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15 Aug
The SMH App for Tablet

Posted by Fairfax Media in News & Magazines | Aug. 15, 2014 | 64 Comments

Apk file size: 6.6 MB

The SMH App for Tablet brings together the best of the newspaper and online to take your news reading experience to another level.

From July 2nd we will be launching Digital Subscriptions across Online, Mobile and Tablet to ensure we continue to bring you the independent journalism you love.

Because of the way you swipe to read articles in our tablet apps, access will be using a ‘freemium model’. This means certain sections will be free, whilst others will only be accessible to paying subscribers.

As a visitor - you will have access to articles in the free sections including Front Page, Editor's Choice, Daily Life, Good Food, Photo Galleries, Videos, Domain, Drive, and Weather.

As a subscriber - you will have unlimited access to all sections of the SMH tablet app.

Subscription for unlimited access to the Android app is $17.99 per month and auto renewable via the Play Store. Unlimited access for the first month is FREE

Features include:
· Read your favourite magazines and sections any day of the week: Good Weekend, Sunday Life, Good Living, Domain, Metro, Drive, Traveller and more
· Enjoy the Editor’s selection of the key stories of the day, with Editor’s Choice
· Watch videos and enjoy stunning photo galleries and interactive graphics
· Customise the way sections appear and control the way content is downloaded over 3G
· Save articles to read later
· Set up alerts to track stories that contain your topics and keywords of your choice
· Share stories by email, Facebook or Twitter
· Get stock quotes on Australian listed companies
· Get the latest weather and forecast for your location
· Play our interactive Sudoku

Experience a world-class App, bringing together quality journalism with rich features that showcases The Sydney Morning Herald like never before.

The contents of this app are optimized for 10" or larger devices.

Whats new

    - Login bug fix
    - Improved stability
    [Nexus 7] Please update OS to the latest v4.4.2
    Known issue:
    [Samsung Galaxy Tab 2] The app's layout does not fit after OS update to v4.1.2 due to its internal problem.

Fairfax Media part of our News & Magazines and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Aug. 15, 2014. Google play rating is 50.0408. Current verison is Actual size 6.6 MB.

Download the-smh-app-for-tablet.apk 6.6 MB


Shaan Gellatly

Major login flaw This app on android was fine with only one annoying flaw where it would randomly forget which order I had set it to view content. Now it's logging me out randomly and doesn't let me log back in again without restarting the app. I don't know if this was just me or due to an update, but it's made it extremely frustating to use.

Andrew Maclean

Definitely improved. One really annoying thing is the inability to copy text e.g addresses mentioned in articles. No crosswords yet.

jim gooch

Not good enough! I am a subscriber to the SMH but I have been asking for several years to get a digital replica with this app, but I just keep getting told " it's comming" this is just not good enough as smaller newspapers can do it, the Telegraph can do it why not the SMH. It can be done on an Ipad, why! Is the SMH just too lazy or maybe they have a financial arrangement with Apple and dont really care about their customers. Comeon Fairfax lift you game.

Michael Taylor

Needs improvement The app needs to have a replica layout like the iPad version. I'm sick of Android customers being treated poorly. Also, content available online or in print isn't available in this app. Fairfax needs to improve.

kris crnomarkovic

Content vanishes What would be a decent application is ruined by a frustrating bug that sometimes blanks all content upon returning from a story, requiring the app to be restarted. This happens several times a day! I've tried reinstalling, but no help. I'm frankly sick of using it, and will be cancelling my subscription shortly. A facsimile edition should also be available. SMH, of you expect to earn loyalty and survive as a company you need to do better. I have a nexus 10 with the latest Android.... I have persisted with the app, but 4 months later and still vanishing content. And now I am also being for edu to log in every time as well. Very disappointing. Deleting app and cancelling subscription. Bye

cd bragg

It's okay. I don't mind the app. It does what it is supposed to in that it shows me the news. Two things I'd really like though: 1/ a full digital replica - there is something nice about being able to read the paper as it is meant to look. 2/ automatically download the latest issue. If I don't remember to open the app before leaving the house, then I won't have today's news (don't have 3G on my tablet). I also found it didn't automatically update the news when I came back home. I had to close the app and then on relaunch it updated. Perhaps a refresh button would be good? All this applies equally to the AFR app.

