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2 Sep
The Banner Saga

Posted by Versus Evil in Role Playing | Sept. 2, 2016 | 176 Comments

Apk file size: 1.7 GB

Embark on your own epic journey in Banner Saga, the critically acclaimed tactical RPG where your strategic choices directly affect your personal story and the world around you.

Leave your home and strike out on a desperate journey to save your people. Lead your caravan across stunning environments and into war with enemy clans and vicious Drudge soldiers. Build relationships and make choices that will shape the future of your clan as you scramble to survive in this beautiful, bleak world.

Banner Saga Features:

- A unique fantasy realm inspired by Norse mythology – explore a grim world shaped by the legends of the Vikings. Uncover ancient lore and battle tooth and nail to carve out a new bastion in a world abandoned by the gods.

- Beautiful 2D rotoscope animation - immerse yourself in beautifully hand drawn combat sequences and animations, accompanied by an evocative score from Grammy-nominated composer Austin Wintory.

- Real choices with real consequences – every decision you make on the trail, in conversation and during combat has a meaningful effect on the outcome as your unique story unfolds.

- Over 25 playable characters with unique personalities – form relationships in and out of combat with a variety of characters from 7 different classes, each with unique abilities and upgrade options to fit your play style.

- Strategic combat with permanent repercussions – choose your warriors, form your strategy and strike. Adapt to a dynamic battlefield where your tactics determine who lives and who dies. Victory, defeat and even the permanent loss of a character depends on the choices you make.

- Winner of the Geekie Award for best Indie Video Game, 2014, Independent Games Festival Finalist for Excellence in Visual Art and Honorable mentions for Design and Audio.

Only your choices can guide your caravan through the harsh winter, past mystical enemies and brutal Viking clans. When the trail is uncertain, can you take the lead?

Download Banner Saga and begin your journey today.

Whats new

    Fixed issues with video player on some devices.
    Changed default settings for HTC 10 devices.
    Added Japanese localization.
    Made some improvements to downloading of data files.

Versus Evil part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Sept. 2, 2016. Google play rating is 88.1654. Current verison is 1.1.57. Actual size 1.7 GB.

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Cap'n Roberts

Galaxy Sg3 crash with new patch With the latest patch, the game blackscreens after showing the Stoic insignia on my Galaxy SG3. Please (un) fix! Great game though.

Abdalla Artail

Excellent game Very nice game, well designed and executed, with a very interesting story. Perhaps too interesting. I had no idea this game is meant to be part of a trilogy, and when the credits began rolling, I was stunned that the game ended with the story in such a state. That lead to disappointment which left a bad impression in my mind. Maybe you can hint that the story is to be continued?

Chris Nunn

Beautiful game - unplayable lag I love the game but every loading screen can take upwards of 5 minutes. For example, I wanted to look at the map but did not want to spend the 10 minutes that that would take (5 minutes opening, 5 minutes closing). I really appreciate the work that has gone into this and love the world that has been created but it was expensive and I can't enjoy it to it's true potential.

Michael Hoang

This game is great but... This game really struggles on my Note 4. I don't understand why it would but there is a lot of stuttering and nothing is smooth, but once I looked past that, the game is wonderful! Update: After making sure the software is using ART instead of Dalvik, it is a lot smoother, but still some stuttering.

Bobby Jones

Amazing, with some glitches This is one of the better tactics games I have ever played and that's saying a lot. However I am experiencing a specific annoying glitch. Multiple times now when I go to attack with Rook nothing will happen. The attack order goes through but he doesn't attack and the move order doesn't continue. It basically freezes up because I can't progress. I have to restart and sometimes it happens multiple times in a row even after a full reset of the game. Otherwise, amazing.

IntroDouching MyShelf

Outstanding I've never really been into tactical RPGs but this game is truly special. The mature story, the depth of the characters, the Disney-esque art style, the superb soundtrack, and the deep gameplay mechanics all work together in flawless harmony. Can't recommend this game enough. It's a MUST for any Final Fantasy Tactics and Disgaea fan. Easily the best $10 I've spent in the Play Store and would do it again in a heartbeat.

