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5 Feb
Timely Alarm Clock

Posted by Bitspin in Lifestyle | Feb. 5, 2015 | 120 Comments

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Timely is the beautiful Alarm Clock for Android, featuring a stunning user experience and revolutionary cloud integration to backup and synchronize your alarms with multiple devices.

Setting an alarm has never been easier: Just swipe from the edge of the screen and set the desired time by dragging a bar. Tap to make adjustments of 5 minutes.

Beautiful wake-up experience: Hand-crafted, high quality sounds and our innovative Smart Rise feature transform waking up in the morning into pure delight.

Your taste, your style: Choose from our gorgeous color themes to match your very own style. Or use our design-tool to create an all-new look. Select one of our hand-crafted designer clocks to fit your taste.

Never get up late again: Use challenges with your alarms to make sure you are really awake when dismissing an alarm. Think pressing buttons is not fancy enough? Turn your phone to snooze it. Additionally, Timely recognizes when you lift your phone and reduces the alarm intensity by lowering the volume.

Connecting your devices: Manage, dismiss and snooze alarms on all your devices at once. Cloud synchronization enables a seamless experience across phones and tablets. As a plus, everything gets backed up.

Ready, Set, Go: Use our stopwatch to measure time with style. And setting a countdown is as easy as winding up a kitchen timer.

Designed for tablets: No matter what kind of device you own, Timely just looks perfect.

More: Widget, Google Now integration, recurring alarms, awesome animations, adaptive snoozing, fade-in, DashClock extension, volume buttons to snooze.

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Whats new

    - Select your own sounds
    - Upcoming alarm notification
    - Option to ask for the challenge to snooze
    - Google Now support for timers and reuses alarms
    - Android 5.0 adaptions:
    - Colored notifications
    - Colored status and action bar
    - Colored Overview headers
    - support for new alarm API to show the alarm icon
    - Numerous fixes for crashes and visual glitches
    #1.2.4 - 1.2.10
    - Minor bug fixes.

Bitspin part of our Lifestyle and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update Feb. 5, 2015. Google play rating is 87.2353. Current verison is 1.3. Actual size 9.4 MB.

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Christopher O'Hara

Alarm icon? :-( Any way now to hide that alarm icon on lollipop? Can there be an option implemented to give users a choice? I wish I didn't upgrade as I prefer not having the alarm icon so it doesn't clutter up the notification area. Can I at least get the apk from the previous version?

Kaylah Ogden

Doesn't work on silent. I put my phone on silent when I'm sleeping, but this alarm app won't work unless my phones volume is turned on. Need an option that allows the alarm to play even in silent or vibrate mode. If you can fix I'll give 5 stars.

Cameron McDermott

It's great, but widget not working? I have a galaxy note 4 now, applied the Google Now Launcher onto it and I can't see your widget in the pages of app widgets to place on the screen. Halp. I like the clock :)

Liam Phoenix

Our own sounds! Now for a "skip next" that let's me stop it from ringing for one day without turning off the alarm. I always forget to turn it back on when I'm skipping a day.

Britney Forbes

I would love this app more if i could set multiple timers, its the last thing i have to go back to my phones stock for. Also setting the time with numbers instead of sliding over the clock

Krista Atteberry

I LOVED this app until the last update... After the most recent update, now it force closes all the time and I get the "Timely has unexpectedly stopped" error message. I don't know if it's a reliable alarm clock anymore. Please fix soon, I don't want to get rid of this app

Kalynn Rautiola

All's good except... All of a sudden after using this for years on my HTC some other other alarm I didnt set with a weird name comes up. I don't understand it nor do I know how to fix it and its frustrating to be woken up prior to my actual alarm.

Sandie Dai

Used to work so well until Lollipop I would've rated this app a 5 star... However with Lollipop running on my phone now, the app doesn't work properly when I have do not disturb mode on. The alarm will go off without any sound. I could've slept through it. It used to work when I had blocking mode on before my phone was upgraded to using lollipop.

Courtney Overstreet

S6 won't let me snooze or dismiss I used this app for years on my s4 but now on my S6 when it goes off in the morning I can't swipe the screen to snooze or dismiss it.

Arjun Akolikar

Thank you very much I accidentally lost my default clock, but this app has replaced it very nicely. I didn't know that a CLOCK can be customised with such wide range of options. Thanks again

Bionic Rube

Music! Nice update! My review before was scathing, and for good reason. We couldn't pick from our own library of music when setting an alarm. The latest update today fixes this huge oversight. Now I will really be able to see how well I like this. I bump from 1 star to 4 just for this fix that was long needed.

