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5 Aug
The HinterLands: Mining Game

Posted by in Adventure | Aug. 5, 2016 | 142 Comments

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The HinterLands is a multiplayer Indie sandbox game with mining, crafting and exploration elements, mainly inspired by Minecraft, Terraria and Junk Jack.

You arrive in The HinterLands with just a few tools and torches. To survive you must build a house, and hunt for materials to craft new items.
Mine the terrain for resources, build great structures, harvest plants, trees and mobs, the choice is yours!
Play cooperative or competitive multiplayer with friends or random players!

The HinterLands is a work in progress, and will continue to grow, expand and evolve over time. Your feedback and suggestion will help shape the game, and you can participate in the development of the game.

• Multiplayer, featuring player vs player combat, and cooperative exploration and building
• Parkour style movement- run up walls, do flips, climb over ledges, run and slide under things, wall kick/jump between walls
• Fight with fast combos, slow strong attacks, and block incoming enemy attacks.
• Take no damage, and unlimited blocks in creative mode
• Free content upgrades

★Mine, Craft, Fight and Build!★
• Mine procedurally generated, unique worlds, with randomly generated terrain, and dynamic day/ night cycles
• Craft tons of blocks and items, and use them to build!
• Farm mobs, or destroy them for food to satisfy your hunger
• Harvest trees and plants for food, potions, or seeds to replant and grow your own forests

The HinterLands is an indie sandbox game, built with a heavy emphasis on multiplayer.
• Play multiplayer on the free public servers and play with tons of people, wifi/LAN, or bluetooth!
• Dance with people, or join a team color using chat

★Why Play?★
• Play with other people: create amazing structures, or just battle it out with swords, crossbows and guns.
• Help shape the development of the game, add ideas, and watch the game evolve.
• Explore the world, and see new content added to the game, and like to provide feedback on what you like/ don’t like.

The HinterLands was the FIRST (early 2013) multiplayer 2d mining game on Google Play, and was released early in alpha to encourage people to contribute to development, since there was nothing similar on the market. Since then it has grown a ton, and keeps growing thanks to player feedback!

★Features Coming Soon★
• NPC’s: Characters to give you quests, buy and trade items, marry and start a family with!
• More advanced item, armor and weapon crafting system
• Bosses, more mobs, and more biomes

★Planned features★
• Player vs. Player: Free for all, capture the flag, team oriented with different classes, tower defense with creeps and towers
• Pets: Animals to join you on quests and in combat (and mounts!)
• Craftable vehicles, space travel, permanent worlds on servers

• Customize and create your player and world
• Play on a public server, Google Play, wifi, bluetooth, or single player game
• Mine dirt, stone, ect with the pickaxe. Chop trees and items with the axe.
• Use the fast attack button to combo attacks, or the strong attack for higher damage. Use the shield to become invincible
• Build amazing structures, upgrade your tools, and share on our facebook page!
• More instructions on the wiki:

★ FREE VERSION: The free version is supported with ads, but you can SAVE YOUR WORLD, progress, characters, almost everything.
If you buy the paid version, you get a BACKERS REWARD that you can use to teleport to and from your spawn point, and a much larger inventory, (as well as help support development)

Join the forums:

★ Take the poll and let me know what you want changed in the game:

Please leave a 5 star review, and let us know what you would like to see added first to the game

★★NOTE: if you leave a review, be specific on what you like/ don't like so that I can improve it, otherwise your review isn't useful.★★

Whats new

    • Bug fixes
    • Added Signs you can place in the world
    • Added wig, to hide head armor
    • Added button to allow respawning+ 5s invincibility
    • ‘/help’ typed in chat now shows you a list of commands
    • MAJOR UPDATE: added owned regions to server in social panel keep a spot safe for 8hrs in free, 24hrs in paid
    • Added Angel+Dragon wings
    • Changed tree hit areas to work like ladders
    • Added lamposts, chairs, tables, chandeliers, concrete blocks part of our Adventure and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 5, 2016. Google play rating is 76.0327. Current verison is 0.446. Actual size 20.0 MB.

