Download Thuglife Video Maker apk 2.2.1 free for Android smartphone

4 Aug
Thuglife Video Maker

Posted by SebSob in Entertainment | Aug. 4, 2016 | 216 Comments

Apk file size: 14.0 MB

Have you seen those funny videos with gangster music and thug life text? Have you always been wondering how to make one yourself?

Well, with this beautiful and user-friendly app you can make your own 'Thug Life' video in only a matter of minutes:

1. Select an existing OR record a new video
2. Trim the video to the perfect moment
3. Edit the video to your desires
- Select the desired Thug Life sound OR create your own Thug Life soundtrack
- Select the desired text chosen from the various Thug Life layers
- Set up the epic zoom and duration
- Select from the 40+ Thug Life stickers (glasses, hats, cigarettes and chains) to pimp the moment

Share them instantly with your friends through social apps like Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Youtube, etc...
Result videos have no branding watermark on them (like most apps), also all the stickers and features are free!

*Help me translate the app to your language!

-Try to trim your video’s to max. duration of 20 seconds
-Select the lowest quality in the settings if you think that the rendering takes too long
-Scale stickers before you rotate them

Rendering a video on a smartphone is an intensive process and can sometimes be a bit buggy on some older devices, please let us know through the feedback form in the app if you have discovered any problems, so we can work on it ;)

Whats new

    -Fixed Android 6 issues
    -Trimming videos is now easier!
    -How it works + FAQ available
    -Choose your own Thug Life moment and filters
    -40+ new stickers to pimp your video! (chains, glasses, hats and cigarettes)
    -You can now easy move/scale/rotate stickers by dragging/pinching
    -Videos can be created in background, so that you can still use your phone while processing
    -Loading screen now shows the current progress
    -Improved zoom animation
    -Other bug fixes

SebSob part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 4, 2016. Google play rating is 69.4208. Current verison is 2.2.1. Actual size 14.0 MB.

Download thuglife-video-maker.apk 14.0 MB


Steve Dann

Doesn't work Let's me get as far as completing, saves the video in my videos but when I try to play it it says unable to play. Fix this and I'll change it to 5 stars.

reycris ramos

Love it It is the best thug life video maker evahhhh but you need to add more tunes and fix the zoom thingy coz its the thing that thug life videos needed the most

John Matthews

App is ok,but "zoom" doesen't work!!! It doesen't wan't to zoom in for some reason!!! 5 STARS IF YOU FIX IT!!!!

Cindy Bernal

Barely It has everything that you need to make a "thug life" video. But to save the video, it takes forever.

Jokah Deux

Doesn't work Galaxy S5 - Mp4 formats rotate 90 degrees right every time and any other format crashes the app at 'part 2 - adding the music'. Uninstalled, really disappointing.

Tasnim Kaffah

Why ? After i make my own video , why i can't play my videos ? Fix this and i'll give you 5 stars

Zahra Maryam

Does not work After trimming, the thug life photo part (when you have to edit everything) show up at the beginning of my video and not at the end. Fix this please

Anup Gupta

Need improvements Processing video takes too much time, need options to rotate the glasses and cigarette at a particular angle. Need animations for glasses and cigarette. If possible add more accessories like gold chains , cap etc. Need more built in sounds. Like user can download it directly from your severs if it's not available offline.

Chinmay Devne

Nothing happens after step 2 It says something went wrong after every video i cant make any videos fix it

Bowah McNoah

Broken It stops making the video after the third step. I checked my videos and nothing was there. EDIT: Managed to fix it. But when I try to play the file, it says it's not supported.

Ricky Johnson

LOVE this do far! Only thing I'd have to ask is for a "zoom in" option at the moment of the "Thug Life" scenes. Other than that, keep up the great work!!

Ali Gammeter

Doesn't work I guess it makes the video, but when I go to play it, it makes me start again. ??

