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5 Jul

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*Featured at Google I/O* *Favorite Android App of Consumer Reports Tech Editor*

Control mute, vibrate, brightness, wifi and more on/off to your schedule.

Thanks-a-go-go to: Nathaniel Bronner

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Timeriffic for Family Time.
Protect family time by setting ringer and notifications to 0% during family meals for everyone's device.
Manage mute, vibrate, brightness, wifi and airplane on/off custom to your schedule.

Timeriffic for Work Time.
Turn device on mute and vibrate automatically at 9am to avoid disturbing the big meeting.
Create your own profiles, by time and day. Simple. Easy. Timeriffic.

Timeriffic for Sleep Time.
Unmute audio @ 7am; turn off vibrate and audio at 10pm for sweet dreams. Locale and Tasker alternative.
A good night'sleep for everyone.

Timeriffic is Relative.
Increase battery life by setting screen brightness to reduce at 5pm for the night.
Turn off wi-fi when not needed and save battery.





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Google recognized as “Top Android Developer”

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*Known issues of Timeriffic*
- Will not work from the SDCard (for custom ROM users)
- Make sure to ignore/exclude if you use a Task Killer or Task Manager.
- Android L and Silence and Volume with Timeriffic learn more -
Why all the permissions?
- Internet used for basic stats. App is ad free.
- Read logs for bug reports -- bug reporting integrated in the app, it collects the app's logs and generates an email to review before sending. We don't collect other apps logs.
- Changing Bluetooth, System Settings, Wifi state, etc.: These are for the settings controlled by app, based on your profiles.
We are exclusive to the Google Play Store. Please make sure to get the newest version from us here:

Timeriffic -

*Support Timeriffic. Support new features*

Timeriffic users have spoken. We added the cool rewards.
Support the effort and make the new features happen.
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Whats new

    v1.12 new features:
    - Support KitKat devices without a menu key.
    - Integrate with Shush!
    - Remove unused in-app billing permission.
    v1.11 adds the following new features:
    - Google Data Sync Toggle.
    - Export Profiles to SD (backup.)
    - Import Profiles from SD (restore.)
    - Auto-save Profiles to SD.
    - Themes for Gingerbread and later devices (donation-ware.)
    Thanks to great users for sharing. We love feedback.

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Jared Eudell

Long time user, but life got more complicated Timeriffic is great. Only request is to allow sorting of actions within a profile. All new actions are filed at the end of the list instead of in order. Thanks.

Filippo Salustri

Works great, but has a clumsy UI Near as I can tell, this app works perfectly, although limited by the permissions one has on one's device. The UI, on the other hand, is clumsy and relatively hardtop intuit.

Kadi Driscoll

Used to work But just stopped which doesn't go over well when the phone rings at the worst time ever cause you thought it was on silent! :/

A Google User

Love this app, but functionality limited by Android L I've loved this app for years, and with the new export and import features it's incredible. Have donated in appreciation. Only remaining request would be the ability to clone/copy profile. Sadly though, there is no way to maintain my original profile of having vibrate off but volume at 10%. This was perfect for me at work but cannot be accomplished any more. Obviously this is an Android fault not Timeriffic, but Timeriffic doesn't make it clear that this functionality wont work any more.

A Google User

Have been using it from last 4 yrs & Till today, there is no replacement app I have found... Great work guys..

Ahrramin Sun

It's mostly good, but has a significantly annoying error which lets it down It works, until I change a setting in the phone's OS interface manually, then it stops working until I restart the app. So for example, let's say I have it set to go silent at 10pm and for the sound to turn back on at 8am. Well, sometimes there will be an exceptional exception (i.e. not one I can program into Timeriffic), and I will just want to turn it silent for a little bit (using the OS interface) or vice versa, expecting Timeriffic to continue setting the settings as instructed at the scheduled times -- e.g. I might silence it at 9am, and then unsilence it at 10am, expecting it to silence again at 10pm -- but instead it just stops doing it at all, even though the app says it's still enabled. If this error can be fixed, I will donate to the Timeriffic developer/s, but only if they will accept Bitcoin. I don't like registering all my details with third party payment providers, connecting them to my bank account, and giving them a cut of every transaction.

Jeff Griesemer

Love this app I upgraded my phone recently and found out how much I love this app while I didn't have it.