Neil Robinson

Lazy app Been using now for months. The app is lazy. Only makes a half-hearted attempt to render the articles properly. Often text too small to read and zoom only zooms title text. Pictures in wrong place etc.

Theary Cawley

After waiting so long for an Android app, this is disappointing I'd put up with app for ages because there weren't any other decent choices. But now that I've subscribed to the Guardian app, it's opened my eyes to what a good paid news app should have: value for money, scheduled offline downloads, quality crosswords, and an ad-free experience.

Hugh Daniel

SMH app is flaky Keeps asking me to log in again, after already logging in 3 times before. Not good for a paid service.

Bob Wallace

Not a perfect version of a newspaper. Main gripe is when are the Android subscribers going to get the same service as Apple. Are we receiving a cheaper subscription?

Rick O'Connor

Over it I only gave it 2 stars because it's actually a good newspaper.The app?Crap! I have lost count the amount of times I have had to uninstall due to having a blank screen.It's even more painful when you get slow satellite internet. Get your act together News I'm just about over your sub-standard $24.00 a month app.

Bruce Baker

keeps logging me out They obviously spend the dev resources on the IOS version - the android version keep logging me out - talk about frustrating.

Margaret Chidgey

App asks me to log in every day! The IPad version keeps people logged in but even though I check the 'remember me' box when I log in, this android version still asks me to log in every single day. It is really annoying when you're trying to eat breakfast and read the news in a hurry. Can't you make this a bit easier?

Hugh Turner

HT Is there a reason this App has Sudoku but no crosswords???


Yawn Boring and cumbersome layout. Please bring out a replica edition for Android

Debbie Macaulay

Our errors have been rectified. System error inside fairfax meant our subscription was deleted. We waited 20minutes on hold despite the message telling us the wait time was 9 minutes. The problem has been fixed but disappointed that the call centre is in the phillipines

Mariana Sandoval

Not happy! Now won't accept my login and crashes!

Steven Bell

Good but not great This app is significantly more stable than it used to be. I really would like it to auto sync the day's paper at a time interval of my choice, eg. 6am each day.

sue finlayson

Why does the feed keep dropping out? When its good its great but sometimes it will not run!!!!

Nick Mayall

A colossal disappointment Come on Fairfax; you can do better!

Lee Charles

No Crosswords! Could someone at Fairfax please explain why the crosswords are missing?

Adam Q

Cant log in on samsung tab3

Geoff Moine

Rubbish app Won't accept my login and so has been a complete waste of money

Paul Gilchrist

Latest version is a step backwards Everyday that I used this, at some point pages will stop loading and all I will see will be blank screens.

Stephen Woods

Where is the crossword? Can someone please explain where the crossword is? You have had literally years to fix this. It has been on the ipad for years. Why not your android version?

Clyde Stubbs

Improving slowly, but a long way to go. The latest version has mostly fixed the layout issues, but it's still abundantly clear that whoever is writing the app doesn't read the SMH with it! There is still no crossword, and the scrolling/swiping behaviour is trigger-happy, I suspect the app development has been outsourced offshore, it's certainly not a 1st world product at present.

James Crittle

This latest update (April 6, 2014) forces closes on my Nook HD Android Tablet as soon as you tap to open any story. Previous version was fine. Now the App is a complete waste of time and money. You would think they would test the App before releasing but evidently not.

Victoria E

Disappointing not to have crosswords, puzzles or cartoons.

Adam Chalmers

Adequate Columns are no longer cut off while reading on 7-inch tablets. Thank god. The reading experience is fine without much distraction from the text. And articles are relatively easy to find because it mirrors the actual section-by-section organisation of the physical paper. But there's horrible scrolling lag which just makes reading unpleasant.

Nick Tsiotinos

Now working on Nexus 10 Now that's its working on the Nexus 10 and Nexus 7! Its worth subscribing!