Will Fox

Notifications I hate the new notifications for upcoming alarms. Seriously what is the point in your phone saying "hey you've got an alarm coming up I'm half an hour" where you can then dismiss the alarm then forget about and lose track of time or fall back asleep. Rant over, this is a solid alarm app and I've been happy with it aside from the notifications

Paul Sandom

Was great! Alarm sometimes doesn't work. This morning the widget was showing the wrong time and the alarm only went off (late) once disconnected from the charger. Looks like the alarm not going off until the lock screen is opened is common. Kind of defeats the whole purpose of the app. Please fix. Widget is still often out of sync with the real time, always lagging. Alarm did not go off this morning. Finally did 27 mins late.

Rosslyn Lim

Needs big "off" button It would be nice to have an option to turn the "snooze" button into an "off" button, rather than swiping upwards on a small button to turn off the alarm. I personally don't use the snooze feature, and when I'm half asleep, it's difficult to see that "swipe up" button to silence the alarm. Also, it would be nice to have settings for the timer, such as to keep the screen awake while using it.

Stephanie Earle

Ring tone doesn't go off. :( It only vibrates when it's selected but no ring tones song - songs on my phone, not even the preset ring tones the app comes with :( luckily it vibrates and that wake me up, as long as I have it on a hard surface.

John Moore

Sucks Can never rely on the app. I put it on 2 phones and a tablet. Sometimes works hitting snooze or swype but most times one or both of the others fail to turn off. Sometimes when out I get home hearing the alarm that never shut off. Tried many things but after a month, it's getting deleted & will look for another app. This would have been great if it was dependable.

Brendan Greene

Awesome, but needs a couple basic features. First, I would like to be able to customize snooze duration. Also how much does the snooze shorting work by? It doesn't say. Most importantly, it would be nice if the challenges were saved as a default setting. That way every time I make a new alarm I don't have to add that. I sometimes forget. Music is that way, why not the challenges??

Mattan Shalom

Great app Very nice user interface. Thanks for the update! Now the app enables of choosing your own music / audio file as alarm! That's the only thing for me that was missing to be number 1 alarm app!

Kyle Johnson

Great app! Wish I would have found this sooner. In not a morning person at all. This app has helped me wake up better than any other alarm clock I've ever used. Simple, beautiful, and functional!

Bradfield Flood

Only one issue, LG G3 w lollipop Sometimes when the alarm goes off while the screen is off, the screen becomes unusable, along with the volume rocker and power button, only after about 10 seconds does the app realize it's frozen and offers to force close. Other than that, superior clock and time app, never going back to another one

Rachel Clark

Best alarm so far I've used this for over a year and it hasn't failed once. Knock on wood! The interface is beautiful and I've synced it to my devices, my husband's, and my son's. I can set their alarms without having to have their phone/tablets in my hands.


Close but no cigar. A beautiful app. Has become my favorite time management tool. Surpassing "Good Morning" My only complaint is that while the icon appears in the notification bar, the app cannot be accessed via the drop-down screen.

James E. Nichols

My Default Alarm App Timely improves upon the stock alarm clock with more varied alarm tones. I like the swipe to silence, too. Now that the status bar alarm indicator works on Lollipop, this app's an easy reccomend. (Nexus 5)

George Buller

Not sure what all the fuss is about Just a standard alarm app for me and slow to react to material design. Still holo..

Braydn Reynolds

Attractive design and layout One thing that would make me love this more (and give it 5 stars) would be "skip this alarm once" option. That's the one feature that keeps me from using this alarm as my primary, daily alarm

Travis Coble

Meh. For an app that touts its customization it sure is lacking, and the faces are hideous. It also will destroy your battery (it literally killed my phone after going to sleep -bye bye alarm)... Sticking with stock clock.

Cynthia LeFaye

Most Beautiful UI. Big Props This has one of the most polished, beautiful interface designs and animations I've ever seen. I give it 5 Internets extra too because the developers put different performance profiles. If they had not been included I would not have even taken a look at it because I wanted a beautiful interface as well as slick and polished animation performance in my clock app of choice.

Kevin Shump

Timer Glitch With the last update, a strange glitch has started to occur where when I launch the app, it sometimes automatically starts the timer at 20 minutes, even if I've not navigated to the timer screen at all. Kind of annoying to have a timer go off for no reason 20 minutes after I set an alarm. Other than that, awesome app. AT&T HTC M8 4.4.4 all stock, not rooted.

