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11 May
The Meego

Posted by A Thinking Ape Entertainment Ltd. in Casual | May 11, 2015 | 133 Comments

Apk file size: 49.0 MB

MEET THE MEEGO—wacky, volcano-dwelling villagers who need your help. Watch them grow from babies to adults, fall in love, and build an epic village!


✓ Assign Meego to jobs and see them improve over time!
✓ Watch them grow from babies to adults, fall in love, and grow old!
✓ Bring your Meego back to life…or don't! Their lives are in your hands!
✓ Build quirky buildings and yummy food stands
✓ Quest to exotic locations like Turtle's Grotto and the Ice Bear Cave
✓ Name your Meego and customize them with hilarious items
✓ Collect rare birthstones by strategically breeding villagers
✓ Catapult to your friends' villages for rare items!

Note: An Internet connection is required to play.

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    - Share a screenshot of your village to your Facebook friends using the Photo Hut!

A Thinking Ape Entertainment Ltd. part of our Casual and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update May 11, 2015. Google play rating is 84.9188. Current verison is 1.32. Actual size 49.0 MB.

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It's only ok now I've been playing for 2 years. Now that the game will no longer be update I can tell it's not gonna be as fun. The 1 thing I KNOW needs to get added is a mine. We need to be able to get gold more efficiently. It's gonna take me months to get enough gold to upgrade my temple. It's unfair. And quests aren't helpful because of obvious reasons. I barely get gold when questing or traveling and those little birds are no help. AND its no fair my storage is full but when i travel i get items that i dont need

Cynthia Williams

Awesome Love this game its fun good way to burn time be war ed though you must be dedicated its very easy to lose a lot of meegos if you neglect it plus its like a social network thing to because you can talk to people so you know win win :)

Steve Smith

Addicted. Part of my daily routine... checking in on my meeps.

Samantha Wilson

It's fun and a little interesting It's fun because it's like you're making your own little village! It's interesting because you get to see little vilagers work together and build things like little working ants.

wanda Fairweather

Love this game!

Tiffany Albright

No words When the Meego are talking to me there is no dialogue in their talk box & some pictures don't show up.. How can.i get through the tutorial or even play with it like this!? Dangit.. & I was excited to play too!

Luke Ardern

just too big make this smaller its nearly 50mb and i cant fit it on my phone, i deleted a load of stuff to fit it on it downloaded tgen when it was installing it came up insufficiant storage and now it is taking up my space without me being able to access it

Kayla Richards

F-ing Brilliant This is the first build-your-place game that I'm am thoroughly addicted to. Love everything about it, we'll done guys! #HIGHFIVE

Lisandra Foster

Love it i find myself playing it all the time. Just wish there was a lil more to do. But other then that I will have to say its a good game!

Ashley Hall

Galaxy S4 I downloaded this game a year ago when u couldn't connect to fb so all my progress was lost with a new phone, nothing has changed really, same buildings, can't delete anything for space, need a new part of land, and so hard to get skulls with out money. A lot of idle time waiting for supplies, a daily log in bonus would be nice :) the game is honestly well thought out! Like a lot! Also huge file size.

Elsa Manango

Its not awesome only for weaklings Download if you like to be a weaklings123 PLEASE DOWNLOAD IT NOW THE MEEGO IS VERY VERY AWESOME YEAH AWESOME THE MEEGO OKAY THE MEEGO

Faith G

Ehh The only thing I don't like is how u have to wait one minute to type again please fix it

Angelina Cantrell

I love this game!!!!!! I love this game soooooo much!!!!!! But one tiny thing, could you make an auto correct on it like actual texting? Please?! Otherwise no questions about it this is my 3rd favorite game in the world!!!!!! (1st favorite webkinz, 2nd favorite kaw.)

