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12 Sep
The Denver Post

Posted by The Denver Post in News & Magazines | Sept. 12, 2016 | 73 Comments

Apk file size: 28.0 MB

The brand-new Denver Post mobile app is the most comprehensive, accurate, and content-rich source of local news for the communities of Denver, Colorado.

Here are just a few of the many features of our new app:

• Improved push notifications for Breaking News
• Attractive layout for ease of use
• Convenient sharing capabilities
• Frequent updates to ensure the latest news is always at your disposal

Whats new

    • Performance Enhancements

The Denver Post part of our News & Magazines and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 12, 2016. Google play rating is 53.3268. Current verison is Actual size 28.0 MB.

Download the-denver-post.apk 28.0 MB


Jeff Pugel

Slow to load & lots of false clicks The new version routinely takes 20-40 seconds to load...much too long for an app. Also always misclicks on stories I didn't click on.

Ryan Schultz

Terrible Continually crashes and tons of false clicks. Quit updating the app and start fresh.

Heather Bailey

Loads very slowly and is constantly trying to find my GPS location, which is killing my battery life. Uninstalling until this app is less glitchy.

Larry Whittaker

Small but very informative app! This app provides quick dates for the Current local news in Denver. Not sure what the others are complaining about. Be patient while the "paper" loads. It's so much better than waiting for evening news.

George Horcher

Freezes and crashes Terrible app. It used to be ok (used to ACTUALLY WORK). Now it just freezes and crashes. Lousy. For shame, Denver Post.

Rick Jacobs

Just keeps getting worse Every update is worse than the previous update. Constant hangs and crashes. This app started its downward spiral when you included the 1990's style news ticker.

Jason Horner

Worst app I've tried. Constantly freezes and crashes. Unusable, the Denver Post should be embarrassed and ashamed this is their official app.

Brian Timberman

Never works This app always freezes and closes when you open it I love the news and hate that I'm forced to read it on this because I cancelled my paper.

St Mounts

Latest version won't even launch Getting ready to uninstall. The app used to work, but now it won't even launch. You really expect me to pay for this?? No way...

Michael Monaghan

One more FORMER user Once there was a nice app for reading the news. Sadly, it died, victim of a bad upgrade.

Jen Esquibel

No access Supposed to have all access with the subscription but Denver post had cut ties with the company who runs the app so I can't get all access with the app. Stupid!

Tom Morgan

Unstable The apparently regularly locks on opening and needs to be forced to close. Update 4/6 App stuck in a loop. Opens and closes. Can read a thing. Post needs a new app developer. I removed the app permanently.

Bryce Poe

Typical app Can't go 10 seconds with the app before it crashes.

Quentin Moore

Free Paid App I miss the Rocky Mountain News.

Fred Roybal

All this app does is freeze and close. Used to work great, now a waste of time.

David Hodgin

Crashes I get notifications but app just closes

Patrick Skillern

Terrible, can I give it zero stars? This app may be the worst app ever designed. Good lord, how much do you pay these guys?

A Google User

Crashes all the time and it's a cpu hog Still bad. Worse after upgrade. Uses 42% off my available cpu when running...routine crashes...Really bad app! Content is good...too bad.

Jennifer Anthone

Worst app This app freezes everytime I open it. And then it takes minutes to load each story. Now as a 'free app' it prompts me to pay for stories. Don't download, it's a waste.

Brad Friedman

STILL the Worst app ever Continually freezes. Only provides old news. Articles take forever to load. Ads are annoying. Wants to force you to pay $143 for subscription! I don't understand why these guys can't / won't invest in a decent experience for their readers. It's no wonder newspapers are a dying breed.

Darrel Quick

Slow and buggy Matches the weak content. I only use it because I live in Denver. May dump it soon.