Andrew Hamilton

Uh oh, This app almost let me down today. I woke up early, before my alarm. it was set for 8:00am and as 8 rolled around, nothing happened. Then Iooked at the widget and it said 9:01. I toiched the widget and only then did it go off... slight concern here as I could have missed an extremely important event. Worked fine up until now...

Hiba Ansari

Would give 5 stars.. If only it would stop resetting the theme color itself after closing the app! Don't know why it keeps getting back to its default blue theme.

Victoria Freeman

Won't work Alarm does not go off in the morning. Goes off once I unlock my phone in the morning after a backup alarm rings.

Samuel Wilton

Slight bug app seems to crash when i have my phone plugged in overnight. I slept in and when I went to check the alarm the app crashes upon opening. Unsure if it is due to my phone being plugged in however. Otherwise I really like it.

Brendan Harvey

Buggy Alarm went off 30 minutes early 2 days in a row... Less than impressed. Tried it again. Same problem. Terrible app.


Finally an update! It really is such a beautiful looking animation, but it became unusable with; a. 5.0 compatibility issues, and b. the inability to choose your own tracks for alarm sounds. Now they are fixed, I'll go back to using this as my default alarm. But seriously, 3 months to fix an alarm so that it works as an alarm...?!?!

Troy Bauman

Can love it if..... How is this not available to set on Android Wear???? Please make this available on our smartwatches and it would be 5 stars

Michelle Leibman

The last update... I really like this app but recently there's a problem with the time of the alarm- it starts a few minutes later than the time I set it! It is very annoying, I have to set it 3 minutes earlier , or I'm gonna be late. Please fix this ASAP!!

Jonathan Hdez

simply amazing I don't always write reviews, but when I find applications as clean, pretty and efficient as this one I can't just have to. I used to have the original version (where you had to pay or something) but I completely over looked it. I'm glad they are offering the app now entirely for free :) thanks devs. 10 stars

Ciel Gierke

Works well I love that it has a quiet pre alarm. I sometimes am awakened by it but usually it pulls me from a deep sleep to a lesser sleep to ease me into full wakefulness at the time I set the alarm. The sounds are very pleasant and soothing.

Alexi Davis

Best alarm clock ever. Love this. I'd seen people complain about some ideal features being missing, but the last update has included them all and made it even better. My only problem is that the alarm sometimes doesn't register that I've turned it off, but I'm pretty sure that's my crappy phone freezing up and not the app itself.

Noel Voloh

Larger numbers in digital clock please Great app - no ifs or buts about it. Wishlist request please. When running in digital clock mode please make current time digits a bit taller, more proportional to the effective screen height. Much more screen real estate is available when running Timely in Daydream mode (landscape orientation). I also run it in an 'immersive mode' removing both status and action bar. All that makes the digits look disproportionally tiny compared to the screen height. User configurable digit scaling, like the widget, would provide the ultimate flexibility/satisfaction, I would suggest. Version #1.4 perhaps..? :-)

Scott Conners

Can't turn off notifications, only 1 timer This used to be my favorite alarm app, bought it for all the songs etc. Then they updated and now it has a persistent notification about the next upcoming alarm that you can't turn off. Tried emailing support, they never bothered to respond. Also needs more than one timer.

Simon Fuller

No longer works correctly on lollipop Icon is permanent and doesn't go off on vibrate and silent. Back to the standard alarm - guess after being bought by Google they don't care anymore

Tuane Quintella

Best alarm Best alarm features, but misses the World Clock feature. I maintain stock clock app only for checking time in other countries. And sometimes I get sick of the strong color themes, there isn't a flat & clean theme option.

Karen Norris

Doesn't work correctly Every morning I can't snooze or turn off alarm on the screen. Have to pull notification bar down wait for the "not responding " report it then I can use the snooze on the notification bar. I have reported it and nothing has changed time to delete this app!

Rene' Trisilla

Please fix this, It is was my favorite! I have a Samsung S5. I have used Timely for over 2 years now. All of a sudden the alarm will not go off when you put the phone on mute. It made me late twice this week. My phone automatically prioritizes alarms as interruptions. If it doesn't get fixed is gone. Is it the upgrade to Lollipop? If software updates happen, then you need to be ready to support those? Please tell me how to fix this. I would have rated this 1 star if I didn't love it so much before it stopped working poorly.

