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5 May
Tiny Dangerous Dungeons

Posted by Adventure Islands in Action | May 5, 2015 | 100 Comments

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“I really have to recommend Tiny Dangerous Dungeons to anyone who enjoys platformers or Metroidvanias.”
– TouchArcade, 4.5/5 starts

Pocket Gamer Silver Award
"A surprisingly fresh retro platformer, if you want to scratch a Gameboy itch, Tiny Dangerous Dungeons is well worth a look."
– Pocket Gamer, 8/10

Hop into a classic Game Boy inspired metroidvania adventure with the little treasure hunter Timmy! Explore a huge dungeon, collect hidden power-ups and gain new skills to aid you on your quest! Can Timmy survive the tiny dangerous dungeons, and find the presumably huge treasure?

Based on the hit browser game, this extended edition contains adjustments and new content not seen in the original game, like a wider resolution, new game mode, more hidden upgrades to find, and completely new area to explore!

- Game Boy inspired, stylish and retro monochrome art style!
- Explore a huge, open dungeon! Solve puzzles, defeat creepy creatures!
- Collect loot! Find the hidden ability upgrades to open new passages!

Whats new

    -Small adjustments, removed some buttons with no use.

Adventure Islands part of our Action and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update May 5, 2015. Google play rating is 85.9312. Current verison is 1.2.1. Actual size 10.0 MB.

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Francisco Lopez

Wonderful! A very enjoyable game. Reminds me abit of Metroid 2 on the Game Boy. You explore a perfectly sized dungeon finding items like a map or keys, and other such things like power gloves that allow you to move heavy objects out of the way to continue you're journey. 5 stars for sure coming for a person who was attach to his Game Boy and is now attached to a 3ds/Vita.

James. T

A fun mini exploration game If you love pixelart and platformer, this IS the game you should try! =D

zach zampetti

Bugs on note 3 The screen is off center and there are no buttons.

Jeffrey Willis

Fun, short, and hard

Igor Vatavuk

Hard but fun It's fun but too hard at times. I love the graphics, reminds me of gameboy games. Music and levels are great too. I get bored when I need to go through the same areas over and over again. I got to the key for the final room three times but I manage to die before I reach the save point and than I have to go again through the same obstacles again.

Ivo Lopez-Felix

Great At first I was thinking this game was only ok, but I played more, and more... this game is really good. Great for a free game. If you wanna kill time download this game.

Jean-Sebastien Payette

Great modern classic This game is very, very good. The controls are responsive, and the difficulty ramps up nicely. Make a paid ad free version please! The ads, while not too intrusives, reminds me that it's not really 1989 right now, which is sad. I want them gone.

Matthew Groves

Platformers on Android I've always wanted a good mobile platformer, but usually the controls are garbage, especially with my deformed sausage fingers. The controls on this game are really well done.

Bryson Barber

Nostalgia bomb This game is fantastic. It really takes me back to my gameboy days and all those games that made me so mad because they were difficult, but so satisfying when I finally beat it. Amazing. Simply amazing.

Deniz Ismail

Masterpiece This was the best game i had played in a long time. I rly wish you guys make a sequel

nick vasques

I enjoyed it A great plat former that actually is responsive. I love the pace of the game and the power ups you get. I hope you make this into a series because I'll gladly play more here's a 5 star rating.

Stephan de Man

Pretty cool Fun game, unfortunately I get a black box over the right button when I tap on it but it still works.

Ole Ivar Rudi

Excellent bite-sized metroidvania Great music and art with a game boy aesthetic. controls are very good for a touchscreen platformer, it's knda tricky but never frustrating due to a good checkpoint system. It's free/ad supported, but it'd be well worth paying for if they released an ad-free version.

Troy Forbes

Perfect This is perfect. Successfully delivers the classic metroidvania experience with a faithful, lo-fi experience. Highly recommended!

Doctor Zaius

Great game! Awful, disruptive ads. They need better placement and those 5 second ads are the absolute WORST.