Oliver Gasser

Combat bug v2 I now have a combat bug where I cannot use the additional action points collected in the horn. They just don't get assigned when I click on them. Original bug: I am experiencing a strange combat bug: sometimes using willpower sets the attack strength to zero and no action can be performed anymore. The fight needs to be restarted to continue the game. Very annoying... Edit: Bug is still not fixed! Edit2: Also the most recent update doesn't fix it!

Matthew Skinner

Loading times killed it for me... Couldn't get into it with 4 and 5 minute pauses. Gave it a second chance... Changed it from a 2 to a 1. Unplayable.

Matthew Lopez

100% worth the moolah Very good challenging game that is not short and has no IAP bs so its rly gud just beat and bout to give it another go

Tony West

Beautifully crafted world and great characters. I was very surprised by this game. It's polished and engrossing and I can't wait for the next part in the saga.

Jan Serrano

Buggy experience ruins the game. I have a Note 4 yet I spend more time looking at the loading screen rather than playing. To make it worse, there is a bug that ruins the game. That bug pops up whenever you use archer type characters, especially Rook when you use two will power. The character will not take action and it stays like that. The only way you can keep playing is to restart the app. What's more frustrating is that happens mid fight and you can be in your last enemy and it does that. Fix this please.

John Daniels

Own it on PC wanted it on android too. This game is so good I purposefully bought it twice.

Ty Law

Pretty good game...ah Lil short on the story line...would've liked to kill ALL Sundr but hey maybe some dlc or updates to game expansion or something. All in all 5 stars

Andrew Kunellis

Its ok Takes super long to load battles freezes fairly consistently and the game play is pretty basic. Still fun tho not worth 10$ but still fun.

dun kanbee

long load times great game, but it needs to be optimised for phones, the load times are ridiculous.

andrew mcneil

Doesn't work Crashing like 10 mins in. Cool... Waste of money. Fix it now plz or refund me.

Luke Winston

Great game However it keeps freezing after the first battle of chapter 4! Please help as it's ruining a beautiful game!

Sean Woleslagle

My absolute favorite mobile game This game is a must buy. It has a great story and fantastic strategic and RPG elements!

Aitor Romero Bonet

Oregon trail meets the (norse) end of the world A very charming game that despite its flaws has immense replayability. Somehow I'm by the 4th playthrough.

Robert Mauer

Great game Love the story battles are great decisions are hard will drain your battery playing in the note 4 runs great

Thomas Kelleher

Incredible game Sucks you in within an hour, butbut won't let you drop it for days. We'll written, narrated and the tactical combat is excellent. Wish there were more games of this calibre on mobile.

Rory Nicholson

Doesn't save, awful lag Spent an hour suffering through overbearing loading screens on my s4 only to not have my game saved. Support seems to be non existent.

Zack Young

Not working on Samsung galaxy tab 4 7.0 Still crashing on startup for Samsung Galaxy tab 4 7.0.........

Richard Dormer

Nice, wanted more. Happy mostly with the campaign, I just wish there was some kind of ad-hoc or multiplayer. Save game system is a little late sometimes. Had to play a couple of battles over because it didn't save when I thought it would have.

Willy Rawung

Cant play the game Please help , in the first loading after selecting New game in Menu, it was freezing. Notification appeared that Context3D not available: possible reason wrong render mode or missing device support. Please give me some feedback, because there is no information about this kind of requirement before.. thanks

Mike Chan

Great game, needs performance tweaks. Gorgeous and unique art, great story. Turn based strategic gameplay with hours and hours of content. Clear and crisp on GS6, but low frame rate when scrolling. UI needs to be scaled up. Font is currently too small to be read easily.

Pete A

Good game. Can be a bit slow and glitchy. But definitely has alot of depth. You get thrown in the deep end with the story and it can be hard to follow.

Jared Jackson

Amazing game I love this game. It is quite beautiful and has a good story line. My complaints are that the story ends unfinished(hopefully more to come) and no pen support on my Note 4.

Stone Osborne

Yes I've played through this game twice, and I'm still excited for the 3rd play through. Banner Saga 2 cannot come fast enough.

Robert Clancy

Deepest android game There is more to this game than any other game on the Android market place. The writing is especially strong. Phone screens might struggle to distinguish all the action when bodies start piling up and it will burn your battery up in no time, but this game is well worth playing even with those issues.