Erika Freeman-Daniels

Now I have to pay? They fixed the bugs, but now have other issues. For a long time you could read as many articles as you wanted. Then it was limited to something like 30 a month. Then without warning you can't read any articles at all unless you pay to subscribe? Seems bizarre to have made that change with no warning. I guess I'll just get my news on 9 News app instead.

Ronin Shinobi

Paid for I have a physical delivery, so this is actually a paid app for me. If it actually updated in a timely manner, the review would be better, if the opinion section was actually updated instead of a message reading "no material in this section" everyday, I might change the review. Considering this app performs poorly on both iOS and Android, the review stands. Get something else, choose a product made by someone who actually does things well.


Article limit?! GTFOH. Subscription service? I'll just uninstall and use my mobile browser, no thanks.

Debra Kekich

Freezes! Slow updating! Adds cover articles! Each month am cheated out of the final weeks news.

Mari Walsh-Bay

Started charging so goodbye! There are so many free news apps that I don't need this one! Uninstall!!! Maybe that money you make can pay for a proof reader to catch spelling errors you dorks!

Eric Wingate

Directs to a site to pay Now directs to a site that wants me to pay. Uninstalling.

Clinton Popovich

No longer free Blasts you with ads everywhere you click then asks you to subscribe and won't l let you read articles. Wish I could give negative stars.

david balingit

No longer free. I am unable to view any articles without being sent to a screen asking for a paid subscription. Buggy app at its best, ill just go direct to their website.

Bryce Batchman

Breaking news? Quite possibly the slowest news app I've ever used. Not worth paying for in the least bit. Unusable. Breaking news? Yep, they broke it. Congrats

john bollack

Disappoints once again I won't pay to subscribe to a 'free' ap. I reinstall every couple months to see if dp is any better because.. I don't know why

Robert Warner

This application no longer functions for Android devices. I just had a conversation with a person at the Denver Post who told me that this application no longer works with an Android and that the only way to view the paper on an Android device is through a browser. The company which provides an application (Press+ ) only makes an application for Apple devices. I am currently paying for a print publication and occasionally want to view it on my tablet, but the web interface isn't very good. Maybe I'll just unsubscribe from the paper (I have had it since 1966). Actually, I liked the application and it's layout. Bob

Dustyn Adams

Great stories and easy to use nice looking app! App works well.

A Google User

Terrible terrible Can't even find the news through all the ads. Switching to Fox31 app.

John Arcara

Denver post A greedy corporation who rips off the public terrible app

Joseph Rodman

Haha Good luck charging for local news. At least Anshutz is talking about bringing back the Rocky Mountain News. Maybe one day you shall see the error of your ways. deleted

Matthew Monks

Wants you to pay Ridiculous app, expects you to pay for stories you can get elsewhere for free

John Pendleton

The Denver Ghost This used to be a great newspaper. It's so sad. The app is mostly just another ad shill, but the updates are at least a little timely -- if only they weren't constantly interrupted by full-screen ads. Sigh.


Does Jake Jabs own this too? Search is useless and everything takes forever to load except ads...

Greg Pfister

Can't even get font size right Largest font size setting - just don't bother. Nothing seems to change. Excruciatingly slow to start and respond to anything. Use 7news app instead; it's much better.

Russ Leavitt

Horrible Freezes on my phone and Samsung Pro Tablet. Worthless...

Brian Johnson

Really bad This app locks, freezes, closes itself, and is frustrating as hell to use.

Jeffrey Bollwinkel

Godawful It freezes constantly. Horrible ap.

Michael Schneider

As far as I'm concerned the Denver Post has no reason to expect me to open my files to the extent they demand.Screw you Denver Post !

Kevin Thompson

Half effort No search function, no feedback mechanism, just not well done.

Dave Shu

All Time Worst App This app is nothing less then a form of torture. Designing an app this bad should be criminal. This app sucks on my S6, Nexus 7, Xperia Z, and Galaxy Tab 3. It also sucks on iPad 3 and iPad Air 2 on all our wireless networks, friends networks, and public networks and on 4G. I think all the 5 star ratings are from the app design team.

