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1 Jul
The Story of Choices

Posted by Behold Studios in Arcade | July 1, 2013 | 73 Comments

Apk file size: 10.0 MB

The Story of Choices has a very complex story line, with multiple paths and endings, based on small decisions, such as "wake up" or "snooze" a little while longer.

Our hero, named Choices, needs to avoid war between two kingdoms as he works as a messenger between the two kings. Make him choose wisely, and you could even get the princess to marry him.

- Multiple Endings
- Find out all possible outcomes
- Endless Replayability
- Envolving Story
- Game created in a 36 hour game jam

Behold Studios part of our Arcade and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update July 1, 2013. Google play rating is 73.382. Current verison is 1.0. Actual size 10.0 MB.

Download the-story-of-choices.apk 10.0 MB


Jenn W.F.

Fun Short but fun. Took me about a dozen tried to save the kingdom and marry the princess. Wish there were two button instead of the alternating option though, makes it too easy to screw up.

Todd Oliver

needs to be polished better the concept is great, but the execution is lacking. several times I hit the wrong option because you have to time your response. it's also weird that you have to rotate your phone clockwise instead of counter clockwise like most apps will do.

Adrian Ongkoputro

Fun That was fun, but the story is too short. It would be awesome if behold studio made another awesome games like this and pen and paper table RPG. Old but awesome

Kris Lockwood

Nice little time waster Played this game through a number of times to see each ending. Yea its short, but very entertaining in that short period of time. Good work for a game made in 36 hours. Would like to see a bigger version!

Esikiel Vera

Quick dose of fun Great short story with multiple endings,the music goes nicely with the vibrant pixelated graphics.

Indah Huegele

"OMG you're late for work! Run, run for your life!" An absolutely hilarious game that made me laugh out loud! It is really short, but extremely fun. It's surprising and funny how much the little things matter, and you really have to pay attention! If you haven't got it, or haven't played it, PLAY/DOWNLOAD IT NOW. Give yourself & friends a good laugh!

Oscar Cherian

Short story but fun Sound is great, the idea is great but the story is too short, maybe add another war with an evil purple kingdom or something.

Amy Carlson

Fun, but... This is a really fun and intruding game but I can't win! I agree the game needs to expanded because it's a great concept. I would like to know what choice it is that makes me go wrong.

Jamie Bainbridge

Funny little game. A bit of a chuckle with cute graphics and sound. Give it a go.

Twango Twango

Not all that special It's a good concept, but almost too fast paced, and not executed as great as it could be. It's all right, worth trying, but would not pay for it. Impressive for a game jam.


Meh Opens only one view and it didnt fit in the screen on my samsung seems like it would have been entertaining...if I could have seen the text choices..

Francis Lai

Good intentions but ultimately lacking Interesting concept, but it is really short and most 'choices' boil down to the same result. Also, if the phone goes to sleep and you wake it progress will be reset so wake lock may be an idea. Otherwise good work!

Michael Weisner

Interesting Short but polished. I was a bit surprised after completing my first playthrough in roughly a minute, but the presentation and variety of endings is charming and intriguing.

Ernesto Ordonez

1 minute to install 5min to play after six minutes I uninstall it.. way too quick but its an ok game

Luca Scelzo

Secret If u wait at the beginning where u choose the color of your clothes there will stand the word "lock" if u click that u get a dagger at the beginning. If u see the scout and he asks you how your day was wait again and there will be the choices "walk away" and "attack". Thats all i found

Brooke L

Short This is a decent game, but it's extremely short. You can explore all the optional paths in 5 minutes or less. If you're looking for some brief entertainment, like in a waiting room setting, this is a good way to pass the time. Just don't expect something long or complex.

Adam Lyke

Good, fun game Games like this are getting rarer nowadays, I would throw a buck or two at this if it was not free.

