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15 Aug
Time Calculator

Posted by Androloloid in Tools | Aug. 15, 2013 | 75 Comments

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TimeCalc is a calculator to operate on time and numbers.
The calculator supports parentheses and the operator priority.
You can copy/paste results from the calculator to other android applications.
You can see the history of all operations done with the calculator during the current session.

You can add, subtract, divide times between them.
2h 20m 3s - 1h 20m = 1h 00m 03s
30 min / 10 min = 3

You can do operations on numbers like on a regular calculator.
2.5 + 3 * 5 = 17.5

You can do operations between times and numbers.
2 * 25 min = 50 min
1 hr / 2 = 30 min

You can enter time as integer with the format xx Hr xx Min xx Sec, or as floating numbers.
8h 25m 13s
3.5 hr

The calculator supports 12h (AM/PM) or 24h time format.
8:00:00 PM

You can convert times to another unit.
2 hr 10 min 3 sec = 2.168 hr = 130.05 min = 7803 sec

You can do 'modulo day' to convert a time to a day time.
6:00:00 PM + 14 hr = 32 hr
32 hr Modulo 24h = 8:00:00 AM

The calculator supports parentheses and the operator priority (multiplication and division have higher priority than addition and subtraction).
(2 + 3) * (20 - 2 * 10) = 5 * 1 = 5

Whats new

    - Improve display for tablets
    - Add a time format option when using the ':' separator: HH:MM:SS vs HH:MM

Androloloid part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Aug. 15, 2013. Google play rating is 85.8109. Current verison is 1.05. Actual size 117.0 KB.

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Vlad Belov

Not bad but... I'll examplify my problem - 23 seconds multiply by 8 is 184 seconds: OK, not bad, let's find out how long is that in minutes: press Mins and we get the answer 3.067 mins.........I'm not from Alfa-Centaurs, I don't speak military..... How about giving me a more earthy answer: 184 seconds is 3 MINUTES AND 4 SECONDS - NOW, THAT SOUNDS MORE HUMAN)))

Mitchell Armstrong

Nobody's perfect That's why I didn't give it 5 stars. But this is an excellent it took me a few minutes to figure it out. But once I did I use it everyday thank you very much

Adam Grant

Perfect !! Takes the head ache out of working out things like time worked per week or overtime etc

Fatima Begum

THANK YOU SO MUCH This app is unbelievable it helped me so much on my homework I was stuck on the math equation sum I was angry but this app solved my problem thanks alot best time calculator

Pierre Jackson

Amazing App! I was thinking of writing an app like this so I searched the market and This Guy beat me to it. Bravo He did an amazing job Very Good App easy to use.

Richard Pennenga

Simple & Makes me happy Hard not to gush about this app. I use it frequently. Absolutely clean and intuitive for figuring out run pace given an interval & a distance, or an interval between two times. Keeps a history of calculations during this session, to copy to clipboard. Really useful. Super, super at what it does!

niobe trinity

Very Nice! I said hmm, I want a time calculator. 1st hit here in the Play Store is Time Calculator by Androloloid. Simple and does what I need when I'm too lazy (like today).

Kevin Nguyen

Fantastic app but ugly This app is an amazing tool for figuring out time related maths. But the calculator UI and font colors are ridiculously gaudy. Still, it does the job.

Bethany Payne

Yay! Fabulous. Clear, intuitive, easy to use. Very handy. Thanks for a great free app! How do I donate?

Ellen Strnod

Great job Just what I've been needing to fill out my time sheet, no extra stuff I don't need.

Eric Gilbert

First on list/ For a reason. Serves it's pupose and the app size is remarkably small. Also no permissions. It IS the best one.

Tim Hyder

Great app just what I needed First of all, Vlad. You could've pressed mins again to get 3m 4s by a press of a button. Ugly? I dony care how a app like this looks. If it does it's job, that should be the main points.

Nayan Prajapati

Love it Thanks for creating this app. I was fed up by counting hours all the time and looked out every where but couldn't find easiest formula for counting. But now it is so easy to count. Thanks a lot again. Please keep improving with new features..

Alec Nemeth

Good app Good app on Galaxy S3 but a mystery on S5. Unable to find settings so I can change mode to only hours and minutes instead of the full monty of h:m:s

Chris Bruton

Intuitive and elegant - Great job! Honestly, this is easy to use and just enough customization to make it fit my needs. Love that you can copy the calculation history to demonstrate your work. I looked at some others after finding this and there is no competition.

Everett Coombes

Does exactly what I needed it to do. I have to manually calculate productivity based on time documentation at my work, and this app helped take the headache out of it.

Stuart Wilkinson

Trucker Im a truck driver for schneider and this helped me add up the amount of hours I have to legally drive the truck. Im using it to make sure the computer on the truck is maintaining proper hours

Matt Deaves

Essential Occ Hyg Tool If you do air monitoring you need this in your life. Makes working out times and volumes a doddle.

