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20 Jun

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Let’s come clean: you’re not really a control freak, but if there’s a right way to do or set something, then WHY NOT JUST DO IT ALREADY?! Finally put all your observation skills to good use in The Perfectionist! Or maybe prepare yourself for a sort of stress test... Are you ready?

In The Perfectionist game you will satisfy your anger for organization by fixing and rearranging misplaced items in a sequence of minigames such as shuffled tiles, opened windows, unbuttoned buttons, untied shoelaces, light switches, missing tooth, and many other annoying things that are inexplicably out of order!

Did we mention you have company? The Perfectionist Dudes will thrill for every good hit you score, but also cry and go bananas whenever you make a mistake.

• Use the given time to beat the greatest amount of minigames you can
• Tap what’s wrong or needs to be corrected and win extra time
• Miss what should be repaired and you lose time

• Meet the Perfectionist Dudes! The funniest and craziest friends you'll ever meet
• Non-stop fun with simple and easy one touch gameplay
• Play hard and get into FEVER MODE to double your score
• Get the missing puzzles pieces and unlock new minigames!

If you have ever felt deeply bothered by interrupted sequences or by an item disrupting an order, well, yes, you might as well have a bit of craziness in you! Get ready for lots of fun -- or maybe not so much -- with The Perfectionist.

Admit it: you’re already dying to fix the crooked square from this game’s icon, aren’t you?

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

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Laura Hughes

Good Its good needs work thou Google plus login Facebook login n if want to remove ads needs UK conversion not just $ also when get it wrong n run outta time want to know what I missed also my anti virus state u seem to take alot of my details

Ilana C

The Best Brain Game! This game is awesome! I like how as you level up, you become more and more perfect! Plus, this might benefit you and kids will become better at cleaning their room!

Hannah Gillam

It is awesome It has lots of things wrong. But it is fun fixing mistakes and putting them in order.

Claire Waters

So addicting Just looking at these scenarios are driving my OCD crazy!!!! I'm so happy when I fix it it's such a good game though I'm always playing it!!! Even though I'm not a perfectionist!!!!! ????

aida aziz

Addictive It is a great game to kill my boring and wasted time. Btw, all of your games are great ;))

Mary poulin

My OCD This game makes me happy when I play it because this is one of the only games that do not drive my OCD crazy.

Janet Anderson

The perfectionist Great game-perfect for those of us with OCD

Mary Smith

i love it Fun game to kill time

Aditya Vinod

Fun Really fun to play.I'm addicted to it now....:-)

Kay Knouse

The Perfectionist Super Fun! I don't very much care for being called a "noob"! LOL!

Leean Cabantog

Great! 4 stars only because all level titles are in masculine form.

Emmy Salmon

Love it I play for the little guys that run and pop up haha they're so adorable!!!!!????????

Dawn Raygor

Best time Killer ever and very nice graphics

didi pink

Awesome I love this game so much I can't stop playing its very addicting

Sophie Allen

The perfectionist It's just so fun

Chateryl Beals

Love it This game is awesome to play and lots of fun.

John Darby

Cheyenne I love this game so much

Tammy Trost

It makes you look and think quickly about things that are wrong and point them out.

Ruth Magdalena

Great Except for the pop-up ads

Sian Thackaberry

ADDICTIVE! I love this game so much! It is really addictive but fun! Please make more games like this!

Char X

Fun game This game will keep ur mind buzy for hours . Such an addictive and fun game xcx

Mark Lee

Great game It is sometimes hard to see the mistakes so if ur not ocd I would not get this

Natalia Gonzales

So cute and funny!

Ava Driscoll

Boring It gets really boring after a while???

Selina Carter

Awesomesause This game that totally fills my OCD tank

Urma Fritz


Purple Pugg

Super fun The game is good for the brain

joshua stucker

Good Fun, but not much to it.

Kolby Sutherland

Awesome Awesome

amanda perkins

Perfect Love love love this game!!!

Anvaya Iyer

It is awesome I love the game . finding things wrong is nice and unlocking new levels.the jigsaws are the highlights. Because of them we know that we have a goal.

