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10 Sep
Time To Escape

Posted by Goblin LLC in Adventure | Sept. 10, 2014 | 79 Comments

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Can You Escape - Holidays - Out Now!

We are glad to present you the brand new puzzle game - Time To Escape! This room escape adventure takes you to the strange museum with many interesting locations and mind blowing riddles. If you think you are clever enough to escape this place then download this amazing game and start the journey... because it's Time to Escape!

↗ Amazing riddles!
↗ Unique room designs!
↗ Tricky brain teasers!
↗ Interesting storyline!

Goblin LLC part of our Adventure and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 10, 2014. Google play rating is 84.8452. Current verison is 1.0.1. Actual size 44.0 MB.

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Koletha Young

Glitch in the game.... It won't let me select the pic on level six and the thing I need is no where else in the room...???? No Bueno.. Please fix this immediately because I like the game and would like to play again soon. Thanx in advance

Tima Boyd

Way to simple To many items in a scene and you only need 3 things or areas. Pass each room in 10 seconds or less

nya biteranta

Great game! It did made me think! But thanks for the several walkthroughs I sneaked in. lol

Arun Raghavan

Good game for observation power Good game... Only draw back need to be connected to net for hints! Please incorporate hints in the game options instead of going to YouTube everytime..

ethan gomes

this game is amazing I can't believe how easy it got but goblin llc let me know when you updated the game because the graphics aren't that great also I can't believe how easy it got after all those times I had to watch a video just to figure it out but now I do not need to because it is easy and I get it. THE END!!®©¶

Hannah Eggleton

Awsome Its so fun! Please try this game I'm addicted to it I luv it but plz put more levels.... I have done so many and plz do more

Valerie Edwards

On level 20 the back button disappeared over half way through and I had to start over Other than that, not bad. A few too many random taps tho

John Tritz

Not too hard but fun , can see using this to kill time, and keep the brain working instead of playing slot games.

Shyam Katare

5 star specially for level 20 which I had cleared without any hint.. Overall it is quite interesting and lot of fun in this game ..few levels u need of walkthroughs since too much confusing puzzles but maximum levels u could pass with little bit drilling ur 5 star for game..waiting for some more levels.

Bharat Patil

Interesting game I love this game. Little bit difficult to find solution. I hope next episode will be more interesting than this game.

Cyndi Wiemken

Awesome game! Not too hard or easy, just right. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Sunshyne Sam

The most challenging escape I have played so far! Took me a week or more and they usually take me about 1 hour to complete all levels.

michel glorian

good game but i regrets the lack of logic in some rooms: find a number anywhere and input it as soon as you can without further wondering ... a little too simplistic

Melissa Smith

Frustrating Gave this a 2 star rating because this game frustrated me more than I enjoyed it. It does not save your progress so be sure you can complete the level. I play to relax but I found the puzzle combinations tedious and required too much memory to complete. I personally did not care for this game.

Brandi W

Fun and a few difficult puzzles. Overall if you wanna kill some time and like puzzle games this one will suit your needs just fine. If you want a myst type puzzle play the room.

E Jones

Good Used walk through more than I would've liked. Somewhat difficult.

Danielle Cooley

Not bad. the only bummer is if you exit before finishing a level, you have to start all over.

Arachne-AddyALF McCafferty

Good Game Enjoyable, but a few clues, personally didn't make sense. The last chapter...a bit annoying. Free game so worth playing.When you watch it on YouTube,then return to game,u lose ure progress.

Christiane Leger

Entertaining I'm a huge fan of puzzle games (bitten by the Myst bug) , and this manages to scratch the itch

Bee Gee

Very complex Problem solving game. I've enjoyed all levels as annoyinv as it is time consuming its a good workout for your brain

Karan Singh

Good game Love playing it when u need something slow but good. Suggestion...have multiple items that open, but only few are used. It keeps u from tapping all over the screen to find something useful. Also...there is no zoom screen. Sometimes ur not sure what the hell u have in inventory and u just hope u click the right part of the screen to use it. Mindless screen tapping is the only weakness for this game.

victoria kirubagaran

Awesome Its time consuming. Still I love it. Very interesting. Cannot keep ur phone down. Little tricky. . If v could get hints it would b much better than going to u tube.. love it

Anajeet Paramanik

Superb It screws ur brain out.. Its hell difficult to understand n clear d levels. Awesome game..

