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4 Oct
IV & ToolKit for Pokemon Go

Posted by HQT Apps in Tools | Oct. 4, 2016 | 75 Comments

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Toolkit & Wiki for Pokemon Go players: IV Calculator, CP Evolution Calculator, Lucky Egg Calculator, Stats, Eggs, Type Weaknesses and Effectiveness, Battle Helper & Info, Move Sets, Stardust Calculator, Wiki and Guide!

ToolKit is an in-app toolkit & wiki for Pokemon Go that provides you with an IV Calculator, CP Evolution Calculator, Lucky Egg Calculator, Appraise Guide, Buddy KMs Guide, essential stats, best move combinations, all possible moves, type weaknesses, battle info, eggs info and more without leaving Pokemon Go. This app can be shown as a floating bubble on top of other apps, so it is always available when you need it

•  Appraise Guide
•  Buddy KMs Guide
•  Lucky Egg/Pidgey Spam/XP Calculator, make the most of your lucky egg!
•  IV Calculator, now with appraise options.Find out if you should power up or evolve your Pokemon, by calculating your Pokemon's potential IV using the IV Calculator toolkit (You will get a rating on how good your Pokemon's hidden stats are. All Pokemon come with hidden stats, Stamina, Attack & Defense. The same species of Pokemon may have different stats. However each species have max potential stats. The IV Calculator will tell you how close to perfect your Pokemon stats are with an IV rating).
•  Find the estimated CP when evolving your Pokemon using the CP Evolution Calculator tool.
•  Find the best stats and moves for your Pokemon. Our in-app tools will tell you all the possible moves that a Pokemon may have.
•  Find the Pokemon with the highest CP, Attack, Defense & Stamina.
•  Find and compare the best Moves with the highest DPS, Power etc.. for your Pokemon
•  Find Pokemon type effectiveness and weaknesses. For battling and defeating that gym! Find out what Pokemon is weak against what. Find the best moves to beat a defending Pokemon.
•  Find which type of egg (2km, 5km, or 10km) hatches which Pokemon.
•  Stardust Calculator, find how much stardust and candy you need to get your Pokemon to maximum level!

Supports languages:
•  Spanish
•  German
•  French
•  Portuguese
•  Polish
•  Italian

If you want language support for your country please send us an email.

**** DISCLAIMER: ****
Legal Notices:
This app is an unofficial Pokemon Go guide only, it is not authorized or created by the creator of the game.

ToolKit is NOT associated, affiliated, endorsed, sponsored or approved by ©Niantic or ©Pokémon Company.

Whats new

    - Added additional level stats to IV results (e.g. your worst Pokemon stats, your best Pokemon stats)
    - Added English help text for IV Calculator
    - Minor enhancements
    - Bug fixes

HQT Apps part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Oct. 4, 2016. Google play rating is 87.0858. Current verison is 1.0.34. Actual size 3.4 MB.

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Love it! Please show Average Rating I've been using another app for IV calculation since this one was missing the Arc method. I want to switch to only one app (this one) but it NEEDS to show the "average rating" for each Pokémon in the results section. Thanks HQT for such an excellent implementation. I'm ready to throw some money your way!

Marcus Dearstyne

Excellent in game app! Most professional, streamlined, quick access, effective iv rating app I've seen yet! the in game overlay is outstanding. I wasted endless time cross referencing with websites and other apps before. won't play go without this bad boy running again, I'd give it a 5 and pay for add free gladly if it just had a dmg counter for moves to choose off or def for your pokemon!

Joel Maxwell

Accessible and Comprehensive This app contains all the information I'll ever want to have about my Pokemon, and I don't even have to switch apps to access it. The only problem I'm having is that the Evolution CP calculator asks for a Pokemon name an CP, but does not return any information. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong. Other than that, it's great.

Marcus Lim

My favourite iv app I had gone thru so many other IVs but I still loved the interface from this app. Now that u have added the arc for checking iv, all mg gripes are resolved. Take my 5 stars!

David Carli-Arnold

Incredibly Good This is a very well designed app. The UI is very nice, and I was surprised that it doesn't cause this application to be very slow like some other equivalents. An idea for a new feature is a cheat sheet for what the different appraisal phrases mean. Maybe even with the option to use them to further refine IVs.