Zero 00

Add more music Give it some of the more used music in thug life videos

Misael Padin

i like it but.. I don't understand how to exactly choose the lifespan of my video, it always says "warning bla bla bla 2 seconds before video ends or something like that... wth

Allan Mathias

Great concept Very well designed and very usability friendly. Great!

jomega gaming

Dosnt work on portrait videos Was gonna add this to some videos that are already portrait mode and when I try and make it it Flips it round.

Daffa Azky

Over all, I liked it More glasses and cigarettes please...

Will Martin

Final picture App is great but there should be a way to change the final picture where the "thug life" part starts. It just goes back to the beginning instead of the end where I wanted it. That also messes up the glasses and cigarette

Eoin Greevy

Doesn't work I do the video

Hrafnkell Baldursson

Doesn't work Can't play the video

Wissam Darwish

More music u need to put more popular music such as snoop dogg's music

Tadas Jocius

Can be much better I hate that the ending has to be where the thuglife part comes. Why can't i choose which frame the thuglife part should come in after the video has ended? This is a huge feature that needs to be added

Alif Iman

I hated the ads The ads are annoying me.please.can you make a thug life maker without ads and also without Paying it.please.i loved your TL Maker.Please

Laura Bennnett

Galaxy S5 doesn't work The "thug life" part reverts back to beginning of video not in appropriate position. So in short doesn't work! FIX THIS PLEASE

Wesley Devlin

wez devlin love this app having plenty of fun using it lol my only problem with this app is that there's not enough options on what to thug your person up could have more stuff like hats, gold chains ect

Nicholas Savvides

Can't rotate.. Video doesn't save.. Only can add two images.

Rui Do Couto

Thug life by name

Anthony Mikhail

Zooooooom bro Zoom doesn't work properly and you can't choose the freeze frame. It kind of ruins anything good about this app. Fixing that would change everything. (Note 4)

Kenny Vazquez

Idk I guess its fine

Anas Daoud

F**k after This Latest Update This app is ShowinG error wtf Fix It Please fix my app is not working it force closes yo developer Where the hell you at Fix ma Shit it shows unexpected error fix this shit it is happenin after these last 4 updates Yo Fix this ??

Chimbelu Muyangwa

S5 I Love it my friends love my videos a must have app

Dhenz Pascual

Bug fix it Why After trimming video says. "Something went wrong while grabbing the last frame of a video" i give 5 star when fix it.

Karna Shrimali

Shit Shit app wont let u trim the video. It says something went wrong.

Trahzy Pk

Make the zoom work

ajmal cripz

Works perfect Works perfect without any flaws on my note does have ads but no issues with it you close it and continue your work......people facing time lag while trimming issue can be solved by trimming the video 1st using your stock video trimmer and then edit it using this app....

Muhammad Adnan

Adverts keep popping up!!!! As soon as you click on step 2 of the video trimming to proceed on the next stage selecting thug life glasses cig etc. Adverts pops up staright away then when i close the advert im back to sqaure one of the main menu of the app message appear on screen saying "failed due unexpected data error" among them lines. Please sort this annoying issue out ASAP i can't create no new video's.

Jelle Hesselink

Disappointed This used to be an awesome app a lot of fun before they put ads in it. It won't let you past step two when the ad pops up.


Every time I press create video it goes through the process then takes me back to the start of the app without creating the video. RUBBISH!!

Derrick D

This app used to be near perfect But now when ever I pick a place to end the video, so I can do glasses and cig, it never processes on the picture I end it with. Please fix dawg

Tadiel Olivares

How can I See Videos I can't see Videos when I click Create it Doesn't Show it might work just that I don't know so Reply me if you know if its broken or well tell me

Max Loffredo

Wtf? I made my video and it deleted or just didn't work! I'm looking else where now!

Rabih Dia

Everytime i choose my video it puts "Failed due to unexpected data error". Am gonna uninstall it

Ahmad Dairky

Use to work ADDS On my lg g3 when ever I set the beginning and the end adds pop up and the app tells me there was corruption of data or interfere something along those lines and I am not able to use the app plz fix it

Ben Garland

Error After getting to step 2 of creating video it says failed due to unexpected data error. Please fix so I can put back to 5 stars.

