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30 May
Toilet Treasures - The Game

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You sit on it every day, but do you know what lies within the depths of your toilet when it is clogged? Sit tight and prepare yourself to play a game based on true discoveries directly from the annals of plumbing history. Find the long lost and wondrous objects from inside your toilet in Toilet Treasures!

Grab your plunger and get ready: you’ll be amazed with what is inside of your toilet!

Collect dozen of marvelous artifacts sunken in your toilet. As you complete each thematic collection, earn exquisite thematic plungers. Plus, can you find all the rare and legendary golden objects? Try Toilet Treasures now and live a realistic unclogging experience -- finally a game where you might actually learn something useful for life.

• 60 bizarre objects to collect
• Thematic plungers to unlock
• Tasteful design
• Feel like a real plumber
• Based on a true story

Download Toilet Treasures now and reflect upon the beauty hidden in the depths of everyday life.

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

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Raul Alvear

Very interesting You never know what you might find, and keeps you entertained for discovery! I love the idea of different types of plungers, it lets you know why your playing the game. As a coclusion, it's really AWESOME!

Chloe Grant

hilarious So many Weird things to find like I found a alien and a turtle!

Bannana Boy 77

Lol You never know what you might find i found a teenage mutant ninja turtle

Ben Warner

So Jokes! Fun and easy to play! Also you get really funny objects in it ,check it out.

fatma bayusuf

This game tho I loved this game and still do?

Demi Pepperday

The app I like the app its realy funny you don't know what you could find and I don't get that we have to wait for another go

Sara Schoenbeck

I would put 5 stars but it needs unlimited amount of plungers :I

Charlotte Adam

Horrible OK ,OK , it wasn't that bad you should get this app if you like games you would like this 1

Amber Banner

Brill I love it it is So surprising what you can find down the loo but there could be a unlimited amount of plungers:'(

Makayla Bailey

Cool game The only thing that I can see that is wrong is the part of the game were it says tokens of e factions .... pink hand cuffs

Tanya Johnson

Good Very funny add more items and plungers

Ariana Baker

Cool This game surprises you with all the cool different prizes.

David Foster

I wish more plungers were available.

Dougie Bainbridge

What did I just play X)

Seth Renteria

i beat it got evey plunger and got all of them gold

Tanner Marcroft

BEST TIME WASTER EVER I already finished a collection in five minutes

Alexis Traskos

Its not the best game in the world It needs work then it will be better.

Nicolle Ashman

All right but needs unlimited amount of plungers

Shannon Hartford

Love this game real time waster


Its okay Good game but after u get all of the plungers its kinda boring

cassandra katz

Amazing This is the best game ever! I've unlocked every plunger and I have about 30 golden items. Best game I've installed in a while.

Mo Ay

This is like... This is actually a minigame from toilet time but lots of levels. So this is a copy of toilet time one of the minigames.

Matthew Carnevale

weird but great needs achievements that give the player plungers or a way to upgrade plungers and increase the chance of better discoveries i enjoy this game and really hope there an update coming soon with more items :)

Sophie Mahmood

Great game I loved it ?

Guðný Kristjana Bjarnadóttir

Boring Its so boring , you do nothing else then find some stuff in the toilet ??

Marina Machart

Omg I found a dead fairy and it said it died of murder by cat.?????

Joshua Leneau

This game sucks Never download this game

Dylan White

Its an amazing but disturbing game

tom Barlow

Funny Amazing and funny of the things u find in a toilet!!!

Alina Dillow

It's a funny game for when your bored

Peggy Oliver

Toilet treasure Love it Iove it fun and addicting runs good too.

skev lambous

Love it! This game is perfect and awesome!

Jada Williams

Good It was ok

Alex Witton

Love it Such a funny amazing game.

Matthew Biggs

Good game So so so so awesome

Rainbow Dash

Cool It's so awesome.

Stacy Valdes

I love how there's not many ads plus I'm almost done with the game! I got most a the plungers but I have Toilet Time

Andrew Sepede

Wouldnt much call it a game cause there is no real challenge but its fun and no problems

Elizabeth Chesnut

Toilet Treaaures It is very addictive in a good way. I played it once a day, everyday before I went went to school.

Andrew Phillips

Lost all my gold stuff I played everyday got all rhe plungers and a ton of gold stuff to go on and find all my hard work reset why did it happen plz reply

Tracy Thompson

I love this game. Just wish there were more plungers.

Doc Kilgore

Do you love to flush? This is what it is, and its done well.

