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27 Apr
The pony born baby

Posted by LP tuyan in Simulation | April 27, 2015 | 38 Comments

Apk file size: 16.0 MB

The game is going to have my pony Pony Baby, but the doctor has not come, he can not wait, come and help her, in accordance with the instructions, you can do it!

LP tuyan part of our Simulation and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update April 27, 2015. Google play rating is 55.0788. Current verison is 1.0.0. Actual size 16.0 MB.

Download the-pony-born-baby.apk 16.0 MB


Anneke Johnson

What did I just play? Lets be honest here: there was no good part. That is not how babies are formed, and two mares cannot have a baby. Raridash isn't a popular ship (shoulda done Pinkiedash) and overall just NO! Twidash was the only good element. If your gonna do a game on birth PLEASE do the steps PROPERLY!

Conan McPhee

Amazing Drunk and horny Twilight is seduced by Dash. Despite them both being female, Twilight gets pregnant. Dash meanwhile has moved on to Rarity and is distressed when she hears the news. Finally Twilight, against all odds, gives birth to herself. 11/10, would seriously reconsider seeking a portal to Equestria again.

Lapis Lazuli

This game is so off key OK I like this game but can you change rainbow dash to Flash sentry because this is weird why would Rainbow dash be gay with twilight sparkle its weird. So rainbow dash has sex with twilight sparkle and they have a baby..... Off key

Draculaura Vampire

who ever made this game u ruined my little pony history just by making this game based on being a lesbian and for the record if 2 women have sex they can't get pregnant unless one of the women is actually a man dress up and acts like a woman. So don't think about making money off of this stupid game that makes no sense none 0 cero sense what so ever .

Atk Torry

WORST GAME I EVER PLAYED #1this upsets every MLP fan all over the world #2Hasbro should be sewing your right now #3 the person who plays Twilight,Rarity,and Rainbow dash in the show wil l be soooo upset when they see this. #3 this is not for kids. #4 this is wrong #5 every one knows twilight likes Flash. #6 Rainbow is not gay. #7 If i knew you i would sew you because i love MLP.#8 You better change this before hasbro and the creaters of MLP finde out.#9 i agree with the people who hate this game.#10 SCREW YOU . ???

Cookie Cat

Whoever made it, Is a pervert. Twilight sparkle isn't gay. Rainbow dash isn't gay. Stop making fantasys about a little girls T.V. show into games. Your sick game is not at all funny or cute. A person like you disappoints me. You and your game can go to hell.? So if anything this game should be rated M for Mature or this game should be sold on a different website. May you and your game go to hell. Hasbro will know of this soon and will sue you. You are probably a child molester too, speaking that you and your game is awful!!?????????

Jade Echevarria

The story of twilights pregnancy Twilight went back to canter loot high dash was tired of watching her come and go so one day dash came up to her grab her waist and then twilight pulled her shirt off and her bra then before u know it there locked in a teachers office having sex then she went back to equestria and got pregnant so she went back to canter loot high and told dash now he was frustrated he wanted every one to see his wife give birth to his child u r right this game is making my litle pony lesbibian because in the game she haves sex with rainbow dash and then makes out with rarity ya change or ill tell alll my contacts and strangers not to buy things from this company


OMG Everyone RUN peeps making girl ponies LEZ OMG rainbow dash is a GIRL FOOLS!!!! Did twi rainbow and rarity have 3some?????!!!!!!!! ^.^ O.O >:l stop ruining girls fav ponies mine twilight + rainbow! OMG sourin gonna be mad at rainbow dash for raping somepony and flash sentry gonna get mad at twilight sparkle for letting get herself raped O.O And spike gonna get sad of rarityevan if they no dating and she no know spike likes her.

Rosario Torres Acevedo

What is this ????? Im so confused if they were smart they would know that rainbow dash is a girl and if this was really kids show than why are they implying that rainbow dash twalight and rarity are lesbian.omg was rainbow dash a boy and I didnt know it .??ha I dont think im that dumb

Emma Knifer

Weird Please make it flash century instead of rainbow dash

Makyla Beauchamp

Wow It is badder every day pinke pie is a killer now rainbow dash is gay he was my best pony now I know he is gay like omg!!…!!!!,……………………

AshleyLee Gaming

Horrible spam filled Filled with spam poor taste just worst thing I have ever seen get put on Google play.