Kunal Ahirwal

Doesn't work What is this app for? It doesn't work

Jeffrey Bogle

Only worked once... Now when i try to make a video after the second step it kicks me back to the begining. Also when you add the glasses in the video it lets you add at the begining of the video instead of the end.

Jeremiah Rubio

Needs and fix It tell me can not get video

waylon hoover

No thug life It won't let me become a thug. There is an error with the frames but my phone works fine.

Can Gültekin

It was very good but... After trimming the video the freeze frame comes as the first frame so it is impossible to put the glass or the cigarette to the right position. Useless for now.

Veronica Jug cx

Sweet mother Teresa on the hood of a Mercedes benz. This app sucks Makes you wait 20 minutes for something that fails to play

Stefan Ciuprina

good but it takes too long to create the clip

Childish Trotman

I have a question Why cant i move the glasses and cigarettes where i want to?

Arthur Kagondo

Wait.... How is this pegi 3?

Marieta Lepoeva

Shitty it's stretching up the video. _|_

Tristan B

Its ok Its OK and all but when I make a video it doesn't show on the screen please fix it.

melanie S

Cannot change text It only gives you their options and the glasses were circa 1980's graphics.

Anime Chan

Makeing Videos Take about an hour

Ronni McNeal

Nope Every time I make a vid it goes back to home without saving it?????

Arony Lumana'i

Bull ****** I hate the one who build this

natalie campbell

Ahh Keeps crashing and saying couldn't complete load don't waste ur storage on dis garbage

Maurice Matthys

Not doing what it needs to When i made a video the thug life part was at the beginning of my video and when I made it to try if it works I couldn't even watch it.

Lu is

Make the glasses customizable Some people have their head slightly tilted and you can't make the glasses appear according to their position please fix that also u could add smoke like for the cigar customize smoke too

Handra and Boxxy

Really?? When I created the thug life video...and I wanted to look...always says "can't play video"

Owen Fletcher

Simply doesnt work I creat a video and it loads for a minute or so then takes me back to the opening page without creating the video

Bobmaynard auntienoonoo

Love it needs some improvements Good effort keep it going. Had a lot of fun with this! Still bit buggy and Def need the joint and glasses sliding in and a hat would be good and being a bit more customizable. And Why are you numbnuts moaning bout the tunes when u can make your own "thug"tunes jeez

Thanasis Choul

Not there yet Seems very promising but does not get the job done... When you have set everything and you press create video, after some time it just gets back to the original screen without creating the video

Christopher Mieske

Stupid At least give it good audio tracks.... The sounds don't sound thug.. they sound square... as if you have no idea that you where pushed out of what we thugs are trying to push up on.... wack...

NeoN Viper

Its getting there You can see its still in beta, but its still decent. Loading times take forever tho!

Amy Harris

Ehh If it actually paused the video where it was when it changes to black and white with the music playing it would be ok. It goes back to a previous spot in the video though and it's not cohesive.

Isiah Pena

NO SOUND AND DOESN'T SAVE TO GALLERY Once u post the video on instagram or anything else it doesn't have any sound. And the video dosent save to the gallery .

Noel Malic

Bug The second pause should be the part where to put the thug life icon but it's not ' and a lot of times that the zoom effect doesn't work.

Steven Larocque

Bug When I do the second pause it says that is is where the thug life will start it does but it takes the picture of where the video starts so it is impossible to decide where to put sunglasses and "cigarette"

Danny Mack

Great idea, but FAILS! It does NOT add the "thug life" anywhere near where you choose. It's like it was programmed wrong. Please fix, because it has potential, but worthless as it is right now. NOT bothered by the ads either.

Craig Rafferty

Craigraff Absolutely love this app!I'd of given it 5 stars,but you need to resolve the issue of when the video stops and the thug life part is supposed to start!it always jumps back to an earlier part of the video,which is really annoying!please fix it,thanks..

Rory Harding

Glitch When choosing the zoom/cigarette/sunglasses, the 'still' us the start of the clip, not the there's no way of knowing where to place said items. Fix and it's not a bad app.