Download the-hinterlands-mining-game.apk 20.0 MB


Quaid Zettle

Its awesome The only problem is that when most ads pop up you can't get back to the game without restarting the game

Tayler Morrow

The game needs more content and here are some ideas I have that could maybe help ~More servers ~More mobs, bosses, underground mobs ~Armor and maybe some special equipment such as a jetpack or grappling hooks, etc. ~Possibly more ores and maybe some either special things you can mine, such as crystals, tar that you can get out of the ground instead of just mobs ~I think more things like the crafting table and furnace for crafting like, spinning wheel for wool, maybe some like thing to add to mining so you have to separate the ore from the stone These were some of my ideas, I hope they may help improve the game because, I think it has good potential

SMG64 ™

Great game here's what they should add next Nice game it's great but the pistol needs more damage badly because against players In pvp it's useless and add more time like machine guns rifles but guns must do at least the amount a gold sword can do or a diamond. Grappling hooks sound great and my idea also is to add effects to guns. And what if you could drive a tank and spawn your own. Please reply

Lawrenzo Taylor

Needs more This game would be good if there were more servers also there were only 3 all of wich messed up have you ever herd of server wipe it hass a good bit of potenchil besides that

Darrence Dar

It crashes you liars! This game crashed so you guys are just lieng so I can waste my money big jerks it crashes you guys are so so stupid don't you know what crash means? It stopped so you guys learned that so you know what crashed means you jerks need to just let me waste my money you dumb liars need to f*ck off OK I tried to download it again and it stopped your lies on rating is taking the app store alot of thanks for your liesD:<

Cody Faught

Adds As im trying to play the game there's too much adds! Even when u die a add pops up also people attend to steal things and spawn kill people there is just to much plus when there's lots of people there's lag and it attends to crash or disconnect plz fix and I'll rate a 5

Lecsay Rodrigues

Stealing but its awsome Plz add password chest and make a undistructibale block for your houses bucaus peopl steal also i love the game . my idea elemental wepons :3. New servers

luke eyas

White Screen! The hell with the white screen thing man........When an ad shows up it causes a white screen where the ad is the only thing that can be seen! You cant even press back and the only thing you can do is quit the game and go back again and the ad shows then repeat the entire Process........So Awesome right?

Xander Allen

Cool but, Needs to be faster and have more mobs and GUNS!

A Google User

Excellent A great game all my friends now playing hinterlands because of me when I install this game It have something that I like that's it tnx

Justine Raquion

Excellent But It needs more animals please ad and more enemy like zombie and more monsters if u ad that I will give u five stars

Minecraft man

Pls Remove the Ads thanks dude but theres 1 more problem, some ads will make our screen white but its common only for now, Pls add some rare items and bosses , horse and npc? pls if u can do it , do it pls maybe i can help if your using js and html cauze im a js game programmer

harold elliott

Amasing It's nice but I think adding more animals like rabbits and dragons and items like cakes, pies and animal leads to move animals and animals that actually move, I have trouble placing carpets when I have a wall in the background (I noticed dirt backgrounds allow me to place carpets on them but not cherry wood, polar wood backrounds etc don't allow me to place carpets) but this game is wonderful, Have a nice day ;)

Jake Todd

Laggy and search So as soon as i got this on android it was really laggy.also you should add search so we can find other peoples world because i made a server but no one comes on it.if u fix i will 5 me if u dont know wht i mean

Cathal Murphy

Best game Pls add more bosses &armour + more guns (shotgun) pls update soon

Alvin Jordan

Awesome but Hi! Im new to this game and Im trying to figure out how to play with my sis on bluetooth

Kayla McGovern

I sent email I sent an email about it but I'll tell u again.... when I loaded a new world it loaded everything..... but....... I see moving stick, trees, but no character! Its a 2D game am I wright or wrong? Is this a bug or what? I play on nexus 3/nexus S! Plz reply! Plz help!!!

may deramos

Love but.... White screen pops up when O play either singleplayer or multiplayer please fix this abd this game is amazing :)

Frank Cieciel

Multiplayer glitch When i spawn in any server i happen to get greeted by floating grass stone everywhere and bascicly a clusterf***

Johan De waal

Great I love it :) :):):):) but there was a bug(or at least I think it was) where my HUD disappeared :( I don't exactly know when but it was when I was not playing. But overall great game .... Is there maybe like a wiki page or something because I hear people talking about guns and stuff:) and plz add stuff maybe magic weapons would be awesome and pets.... But overall great game

