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10 Feb

Posted by Adrenaline Amusements in Casual | Feb. 10, 2015 | 122 Comments

Apk file size: 123.0 MB

It all starts with an egg. Gently tap on its shell and watch as a Tinymal hatches before your eyes! Awesome, it's a dragon! Now that your new pet is here, let the most epic friendship begin!

Play with him, feed him, and, of course, pet him using simple touch screen gestures. The more you interact with your Tinymal, the more he learns new tricks and the more he grows attached to you becoming your best friend!

Change your Tinymal's looks by choosing from a wide selection of colorful new styles; Awesome, Cute, Shadowy, and more! Pick the one that reflects your friend's personality the best. With your training and care, your Tinymal will become the best pet ever!

But this is only the beginning as there are many other Tinymals! A mischievous Griffin and a cuddly Panda can also be hatched and made into best friends for life!

Whats new

    Minor Bug Fixes

Adrenaline Amusements part of our Casual and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Feb. 10, 2015. Google play rating is 80.274. Current verison is 1.1. Actual size 123.0 MB.

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Rachel Heide

Won't work I got into it and the loading screen comes up but then it goes back to my home screen... I can't even start paying it!!!

Xavier Davis

My review Amazing. For your next update make the pets evolve as the give new tricks for instance fire breath and for the dragon & Griffin flight

Anirudh Ranjith

It's an ok game I like dragon and having one as a pet is awesome but I really wish the dragons would grow bigger as I level up

Taylor Bingham

Adorable Love it but wish you could do more and it'd be amazing if your pet could grow as you level up.

Arianna Rose

Really I was so excited to get this game me and my friend were always talking about it at lunch I couldn't wait to get it so I get home go on app store and download it and then I go home I click on the app and it says sorry its not responding right now so I try like 6 times more nothing I can't even get in the game other than that its awesome ???

Gary Dodd

Good time waster Shame you can't grow could maybe sort that out then will 5 star it :)

Sara Manship

After when i got to level 25 and to level 11it would not load no more Do not DOWNLOAD if you want to stop playing it

Jennifer crabtree

Won't sent to game creators who have so far failed to respond to my query over game no longer working. un-installing as taking up space I could use for something that actually does work.

Jennifer Lawrence

Issues I loved it at first. My kids got a kick out of the cute little dragon. Until it just stopped loading. I have a screen with the logo, I can hear the dragon but can't interact or see him. Useless game.

Zeek Nevermore

It could be fun. Were it moderately more complex. There really is nothing to this game.

Sharon Rodriguez

Love it But i wish the dralgon could grow and maybe you can ride it also it worked fine for a few weeks then it stopped working

Azakane katsufuyu

... I liked it but My game keeps on going back to the home screen and then takes forever to load again. It's also very glitchy.

Aiden Olear

Horable because it won't work

Bethany Horwood

Would have given 4-5 but it keeps glitching and I have to reset it every 2 minutes

Lestat De Lioncourt

But you need to add growth like slow growth none of this three stage bull

Shayanna Eagle

It's eh Good to start off with but here's some things to add. The option to name your dragon. More mini games. Stages of growth. The stats go down slower.

Jana Abdelaal

Good but... I will like it better if your dragon can grow

Sonya Lee

Adorable! Cute! Graphics are great! Tinymals is so cute.

John John

This game is sooooooooooooo good! It is the best game ever! It got me hooked! Im now addicted to the game!

Isabella Miller

I love it! They look soooooo cute!!!

Lydia Carrasco-Bueno

Eh, its OK. Dragon doesn't grow or anything but....

Maya TK

ExeLent outstanding I love this pet

Bethany Sapp

Less lagging I'd like it a whole lot more if it didn't lag as much. Otherwise this game is adorable

Giovanni Legacy

Problem with changing the skins the animal Goes all black

Shelley Mckay

This is the cutest game ever

Jean emre

No stars if possible I just want to play the game and it says this game is not compatible with your device so then I tried it on the laptop and phone but it still said the same thing .

Laura Hughes

Great Love it so does my 6yr old would like see maybe a wash option and poop to clean that's my 6yrs old option lol amazing game pls think of a shower

Jeff The Dreamer

Awesome! It's just awesome! ×10!