Bailey Brokaw

Amazing You have no idea what is going to come out of the toilet it is amazing what you will find an amazing idea!!!! :-)


Fun little game Nice way to kill time at work when things are slow.

Melanie Hamelin

Great This game is so easy but also so addicting its so much fun

Vernarda Ceja Rivera

Toilet treausure I fild 90 of the boxes today.

ernesto ordinario

Double Toilets! Toilet time AND Toilet treasures!?! This is crazy.

Nijaliz killins

I don't hat I love the game

Steve O

Ok, I have like 10 of every item and about half of all of them in gold but am still missing the bottom middle cuisine item...seems odd to have that many items and not one of that one...what's up with that?

Ethan Wood

This game is really boring There is really no point in playing it. It only took me 4 hours to get all the plungers. The gold versions are useless. It's not worth the time I wasted.

Jennifer Willis

Pointless If you like pointless timewasters this game is for you. Finished it in a few hours and nothing to progress on anymore.

Tanail Thomas

I love their game its awesome Cool better than the other game

Elissa Ann

Collected all items in 1 day. I love the idea of the game, I just wish there was more to it. Possibly more levels? Different toilets with more items to collect maybe.

Kyah Palmore

Great I beat the game but nothing happened but it was a great game and I beat so I'm deleting it 5***** I just found out u have to get the gold ones to??

Skylar Kirchman

Not enough plungers! I liked it but now I unlocked all the plungers. Now what am I supposed to do?

Grace R

Amusing, but... This app is simply amusing and I go back to it when I can to plung. But, the ads are outeageous. You get an ad about every minute, and sometimes they're even videos. If the ads were lowered, then I'd rate 5 stars.

Thomas G. Alderman

Fun game. Interesting way to kill time. I'm enjoying it.

crystal jenes

Fun I'm finished getting everything so I'm deleting it. wished it had more levels to play!

Lauradelenn S

Plunge into some fun! This game is delightfully tongue in cheek in its puns and visual humor. Worth downloading and playing a few times to see if you can catch the hidden references, as well as the items themselves.

Mary Hicks

UM IV GOT ALL THE GOLD PLUNGERS What's next? I have gotten all of the gold plungers which means iv got all the regular items plus all of the legendary gold ones. SO WHAT'S NEXT????????????????

John Enderson

Hhhhhmmmmm Great game. Got all gold....can't be the end!! Please update with new toilets and "medal" options! !

Samuel Matamoros

Good but the doll head is creepy u should take it outta thegame

Jas Akira

Boring Resets itself sometimes so you start all over from the beginning. Also there is an advertisement every single plunge you do

Tiffany Downing

Great game Comes in handy when I need to pass time.

Matt Oswald

Funny game This is you best game even better then my boo

Jalene. Hettinger

Tolet treasure Very fun game to play but need Moore plungers

Bella Rice

I pooped Well at first I didn't know how to use the plunger and now I do thanks to this game

melanie vega

Ok Game and idea good put together bad needs to be more. Games with what you collect.

Atul Praveen

Toilet treasure The other side of things that you have a few years ago.

Charles Joseph

Please add more levels This game is fun but please add more levels

Kassi Burt

Love The only thing that I have to say is that the game is to amazing

Corina RamosFernan

Its boring It not that fun.I didn't really like the game. They should add more stuff to it

Elenoir Sutcliff

Love it!!! You need to add some homestuck or anime refrences

Courtney Swift

BOOOOOOOO This game is rubbish all you do is get a plunger stick it down the loo and win a prize..BOO HOO SUCKISH

Samantha VanWart

Stupid The only things I get, I already have!

Julie Abbott

I get the same stuff A LOT. So I think there should be a less chance of getting the same thing!

Delissa Parker

Like it Collecting is pretty quick and I got it an hour ago..

Louise Haxton

Tolite Its poop ok it give u plunsh in one minute wow so its poopp

Jeanre Kruger

Good Good game not to bad

Aby pizza

So fun I which we got unlimed plumbers

Mohamed Mezroub

It's cool It is kinda boring I wanted it to have more plungers but I have to wait 9 minutes

Mani Kumar

Man! Woow plunge out all crap

Travis Kasper

Unicorns are real This game makes my balls tingle

Becca Tripp

Awesome You should be able to pull plungers out of the toilet

Maxime Pierce

Mixed feelings Kind of fun, kind of boring. Just keeps pulling you in with the "Gotta collect em' all."