David Watson

Buggy lately. Weird random theme colour changes. When enabling alarms, often the timer will get enabled... I don't even go to that screen. Would love feature to set lollipop notifications back to on after alarm is done.

Walter Leininger

Lolipop issues Worked great on my note 3 prior to crashes lots....not sure if verizon/note3/lolipop issue or timely issue...but I love the app

Diarmuid Connolly

Love the app. It's been my go to alarm and homescreen clock for years. Would suggest a slight change in that the first new alarm is situated at the bottom of the screen rather than the top. The "Cancel" | "Done" buttons could also be situated at the bottom of the screen. These small tweaks would make one handed usage far easier, particularly when using larger devices. Add these along with support for Android Wear and this would be the perfect app.

Zach Conn

Recently became unstable This has been my favorite alarm app for a long time but it has recently become really unstable. It's never missed an alarm but it locks up my phone every single morning during the alarm. This is extremely annoying and I cannot use the app anymore.

Duncan Cox

No longer is reliable The alarm doesn't go off all the time anymore, so I can't trust it to wake me up.

Izzy Lee

DOESNT WORK Every time I set my alarm it doesn't go off!!! It use to not do that when I first used this app a couple years ago. Boy, I'm glad I've never used it for something important!

Gerardo Arrañaga

How exactly do I delete all my previous alarms? They all go off at the time they were officially set. I can't figure out how to delete them???

Katerina Kakavou

This app restarts 10 times a day and snoozes by itself anytime it wants. I've been late doozen of times because of it. Try to explain that to your boss.

John Foldi

No Updates - Broken in Lollipop The snooze functions to reduce durations for multiple snoozes and giving a challenge do not work in Lollipop. No updates in a year means I am deleting this for an app that keeps up with updated OSs

Will Palmer

Randomly sets timer to 20 minutes Okay Google, please set a timer for 15 minutes -> google confirms it heard me correctly, timely opens with a timer set to 20 minutes; Okay Google, wake me up in 6 hours -> google confirms it heard me correctly, timely sets the alarm correctly... and wakes me up 20 minutes later when a timer goes off. WTF?

James Keith Breazeale Jr

I like this app. However, can you make the vibrate feature stronger for the alarms? It's barely noticeable on the s5

Rebecca Parker

Best alarm app I've tried All I want is something that looks nice, makes it hard to accidentally turn off instead of snooze in the morning, let's me choose music files as alarms, and isn't wildly intrusive with ads. Success. (Galaxy S4, Android 4.4.4)

Arianna Racine

Down with lollipop I relied on this app for years to be my alarm and yea, after lollipop, timely and ALL MY OTHER apps behaved differently. Same dam phone and i have to learn it all over again. I need my smart rise function to work. My room mate doesnt enjoy my alarm blasting away in the morning when he gets up in the PM

Mary-Kate Mullooly

Heavy sleeper I work until two am most nights but don't get to sleep around four am some nights. This system works so well for me because even if my phone is on silent, it can and will go off. I no longer need six different apps to wake me up for class. Thanks timely.

Doug Linder

It's ok; better ones out there. Generally does what it's supposed to do, but has some oddities that make it less appealing than others. It does have some really great alarm tones but other than that there's nothing really that it does that isn't done more logically in other apps. I'd say more, but clearly Google doesn't have enough storage space to devote to my text, so they feel the need to limit me to a very short review. Oh well.

Hashim Jamil

Great design And it's helpful with all the nice fluid functions. Recently upgraded my phone and though my alarms are set at times, it actually goes off half an hour earlier!? Which I can't understand.


Latest version crashing The app is genuinely the nicest especially for alarm. Which is why I use it all the time, bar this week since it started crashing and I missed work for 2 hours..... Phone is nexus 5 and crash occurs either on locked screen (which means 0 alarms) or right after swiping up to stop an alarm (which will give "Unfortunately, Timely has crashed" message only when you unlock the phone so you won't know about it when it's locked). Can you please find a fix for this? Much appreciated

Bradley Nicholson

Suddenly always late. I have been using Timely for over 6 months and loved it. Suddenly as of last week my alarm is consistently between 2 and 10 minutes late. My alarm is set for 7am and it will go off any time between 7.02 and 7.10. This is compounded when snoozing. I tried new launchers, no luck. I even tried a Factory Reset but still have the same issue. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with OS 5.1.1. Please fix this issue.

Anuk Akira

Unable to use the app The app does not open, I get the error to add a Google account to use this application .