Roselle Marie

It's wonderful but I can't post on wall, update status, send pm and even send gifts. Whenever there is "attach a message" (sending gifts), send button is not present, so I'm stuck with the "attach the message" part. The same thing happens on the posting on wall, sending a message and updating status. I'm always stuck with the things where you need to type (except world and tribe chat) honestly, this is a very good game, i'm new and i'm hooked, but please fix it. Thank you, devs. I'd give 5 stars if the game's fixed.

Brooke Harvey

Best game ive ever had I have had this game for 7 months and have loved it right from the start and support is so fast at responding, one thing that I think could be added is more quests that are around 10 mins or so but apart from that. LOVE IT

Judy Johnston

Addicting! waiting for new content.. Fun for all ages. Generosity with your neighbors gets you far. Easy to figure out gameplay. Funny, silly looking little people to take care of. Lots of fun! **Update: Need new challenges, new buildings, new quests. Many of my tribe have quit due to boredom.

A Google User

I just started playing a few days ago and I'm addicted! Fun, friendly people that are always willing to help you. Their support center is amazing, quick to respond and very helpful. I'd recommend this game for anyone of all ages.

Sonya Kaho

Cool game Pretty fun... I love the game.... but since the develpers have decided to do random birthstones and I've lost almost all my double rares I've worked so hard to breed... im lowering my 5 star rating....

Zoie Barron

I love this game!!! I can not stop playing this game! It's so enjoyable. I would highly recommend you get this game.But now I can't read the first word of anything...

Ranee Caskey

Needs updates So they're working on new challenges, they claim. it's been so long since a new quest has been added its sad. I love this game, but my attention is being taken away by other more promising games. Please, please, please add new challenges and updates. I am at the top level, nothing new to earn, no new challenges, nothing new at all. I will burn my money on 'Clash of Clans' I guess.

Emerence Aeon

Addicting I find myself constantly playing this game. So many helpful people in this, willing to answer your questions and gift you many helpful items and buffs. I would highly recommend trying the game.

Jamie Stevens

Doesn't work... I used to love playing meegos my old phone, but now every time I try to start it up it just closes and I'm back to my home screen. Wont even let me get to the point to name my village. So disappointed, this used to be my all time favorite game too...

Domo H.

So cool! This game is awesome, but needs a little tweaking. Some people, like me, do not have Facebook accounts. I would absolutely LOVE this game if I could link it up to a Google+ account. I might get a new phone soon, and I would like to know that all that work paid off. If you fix this, I will definitely make it five stars!


MARVELOUS. ... Nice game.....The things are so expensive and also very hard to get skulls....Other than that its a good game...Pls like my review if it's beneficial.

Jonathan Lopez

Good game This gake is pretty good. The people are really nice. But like all games there are other players who get nasty with each other. But they put a stop to it before anything get worse. So all in all great game.

Austyn Mccormick

Love it You get to talk to people all around the world or even talking to your own level up and get new cool things you can build by using your resources.You can send gift to other people so fun.

vivian brown

The game is fun until something goes wrong! !! As long as it doesn't malfunction it's fun. Once it does meego support WILL NOT HELP YOU. They are so rude. Skulls are so expensive and so you pay and then they won't help you! It's wack don't download this game you'll regret it and world chat is disgusting allot of child molesters soliciting and all they do is silence the 1 day and then they are back on.

I'm VixenGoddess

Cute & fun Im addicted! Will give 5 stars once bugs are fixed. In terrible need of an update and not just on new items. Way too many glitches and freezing. Sometimes even booted out of game. Hasn't been updated since Jan! Smh....great way to pass time tho!

brittney beebe

Super fun no need for money To the one reviewer saying the developers are money hungry,im on level 35 now havent used any real money. Its a game you build a villiage if you want to fast track building yes you have to buy skulls that hurry the process. Its a fun game with great atmosphere for all ages. The only thing I dont like is being stuck in halloween mode. When does the thanksgiving one come out!? I love that if you have a busy couple days and can't get on the me egos stop aging so you don't get stuck repopulating all at one time

Aubrie Holmes

BEST APP Theres only one thing I would change and thats getting new megos or terrorist megos I don't know how that works

April Bourne

Meego game This game sucks! Not enough crystal skulls, not enough meegos. World Chat has drama, trolls, bullies, haters, snarky people. These reviews here are all lies! This game has too many rules, mods, and you can't even make real life friends. Most have fake names, think it's a dating site, and act immature, childish, Most ate also children, young adults, teens,and they make up fake games and Try to lure you into them. I wouldn't download this game, it's Just a huge app wasting phone space.