Karma Justice

What is this ? Got this App to figure up my time worked & when I add or subtract time frames it gives tremendous odd figures that make no sense .. played around with it but can not get a sensible answer .. useless.

Joel Sampson

Great And works in horizontal mode for tablet use. Nice job, thanks!

claudioemanuele barbiera

Really nice Does what it says well, makes you save time while calculating time.

Joseph Lewinski

A must-have for truckers This app is an absolute must have for calculating hours of service for trip planning as well as calculating your sleeper berth time, arrival time, etc. I can only hope that a future update includes a day of the week feature for those times when your calculations involve multiple days. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Paul Ciocon

This app is a great help! Thanks! Now I can finish my flying logbook faster.

Greg wlotzka

Useful App Simple interface and no bugs that ive seen yet. I first used it in video editing for calculating different clip lengths. Made my job alot easier. Also nice for converting between time units, e.g minutes to seconds ect. Thanks for the app :)

Andrew Potts

Perfect A little ugly, but that's soon forgotten as you realise it works very well.

Randy Steven Varnum

Great app! I have been looking for app like this for a while now.

Sam Matier

FITS MY NEEDS PERFECTLY Use for time study and calculating billable hours.

Mark Joyner

Perfect! This app is simple but perfect. Awesome thanks.

Jacob Huempfner

Straightforward and useful This calculator has been so useful! It's so easy to use, absolutely no explanation is needed. Only complaint is it doesn't do date calculations. Otherwise, it's great!

Manic Cure

Awesome As a truck driver I can say this is a lifesaver for anybody who does paper logs. Thank you so much!

Joe Philipps

pretty neat! what it could use is dates too, like how many days elapsed between 5-Nov-2013 and 3-Mar-2013.

A Google User

Great for truckers I use this all the time to figure out my available next day hours while running recap. The company EOBR'S only show hours worked. This let's me figure out how much time I'll have tomorrow and plan my trips accordingly without having to use the old decimal system and covert to hours and minutes. (I don't care how it looks just as long as it works!)

Jared Root

Good but... In the help section they use the example (2+3)*(20-2*10)=5. Sorry to dock you for this but its not 5 its zero. Basic math, but other than that decent app.

Paul-Lewis Nunn

Great This app is great and really helpful. It would be even better if I could convert the time format to decimal.

Kayla Kennedy

Yeah Not a bad idea should come with more instruction I nearly uninstalled it because it made no sense

Shianne Haltom

5 Stars Easy to use, doesn't require any special permissions

Chad Buttrey

Love it I plan tons of trips with more than 30 stops and although I can do the math myself this saves me tons of calculations estimating my arrival times. Thanks

NotA RealName

A perfect work tool I work as a Master Control Operator. I constantly have to work with time and am terrible with math. This is the quickest way for me to figure out when my breaks need to air after a cut in.

Walter Scott

Finally! Been looking all over the place store for an app to do this. Thank you very much.

Jose Torres

My favorite application This is my favorite application. I LOVE this app.

Alexander Tatevyan

Excellent The only calculator, that converts the result to daytime format (Modulo24h). Very useful, when calculating eBay listing's ending time.

Graham Hillman

Excellent A well thought out and designed app that I use all the time, in response to a previous post by vlad belov, if you press the 'to h.m.s.' button it would tell you that 184 secs is 3mins & 4secs, could not be simpler.

Dennis Quintos

Very good This app is exactly what i need. Thank you!

Barry Ryan

Settings?? Used this for over a year on old Samsung galaxy, upgraded to galaxy S5 and no sign of a settings button anywhere. Used to be bottom left key on old device but that now has a different function on newer android devices. Am I missing something?

sam keyz

I could give it 6 or 7 stars Absolutely love it.. I use it everyday, saves me a lot of time and headache calculating time and time differences. Even better, you can use it as a regular calculator. Keep up the good work!!

Danielle Perkins

Calculates new time This is just the time calculator I've been looking for. I need to enter the time in 12 hour format, add hours and minutes to it, and get a new time in return. Perfect for setting my reminders and alarms for various activities. Figured it out on first try without instructions too. The only thing I could ask for is a button to insert the current time for me.

Christian Fritz

Awesome Exactly what you need to calculate time, stupidity simple to use with a history so you can review human mistakes, anyone who gives this app any less than 5 stars is nitpicking.

David Crowell

Good app and also convenient. Good app. I also like the feature for normal calculator. Highly recommend for children who are bad at Math. To creator: can you add a way for negative numbers? P.S. to children: don't use it all the time. You need to learn how to write equations on paper as well.

Cameron St.Clair

Perfectly simple. I use it nearly every day. I love the hour:min:sec buttons, they make it quick and easy make calculations. The fact that it has a really ugly app icon is the only thing holding back a 5 star review.