Andre Goble

Ridiculously Unstable. Stopped responding the first time I started it, and during gameplay. That is terrible performance, from a point-&-click escape game. The gameplay is far from compelling.

Caliyr Vulpovar

Good puzzle design, a lot of ways to improve Most of the puzzles are too easy to solve, level progression is therefore too fast. This is not a problem but then you need to have loads of levels. I suggest you incorporate hints in the game; opening a link to youtube is really annoying if you get stuck. Maybe you could add a timer system so that in certain intervals the player can get a hint?

Janet Martel

Time to Escape Love it. Challenging without being ridiculously difficult. Fun but some items are diffiult to see; can't tell what they are and can't zoom in. Makes it hard to know how to use the item.

Peter Lacey

Excellent and time consuming Very enjoyable. Frustrating in a good way. Will keep you coming back

magdalene yeong

interesting! Fun. I like the way this game is rather than just normal boring hidden object games.this let me work my brain rather than just test my eyesight

Jesse Barnes

The game Time To Escape So far it okay, I don't have anything bad or negative to say about the.

Eric Brown

Bad clues The starting levels were way to easy, but then at higher levels they gave you horrible clues. I've done tons of these games and never had to watch how to solve the rooms. This game could have been a lot of fun, but it was always silly bad clues that stopped me. Even when I watched I thought to myself, " well that made no sense"

Tracy Burnley

One of the better ones I see people saying that this one is easy. It is not the hardest one I have found by the thing I really liked about this one was all of the puzzles on this one make sense. I've seen some that try to be harder to the point of absurdity. This was a nice switch after hitting a couple that just didn't make sense even after finding the solutions. Could definitely use more rooms though.

Melissa Barnett

Bittersweet I have played and completed more escape games than I can count on both hands. This was a great app, no defects. Sophisticated graphics and intelligent design. The puzzles are logical however I found that the utilization of tools and hints was extremely difficult to determine. On the last several levels I had to result to watching the walk through, sometimes more than once. It's a good game but sometimes annoyingly difficult. Try it out!

Sam Barrett

Great fun Very addictive, but frustrating but satisfying when you get it done.

Yolanda Harris

IDK I agree a lot of the items found you don't need to get out of a room, pointless. Yes pointless is the best way to describe this game. Most of the answers had to be released entered twice before I could advance

Janice Jacobsen

Great Game! Not too easy, not too hard. Just a great way to while away a couple hours on a lazy afternoon!

Lemon T.

Level 9 door code doesn't make sense even after watching the walkthrough. We should be allowed to zoom in on the photo we obtained in level 12, otherwise the clue is useless

Suryansh Gupta

Could be better Very nice and addictive but could be better if the graphics were good....some of the objects were not clear . Plz reduce the no. of ads they are very irritating and time consuming.......evry time u need to watch the whole ad just to watch the same walkthrough again......

Jessica Black

Not to bad for the free 20 levels that you get to play. Kept my daughter and I pretty busy for a while.

Brett Watson

Above Average Great pictures and story. I could figure out most. A couple didn't make sense even with the clues in the video ... but the videos were present. I needed to use 2 of them in 20 levels. Wish I could see some of the items close-up, as I was unsure what they were when they were gathered. Overall - very pleased.

Violet MoJo

Great game Some were very hard but it wouldn't be fun if it wasn't :-)

Thomas Mucha

Good so far, but buggy I'm running into the same problem as another reviewer. Level / room 6 doesn't reveal one of the items as it should : lighting the candles doesn't result in the reveal. Otherwise the game seems pretty good.