Tim Imperiali

U cannot start over? This is a really good app but why can't u delete ur progress and start over?! Fix and ill give 5 stars


Fun Its addicting its a little slow pace and it crashed a couple of times but I am not disappointed!

Judith Steele

Freaking amazing!! I love this game reminds you of idle worship a game that was the greatest but is gone little guys are cute tasks are fun and people (most) are very nice.

Ariel Sunshine

World chat On World chat pepole are so mean to others. Also when you just want to tell a joke on a wall there to busy blocking you. Also pepole curse at pepole. And it takes up ALOT of space!!!!!★★★ stars.

Dayna Lott

OMG so wonderful! (Cre8ed) I love this game! I've been on for 2 months solid and I love my tribe and all the great ppl I get to talk with. This is a great community game that allows and encourages actual help and communication between players! Only thing I would change is a separate WC for under and over 18... Things do get a little rough sometimes. Bit I love the mods too! <3 QueeBhelle! Giraffy! Sotpos! And models naga and N.A.T

Kim Davis

Can't get enough I love meegos! I have been playing this game on my samsung phone for nearly a year now, and I haven't put it down yet. Its fun and versatile. I recommend it for everyone who likes little weird people and funny hairstyles.

ram goyal

Mojo challenge!! Thx for putting Holliday items as rewards in the mojo challenge. Their is lots of gifts and funs to exchange in this snowy season:-D awesome!!!

Cindy Laidlaw

Pretty good game Once you get into it, it is pretty good. No smut or swearing. The more you work together, the faster you advance. And most of the people are great.Lots to do to keep you busy.

Андрей Савенко

Super whether the Russian language?


Cool Please add Russian

andi ozley

Like it but....... I really like this game.... really fun BUT I have find you miss out on lot of bonuses (like the birds) if you are not watching it. And everything takes F O R E V E R and then some to complete....

roc j

Meek is a awesome game I love the game merge just. One thing I would like meego even more if you could connect your account with other devices of that you own.

Alex Beautiful

Notifications WHY IS IT THAT THIS GAME NOTIFIES ME EVEN WHEN IM PLAYING IT. I get a notification from this game 20 times a min..... I timed It and I can't stand it I love this game but I'm going insane. This app has made a song out of my vibrations they over lap so much. Make it stop please or I will have to delete for my sanity

JoJo Loo

Just want to say that I share the same sentiments as some that this is the best build-up game. Could do with easier task to get the crystal skull. Enjoyable & addictive. :)

Roxanne Bircher Paradis

Nice game Verry nice game, even child could play it.:-)

Nancy White


Natalia Adams

Meego I love it you get to make tiny people

Rashad Taylor

Meego It's so cool it force closes sometimes but it's still cool

lya karlyna

A lot better than virtual villager..funnn..

Lisbeth Santos

Addicting if you have the time If you're into games that use real time actions and growing/expanding your village you will love this. It's better if you join a tribe because they can help you progress with harvesting, mining, higher ing the stats of your meegos.

Toney Smith

Meego Its a very fun and addictive game but can you please make it easier to get gold like maybe a gold mine .......