A Google User

Perfect Does exactly what it's meant to without eating memory and battery. First time I've ever been moved to donate. Thanks. I'd like to back up my settings to Google account.

John Crouch

Please allow wife thru during muted time It would be nice if phone app would allow certain designated phone numbers (wife) to ring through during restricted time frames in case of emergency....

Alexander Alferowich

There're some issues Even if notification and ringer volumes are unlinked, "vibrate for ringer but not for notifications" puts Nexus 5 (4.4.4 + xposed + Gravity Box) into silent mode.

T Swiech

Great app Please add screen rotation on/off. I frequently disable rotation at night and forget to turn it on in the morning. Thanks!

A Google User

Needs an update This is still a really good application, I have always used it since I switched to Android. Ever since the Lollipop update it always turns off the Priority/None profile and switches it to all with every change. I would like to be able to control that. Otherwise, still a very solid application for automating your phone

Jim Anderson

Work Whenever I set up my phone again and again this is the first app I use. I never have to worry about my phone interrupting me at work

Melynda MacMillan

Great app! Only reason for not giving it 5 is because not all functions can be controlled.

A Google User

We listen. Recent updates to Timeriffic are to improve ICS users' experience. Please send any reports via the Menu in the app. More to come...

Wie Pramono

It's been 5 phones, 4 years ..and I still found no replacement for this app. It's easy to use, very low memory and battery usage, and no overwhelming features. This app is perfect for you, if you only want to change the profile of your phone based on time and time only.

Preyash Chauhan

Works well...takes a bit of time to get used to on android l

A Google User

Review Edit If I could give this more than 5 stars I would. This app is amazing. Have been a user for at least 3 years.

A Google User

One renewed feature request Would love a trigger to work with Google calendar so sound could be muted during meetings and unmuted afterwards like Agent does.

A Google User

Bugs I like it. looks like it won't work with location service in 4.4.4 tho.

Alice Ridgway

This runs 24/7 If I had to use my brain to do this I would miss all my calls.

Chad Mitchell

Clash of clans For some reason my clash of clans vibration notification still goes off in the middle of the night. Same profile since start that worked up to a couple weeks ago. Suggestions?

A Merchant

It's lovely But not for me. It does not seem to have a profile to on off data. For me this is paramount. Sorry boss I have to uninstall your otherwise good application

A Google User

Good stuff! Set it and forget it. Everything I need. Thanks guys!

Austin Floyd

Awesome It's great for setting a profile for work week to turn volume off @ night, then back on early AM!

Akash Yadav

Everything I wanted to make my smartphone smarter It is the best thing that happened to Android. Apple have also tried to copy this app, but their implementation doesn't even come closer to the functionality & features this app. I hope Google acquires this app & make it a standard feature in all Android phones & tablets of future.

Seth Kunis

Doesn't work after time change After daylight savings certain things like Bluetooth will turn on but not off as scheduled.

A Google User

Decent Could use per-account settings but what it does, it does well.

Danang Syady Rahmatullah

Need Mobile Data Settings and Better UI! This app can turn off my wifi at night turn on ring tone after time, but missing a toggle of turning on and off mobile data! 5 stars if added. Also, it wouldn't hurt to improved the UI

A Google User

Probably my fave app of all. Absolutely awesome when/then tool for automating work/home/weekend behaviors. Not as useful for those of you without a regular schedule but for the rest of us, phenomenal.

Vincent Montoya

I've used this app forever. Too awesome!

Tyler Luyben

Awesome App Does everything I need it to, people at work no longer complain of my phone going off in the middle of the day and I never miss a notification when I come home. Galaxy s3. 10/10 would recommend.


Perfect for routine life There must be "location service" option

Michael Pyne

A+ Works great, been using for a few years

Mike Holbrough

Keeping under Control. Users timers rather than location so won't scrub your battery. Ideal for turning your ringer off during office hours, turning you WiFi on at home etc. Recent update makes it easier to configure and supports Android 4.4 perfectly.

A Google User

Love this app... However, the airplane toggle feature doesn't seem to work still, even with the last force toggle feature... Will there be a fix Dev? Love this app so much... Thanks!!

Ian Heim

Wonderful but a glitch from hell. Lollipop upgrade and new phone. Now it vibrates incesintly.

