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4 Feb
The Impossible Test

Posted by PIXELCUBE STUDIOS Inc. in Puzzle | Feb. 4, 2016 | 97 Comments

Apk file size: 38.0 MB

The #1 app around the world with over 25,000,000 downloads!

Do people make fun of you? Are they laughing with you, or at you? Do you think you can swipe, tilt, drag, shake and tap your way to victory? Get The Impossible Test and challenge your friends, family and co-workers to prove them wrong!

Play The Impossible Test and race to finish first! Complete many interactive levels that will challenge your mind! Compete with others to get the fastest time, and get an A on your report card!


+ 83 questions with hundreds of steps!
+ 2 different game modes!
+ Medals to collect!
+ Hidden secrets to find!
+ Shake and tilt levels!
+ Fun graphics!
+ Custom soundtrack and sound effects!

Let the awesomeness begin!

Whats new

    *** The Impossible Test VALENTINE is here! Search for it in the Play Store and be one of the first in the world to play! ***
    + Updated "Themes" screen
    + Small bug fixes

PIXELCUBE STUDIOS Inc. part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Feb. 4, 2016. Google play rating is 63.9596. Current verison is 3.7. Actual size 38.0 MB.

Download the-impossible-test.apk 38.0 MB


sparky morse

I figured out why it is called THE impossible quiz because you cant beat it if EVERYTIME AN AD COMES UP IT MAKES YOU START ALL OVER WHEN YOU STILL HAD LIVES LEFT this game sucks

Floyd Watson

My god I really don't think you guys put in enough ads. Surely between the milions you have you could slip in a few more. Uninstalling

Ryuu Kami

Time passing. Shake/Tilting levels, outside of the box thinking, it's a good way to boost the levels of a humans creativity. Secrets to be found...It's not the best, but it's certainly worth a try! √√√√

Matthew Na

Great game Just so people rate it higher flashlight is possible. Tap right near where the light starts and hold it and drag it to the start of the actual handle

Molly Donovan

Would rate higher but... There are WAY to many ads! Get rid of the ads and I will rate 5 stars. If the ads aren't gone soon I WILL delete both apps. (1 & 2)

Nena Barron

ADS???? I think you need more ads (sarcasm) every time I play a ad pops up Im currently going to un install till u get it fixed I will rate higher then ?? but over all it is a great app so people who want to download go ahead if you like ads this is your game

Alexis Cudby

Good game I'm stuck on the part that says 'good thing you remembered' what is the answer because I'm losing lives by touching the screen.

Sarah Kiser

Fun but one of the last levels doesnt work I keep trying to drag off the rectangle of the flashlight but it wont move!!!!! Fun game though.

Toni Nin-Jah

I like it Im stuck on the flashlight level. It wont "drag" the rectangle away so i can remove the battery GRRRR!!

Randomgamer101 Gaming & GFX

Ads! Cant pass a level because of the ads, I mean the game's free and you probably paid for it but you dont need that many ads to make much profit please reduce ads because I'd think it is a good game but the ads make it horrible so please...just calm down with the ads!

Kacielle Mcgrandles

Brilliant Great game to warm your brain up with very confusing but once you've copleated it once its very easy to do it again. Download. It is definatley worth it

Dave Webb

Great entertainment and is very good but the part with find the five secrets is the one i cant do! I guess thats the point though since its supposed to be impossible #Really fun

Meagan Billingsley

It'd be a 5 but.... I love this game. My friend had it on his iPod a while back and we were addicted. I thought I'd try it out again. See what I could remember. It was all great until I got to the flashlight level and It won't let me get the cover off. I have tried everything. There must be a glitch or something. Without completion of this level I cannot move on in the game. Please fix this.

shacale wilson

whatsup with this -.- i like this game but what the hell do i do when it comes up to "complete the sentence" theres no way to pass this question & im stuck. HELP ?!

Lauren Austin

Ok I enjoyed the original impossible quiz and whilst this is good I can only get so far. Complete the sentence by dragging the ! To the end of the sentence. Brake the ice by shaking your phone. Finding the needle is easy top line on the left and the windmill uses your finger start spinning away from the windmill and then circle over the blades. But When it comes to turning off the flashlight I cannot remove the cover to take out the battery. Other than that I would give 5*

Holly Kerr

It's ok It quite annoying when it gets onto the bit where it says touch orange,blue,green and yellow and it gets rid of your lives really quickly! !! Do not recommend

David Stanners

Too many adverts. disappointing The game overall wasnt bad but you cant play it because there is too many adverts on screen. Very disappointing.

