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4 Sep
The Sex of Your Brain Test

Posted by Aleksey Gubskiy in Trivia | Sept. 4, 2016 | 78 Comments

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Welcome to the interesting application ‘The Sex of Your Brain’.
It has been proved that your brain has its own sex weather you are male or female. Man can think more like woman while woman can have more of a male brain.
There are five tests to find out if your brains are more feminine or masculine.
Test 1 offers you to answer 30 simple questions.
Test 2 is Fingers Length Test, which shows the amount of man hormone (testosterone) in our body.
Test 3 is Memory Test.
Test 4 is Emotion Test.
Test 5 is Colour Test.
Check not only yourself but your family and friends!
The answer may surprise you!

Aleksey Gubskiy part of our Trivia and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Sept. 4, 2016. Google play rating is 69.9931. Current verison is 1.0.4. Actual size 14.0 MB.

Download the-sex-of-your-brain-test.apk 14.0 MB


Seth Martin

You English bad English no has no comprehend ability... Yeah that was a joke, the English translations could be done better. Otherwise a pretty good way to test if people are more stereotypically masculine or feminine.

Matt Mifsud

English? First off, this cannot be played on WiFi or data switched "on" because of the advertisements. Ok, now that that is said I shall "rate." Horrible app. 0.7/5 stars. Some of the questions are impossible to answer correctly because there's either the same answer twice, or they're WRONG, or they just flat out make no sense!! This isn't exclusive to the crappy translation, its like this even in native! (this means android uses the app's default language). This is crap. Uninstalled.

Audrey Coleman

Fun I enjoyed the test. Bad English makes some questions hard to understand. But basically fun.

Thelma Dean

What ever There is far to many ads, and when it ask to place shapes on order last seen always state wrong. Need to fix

Katie Duval

Oh so terrible Not only is it offensive in how it stereotypes men and women but its riddled with spelling errors.

Jaydeen Smith

Like WHAT?! this game does not lie, Im totally kind of boy-ish... But I wouldve loved to be girlish though. Still a score.

Jessica P

I am a girl but... I did the test and I got 99 as a boy and 1 as a girl.I was in shock but happy. :D

Raihanah Hana

Great job. Works well. Can you put some language more there? Like Arabic, Deutsch, or Indonesia, etc. Thanks.

Lukas Klorer

English? I don't know why they would put the title in English but make the game in Russian.

salvy boy

Ratio I got 57% man 43% woman. Is that good?

katlyn boisjoli

English? I dont know how to change the language to english bc I cant read it!

Odd One Out Inc.

Great app! Thank you for the choice between Russian and English... :-)

Kirru Tyu

Stupid Ads Waste of time..worst because of Ads

Tiffiany Whitehead

Weird No matter what. Every time my husband takes the test. He always gets more of a woman side. lol!!! :-)

Jet Rankin

Advert spam So many adverts. Spent more time getting rid of them than answering the questions.

Honor Fleming

I'am a girl And I turned out to be 57 present men.!. LOL.

Harley Tockstein

I downloaded it and its in Spanish or something, I cant read Spanish!!!!! Soo ya, not doing it

LPS Super Star

Awesome Sauce This game is so much fun and so addicting!! I want to take the test again! : ) But there is also misspelled words and it is kind of an ad bomb

Brendon Williams

Average If they learned to spell and had better grammer I'd say it would be better. How can you release an app without looking for faults

Deandre Ramirez

I'm embarrassed I'm a Boy and i got 46% male and 54% female, but still a great App

James Leavens

Translation? Have the time during the emotions test I clicked the one it said was right and it said not guessed, then my answer?

Zane riddle Boltz

They spell slightly different then us Colour is spelt dfferntly then color and its because of their accent and the way its pronounced

Krissy Lalla

Click on the flags in the top right hand corner to change btween english and russian… am 42% man 58%woman

Alpha Warrior

Meh test Bad grammar. Makes no sense. Not enough answers.

Chris Lewis

50/50 men and women I am a boy and it said I was more women,I know I always thought I was more women,but I got 50/50

Leszek Stec

Test sex test Here is a test for u, if it willing to know which personalities u are(for fun ; ) ) wait a little bit u can know much more about yourself get lucky :)

Ryan Mcclish

Dose not work and it not in English

Mistogan Fernandes

Sexist This is sexiest BC I went threw and answered the questions wrong and got 98% man

lip lipwash

Not for me I didn't care for the questions or the format.

Marlon K. Woodward

Languge Shows here in English but is not in English at all.

Cassandra Wilson

Interesting It was cool but not something you can do over and over

Hayden is awesome

What language is that I speak English not dhfhrhejdbdjfjejn

Lisa Kerr

Okay. Only works sometimes but OK

Patricia Alvarado

Iz okay It has a little to much you know... to much adz

Michael Rodriguez

Language How do I get it in English?

Sha'Ray Danner

I liked it It's a good test very random so it's not like more on the male or female never really know

ashley kitchen

It's in a different language How do I get it to be English!!???