Lady Isabella

A nice escape! These types of games really keep you thinking and entertained, plus you arent on a timer to rush through it. Helps me stay focused so i can forget my cares/worries (bonus) lol.

parinaz B

It's OK In level nine I picked up all the thing but I couldn't open the door I'm stuck in it oops

Claudia Martin

Loved it till Level 6. Painting wouldn't open despite correct working of rest of puzzles. I double-checked it with the walkthrough. This glitch stopped me from continuing on. ? Was a quick little bit of fluff game when I'm taking a "cigarette-break" in the baño. *Just joking. No smokin' or tokin' for me.

Ebi Amin

Good It's very challenging and some times becomes too hard, you need to have a smart brain for solving the problems. It's funny at all.

Tim shick

Pretty good for free Decently difficult but solvable with some thought. Biggest problem is not being able to see the things picked upclearly to identify what it is.

Cherrill Keith

Really pretty good, quite challenging. No problems like some of the other reviews.

Christine Pavlovich

Thank you! Great room puzzles to solve, graphics could not be any better, just the right difficulty so you have to thee escape did not end on level 10. Definitely will support and any in the future. Oh how could I's were not an inconvenience. Well done Goblin LLC

Neslihan Esendal

Challenging Very nice game but real hard for me. Recommended to everybody who likes a challenge.

dazed and confused

So fun! Love having to figure it out. The extra steps are more fun than taxing.

Janet Anderson

Good pass time Enjoyed this game . Kept my mind working. Not too easy and not impossible to complete either. Only wish there was more levels to complete..

Sarah Boester

Confusing Confusing and frustrating. Yet fun and exciting.

philip p

Very very bad In thr video for game no 6 they show to open the gate but when we play the game. Last option is not available. Very bad. They just want us to watch commercial.

Kerstin Davies

Great game!? Cleverly thought out puzzles,fun to solve. Help available via link to YouTube. Only the advert videos you have to watch before getting there are annoying.

Janet Fogg

Time To Escape Great game. Levels ranged from fairly easy & quick to pass, to darned challenging. And while I enjoyed it enough to want to play on, 20 rooms made it long enough to leave me feeling satisfied. Played on a Moto G with only 1 glitch- lost the back button once in the last room so had to begin that final level over. No sweat, good for the brain!

Faine For Life

Fun and entertaining I've only been playing for about 10 minutes but I definitely AM enjoying this game and the graphics are extremely eye-pleasing. So far I haven't found it challenging but then again this type of thing is right up my alley. Being an app review hobbiest, it's pretty hard to get a good review out of me because I'm pretty critical. But I would definitely say this is worth the time the download and it's entertaining and good for all ages.

womandroid mandroid

There's better apps to download. I don't like the fact that you can't zoom in most clues or items, you keep using stuff from far away. Apart from that, rooms are easy to pass as there're not many steps to follow in each of them, so nice to use it as a first.

Mannat Maan

Time to escape This game is so much fun . I wish they make more games like this.l have played the other ones but I like this better because it's not just timing you. Your not getting timed at all, and it's so easy.

Claudia Martin

Loved it till Level 6. Painting wouldn't open despite correct working of rest of puzzles. I double-checked it with the walkthrough. This glitch stopped me from continuing on. ? Was a quick little bit of fluff game when I'm taking a "cigarette-break" in the baño. *Just joking. No smokin' or tokin' for me.

Andy M

Excellent All the puzzels were somewhere between easy and makes you think a bit. The very last puzzle was not as well thought out as the others. It's like the developers just wanted to end it with something ridiculous. Other than the last level, the game was very enjoyable. 20 levels of play.

cheri haynes

At first, super easy. ...but then You've got to love escape games to enjoy this. The first ten levels were a breeze, then I started taking notes, by 18, I was in panic mode, and it to me three days to finish last two levels. Loved it#

Meadow Jones

Convoluted Although the game started off simple the last few rooms became quite difficult. I play a lot of these games and most difficult puzzles at least give you a explanation of what the goal is. You were able to go onto utube but instead of giving you a hint on what to do. They just showed you how to do it and even then the route to how they got there didn't always make sense. The game needs hints not a guided walkthrough. Who wants a game played for you. I would've rated it less stars if I had paid for it.