Jacob Allred

Great game Played through it twice and still love it

Ingga Raokai

Pure Classic Side Scroll Screen Game

Josiah Ediger

Awesome More games like this please!

Josh Taylor

Great game Well thought out, great game

Peter Larson

Very nicely done game! If there are more levels added that would be awesome. Or more added to the game/story.

Dan Buchal

Takes me back to a simpler time.

Dave Spina

Very fun! Need a sequel!

Wael Kalaï

Coool One of the greatest game in the play store

Nick Principe


Andrés Hughes

Nostalgic and entertaining Controls are astounding, if you die, it's on you. Visuals, mechanics, challenge, it's all amazing. I wish that they would make more games like this.

Wyatt Gardner

Retro Anyone who loves old side scrolling games like mario and metroid, this is the game for you.

Angel Mascorro

Good game! Should make more levels

Ricardo López Pinto

I'm hooked on this. Simply loved it. Music, Visuals and Gameplay are perfect.

Will Ridenour

Fantastic old school metroidvania game!! My only complaint is the ads break the geplay, but such a good game! Bravo, encore!

Axl Maverick

Awesome Please make more

,Paul Webb

To be updated

James Jonesy

Could be better It's a great throw back to the days of the old dot matrix gameboy, but as a side scroller it fails in the fact that your main character has no defence, no way to fight. Give him a gun, or a rock or a fist or something? He'll even a fish! I mean you can only jump and push things out of the way? I'll check this game out some more but I have a feeling it's gonna get deleted in a week or less.

Francisco Javier Rodriguez

Not bad. TDD is pretty fun, it does have a Gameboy feel to it, just as it strives to have. Controls are responsive too, which is a plus. I think it would be nice to see Google Play achievement support in the future, if that is possible. Admittedly, I don't know what a developer has to do to get that implemented. In any case, TDD is a good little game to burn a few minutes with.

Alex Young

Great fun! Exactly what it says on the tin - the only improvement I can think of would be bluetooth controller support so I can play it on my ouya too! EDIT: Would love an option to remove ads (or even a premium version) as the adverts can be a pain in the bum! Could also do with immersive mode support, I keep pressing the back button when I'm trying to jump!

Skyler van Cruyningen

Good I'm stuck on the bit trying to get the throwing knife. I can get it but I can't get back without dying. I always get killed by the three arrow mouths. Does anyone know how to beat it?

Charles French

Love love loooveed it. Very difficult, but it tests your dexterity and hand-eye coordination very well. Would recommend ten times over.

Andrew Reed

Short but oh so sweet A really nice love letter to Gameboy games and metroidvanias. My only problem was that sometimes when jumping I'd pull out the stupid Google button instead.

Michael Wilga

Make jump button bigger I got F'ed over many times b/c I would press jump, but he wouldn't jump. Jump button is too small, let me resize the interface. Or come up with a better controller. I ended up rage quitting instead of finishing the game for this reason

Leon Vazquez

Awesome Love this game, it's got the right amount of old school charm and enough challenges to keep it entertaining. I would love to see more games like this in the Play store. Keep up the good work.?


Good I remember playing this on pc a while ago on game.. jolt? Or whatever that website was called and I can say it feels a lot nicer now on phone. Fun overall, a bit difficult. The only thing that bothers me is the map and the backtracking, I just got to the part where I get to stomp enemies and it gets hard to orientate around the map because everything is green and looks somewhat the same. Also nice touch on not shading the character, makes him stand out from everything else.

Ben Barrett

Buggy EDIT- It has some collision and control issues, which seem to always get worse when precision is needed. To get the last key, you have to cross a tar pit on moving platforms. I entered with seven life hearts. Wanna guess how many times the jump button malfunctioned? Seven times. Seven trips into the tar pit. Why does this happen? Seemingly on purpose? EDIT 2- The longer I play, the more the bugs become apparent. Why does the pause menu appear sometimes at random? Fix it.