Sharon Erwin

Revised rating - no dragon, can't get in. Reinstalled 3 times. That is my limit before I move on.

Audrey Green

Don't get this game Wtf what has this world come to this game is all whack

Narelle Hancock

Good game to relax with

Ashley Burnette

Love this game

Brennan Mcclung

Rachol stooped it is osom

jacqueline combs

Fun game for most part other than i think a bug needs fixed. If u click on like his egg for example not realizing it while trying to purchase something it messes it up. I had over 6k gold and while i was purchasing the pear he walked to his egg and lost my money and got no pear. So that was annoying. Plus the game gets a little boring after awhile. Need more things to earn. Landscapes or backround items. Or actual mini games.Requires food and play too much and volleyball and baseball gets boring over n over

Took aloo

Best ever Wish you could make it so that the more you level up the more your dragon+griffen+panda would grow

Liberty Horst

I want To give it 0 ?'s I just installed it and tried to open it then it goes back to my home screen ( NOT WORTH ANYONE'S TIME!!!)

Ace Wymer

It worked fine for a few days, but now it won't get past the loading page

Mikey Dangler

Won't work! I will give you a 5 stars if it works. I will uninstall if it does not work. Thanks for reading. P.S. needs updating.

Demon Elsa

Fun Alsome, playful and I can leave it alone and don't have to starve the pore thing.

Emma Brehm

Wont freaking load It wont load and I cant play it. It just says loading... and then just brings me back to the playstore. Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

Nai Uchiha

It worked fine for a few it wont load!! Its just an intro game screen all day!!!!

Ruka Wolff

Confused... It won't tell me how to change my dragons color I've clicked everything but still no clue how to do it.

Christopher Rogers

LOVE It! This game is just too adorable. My kids and I just love the little dragon so much and we cant wait to get the other two. Keep coming out with new critters guys! You are doing a great job!

Robin Utley

Disappointed After reaching level 7 game will no longer load. Uninstalled.

Ryan Trent

Bad It was good at first but after an hour I got on it and I just kidded me off. BAD GAME, MAKE SOME GOOD GAMES PEOPLE!!!!!

Nevaeh Silva

Cute I realy love this game this is the cutest thing ever!

bub whitmer

This game is awesome I hatched the egg and I thought the dragon was soooooooooooooooooo cute.

AJ Serna

Good I just wish that we would be able to to get the Griffin when the Dragon is at a lower level than 25

Tanoshii Sozo

I Luv it! It works perfectly and it's absolutely adorable!!!!!

mike jones

So cute It is so aesome and no bugs

Mary Cool

It's okay Need to make it to where they grow up as you lvl up. And the timers on the food it a lil to long plz fix and I will give more stars

Moon Star

Doesn't need to slide thing I think I the sliding thing in the game is super annoying I can't play the game without my dragon sliding across the format

Filly Horse

Add to coolness It would be super cool if you could like update the game so that you animal gets older with the levels and add more things like food skins challenges toys blanket thankyou for reading this i hope you consider what i said

Joselyn Eisa

It's fun It's fun but really you should get to choose a different creature and be able to make it with out money I would play it but not in till it does change and I do love dragons but still needs to change :-(

Lacey Gribbin

Bugged App bugged, won't open. Loading screen then back to phone home screen. Cleared cache, phone restart, nothing. Worked fine last night when downloaded. Today bugged.

Kristie Bormann

Love it! Not only are they adorable but their squeaks and squawks are heart melting. Their antics and expressions make me laugh. Plus you can buy surprise boxes, toys, skins, decor and more for them.

Simon Evans

AWESOME ? It's so good I love mythical creatures and pandas are my fave animal so to me it really cool and its so cooool that u can change his skin and also its easy to get the coins???

Carrie Carrigan

Amazing Love it loads may take a while to download but it is soooo worth the wait this game is absolutely ACE I definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys having fun!!! I love it!!!!!