Jacob Brown

Wow This game is beyond amazing. I still have SOOO much left in the game and yet I already feel attached to the characters. These guys did an outstanding job. My only gripe is that this game will devour your battery. Please fix this guys. I will happily give this 5 stars once this has happened.

Phill B

Note 3 Best game I've played on android. Good story, good characters, good immersion and a nice mix of strategy and roleplay elements that lend well to mobile and touchscreen. Be aware it drains your battery so close it down when you're done playing. I just wish there was a Banner Saga 2. Well worth the money.

Marcus Reich

Beautiful Game This is a masterpiece. Don't own many games, but this on steam and android! Strategic demanding and story driven. One of the few games where you really care for the stuff that happens. It's a somewhat with northern mythology associated very dark, melancholic setting. Played with Tegra k1 chip, some micro stuttering but very playable and enjoyable. Excellent port for the tablet.

Jonathan Loo

Great story but slow Story is compelling but choices made does not seem to impact it much so far. Also, running on LG g3, and loading screens take ages. (specially the map)

Aaron Mccaffrey

Memory Issues Great game....except it seems to be bleeding memory and since it doesn't seem to be using my SD Card properly, I am very soon going to have to install it after only a couple of days of having it. Very disappointed. If it used the SD Card properly, I'd happily rate it higher, though I'm not sure why it is bleeding so much space on my phone.

Mohammed Eid

Best game I've ever played Came up on it by luck but boy am i glad i did. The game is so amazing and unlike anything i've played before. This is gaming to the next level. Choices, cool battle, losses, being the leader and controlling the survival of your group - all in one is absolutely amazing and brilliantly pulled off. I was a fan of telltale games but you guys have taken it that one step above. Couldnt put it down at all. Thank you. Amazing game. Hope there is a part 2

Jay Dickerson

Very slow and keeps freezing It's an amazing game, not my cup of tea though. Kinda regretting my purchase, no disrespect to the developer. Main reason I'm only giving a three is that the game (maybe just for me) has loading screens upwards of 5 minutes commonly, and tends to freeze up on me and not save. I'm playing on a Note 3 with the latest software update. Please fix this, or give me a refund, cause the game isn't my cup of tea and the first place and these freezing and loading screens make it unbearable to try and play.

A Diaz

Cool game, but not what I expected. I enjoyed the quality of the game as far as the artwork and mechanics within the game. Both of those can be praised. As far as the game goes, the story is very dull and slow. It takes a very long time to get from point A to point B with little fights in between. The fights tend to not be worthwhile after all the dialogue, choices, and traveling in order to actually get to a battle. The story was uninteresting in my opinion, that tends to drag on certain parts. Cool idea, just not for me.

Jerome Triplett

Easily the best mobile game I've played Great artwork, music, gameplay, and a top notch story. This is the type of game I want for my phone. I sincerely hope there's a second one in the works. Buy it, you won't regret it.

Рустем Барсов

Black screen Hello. After "New Game" I see just black screen and listen all sound. Samsung Note 2. Please fix it, if you can, or give my money back. Thx. 23.03 - no answer ((

Дмитрий Куликов

Good game with bad adaptation Saga is great game and I glad to see it on android. But save/load system is not adopted for mobile platform. Can't pass scenario line during one week. Process not saving on hold of phone and I have not so much time to play continues time period. Menu on russian displayed unproperly. But any case game is good.

Ryan Menzies

Disappointing Very long load times and a lot of stuttering during animated sequences. Would be worth the price if the developers ever fix these issues, but for now I'd save my money unless you *really* want to play this game.

Chris Phillips

If you like looking at a black screen, then this is a great way to spend £8! This is the only game I have ever bought which doesn't work ?

