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25 Jan
The Land of Alembrume

Posted by Evariste Boussaton in Arcade | Jan. 25, 2016 | 69 Comments

Apk file size: 17.0 MB

Your character is a young boy, who lives peacefully in Lugdunia village, in the kingdom of Aldoran. He is an orphan since his parents were killed during a recent war against another kingdom. They were peasants and always thought their son would follow the tradition... but your character is more attracted to adventure and battles!

His journey begins with the kidnapping of his beloved girlfriend, which is going to lead him far away from home to investigate before eventually rescuing her. On his journey, he will meet wise people, who will teach him the art of fighting, he will find amazing items and become much stronger.

In this Zelda-like story, you will explore about 50 maps and interact with many people. There is a main quest and two small side quests to get bonus items and information. You can also find a couple of hidden valuables if you seek them out.

Thieves, flames, and many things ! Enjoy !

- Player Movement - Virtual d-pad in bottom left corner (mobile since 2.14, enhanced in 2.15)
- Perform Action - X button
- Perform Attack/Use Item - Y button
- Change Inventory - press icon in the upper left corner
- Save - accessed from the "MENU"
- Quit - press "BACK" (<) several times

- Same with SELECT for "Compass" and A for inventory
- left handed mode
- mobile/locked d-pad
- mute musics (you'll make me sad !)

Visit for more informations.

Whats new

    V2.22-24: bugfixes (thanks Weule,Alvin and Alex !)
    V2.21: add gamepad support
    V2.20: fix crash from 2.19
    -"Compass" menu with last dialogs and guide
    -new music from upcoming Episode 3
    -enhanced d-pad
    -bugfixes (freezes especially)
    (watch for for full details)
    -simplified controls
    -mobile d-pad
    -only one fix: deadlock in jail
    -english grammar fixes (thanks Djnever00 !)
    -UI enhancements

Evariste Boussaton part of our Arcade and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Jan. 25, 2016. Google play rating is 80.8696. Current verison is 2.24. Actual size 17.0 MB.

Download the-land-of-alembrume.apk 17.0 MB


Nathan Olson

Great but... Its really good, but I seem to be stuck. I just got the blacksmith out of jail, and was going back. However, the doors to the two empty jail cells that you had to go through were closed, and the blocks that you needed to step on to open them were on the other side. I looked around found a crack I could blow up with dinomite, but I dont have any dinomite left... Please help!

Ma Chérie

Great, just need to revise a few things... I love this game, it is so much like Zelda on SNES. It's the only one I've found that even comes close. I don't want to uninstall but I'm running out of space...can we please have a "Move to SD Card" option? Also, when will Episode 3 be coming? A few glitches & errors, but overall very good. Dev is very helpful! 5 stars if Episode 3 comes out and a 'move to sd card' option is added!

Justin Hill

A decent game, and great nostalgia An excellent way to bring back the sensation of your first play through of The Legend of Zelda: Link to the past, without putting a dent in your funds. While the controls can be touchy at times, and the direction you should take can be clouded if you're not paying enough attention, all in all it's worth the time spent to play it. Running out of space is the only excuse I could find for uninstalling this hidden gem of a game.

Mosky Entomoloco

Saudades Good Zelda alike game, may be too alike, but still very enjoyable. Seriously, play it, is good shit! Congratulations to the developers! And thanks a lot! Control pad is still a bit annoying, is difficult to move in a straight line and there is minor sprite bugs. But it's still really good. New dungeons and items... Can wait to use them in the next episode!

George McNease

Great game. I give a four star. Been waiting for two months for episode two. Will give a five star when episode 3 comes out. Love the game hate the wait.

Jack Pekin

Stuck I am stuck, where you use the dynamite to free the blacksmith the guard comes in then leaves, then for some reason I can't move after that and nothing happens. Please fix

Michael Tierney

Zelda fun I was looking for a game to play like Zelda a link to the past. It was great! There are some typographical errors, a few glitches, and it is short. Other than that, I loved it, and am waiting for episode 3

Jacinda Foster

Game freezes On Samsung Galaxy S5, have only got to the first town asking about the princess and went to the open field. The character has vanished. Started from the save in the castle and hes jammed against the castle. Reset and can't advance past the castle without feeezing. Whats the go CREATORS?