Malcolm Carter

Awesome This game is great try playing it while listening to the rhett and link ocd song

Rhiannon Bunce

This is fun, but actual OCD is 0/10 no stars not good Speaking as someone who has OCD for real (as in the actual not-fun illness, not just liking things neat or making patterns, @people in the comments), this game is fun, but the use of OCD as a selling point is A) demeaning and gross and B) spreads misinformation as to what it's like to have OCD. I am not a neat freak in any way, but I still have the illness. That being said, I like the game because mindless tapping games are fun, and the aesthetic value of seeing the patterns complete is satisfying.

Azhar Mubeen

Its ok One thing is very good.what.awesomeness.good talented and beautiful to play...I give it three stars becoz of my personality am a game writer... And I create tapps and its all fairy tale..... Bye.

Keith Williams

If you liked.... Wario on the Wii, then you'll like this (probably).

Jodee Faber

Fun! Satisfying my OCD

Kadee Dike

Amazing Loved this game so much. This game was made for me.

sheccid ortega

? ? ??Great! ? This game is awesome and yea I recommend it

Bailey Smith

I have ocd This is a nice game for me because i have ocd too and it literally almost gives me a heartattack when something isnt right

Crystal Fanous

My brain hurts! My eyes are moving so fast, my thumb is twitching, and my adrenaline is on rapid fire!

Karen Stephens

Amazing it's worth installing

Heather Botha

Pretty cool concept but. Gets boring after a while.

Saige Virdi

Amazing This game is great and I would've given it 5 stars if there were more cards I just think a variety of them would be better that doing the same one over and over which makes you mess up more

Olivia Oman

Good This is a really fun game and it kind of relates to toilet time so if you don't know what it is look it up its really fun but the only thing i dont like about this gamr is all the adds☺

Jimmy Almonor

Cool game Patterns don't agree with my eyes but I still do good

Merryl Hannah Ruelo

OCD's best friend The game is interesting when I found it. It was actually fun tapping the incorrect pattern but it was also annoying because if the time runs out, you can't arrange the things that will ruin other pattern. It was perfectly made to raise the ego of our perfectionists.


Time killed I could play this for hours on end! Never gets boring but i wish there were more minigames

Ella Foster

I am a neat freak As much as this is critical to my pedancy, it is really useful for developing observancy skills and a truly love it. The developers must be amazing people to create a gane to this standard, so thumbs up to them! I can't deny my love for this game.

Nova Otokashi

Simplistic, but Addicting I expected this game to be simple, but I never thought it would be so addicting! And the little men that run by screaming when you level up make me snortle. ?

Stephanie Romano

Love it It gets so confusing after awhile once it starts to go really fast, but I like it. Good way to pass time.

Michelle Anne Picasos

I think this is a really promising game. I know it's new and all but if I could just suggest some things.. First, it's frustrating that I can't find out what i get wrong (whenever I lose time). Somehow I feel cheated. Next is aside from watching an ad (which comes out very seldomly) to add more time, I think it would be nice if we can find something in the game or maybe earn some stuff that we can convert to time. I think as of now, the last thing on my mind is maybe something new/ free/ fun everytime we level up.

Daniel S.

Just fix the replayability Like, I get used to the puzzles a bit too fast, it should be more like a new puzzle after every click which is almost impossible but I know you can do it! :)

Smart With Funny

Please make more games like this! This game is a frustrating, fun, addictive, challenging game! I love it so much and it works really well! This is perfect for me because I have O.C.D.. :)

Ashley Hall

Fun and kills time. Really good and a lot of fun. The pictures are repetitive but the problems with them are really diverse. It's exciting to play and kills time when I need to. Over all, super fun.

Jordan Robert

Very Fun, But can be Repetitive This game is very fun, however, it does seem to get repetitive at times. This is why it's a casual game though.

Lilith Jade

Too bad I loved this id opened the game after having my phone off during a movie and my game went from level 16 to 13. Then my phone died and I was reset back to one. I'm done. Uninstalling right now.

Jackson Peterson

Pretty good I seem to have major OCD, since I'm really good!

Damian Tan

Execellent Such a splendid game..I love sure must play this game if not you will be sad.. maybe..or not..anyway I love this and Green Lantern game's!!

Caitlin McEwan

Amazing, but If I bad one small issue, or something to improve I would say that it gets quite hard near the beginning and I would prefer if it got hard near the end :-)

Susanne van Erp

Lots of wasted time I want to get all the puzzle pieces, but it takes a lot of playing time to get them. Also, this game stops being fun after having played the same puzzle for a thousand times! Just gimme that last puzzle piece so I can feel satisfied (and ready to uninstall)...