Daphne Palachuk

Meegos Crazy little cave people just trying to live life

Angel Nieves

Angel Nives review i love it it has nice music and gess what thay all said they loved me lol

Rofida Arwa

Need skulls for quests I need skulls I need too start an ice bear cave quest I really need this game not too need internet my name is lilly 12341234 7n this game they call me lilly doo not installed its fan

Jace Hanscom

Can you make it easier to get crystal skulls? It would make it a lot more fun for all us kids who don't have money also it would be cool if the meegos could have twin babies don't you think?

Sophia Green

Can't get on When I tap meego on my tablet it just says can't login.

Liese Bryant

:-D Very cool game good time waster no gliches so far 5 stars

Rose 36014

Awesome!!! Awesome sauce ¡ love the meego ¡ think ¡t ¡s the most amaz¡ng game ever bu¡lt!!!!!!!!!

Davina Thompson

Omg This the best app ever!!!!! So addicted!!!!!

Rhonda Barton

Login failed I had a problem logging in .I sent an email to the supporters and within 12hrs I received a response from the supporters who had fixed my problem!!thank u supporters of thinking ape for the fast fix up!!!great job!!...for the love of meegos!!!

Prudence Stamp

Good This is a great game, definitely get it!

Lisa Lindgren

This game needs an update! It's been 2 years since an update! Heard @ 1/2015 no more updates,no more resources put towards this game. SO don't start...

Janya Boyd

I love it , I love it ! ! So funny and great and weird and crazy

Lynda Gathing

love it's so munch fun

Lucky L.

I dunno Whatevs

Tammy Carrillo

Just wish you were still doing more for new levels. :*(

Leone Esterhuysen

It keeps on switching my phone off

Anayomi Valdez

Great It's a great game but some of my friends on this game cant see my messages and i dont know why.

Tyler Ryan

Meego mania Lol i ? meegos!!! I give this this game 5 ⭐ ???

Angel Of The Dreams

Awesome It is such a good game but I wish there were quests without having to wait for the bird to come because it can get a little boring at some times but overall, I like it.

Rachel Cuddington

Love it I really like playing this game, my only problem is that it doesn't let me on half the time even when I have Internet, and I'd like to change my village name too, or even if I want to restart that would be nice, and another thing is I've spent a long time waiting for gold and I think there should be an easier way then having to click on thought bubbles and sending your meego to other villages in hopes that you might get gold, and rock gathering is really really really really really really really slow...

Yazmarie Delgado

Sweet Can u be silenced on the 3rd warning for atmost 4 days and not 3 months..its not friends wanna role play with me but we cant...i need to talk with my meego friends... or can we at least talk in tribe chat and or private chat? I dont mind to be silenced from world chat and or wall chat for 3 months...change this and i change my rating...


Like it I love playing this game it's fun for all the family but some things I need to get to get better on the game I am unable to because it takes a very long time to obtain a gold piece to level up my God so please make it easier

Tammy Carrillo

Love my little village!!! The game is too cool. The little villagers are cute. The support staff will help quickly when there is a problem. I reccomend this highly to everyone.

Alex Conrod

Awesome app! This is the best app ever! It's so ironic too, because I love animated/catoonic games like this where you can take care of people, and let them have babies. I just <3 it so much, I totally reccomend it to someone who likes village games. The only problem is that you should be able to get those magic skull things some other way, than buying them once you have used up all of yours. Also, you should be able to create a new account when you first get on the game and it loads, there should be a settings menu/gear at the bottom of the screen, or in the bar when you click the wooden bird on the bottom left... And there should be an option that says: reset game, where you reset the game and start all over, but still keep your username. But if you just want to change your username, then there should be an option for that too. Or another option where you can change your username, and restart the game...