autumn Pierce

this is so stupid I mean are you tring to rowen little kids hopes. Im 12and i still watch my little pony.and what ya did was the stupidest crap ive ever seen.what i mean is ya need th know yas facts be for yall start doing crap like this. Non of these ponys are gay.i mean rainbow is a girl and so are the others. Ya need to fix yas problem or do something about it .I am showing my mom then deleting it. I've seen comments and i want to tell them shut up but as a true mlp fan dont get this app.plz fix ur problem:(:(:(:(:(

John Rogers

Hard to explain and rainbow dash It's . ...hard to . ...explain oh and rainbow dash is a girl so please change that

Kaleb McCall

Cute game It is a little weird but it was a fun game.I played it about 135 times.People that hate it just SHUT UP!!>:(people how like it are more nice then haters!

Aayana McClendon

This is gay Omg rainbow dash is a girl not a boy and like tilite (dont no how to spell) is in love with someone else ... flash hello:(:(:(

Kaylin Kotajarvi

WTF!!!! This game makes no sense!!!!!! Rainbow Dash is not a boy!!! And why the hell would anyone make a game like this??!!!?? Also, why is Twilight giving birth to herself? Is her stomach a time worp or something?

Sarah Gaskins

What was that It so confusing like I can't explain it the game dose not make sense at all?and you people had totally ruined my little pony for me

Danielle Bourne

IT IS ONLY A GAME!!!!!!!!!>:-( How do you know it was not a problem in it programs. Maybe someone mest it up.DID YOU THANK AT ALL!!!>:-(

savannah beattie

O,o wha...??! How can rainbow dash make twilight pregnant?! AND THEY ARE BOTH GIRLS?!?!?!!!???! *face palm* ouch ?

Amir Hasan

ROFLMAO This should be editor's choice. This is the most legendary app in the history of apps. Also just read some of the reviews XD calm down people it's not that scary!

Allacia Tuft

Wtf Soo sooo soooooooooo dumb and stupid RainbowDash is a GIRL and there not gay whoever made this is probably some messed up person who likes fanfiction stuff!

Angie R

Why? This game is messed up they are all girls I love mlp and this is just wrong no of fence if u like it but why I'm not even 14 If u like mlp DONT install it this a program ment for young people so if ur under 12 I'm telling u don't get it! ???

Ambra Shamis

Not a good game. These people don't know about MLP. Twilight gave birth to a mini clone of her. I find that really creepy. I don't even understand the short comic of Rarity, Rainbow, and Twilight.

awesomegirl 327

STUPID APP??????????? It is not at all appropriate for kids, also I downloaded it and I thought it was CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone did not download this app yet, I recommend not to. YOU'LL WISH YOU DIDN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I'm going to uninstal this garbage.

Zelar TrapZoid

To all the people hating You should see the real shipping side of the mlp fandom.

mark thounskane

Lol I love it This is why I love brony!! They're fun and creative. Gg

Kensley Baldwin

Pretty fun, but one thing It was fun to play, but RD and Rarity are.... Hard to explain...

purushotham reddy

Twillight Sparkle Twillight is not even married,but she has a baby

Aretha Nadira

I don't understand Well, I am a My Little Pony lover. I thought that this game is a surgery game. Well, I downloaded it because I want to be a doctor. But that game is not educational at all. It is an inappropriate game. However, I am sorry if I hurt your feelings. I just want to complain. Thanks. And by the way, kids shouldn't know about this game. It is not supposed to be for 3+

Reece Mensch

Uhhhhh It's a little bit weird but still good I guess........? I don't know how to explain the game that much......? but it's different.....? I guess still....? why am I still even taking about this but also I at least like the music it's nice music.

Siboney Bencomo

GAYYY! rainbow dash is a girl for gods sake I am only 9. I would give it 0 stars!

Nyko Dacillo

Now I Know I see, but rainbow dash is not a boy why does twilight being pregnant because of her. Can you please fix this for rainbow dash. Well twilight being pregnant for flash sentry cuz they are match this is SO WEIRD!!

Alyssa Weems

I am not going to play the game ini more I am going to not play this anai more because I have a great day and then the other hand comes up with the hirable

ashley suarez

Not for kids is for bronies and pegasisters Thats right kids stop comenting

Nep sotic

What I don't know what I just played, but it was hilarious.

Natalie Martin

I got this game for my little sis not for kids

Kayla Flakes

Gross They know that rainbow dash, and rarity are girls right ?

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