Dustyn Adams

Making better progress. App is slow and could use a little updating in the menu option.

Grant Jacobsen

Can't load articles Have not been able to actually load the home screen

Shawn Jones

Worst app Slow. Major lag. It has little content for a major news source.

Dick Hess

New phone greatly improves app I posted a critical review recently, but all of my gripe issues were resolved when I got a new phone. I think that my specific combination of device and Android version just failed on this app. The app works much better now with a new phone, and the same Android version. I apologize for dissing the app itself.

Jeremiah Mashore

Barely usable Not much to say. Crappy app

Rob Lee

So slow!!!!! Articles pages take forever to load.


Can't disable the collection of data I unchecked the box and by the time I open the app back up it mysteriously checked is self back on. I think this app maybe bogus

Mark Bagdy

Really? No screen rotation? My only app that won't shift to landscape mode

I B Wan Johnobe

Quality app again

glenn locke

Crap Hard to use, never updates correctly, the post should be ashamed to have their name on this. Fine if you like 3 day old stories

Sandra Gill

Junk Never worked well - now just hangs.

Steve Fry

Broken Don't waste your time - this app on Android is broken and does not work at all anymore. Too bad that their web site sux for mobile users too! Other small town newspaper apps/sites work just fine - you would think that the only newspaper in a tech savvy city like Denver could figure out the Internet in 2016.

Dick Hess

Too flakey. I've been up and down on this app, but recently it loads stories really slowly, or not at all. And it just stops working at random intervals. I wish the Post had a higher-quality app. Time to delete it.

Arthur Knapp

Slow and buggy Gives you notifications on a story but pressing the notification doesn't take you to the story. Takes forever to load and often freezes. Not worth it at all.

Nick Post

Meh Much of the content within the app launches a mobile page within your browser. No widget to speak of for a casual glance like with Google news. Permissions are outrageous for such a simple app that mostly redirects you to a page you could get to yourself from your browser. If you pay for the Post, stick with the web version.

Chad Anderson

Bad update Very slow loads. No search.

Will Andrea

Slow, poor navigation, unreliable. What's to like?

Kevin Capp

Lack of good news and too many ads If they can't figure out how to design a good app to read the news then I am not going to spend my time here helping. I called to ask them to stop charging my credit card and they said I am not subscribed! Then why do I have access and still see it on my credit card every month!

Scott Lindsay

App Sucks Their recent upgrade has totally decimated this app! The app went from glitchy and bad to horrific. It does not work on my Samsung Note 5 nor my wife's iPhone 6. I have also tried it on an iPad 3. So i guess you can say it's a compatibility issue. It's not compatible with anything at all. LOL

Sean Healey

This app needs work Constantly locks up super slow to load I'm going to remove it let me know when you don't suck

Rick Jacobs

Great app, if all you want to do is read ads Hey Denver Post, it looks like someone snuck some news stories in between all your ads.

Oren Skurnik

This app has become terrible They really should change the name to "Denver Post Advertisers." You get 5 or 6 articles with a bunch of advertising. It's obnoxious. Scroll down and it'll be 3 ads, all for the same thing, and ONE article. I wish I could add a screenshot to show how ridiculous it is. They've turned this app into commercial garbage. I'll go with the other local news apps, which are more discreet and tasteful in their pandering. The Denver Post app has become the street beggar of news apps.

bruce petrie

What a mess!! Crashed on install, slow, app hasnt been updated in a long time. Never could open replica newspaper. Why bother with this app.

Cody Frendle

I'd pay I'd pay for this site if it meant I did not have to endure the relentlessly annoying current version.

Eric Burrell

Keeps giving me an error when app is not open on s7 edge

J Allen Adams

Lousy Poor loading, no load on breaking news, randomly quits, fille with ads

Tom Stonebraker

Beyond slow! I'm amazed that a program can be this slow!

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