Tamashi Alucart

Difficult but very enjoyable! I felt after getting the Spiked Soles that the difficulty just skyrocketed to levels close to Megaman one but still was very enjoyable.

Jamie Darnell

Liked it. I liked it. Felt like a refreshing blast from the past. Taking down NPCs could get frustrating, and I bet it gets a little more tricky when you don't have physical buttons to push, like I did. Other than that, really liked it.

Tony Henson

Nostalgia for you android Would of got 5☆ if it had more boss battles which has left me wanting more. Awesome game and old school style similar to Kid Dracula, Mario Land 2 & Wonderboy 3: The dragons trap. I don't normally rate the games I download but I felt that this game deserved a mention

Dominic Guay

Tight controls As the description says. I never cursed the game for a death. I always knew it was me being too risky or impatient during movements. I like how the map doesn't give away the heart fruits passages but only a hint of where to find it. Thanks for the great game, may try out the timed game mode. Lastly reviewers, before giving a review how about you finish the game first. You look bad when you trash a game that has exactly what you ask for but you were too lazy to find it.


Mario meets Igavania This game charms with its polished, 8bit artstyle as much as it cleverly hides areas of the world from you till you earn entry to them. If u ever wanted Shovel Knight on ur phone, this is a bitesize version of that. Although the world may seem too samey at times, the level design is very solid. This game is heavy in nostalgia, and if u miss those days of holding ur Gameboy color, this is as close as it gets. Wished it was longer and properly fleshed out. Highly recommended.

Marcello Tavares

Quite nice, but, ads This game really throws me back. Except when it throws right in your face those dreaded full screen horrid video ads with timer. Huge bummer. I do understand why they are there. I looked for a way to buy them out, but it looks like I'll have to live with them. I'm not sure if I can.

Isaac AM

It gives me such nostalgia This game reminds me of the old game boy advanced pokemon games which I loved. The only down side is super dangerous dungion, the better version, is a apple exclusive.

Thomas Gomes

Pretty good metroid nostalgia Very good mechanics and graphics for a game boy game. Difficult curve is exponential though...

Craig M

Surprisingly fun throwback game. The difficulty in retrieving the last key is far beyond any other task in the game (and the last heart is very well hidden)

Tommy Hartman

Good I really enjoy the exploration aspect as apposed to levels. The jumping seems a little artificial and floaty. The collision detection when standing on one of the push blocks is faulty. I like how the bats slow down then reverse their direction so you know when they'll turn, I do not like the slowly fade to black part when you die. Ads are well placed. The art is superb, especially with the limitations. Music is nice. Would recommend, now I have to get back to playing.

Attila Racz

Good game bad ads I would love the game, but just like most of the android games, this one is infected with annoying ads. At least give us an option to pay for the game and remove the ads. For now unfortunately I delete it from my phone.

Jeremy Espinoza

Well-designed and retro-inspired. The game is as suggested, a metroidvania platformed with the green-scale 1989 Gameboy color scheme and graphics. The controls handle well, aren't in the way, and appear as needed. The game scales in difficulty at a reasonable pace, and isn't overwhelming in the size of the game world. Secrets are there to be had for those who seek them, and powers obtained to invoke the need to revisit the map. Only real problem was that it ended. I hope there is more to come. Good job, developer!

Lucas Clementson

Nice Old School Platformer This game definitely deserves 5 stars. Controls are slick, physics are fluid, and level design is spot on! Difficulty is hard but not too punishing. My only complaint is that it wasn't long enough! It took roughly an hour to complete my first playthrough, and that was with finding all 4 hearts. But seeing as the game was free and the ads don't get in the way too much, I can forgive the length. Huge props to the developers, this game is great!