Arvy Bona Cruz

I like the game. But theres one problem, how can I exit when an add pops up? Fix this or ILL RATE 1 STAR

Dan Kyle Siao

Fix it!!! This game always stops when it starts to load, please fix so that i can give 5 stars

Marcia Williams

The bats dont fly they just hop it needs more mobs and the screen gets white whenever I play and needs bosses

Cody Fisher

great app Ok the servers are out of control nothing is good,we need stability and command,add commands to protect and rank for them,i edited your code a bit and devised a way to impliment commands,please email me and i will give you what i have so far.I will keep it to my self otherwise,because i dont want to make get into copyright issues.I wont publish it or give it out.

Caleb Peters

Cool idea, please consider Maybe, you could release on Steam for PC as a FREE TO PLAY (not complete enough for paid) game, that way you could play easier, and still have mobile version

Angel Therese Perito

I don't care what your saying about guys Bcoz it's a nice game I don't care what ur dying but my opinion is it is a great game and y u just stay there dnt make some its a bad game bcoz it hurts for the making people of diz game...

Nicholas Howell

NEVER STOP PLAYING It's best game in the word. Besides terraiar

Liam Myers

Needs more Like it but needs more items and a friends list but other than that i love it

Ahza Ajamain

Loved it! Now i can open the game! Thanks for making an AWESOME GAME! And add more trees (or plants), blocks, mobs, weapons, items and more! It will be the best game ever! (5 STARS)

Daniel Serna Cruz

Add Please add more guns armor and add machines and more potions of you do Ill rate 5 stars

Ricardo Limon

Awsome! Its a realy awsome game please add armor leather from cows furniture like a chair wich you can sit on and cars boats and a much larger world. Also more guns more technology. This will be so cool. Plus add more ores. There was this one problem when I mine iron ore or dirt the blocks drops but I can't pick it up. Fix this and update this and ill give 5 stars.

Emma Almeida

Haven't played it yet But I'm sure is going to be awesome????

Tommy Prescott

Realy good And people do u know any servers and passwords for them

Thomas Bennett

Rubbish I hate its so lagy it's dumb and you can't even find something good its stupid

Brady Musser

NEEDS ARMOR I keep getting killed even though I have a dimond soard lol

Gavriel Ceballos

beast its a great game just thatslime getsanoying but very good game

Audric Clemente

PLS FIX LISTEN BRO I'M ANGRY FIX THIS GAME BECAUSE WHEN I MOTHERFUCKIN PLAY IT MY SCREEN BECOMES WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and also fix because when I exit the game the music still plays

Arveen Resuello

Bug Why does every time my screen turns white that has not happened before

RileyzaJ Player The Lonely DumbKid

:/ Pls turn the character to its old look before.... ever since that update of the new looks of the character came i never downloaded game.... i used to play this in my old tablet it was fun but becomed boring that i dont know how to join server ever since before. I rly like the old player looks... it was better than now... but the game has improved tho... it needs: more weapons,bosses,more monsters/enemies, new awsome things (like super powers). Anyway i like the new improvement you've added to the game!! Its been a long time i didnt played the game ever since the new looks of characters or players came out. I was more confortable or liked the old looks of the player/character/avatar. It was alittle better. If they or you dont want then add an option that you can use the old avatar or looks of the player also it can be seen in servers that the character is the old player looks or the new player looks. Anyway.... I LIKE THE IMPROVEMENTS!!. :) i rly liek this game :). Good luck in making the future updates!!!! :) :) :3 :3

Japan One

Good game I like it I tooled like. 3-4hour and I very pro now I got over 1k diamond but...problem is there multiplayer problem Y there just 8server to join?.....I feel bored and the server is now very ugly cause of player! can you make a system that make server restart every 30minute? And 2more problem 1 is Can you add armor? 2 can you add more bosses and mobs??

Daniel Robinson

Great Needs More Add more bosses gear and other stuff could you possibly add mounts or cars

Template Gaming

Great! Maybe give us a grappling hook when u first join it's hard to manuver underground!

GrowPros Growtopia

Ok! So when it will be ready?