Dylan Joyal

Thug life videomaker it ends the video on a different scene rather than the one you set it to

Syed Ali Mustafa

The second pause is to be the part where the thug life part starts from but it doesn't it just shows the next part after starting the video plzz fixx

Susan Edgington

no fun i tried to select a song it is not here no cool it was not fair stupid game boring. i tried to. why am i not selecting a stupid song. i hate when i do not select a stupid song ????????????????????????????????i don't know how to select a stupid song

Joshua Wooden

Could be really good The video start and stop settings don't work. The zoom doesn't work. And the end animation doesn't work. It also has very limited songs.

Allison Sullivan

Won't add text at 2nd pause It zooms in on the thumbnail for the video (the 1st pause, the beginning of the video). I've used the feedback form to submit my email, but right now, this is a waste.

Zach S

Error Every time I finish step2 and it trims, it says that there's an error in getting the last frame of video yet I paused it.... Fix on Blu Studio C.

Aditya Singh

Needs a lot of Improvements !!!! Should add more video effects like burning cigarette with fog effect nd many more. And should also add more thug life sounds . And plz remove the ads. They suck..

Alex Dimas

when I do the second pause to start the thug life it's says that it's a bug.. I can't do anything... please fix it..

James Dean

This would be a good app if you users could pick where they want to start the thug life part and not just the start and end of video. Also the stickers should be able to be rotated. and you should be able to zoom in to get the stickers in correct place.

Jaydon Menezes

Bug fix There are bugs which still need to be fixed and unwanted pictures are saved in the gallery which really needs to be fixed

DJ Hurcombe

It doesn't work. Every time i make a video, it doesn't come up in My Video on the app. o_O

Josh T

Broken app The second pause is where the thug life part should be. But it's not. It goes back to the first pause and puts the thug life. Would be such a great app if the dev made it function correctly. I can see why it's free now.

Jonas Bautista

inop zoom animation this feature is the whole dramatization of thug life videos. fixing this grants you ALL the stars.

Amanda Inman

Wtf Doesn't give a lot of options to begin with and after I make a video and try to play it from my phone, it says "file type not supported"!! Uploads to Facebook ok, but the zoom feature doesn't work. Get it fixed and it'll be the best app ever!

Richard L Eaton

Doesn't work correctly When the thug life part is supposed to happens it is not at the correct part of the video (the bit you specifically choose). Could be a good app if fixed.

sahil Madan

Can't move Please give an option to move the goggle in circular way. Because if face is not straight the goggle aint gonna fit to the face properly. I will rate it 5 stars then.

DarkSouls14 Armahny

Too long It takes too long to process the video and I gotta upload it to my channel. Subscribe to me also girls are sexy


Hello !!! Yea, this doesn't work right. Would be awesome if it did. The end where you need to stop only skips to the beginning of the video not the end.

Junior Flores

Awesome Wiah u could put multiple glasses and ciggarets and also the option to spin the objeatcs but maybe in a layer update


It's fun but one major problem The app only uses the end of the video to add the thug life, needs to provide options asap

Felipe Malaya

It's loads the video so slow If you fix it I'll give 5 star

umer Ch

Not working fine It adds the thug life mark at the starting pic of video at end. Just fix that plz

Ty Gibson

Cool app Cool app, but the zoom feature doesn't work. Please fix then I will give it 5 stars.

Juan Amaya

Funny stuff Needs more titles or ability to add your own and more objects like hats and bandanas etc.

Jacob Leonardo

Good and puts a smile on someone Download now fun works makes short videos that u can edit yourself with music deal with it glasses and weed cigarette just like the ones u see on YouTube download it now loved it this app is definitely a keeper.?????

Robert Bobby Gonzalez

Doesn't work. Get to the last set, then it brings me to the beginning.

Mandy Shoemaker

Can't playback videos I think its a good app to be free. It's hilarious to play with, but suddenly I can't play my videos. So now I'm bummed out.

Oscar Sanchez

If it could load faster I like the animations and all but it takes more than 20 minutes to load. Please fix.???