Ben Larsen

Would give 5 stars, but just can't for the Android version - This game is beautiful and well thought out in story and game play... However, the load screens, which last anywhere from 5 to 90 (!) seconds on my Galaxy Note 4 (read as flagship) make the game not only frustrating, but too time consuming to enjoy or complete. I've played this game on PC and it is great! Don't buy for Android until they've fixed this load screen issue - the $10 is something I'd really like back at this point. :-\

Jason Feldman

Breathtaking What a game. Simple to use yet actually challenging, it hold the player to real accountability that is so rare in games now. The story is a true gem, encompassing humanity in all its greatness and its atrocities. Here is a game where you revile a "hero" and sympathize with a "villain!" What a refreshing change! No boring post apocalyptic "i can survive everything because i am a special flower." This game is what the end of the world truly feels like, chaotic, ruthless, brutal, and painfully unfair. Yet, there are rays of hope here, with perseverance, stoicism, honor, and love. The battle system is quite a joy for a methodical thinker, yet may be too slow paced for those who crave nonstop stimulation. The artwork is rewarding enough that even after 20 playthroughs I still find details I have missed. Same goes for the story. This game is a gift that just continues to give again and again. I cannot recommend playing enough, especially to those who generally dislike video games. Bring on the sequel!

Carl P

Not for Android Good game I'm sure on other platforms because of the excellent story telling, dialog and combat however, it is not worth it on this platform due to low FPS, long loading times and sometimes the app doesn't even start. Definatly not worth £8, my advise would be to steer clear and get it on pc.

Mike Jones

Beautiful Fantastic game with caveats. Most expensive game I've purchased but definitely worth it, I wish there were more premium products like this on the Play store. Couple of technical points which prevent five stars imo. The first is stuttery scrolling throughout, which seems odd given the graphics. The second are the load times which are interminable. Other than that the game experience is amazing, love the characters and the writing which is a notch well above most games.

Jim Keith

Great game Nice story, nice combat system, great graphics, but as quite a few people have said, it suffers from long load times and choppy gameplay. I'm giving it 4/5 just because I think a game should be optimized for the device it's running on. One size doesn't necessarily fit all; that being said, this is still a treat to play as long as you're patient.

Wes Wiskow

Would be terrific but... After menu/start screen I get black screen with sound but no images with my HTC One. Please fix and I will improve the rating. Or do the rightful thing and provide a refund. Thank you.

Gsponge 22

I want a refund The game doesn't work. I made it out of the city and the game just froze leaving me with nothing to do. I can't judge the games story yet because I can't get anywhere I was able to move forward but at a snails pace. This games loads for EVERYTHING! and the load times are RIDICULOUS! There is absolutely no excuse for this game to run worse on my galaxy note 4 than the walking dead seasons 1 and 2. I want a refund for this train wreck!

Alan Z

Hard but rewarding This game drives home the impact of resource management and decisions made under your command. The characters are compelling and relatable and their interactions feel real.

Raymond Gonzalez

Unexpected Quality ★★★★★ A wonderfully animated RPG with a deep and refreshing turn based, tactical battle system and Oregon Trail style travel hazards. Majestic Music sounds and scenery abound in this epic adventure. Runs 100% perfectly on my Nexus 6.

Mike Nash

Load times... 4-5 min load times between cut scenes, to open the map, to close the map, before combat, after combat, etc. I spend more time in loading screens than playing the game... Should have bought it on PC. Currently unplayable on my Galaxy S4

Antone Ingwaldson

Needs glitches fixed Seems like a good game and great graphics. Needs the controls a d choppy screens fixed. Got lg g3 and normally dont have a lot of the problems others have. But do have the sme issues on this game. Please fix.

Scott Berryman

A rich and detailed story that kept me gripped. Challenging gameplay. Highly recommend.

James Parsons

Very upset Bought this game which was not cheap because it looked like a promising tactical rpg and it simply won't load up. I have a HTC mini and I must say I'm dissapointed . For those who want to buy this game consider first that it may not work. It may work on other devices but as for mine it seems that I have wasted £8.

darren manitta

Wtf!! I just forked out money for this game downloaded half of it then it stuffed up!! I've just used half my monthly allowense and forked out nearly $15 and got nothing.

Zach Dietzman

Good game, poor optimization. The game play is solid but loading tines are horrendous and cult scenes stutter. Tough to play on my note 4.

Badluckn bulletz

Awesome TBSRGP worth every penny! Note2 If you like turned based games this is a must have.

Nick Chiasson

Amazing Love the game on PC and mobile!!! 7/5 stars exceeded all expectations

Jose Fernandez de Castro

They have fixed the sound on my Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro, but now the game crashes during fights. Looks awesome, from the little I have been able to see though. If they fix it I'm sure this will turn into a 5 star review.