William Lee

5=***** Really nice content,hope you make more "epic" creations

Clare Thomas

I need help : to the creators The game keeps on laging out, Please fix because I realy want to play it . I also want to mention it looks awsome so to anyone who likes indie sandbox games you should download this.


Very good game Needs more guns all so it needs armor pets swords mobs wings

Cool Johnny

Cool This app is like Minecraft but not too blocky but this game need texture packs and mobs and MAPS and skins?? this game little bit sucks if this game has all that things then I will put the lost star OK and if it have it Then This game need six stars OK??

Saba Aidini

Wow I remmember when i dowloaded this game months ago. And now its waaay better, good job and awesome game.

Mohamed Awad

Great best game I played And also in the next update You can add more mobs,weapons,new features,armor,types of food,items,wings,grabbing hooks,jetback and ores in the new uptade

Zachery Hansen

Ideas Stuff like potions that make chests and minerals shine. Also some more ideas is make teleporters, bombs, spellbooks.

Khairul Anuar Khairul hazami

best game but best game but you not update it since 4/5/2014 please update it this game is awesome and it can be play on any android low end or high end android.thank you

Don Meiko

Better than terraria. The best 2d game ever.This game is better than terraria.Why?The hotbar in that game doesn't work.That means that people can't craft or go back to the section of the items in the inventory.Also you might want to hire more people to make this game so you can update this game faster.

Vince i

Nice game Love how you can play offline also how you can take your invy with you to other worlds. Also the chat box is kinda buggy when it tweens out and in somtimes it bugs pretty bad (doesn't happen too often though) also you should be able to re-use buckets. And I see no reason for the sever to spam it in multiplayer just makes it hard for people to talk to each other. Also a bubble on peoples heads when they talk would be nice. So it's easier to chat with people cause i've noticed that lots of people have defaul

Railey Velario

Musket If there is a pistol add a musket plz plus armor and make the guns stronger than swords plz cause what is the point of guns if swords are better make guns stronger plz I also had a bug I called it underground portal cause I was making a pond when I jumped in the water I teleported in a cave filled with ore...

Stanley Livingston

Really great game but I have a few suggestions 1. Fix the Chat 2. Add bosses 1-2 bosses is probably the best to start with 3. More jobs maybe dragons and reminds when your at the bottom of the world with lava 4. Armours add armour and 1-2 more ores 5. Wings that last permanently wings that would be hard to make but would last forever (no more continuing to drink flying potions) for example dragons (dragon wings) bats (bat wings you already have them but add them without the potion) the boss would drop a certain special sword and a special price of armour random boots-legs-chestplate-helmet I would love if you replied to see if you like it (P.S jetpacks would work good too (now for a few glitches 1. Sometimes wooden swords do more then diamond swords 2. Chat 3. Is infinite healthbar Goodbye! : post 2 : the chat cuts off when I close it on the side and I never see when people are chatting also the chat bar is being spammed by Thank you for testing hinterlands if your going to have that there try to not put it in the chat its very long and takes up the screen

Jesse Edwards

Very good But I have a few suggestions, different shielding animation like pulling back the tool/ weapon to protect you. Torches lighting up when held, buttons for sprint crouch and lay down(Possibly an option for those) and I noticed that the swords do the same as tools of the same category why even use weapons at all then? And a hunger bar and zombies. Also possibly pre spawned towns and dungeons to loot and find tools and such. Good game good job and keep up the good work! :)

Bender Rodriguez

Idea is possible Add a mechanic where you get amulets and rings that have different buffs and can only be found in caves, but has a 5% chance to be cursed where all buff become debuffs

Tariq Mohamed

????? Can you add armor That would be quiet cool i Guess so Right, if you agree reply to me Btw the game is so good and also please make the graphics good and bosses underground mineshaft And Some more custumsation to your player.(By the way i love gold is better than iron) ;) and make telport to player, bombs, jetpack ,more ores,and add iron,silver,gold,Diamond Minecart and PLZ Make the craft easier

Pogi Ako

Awesome Cool game but can u guys add multiplayer for 2 only because in other servers the world is kinda mess up but great game need face changer and hats and i want my character change his clothes

Ken powell

AHA! I know some great things that you can put in to the game! Like spash potion of healing or poison or rage or weakness! And you can put in bosses and more hostiles like zombies,skeletons or demons! And bosses like a dragon, armour and finnaly swords or guns! The black things bore me so I go out and make trap bases soooooooo please add more stuff! Great game by the way! Oh we need hunger and thirst.