Calum Duncan

Best platformer on GPlay... But it's still not perfect. The controls are surprisingly nice for a touch interface, and everything is tight. The platforming is too easy for most of the game, then super meat boy levels of masochism at the end. The graphics are nice, but the dungeon and the monster designs get stale after a while. Overall, it's worth downloading, but it's not for the faint of heart. I 100 percented the game and do not regret the time spent.

Matthew Bastian

It is a great game and amazing for a game jam title The game was so much fun, I 100% it. The controls took a little bit of getring used to because they are a tiny bit slippery but nonetheless good. The game is challenging and just overall great fun. Give it a try for free!

Andy R.

Best Free Mobile Game on the Market. This game is absolutely brilliant. I don't know how the devs managed to do it, but this game controls perfectly, even with the virtual imputs. Finally a mobile game that traditional gamers can get into, and without any of that microtransaction nonsense. I wouldn't mind a paid ad free version, though.

William Opyoke

Everything about this game is perfect Graphics, gameplay, concept and dear lord, that sweet sweet music. This was a perfect throwback to the glory of the original Gameboy. I mean, seriously, that music just made it a 10/10. Even the cheap deaths in the game made it so authentic. I insist that you make more of these. It is a crime if you don't. Make more.

Mekhail Kheel

Excellent game and fluid Some of the reviews are silly. Specially the "rage quit" review. That person obviously is used to getting "participation" trophies for every sport he played! This game rocks! Fun. Nostalgic. Simple! Incredibly made and very challenging in some areas. Bummer it's so short. Definitely play it!

Daniel Barreto

A great game! I highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoy good classic game with secrets, items with nice tunes, the only bad this little masterpiece has is its shortness, would love a second and a little more lenghtly game, great work here and nicely done.

Leo Brais

Nice but way too short Just downloaded this and played through it in one easy sitting. It's a fun little game but pretty easily beaten. I was hoping after the boss fight that there would be another dungeon but when the credits rolled I just thought "Oh wow, that's it?". But for the short time I could play, it was entertaining. Should be called "Tiny Dangerous Dungeon" not "Dungeons" add more please! UPDATE: They've released another game called "Super Dangerous Dungeons". Download it if you enjoyed this game and want more!

Nick M

Nostalgia mining aside, this game is great. In recent years I've had mixed feelings on the retro comeback in the visual aesthetics of modern video games. Sometimes devs try to sell sub par games on the backs of our nostalgia...that being said this dev is not in that camp. This game if fun and challenging. The fact that it looks like an old gameboy is a plus to me. Honestly this game would be good no matter what the visuals were. 10 out of 10.

Curtis Bathurst

I love it! I love the feeling of adventure. Way better than other similarly nostalgic titles I've tried. The controls are really good and I love the graphics and music. Very clean presentation and right on point for the chosen aesthetic. Very impressive, and very fun. I will install this on everything that will let me.

John Berry

Amazing game, annoying ads A throwback game, TDD gets everything good about classic Gameboy games but smoothes out the rough parts... But the Ads. Oh man the Ads are so very annoying. They pop up randomly during screen changes so I hit them once or twice. I'd gladly pay 99 cents for an option to remove them. Anyway, loved the game, hated the Ads.

Antonio Arroyo

Really great free game It's not a bad game, I just wish it allowed me to map controls to a conroller. The games touchscreen controls are bearable, but they can only ever be so good. The sprite work is cute, the game is short, I was able to complete it and find all its secrets in about 1 hour and 30 minutes. The game has pretty good pacing with all the collectables, This adds new game play gimmicks keeping the game interesting. My only complaint is that some of the platforming bits were more difficult than the actual boss. Even still, I never play mobile games and beat this one in its entirety. I give it 5 stars.

Timothy Nguyen

Woah man, take it easy. This game is hard, but it's a good kind of difficulty that is expected from big name platformers. The challenges in Tiny DD are rewarding and make you feel smart. Definitely a game worth installing to pass an hour or two, since that's how long it should take you. Might be frustrating at some point, but you are quickly put back near where you fell or died (except for the last few stretches of the game.) Great game.