Ant Zaccone

Its great!!! Anyone complaining probably isn't using it correctly works fine for me, not 5 stars an only 4 because plz add the chain and the hat I would give this app 100 stars lol

Bella Prezt

Doesn't even work It takes to long to load and when it does load it just gets off the video and go back to the main screen....It didn't do anything to the video!

Sierra Friscia

It's funny I like how all the pictures that preview the app, the time is 4:20 ??? but the app is fine

Dipti Soni

does not works i tried making a video numerous times but it does not works and continue showing the same error again and again i tried with different videos but it wont work

Johnathan Clar

Don't waste your time Everytime you try to edit (pause the the video ) it goes to an advertisiment and you have to keep starting over.

Dominique Jones

Doesn't work This app only works on my tab but not this phone. Keeps closing out.

Angel Vitales

○_○ I'm surprised! A Thug Life video maker app that actually works!

Arun S R

What the hell man.. it's not thuglife video maker.. it is thug life image maker.. there is no animation. . For cap or glass or chain or the most important smoke.. seriously.. you guys call what you do video.. its image..

DeviLin 0901

Jam Keeps on jamming when finalizing video pls do something

Mark Berliner

Awesome!! Best thug life video maker in the market. Keep improving it

Harold Lance Hufana

I rate you 5 star so plsssss help me!!!!!! How to trim video that actually working!!!!!!and how many minutes to pause the video????? and f**k you very very much your app is a piece of bullshit

Hb Leow

Please fix this I've been tried processing for about more than 20 times it just keep on CRASHING!!!

Petr Haas

The glasses just move after rendering and get smaller.

Bushra K

I like this app sooooooo much. Lots of fun

Kaelee Wright

Didn't let me use the stickers

Khalid Ismail

Landscape Why original video in landscape but the thug normal ?

IssaM KhaliFA

Keeps crashing

Ana Teves

Can't import sound clips Why can't i import sound clips from my gallery? It always says "file may be corrupted"

Clint Eastwood

Problems Video starts in horizontal before switching to upright. Would be a very good app if not for this

John Smith Stick Run

Bug trim I aleady trim a video and i press next and trim again ? Wtf pls fix i cracked my phone i boight new dude

Džoni Czv

Why when i press create noting happend? Is this bug only to me or?

Stupid God

It needs that items moved when it reachet to the face

Tristan Castro

LOVE IT Its very good everything went great made my friends laugh

Jad Morched

Thug I liked the thug efects

Alrich Flavier

Designed for tabs only

sampath kumar

Too many errors Not able to save edited video. Waste of time in editing [Thug life]

Sudeep Paul

Multiple updates How many times do i have to update this? Its continuously showing uodates everyday even after updating.

Ozo Tale

Its ok but... I have an error when i want to watch some of my edited videos , it says ,,video can't replay" , some help?

Matt the Meercat

Sticker and music errors All of my sounds come up as sound one even though I didn't click it. The cigarette is out if place as well.

Nickeama Noys

Good but Looks like a great app but it crashes before creating video on Galaxy Note 4..

Ajinkya Dhobale

It's not displaying video properly. It's horizontal at first. Need to fix this bug. Otherwise it's good, nice options for hat, chain etc.

sammie k

Love it it's so funny and it works perfect for a Samsung gs5

Derick Corrales

I takes to long and doesn't make the video Every time I use it, it takes to long and doesn't make it.

The Final Storm Caller

Sucks Every time I make a video it says error and deletes it WTF

donnie winter

Thanx for the beta and helping Definitely smooth, hard work ?great job seb

Sanket More

Updated The new version is easy to use, so many new features

Mukesh Semalti

Bug After selecting Start and end point it get processed but when click on done. It does not work further

Charlie Wheeler

Mans got dat thug ting When man downloaded dis app man was like "really fam, dis app can make man look swag n attract all dem peng tings" well after a quick go mans been swimming in dat puss 10/10 sick app -The mandem


Worst app of the year. Too many ads and it takes too long to apparently "trim" a 5s video. Because what it's actually doing is sending the video you recorded to the person who made this app while it's trying to trick you into thinking that it'll actually allow you to place things such as thug life music, hats, joints etc which it probably doesn't even do. Btw, I uninstalled this app. Not recommended. If I could rate -5 stars I would.