Wyatt Wiseman

AWESOME!! I started playing 4 days ago and now I have a diamond sword,pickaxe,hammer,and axe (ALL of them are diamond !) also add new things plz . That is my old text but now ADS pop up every 30 SECONDS!!!!!! I hate this now!!

Tony Salas

Read My idea is for owners in a server why not add a ban button also add friends by tapping a name it says " Add Friend " and it sends a friend request to them so you can play with your friends when they are on. BTW when I throw some items I can't pick them up please fix.

Samara Webber

It can be fun but.... People keep killing me and every time I make a house then get back on the game after I quit my house is rekt. and the ads are really annoying. So can you make it so no one can rek your house and can you get rid of the ad? Thanks

Brady Shirel

It was super good But you need to add armor, diffrent movement,and the potions (like the bat wings) last longer.

Manuel Tosado

Needs more content like more mobs harder ai more crops bigger world and hunger for the ultimate survival the game is fun easy to control but lacks simple content like what I listed above

Nathaniel Guardian

Nothing but good things As a growing youtuber there are moments in which I have nothing to play but this here is the solution! Not only do my viewers love it by I do personally as well. Although there are some moments when the movements don't respond but other than that it is beautiful. Truly it is worth the 5 stars.

James Torbenson

The Hinterlands Fun game! Just curious, when is the next update? The game needs a bit more stuff... You need to add Armor, more biomes, Npc's that sell you stuff and give you quests, more weapons, and more building blocks like stairs, pillars, and trap doors. Thanks!

kading concepcion

I love this game I need a new item like farming stuff and please add emerald tool's

Vera Wesley

I Love this game!!!! I made my grandma houses, birdges, and everything. Cool game x) but hey! add ropes!

Kevin Mclean

Update idea I think it needs more mobs such as wolves for land. Sharks for water. Also enemy miners for underground. It could also get maps. Overall still an AMAZING game.

Don Meiko

The coins are called Text Not Found when you collect them.I do suggest that you should add new biomes Maybe in the next update,You can add new biomes like a snow biome with a snow biome background and New mobs that come with all biomes like wolves would spawn in the snow biome at night and a Snow Tar that spawns at day.And the Tar can have the same stats as a regular one and wolves can run as fast as you,It has 250 hp and slightly other better stats than a mud tar.I also liked the old inventory better.Thanks for adding New things like NPCs and Thanks for also fixing bugs.?

Jacquelin Stleger Joseph

The best This is the best game its like minecraft they called me mc ? try the game its awesome

tristan caho

Pretty fun I think this game is pretty cool! Just one thing, could make the controls better? Like making the d-pad bigger? Only suggestion for now, I know this is a work in progress so I expect more updates later! Hopefully more enemies!!!??

Antonio Ruiz

Not working It just won't work! The game looks great but I can't even play it on multiplayer at all without the game crashing. It just won't let me play it online.

styelish kitten black cat

So cool Omg l can't stop playing this game it's awesome and fun and l don't care if it's not even close to look like minecraft it's still a fun and awesome and cool game☺??????????✌???but please can you add zombies in if you can that will be great

the wondrer master

evri bodi are trolls Me and mi frend built a good bas bout then it got react by trolls make it so you can hav your own serves plis plis

Jullian Doma

What boss? You can add king tar slimes and other boss,also could you name the mobs and its health points,and because you efficiently chat to me,I add one more star.

Jessy Yungco

Hi Can you tell me how to make a bat wing plz tell me how

Chan Sin Yee

umm is not ok how howwwwww add friend and bat wing

thamer abd

Wow!!! Omg! I like this game so much! I can't stop playing it!! Its actually really good!! You can add more things if you want, but the game is great!!! Very good!! Love it!!

How To

Umm... Is it a dream? Iv been looking for this kind of game that is acually FREE wow im impressed no bugs everything working properly, i just want to make a suggestion to make some npc's? ?????

Ethan O'Reilly

You could barely build a house.