Jimmy Franke

Perfect game but.... Im playing in my Asus Zenpad 10 and I really love the game and ist just amazing! Didnt find any crashes till now.... Grofenheim, it crashes and stay in "loading" process before the fight after Ludin advice you to run and leave the wounden ones behind and you make the right choices to approach the dredges.....Please fix the problem!!!

William Bellew

Crash test dummy I should have read more reviews. It crashes at the second battle. It looks like it would be a fun game but can't play it if keeps crashing. Please fix.

Max Cubillos

Constantly crashes. Only way I got around the first battle was by skipping it, but can't get past the second one...

Ferdy T

Great Game! Run smoothly on my device, Asus Zenfone 2. No issues found! Very nice story and great graphic too!

Sam Warren

Amazing game Would easily be a 5 star one of the best games of its kind. But the crashes are making it near impossible to play

Karl Ramstedt

A great game with a big flaw. I love most elements of the game, including the combat, but the combat has one very big flaw: the way that turns are handled. By making turns alternate you're disincentivized from actually keeping your own characters standing. If one of your characters take strength damage you're better off getting him downed, because his damage is now lower. This issue would be solved by allowing you to move ALL your characters on your turn, then the enemy moves all his. Like the way it's done in XCOM.

Martin De Biasi

Best Game I've Played On Mobile. Occasional crash on Nexus 9 doesn't change the fact that this is the best RPG / tac game I've played on mobile. Forget ports of old classics, Banner Saga makes sense, unique and challenging combat, wonderful art style, gripping story and great mix of gameplay elements. More of this, less crummy dull ports from the 90s.

rory leung

Great game but crashing constantly Game keeps crashing on the 5th fight. Playing as the varl right now but no matter what happens the fight will go into a black screen and ask to force close. Please fix!

Gabriel Scalerandi

Great game but freezing issues ruined it. The game is great with awesome visuals and a good gameplay. But it crash at the end of the same fight, it's in the third chapter I think, against the dredges with Hakron. Seriously, fix this issue, I did that fight 4 times and it's frustrating that at the end it freeze. Fix it and have a great day.

tony knight

Would be great if it would stop crashing Long loading times on nexus 6, but game is fun enough to look past it. The crashes break immersion and are frustrating

Mike Samuelian

Same complaint Love the game, but a crash is always right around the corner. Combine that with the inability to manually save, and you end up replaying some fights over and over, hoping that it doesn't crash. Very unfortunate.

Barry Clement

Great game, crashes badly The mechanics, art, and storyline are super well done. I love it. But the game very commonly crashes near the end of long battles, and the autosave is triggered rarely, so I've been forced to repeat long battles several times. This makes it unplayable, sadly. On samsung Note 3

Alexey "Hurin" Eremenko

great game, incompetent programming great when it comes to visuals and gameplay, but all of it is impossible to enjoy because it steadily crashes as soon as I get deep enough into combat on my Galaxy Tab Pro. so all i got for my money is a ruined, frustrated evening. Gee, thanks a bunch.

Hrolf Forkbeard

Finally! The update finally works for my HTC M7 and I couldn't be happier. This is a fantastic game, beautiful to look at, and a ton of fun to play. It runs a bit choppy on the phone but at least it's playable. Looking forward to so much more in the future! Really, very beautiful and compelling!

Richard Frank

Crashes a lot! Cant get past the first fight after tutorial because the app crashes all the time. Im running on a moto g3 android 5.1 with 2gb ram and 16gb of space. Please fix this issue and i may rate it properly!

Rui Benfeitas

won't even finish download after installing app and launching it, it is stuck on the downloading additional data. commenting here OR contacting the app makers didn't get me any help either...

Richard Smee

Great concept but too prone to freezing and/or crashing to be an enjoyable playthrough The game itself is a very interesting RPG with a good story and lots on features, but unfortunately it seems to be too unstable on my Galaxy s4 and keeps crashing or freezing randomly during battles. I'm currently at a section where I have to have 4 fights in a row and its just too unstable to be able get through this section effectively leaving me unable to progress.