Aron Plays

THE BEST THUG VIDEO EVER I dont know what you guys say but its fast and very goood!!!!

arshdeep heer

VERY NICE APP! It is really good and helpfull. They made everything very simple and easy to use! That make this app awesome!!

Disco_Chick gameing


Jesse Chadwick

Omg so cool So actually this app works perfectly we need a video with a least 10 seconds trim it a bit and then click next put the thug life text, zoom ,etc..and then done!!! It is so cool

Juodoji Žirafa

Ev good. Almost Yeah, adds are annoying, but nevermind that. The bigger problem is that sometimes chain or sunglasses after saving video comes to its first position, no rotating saved. That annoys way more than adds. But all in all good, way to be better.

ZanderPlayz Gaming

BEST APP EVER!!!! Best app ever!!, so many you can make with that app, i hope you update that with wasted thing, 5 star for this app

Dude Awsome

Worst app. Fake dosent work.. Dont waste time downloading and fidgeting... ??


1 thing missing I think the app works well. The only thing needed is the ability to save it to your phones gallery. The only option to save it is on google photos. Thats lame

Luisa Estrada

OH MY G This app is so cool i like it i always make videos not always :p but still cool app like it 5 star for it :D

XGamer RO

Best! This is the best app,add more music,you guys are the best.Love you and the app (*˘︶˘*) ❤❤??

madshooter morales

Does not work Everything was not the way i made it! It played a diffrent song from the one i picked, the glasses was off the face and the size was way off and the hat too. Probably some bugs to fix

Rod Man

P E R F E C T Thanks for the developers, thanks for this great app !

ParkourPro321 MCPE

Oh no Zoom does not work can someone help me??

Ammar Zaghloul

Too denk3 me You can make vids and edit them quick and easy

Noor Atamny

You can Zoom in you hand and see its amazing.... I do life 43 thug life video?? 5stars

Connor Raithby

Funny Very good app. Funny as. Comment underneath and I'll tell u more about it.

Sarooq Shaikh

Error Automatically stopped not even opened once

Neon Defense385

Well... Some features don't work such as zooming and stuff, but I like it. This app is the only hope of making a thug life video. The result's nice, but takes a long time. And fix more issues if you can, thanks! ??????

Deep Saha

Best Best editor of thug life thnx for making tihs app

jek jek

It sucks Dude my camera produces 3gp videos but when i used record now its stuck in the trimzone after it finishes trimming it shows another next and so on

Dewanshu Sharma

Getting stuck at Creating thug life video Agree putting all the effort, this application is stopping at 44-48%, while creating thug life video.

seif yasser

seif yasser but when the program creat the video it takes long time but i like it


Awsome! Why the 1 star guys....This is the best thug life video maker on the market....Clean 5 stars from me.....No bugs and all....It suprised me that the zoom option worked just fine....on many other apps like this one here, the zoom option didn't work....Keep it up guys??

Reyhana Wolf

Good app What is the actual song name of sound 4?

Diego Zoil

Omg It is soooo rubbish! It duz not even save! It takes long then it says that it duz not work!


Worst app I put my making song and didn't play and playing other song

Anime Mader

Best app ever Me and my friends know to make thug life videos:)

Nygil Setzer

Worthless piece of crap that's what the game should be called you can't even do anything.

Adil Syed

Too much improvement needed Too much improvement needed, seems like the app is designed and launched without software testing

Thug life Official

Love this app...thank u for the new update u rock

Shannon Dsouza

Bugs The effects(hats,shades) change positions after the video is created

Scruffy Mc_Scruffs

Awesome!! Thanks so much this is REALLY helping my Youtube channel!


It is going to finish the video and then it says it stop working fix it on samsung galaxy A7

Paul Sebastian

Many feature are there but finally not creating video....