Brandon Mullins

Can anybody help? I'm trying to get to fisherman island for dynamites. But Idk how to get there because there's a river in the way. Any help? I tried everything. Nothing working.

Danny Escalante

This game would be cool if it didn't constantly freeze up. I cannot switch from the flute to my sword for some reason and I'm stuck in the cave. How could I pass it if I can't pull out the sword? Impossible! Plus they start me off with only 1 heart.. It's ridiculous

Amy Cope

I like the game alot but im stuck at getting blacksmith out of jail i blew up the hole in the wall and the guard comes in then the game freezes please!

Georgie Lancaster

Ergh! I'm stuck at the cave of flames the second lot don't know how to get through it without dieing even with one life left. Other than that great game! Been playing it for nearly two days straight

Shanay Scott

Love the game but need to revise a few things! I went ahead and bought both empty sacks from the guy at 1 time. I can only fill one at a time so every time I go to the inventor he says my sack is empty so I'm jus stuck with no way to get any more dynamite! Is there a way I can get rid of the other actual empty bag!! So i can use the filled one! Ugh ?

edward syphers

Love thr game. It just stops an locks up to much. Hope you can resolve this issue

Travis Ingram

Awesome game The best one ive ever downloaded,addicted cant stop playing it,I want more!!!!!!!

Casey Van Zyl

Great game challenging but how do I get past the cave of flames

paul gaskell

Groovy game, can't wait for the next chapter


Great game How do you swim and get the dynamite please help...

Llogan Veith

Good game with draw backs. I love that it is similar to snes Zelda but different characters and world. The problem I'm having is the game randomly crashes and sometimes when I open the option menu the game restart to where I started playing.

Tracy Bradley

HELP!!! Im stuck in the cave of flames. Can anyone help please

Valerie Chandler

I'm in the theives den and stuck (literally...character will not move) by the treasure chest where i retrieved the sword! Help!

Noel MFW

Just what I was looking for ! Great game ! I can't stop playing it . Why do I only have episode 2 ? I want to play 1 first ! There's a glitch cus I just put minks fish back in the water in his basement but now I'm somehow glued to minks at the top of the stairs !! Please help . even when I exit the game and restart it I'm still glued to him . I don't want to lose my progress !!!!

Lisa Lobbezoo

Obviously Just a cover up. But I'm so happy you did!! Lol. Thanks for rocking it Dev ;)

Piper Warnagiris

Love It, but..... I love this game a lot. Although I have no idea how to get to the fishing village.

Joe Augustine

Already stuck Been to farm, found husband paid fortune teller talked to everyone in tavern hundered times have milk cant get past gaurd to castle. Im sure its something really simple

Casey Davis

I can't seem to blow up the wall to get the black smith out of jail he keeps moving in front of the crack . And the app itself crashes sometimes

Rena Hiatt

Love it Remind Me if Zelda!! Stuck on the leaf... How Do I move it when I Get on It!!

Melissa Corcoran

Like the game but had difficult time with controlling direction.

Austen Waldrep

No episode 1 Mine just says ep 2 when I start it, also unexpectedly short, save the blacksmith boom game over, was really enjoying 2

Kerensa Turner

Great game but I'm stuck! I used the flute everywhere!

jonathan williams

Good game Good game but the controls need some work.

Dana Johnson

I love this game it is the best game ever

Steve Reding

Great game a few bugs Very zelda like.. some good challenges fun.. the creator really cares and responds quickly. Try it you will like it. Nice story line

Collin Graham

Legendary =] Great effort, I love how much ALTTP you have here. Few dead ends and glitches I moticed so far is you can go sideways in the doorway to the throne room in the first castle, and theres a place north of the village you can drop down on the lleft and theres no way back out but theres baddies down there too hehe. Cracking effort though. A worthy clone

James Stroud

Constantly freezing up!!! Uninstalling!!!! It's a fun game until you have to start all over because of freeze ups. I had to restart 6 times and each time it was right around where I bought the dynamite with no way to try and save my progress. Either the caricature would stop moving or the screen would shift back and forth, back and forth, back and forth,back and forth and would not stop. So with that said, I will not be playing this game again.