Rick Angelin

Arc Entry Not Accurate I love this app, but wont use the arc method yet, as i found once so far that it didnt return values which aligned with the appraisal of Blanche. I had to use stardust method to find the correct IV.

Cheng Yang

Need a "go back" navigation function and Lucky egg calculator Very good app. Will like to see a "go back" or "return to previous page" function added. Right now is a pain to have to check on multiple Pokemons. Have to click so many times. Also, please add lucky egg calculator. Will give a five star after above fix :)

Mark Guinto

Update is awesome! Edit: Resent update works wonderfully. Mulitple methods to calculate IV, arc works great -----old reciew:------IV calculator is not accurate. It said that I had a pokemon between 92-98%. After powering up several times, it went to eith 2% or 96%. Wasted stardust. EDIT: I did click the powered up. Edit2: Crossed with other IV calculators. The issue is that this app does not do Trainer level in its calculations.

Mat Legault

Perfect Everything the serious trainer needs to check his catches on the go. Skillsets, overlay iv checker, complete with an entire pokedex if you're wondering about strengths and weaknesses before that big gym fight. What more could you ask for?

Zen Estacio

Very helpful Nifty little overlay app that has the best UI for pokemon go, glad to see an IV arc overlay and player level calc although it still needs refinement since calculations are still off but at east it's getting there, this is still an awesome app.:)

Lim Shu Shin

Latest update is so UI friendly. Previous version blocked stardust figure in Pokemon go, it been fixed now. Thanks alot , such a great tool!

Beau Shaw

Wonderful app with tons of tools This Iv calc App Is the best given it now has A level arc overlay option to determine specific pokemon level. Everything you need in this. Great Job!

Jacob Dillon

Awesome tool This is a very great tool while out hunting. Combined with the new appraisal tool you pretty much know what the exact iv's are. One request could you add a pidgey calculator or candy calculator? This would round out the tool box.

Johnathan Debs

Great tool. Dev is responsive. Very great tool for examining your pokemon. The new appraisal update in Pokémon Go seems to be accurate with the Arc and Stardust calculators. Developer is very fast in responding to emails. From what I understand from the dev the Arc calculator is more accurate then the Stardust calculator. Love how it overlays. This app would be even better if it could grab all the needed info automatically by reading the screen when a Pokémon is pulled up so no typing needed.

Sebastián Agüero

It has all the information I need, constantly checking moves to see whats the best dps for everyone, has lots of other options, and even an IV calc with arc and refine.

Marco Di Croce

Great improvement with the arc Now the iv calc is easier to use. I'd like a section with the rewards per level and a xp calculator when using lucky egg

Anthony Jay Anido

Great app!! Great help for finding the best pokemon out there!! Just curious as to what the REFINE button in the IV calc does... A reply from the developers would be great!

Chris Oaks

Perfect Companion This is by far the best, most accurate IV Calculator in the market and the extra Tools are a plus. You can really tell the developers are players themselves and they put a lot of thought into the layout and design. If you're a serious player, you need this app. I suggest paying the extra money to remove the ads. Besides that, it helps the developers and they deserve it.

John Enric

Perfect for Pokemon GO This app is pretty amazing. Well designed with pretty much everything you need to know about Pokemon GO. Just a suggestion, you might want to add a lucky egg counter where you can input the specie you want to mass evolve, number of candies you need for the mass evolution and how many you'd need to transfer to maximize experience on that evolution spree

Rachel Meyer

Best tool kit out there! This app is by far the best Pokémon Go tool kit. The interface is super sleek and works well alongside Pokémon Go. I'm definitely going to pay to remove ads... these guys deserve my money for making such a great tool kit! Thank you!!

Marco McCain

Great interface, easy to use The best app I've found that actually provides detailed rundowns of expected IVs, rather than just percentages. The overlay that lets you exactly match the location of the Pokémon's leveling arc is a nice touch.

Vinh Phung

The new update does not show the app on top of Pokemon Go

amer jarrah

Looks great! I can't confirm its accuracy, but this app overlay looks incredible and is very easy to use. The best I've used.


Arc pls. Thanks for the arc calculation!