Peter Castillo

Gear app.. Can you add power saving My new Samsung edge has power saving. Can you add that to Timeriffic. I would love for it to come on automatic at night to save battery.

Dmitry Smirnov

Cannot set flight mode. Try to do this like Macrodroid

misha linets

Super program. long sought such but need Russian language

Zhan An

Timeriffic very good! donate...

Andrey L

Great app! But the app interface should be updated, imho even standard controls will look much better ;)


Mobile data on/off doesn't working. Because it not exist in this app. That's why it isn't perfect. UPD: If it is impossible, why does Phone Schedule is capable to do it?

Allison Sparshott

Works great on S4 with Lollipop - better than stock Do not Disturb ! Thank goodness for this App. It works fine on a Galaxy S4 which is great now that we have lost Samsung Blocking Mode and the Do Not Disturb feature has been very poorly thought out.

Akash Yadav

Everything I wanted to make my smartphone smarter It is the best thing that happened to Android. Apple have also tried to copy this app, but their implementation doesn't even come closer to the functionality & features this app. I hope Google acquires this app & make it a standard feature in all Android phones & tablets of future.

Ian Heim

Wonderful! Lollipop... Make sure priority isn't set on apps or it will bypass this app.

John Kelton

Good, but... I used this on my Samsung S4 with ICS, and it worked good. Upgraded to Note 5 running Lolipop 5.1.1 and was woke up last night to the sound of a notification, vibration and LED from Facebook. Why? I had notifications, vibration and system sounds all set to off. Also, this app lacks the ability to disable or turn off the LED.

Jacob Almagor

Update jan 21 2016. Stopped working Worked ok for a few days. Now phone rings even when set to mute. Contacted developer. Stays 1 star till problem resolution. Easy to setup and is perfect for my LG G4 - it allows me to silence the vibration, not just the ring, without crawling through several setup menus. (will certainly donate to support the developers)

A Google User

Issues with Lollipop? Been working great but phone is randomly overriding the silent mode at work.

Shaun De Silva

Saved my LG G3 from being thrown against the Wall! My LG G3 decided it was a good idea to wake me up in the middle of the night to tell me to unplug it as it was fully charged- couldn't turn this feature off.. But this app worked.. Thanks.

Phillip Mangiaracina

It's the best, simplest, easiest to use 'control phone settings by time' app out there. Great when you have to worry about sound levels before and after work or any other time of day when you want to mute/unmute, but don't want to think about it. Hasn't updated in over a year? Doesn't matter to me! I have had the same settings for a couple years and it's never let me down across phones/ROMs/whatever. Solid app for what it does!

Imre Torok

On Samsung devices with 5.1.1 OS (note 4 and core prime) there is a delay on activating the scheduled action (2-5 minutes). Please correct this bug because is a very simple and useful application.

Sebastien Tremblay

it's an awesome, very powerful app that allows very detailed and personalised automated control of most of the features on the phone. used it on various phones and Android versions without any issues. One thing to note is I had to either go to a ROM or use specific apps (depending on which phone I used) to allow seperate volume for notification and phone rings, but that's not timeriffic's fault. I do wish control over LED notification was included though.

Dima Goltsman

Couldnt understand a shit in that app. Update: the developer want me to open an error about it.. it just proves my point

A Google User

Excellent Very very excellent tool to manage device. The highlight features are the airplane and wifi mode that works exactly as time schedule. Congrats team. I've a request and if you could do this, you are ultimate. The timeriffic works with time, how if it works with geo location. If I reach my office, home, etc., please let me know your thoughts.


Great app If you don't want those annoying calls in the middle of the night or Facebook messages that wake you up this is great. I would like it to allow emergency numbers. If something happens while this app is active I won't know until morning or if I wake up to see my phone flashing. It is still a great app.

A Google User

Love this app... However, there still is an issue with the airplane mode.... I can use other root accessing apps to overcome this issue, but wish it was in this wonderful app....

A Google User

Notification doesn't work Since upgrading to galaxy s5 timeriffic no longer turns my notification sound on

Lori Mills Smith

Works great! But needs to control the notification light too not just sound.

z a

This app made me happy.. Just donated and feeling happy. Trust me it's worth it . Had a good sleep. And I feel good.

Tom A

Couldn't manage without it Really useful addition to android, meaning I hardly ever have to worry as to whether my phone is on WiFi / silent etc.