Lubo Hristov

Pet games are cool but 1st this game don't support save game to the cloud and pets don't grow and has limited things to do,played similar game with dragons that grow old not in google play anymore,fix this and you get 4stars

Sam Bixby

Keeps bugging out The first time I installed it it was fine just until I got to the Griffen. It would not open. Would start loading then return me to my main screen. So I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. Just two nights ago I had nearly finished the Griffen level and was close to the panda level and its done the same thing again. I don't want to repeat everything again! That in my opinion is the only thing frustrating about the game.

Brooke Davis

I liked it but I liked it but after awhile it got abut boring but it's so cute and funny

Karianne Alexander

Amazing I love this game. I would like the baby to be able to grow up, but I also love the adorableness right now. Maybe different breeds of dragons, the ability to name your pet and shorter cool down times?

DeAnna Fredrickson

Good for all ages, cute, lots of fun, and playable without paying. If your technology can support this game and get it running its a lot of fun without spending any money. Of course you can and there are nice things you can get if you buy them but anyone can own it with the right device. Didn't come with any viruses, it didn't slow down my phone, and the graphics honestly warrant lag and other issues of the sort, but it doesn't at all. The only problem, which is a bit pick in this case, are the adds, but it's to pay for a free game that looks great.

Olivia Obertelli

So cute! I love this game my dragon is soooooooo cute to me also it is playful and I love playing with him. It is also funny when you tilt your iPad, phone or tablet and he can't get up to the other side at the top. I can't wait to get the Griffen and panda because then there's more fun. ☺??????????????&???????????✋????????????✨??;-) :-) B-) :-D PS:I'm sure it'll work for you and I hope you like it too!☺

Bltch Erica

No. Don't you tell me the dragon pet is cute, don't you dare. That "dragon" looks like a retarded lizard and it's ugly. I won't wait till I reach level 25 to play the Griffin. The GUI is ugly too.

Raven Smith

Awesome Great graphics. Like they're seriously fantastic. Easy to level up. An awesome spare time game. Only real issue (and it's not super important, just if you want to add on later) is this: although they're cute and adorable babies...they stay that way even as you hit the level 25 cap. They're could definitely be potential for growth (quite literal in this case). But I'm sure if it is done, it'll be a while before we see that. Just because the graphics are so good.

Naraya Amador

It's OK Once you get through a few levels it gets boring doing the same thing over a over again playing catch, feeding it and completing the levels "which are boring" so I give it a 2 out of 5 stars

Justine Forster

Don't uninstall and reinstall.. You will lose your place Really wish you could log in. It keeps freezing. I uninstalled and reinstalled to try to fix it and had to completely start over from the beginning. Now it's freezing again and won't load. Very fun game though. :)

Kate Myers

It is great! - for the first week and a half After the first 10-12 days, there's nothing left to do. Animals are adorable & game is fun (but a little repetitive). Graphics are great, game runs smoothly, & pets' animations are super cute. Wish they'd come out with more than three animals so I'd have a reason play this again!

BobTheBuilderInTheFlesh BTBITF

It's so characteristic! Its my favourite game and its beautiful and adorable I loooooooooove it! There's no harm in trying a game: you can just uninstall it afterwards, but you won't because its so brilliant! If it doesn't work uninstall then reinstall it. Worked for me with five other games!

Tyler Bale

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! this is so much fun! You must get! I could never find a game this much fun! And its easy to level up which is very awesome!

Titan Lang

Disappointed The game is cute my child loves it. It would be great if it would actually open after achieving level 7. It wouldn't start up. Just load then go back to my home screen. I uninstalled it and re-installed it an then level 7 happened again and no opening yet again. Don't down load this until they actually fix the bugs. It's a cute game but no point wasting time or memory on a game your children can't actually play.

Star Rider

Short Lived Well I was enjoying my first experience of this game and played all of 1 hour and when I went to log on again it won't open. So will be uninstalling, pretty disappointing so only 1 star.

Heidi symons

Naaaww !! So cute !! ♥♥♥ Very cute...very easy to play. Fun for all ages. Only thing i'm not happy about is having to PAY for fun boxes. Completing tasks or using coins or diamonds would be more fair. Not ALL players have the money to buy game extras.

Claire Gomez

Won't load after title screen comes up. Yesterday it worked fine. Now it won't for some reason.and I uninstalled it too.