James Brown

Technical issues At the party selection screen, the game won't acknowledge that in trying to move my party members. I swipe and swipe but it acts like I'm just clicking on them

Dmitri K

Love this game The game is rather beautiful, and on my device it runs smoothly. I love the tactical side of combat, as it is challenging and there is a learning curve to it. If i may suggest, it would be great to have a button to repeat the combat if it didn't go as you have planned. Though I understand why the developers have done it, you need to have a bit of fear and understanding that your decisions matter. Great game, thank you :) (Galaxy Tab 4 8.0)

Jonathan Laba

Incredible game with good tactical combat. Absolutely beautiful. Only Issues: 1. text is very small on my 1440p phone 2. The text in the cut scenes are at the bottom where you need to tap through it, so it's hard to read.

more cherdsak

Freeze, pls fix Freeze during the fight on the bridge between Eyvind and Stonesinger. Can't do any progress, pls fix. lollipop, Xiaomi-mi3.

Hunter Walls

What a waste Bought it after reading the reviews about crashing and was hoping it wouldn't apply to me but I was sorely mistaken. $7 for a game that can't even play through the second mission. It's a shame its one of the best mobile games I've ever watched on YouTube lol

Jack Sinclaire

Captivated so far, buuuut I cant play the battles; first one was fine. My samsung galaxy s3 showed recommended specs, so it seems to be a memory leak or something. The two is for the fact that I'm minutes into the game and completely unable to play. I hope a fix is on the way.

Cristian Belleville

Really awesome so far, but I have a problem with the game crashing at the start of fights. It deserves 5 stars one its fixed!

Christ Steven

Donation If you want to spend $7.03 (Australian dollar) on a game that crash every moment there is a "war", to only restart it over and over till it actual stop crashing, then end up to a point where either it keep on crashing or you get defeated, not to mention wasting your time as well as money, go ahead and buy it, you'd pretty much be donating to a gaming company who enjoys trolling and ripping off people, bravo.

Aaron Durham

Banner Saga Pros, great gameplay and story. Cons, no audio except for intro on Shield K1. Must buy unless you are on a shield which is ruined by no sound.

Nick Mark

Good game except for crashes Beautiful game, interesting plot but game keeps crashing at the end of a battle in the third chapter. If I purposefully die, the game does not freeze. Would be 5 stars if game didn't crash.

E Lunden

Stop crashes Fight crashes. Unplayable at day 76. Very frustrating. Great game until then. Going to get my money back? Going to try.


Great game but licence issue on Wikipad Excellent game and runs well on my S6. Originally installed on my Wikipad tablet but would not run stating the licence was not valid.. please fix.

James Weaks

Very good! Pro: Nice graphics, intriguing world, you want to know what happens next. Worth the cost. Con: Takes a bit to get into the story, character switching a little confusing, needs a part two.

Ryan Davis

Awesome Great game so far just keep the performance updates coming. Keep having the 2nd mission crashing and lagging and I wanna play more.

Jason Just

Freezes at downloading additional splash screen New marshmallow on nvidia tablet here and game refuses to download additional files at the splash screen after launch. New factory reset and still no go.

Chris Somerville

The Crashing Saga Nice graphics, fun game when I can actually play it. Crashes constantly in battle though. Doesn't matter how beautiful the game is if I can't play it. Not able to find any fix googling it. Stoic has not responded to emails or crash reports. Do not expect any support when you buy it and it constantly freezes on you. Android 5.0 lollipop and Galaxy S5.

Gavin Clayton

Good but broken I was really enjoying this one but it keeps crashing. Tried several times but it always crashes at the same point, makes it redundant. Shame, its a cool game.

Bradley Gustavsen

Downloading So far I've spent half an hour downloading and I opened the game and it's telling me it needs to download more but with no eta.... as far as I can tell nothing is happening. That's an issue.

Brandon Dallamore

Excellent game! Very slow loading times. I love this game, however the 15-25 second loading times (on my updated Nexus 5) are a super bummer. The map crashes often also.

Nicholas DiBerardino-Peralta

Crappy Port Game breaking bug that crashes the game mid-battle. It's not just my phone, a common problem for most people who bought this on android. Do not buy.

Jose Ortiz

Perfect except for... The Gane itself is great gorgeous artists, great story and the decisions made actually matter. But it keeps freezing on me when in the middle of a fight, fix this and I will gladly give it 5 stars

Mary Giordano

Don't work App closes in the middle of 2nd battle every time. Tried reinstalling, still don't work. Patch or refund!