Andrew Stumpfhauser

i have used this app for the last 3 phones and don't know what i would do without it volume goes down at night so whole house does not wake up and then goes to full ringer at 9am ... love it

Andy Dennison

What happened Worked like a dream on HTC m8. Changed to galaxy s6 and the app has no effect.

Steve Bass

Installed, used it for a few days, and didn't like the interface, so uninstalled. Unfortunately, many problems and remnants remain: Many of my apps won't sync (e-mail, youmail, others); GPS Status, another app, won't unload; "Location Found" shows in status area. I'd say avoid this app...

Samuel Wagner

Randomly works...or not I had an S5 and it worked flawlessly. Since upgrading to an S6 and now S7, it sometimes works and yet maybe it won't. Bottom line...I can no longer trust it to turn ringer off automatically and still have to check manually. I thought the new smart manager might be disabing the app, so turned it off for the app and then off altogether (for all apps), to no avail. It's unfortunate because this app used to be perfect.

A Google User

Works mostly but no more support or updates for YEARS I've been using this for years without a hitch until now. Used it on my old phones and it was one of the first apps installed on my Note 4. Set it up and forget it- just always worked flawlessly. The brightness control isn't fine enough to set the correct level after MM update. Yet another DEAD app in the Play Store with no support or development. Their website isn't even up any more. Just sell or donate the app to someone who will actually develop and support it!

Edson Noboru Yamada

Used to work, not anymore I've always been a fan of this app, but after being woke up 3 times in the middle of the night with emails notification (despite being configured to not do that), i simply switched yo another app.

A Google User

brilliant. should be on every handset. Bombroof. Uses next to no resources, never goes wrong. Best of type. One of the finest apps on the market and probably the absolute most important app on my Android devices. Feel like the latest version deserves minus two stars for the hideous changes to the user interface.

A Google User

Very very excellent tool to manage device. The highlight features are the airplane and wifi mode that works exactly as time schedule. Congrats team. I've a request and if you could do this, you are ultimate. The timeriffic works with time, how if it works with geo location. If I reach my office, home, etc., please let me know your thoughts. Does this application supports the latest version of android (Marshmallow)?

A Google User

No response from dev I emailed from the app to them twice on this, and have not had a response. On my old phone it was a five star. On my note 4 it brings up the volume but not the notification volume. It says that on this version of Android it cannot split them independently. That's fine, however, I end up with my volume up and my notification volume not brought up!

Martha Pozo

Not reliable anymore. App worked flawlessly a few years ago, but now in order for the app to work without a hitch, I shouldn't change the controls manually such as volume or else the app won't do its job.

Jessica Eng

Works great if no Lollipop I think once I finally get Lollipop I won't need to use this app any longer, but it has served it's purpose well (especially to avoid being woken up by friends who forget about time zone differences).

Justin Walker

Formerly awesome app left behind by lack of updates I've been using and loving this app for years on several different phones. Last update was about 2 years ago now, and as of Android marshmallow (6.0.1), the app doesn't seem to work reliably anymore. And it's not like it just plain stopped working, it seems to randomly turn my WiFi, Bluetooth, vibrate, and ringer on or off whenever it pleases. I'll happily bump this back to 5 stars if the devs ever update it again.

A Google User

This is one of my most important apps. Unfortunately, not reliable on marshmallow with the nexus 5x. Events are lost and even check now doesn't work sometimes. Please fix! Thanks. Found out how to donate, will do so soon.

A Google User

Review Edit UPDATE 6/18/16 stopped working on note 4 after update to android 5.1.1 ************** ****** * ********If I could give this more than 5 stars I would. This app is amazing. Have been a user for at least 3 years.

A Google User

Use to work I loved this app until it's been abandoned. No longer works with latest os. Won't schedule actions unless go into app making this useless.

Andy Y

Ring volume with S6 Love the app and worked awesome on my other devices. However, with my new Samsung S6, it does not control the ring volume or vibrate on ring anymore. I'm assuming this is a problem with this version of android but it would be great to have that functionality back.

Stanley Blackwood

Devs that listen to users! You guys are the bomb! New features take it over the top! This app is a must have! If your thinking about installing DO IT! You won't regret it!

A Google User

Works great Except for the annoying beep when sound comes back on.

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