Delaney Estrada

I never found at least 2 new plungers Its impossible to find all the items I soon got mad so now I dont have it its not fun if you can never find all the items

Kierra Bunnell

Toilet treasure \the game I like that this game tells you what the names of the stuff you get

Anthea Walsh

Fun It is fun but I am angry because I change the time and now the next time I get a plimger is in 467735 minutes :( D:

Rachel Sloan

I love to see all the items out of the plunger My plunger gets clogged but not like this.This game is interesting to my kids.Love it!

Cordelia Ogle

Toilet treasures I loved it everything about it is good great awsome yeah but the only thing about it is you have to wait for refills for like 20 minutes

Sheena Bake

Totally fun My son thinks its awesome

Jonathan Rich

Fun game to pass time Laughed at all the stuff that came out

Christian Smith

Heymanwhohasbeeninthe The game is getting very excited

Courtney Coughanour

Cool It's cool

emily van hart

AWESOME!!??? I think this game is great especially for kids

Lezjon Bonds

Kingazbonds Loved it

Lightning Chaser

Fun little side app, 2 minute wait time between free plungers is nice and short, 10 plunger capacity or you can buy a refill capacity upgrade to 15 (or buy a load of plungers), plus a daily way of watching 3 ads to earn 9 free plungers (3 per ad), and you can trade in 3 identical items for 1 plunger... Nice randomness to all the blockages, and the collection is addictive to complete in gold... All in all, this game is fun in an unusual way, and has plenty of ways to earn free plungers, plus a nice and short recharge. This is what free to play should be like, microtransactions can make it faster yeah, but its optional. You can easily get all items for free... Oh! Also adverts are fullscreen, and generally pop up every 5 plungers, and every few minutes, would not call these intrusive or obstructive at all, probably see about 3 adverts every few minutes, but that's only when online, if you are offline, no ads show, you can also pay to remove them. So really... All i can is. Great job devs!

Janayah Henry

POINTLESS AND BORING This game is nothing but plunging stuff from the toilet which is LAME, Boring, and POINTLESS

Elliana Jubran

The eye in triangle looks like a girl illuminati. XD Xp And I already have all the plungers so can you make more categories?

Mike Mann

Loved I have 59 out of the 60 can't get the last item ?

Christina Wodicka

Love it Perfect way to waste your time.

Angel Stallrd

Fun but Its fun at first but needs to have more things to do then collect plungers.

Ron Povey

What a shite game Great fun its amazing what comes out of the loo.

Geneva Bydder

It's a great game that you will eventually delete when you have everything

blurryfaced crybaby with panic! at the fall out boy

Why is this sooooo adicting. I LOVE IT!!!?????

Sarah Annett

Lol Made me laugh sooooo much

matihas dedousis

Cool Everything is overpriced and it has no gameplay

Galaxy Girl15

Cool It is cool

Sharmel Palmer

Lol I laugh so much

Alexander Grenier

Love it so funny and fun lol


Too long of a wait

syed shahzaib

It is very bad game

Christian Torres

Boring just straight up boring

Margie Bojorquez

Love it It's AWESOMELY good for younger kids? and I love that about this game

andy inskeep

OK game It passes the time when needing to pass 3-4 minutes during the day.

Malachi Philpot

AWESOME Its great because you get 9 plungers a day and only 2 minutes 2 get 1

Aidyn Stewart

Toilet treasure It's funny

Amena Shanaa

Review Good app funny and reasonable

Llamagirl R

Fantastic game I found it very useful to make little kids giggly so it helps keep frowns off youngsters faces. It is really easy to get all of the plungers and I think that in a future update you should add more collectables. Overall it is a very fun and addictive game.

Charles OConnell

Fun Not much other to say about it other than, it's just plain fun and addictive. No need to throw money into it, you're constantly wanting to finish collections and the wait is like a minute for each plunger. I give it a perfect 5/7 stars

Xia V

Lol This game is really fun ! I like when u get a expensive artifact . but to tell the truth after a while u wish there where more things to do. Over all great game! I highly recommend it?

Daniels Petrons

Good and adicting bit one problem Please add more plungers to the pages i completed it in like 15 days i want more plungers

Chelsea and Myla mitch match

Meh Just doing it for the plungers and ps what do we do when we beat the game I literally just have one item left

Muffin Loves Unicorns

Funny This is an awesome game and it gives you new ones regularly so thats good ?

Whenslie Pabalan

Ok Its ok its just an app

Toilet treasure the game Toilet treasure the game is awesome

Katie Bunner

It's a fun game

Arianna Kesler

Love This game

oli oplin

Cool Awesome

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