Brad Bessette

Unplayable The game, without fail, crashes less than ten minutes into it during what is still, essentially, the tutorial. It has done this on both of the Android devices I have tried to run it on. In its current state it is unplayable. If Versus Evil is aware of the problem and working on fixing this or has suggestions to get it to run as it should? Great -- please let me know, otherwise I would appreciate a refund, as the game is clearly incompatible with the Android devices that I am using.


It doesn't connect to download additional data

Anthony Guzzo

Laggy animation glitch I just purchased to find that in the main menu, and in the actual game, while the animation plays it's kind of choppy on my device. I have a ZTE ZMAX, and can play games with greater graphics so I know it's not just my phone. I tried closing all open tasks, I restarted my phone, reinstalled, and even ran a Clean Master boost for the game to no avail. The choppy animation is very annoying, and I already missed my refund opportunity. Honestly though I want to keep it, I just would like it to work on my phone.

ron Johnson

Upon further review My first review was terrible. The game crashes a ton. Was a little unfair of me. It is a beautiful game and the story and game play are great. I am playing on a middle grade phone. I am able to play it somewhat more reliably now. I have moved everything on my phone to my SD card, and before playing I restart and turn off all unneeded apps. This is frying up enough system memory to get through a battle and save. I have to restart again to play a second battle

Nick Lolis

Great when it works Beautiful game, nice balance in the fights. Unfortunately it force crashes on me about 3 out of 4 times, almost always right when a match ends, but before saving.

Ryan Schutz

Fix this beautiful game please! I have played the game before and i was overjoyed to play it on my tablet. The game is beautiful, has THICK story, re-playable and great game play. But none of that matters if you cannot play it. The game freezes real bad. I like this game so much that i have tried rebooting after numerous freezes and am starting to give up. Please fix this game so i can five star it! I am not difficult to please as long as the game can play. (Dont know if you can do this, but have a way to adjust the graphics on the tablet...?) Otherwise i agree with some of the other players. 'I will want a refund.'

David Pelusio

Top notch phone game I enjoy good phone games even though I feel their are not many and most are just old games like final fantasy but this one is fresh beautiful and intriguing highly recommended and at 5 dollars it's a steal I wouldn't wait for a price drop it's worth that all the way great job to the developers for not over pricing a great game and caring about fans I hope you can make another banner saga style game

Blake St Peter

Crashes ruin great game Fun, challenging game with beautiful graphics and crash problems. Attempted the Einartoft bridge battle multiple times and game froze and became unresponsive every time.

Mr Phyrce

Disappointed Really love the game bought it when I saw the update saying audio is fixed but it turns out that is incorrect I still have no audio on my shield tablet


Amazing experience A wholeheartedly enjoyable text-based adventure with turnbased battle and great animation - if you like textbased adventures such as Baldurs Gate and the like, and is looking for something new, then this is definately the game for you. Intriguing story, fun characters, great world and of course - Vikings!

Sean Brown

Fantastic game, flawless gameplay. Probably the best game I've played on Android. As soon as I completed the gameplay once I started a new game. Now it's the desperate wait for a sequel!

Steven Southall

Crashing :( Can only manage to play through the first battle of the game, which seems really cool! But as soon as I get to the second battle the game crashes pretty consistently. Tried making a new game, tried closing out any other apps to let this app use all of the resources of the phone, but it still won't stay running. Would really like to play this but can't!

Dave Kenney

Great game! but so much loading... not really great for playing occasionally while on the go.

Jacob Mcalister

Great game except frequent crashes. I'm really enjoying the game but please fix the crashing, it seems to have gotten worse the farther I get into the game and now it's basically unplayable.

Matthew Pagliaro

Great game. Crashes constantly. On a galaxy S5. Sorry guys. I'm not playing the same battle over 4 times hoping it doesn't crash in between. Fix the issues or add an auto save between turns. This is ridiculous.