Nikki Close

Addictive fun Great game and fun/frustrating all rolled into one.

J_Power DC

AWESOME Cool , fun and addicting , Ads are alright since tbey buy time , The levels seems sneaky although creative . Awesome games , please keep making more.

Alejandro Jose Sanchez Parra

Very fun They've made a game out of an ocd person problem in a Pretty creative way, the more you play, the easier it get to spot the problems. It's as if I'm suddenly understanding why ocd people do this, it's like an impulse (or maybe I'm just saying nonsense). 5 stars well deserved!

V Eisenmann

Imperfect. Perfect the imperfections When the timer runs out or the player gets stumped, on any game, they should have an opportunity to see exactly what they got wrong and why it was wrong. Allow players to learn from their mistakes and thereby perfect their time spent playing this game. I'm leaning more towards a 2 but if these changes are implemented I would consider giving it a 4. Right now, I'm considering uninstalling it altogether.

Sophie Hillcoat

Demeaning and Awful- 0 stars This game is a simple spot the odd one out type game. Nothing wrong with it. However, as someone with severe OCD, I find the advertisement and general treatment of the game, both by developers and other people who have commented here very ignorant and quite insulting. One of the ratings was actually called "OCD's best friend". So by all means, play the game. But get it right, we're trying to raise awareness about mental illness, not turn it into some fun little game to play when you're bored.

jessj jessimcsnakeyface

Fun fast paced and silly. So far I've only gotten through a couple of levels on this game but its super duper fun and fast-paced it's really silly makes you really feel like you got some problems. I would give this 5 stars but it seems like the images of the games get a little bit repetitive so if we were able to get some more variety definitely be 5 stars.

Vashti Gregory

OCD This is an excellent game to fall in love with. The rules are simple and the challenge is obvious, yet I believe that this is the most addictive game I have ever played! This game is great for observation and helps you fix those annoying little things that you can't always fix in the real world. That all on its own is relaxingly addictive. I would gladly give this game greater than 5 stars if I could! I love this game!!!

Joanne Evertsz

Awesome Great game it really gets your mind going. Got to be quick with your finger and your eyes. Gets boring after awhile because of the same pics,needs more I'm on level 25 and I'm ready to uninstall it.

Josh Merrick

Find the mistakes, or what's missing/out of place. A nice challenge after gaining a few levels. See new problems almost every game.

fulla love

Smooth Graphics, sounds and all are perfectly smooth. I haven't had any glitches so far and I'm having a hard time putting it down. One of the easiest most challenging games I've found so far. Very intertaining very aggravating cause at the end of each game it's always "I can do better than that" so what the Hell, time for another round. Two thumbs up to the developers!

Elizabeth Austin

The Perfectionist OCD at its finest!! My newest, and favorite, addiction! This is a fantastic game! Trying to outdo myself!!

Kaylee Faulkner

Pretty Fun I like how it's an amped of version of "spot the differences games.

Carla Van Jaarsveld

Best game ever I love it when the little blue men run around screaming. Just too cute for words !! I like the little one with the glasses:)

Autumn Westergren

Good! A little eye irritating to the partially colorblind. They also don't have a sock money level, so they missed out!

Alice Cauchi

Its cool It was fun but sometimes it would freeze and then I lost time

Abegail Jadloc

Addictive. At first I thought this game would be boring but I'm wrong. This game so much fun and addicting at the same time. I love this game so much. ♥

Patrice Cabrelle

Rated: A (AWESOME) This is an AWESOME game! I have 57 games on my phone and this game is most likely the best game on my phone! AWESOME+COOL=FANTASTIC! This is the best game ever! Who ever made is game is a legend! This is the most addictive game I have ever played.

Michelle L

Gets Boring After a while, it gets boring because its the same old thing. In addition, it's not challenging and jlhas no objective.

Sofia Torres

Fun For me it helps me past time. Fun not boring loved it. It fun and when i doing nothing i play so fun

Marikit Lizardo

Needs to improve The concept of the game has set my expectations high but the actual game didn't meet it. :( I guess the graphics should improve along with the fonts used. Well, there's always a room for improvement :)

Robin s

Good fast passed game Enjoying it so far. It is fast paced, addictive, and fun. It challenging but just enough to make you want to try harder.