Kate Bolkcom

The game hangs and will not open now. My daughter is a bit upset because she invested a good deal of time working on leveling up her dragon. She may have to start all over.

Lola Childs

Wow!!!! I can believe i haven't come across this before!!! It is amazing and they are sooooooo cute and the sounds are just so cute they give me goosebumps!!!:) Grafics are great and if i could i would give it a million stars!! I love how he slides down the screen when you tilt the screen. Please reply saying if it can grow up or get bigger please:)

BluHorse 4

Boring When do you get to change the animals skin I am only on lvl 3 and it is already getting boring cant I have multiple animals without paying money and waiting till my dragon is lvl 25? And the wait for the food and toys are so long can somebody change it? I still rated it 3 stars cuz.... Well...the graphics are nice....the dragon is cute too...

jennifer chase

CUTE! I think the game is really cute. I just wish you could save your game or back it up. Just in case something was to happen to the game we wouldn't lose everything we have done or the extra animals we purchased. So if there is some way ya'll could back it up to Facebook or another way that it could be saved that would be awesome. Thanks

Michael Lloyd

Had some problems but fun game Every time I lvl up it says I've gained gems but they never get added =/ other than that it's a great game, purple skin looks like a baby spyro without horns too haha

Bernay Hanson

Tinymals I really love the game because it was my first time raising a baby Dragon. It makes me feel like that I am taking care of Smaug, who is a fire Drake from "The Hobbit"

Ashley Ramsey

Problem I love this and it's great but I have gotten to lv 23 and now it won't load at all and I don't want to reinstall and loose everything but I've tried everything and it won't work, please fix it or tell how to get it back and I'll rate higher.

Victoria Cothran

The idea is interesting... But the animals just are not that cute. The background music is a bit cheesy, but the animation is cool. I guess just not what I was hoping for.

Elianna Rose

Best game ever!!! I love this game. The best thing is you don't have to pay a thing, unlike over half the games out there. I would definitely recommend downloading this game! :-) a small suggestion to the creators of this app, it would be really cool if you could add a pegasus or unicorn. Thanks for reading this.

Lily King

Ewwww!! The 'dragon' looks like a totally spastic lizard with problems and always sinks into the ground. Graphics are terrible and gameplay is boring.

Naomi Bosch

Sliding Why doesn't he slide around I told my screen and nothing happens if u fix this fast I give u a higher rate but till then 1 of 5


Crash After I run it 1 time it crashes on start I have android lollipop galaxy s5 up to date I bought both extra characters I will give it one more try Reinstalled Just played 4 hrs It Crashed Again I'm Uninstall ing. I was able to install this on a Galaxy Tab 2 mini 7 in Tablet it plays good But I can't play on my Phone which is with me at all times ?

Amanda Wallace

Its broken and I am sad... My dragon is 24 , 25 I get a new pet. My app opens then instantly closes. I have had it installed for a long time and no problems until now... I really dont want to start over ( probably wont...)but I would like to play the game still. This game is fun and the animations are adorable. Can it be fixed?

Charlotte Steyaert

Growing I love playing it, the graphics are great and the animals cute. There's only one thing keeping me from giving 5 stars: the animals don't grow at all. By level 25 I expected an adult dragon. Too bad, I guess.

Brette Lobell

Tinymals I've only had it two days & I can't get on anymore. Don't know who to email to get some help. I would rate it way better if I would get it fixed....thank you

Rosa Alvarado

Glitched It's fun, something to pass the test with, the dragon is adorable and small and is just plain cute. But if you have Wi-Fi then lose it you have to uninstall it then reinstall it for it to work and you lose your process it's getting annoying, I was level 21!

Ciprian Flavius Stoica

I love this game. At first I was actually hesitating to donwload this game because of the comments here. But you're wrong guys It's actually very fun. Aboutthe sliding maybe your phone has a problem on your screen,because I never had a problem. I'm 25 years old and can't believe I will love this game. And the dragon are so cute. I recommend you try this out guys. thank you for making this pet so cute and adorable, the animation are so cute that makes me wanna hug my baby dragon. Pls add more lvls. :D and new tricks.