Ali Carpenter

Beautiful sounds for an alarm love the smart alarm feature. not sure how it works but does. easy to use. the option of setting a challenge for those morning i need more persuasion to get up.

Keiko Hunter

I cannot snooze or dismiss the alarm when it rings. I have to login to my phone and drag down the notification bar to dismiss or snooze. Edit: now alarm doesn't ring, only vibrates. Deleted the app.

Amanda Bohnwagner

Love it but... Great app, I used it all the time to wake up. But I noticed if I were to unlock my phone and dismiss the alarm from my notifications, it shuts off the alarm without the puzzle :( unfortunately I now do this in my sleep so it no longer wakes me. Please fix!

Sumit Ahuja

No alarm; othrwise Beautiful concept Alarm doesn't work... Other than that... 5 stars for everything else.

Jaques Bray

Alarm volume should not have the option to be on silent The alarm app did not work 3 days consecutively until I realised someone set the alarm volume to 0 (silent). I don't understand why this is even an option please fix as you always need the alarm on or else it would be of

Tyler Carter

Doesn't work The alarm doesn't go off anymore at all.. it says its on but somehow forgets to ring every morning

L.Q. Hunter

What happen to the Widget? Can't seem to put this on my home screen anymore. I really love this app, but the widget is also important

Michele Walsh

Great initially now does not work Have had this for 6-8 months and it worked great. In the last week it does not alarm, states something about silenced after 45 mins. I tried resetting and still not working. Uninstalling. Noted other people have same issue. I have a Note 5 phone.

Jeno Rigo

Smart rise function is stupid I accidentally choose smart rise and my device woke me up 30 min earlier for some weeks. There is nothing smart in this. It was very difficult to discover how to stop that. I searched for it in the settings where it was supposed to be.

michelle poulson

Didn't work right at all It went off half hour before the time set and half the time couldn't hear it and its not as customizable as advertised i am uninstalling and going back to the app i was using before it has ads but at least it works

Justin Gaughan

Become buggy! This morning the alarm did not sound even though I had my phone set to all alerts. App then crashed. Also not always syncing with system time. This is my main alarm app so I'd really like them to fix this ASAP.

Patrick Wheeler

Doesn't work on silent Note 4, alarm didn't go off this morning as the phone was on silent. Running late to the airport now!

Eli J

My fave alarm app. I have used this for 2 years very reliably. I like the colors and graphics. Seriously the UI is amazing. I wish bitspin made more apps to replace the default ugly ones I have on my phone. Oh well.

Gavin Conran

Cant remove the apps access to contacts without it crashing....dont know why...but would rather it didnt have access to contacts. Fix this and ill start using it again and increase to 5 stars

Liam DC Nisbet

Battery drain and no updates The app uses so much battery, even in night mode, that my phone can't charge overnight, despite being connected to my charger. It's also not been updated since last year, so there's little hope of any issues being resolved soon.

Mike Brady

Coolest Clock, Alarm and Timer Ever It's beautiful, and it works. I've been through a lot of alarm apps lately as my old standby let me down with Android 6. Timely is my new home!

Mihail Milchev

My Alarm app to go! The app I have been using for so much time now! I recently dedicated an unused android phone as an alarm clock, which, of course, sits away from my bed. The option to set an alarm remotely is the most lovely thing! I do, however, would like to actually get up and turn off the alarm, but if I turn it off on my main phone, it turns off on the other one as well! It would be a great function to choose if you want to remote snooze/turn off the alarm on other devices. Thank you for your work and time devoted!

Sean Hasten

Love it but.. The update was supposed to allow the ability to reuse alarms? I'm using a nexus 6, running Android 5.0.2 and it still adds a new alarm every time I say "set alarm 7am", resulting in lots of occurrences after a few days. If left unattended, I will have hundreds of alarms and the only way to clear them is 1 by 1. Please provide an ability to either clear all alarms or fix the ability to reuse alarms.

Mark Messinger

Beautiful, but timer alarm sometimes doesn't sound The user interface is both beautiful and functional. The widget, too, is all I could ask for. However, one important feature is reliability. And, at least on my LG G4, I cannot rely upon the timer. Or, I should say, if I set the timer, then put the phone down on its face, the timer will run down but the audible alarm will not sound. A silent alarm, when the phone is not set to a silent or vibrate only profile, is of limited use. Ensure the basic functions work flawlessly, before adding additional features.