Anindito Proboseto

Short This is a fun choise game, but too short story Just maybe you can create another like this but with a more complex story

Rohit Bernard

Not working properly. The game is playing I'm the wrong view. Instead of landscape view its in portrait view . I can't play at all as I can't read the options . Please fix

Henrique Almeida

Cool Loved the sense of humour in this short game, I believe, if developed into something deeper, it could be amazing. Very clever, loved it

Alex casper

Fix this please It's a fun game, but after i beat it and come back to it, i just get a brown screen.

Adityarahman Sugandhi

Fun! Kinda wish it was longer with more choices to be made, but I have fun playing this game! :D

Harriet Denton

Great! But short. The game looks excellent and is very fast paced. Very replayable. However, you can go through all options very quickly. I would rate this 5 stars if they planned to update.

Troy Kortegard

Not enough time Would have liked to rate higher but on every choice that I got I was not given enough time to even click the button so please update the game and fix this flaw by either adding a options button or by slowing down the time change.

Helio Oliveira Bianchi

very good for a jam game I just don't get why the screen has to be upside-down, though

Thomas Ng

What a nice game Interesting game play and appropriate music choice, but it is a little short in content. However, this game is completely free - there is no hidden payment or ads at all

Tim Tim

You are a messenger Fun yet confusing tip: if you get the flower you get to marry the princess

Matthew Ball

Good game, great concept Love the game and the idea behind it. Developer should think about getting more into this style, and developing similar and deeper versions of this game. I would buy it :-)

Sheldon Pfeifer

Good times I had fun but it was kind of short. Here's to hoping they expand it via updates!

Samantha Russell

Fantastic short story Sure its short, but I wouldn't want it to be too long and complicated, or else getting all the endings would be too tough. Perfect little game

Edison cheng

Interesting but broke Starting up it locked itself to profile when it should be in landscape. Only can see the middle section just enough to press the red button but not enough to read what it said.

Tre Clark

Really fun, but really short! Does anyone know any other games like this?

Juan Dcz

Interesting. Cool game, it doesn't takes memory so is good keeping it for see what options takes your friends. Easy done.

Vivek Paul Chacko

Just awesome I live for these 8 bit choice making small apps, must play!

Joshua Thompson

Very short n simple Beat it first try... 2 buttons would improve experience

Rich S

Fun yet short I 'solved' the game in about 5 minutes but hey, I had fun those minutes :)

Yelo Mellow

Cool! Nice simple game. Fun and enjoyable. Very short though.

Lily McIntosh

Help I can't pick up the flower to marry the princess how do you

Brianna Peterson

Fum Shorte I played it in one night it took like three min. It was fun .

fafafafafafa fafafafaffafa

Great game but, It could use a better way to choose, other than that alternating button

Artur Korenkov

Cool History. Very very very cool game and history!I'm win for this game!

Евроний Сикхи

Greater and unusual

hunt r44

10/10 Good game cute "if you can get a good ending just ware blue wake up in time pick a flower go to the old lady say hi to red king leave say bye to the gard go to perish dungeon escape kill the general save the king wit flower say yes"

Haluk Ümit Yüksel

Short But surprisingly fun. If you made a longer story and demanded small payment for it, I'd be happy to buy it.

Charles Allen

Won't open Game instantly crashes when it gets to the first loading screen.

Some guy with wifi

What just happened? 20 minutes ago I woke up, 15 minutes ago I delivered a message, 10 minutes ago I got thrown in jail, 5 minutes ago I killed a guy and 5 seconds ago I got married. What?

Lady Riddel

Undyne Hummm... That's a good game... FOR REAL DUMBASSES, HAHA... Just a joke mate... Let's say a little flower told me that, what about the SANS-sation??? NGAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!

Maggie Zhou

AMAZING This game is certainly not long but the complications of all the choices make this game absolutely amazing. It is super fun and this game deserves some more credit

JustAUserName P

Very short, interactive, fun game Although the gameplay time barely exceeds five minutes, it is a very lovable game. It's a game you would play when you are bored or on the toilet. I recommend this game to anyone that like story games. One thing I suggest is having more options. Overall score would be a 4.8/5

Adam Rothrock

It took two minutes. This like telling the following story: "Once there was a man who married the king's daughter. The end." Not really a game, just wasting data for about a dozen lines of code. Pointless.

