate its developers for the wonderful job.

Julián Real

No good Not working on my Note 3. Actually, I installed it to see if it fixed my GPS (suddendly it stopped working, out of the blue) but I can't get a GPS fix location. I flashed first "Global → Derek Gordon" and then tried "North America→Mexico" always with Generic Google GN3 N900W8, in Mexico

Пользователь Google

It works. Had no satellites. Now it is working

James Woodrow

now apparently i'm in North Carolina? This app doesn't work at all, I selected north america, United states, google, and galaxy S3. It now shows me as living several states away and sometimes quickly flickering back to where i really am. total trash app that obviously paid well for advertising, judging from all the fake reviews.

Jeramy Rutley

Only crashes The moment I select Create Files, it hangs. Running CM12. I will happily change my review and donate if I can get this to work. I'm willing to submit logs or traces

Biso Limbu

Everything is Awesome! Once I installed this app every Navigation app locks gps within 2 seconds. Hence awesome.

Karim Sam

Worked!! I couldn't get a GPS lock on my phone until I found this app ! Works like a miracle for LG g2

ed ed

I'm sure normally it's good.. But not on note 3 kitkat. I was getting occasional GPS drop outs. Installed this and went from bad to worse. Tried all good .did a roll back but still no good. Is the roll back the original file or just the one preceding the last change? Prob just a crappy note 3 on KitKat.

Josip Milošević

Gps lock in 14 seconds It took about 125 seconds before so this deserves 5 stars. Keep up the good work man!

Sayan Chakraborty

I upgraded the stock OS of my Galaxy S4 to Cyanogen Mod 12. After the upgrade GPS stopped working (a common problem for Cyanogen 12). After reading in the forums that you need to flash this and that blah blah... stumbled upon this beauty. Download and install in a minute. GPS problem fixed. Yahooo !!!!!!!

Yanuar Hakkinen

I have two Galaxy Grand 2. One with Jelly Bean OS, and One with KitKat. This App work perfectly on booth OS. Nice work!

Jonathan Manili

Great Fix Quick easy fix for my Note 2 w custom rom gps woes. Install, run, reboot, locked on!

rifter 4444

Even if it is just a fast application of a gps.conf tweak and a addons.d preservation script, it does it well, and the results of those tweaks for me on Galaxy Note 3 from a cold start are nothing short of phenomenal (3 minutes or less, and as low as 2 seconds warm).

Thomas De Schryver

I tried every possible combination, rebooted 1000 times, still no gps signal... Didn't work for me :(

Jurica Blažević

Thank you so muuuuch! This helps me a lot !!! GPS is now working perfectly!!! God bless you!

tommy lee

Awesome Thank you! Fixed my GPS not locking.

Marcelo Carvalho

It worked perfect on my LG G2! Thanks!

Artis Kinens

Fixed my gps Couldn't get gps lock after 4.2 update, this app fixed the issue.

James S

I actually had GPS till I used this.

Mathew Tomm

Android RTK? So is this basically a higher pDOP realttime kinematics positioning system with differential GNSS thrown in for good measure?

Oday Zahra

Good one It fix my problem :)


Good And who knows about the way of gps system work and how to edit them,,, for you this app going to useful

Andi Yuni Wiranto

Amazing This app make my GPS much better than before.

Harsh manwani

It worked, thanks.

Wicked Prophet

Best APP ever! I was having GPS problems since I installed custom ROMs on my GT-N7105... This app corrected them all! Thanks for your hard work!

Collin Polselli

Works like a charm GPS lock is horrible on my note 4. Ran this baby once and I get a lock in seconds. Love it!!

Ted Nugent

Would give 5 Im on an lg stylus 2 running lollipop 5.1 and my phone detects sattelites but will not connect. I have tried every gps app on the market and nothing works. I have rooted my phone as well and that didnt help. I dont know what to do...

Vikram Srinivasan

Worked after couple of tries Thanks for the patch. XDA rockzzz

tom ofek

A question Will this work for LG G2 CM 13?

Brian Glover

Works so well, it's like magic. Ignore the fact that this app hasn't been updated in 2 years. TopNTP still does exactly what it is supposed to do: give you the optimal GPS configuration for an almost instant GPS lock-on. Still works great on my Nexus 6P running DU 10.5 MM!

Wayne Hoy

Fixed my broken GPS in second Brilliant app. My GPS was not picking up any satellite but after running this it is back up and running. Tried all sorts of other apps but they didn't work. This is brilliant.

Gabi Nitu

Superb Works wonders on a Lenovo K3 Note with Androium ROM. If there are 22 satellites in view, in 3 seconds I am connected to 20 of them, with a 6 feet error. Love it, as my phone is often used as in car SAT nav.

Jeff Holmes

Fixed GPS issue with lg g2 Running 5.0.2 had problems with navigation because of poor GPS locking/signal issue, completely fixed by this app!

Tony P

Fixed my problem My GPS signal wouldn't follow my current location. This fixed my problem. Btw I'm using a rooted S6 edge

Carlos Lazala

Now every app that requires gps acces crashes After completing the "fix" now every gps apps crashes and forces the device to reboot

Jon Michael

Great. I have been using i9082,with probam kk 4.4.4 custom rom n have trouble with my gps.but thanks to this app,the gps now works great.

Meister Manuel

Works like a charm on Stock ROM Doesn't do much of a difference on CM13 unfortunately, it even gets worse when it comes to accuraty.

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