Anthony Godfrey

Solid game Good game but I got stuck on the wall in the lower right hand corner of the locked house that's got the rats to clear out. Looks like I will have to start the game all over. :-(

Alex Peters

Great game I would recommend this gam for Zelda fans. This game is so fun. It reminds me of The Legend of Zelda Link to the Past. The graphics are great and I love the whole idea. The only problem I have with it is the control pad. It doesn't always like to work. Neither do the items in the top corner. But other than that it is an excellent game. Can't wait for season 3.

Пользователь Google

Великолепно, но Where is Episode2 ? When you give it?

Joi Harding

Land of alumbrume The are no maps no instructions. Can't get anywhere in this game. Disappointed big time.

Buck Calkins

It was fun until I got stuck in the bandit caves now I been stuck there all week. Can't get past the fire balls

Chris Bowen

I finished the game! It was great so far, and I can't wait for episode 3 thanks for the nostalgia. Please sirs and/or madams that made this game, can I have some more?

Faridi Martinez

Nostalgic, feels like Zelda Great game! But I'm stuck at the boy's bedroom unable to move. After the lady tells him the old man was jailed, the boy jumps out towards the wall beside the bed and gets stuck there then runs off to the left of the screen. After that i unable to move and nothing else happens. Reloaded the game from two saves at the castle about 20 times with the same outcome.

Umm Shurelds

Please make more!! (:-D This game is great! please make more.

Jamie Eitenior

Any news on episode 3

Cynthia Gardner

Finished Game? I just rescued the blacksmith game over... when will episode 3 come out.

Calum B

Better than across age dx... No purchase required, and great graphics. No excuses. I wouldn't get dx if they added three extra levels for free.

Jamie Eitenior

Fishermans village Cant go into village houses due to glitch please fix

Alvin Vickers

Loved it till it froze. It froze, then I updated it and it froze in the same place. They say Attack and the person beside the house looks like they are flaking out. Also you can not do anything except quit. Boo

Hayden Patane

Crash Crashed when the two shout attack. Same as I see in a few other reviews. Game was fun up until that point

John Slone

Redo the attack scene Cant play anymore they yell attack and the guy on the ledge just bounces back and forth he cant jump down just take him out of it or something

Kerry Derby

Keeps freezing on me I really like this game. But when I'm chasing dude after princess gets turned into bunny and people yell attack it freezes.. Please fix it!!

Nicole P

I'll give it 5 stars once it stops crashing. And this is after the latest update.

euna corpuz

I like it but How do i get through the castle!! I can't get in the castle. Idk what the heck am i doing wrong. Where to find that another piece of moonstone in ep 1?? Help me!!!

Dana Johnson

You should know If you update this game see what will come your way and it will be AMAZING.

JuanKaren Contreras

It's ok What do I do after I save the blacksmith?

Deangelo Poe

Brilliant A wonder homage to classics

Jeff Kinnison

nice try. But way too many glitches.freeezes up. Keys you got vanish. Trouble reloading. Reinstalled 3 times. Tired of wasting my time. It's fun while it works that's why 2 stars. I'll try again after more updates. Keep trying guys! I'll be back. Uninstalling for now.

Ben Smith

Glitch It glitches from page to page and the directional pad only works best up left and right but not down

Mark Ruggles

love this the game it's the game to play I'm playing it so far it's the game to play. don't have one

Scott Harker

Just like zelda in a way. Hope episode 3 comes soon I wanna know what happens.

Luke Garison

Excellent music Just started this game but whoever created the music beds for this are very talented. It draws me in the gameplay, which is good. Waiting to see what happens next.


Want more This game was difficult at times and easy to die, I wish there was a map. But I finally finished it and wish there was more.

Garrett Lough

I'm So Addicted Please! When is the 3rd episode coming out!? I HAVE TO KNOWN!!!

Ray Ritchie

Pimp daddy Ray Love this game! U gotta get it!!!

ana valentin

Loved it .... I loved playing this game is very similar to the gameboy Zelda game but it was too short can't wait for episode 3 hope is here soon... We still have a princess to save!!!!

Michelle &amp; Glen Weatherley

Loved it. Great work!

Chris Glass

FIX IT... UGGH Was fighting rats in house and i got stuck, like i was in a wall, while i was free from all. This bug realy ticked me off. I was enjoying the game until this. Fix it and ill give a better rating.

Uche Ezeonu

I love d game looking forward for episode 3

Alvin Vickers

Love it. Can't wait for 3

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