Richard Raybould

Great concept Took me a couple of goes to get the ending. I think more random story outcomes would be better/funny. Also I agree with others in that there should be two choice buttons not an alternating single button

Brian Caswell

Meh, Its ok at best You call this a story of choice the problem is there are only like 5 endings and your choices make very little diferences to the ending. Some of the choices make no meaningful thing to the story at all. Entertaining for like 30 minutes at most then you have done everything.

Tan Elaine

Funny The button changes haha, beware! Not much choices though, most choices do not affect what happen but rather just changed the dialogue. It was a rather short game and this made the narration story rather rushed and unnatural, though it also contributed to its humor. Overall a fun game, but could be made into a longer more focused game that might require more thinking rather than just reaction timing with the button works.

Kat L

Didnt work right Im sure the game is great, but that doesn't do a whole tonof good when its unplayable. The game opened sideways in the portrait position so the sides were cut off, it was still playable though so i thought id try it out anyways and when I did it froze my phone.

Mion Morgan

The game is very dynamic, music and gameplay suit each other well. Wish game wasn't that short but it's a totally free game without any adds nor donation so there is nothing to complain about. The game does worth playing.

Katrina Winchell

Fun, but frustrating. I want to enjoy it, but I can't win. I have tried every possibility, to no avail. And sometimes you don't get to make a choice, just push the button. And why can you pick the flower? No reason I've found yet.

Jacob Rosser

Hated it Not what I expected at all. DO NOT GET IT STORY TO SHORT AND NOT FUN

Mackenzie Rhea

Maybe I'm not picking the right choices But everything resulted in death or we're going to war. It had it's funny moments, it's short, and worth a try. But not my favorite.

Ron K

Short It would also be lot better if u just pick choice without having it change back and forth. I got wrong one a few times.

Milk Is Good

Bruh This game is just as hard as my hardcore porn. 2 girls out of 1 cup.

Jamie Russell

Enjoyable, but the spelling and grammar need work The spelling and grammar throughout the piece need work. For instance, "kharma" is spelled "karma". Work that stuff out and it'll be a 4.

Nick Ruble

Needs too much work Seems like a poorly done iPhone port, pretty much like the disaster that was Sword and Sworcery. Might have been a good game but it drives me nuts when lazy devs force rotation upside down and backwards from my device's default landscape mode.

Sterling Whipple

Short but fun It was really short but the soundtrack is pretty fun and catchy and the game made me laugh a little. A fun waste of ten minutes can't go wrong for free.

Alia Sofea

Soo funnn This soo fun. I play this game for a second round and finally i can get the guy marry the princess. Soo funn. Hope that the story will be longger.

Milli Castro

Funny and awesome game! I like these kind of games, it took me 5 minutes to get a good ending, otherwise this game is very short, (I wish there was more to this game) maybe you can add more stories? But, it was a funny and cool game.


Frickin Awesome It's a really cool game but I wish that there were 2 buttons instead of 1 because I sometimes click the wrong choice

Tj Matlock

took me very little time to beat don't get their is around only 20 options u can choose from in the entire game

logan liberona

TO SHORT I think this game is great but could be eay way better if it was longer. I did this game in about 5 minutes witch was pretty disapointing because its a great game but other then that i love it

Lauren Kittycat778

Fun It is a great game! I played for 10 minutes. It is just to short of a game to play for any longer. That is the only issue I find.

Carolynn Butlet

Laughed so much It is brilliant funny too like when you say no at the marriage XD best game ever

Laurie Maalul

BORING I could probably fall asleep! If you make it more fun I might make it 5 stars!

David Alexander

Good way to spend ten minutes Interesting Indy game similar in a lot of ways to McPixel. I'd like to see the story take a little longer than 60 seconds to play through so that I don't complete it in one sitting. Decent for casual gamers.

Miltiadis Karavasilis

Short but compelling The 8 bit style & the simplicity of this game gives it a heavy dose of charm that really does make you want to try all the possible story arcs. Well worth a play

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