Nathaniel Grigg

Cant get past level cuz of bug Im on a galaxy s4. Looked up answer. You are spose to touch the ring on the side of the page. But thereareno rings on the s4 its just time. Lives. And question. So perma stuck with that as max level

Marc Schiffres

Meh I liked this app better on iOS. There's too many ads on the droid one, and the flashlight level outright does not work. As other people have said: you guys kept the questions from iOS, and somehow managed to change the answers.

Dorothy Wilbourn

Amazingly fun I love this gane it really hard but its totally worth it whoever gave it less than a 3* rating must be total retards

mrinal vaze

A good game!!!! A good one one except for the adds!!!!!!Too many of them!!Like after every time u fail there is an add or a video!!!!!there are some impossible challenges also!!!!!Please fix this and I will give u 5 stars

Ziad Medhat

Its cool This game is amazing and make you think faster and better but there r some problems that r insane.... if it just gets fixed i would give it a high five stars

Gabrielle Green

too many ads also I think there's a glitch because I cannot get passed the "good thing you remembered part" I thought there was supposed to be rings down the left side of it.

Ellie Newman

I am rating this 3 atars because.... I done most of the levels but i am stuck with the colour one i dont understand it can someone fix please

Anne Lariviere

Excellent game but... It is a good game but I can't get passed the level that says "press the wrong one on the right" some one pleeeeeese help it is really starting to frustrate me:-(

Mariah Hancock

Amazing app! I love this game, it's a great way to pass time. For the people giving it a low rating and/or uninstalling because they can't beat a certain level, you can find all of the solutions on google! My only issue is with the flashlight problem it refuses to let me take off the cover. But all in all it's a super fun and pretty challenging app. Fix the flashlight problem (I've seen multiple reviews stating this issue) and it would be 5 stars!

Emma Hall

Fun but hard I found this game fun but hard the instructions confused me and the lives are taken away to quickly!!

Brian Lynch

Awesome game, despicable ads Great puzzle game but you are forced to watch 10 sec ads that override your volume settings. Shame on the sleazeball developers for using such a crooked tactic!

Phil Rivas

Windmill is broken Doesn't work on DNA by HTC. Turned my auto rotate on and off still doesn't work. Maybe don't use that question.

Jessica Kasper

Love this Ads are annoying but otherwise fun. Need help with the needle in the haystack though. Break the ice- shake your device until the ice breaks Complete the sentence- drag the "!" down to complete the sentence

jessica Cowie

Help me I am completely stuck on the break the ice one and cannot move on its a good game and a little hint about the ads turn off the wifi they dont pop up then

Eliora Loo

I love this game! It's quite hard I keep missing the non red ninja stars though. I suppose I have to try harder! Can't blame the game. It's the impossible test. After all!! ?

Ashlee Koop

I would rate zero if there was an option. Don't waste your time with this stupid app. I have never seen a game that's as crappy as this one.I'm on gs4, one of the levels don't even work on gs4. Stupid app. I'll reinstall this when it improves.

Justin P

Fun but 1 part just doesnt work It was fun for the most part but when i got to spin the windmill i did the roatation and flips and every possible thing and it wouldnt get past it

Darien Ellsbury

I really love this game and I would recomend it to everyone. But I cant get the Z medal. Someone help? PLEASE

Nathan Lockwood

Its OK I guess, but this game uses some plain stupid logic This game has some stupid logic that really doesn't make sense. For example: one of the questions asks you to drag the planets into the black hole. There is an earth-like circle and a rocky cratered circle. They are roughly the same size. According to the game,only the earth circle is a planet, and the other one is not, however, most planets, such as mercury or mars have no water or atmosphere on them, making them look similar to a moon. The game's logic seems to say that only Goldilocks planets(planets with atmosphere and liquid water) are planets at all, which is NOT true by any standard! Other questions demonstrate bad logic like this too. Other than that logic its OK I guess. That's why you s called an impossible quiz I guess

Crystal Padzensky

Totaly ADDICTIVE! I get so addicted and so detemined to beat it! Not 5 stars though, because of all the annoying ads...