Alessandro Cerioni

Just one thing I don't rate this game with 5 stars because the time shouldn't run during the animation when you find what's incorrect (when there are "+1" or "+2" for the score)

Mariam Mostafa

AWESOME! I think i just installed it 3 mins ago, but i really loooooooove it. It's so cool, and a great boredom buster.

Indya Williams

Hate it So many things that needs to be fixed. Its so enjoyable. Being a control freak helps at it.

Abdulaziz Alzowayed

Good fun game, you can challenge your friends on the same phone and get to see them have a panic attack which is always fun, but the graphics needs to be a little better

Tinsley Brown

This is a fun app. I think this is a good concept, but it would be better if it had levels. Even though it has somethings that I would like to be changed, no denying it is very fun.

Andrew Knute

Time Killer And Addictive Through my playthrough ive noticed that i was addicted to the game i would recomend to anyone that needs a good time killer or just an interesting game over all 4 Stars

Jasmine Ruiz

Get this game❤❤❤ This game is so addicting. I love it so much I play it all the time. I thought the game would suck or go slow but it doesn't?. I thought it would be boring but this game is amazing and one of the best games ive played yet?❤?

Holley Riggins

Perfect This game is challenging sometimes but great for those who have a good eye. Best game ever.

Stephanie Demers

Straightforward and fun Quick, fun game. While it goes quickly, you're not blowing through content and running out very quickly.

Tyler Platt

Great! Good game, the concept is good and sometimes it catches me off guard with different types of puzzles. Very challenging. Not 5 stars because of the amount of ads.

Matthew Roux

Very satisfying Gets a wee bit repetitive after a while but never fails to scratch that OCD itch.

Bella and Chloe

Great time killer and fun too This is a fun game to play when you're bored . It's a great challenge and helps improve you're attention level. There is quite a lot of ads but I like the fact that if you watch them sometimes it buys you time. Awesome game overall!?

Bailey Cress

Relatable I am a perfectionist myself, and playing this game reminds me how I am so picky with little things like unequal pizza slices... Wow.

Shamah Anita

This game is so addicting! I couldn't stop playing it even if I wanted to. Everytime, I just keep on trying to beat my high score.

jose peña

Cool Hard but easy you know ? Any way this game I am awesome at at

Jennenn West

Challenging This game is really challenging because you have to fix as many mistakes as you can but also as fast as you can so yeah I really like this game?

Jaclyn Lowe

Simple but satisfying Easy to do but still panic enducing! I have to fix all the thingssss!

Hezakiya Washington

Sooo fun I love that it foes down and gets harder and when you get the answer right it gives you more time

Stephanie Kramer

Ehhh.. It's okay, it's just a bit easy. Not sure if it gets harder, but only played a few min, was bored out of my mind. Seems like it has the potential to be good just needs to be a bit harder, and it needs something else. Maybe have the option for a timer, and make it harder. Some people may like it, just not for me.

Annjelyna May

Addicted to it! This game is so fun I love it!

Jessica Kuennen

Loved it! I love this game, but I wish after time ran out it would show you what was different. It kinda frustrates me cause I don't know.

Kerstin Gunia

Concept vs. Reality Challenges are simple, wish the clock could be an option. Also would be nice to see the "correct error" when failing level.

Paris E Pichardo

YAY I really love this game, because it is pretty challenging.

Amy Harrod

Great game Really enjoy this game..passes the time and does what it says on the tin.

Becky Holland

Okay! Can be very boring and not responsive. It often gliches and closes. :-(

Sally Green

Awesome This game is the best pls make another one it will be cool ?

Kim S

Fast and fun! Not hard, but fun, challenging, and addictive.

Emerson Delas Armas

Awesome U need to get this app it's really good and just makes people like me feel smart when u actually get a really high score.also a good time killer.

Madison Ramos

Addictive I love this game its addicting and challenging turns out i am a perfectionest lol

vicktoria jewls

OCD I am so OCD and I really love this game this is literally the only game I play now

Melahni Grace

Dope This game was so fun to play and it was addicting! ?

Juanita Perez

ADDICTING!!!! I LOVE PLAYING THIS GAME!!!! It really does get you thinking!?

Peyton Bryant

It's fun It's fun but gets boring after a while

Chloe Eichman

Cool It's nice to play to pass the time.