Toi Buchanan

Saves my sanity Use this every day. My LG4 phone has the capability to split screen. I wish this app allowed itself to be used in this way as I need this to use a time keeping app.

Hyden Zeke

Great app My only recommendation would be a convert hours/mins to decimal and back. Make the Modulo Day button changeable via settings to function as Convert Dec.

criselda montenegro

Made my work easier I need to compute the running time of each segment we shoot to make sure if we're under/overtime. Thanks to this :)

Nowhere Man

Excellent! I don't use this for time, but I work with angles constantly. This little gem makes converting degrees, minutes and seconds to decimal degrees a snap!

Darren Z

Excellent tool Works great, intuitive, and no unnecessary permissions or ad spam. It helped me on a recent job figure out run times for an internet broadcast.

Pete Willingham

Great app with training This app is great after you get used to it. The entry of the numbers and the time is confusing at first but it makes since after a few times.

Julio Guzman

Good for a cross country time I can use this to see my avarage mile pace

Ruben Blanco

Yes! Great for time management. Trying to see what time to leave the house to make it to work or school on time.

Blake O

Doesn't work correctly on my Note 4 The AM/PM button doesn't appear on my Note 4 when doing clock/time calculations. If I input time in 24 hour modulation it won't subtract hours and minutes correctly. Apparently this app is no longer supported.

Barry Ryan

Settings?? Used this for over a year on old Samsung galaxy, upgraded to galaxy S5 and no sign of a settings button anywhere. Used to be bottom left key on old device but that now has a different function on newer android devices. Am I missing something?

Dan Bryant

GREAT APP!!!***** The best app there is for adding up time, I wasn't even sure there was something out there like this, it was exactly what I was looking for. I use this for adding up man hours on jobs. It took away 90% off the headache I was getting without this app, now I use this almost everyday. Thank you for making this app!

Nick Wall

Use To Be Perfect Have been using this app to add my flying hours and minute but now it keeps converting hours to days which is extremely annoying.

Christine Robinson

Exactly what I needed Needed a time calculator to work out holidays at work in hours & minutes, after trying a few others that weren't great downloaded this one, it's brilliant, I can add or subtract in hours & minutes easily. Really easy & clear to use. Brill


An extraordinary application Dear sir really I am very happy with this application. It is really very much useful in my harvesting business. Where I need to calculate time gap between starting and closing time of work for my machine. It bit headache for me. Now it has been resolved through your great application. Thanks sir. Have a nice day. God bless you.

Jeff Davies

I LIKE IT. But I agree with Vlab Belov in the 'laymans' designation of some results. 3.067 minutes is of no use really - it should be 3m4s. The other reason I knocked off one star was because I cannot get it to look like the image used to advertise this - LCD screen and not black like it actually is. I don't require colours in the entry and results field. It would be fantastic if you could add the option to make it into an old type LCD display with black text.

Cristina Z

I LOVE IT! It does what it says! Very useful! Thank you so much for making this app! Was able to calculate times for tasks I need in no time! Decimals were of no use to me. This calculator gave me answers not in decimals if I wanted! This is much more practical!

Jouni Järvinen

Just cuz I gave 4 stars doesn't mean it's great. It is great, but to get 5 stars something even better is needed. This app saves me plenty of trouble, I'll certainly keep this.

Edward Edralin

Great app Only problem is on initial input, number display screen would be blank. Will press info icon then back to main input screen then the number previously entered will appear on the display screen. Please fix. Still thank you for a very useful app.

Melt Styles

Awesome I work in TV and this helped out so much when adding time... Somebody stole (lost) our stopwatch/time calculator and this was the first app I found to replace it... World of thanks to whoever created it...

Barry Foxworth

Just Perfect! It's just what I've been looking for! The author should be charging for this app! It's fast and efficient! I tried/tested different formulas (with the same problems) and it comes out to the same. It's flawless! Thanks!

fdom W.

i love this app but it does not have history. i like have history, i hope if can re update for history least have 20 history record that go look very goo? it is beautiful look is my favor?

Paycheck Suicide

Useless now. Update removed ability to add or subtract time from specific time. No AM/PM button. Was one of my most used app.

Kate Armstrong

Running splits This is great for calculating average mile pace for runners or finding goal splits! Doing it out with a normal calculator is so tedious! Great app!

Iain J

When can I go home? I work flexible shifts, this app helps me work out what time I can finish work. I use it to work out my flexi balance. It works great!

Heart Bug

I'm looking to count my hours at work This works not for those looking to do that. Ex: 3:23 pm to 6:19 am minus .5 hour equals how many hours? The app will work great for adding time spent on multiple tasks though.

Aaron Johnson

Needs Accuracy Good functioning layout, easy to figure out. But my calculations were off by a minute which is unacceptable for a calculator. Good work on everything else though! Please fix problem.

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