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7 May
The Enchanted Cave

Posted by Dustin Auxier in Role Playing | May 7, 2015 | 46 Comments

Apk file size: 20.0 MB

Enter the Enchanted Cave, collecting artifacts, stat gems and gold as you fight to reach floor 100! Use the Escape Wings to teleport out and recover, then head back in with powerful artifacts to delve deeper into the cave each time.

Improvements from the flash game:

- User interface completely redone for small touchscreens.
- Tap to move where you want to go with smart pathfinding - you won't walk into a monster unless you tap their exact square.
- Fast-find an item in your inventory by tapping it when you open a chest.
- A "Sell Junk" button in the shop to quickly sell all of your non-artifact, non-potion old equipment.
- Damage and Magic formulas simplified and re-balanced (Attack magic is useful now!).
- Magic window to allow you quickly cast a spell without opening your inventory.
- Potions window to quickly use potions without opening your inventory.
- Saving can be anywhere in the cave to be picked up later. Auto saves each floor.
- Walk on empty gold bags.
- Low-life warning.
- New title screen.
- Higher stairs contrast.
- Faster movement.

Future games / Enchanted Cave 2 updates:

Dustin Auxier part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 5000 to 10000. Last Update May 7, 2015. Google play rating is 89.9806. Current verison is 1.30. Actual size 20.0 MB.

Download the-enchanted-cave.apk 20.0 MB


Jason Moody

Really an addictive game! You start as a lowly dungeon peasant that can only make it to floor 12. Then you slowly start to get more and more powerful until you're hitting floor 100 with ease. A really fun and addictive game that's light on system resources but high on loot and replay value!

Justin Russell

Came back to buy this! Already a fan from kongregate... Had to make the buy for mobile. Unfortunately no new changes really, but just had a chance to play the sequal online. Very cool, exceeded my expectations for playability and smoothness and brought a lot of what was missing to the second game! Waiting on an app release! Cheers and great job again! Specially for one programmer / artist.... And great music composition for part 2!

cindy kowerko

Amazing I love it :p two things though, 1) dragons give 21 gold but it says they should give 23. And 2) if you close the game after dieing and re open it you're alive in that room still. Two little things in an amazing game

shawn dalton

Solid little roguelike! I like dungeon crawling to waste time, and this one is simple, fun, and satisfying. And the best part is that its fair. No weird cheap shots like in other roguelikes. The escape mechanic works well, and can be used when you're low on health/mana to get out... The only way to really 'die' is to push your own luck. Big thumbs up to the developer!!

Aldrahn Vicotnik

Cute I'm enjoying it so far. The inventory system is pretty interesting. Let's me get all decked out in artifacts pretty early. There seems to be a glitch where the inventory disappears though. I have exit out of the game completely to see everything I have. Boots seem to stick around just fine.

Mat Cooper

---~~~* A Mataeus Review *~~~--- Good fun with a deceptively simple mechanic. You level up by finding stat gems and better equipment, and as long as you use your Escape Wings to end the game before you die, you keep them for the next run to delve deeper still. It can get a little samey as you have to re-explore the weaker floors every time, but the layouts change to keep it fresh. There's also not much depth to the combat - no strategy, just tap a monster and the fight auto-resolves. But it is good fun and mildly addictive. 4 stars.

Shawn Bay

Awesome, but short. Awesome game, very fun without being too difficult, but I beat it in about 2 hours. Can't really complain for the price there!

Justin vE

A++ Amazing game, 10 hours well spent beating it and getting 100% completion. It managed to stay interesting throughout, and I absolutely adore how it allowed for very tactical play without really forcing it. Just one small potential point of improvement -- move that "end quest" button in the menu! That cost me a bunch of progress when I selected that over "save and quit" by accident. Highly recommend this game.


Great classic dungeon game Liked it on kongregate. Love it on tablet! Enchanted cave 2 looks awesome! Cannot wait to get it in the play store!

Victor Poprotsky

Played this one kongregate numerous times and just had to buy the mobile version...can't wait for tec2

Simon Pender

Good fun. Totally addictive Good fun. I've found that shop at level 9. I'm starting to see how it works. ** Beginners guide. Concentrate on grabbing jewels and red chests only at the start, don't kill everything. Shops are at level 9, 19, 29 etc. Don't bother going beyond shops if you don't think you'll survive. Wing it back out, and hunt for jewels again to buff up and empty the red chests. Avoid attacking anything with more Defense that your Attack. Elemental attack by tapping on enemy then on your elemental button. ** Make sure you have 340 Defense and 60-70 at least on Elemental Defense before you try levels 80 onward and for the Boss at the end.