Asante Warner

Nice It is probably the closest game to mine craft just lags to much

Mikaela The Dragon

WAY TOO HARD TO CONTROLL The block selecter:I can't use it properly.I keep having to go back to my inventory and selecting the item again.Oh,and also,I have to hold down the item in order to get it on my hand,can you make it so that you'll only have to click it once in order to get it. The mining/destroying blocks:It's a little hard.Can you add another tool for destroying the background blocks?Also,can you add a zoom button?Just so that you can see what you're doing easier.THX.

Sabastian Sloat

Good game but there's a problem. It's a really good game but it broke in the latest Google play update. If you could fix the game that would be great.

Cheesey Fangirl01

Ibĺih I wish you can add people :(

Brandy Thornton

To much lag And by the way I hate what you did with the characters and animations

Luke Osborne

Yes amazing but. .. It's amazing but 1 I can't get iron stuff and 2 I can't connect because it says it's stopped

Zhou Er Wong

Animals and tars not spawning I have turned tar spawn on, yet in all of my worlds in the normal mode, there is no tar spawn or animals or anything. My old character has a lot of tars and etc., but my new character almost has none.

Maverick Madrid

Its good but Can you make creative just like minecraft creative also i like your flying potion because it never turn to a water bottle dont fix ithis bug also whats your email ok so heres what you should do add tameable animals

coolkidmg4 gaming

It's funny when you take there closes

allan arellano

Download it now Love it nice.and adventure

Chance Watts

It will not work It does not let me play anymore

esan faizi

I LOVE THIS Game so much when i first played this IT WAS AMAZING and i can't stop playing

Jasiah Fullerwilliams

One of the best Its really awesome

Ethan Prior

Won't load It goes to very end like 99.99% and then stops

masky dude

Its e good game but Some of the poeple like default i hate them so so much badly

JayxRoyal z

Problem... It is a really fun game! It's great, but I couldn't figure out how to make my sister join my server when I host one, so please help. | Edit: Ok I will. | 2nd edit: It still doesn't work. If you haven't done anything then sorry, I'm impatient lol. But please hurry, if you don't mind me asking. Oh and I also can't make Bluetooth work.

Joe N

Eh, it's alright. It's a good game, but it needs more NPCs and maybe updated underworld. Also, maybe some pets. Like a Dragon... that person from the older version was right. Pets!

Maverick Madrid

Its good but Fix this bug can't make a world

D Steele

So much potential its the only app where the keybord will not do anything and you can't name your character or create a world

Danzig Laughlin

Hinterlands Hinterlands is cool I just wish noone tried to kill you.i did make herobrine on there.

Christian Dave de la Viña

Can u fix this game a little plz and I have a question to u Can u fix the glitch plz because other players use the glitch to cheat they open the inventory and move down and when u kill him he dunt take damages from u and can u add some pets plz like dragons and dogs^_^

Karol Valkenaar

Fun but... Needs a creative mode without paying and needs to have more textures like guns or dragons u can ride on or have it cross platform

Mark King

Awesome I made a girlfriend

William Jonathan

Less It worst then teraria i give 1 star and teraria 5 stars

Cristian Todd

why why did yall update it the old one was way better srry but this one is BORING

doggylover :3

Add zombies and skelobones and spideys

Joseph Saenz

Thanks for the response Thank you, I was waiting for new updated the game and I love this game! I thought you dropped the game because of the lack of support and feedback, but this game has potential and we appreciate your efforts to develop the game, thanks a million!!! Some of my ideas for the game maybe are some custom buffs you can make from items or gems and put on armor and or weapons, and maybe a skill oriented system where you can get stronger, faster, and or have magic or enchanted weapons, thank you and good luck! :-)

Jasmin Flores

its not working on me its not working.... its says this app is a virus... what the heck can you reply my feedback... and can you pls fix it i will give you five stars...

Dixie Dean

D1xy Great game luv a bit of the ol action XD

Don Meiko

Why I like the Old inventory with slots is because the Old inventory is more convenient and it doesn't change items or delete them when put in chests unlike this inventory.Plus when you craft an item with a full inventory,You'll craft it,but you won't get it or it won't drop. Also you need to be able to sell everything and NPCs shouldn't keep moving around when you're talking to them.also utilities shouldn't have 0 of it actually being another one when placed.If you Also jump when you're in a chest,None of the button controls work.Also I shouldn't have 176 daggers when I've only crafted 1.What is the ! Slot for?