Nathan Tolbert

For an old-school metroidvania, this game is middle-of-the-road. It delivers successfully on the promise of a world to explore, enemies to kill, a map to reveal, and backtracking with new abilities to progress further. The gameboy-inspired art is charming. It's fun gaining new powers and seeing what comes next. That being said, it's a little easy and uninspiring. The challenge level is fairly low, there are only a small number of types of enemies, and the character's movement is a bit weird with slow, floaty jumps (although this was common on the original gameboy, maybe this was a purposeful design decision). Compared to modern mobile game trends, though, this game gets a full 5 stars. It's a fine metroidvania without a lot of the garbage that comes with most modern games: you can just download it and have a good time playing through it, without being bombarded with notifications, in-app-purchases, etc. (There are a few ads throughout, but they aren't too common or too annoying. ) So thanks for a decent game!

Kylan Hill

One of the Best Mobile Games A mobile app that's an actual game! The controls are well placed and respond smoothly. The gameplay gets progressively harder to keep the challenge up. The puzzles are great and the hidden rooms are well placed. I loved playing this game and was left with a great satisfaction when it was completed.

Jacob Pavone

Nostalgic Metroidvania done proper. Don't let the buzzword "nostalgic" be too off-putting; this game is absolutely more than able to stand on its own merits. It's a decently fleshed out Metroidvania with absolutely gorgeous graphics and smooth gameplay. The controls are a liiiittle too close to the back button - which has killed me several times - but once you get used to it and learn to navigate the dungeons carefully, it's a blast. The controls have a lot of floatiness to them, which is a personal gripe. Worth paying for, but it's free!

Jure Primozic

Its good but... I liked it alot didnt play it till end and deleted it.. But I have 2 major complains about it... 1. The knockback after you get hit by anything I know its something you have to deal in many retro games but seriously? 2. The adds... dont get me started on those jumped and got an add in mid air app ends knockback from enemy water die... they show up oftenly and randomly making it unplayable atleast for me...

Ilya Potekhin

First the obvious, the game is black and white, this could be charming or annoying depending on the issue date of your nostalgia goggles. The gameplay is pretty good though, there's a huge map to explore and many abilities to acquire, including throwing knives, double jump, jumping off enemies, walking on water, etc. Finding the next area you're supposed to go to can be confusing at times, but the game's not very long. Pretty solid effort for a mobile platformer.

Jonathan Leung

Awesome retro "Metroidvania" game! Looks great, controls solidly, an awesome retro-styled game! A little on the short side, but more than fair considering it's free! Also check out Super Dangerous Dungeons, which is a more linear platformer, but both are recommended!

Greg Longcrier

Tiny Pocket Based Metroidvania This is a fun little game for those wanting a really nice little Metroidvania on the go that doesn't require a Gameboy for the fun it entails. Short but sweet and a nice little treat.

Lee Sparkes

Did the GameBoy have games that kept bugging you to shop on Amazon every 30 secs? Good game, but kept getting ads when I went through doors. The ad volume was 5x louder than the game audio. There is no option to give you money to stop this. The game itself is fine, but I'm uninstalling because the ads ruin the experience. Mobile games have too much of this. It's distracting, never makes me want to shop for shoes on Amazon, or download mobile strike. Stick with the GameBoy.

Braiden Kalke

Fun and Creative Platformer This GB-inspired game almost deserves to be on the console its graphics are designed off of. It feels right at home with the bit design and simplistic yet fun platforming. Excellent level design and tight controls. Though it lacks imagination overall, it's certainly worth playing.

Brian Dineen

Almost a 5 star for me I love playing this game! The graphics are awesome, very reminiscent of my time spent with my Gameboy. The music is also quite good. Kudos to the dev! 4 instead of 5 because the jump button is very close to the recent apps button on my s6, so I'm constantly jumping out of the game. When I go back in, it seems like whatever control I had used last gets stuck down (pressed). Usually not a problem unless it was the left or right button...