Cassondra Rypstra

Android Pretty cool games, some r confusing tho, like touch green red blue orange, i do that and i fail, touch green drop, theres only a blue drop so i touch it, lose a life then i don't touch it and still lose a life, how! Am i missing something here? Lol Im doing what it says.

Liza Tymoshenko

Awesome! Even though there are ads still awesome!And if you want no ads,switch to airplane mode. Really works!

Mel Castle

Rank Hi was wondering how to get the Z medal. Thanks. By the way, flashlight people you swipe your finger on the beam a couple if times. Ads turn WiFi off hello ? What else, orange green etc tap the words

Настоящий Нагибатор

Don't working on ZTE GrandEra The game is crashes after appearing PixelCube logo.

Gregopw Paronormal

WHY I can't play trough the box that upside down D: Help plz

Oleg Myroniuk

Please Please correct one problem. Game Cookie clicker collector can not play the Model View pad 100Q (View sonic)

Rebecca Webb

The wrong one on the right All of the descriptions on how to complete it say: touch the red x, when I do it, it just makes me loose a life! I've been stuck on it for about 6 months and nothings changed. PLEASE FIX THIS!?...........................TO ALL THE PEOPLE ON THE NINJA STAR ONE- THE BLADE IN THE QUESTION IS THE 5TH BLADE!.......For the people stuck on the Orange, red, green, blue one- the first time you press the words, the 2nd time you press the dots!........................ For people stuck on the needle in the hay stack: it's in the top, left hand corner............................FOR THE COMPLETE THE SENTENCE: DRAG THE ! FROM THE 'COMPETE THIS SENTECE' AND PLACE IT AT THE END OF THE ' THIS GAME HAS 5 SECRETS...........' BIT,.................................. For people on the moon question, tap 'continue' not the moon!....................... For people on the penguin egg question: DRAG the penguin out of the way, there is the penguin egg!............................ ON THE BREAK THE ICE ONE, DROP THE TABLET FROM A VERY SMALL HIGHT, IT'LL BREAK THE ICE!............. On the mover the electric coil, move the words! Not the picture!.......Hoped this helped! ;)

minerva lopez

Awesome but.... I cant answer the one that says complete the sentence it has five secrets I don't understand it??????

Alex B

??? The dumbest app ever... and the other ones only give you 5 hearts

Kandace Burkett

OMG LOVE THE GAME This game is do fun but the part were it says touch Orange green blue and red I dont get tjat but it is so addictive and dont be stupid get the game

evangeline Black

Some of them don't make any sense

Mia Hauensteun

Will you people fix it the ninja only gives me 4 blades and it says 5?

Julia Norris

Help!! I can't get past the one with the stoplight!! (When it's spinning) idk how to do it right. Please help!!

Kurt Meninger

F**k the game

Lori Rybinski

Alrighty Thennnnn! Alrighty Thennnnn! ! It's Fun and gets you thinking quickly, But I got bored to quick had to literally BUY the (Answers) to know what the answer's were to the questions I couldn't get:( There just .99cents lol..UnReal. If your like OCD like meee and just gotta know How easy the Answer iss and Couldn't get itt, then I guess the .99cents don't matter - But not for each level there should be some kind of Deal or Another Choice. O'Well Guess it is what it is..:)

Laiba Taj

Amazing! Even though this game is pretty much impossible, it helps me concentrate better!!


Could be better This game could be more than just a bunch of questions! There should be some game mode where you could go into 3d person view and actually play the game! Like if you were playing minecraft! That's my opinion.

Joanna Earnshaw

Impossible??? I'm not sure about the title... Its not all that impossible, and what's the point having an end? To make it REALLY impossible, make the questions endless, and the people who have got to the end, won't! Title idea: the impossible test-endless!

Alondra Moreno Santana

AMAZING APP This game is really tricky, but it is called the impossible quiz for a reason. You should download all the The Impossible Quiz things because they are simply AWESOME!

Mojgan Fakharizadeh

Love it If u get stuck on the 5 hidden thing well the ! At the end of were it tells u wat to do u can move that and put it at the end of the other sentence can someone please tell me what the answer to the spining red yellow green thing that would be great thx

S Brooks

What u need to do! For the first one u need to tap the red traffic light for the second one you tap the enemy for the third one u tap all the stars that are floating and the one next to the discription for the forth one u tap the battery with N on it for the fith one u tap the cloud on the bottom left.