Sara QueenO'Hearts

Keep Calm and Meego On ♡ Really cuuute game, great to pass the time, not overly demanding and easy to play. Great community of people that are mostly funny, kind and helpful. I love the characters and I look forward to advancing. I'm Gigggleville if you want to friend me xo ^-^ p.s. Maybe make a Meegos 2 The new world or something and take in players comments.. like adding more decoration options for both the scenery and The Meegos so each player can create their own unique island & make recipes with food they collect :)

Katrina Reid

Would have been a good game I think this would have been a good game, but as it needs an inernet connection to play and I live in an area with no internet coverage I won't know. I wish the game could be played internet free, then people like me could play it. This game along with a lot of others become unavailable to us for this reason. Sorry uninstalling thanks Katrina ? PS I thought I would play it just once while I had internet coverage, came to the screen where it wanted me to name my village and every name I came up with it said was taken. Even when I typed in "let me name it then" and I couldn't even get into the game. Definitely uninstalling. ?

Rachel Barton

Awesome Its a really cool game. The little tribe ppl r soo cute.. But.. I feel like you shouldn't hav to wait until the kids r 18 until they can work. They should at least b able to travel. It would b better if u could hav more than one place to put all of ur buildings.. (Ig u could call it a volcano top?) And it takes a little too long to collect rocks. Also I want to b able to change my village name.

lisa gardner

Nothing else to do I stopped playing over a year ago because I am maxed on everything. There is nothing else for me to do. I got on yesterday after almost 2 years and still nothing else to do. So I am u installing the game again. Potty cuz it was fun when I had something to work for.

Kaylyn Herdman

Cute but Very frustrating the amount of gold to update the temple is ridiculous, could use some mini games that you can earn gold, more decoration options, it's very boring after you can no longer update the temple in a reasonable amount of time. There needs to be more new things, so everyone's islands don't look the same.

Mona Albanna

I rate it 1 becase every single minute it do not open it is closed why i do not know solve the problem pleaeeee

Lindsey Clifton

Great game, one question though When will this game be in holiday edition? We used to be able to send special gifts during holidays!

Melissa Allen

PLEASE FIX I like to play this game to pass the time but the game is having some problems. My meegos keep glitching and won't collect food rocks or anything can't even breed them. PLEASE FIX

Royal Onyx

ADD ME! GANJA GIRL Tribe = -The Immortals- Add me! = GANJAGIRL Tribe = -The IMMORTALS- ! LOVE this game, I do think possibly adding a new quest would help a lot!

Chloe Henwood

I love this game I had it on my iPhone years ago and I'm so excited I found it again. Yaaay. Best game ever and I love breeding them cause you get such cute meegos

Meika Saltel-Wood

Freind me im: Baby187 It's a really fun app. Everyone in the chat is funny and freindly, the game play is addictive and there are funny jokes in the game?I love it, recommended for all ages ! I'm 10.

Lateasha Smith

Still A Favorite!! Started playing again after a year hiatus! Still one of my favorite, "go-to," games.

sara hamad

Im silenced premitintly The game is good but im silenced:( now I cant do any thing but all I can do is send gifts/meegos and just take care of my village DX

Mcrinsey Gulane

CANT OPEN!!! >_< I cant open it!!! And i downloaded it in my Tablet so why i cant open this app? Pls fix it and ill give u guys 5 star and ill recommend this also to my friends tnx.

Desmond B

Good but I will rate 5 if you next update you you can add that you we can spend gold for Crystal Skulls please ????

Tiffany Nugent

Can't Stop I love this game. I had it on an older phone 2 years but the phone got replaced and the game didn't get put on my new phone so I lost my whole tribe. Well 2 years later 8 found the game again and started new and love that it is almost the same as it was 2 years ago. The only thing I don't like is how expensive it is to upgrade when you get your temple to level 3. I don't remember it being that expensive until you got to a higher level. Is that something that will change?

Marissa Denney

Doesn't load every time. Screen goes black and won't go further. Crashes once in a blue moon. Please fix!

Serenity LaBelle

Like it but... I like this game but I wish there was a way to earn gold from the village even if on a limited capacity. Also, it sometimes doesn't give me items from the boost huts when i finish working which is frustrating. I'll probably tire of the game and not play as much once i max unless they introduce something new periodically to keep it fresh. The support team has always been very helpful and quick in responding when needed. Overall it's a good game.