Thomas MacTavish

Great retro title ruined by bad controls Such a shame! The look, sound, and level design are top notch, but as with so many platformers the controls are no good. The protagonist has far too much momentum, which requires the player to have an incredibly light touch. Instead being challenged by good level design you are wrestling with bad controls. Almost every time I died it felt like it was because of the controls. Hopefully the developers will fix this issue if ever they produce a sequel.


Pretty good The game is great, i love metroidvania games and i felt this game was set up pretty well. They even did a good job with hidden areas, one was especially tricky to find. My only disappointment is how small the game is, i'd live to see a sequel as a full sized game

Zackary Richardson

"5 Games in 1" It's like the puggsy puzzle platform, with zelda items, megaman elevator platform, shantae like angel statue, and wario treasure hunting element! I recommend this game to 6yrs old and older! I beat this game today, I'm me number one, wa ha ha ha ! I almost forgot the final boss is the same as in vectorman 2.

Bjorn Worpel

Cookie cutter to the bone This game is completely uninspired. Apparently all you need to make a "hip" indy game is some retro graphics, and then it doesn't matter how bland the game actually is. And to call this metroidvania is incredibly charitable. The progression is almost entirely linear.

Nathan surv

What mobile gaming SHOULD be. I love what you've done in this game. The metroidvania style of gameplay and the throwback to the Gameboy really makes the game a lot of fun. The level design is awesome as well with it's intelligent placement of platforms mixed with the knock back mechanic. My only problem is the ads. I wish there was a pay for no ads feature because it would make the experience seamless and much more enjoyable than being interupted when I enter a different room in game. Keep up the great work! ?

Martell Tha Cool

This is what mobile gaming should be! Fun, creative, innovative and original! No IAP. Please take away ads on pro version Keep it up and already gave you 5 stars and that's for originality. Also more ratings for you without putting IAP/microtransactions into this marvelous game. I want to see you all with great success!!! Love from a gamer with yours truly, Martell Nelson. P.S. Please add in Bluetooth/OTG cable support for all PC/USB game pad's. If there's an pro version of this game for say around under $3 and color version that goes well with Google's games with local/online 2player co-op mode achievements & leaderboards.

Digital Coin-Op

Fantastic game This game was the right amount of length, has charming GameBoy graphics and responsive controls. As I play this I imagine myself plugging the cartridge in my handheld and try to figure which part of the dungeon to go next. As the game progresses you get powerups and items that will open the way to secrets. Well executed platforming bliss.

Battling Dragon

Love the nostalgia This is one of the best mobile games I've played in years. Feels exactly like an old school GB metroidvania. Good control scheme, excellent level design. My only complaint is that I can't find any way to pay to turn off the occasional ads. Look forward to more from these guys.


A true Metroidvania! Fun game with gorgeous Gameboy style graphics. A proper Metroidvania in that you increase in abilities which unlocks parts of the map you couldn't get to and allows for different solutions to the same puzzle. Short but gets NES-hard towards the end. No IAP garbage, just a good game. If you're a retro gamer aching for that feel of achievement when you beat a game, play this. If you want to use a Bluetooth controller, the on-screen buttons are well placed so get Tincore Keymapper, works perfectly

Keirington Pankey

Great Classic Retrospective Game Definitely has that gameboy feel and graphics, the music is a plus too. Brings back memories of original gaming and ingenuity. I hope there is more games and adventures to come from the developer. This replaces the new Nintendo DS games I swear. Please make more! Hopefully you can remove the adds i know it is a way to get endorsed and paid but hopefully have it so the the adds don't show between a transition from dungeon to dungeon. Overall great game!

Ladiom Star_Duo

Great Gameboy style But I wish it was Longer I played and flew through it too quickly. A wonderful little gameboy feel, and graphics. Controls can be a little slippery, especially near the end of it when you get your last upgrade and have to use it to get through. All in all a great little game. The only real flaw I find is it is too short. A whole game in the same essence as Zelda where you have to go into dungeons like this would be awsome! Def. A recommended game to old school Zelda, and dungeon solver friends!