Kristen Caven

Waking up happy I first used this app while traveling. I had to wake up alone in a windowless room to catch a train. That day turned out to be one of the best days ever, a turning point in my life, and now whenever this alarm goes off I am infused with positive feelings. Now I know that seems to have little to do with the app so I will also express my appreciation for the simple and effective design, and the reliability of the program. I have not had a "go to" alarm like this one for years. But that harp lick...magic!

Ryan Sorbo

Why is Google killing Timely after they bought it... This had sooooo much potential. The BEST POSSIBLE clock app - all the basics (customizable alarm/timer sounds, stopwatch, progressive alarm sounds), AND it had color customization that was completely UNIQUE and limitless. But Google bought the company that made it, and... didn't follow up very substantially AT ALL. PLEASE continue developing such a PERFECT clock app. I will not be using the Google clock app while I know this exists. EVER.

Helena Sedgwick

Can't snooze or turn off Loved it until I didn't wake this morning. Couldn't turn to snooze the first alarm and then main alarm didn't go off. Thought point was to wake me slowly and gently, not drive me mad 30 mins before I'm meant to get up then the actual alarm not work. Thankfully my daughter woke me! And last week no matter what I did to screen on my phone it was not going to snooze! Please fox add it WAS best alarm.

Brad Sando

Great looks but lacks features I love this App, and it looks awesome. But beauty is only skin deep. I would love to see some Gentle Alarm like features such as the option to skip next alarm, etc. 6/1/2015 - Also noticed lately the Widget is not updating in near real time. It seems to randomly lag behind the system clock (i.e. via Marshmallow notification slide down, etc.) by half minute or more before updating.

Jean-Francois Messier

I wish I could remove the snooze altogether Timely is a great app, especially now that it syncs with all my devices, and is a great simple time display as well. My only problem is that I cannot remove the snooze. In my case, when the alarm starts, I jump out of the bed and start my day. However, if I by accident I snooze instead of turning it off, it will restart few minutes later, waking up my wife who sleeps later. I would like to have the option of NO snooze in the different duration options. Otherwise, I would give this app a five star. If I could give it a 4.5 stars, I would right away.

Ashlie Marshall

This app used to be fantastic When I switched to the Galaxy s6 I quickly realized the alarm clock was essentially useless. I quickly found the timely app and I've loved using it until recently. Every morning I am greeted by "this app is slowing down your phone" and suggestions to Uninstall it. I have been dealing with that for several weeks but this week I've had an issue with the snooze feature because of the alerts from my phone saying it's slowing it down. Timely, please fix whatever it is Samsung is throwing a fit about!!!!

Victor Mumford

Sublime but GOOGLE MUSIC PLEASE! Timely has the expected features, but what makes it great is its design. It has flawless transitions, good color options and beautiful alarms. Unfortunately, that doesn't make it easy to get up to. Thank you for adding the ability to choose one's own music, but it doesn't work for anything not in the music folder, which I includes ALL MUSIC FROM GOOGLE. It can always use new features, but thanks anyways.

Karsten Jensen

Good, but missing that Material The clock has a nice HOLO interface, elegant with beautiful colors, but (and this is simply preference) I would like some material design in there to spice things up. There are other apps that have this, but they lack Google Now integration that I deem absolutely essential because I'm lazy. As such, Timely is the best alarm clock app for the moment--you really can't go wrong with it--and I highly recommend it.

Sirry Berndsen

Awesome Awesome graphics are awesome I can set music, theme and choose a digital or analog clock even a choice for 12 or 24 hour setting. I can choose music to different alarms, it's got a happy wake up 30 mins before set time that you can select or deselect. And it has a timer built in, not just a clock and alarm. It's got everything!!! I just discovered that stop watch and timer are within the same (far right) and ask you do to switch over is you flip it, move your finger up or down and it'll switch. Awesome!!!

Mike Hedman

Good alarm I like this alarm better than others, but its still has a few things missing. I'd prefer to be able to adjust the brightness and color of the time itself. I make the background as dark as I can and would like to have the alarm digits in dark red. Also the size of the clock. Let me increase the size. For those with bad vision it can be too small. Last, put the snooze time on the clock, not just notification area. I thought I switched it off only for it to go off later.

Allen Irizarry

Love it, use it every day Works perfectly, and the Smart Rise feature is a life saver ... Literally! I used to jolt awake from my alarms, blood pressure thru the roof and stayed like that thru the day (doesn't help I suffer from anxiety). So I had high blood pressure. Waking up gently, from the soothing alarm sounds provided, allowed me to start my day calmly, and more relaxed, which reflects through my day. Its such a simple thing, but helps me so much. Blood pressure is down, and I'm handling my anxiety better too.