V. Ann Onimys

Really handy Love that it can overlay over the game. Really helpful and great interface

Dustin Unilowsky

Used to be good It never starts with the app anymore. Its in the app section to start when the phone boots but i still have to start it in the app by disabling and restarting the autostart. Also crashes now. I click a few things in the window and it disppeared. May end up using an actual app... Could also be zenfone 2 being annoying?

Christopher Scott

The Bestest I've installed every pokemon app to find the best, and this is it. Constant updates. Only thing I would like to see is a button that matches "GO messenger for Pokemon Go". I use it all the time.

Erich Espinosa

Awesome App! This is by far it's the best Pokémon ToolKit & IV Calculator and I do like the fact that it automatically starts with the Pokémon GO app. App frequently updated and Developer responds in a timely manner.

Mathew Sullivan

Great, needs work. By far this is the absolute best, most convenient, elegant and powerful chathead like Pokemon Go tool. Please add: 1. Timer built in to toggle, 2. Double tap toggle to enter battery saver (just screen off w/ double tap to wake when off), 3. Option to adjust transparency (stock is nice, option is good to have), 4. Option to resize toggle. 5. Even more elegant overlay UI (possible icons to represent each title?).

Kevin Rye Tomato

Is this cheating? The app is good but i want to know if this app will get me ban? Is this app use some credentials from pokemon go?

Can Lai

Great app but i worry Will this get me banned? Im afraid it will get me banned.... :[

Michael Borges

Only shows aprox. IVs. There's a app that shows precise ivs. Thanks but no thanks

Jason Copeland

Top tier calculator Just missing a trainer level + cp arc option. I saw the dev said it's on the way, so I'll be waiting!

eyad jassim

Very helpful I have been working with this software for the past 2 weeks good help if your with the red team otherwise don't use it ?

Ernesto Triant

Hide "Start Toolkit Launcher" does not work for galaxy s6.

Jason Frederick

Very helpful Very easy to use with very helpful information. The only question i have is when you calculate the iv and it has the level category is that the trainer level or the pokemon level?

Raphael Alcantara

Widget shortcut You should add a shortcut mode (when clicking on the icon automatically launches the popup)

Lindsey Pettit

Great accessory to Pokémon GO Really like it! Can you add lucky egg calculator please :) Thanks

Filip H.F. Slagter

Feature-crammed toolkit with little less to wish for. Handy calculator, and so far the best I've tried. Only thing I'm missing in the IV Calculator is integration of Appraisal results filtering, perhaps via 2 dropdowns. Another nice addition would be an option to store/reload refined results for further refining later on when you can afford additional evolve/powerups. Would also be better if the Floating Icon launcher's name was prefixed with IV Toolkit as well, so it's easier to spot in the app list.

This app is by far the most accurate IV and CP calculator. I have been using this app along side others on the market for side by side comparison and this app hands-down blows them all out of the water. The float window and transparent overlay is extremely useful for IV calculations. Having nice lists and a complete informational Pokedex based on this version of the game as there are slight numerical differences for type advantages when compared to other Pokemon titles has been great when taking over gyms with friends. Enjoy the new update as well. 10/08/2016

Jonathan Bakis

Great and they keep changing it to make it better! Love the app it has the overlay which is awesome makes everything soo much easier just wish it had the autostart back! I'm not sure why you guys took it out but I presume it was for a good reason! Keep up the good work and if you are looking for an all around toolkit for Pokemon Go this one will hit it out of the park! Also did have a problem with the iv calculator on my girlfriends phone the arc does not line up correctly. She has a galaxy s6 any suggestions for a fix?

Great app. Love the overlay during IV calculations, it's quite ingenious. For those of you reporting inaccuracies or failure for the arc to line up. Make sure your Trainer Level is shown correctly in the top left. The arc is divided into equal parts based upon your level, so each time you level up you need to update this app so that it can draw the arc properly.

Lynette Cowper

Almost perfect Calculates your IVs, estimates CP on evolving, and has great information on each Pokemon and its strengths, weaknesses, moves, and best move sets. The only things I'd like to see are integration of the appraisal on IV calculations and an update on the Lucky Egg calculation, given the new shorter evolution animation.