Melki Jimenez

good app very good app it has all the features


Great app but... I use it a lot but since the last update an error occurs after selecting a video an set the thug life moment. Please solve it. Thanks. Now, after Update 2.2.1, TLVM crashes immediately while choosing a video (on Android 6 but works fine on Android 5)... Its getting worse :-(


Doesnt work on Samsung Galaxy S7 Everytime I try to select a video the app crashes and says the message "Unfortunately, Thuglife Video Maker has stopped". So far I'm not impressed and this glitch should be fixed!

vivian dsouza

One more thing! Just give the animation were the glasses fly to the eye!

Kate Upton

Its nice but It keeps crashing on me... I was able to use it begor but now it just crashes... Any way to fix it ?

Rayyan Tahir

Crashes After Selecting Video The app crashes when i select a video. Looking forward to a fix for this soon.

Addhyan Negi

Crashes when video loads unexpectedly. I have Nexus 6P running on android 6.0.1 and in which this app crashes whenever I load the video.

Jason Kench

Awesome App Hilarious The app is awesome. Brings some real good laughter to my friends and I. Few bugs but the end result is brilliant!!

troy hudson

Samsung S7 crashes Always closes when i select a video...first time using app. So far not impressed

TYTilluminatiz YT

Hated it You should be able to make more that one thug life moment

Zeshan Raja

Crashes on s7 Don't bother downloading. I kept it for a few weeks in case they updated but never did. Doesn't work.

Diamond Miner Gaming

Cool Thug life editing It was cool, made one vide and it looked pretty sick. The ads suk th

Waqar Ahmed

Crashes android 6.0.1 After selecting a video,app stops working.

Marianella F-Baires

This sucks It doesnt even allow you to upload a video. It is constantly crashing.... waste of time

Ronny Fizzle

Bollox Don't even bother downloading it's crap doesn't work it's a load of bullshit

indian boy YJ

App is good try harder and harder make it the best Yesss it works thanku,i cant afford pc this app helped me a lot

Alsheik M

Worst app This app does not let the trimming finish. Before the trimming there will be an ad the when you skip the trimming will start. But after that it will tell me to tap next. When i tap next the trimming restarts again. It always does this.Please fix this

Ralph Mengidab

Stickers problem After save, Stickers (hats,chain,cigarette) seems to be little off from where i placed them.

Jose Acosta

Doesn't work on LG k10 I works on my other 2 phones but this one.

Tillie Naprelac

Annoyed I'm getting really annoyed because when I click on a video to turn into a thug life video it crashes. So far I'm not to happy.

Amine Benaceur

Doesn't work This app crashes everytime after I pick a video

R Gamer

Hate The sunglasses is not correctly placed after the video rendered.

Tre Shobe

Crashes everytime I try and open it Sad because I could use this app

Reezqi Mukhriz

This thing is crazy It's get my lel so much.I love this app

Lester Henderson

Keeps on crashing Everytime I go to trim video the app crashes and then closes.

liqa ullah usmani

Bad,fake app, worst app Worst app ever, full of ads, can't even go through the trimming process

Jacob Fugate

Great app when it works Hasn't worked since the last update. Completely disappointed.

Irfan Syahmi

Good but.. This app is always stop working

Dingane Jamela

Really stressful Whenever i just finish downloading everything the video wont open

Chicken Killer GAMES

Doesnt work for my phone Its called lg g stlo


Crashes when I try to load a video. HTC m9


Disappointed! Whenever I select a video it says "sorry can't play this video"

Chirag Kumar

It sucks. Don't work in Asus Zenfone marshmallow version. Please check it.


Sucks Keeps shutting down for no reason when I select video

Juan Ayala

Never got to use it really App crashes always Galaxy S7

Shivam Gupta

Crashes! Every time I try to open a video, it crashes

Firstname Lastname

Doesn't work Goes back to start screen every time.

amol kadav

When I am trying to open..the app crashes every time

David Martorell López

Crashes every time Version 2.2.1 doesn't work with Android 6.0

sahil chaudhary

Broken Doesn't do anything after trimming the video

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