Ashley Taccone

So Cute Very cute game levels r not too hard...basically game playing and feeding the dragon but it s so cute it s fun

Felicia Watrous

Super adorable This game runs very smoothly! It's so adorable! And the graphics are great! I think it rewards you very easily. I also think it's very addicting if you like repetitive things. I love once you beat all the levels of one animal you are rewarded another pet.

Dahlia McKenzie

Well The best graphics in the world mean nothing if the game doesn't stay on longer than 30 seconds. My game shuts itself off after a moment and I must reset so playing has become a game of tag and very tedious at that.

Alix -

It's cute but hardly anything to do. Within 30 min I got bored with it. You perpetually complete quests- feed your pet, put it to sleep, play fetch, among a few other extremely simplistic things before it repeats and you need to do it all over again. You get money for quests, yet there's nothing to buy. You have to level up your pet to lvl 25 to unlock the other two pets, which from what I can tell will take foreverrr. I can see this being a cute game for todders, but not for anyone else. It's just a pet game at its simplistic and gets repetive extremely fast. I can't even say I had fun with it to begin with. It's just very "meh."

Bernay Hanson

Tinymals I really love the game because it was my first time raising a baby Dragon. It makes me feel like that I am taking care of Smaug, who is a fire Drake from "The Hobbit". It is also cute to raise a Griffin bird. And right now, since I now have a Panda cub, I will have to be responsible to take care of the Dragon, the Griffin, and the Panda.

Bridget Russell

Eh Wasn't what I thought it would be. Just turned out to be boring and the tasks were tedious. Would have been better if there was more to do and you didn't have to pay real money for a new tinymal. Definitely not meant for the older crowd. Uninstalling.

icecreampup 96

Sooooo cute!! He is soo cute when I have to do something else I always kiss him good bye. Thats how cute. The tasks are a little too much. And when you have to watch a video or pay diamonds to do something again it bothers you a little. Other than those 2 things its great!?. The little animation in the cave when you level up is cool. And how you can make him slip is cute too. I like how you can throw his food. And I like how you can change out his skins. Please fix how you have to pay to do things again.

Chloe Stephens

Cute Its cute.My dragon loves me.It was adorable.Get it.There's not a single problem that I can find.But I would prefer if the other pets you can buy were easier to unlock (maybe make them lower level needs)and you get a lot of coins easily.So,this app deserves 5 stars?

Becky Cruckshank

So adorable and fun I first downloaded it for my 5 year old daughter on an old phone (also downloaded angry birds and some educational games) she loved LPS but it wasn't what I wanted so I found this game. She loves it so much. I can barely pull her away from it. Now not only is it on her phone but mine and my husband's too. Very enjoyable and so cute. We're definitely a tinymals kind of family ♡

Jessie Hobley

Bug not fixed. I would have given this a higher rating had it not stopped working completely after level 7. I thought it was a cute, rather well thought out game. Though the bug thing is still bugging me. It doesn't matter if I restart, shut off my phone, or uninstall the program. If they could actually fix the bug, I'd give it four stars.


I'm rating 3 because I actually have a few notes. First, I agree the animal should grow as it levels up. I do notice it can do new things as it gets up in level, but it should grow too. Second, I think it would be nice if there were more activities to do with the animal. Third, I think users should choose what they get. And that instead of a panda it should be all mythical beasts. It kind of ruins the theme to have dragon, Griffin, and panda. Make it a unicorn or Pegasus. Something mythical. I'd also love to know how to change the dragon's color? Otherwise, this is a pretty cute game. I just feel it could be improved.

Dakota Robertson

It's OK The sliding gets annoying, the aging process..there is none. The food takes too long to charge. Pet should age every 4 or 5 levels..etc I would give it better rating but it's missing lots

Nessa Kira

Cute game I really like it. It would be nice if the baby dragon did grow a little each time it leveled up. I found out to change its color if you have a cell phone or tablet, where you feed and play with the dragon just try sliding that bar.

Clover Metamo

Love it Not only are they adorable but their squeaks and squawks are heart melting. Their antics and expressions make me laugh. Plus you can buy surprise boxes, toys, skins, decor and more for them. they ever grow up?