John Eickhoff

The IV Toolkit has gotten better and better with each release becoming more and more detailed and accurate. This is as of 4.4. It has all the information you need to play the game. The IV Calculator is spot on. It now tells you the attack and defense numbers and the level for a pokemon, so you know how you will stack up in battle. Of course you only have a general idea on the defender. It also gives you exact evolve numbers. As of the last version it exactly told me the CP of all the pokemon I evolved. If there are a lot of options It will give you the high and low. It also allows me to adjust for power ups and these to are exactly on. So now you know when you get to 30 and start getting 1/2 values. It has a lucky egg calculator that allows you to enter the number of pokemon and candy for each pokemon and tells you how time it will take to evolve. It is an approximate time as to much human interaction is needed. It does all the calculations for the set of pokemon you will included in a mass evolve. There is also alot of information on each pokemon by type, #, and moves telling you about them, their possible move sets, what they are good and bad agst.

Alana Brockhaus

Almost perfect The only thing I'd like to see is the added input of the bonus of the best attribute. Now that you can appraise the Pokémon, knowing your wonder pokemon should have a high %, because it's stats exceedes calculations, the average this iv calculator gives shouldn't be around 50%. There is currently no way to take the bonus into consideration.

Funky Monkey

Can U Fix the lucky egg time. Last I knew PoGo reduced the evolution times. I am worried about inaccurate lucky egg times.

LeMar Gunn

Great Help Excellent resource, that lets me quick check newly caught mons while still playing. The numbers are within 1-5% higher when calculating evolved CPs but nothing that is troubling. And a few times actually lower than the final outcome, so even better!

Lil' Ms. Sarbear

Good but... My only suggestion would be to list the pokemon recommened for battling. Like listing the pokemon the one your battling is weak to.

Dan Friedman

Needs appraisals Great tool, but I need to be able to filter based on appraisals. This can often narrow down the potential IV range significantly.

gary taybeng

Good apps Easy to use especially the float icon,but a bit confuse on should i use arc or stardust to calculate iv?why have both??

Stuart Mathews

Great App That feeling when the help app has a better rating than the app it enhances. Keep up the great work

ziq gAucho

Add in recomended moveset for each pokemom Put in recomended(rank by the best till worst) moveset for defending and attacking a gym

Christina E

Needs an update It seems the cp bar overlay in the IV rater doesn't match up properly since the latest Pokémon Go update. I will adjust my rating to 5 starts when it's fixed

Charlene_Chad Smith

Works well This app has a few different options to use that are easily accessible during gameplay and offline. I am using this app virtually everytime i play to know which mon to transfer and evolve. Has a few features worth checking out...

Ling Ling Nguyen

Works for the most part But for some Pokemon it won't show any results for IV even when info is input correctly.

Alex Johnson

Pokemon Go's Best Helping App! One of the best apps for Pokemon Go. Helping for IV's + more. Non bann able as well.

Stuart Lane

Iv Only use for iv calculator but its does a wonderful job. Plus. Other stuff if i need it.

Sarah Abedzadeh

Great app Love the app! Super comprehensive and useful. Bought the premium version to support the devs.

steve clark

Fully featured PoGo toolkit Very good app with all of the tools you need. Overlay launcher has good astetic and is easy to use. No complaints. Look forward to more features in the future

Son Phu

Needs one more thing Duration to moves list

Liam Joyce

Can't fault it. This is the best Pokemon Go app I've ever seen, and maybe one of the most practical apps I've used overall.

Steve Johnson

Good app. Helps with fights

Q DeVries

Just wow Love the widget the whole app is so accurate just such a good app its a must have for pokemon go players

Helped a little If you know what your doing you don't need this app. But if u don't its a must have.

Wooden Marker

Amazing The app is frequently and quickly updated and is such a useful resource. 8/8 would r8 m8

Watcharapong Panuphan

Request Pokemon icon Pls add picture of pokemon or icon at pokemon list. Thank you for advance.

Shannon McMahon

All it needs is recommended battle suggestions to vs Pokémon :) even if it's player voted

Does it all in 1 app Absolutely brilliant. A must for any pokemon go player.

Edith Ramlow

Helpful Stat App I love comparing my pokemon to save stardust for the best.

Troy Culver

Great app, but the nidoran female evolution calculator is way off.

C deVries

AMAZING You better get it, it is the best app ever (>^_^)>

I will try

Ignacio Rey

Wish it was available for iPhone

Kelly Cunningham

It is what you need great job. :)

Wimas Ayodya

no image where is image

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