Kaleb Lawler

Best mobile game out there I have clashed many a clan, angered many birds, and ran nuemorous temples, but none compare to this. In all seriousness, this game is really great. The most fun I've had on any mobile game ever, with no micro transactions and the occasional ad after entering a room or dying, nothing feels rip off-y. Everything about this game feels right, the music, touch controls, the graphics, everything feels wonderful. Great work, fellas! Keep it up!

King Of Nothing

One Issue How the heck do I get the upper right fruit? I have four general rooms to check for where the secret room entrance is but I can't get there! Also, it could be good to have a flashing icon for latest objective. Despite being relatively small, I did forget at times. Now, I shall use that final key which was hard to get and I'm pretty experienced with platformers. Edit: Used and done. Nice game :)

Rob Nicholson

A few things This is the kind of game I would normally love but these things made me delete it. 1) no Google play achievements. 2) no way to clean exit/close - you have to force close the app when you're done. 3) too many ads. A paid version would be nice.

Master Sybnios

Great game but short Very good platform! Nostalgia check! Music check! Controls check! Free check! Short check! :( when defeated the boss I though I was going to unlock another dungeon.. Sad.. other than than recommended especially for old school gamers who appreciate this kind of gaming and don't ask for guns and stuff...

Ronald Manganaro

Surprisingly good controls! Was pleasantly surprised at how well this game controls using touch screen buttons! Fun game too. Only one gripe map doesn't show difference between places visited and not visited. Kinda hard to remember days later where u went before. Still good mobile game

Greg Wilhite

My new crack This game is proof that story means nothing if game the game is fun and challenging enough. Controls are perfect, level design is perfect, and it's pretty challenging as well. 11/10, guys, new favorite for my android. Keep up the good work, and keep out the microtransactions like the beasts you are

Shane Bailes

Pretty dang good Its a little short but fun. Controls are responsive and finding secrets is really fun. I do think your progress should save after getting a new item tho or you at least keep your items when you respawn (getting the final key and then dying near the end of the trek and loosing it wasnt fun) but yeah...get it. Its fun

Braden Fitzgerald

Next to final part needs a save point This is a good game. But the place where you obtain the final dungeon key needs a save point. The closest save point is three rooms away, meaning that you have to survive 6 rroons of obstacles if you want to get the key and save your game. Its inconsistent with the rest of the save point locations and adds uneccessary difficulty

chris gold

Ads every few screens are super lame That aside, the game is simple but fun and has a really catchy soundtrack. If it weren't for the unannounced ads that pop up every couple doorways I'd probably give 5 stars.

Jim Fred Satko

Not bad! Game controls very dependable. Not very long, but a nice little diversionary platformer, great for a few hours' spare time. Physics good, and consistent. Nowhere was it unplayable, yet was still a fair challenge. Save system very modern and satisfactory. Get this programmer together with a story writer.

Eldritch Penumbra

Metroidvania FREE!!! Great game, though you are restricted to touch screen controls as the second (maybe more) button is does not map to the controller. Because of this, I had to give it 4 out of 5 stars. Screen also flickers on some devices.

Derek Andrews

Looks great I love retro style games and this one captures the feeling of a game boy game very well. The only thing I wish I could do is give money to the developer to remove the rather annoying ads that keep popping up! Did I miss it in the menus?

I know i am awesome, but you guys are the one who deserve the credit for making such an adorable game The game in altogether was amazing, not only its nostalgic in many ways, what i wont do to have a shovel knight or castlevania type game made by you guys, the final key was nerve wracking, but final boss + listening megalovania/Asgore = it made my day, keep on the good work. (For those who don't know, powerup are throwing knives, water walk shoes, extra lives, block pushing power glove, spiked boots to stomp/jump kill enemies)

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