Gabby Baratta

It's ok, there is just problems at times Ok, so I do like Tinymals but, there are some problems with the game I have. Like, I don't want to use my diamonds so I just skip with a video instead, but it did not do anything. And one time I believe my tinymal turned to level 16 but, my tinymal would not do anything but jump around in circles. Otherwise it is a very nice, fun, and cute game!

Olivia Obertelli

So cute! I love this game my dragon is soooooooo cute to me also it is playful and I love playing with him. It is also funny when you tilt your iPad, phone or tablet and he can't get up to the other side at the top. I can't wait to get the Griffen and panda because then there's more fun. ☺??????????????&???????????✋????????????✨??;-) :-) B-) :-D PS:I'm sure it'll work for you and I hope you like it too!☺

Alexis Fox

Loading issue I'm hoping this can be fixed pretty quick but what's been happening is that the game will be going fine and I love it however sometimes it won't load it will get to that page then close the app. This has been the 3rd time I've had to uninstall then reinstall and start all over. Please fix. Thanks

Betty Keller

Cool game Just won't open. I got to play it for 1 day, and now it loads to the home screen and then just closes down! Waste of my data to download something I can't even play. Fix it and I would give it a higher rating

Anastasia Kamplain

My kids enjoy it. My only issue is in the past week my son hasn't been able to get the app to open. He was excited that he unlocked the griffen but when he came to show md it booted him off & we haven't been able to reopen it.

Andrew Couch

Gs6 and it doesn't open Own a galaxy s6 and the game doesn't open. Figured it might have corrupted in download so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it same problem. Probably not going to wait for a fix. Poor planning not releasing a game that can be played on one of the latest flagship phones.

Tammy Holliday

What Happened to Classic I think its super cute but really disappointed that there arent any real advancements in each level. Not like the real original Tamagotchi.. :( although maybe its because I am an adult now :O

Jana Nathaniel Intora

Nice and cute game I really like it although you could add that one can give them names. Also the panda is a little buggy (e.g. Skins don't work, they're all black) so please fix that :)

Samantha Aldering

Needs more I absolutely love this game, but it needs more actives. It gets a bit monotonous doing the same activities over and over again with each pet. I also think it needs more pets. I mean, you have five eggs in the nest, but only provide three pets. If there's a tiger striped egg, then provide a tiger to go with that egg. And if you have a silver egg, then provide a unicorn. Please provide an update with these changes. I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way. Thank you.

Teresa Sims

Nothing to write home about... But it is cute. I just wish there were more to do. Mini games, point systems, leaderboards, pet growth, accessories, friends, the ability to visit friend's pets, heck a nickname feature would even be nice. Right now it's just so so.

Levi Leal

Just want a answer:) Id just like to know if in the future you are planing to update to where the dragons grow. If so i will keep playing because i will love this game! It will be more addicting because there is more of a goal to reach. Cause right now i could see it getting a little boring after awhile. Has great potential tho! Please respond :)

annette vincent

Crap I got to.. I can't remember what level but I'd just got the griffin, my griffin was about level 6. Then my game stopped loading I couldn't get into the game at all. I cleared cache, it didn't help! I turned my phone on and off! that didn't help!? I cleared data and it went back to the start.... . Thanks, well worth it!!?

Austin Traynor

Great game, but... The panda's broken. It has no textures for skins, and it has weird animation glitches. Don't waste your time getting the panda till this is fixed.

Amanda Reynolds

All for nothing I played this game and loved it so much that I made in app purchases. Today I cannot even open the app. It brings up the loading screen and flashes back to the home screen. I've reset my phone a few times. This is frustrating because I spent enough time to unlock the griffin and got him to level 17, not to mention spent some money, and now it won't even load, I bet if I uninstall it then it will work again, but I'll lose all the progress. I wish this app could restore session. Wasted my time.....


Crash After I run it 1 time it crashes on start I have android lollipop galaxy s5 up to date I bought both extra characters I will give it one more try Reinstalled Just played 4 hrs It Crashed Again I'm Uninstall ing. I was able to install this on a Galaxy Tab 2 mini 7 in Tablet it plays good But I can't play on my Phone which is with me at all times ?

Savannah Nordman

Stopped working Was a great game untill level 8 and now it wont play. Goes to the loading screen then back to my home page. Not happy.

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