Matt Phillips

Really good Great rogue like.. Pretty short and easy if you know what to exploit (defence). I would have liked an endless mode, at this point it's only a 4 - not much replay value but worth the couple dollars for the first run through the dungeon.

Charles Block

I'm in love This game is amazingly fun! It stays simple for awhile until you get into the higher levels. Once you start your game, be prepared to play for a couple hours before you put it down to take a break. Can't wait for the sequel!


Totally worth it I'm a huge fan of the flash game and this version is even better. Absolutely addicting. Can't wait to see more from this developer!

Clement Lambert

Niiice I have been playing this game a lot on the PC. One of my all time favorite rogue like game ! Can't wait for the sequel to appear on mobile !

Christopher McDonald

Love this game! Used to play it ALL the time. But it won't run on android 5.x on nexus 5 for me. Else I would give 5 stars!

Neil Law

Excellence What more can I say? Look out for the second game!

Brad Mckenzie

Little Annoyed So you can use escape wings to get out before you die, and forfeit everything but your coins, gems, and the artifacts. Crappy part is you don't always find the wings, and I had luckily found 2 artifacts which to my knowledge you kept if you die, but it appears they only stay if you can escape wing out of their after you collect them. Otherwise they go away as well. Kind of a bummer.

Sean Murray

BRILLIANT! Beautiful rogue-like puzzler. Why did I not know about this sooner? 'TIS A SIN.

Bas Veerman

Fun little dungeon crawler with a twist. Worth it :-D

Kev H

Awesome game. Great way to kill time on the train

Corey Ferguson

Amazing One of the best dungeon crawlers out there. Cannot wait for the second.

Gary Lynch

Just like kongragate version Awesome! Keep up the good work ;-). HTC one m8 and nexus7

Abe Gillen

This was a great game. Loved it and would really, really like a sequel or a few hundred more levels. Would/will certainly buy anything else like this. Auxier is quite talented.

Banzai Benzai

This game is great. Played the browser version for god knows how many hours. Happy to support the creator by buying the mobile version

Mauro Tyler

Fantastic game. I played it first on Kongregate, and of course bought it here because its a GREAT game. Waiting for the sequel, which has many improvements. Love this game.

Chandler Crawford

LOT OF FUN, SHORT THO ITS Fun beat it and there is no replay value

nick patz

hi good game and worth 99 cents

Lily Wheeler

Love it Played it on kongregate, one of the most addictive games i have ever played. Simple but gets you hooked in moments

cory mcabee

Great game, Cant wait for the second One!

andy heinlein

Very exciting! I played through the flash version 5 times or so, I love it! So excited to see the port to android, and wonderfully done! I read through your blog and can't wait for 2. Will 2 also be ported to android?

dustin henderson

Time killer keeps interest Had the game for about 5 days maybe already made it to 100th floor the last floor with 100k gold needs more

Joseph Meador

Charmingly Simple Fun and easy to play. Love it, looking forward to the sequel!

Mike Shevchik

Awesome roguelike

Máté Lajkó

Cool Cloud saving pls!

Brian Scott

Lots of fun

Jake Bersch

OK Pretty fun but gets old quick

Timothy Cooper

Just like the Kongregate flash version Great game! Slightly lacking in replay value, but totally worth it. (Check out Enchanted Cave 2 for better replay value!)

Aaron Graves

The best mobile RPG, period This had me hooked immediately. In fact I have 5 people at work hooked now. I beat it so on to the second one.

malaya alfonso

Great awesomely awesomeness

Noah Romano

Love it but wish it was longer and had more stuff or had something like a hardmode

colby saunders

Brings back childhood memories playing this on pc

Lucas Rude

Good Game Loved it better than any rpg ever

Katie Jones

Absolutely fantastic.

Cory Kershaw

Perfect I love the grind

Jay Doiron

Bad game Every time I use wing to return to shop floor all my equipment are stolen and I have to pay for them to be returned to me! Cheating thief! Uninstalling! This app made me say bad words. Uninstalling prevent me from it. Good thing I only paid 99¢ for this. Nothing big.

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