Dustin Spriestersbach

Best alarm clock app! Pretty interface, very useful timer/stopwatch mode, too! Pretty interface, lets you add your own sound files to use as your alarm. Can slowly increase volume, and can be snoozed (and has a challenge mode, so you have to wake up some to snooze it!). It's been my daily driver alarm app for years now.

Nguyên Huỳnh Tô Gia

Alarm doesn't work This app is cool, nice animations and well-designed. But alarm doesn't work on my Sony Xperia M2. I woke up late some times because the alarm didn't ring on time. Alarm only rings when I wake the phone up and unlock the lock screen. Its so weird. It works perfectly on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I think that the alarm need to work when the phone sleeps.

Tanner Chell

Beautiful before funtion App looks great, allows you to customize colour to your exact preference. The Smart Rise feature really only acts to make your alarm come on half an hour early. For it to be effective it needs to fade in over a much longer time. The volume selection is a joke allowing you to choose from loud to deafening. Would like to see better volume selection, and improve the Smart Rise feature.

Zachary Shoen

Great experience. Extremely well made and with features that use the android clock api extremely well its worth the money getting the pro version. I have been using this app consistently for almost 3 years and it has yet to disappoint. With its cloud features I can also make a wall of alarms or just make sure the tablet at home wakes me up at the same time as the phone in my car.

But of a learning curve but worth it I found this app frustrating to use at first as I tried to figure out how to set and start timer and customise features. However I persevered and now I love it. The design is sleek and modern and the colours are soothing. I'd like more control over alarm music and volume but apart from that it's reliable, pretty and does the job.

Keng Yang

Great app, only missing a couple of features... App needs a way to turn off the upcoming alarm notification, I'm usually asleep when my alarm is ready to come on so I don't need that feature. The other is the ability to turn off the alarm clock icon. That's more clutter in my status bar that I don't want. Otherwise a great app now that you can add custom alarm sounds.

Mario Ladović

One of the best, but... I have encountered a bug.. I use a xperia z3c, and when not using a charger, and especially when using the phone's stamina power saving mode, the alarm does not fire until you take the phone out of standby. This couses me to be late for work.. Otherwise.. This app is one of the best and graphically best looking alarm apps around, but it has one major flaw.. No it dosen't! The devs corrected it in the last update! Nice!

Douglas Wynn

What is going on with this? My phone and tablet have been synced since I started using this wonderful app. Lately though I will turn it on and my phone won't know that the tablet has it on or vice versa. That, and it now deciding to wake me up an hour before scheduled time on some days but not others. I might have to look at other alarms as backup.

Gwendolyn M.

Gorgeous! This app is simply amazing to look at. It's been designed in a way that no matter what screen you're on it's always simple yet elegant. I don't need many bells and whistles in a time keeping app, so a pretty and functional one like this is more than I'll ever really need anyway. Probably not for people who need lots of special settings, but for the average person this thing has enough to keep me happy and on time (And my dinner not charred black...). :)

Gary Quick

My favorite clock app I was always looking for a better way to wake up. I used to try different alarm clock apps pretty regularly. But I found Timely a short time before Google bought the company and have used it ever since. As someone who used to try out different ROMS regularly, it was great because you could sync your alarms over all of your devices. I love the choices in sounds and vibration. I like the way it starts by turning up the screen and slowly brings up the sound. I enjoy the customization. I even use the stop watch and timer regularly. I've given up on any other clock/watch apps.

frank w

It doesn't get better than this. Nobody likes alarms. Until now. My new best friend. Alarm types are amazing AND the volume is loud enough to get my attention. And the option to NOT turn off by itself is cool. Ever slept through an alarm that wasn't loud enough AND turned itself off? Won't happen with this. Night mode feature is nice. Have fun picking your color/theme. Disney technicolor. Clock controls are simple and efficient. Snooze alarm is painless and effective. I wish all apps were designed this good

Pamela Martin

Eh You get two stars for customization. It's definitely the most customizable clock app I've found - alarm sound wise. And you get the other one star for allowing me to create an alarm and not requiring a specific day for it to go off. I love the freedom this app gives. BUT it crashes every. single. time. you try and add a challenge to an alarm, which is super annoying.