Kamilah Timmons

Fun It was super easy in the beginning but got harder towards the end. I got frustrated a couple times because you have to be very careful where you touch and I could've sworn I hit the place I needed ten times before it actually worked smh. All in all it was fun tho!

Sally Bringhurst

Stuck on level 6 Was stuck and watched the walk through but can't get the picture to lift. Everything else worked ok but now can't progress any further. A suggestions welcome!

Manjunath Nadumane

I am not a regular game player , but still I prefer this game.e during my free time. Game is of creative !! Few levels and clues are very difficult too ;) Good work team Good to play

Angela Gaudin

GREAT GAME BUT... Every time I am inthe middle of playing a level the game shuts down. Also ever since I downloaded this game ads pop up on my phone and not even in this game. I understand the ads but not to start popping up when not even in the game. If you fix these problems I would give it 5 stars

Yoke Lee

I'm not clever enough!! Gosh, it's frustrating at the last levels. Getting tougher and tougher per level. One must think out of the box to solve this! Good exercise for the brain. I gave up...

Philip Russell

A great game. Addictive. Some of the puzzles were very taxing. It was sometimes difficult to see what tools had been collected (zoom?) and a few more clues would have been welcomed before having to resort to the "cheat" video. Nevertheless, 5*

Chris Gerhardt

Great game! Only complaint is that, unless there's pun being employed here that I'm unaware of, using a wooden walking cane with a rubber stopper to open a nailed wooden shipping container is just illogical, not challenging...

Maranda Wilson

Fun game, but will not allow to move past level 6 Stuck on level 6. The area below the picture will not open to obtain item. As a result, I'm unable to solve and move to next level.

Kayla Dempsey

Stuck on level 6 I watched the walk through for level 6 so I know there is something behind the picture on the wall. But it's like a glitch in the game. I click on the picture and it doesn't move. So I can't progress forward.

Sophia Khaled

level 14? I would have rated higher but I can't get the match to light the cannon. Watched the walkthrough to see what I was doing wrong and I wasn't. It is not working and it is making me mad!!! If I uninstall it I will not reinstall just to see if it will work!

Sofia Hanifa

Thrilling! Overall is good, the only glitch is sometimes the sound doesn't appear. But I still like it cause the levels are not-too-easy and sometimes unpredictable. Good work! Please make another escape game with harder challenges!

Jarissa Venters

More random button mashing than I enjoy Some puzzles are a clever challenge but others have me randomly poking the screen for the tiny interactive spot. Level 12 in particular has a bug that I can skip the entire puzzle up the ladder as I try to get the screen to let me interact with anywhere.


Not a smart app decision: The problem with escaping games is that you are forced to make it nearly impossible to find some things out, thus forcing others to watch the advertisements so you can pay for this app. There are always those really bad, money-hungry apps, but I wouldn't consider this one of them. It's just an edgy system.

Neko Mom

Clever game, got stuck a few times but not crazy hard where you get badly stuck on a puzzle that makes no sense. Was a nice change from other escape games that have clues that make no sense and you spend hours clicking around. Really enjoyed this game, short but fun.

Cassandra Pressgrove

Wow I loved this game. Didn't have to restart if I left and it was a nice challenge. Only bad thing is I wanted more levels but every game has to end. Great game.

Cecilia Thomas

The puzzles got harder and harder. Had to use the walkthroughs for hints. Great game. Gets you thinking although obviously not enough otherwise I wouldn't have needed the hints.

Crystal Edwards

Nah I only rated stars before so I could do the walk through. BUT you have to press so hard on your phone for anything to work. Also I've done the puzzle right according to the Walk through & it still won't let me advance.

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