Fan Girl

Perfect. I am a perfectionist in real life so you can't imagine how happy I was when I saw this game!

Sammy Kelm

Amazing This game is perfect! So much fun and very addictive!

Sable Hilliard

Addictive I love it so much. I think its entertaining for all ages. :)

Jaelynn Brodrick

Edgeicational I love it it really helps me math

Alisha Ahmad

AMAZING So addictive and fun!!

Triniti Parker

Liked it. I guess It's cool but not what I expected

Skylar Moore

I'M ONE TOO I am now a BIG perfectionist now. Send help!!!!

Demerald Central

Good game its now hard but its not easy i like challenge games like this

Gretchen Brown

Fun Very addictive and fun. Easy to play, hard to put down.

Ebony Downie

Irritating but satisfying Although it may annoy me because generally I like things to be perfect , I find it it very satisfying, if you want an entertaining game get you thinking, this is perfect. Greatly appreciate the opportunity of playing this game..... ?

Maria Cecília

satisfying it's fun and satisfying for perfectionists like me, oh my god I love when I can fix all the little wrong things. nice game! I would give 5 stars if it had different game modes bc I get bored way too easily

Emily is an Emu

Fun game for all quick-thinkers Satisfying to fix everything and have a game go as fast as my mind but it gets kind of boring after a few minutes. Atleast it's not too addicting. The perfect balance.

J Buitizon

Satisfying! But The POINT, Ugh. Resoning: I gave it 3 cuz' it's good! It's some points FRUSTRATING, get it. Commentary/How It Works: Great! Love it, really nice get it it's freee. I downloaded it! I was like: "Wow! Gonna be good, peeps seem to like it.

Ellie Anderson

Very Good....but I hardly ever do game reviews but this one deserves one because it's a really enjoyable game and very addictive plus the game doesn't crash....I would give this a 5 star but it's just some ads keep coming up which doesn't bother me but we all hate ads in all games ? an overall brilliant game so you should download

Erwin Romero

Gets a little repetitive Its fun but I get bored easily and I think it is a little repetitive

Joy Carter

Fun! I would give 5 stars but the time runs out too quickly.

Ajoeanna Brown

Pretty interesting Pretty fun,childish and Animative,all of which I love.

Samantha Curtis

Amazing This was so addicting and fun. And I just downloaded it 5 minutes ago. I don't think I can stop playing it. Btw i am very picky on what games I play.

Timilee Anderson

Great, quick to play. This is a very quick game to play, and it is quite challenging. Lots of fun.

Abby Brock

Loved it It the best time killer it an alsome app if you like time killers I recemend this app!

Eve Dubé

Addictive I like how it calms the OCD. Lets not forget the cutest little characters.... (they should name them ?). But I do have one concern. I think the time is a little fast. Plus i almost always get the same or near score.... Which is why i think its too fast. The time should be adapted to how fast you usually see it.

The Cake Loving Cry Baby

Really great I Am a perfectionist myself so I do pretty well. My high score (without extra ad time) is 73!

Rachel Ang

Excellent! Love how it trains you to spot what's out of place fast. Would be great if there were answers when you fail a stage though!

Jill Cannon

This is a goofy game, but it's also pretty addictive! The characters are funny and it's fun. I agree that the times could be extended by just a bit, but overall a good game!

Maya Gyaltshen

Great game! It's really fun and satisfying! Being a perfectionist myself I really love it and I think it's great for quick thinkers and stuff! The *only* thing that I want to ask, which isn't even a bad thing, is how could I record this game whilst playing it?

Rachel Sims

Insane!!! Love the craziness of the characters... exactly how I feel as the game speeds up!

Bryanna Simons

Awesome And unlike some other games don't have too many ads

Mystical Rhia

Great game!! Surprisingly a great stress reliever!!

nayara martinez

Fun! Nice on short breaks or nothing to do.

Maddie Matthews

I'm a perfectionist myself So I really enjoy playing this game so much

Hjh Mimi Zol

Very addictive Can't stop playing it

Onur Sen-Chadun

Love it I am officially the ultimate perfectionist! Thank you sooooo much for making this game!

Vanessa from Canada

Wow! I love this game!! It's kind of confirming my suspicions of CDO... OCD in alphabetical order!!! ?