Carlos Benitez

Great App, very smooth I love this app. It's very sleek with very smooth rendering. I'm running it on Samsung GS4 (KitKat). The only issue I noticed is that the widget clock is about 15sec delayed. It's not a deal-breaker by any means but it's not perfect so I'll give it 4 stars. Fix the delayed widget and it will be 5-star worthy!

Shannon Bauer

Lovely interface Customizable, easy to use, and lovely to look at. Does absolutely everything I need it to do, especially love the selection of alarms, and greatly prefer it to the stock Android clock app. Have zero issues whatsoever. *just scrolled through past reviews, have not experienced any of the problems listed by other reviewers (using GS6 Marshmallow 6.0.1)*

Kristina Hepburn

Great! Hey devs nice work! good themes and in-build sounds. Nice and quick making new alarms. Only thing I would change or make an option for is the alarm tab, with a lot of alarms there is less overview. The height of each alarm could be shorter for a better overview but that's the only thing. I hope you guys will keep it nice and sleek and ads free, thanks for the app!!

Aidan Bennett

One problem I can't set a custom mp3 as my alarm tone. Best clock app out there, though. Graphics are amazing. The smart rise function is really nice, and works well. EDIT So I put this review up here, and 4 days later they add the custom sounds function. Thanks dev!

Stef Stef

Smart rise not working on OnePlus 3 on my old galaxy s3 the whole app worked like a charm, but on my new OP3 smart rise just doesn't work. I've already turned off doze mode / battery optimization but it still won't work. the alarm itself works just fine though...

Georgia Sloan

4.5 stars I absolutely love this! It is really easy to use, and I love how you can customize the themes you want, and there are many timer sounds. The only thing I wish they would add is more clock faces. They have three clock faces, but I wish there were more to chose from. But besides that, there are absolutely no bugs.. This app is awesome!

Mohd Kadir

Number 1 Alarm App, Very Nice & I love it... I have use this app almost 2 years... Every time I Flash a new Stock ROM or custom ROM, this app always in my priority list because I use it every day, 5 time a day to keep track the prayer time...I have 3 android device, all of my device will sync beautifully... If can, only one I wish is every alarm we set we can rename it. It will make this alarm more complete... I have try a few alarm app, after a few time I will come back to this alarm... Thank you Dev for the nice app!...

T Kizewski

One of the best alarms but... Please listen to comments and suggestions! Love almost everything about this.. Best alarm app. But it needs the option to increase the font size for us middle aged folks who will have to look at the alarms without their glasses in the middle of the night. And the daydream feature needs a battery charging level, and next alarm time.

Joseph Matos

Great alarm Had to install alarm app coz the one that came with my phone kept forgetting to go off. So far so good it's working great and no ads which is rare for free apps. Has nice themes to choose from and very simple to use. Can't ask for anything better

Leah Rigby

BATTERY KILLER The app looks nice and functions well. Too well, in fact, it totally drains my battery. If I set an alarm at night when I travel, my battery is totally drained by morning and that's with just the alarm set, and no clock face showing. If you leave the clock face showing, it'll drain your battery in less than two hours. Why does is drain the battery so much? My phone is brand new, so I know that's not the problem!

Nate Mittendorf

Good app, but... I love the customization that I can do with the alarm clocks and sounds. The gentle awake is nice but I never wake up to it. I just snooze through it. With my s6, sometimes I have to go back to the home screen and then back into the app to snooze or dismiss the alarm. This can be frustrating upon awakening. If that gets fixed, it is a five star app for sure.

jnvarner 688

Pretty good I enjoy the fact that there are challenges, but wish they were a little more challenging. I also like the 3 different clocks in 1. The one problem I can't seem to fix or find anywhere online is the flip-to-snooze function. I've tested it a bunch of times and I can't get my phone to snooze when I flip it; the alarm just keeps blaring. Can someone help?

T Clinger

Awesome, from a deep sleeper Now, it still doesn't ALWAYS get me out of bed because my body likes diff. hours than general society (those like me know our struggle), but it works pretty well for me, even better than ones I paid for. It is an Amazing free App with sophisticated alarm options, a nice clock, a super cool Stopwatch/Timer, all without ads. <3!!! Play around with it, you'll likely be impressed. I just found colors, which you can assign to each clock type, and finally had to give Timely my overdue props.

Marcus Grant

Timely is a piece of work. Not only is the app a beautiful encased in colour, but each movement is well thought out. Easily setup, when tired. But with little effort you can now pick music to wake up to... The chosen track will repeat till you switch it off. Each of my 3 alarms has separate tracks, and they sound great. This time App is to good not to have.

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