Robert Peterson

SMH The ap they have for apple ipad is so superior to the android ap, unfortunately. Until SMH understands that more people are using android than apple, it will never get a decent review. Why would you subscribe to this newspaper when they do not care about the android experience. I am using Nexus 7 2013.

Michael O'Donnell

Doesn't work with Jelly Bean Doesn't work on a 7" Nexus tablet with Jelly Bean. Screen zoom not working properly. Come on Fairfax Jelly Bean has been available to developers for ages. Do you really treat your android customers with disdain? No wonder people are migrating to other media.

Daniel Pericart

Edit 10/12 KitKat upgrade I have updated to 4.2.2 (10/12/13) & it is working well again. I have upgraded to KitKat & Smh is a mess. Fix it or I will have to cancel my subscription. It would be a good idea if SMH was telling us that they are working on a fix.

Josh Blanket

Great, but terrible layout I've used this on the iPad for years, and made sure there was an Android version before I made the switch. Love reading the whole paper including all the sections, but the layout on my 8" tablet is terrible. The whole right panel of each index page is cut off, there's a useless blue menu at the bottom of the screen taking up centimeters of space, and some pictures and captions are cut off. Any clues on a fix?

Janet Gray

Not compatible with kit kat update Since installing the kit kat update on my nexus 7, this app has become unusable. Articles no longer display correctly and cannot be read as they are too wide for the screen and cammy be scrolled within. There is no indication that anyone is working on a fix and all the time my monthly access fee is being chewed up without me being able to use the app. Also, not having access to the crosswords via the android app is pretty lame.

Janet Inglis

Disappointed I have read the SMH for decades and was really happy to subscribe and pay for the high quality journalism, but the glitches in this app are making it too difficult to read. I am locked out of articles, constantly get messages that my subscription has expired (it hasn't) and am unable to contact any form of help. I have sent unanswered email, searched help sites, followed generic instructions supposed to fix the issue, but all to no avail. I just want to read the bloody paper, but I can't. Fix the glitches and fast or one of the last decent news sources in Australia is at risk. Okay this is just ridiculous .... since posting this review on 16th I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling once a day. Still the problems persist. I give up! I'm uninstalling for good now.

simon Orme

Fairfax's digital strategy is a mess This is a dud. I have mostly given up on Fairfax. The paywall doesn't work and its tablet app is useless. It seems to think digital = apple. Hello! Android tablets are outselling apple many times over. I happily subscribe to the NYT and use the Guardian's new Australian sub-site, but Fairfax's digital offerings don't cut it.

G. Wayne Meaney

I've had it. I won't use this app anymore. There are now ads hovering on pages which obscure the article. When I click the X to close the ad, I am deceptively taken to the product advertised. This is not a mis-tap; the X highlights when I tap it, and this same behaviour happens every time. Returning to the SMH app with the back button, the ad still remains. I can't dismiss it, and I can't read the article. I've stuck it out since the first version of this app, but no more. I've had it. It's one thing after another. Uninstalled. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.

Justin Cheng

Not free, need subscription Cant read 80% of the articles. I can open chrome and read all the articles free.

Rodney Elder

Remove the ads appearing on top on the articles I have noticed there are advertisements that are appearing on top of the news articles. The text of the article doesn't wrap around the advert but is hidden by the ad making it impossible to read the full article. Please either remove the ad or have the text wrap around the advert otherwise I will cancel my subscription. Happy to come change the rating once this is sorted

Marion McCutcheon

Why why why... ... doesn't the SMH Android app include crosswords? I do miss my daily fix.

Clyde Stubbs

The latest version has mostly fixed the layout issues, but it's still abundantly clear that whoever is writing the app doesn't read the SMH with it! There is still no crossword, and the scrolling/swiping behaviour is trigger-happy, I suspect the app development has been outsourced offshore, it's certainly not a 1st world product at present. Oct 2015: No updates to this app for over a year and the bugs are still there. I got so fed up with this I wrote my own app to read the content - it's called Fairfox and it's in the Play Store. It works on phones too!