Mason Comes

Cool its a good app

Jake Leyland

Wow Have you ever heard of English

Belle Deering

Boo Its not even in flibbing english

Aaron Solomon

51 male, 49 female. Woulda scored higher in female, but no idea what "aware" is supposed to look like -.-. I struggled on the color "pearl" when hit with the mix of purple etc too.

Matthew Armijo

Good This app works well, the only problems are the English translations could be better and one of the questions has a duplicate answer.

small zoa

Suprising I thought would get something like 70% male but instead I got 75% female and 25% male

Punya Kotecha

Good Good test except for some non sense questions

Lizzy Weatherby

Error It kept saying that I gessed and I got the right answer. PLZ FIX THIS

Tammy Martinez

Sex brain It is a group of test that tell how much brain is woman and which is man

Mildred Carbrum

Good fun I enjoyed this, different and interesting.

Aidan Mcmahon

Hoooooooooooooooooooooowaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa It gave me pink when I'm a boy

ZoomerGal Zup

Bad English I do not understand a word it says

terraria player

What It is in some weird language

azin roshanhesari

I enjoyed using the app but at the memorising shapes always it showed wrong! Though I think I wasn't wrong! And some words were wrongly written;such as surpriCed! However I'm happy with the result of the test ;-)

Conatagious Anja

Im 50% both.. I didnt like the translation. "Growing up what did u speak more? ° speak more boys °speak more boys °speak both". What happened to girls? Lol! It was fun tho. In a sexist sort of way. ?

Sanjoy Das

Worst game ever I am not going to read such language I want this in perfect condition of English I don't know if it's gonna be awesome

Cassaundra Shifty

Don't recommend The question and answer wording are horrible. Also, every time I would select the next question, an ad would pop up interrupting me. It takes too long to get through the questions.... I still don't know the sex of my brain..

Stacy Scott

Enjoyed it some questions are worded kinded of off but you can put 2 & 2 together

Winnie Githu

love it It realy works . l am a gal and it said by brain is female

Angela Kelly

Alright cute But why my man and I had the same score

Elise Olarte

Would have been fun if the english grammar is okay.

Shanna Kelley

Stupid Don't waste your time adds pop up constantly and when you arrange shapes right it says wrong and is a super super long test

Aaron Johnson

Wow Horribly worded. Some questions don't make sense. One of them had duplicate answers. The expressions test was subjective. If you're curious about how crappy this app is, go ahead and download it. Otherwise don't waste your time.

sinan shanavas

It tell's me a I am a men,amazing

Louisa Panui

Meh....... So this app is suppose to tell you what "SEX" your "BRAIN" is.....I am a woman & according to this app my BRAIN is a woman lol. Funny reading some of these reviews....some guy has a female brain hahaha......its bullshit but give it a go if you want something to do...mmm. Oh & the makers really need to learn english!!!

Haley Smith

It said I was 84 percent boy when i am a girl!!!

EDWARD Elliott

Woman It says I was 92% woman when I am a man o well I must a woman then!!!

Kelcie Pickens

???? This app sucks so bad

Raksha Mehrukh

It is really very interesting.I love it☺

vash hunter

It sucks Cannot understand the language. Is this an alien game ? -_-

Milton Pelletier

I'm a boy and it says I'm a girl

Corvi Inquisito

Response slow The translations to English were not done well. Some of the sentences did not make sense nor did some of the answer choices due to translation error. I had to press my selected answer and the next button multiple times before it would register. I will be uninstalling this app. I do not recommend it.

Great game This games and good now as a girl I know I think like a girl more

Gabriel Velez

Not english If it's English on the front cover why would it not be English in all the questions? I really don't understand most of. This had another game that was English on the front and when you downloaded it it would appear a different language on the screen. Whoever made this can't trick people because that's messes up right?

Conatagious Anja

Im 50% both.. I didnt like the translation. "Growing up what did u speak more? ° speak more boys °speak more boys °speak both". What happened to girls? Lol! It was fun tho. In a sexist sort of way. ?


Um, FAIL! Plz fix! I was doing the quiz and on Q 22 this was the question and option! Who did you like more talking to in your childhood? Both! More with boys! More with boys! Well, I would say more with girls but that is not an option! Plz fix this!

Zach Powell

Not very good It is pretty much what it says it is. A terribly stupid thing.

joyster time

Like it Why do they test emotion that why anyone can tell if its sad or not and why colours any one can know their colours and this one question asks who you talked to most and it says boys ,boys or both what about girls .otherwise its nice

Kim Hill

KHill Fun to do. Got a kick out of the bad

Sam Langworthy

Shocking I'm a male but my wife is 53% male and 47% female when mine was 16% male and 84% female sad isnt it? It's fun tho ☺

Rachel Prince

Who knew? Omg! This is an amazingly cool app, I had no clue that my brain could be male even tho I'm a girl, and vice versa, so cool, I'm going 2 make my friends take it cuz it's so awesome!

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