Cathal Murphy

Good Good at the moment no bugs I can find. Here are a few ideas that I think are needed to make this game even better #1add more NPCs with ranged weapons like guns #2 go back to the old inventory & chess system. I hope u like any of my ideas keep up the great work!

Ken Botanas

Loved it Even thou it's like terraria and blockheads I still like this best than the 2 of those coz of the terraria payment and the blockheads hackers thank you for making this game so I could move onto those other games

kittylover 4lyfe

It's ok but Please add an option to remove makeup

Yousef Bauomi

Please fix I love this game too much but because I am using a small screen device when I play the game it's really annoying that's the screen is not like size of my screen that makes me see a black thing above and it's annoying me so much please fix the game and make it more comfortable for small screen like mine note: (I am using samsung gt-s5282) Thanks!

Bender Rodriguez

Lighting Why did the light toggle button get removed?

Melynda Matamoros

Hey is me Dragon girl Thanks for the game

fahim sajid

Soo good It is the best game

Roselle Asuncion

It sucks I can't even craft any stone stuff it terrible it just wastes your resources do not install

Lone Wolf Stringer

Liked the older version When i was still on a lower grade i down loaded it and it seems to be great but in a different graphics the smaller one ones more pixelized not so fine like these

JhayRenzo Gaming

Needs more update Like NPC Boss new monsters Shields and more new stuff

Darren Briar

It's Great but There's sort of a problem with changing the size of the controls.It reverts back to its default size & place when entering a world.

grow lock

I Tnx for fixing it I'll rate 5 now :D

Milena Cebreros

Fix and add Can you make so when you craft something you get it because i make a sword and other stuff and it wastes my materials but i get nothing back and fix the amount of crashing

Eden Saphyr

Nice I can build and easy to use controls

Laurence Montalbo

={Suggestions}= Heres what I think: 1.)Server reset/wider maps 2.)Bosses 3.)Warps 4.)Gun bullet trajectory to be straight 5.)More armor/shields 6.)Cannon or any mounted turrets 7.)Factions 8.)Gold not much rare as diamond 9.)Add PvE server 10.)Skill System 11.)More Monsters/animals 12.)More weapons like spears, crossbows, halberds, guns, bows, magic staves, scythes, morning stars, daggers, knuckles, & etc 13.)Dual Wield System for swords, daggers, pistols, & knuckles(shield restriction) 14.)Fight animation for each weapon

Delanie Flores

Ok but I can't rate it any more than 1 star so please fix the interruptions

Didiiz Ten

It would be more exiting if... How about adding it on PS4 and Xbox! And Wii, Wii U, And other Netendo devices!

Christine Morton

It won't work The world's don't work when I created a world

Alex TGM

Werid Everytime I join a sever it has junk and I keep triping

Hated it this game is a pice of crap it even runs like crap

It is so laggy

Michael Cruz

Amazing Its fun addictve and really cool thx for making this game

It good Now I like what I have in this game it awesome now

Naomi Musa

Great actually but needs a few fixes Like a tutorial is badly needed and i don't like hw you always start frm the same place even though you've played b4 like if i make something and exit the game ot goes back to starting position... Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

Dylan Willford

Problematic Keyboards not showing up. Multiplayer servers are completely destroyed. Adds are troublesome on other devices. Multiplayer with wifi server dont work. While only the host can play in the bluetooth server. Other than that its a great game.

andrew simte

Keyboard not showing. Cannot make world I cannot name my character or create a world. I tap on my name bar thing in the character creation menu and it does nothing, tapping on any other buttons on the screen after that does not respond. Its like thegame thinks there is a keyboard onscreen but there isn't one. I would suggest having the option to turn on a ingame keyboard in the settings menu for people with similar problems. Also, I am unable to create worlds, I tap on the button and my screen stops responding. Samsung note3 neo is my device.

Cathal Murphy

Good Good at the moment I have a suggestion for you, Add in a new gun like a snipper to the game. It could be the strongest weapon in the game and could be very hard to craft

jennifer sevilla

AWESOME GAME But can you add dragons that u can ride but first you kill and and feed it and if its ready you need to find fire breaths and done plz :D

Maverick Madrid

Its good but Make the prices smaller

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