Gypsi Dawn Conroy

Fun! Warning...don't talk on chat. SO MUCH DRAMA! Otherwise, the game is fun!

your favorite nightmare

Won't play on my HTC 610 Had this game before and I loved it but now it won't play

Fatima Orozco

Awsome This game us awesome and so adorable I love it, I wish other game makers make games like this but, I guess not well I still love it? great job

Amy Raeside

Cant get my village back?! Had been playing the game for about 2years, and in installed it to make space to update my phone, now I can't seem to get my village back, even when it's linked to fb?! If I can't get my old game back I won't play anymore. I used to hate the fact that it was one game save per device but all of a sudden I can't have my own back?

Alaina F

What are you waiting for? Download! Its AWESOME This is my FAV game but I wish I could get my old account back and I wish there was more quests but besides that I LOVE it is the one game that I don't delete after a few months :D

Nicolis Sova

Average It's your average building game. It would be nice if I could play it offline.


Can't install in memory card. It eats all my phone's Rom. I must figure out how to play because the text is not displayed, only the first letter, can't do anything in the menu.

Axel Gold

perfect! cute graphics, great story, i love it! But will be better if you make this offline please hehe

Jessica Pruett

I love it but needs work I adore this game!! It would be a full 5 stars except most people can't see what I type in world or tribe chat, and also when I send a gift. It makes it hard and frustrating to play the game. When this issue gets fixed I will change my stars to 5. It also seems that resourse gathering has slowed WAY down from what it used to be.

Gabriëlla Paauw-Magielsen

Fun to play As the title says, the game is fun to play. But a few more things could be added to the game to make it even more fun to play, because things can easily get boring when you're playing it a lot.

Christian Hunsaker

Profile The game won't let you change your profile I will rate five stars when you make it easy to start a new profile

Bella Chavez

I loved it but... After you get to temple level 3 or 4, you need to buy gold or spend a ridiculous amount of time earning some. Also the notifications are kind of annoying and unnecessary.

Keenan Kamaar

Loved it This game is cool and can waste time by having fun and relaxing while speaking to people and helping them

Nerds Only

Meego is awesome five stars Meego is awesome and I absolutely love it but if you added more quest area's that would be even better!

Lauren Hughes

It is the best I love the village making its not like COC and you have more freedom and you can chat and really enjoy the game

Rae Smith

Love this game I am on and off this game all day everyday. It's 4+ so keep it clean and you'll have a blast with your meegos, and world chat!

shoaibahmed mughal

Problem blank message Not showing incoming and outgoing messages...when i write a message and send to world or any of my friend its just send but i did'nt see it and when anyone send any message its see like blank message plzzz fix this problem then i gave 5 stars athorwise i can't gave you any other star...its really intresting game but its more better without any problem

Pokemon Champion Bella

I loved it but... After you get to temple level 3 or 4, you need to buy gold or spend a ridiculous amount of time earning some. Also the notifications are kind of annoying and unnecessary. P.s.there should be an option to start over

Veya Nair

MARVELOUS. ... Nice game.....The things are so expensive and also very hard to get skulls....Other than that its a good game...

Annica Dao

Its Fascinating But Boring Alright,i like this game alot,i get to experince making new friends with others and enjoying have fun & building my own village without having other task popping up to tell me what to do. However, it gets boring for awhile because there hasn't been any updates >_<. I was hoping if you guys would change meego a bit, if yes, awesome. I'm looking forward for fun activities and events in meego.

maram Sherif

The best game in the world This game is beauty , easy to play,cute and I love it

Charmain Rehu

Really nice game. only one thing need to earn gold and skulls more ,takes way to long to get enough for temple upgrade .We are going to keep playing it has a lot of potential?keep up with updates !thanks.