Audrey Ridgill

Jazz What do u do when it says touch orange red green and blue?

Hailey Ferral

What do i do ugh What do you do in the 5 sentences to complete it some one help please

Jacob Walther

Its ok I mean, some of the things is really hard lol

Jasmine Johnson

Best game ever I love this game beacause it is hard but that is what makes it fun.and for the sentence one you get the exclamation point and put it at the end of the sentence.and what do you do on the good thing you remembered.

naveen darisi

The game is quite good but got annoyed with the below issue Upon clicking watch video option hangs the game and I have to force quite the game.

Paul Catinean

I want my $0.99 money back I tried to get it back and I can

just jake

Smh... You can't play this game on Samsung phones ????

Austin Stemmerich

Impossible Idk what number I was stuck on but they are all hard

Aurang Zeb

It's okay I just can't understand the five secrets one please help me.

Mark Anderson

Moofy Qawt this big baggo wacko smorf nunkie!

Hopelyn Williamson

I get confused on the five secrets thing I need help

Gamer 4ever

The Impossible Test Video of how to put it

Jack Mahony

I don't know what's more impossible playing the game or trying to click the watch video button at the game over screen if anyone insults me over this msg me on g+.

THE PI31415926

RETARTED Its impossible to turn the windmill for samsung. Ive watched countless yputube videos but all cannot


Ummm, the TQP GTEEB ORANGE BLUE RED thing is HORRIBLE. It doesn't work!!

Zak Barclay

Love it I don't care what people are saying, this is one of the best impossible games i've ever played. (Besides impossible quiz of course)

janalyn ozzello

Good thing you remembered How do you get passed the good thing you remembered?please help

Ethan Stevens

A level is broken I can't ''turn off the flashlight'' because the game is working for that level

Gurpreet Thind

LAV IYT! I love this game! I wanted to rate it five stars! BUT when I get to the level that says turn off the flashlight, I know that you have to take the cap off, but it won't let me! Please fix that. If you do I will rate it 5 stars. Thx!

Ella Murden

Gameing This game is realy easy and I have completed it

Kayla Stump

So awsome I LOVE THIS GAME, it is a great time waster . I can't get pass the chocolate chip one! Thank you to whoever made this game??

Amanda Ahrvide

Hi Just too hard but it is good

Josiah Clarke

AGGGAGHHHH How do you do the touch orange red green and blue question

tanuja mohindru

How to do the complete the sentence part


Luv!!!! I love this game it's awsome

Cornelius Conan

Boring The worst impossible quiz ever!! Its even not a "impossible quiz"!!!!! Im deleting this app

Roberta Davis

Stupid This is a stupid game you cant even get passed the 5 secrets one and this game shouldnt be called impossible game it should be possible test THIS ISNT IMPOSSIBLE

Aja Anderson

Flashlight bug I had to look up how to pass the turn the flashlight off and it doesn't allow me to remove the case so no way to pass, frustrated beyond belief

Jessica Benson

This game is kinda weird but fun at the same time, it is also addicting game. I don't get the one that says break the ice to save the penguin.

Joel Nelson

Unfortunately game has stop watt the .... what happend to this? im wating so long to dowload it but this will be happen .... oh come on fix it.

Mia Hauensteun

Will you people fix it the ninja only gives me 4 blades and it says 5?

shannon P

Answers Touch the orange blue means touch the actual word it's self not the colors

Sophie Payne

Great It is the best of the get it now are u will be sad

Crystal Bonesteel

I love it But I can't figure out how to complete your game

Loveee 999

U look at me ? and get the app to test your knowledge I am so proud of you if you get this app who cares about the adds ?+?+?=?

Ebony Power

Absolutely fake worse game ever Taking my lives off me for nowt waste of time it's like watching paint dry it's that boring such a scam wouldn't reccomend deleting all apps by this company thanks for wasting my time

Abby Westburg

I like it but I can't get passed one level and I've tried everything The one with the x and the check mark is impossible for me to finish no matter what I click

Sabah Toma

This is amazing I get stuck but i want to keep on playing

Johnthomas Adams

Need help! I need help can't get past the green drop one it said green but there's just blue but on the bright side awesome game

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