Ana Zendejas

Amazing It is so addicting I would recommend it to anybody to waste time

Kate Bray

Perfectionist Tendencies Quelled! Cute, easy to play game about making things just right. Might even improve powers of observation ;-) Gets harder surprisingly fast, though O.o

Kristin Waters

Nice game Don't like that you have to keep starting from the beginning.

Kira Adams

Time taker I like it takes my time but gets boring same games over until you reach the next level

L and C

Very addictive!!! I will soon be going on a vacation that is a 10 hour ride and this game will make the time fly by!

Molly Lewis/Samargis

The Perfectionist-Crazy Game My family's Always say'n that I'm too much of a Perfectionist & they just might be Right... this game was right up my alley!!

Crysta Caporale

Ocd Omg love drives me crazy only allowing me to progress further in the game :)

Rachel Hawkins

Interesting game I think it's pretty cool and I would recommend it if you want to be kept on your toes and want to get faster at catching things quickly

Isabella Bartlett

Meh. It does not have the potintal i was looking for,?and a little boring.?

paper fox

Quirky! Cute idea, a good little challenge! Very satisfying to fix things too ✨?

Andrea Perez

Fun I hate this game cause it's so hard but i love playing it I can't stop playing it

Thalia Arocho

The perofonist the crazy game This game makes you worry when your time gets low

allie troy

Epic I love this game its defintly on my top 5

Akirra McDaniels

The Perfectionist This game is amazing through and through it's a good game to play while traveling, pretty interesting

Laurelie Irvine

Cute concept Fun game. Pretty simple to spot the imperfections, but the time makes it challenging.

Jessie Paste

NOT SHABBY If you dont think you should try this app dont bother hesitating, just try it if you dont like it, well you dont like it! Its suited for certain people but can still satisfy needs (perfection needs)

Ketyapman #

"Nice Idea And Addicting" It's a really good game but after playing it more than an, hour ur eyes like ahhhh. And it's boring. ∽ΞxtrεmeReviewsت

Miranda Poole

Love it It is a great game thats not just stupid. Play it a little bit, play it a long time, good for that. I'm just stuck at top score. Keeps me going.

This is just like me!! If something I see bothers me, I fix it. I always love a game like me!

Emily Horrex

Great Really fun, challenging game, runs smoothly. Kind of wish there was a Zen mode sometimes though just to chill out and fix things without the time limit.

Mal Willers

Addictive & Fun This little time killer is addictive & fun! I love it! The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because there are only 15 levels. It's over too quickly! (I got to level 16 & there is no title or advancement) :( Otherwise, a great game!! [High Score 139]

Court Boyd

Love it! It reminds me of dumb ways to die only a lot more fun. It appeals to my OCD side. :)

Natasya Eldha

Good but... In the beginning this game is awesome and fun but day by day I think I got bored bc its not really challenge. And its not push me up until the next level


Helps me relax. I don't have OCD but I enjoy organization of my art supplies. I hate cleaning.

Susan Zipf

Annoyingly fun Irritating game but I can't seem to stop playing it!!

Cham Gossett

Ocd I have OCD and this game makes me feel better over all of my ocd...

Cerys Wing

Love that it drives me crazy Drives me insane when I take that little bit too long to see it! Love it!!?

Keira Tremblay

AWESOME I love it. It's a really good game for people who have ocd. And it's just a nice game for family's. I give it 9 out of 10


Boring!!!! I became bored with this game really fast. It's the same thing over and over again.

Amy Opoka

Fun and Hard I like it a lot but it is kinda hard instead of doing a timer I think it should be that you can only get a certain number wrong other than that it is awesome.

nestor Calderon

It's pretty great It helps to pass, time, great for people who travel often, I recommend this. Have fun. I hope you aren't one of of those people who look for random games and have no idea what to get, so telling you now, get this one!

meme girl

It is soooooo satisfying I loved it but I would rate 5 if you would make it so there are no ads and a bit more time please reply ????????

Cupcake Confetti

This game This game will literally turn me into a perfectionist but I don't care, I love it anyway

Jamie Custer

it's awesome it's awesome I love this game so much that I wanted to kiss it I know that sounds weird but I'm going to delete it soon so I can get Terra Tech

Lydia Bailie-Bellew

Exciting It's a pretty great game to play when you are bored. It gets you excited and determined to beat your high score.

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