Luke M

Really fun, but it needs a few bug fixes. Some of the features aren't working correctly, not to mention it's a bit annoying how the game resets whenever something pops up on the screen like a text or notification. Maybe even add some new features? It's a bit repetitive with everything the way it is now.

Katrina Reid

Would have been a good game I think this would have been a good game, but as it needs an inernet connection to play and I live in an area with no internet coverage I won't know. I wish the game could be played internet free, then people like me could play it. This game along with a lot of others become unavailable to us for this reason. Sorry uninstalling thanks Katrina ? PS I thought I would play it just once while I had internet coverage, came to the screen where it wanted me to name my village and every name I came up with it said was taken. Even when I typed in "let me name it then" and I couldn't even get into the game. Definitely uninstalling. ?

annibell way

Super fun, recent bugs Many episodes recently of a lag that causes meegos to just jerk back and forth. Love it so much, there are a few bugs like graven not giving me my babies but that is ok. I am willing to persevere for my meegos. <3 <3

Destiny Lopez

We should be able to get twins, once we are able to get twins you will get 5 stars. I really like this game. All my friends say the same thing. Please please put in twins it would be so cool.

ender friend

What I was looking for! I have not found the game I wanted in forever, everything was pretty boring, until I found this game. IT WAS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED!

Belinda Lin

Got any more spare skulls? I wish it were easier to get skulls. The waiting times r tedious, it's addicting for a few minutes,but then u have to wait another several hours before anything else really interesting happens. But so far so good, and I hope you keep adding updates.

Skylar Merenzo

Better than Village Life! Its amayzan!!! Really good, I promise!!! You'll love it!!! But I have one small problem... one of the berry bushes... DISAPPEARED in thin air! Srsly! Plz fix... Also what do the pufferfish do? My meego never grow old...

Lindsey Clifton

Love the game but... It will not work with my nextbook tablet it will download but when I open the app it says failed login. It wouldn't let me start a village :(

Matthew Vance

Update please. I like it. The game is amusing, fun, and you can make friends. This game will not disappoint you. The game has a lot of people that will help you out in the game. I like this game because it is original and does not mimic any games that I have played. The only thing it needs is some new content to keep it fresh. Great job A Thinking Ape keep up the good work!

Awesomeness Rules

Love it but.... I have been playing this game for years installing it and unstalling it and the only thing that's wrong is that I can't get my old game back

Aranely Sanchez

Disrespectful The game is fun, but the other players make it super annoying for u to play. .. I spent alot money playing this stupid game and other players messed it up for me.. so I want my money back.. im uninstalling..

Ms Dragon

Eveytime I load in the game. All I get is a black screen. This would be 5 stars if problem is resolved. I love this game. I just want to see what I'm playing

Clover Memy

Can't link through facebook Hey ATA, this is urs second games I've have been played after Pimd..I have a lot of fun but why I can't link my village to Facebook??will it possible if I accidentally deleted this game I will lost my account same like Pimd??every time I tried to link it going to main menu,it so irritating when I tried many time and it result the same. Actually am starting to like it too..I will give 5 star for ur consideration.. Thanks ATA player

Alyssa Smith

I love it Sooooo fin sooooo adicting best game ever!!!! Great game good job I wish there was a way to get free skulls buttttttt I love every thing else I thought I would be boring when I saw my sister play but now I play it I never wanna get off thank you got such an awesome game!!!!!! Everyone should play this game no problems with commercials like any other game sooooo play this game!!!!!!


This app is pretty good. I never rate 5 star, because there's always something wrong with it

Ryan Lowe

Easy & passes time Good game, its newer and will most likely have more things to do with future updates. Don't leave for too long tho Meegos go extinct :)

Cynthia Cassidy

To cute I totaly ? love this game to death it's fun funny adorably cute easy to play you can make your owen tribe or join a tribe help people out travel to other lands bring stuff back like lots of gold from your trip away from home this game rocks kicks buts

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