Tony Palamara

Terrible What's the matter with you SMH. I am able to access the real version of your newspaper on my ipad instead of this app. The app is terrible , it does not provide the real newspaper experience. I won't be back.

Andy Robb

Doesn't scale on Google Pixel C I use this app every day on my Nexus 9 and it works great - having just received the Pixel C, I'm disappointed to see that it doesn't scale correctly. I understand its a new resolution/aspect ratio, but this device would be perfect for viewing SMH. Please fix and I'll update this back to 5*

Hendrik Vos

Poor on Andriod 1) 1/5 of the screen on my tablet is wasted because it does not resize. 2) Regularly freezes and the only option is to exit and start again. 3) The formatting is all wonky, part of the heading text cuts off (not a big deal). 4) 1-3 times a reading session the page does not resolve correctly and just looks like a flow of text and pictures - like the style sheet is stuck. Did anyone at the SMH actually user test this on various devices? Does not look like it. I cancelled my subscription because it was so poor. Perhaps most of their subscribers are IOS, but this is likely to be self selecting as the Andriod users opt out.

Marianne Cullen

App has way too many bugs I love the idea of being able to read the paper on my tablet but this app consistently lets me down. It frequently loses the content; to become just a blank screen; its unresponsive when i want to read a story; and i hate the way i have to manually refresh the content. Please, Fairfax, spend some time and money on your customers who use Android.

Matthew O'Rourke

I've been waiting for this for months. How happy i was when i discovered it finally existed. so... i download it, install it and log in with my pre-existing subscription. You can imagine my anger to realise that a paid subscription does not work with this app. i now need to buy an app based subscription to conveniently view content i have already paid for. Thank you fairfax for attempting to make me pay for the same content twice. There are other newspapers out there.

Tony Watson

Where's the crosswords? I've just changed from ipad to Android and no crosswords. Many reader's review ask the same question but no reply from Fairfax. I will be cancelling subscription and looking elsewhere

Chris Scarf

Makes reading the Herald hard work. Fairfax Media why is this app so stogie and clunky? As long term subscribers we have paid increasing monthly fees for digital access and weekend papers delivered. The Guardian puts you to shame in terms of presentation, content and price. Do you no longer care or perhaps you just want us to walk away? Please let us know when you plan to meet modern standards.

Andy Gaz

For a subscription based service, very poor Get crosswords on the android platform for starters

Luke A

Needs a digital edition like the Oz. And theapp is so glitchy

peter dommy

Good news underwhelming app Needs updating to ipad functionality

sean koji carey

Reasonably good Better than the mobile site

John Macdonald

Hmph. The SMH is too iOS centric. Android - too hard? Get an email from them to check out the new features. Fine if you are running iOS.

billy cooper

Why doesn't it work on either of my Samsung smart phones? Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S4?

Mark Stadnik

Buggy, no crossword and not the full paper!


Can't get everything. I can't get crosswords or TV programs. My husband's Ipad can, so why can't this app?

Paul Ryan

Incomplete I don't think I will continue with it as am unable to access several important SMH features The ipad app is superior so surely this could be updated/improved

Ben Wells

Still no crosswords? I can't believe Fairfax still haven't got crosswords on their Android app. Seriously, wtf? They've been "working on it" for three years!

Andrew McAlister

I like the content, however the app continually freezes. Tried restarting and reinstalling. No help.

Ian Hayden

Need to constantly restart app Poor quality app. Content often fails to display, requiring restart. Annoying.

Alan Millard

Where's the Newspaper Replica Edition? The iPad app has the Newspaper Replica Edition but the Android App does not. I will be unsubscribing unless this feature is added.

# Newton

SMH is a terrible news app. Can't see the pictures, can't enlarge the pictures. Comments don't work. The menu planner in good food crashes every time. The tech section is not updated every day. The news is often old and out of date. No alerts or breaking news. Try Guardian Australia or Daily Mail Australia for better apps and they are free.

p hor

Useless. Apparently no longer supported. Asks for sub number. When entered doesn't work. Time to uninstall this rubbish forever. ???

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