Chris Nunn

Beautiful game Ok, I've now played this on a newer device (ZenFone 5) and it is still slow but definitely worth it. I can't wait for the sequel. _ I love the game but every loading screen can take upwards of 5 minutes. For example, I wanted to look at the map but did not want to spend the 10 minutes that that would take (5 minutes opening, 5 minutes closing). I really appreciate the work that has gone into this and love the world that has been created but it was expensive and I can't enjoy it to it's true potential.


Doesn't wanna start I can't even start it. Android, samsung galaxy tab 4. I found solution for that problem. I had to relocate game files to SD storage, after that game worked.

Jacek Śpiewak

Worth every penny No bs micropayments, great story, awesome visuals (really beautiful drawing), and good gameplay. I like its "you health is your strength" approach, although the turn system might need a bit rethinking. In general - I'd much prefer that games on mobile devices looked like that instead of yet another "free" clone of angry birds or clash of clans.

Nicholas Garrison

Works on the note 5 I see a lot of comments about the game not working but if you have a note 5 it will work fine. Great game, shame it couldn't work for some people.

Jeff Smith

Please fix The game is fantastic, the best SRPG on the store, but it loses 2 stars because the game locks up on the battle at the bridge. My phone is by no means old, so it should work fine. A lot of others have said it locks up for them too. Please fix and this game will be flawless.

Ryan Settlemire

Crashes constantly during battles The game itself would be good if it was playable. I'm in chapter 4 on my Samsung Galexy S5 and cannot fight a battle without the game crashing. I have tried clearing memory space and reinstalling the game to no avail. Very dissapointing. Should have listened to the message board because I'm now out $5.

Artemiy Liarsky

Brilliant! Got Banner Saga 2 on pc, will definitely buy third part

Felix Faber

Android issues fixed, fantastic game After a bumpy ride the latest update has fixed ALL my issues on Galaxy S5 (May 2016). What a stunning game! Might not be able to wait for the sequel to come out on Android...

Sujoy Ghosh

Don't buy it for Oneplus One This used to work well with lollipop update but now with marshmallow update it lags and the load times are horrible. The game is beautiful, get it for other platforms or PS Vita.

Scott Withers

Crash bug fixed The bug causing crashes appears to have been fixed. Long load times, but well worth your patience. Cheers developers!

Vinnie Tran

The game chugs along Great game with beautifully drawn characters however the game constantly lags. I'm running an LG V10 with a relatively newer snapdragon 808 and I get pretty mediocre performance. Having looked through the reviews this doesn't seem to be an isolated case as people complain of lag just as I do on Galaxy S7s and nexus 6ps.

Low Jun Jie

Graphic bug Quite a good game, but its recent update seems to have caused the game screen to black out whenever i on my phone screen again. Please fix this.

alyssa draper

Awesome game for an awesome price I loved this game when it came out on Steam, the exact same game play. Beautiful artwork and storyline! This game is da bomb.

hunter lancer

Major issue with game currently. The game is still very glichy for phone, most the time the game crashes as i try to enter a battle and does the same thing when it comes to choosing story plots. So far once and awhile i pick a choice and the game tries to go into battle mode but crashes during loading. This game is great for me but im also experiencing some lag, if anyone has tips on his to reduce lag please let me know.

Owen McClendon

Great game I bought it on my xbox and love it. Great story and great characters as well. My only problem is the lack of hard save feature so I would give it a 4.5 if I could.

Rey Ortiz

Great game Challenging gamplay great story cant wait to play the second

Neil MacPherson

Love it Im more of an fps person but this game is amazing! Make sure you play it on a phone with good specs or there will be some frame rate issues or play it on pc

Alex Golimbievsky

Great game, terrible saving system. I actually really enjoy this game, but end up replaying the same battles because it doesn't autosave well. Nothing more deflating than repeating what you just played because the save didn't take.

Matthew Huie

Laggy and drains battery, everything is tiny Whole game is laggy and stutters on a Nexus 6p. Text and buttons are way too small, have to squint to read anything. Also drained my battery overnight which I have never experienced with any other app.

Brandon Beemer

Beautiful, engaging, awesome, challenging. I love it!

George Gonzales

The loading time takes forever. Foreve................................................r. Good job though.

danny onyemairo

it doesn't show any download percentage

Ben Garrison

I emailed their support and they have patched the game when I was freezing! Great support.

Kyb Kvn

mobile gaming just got awesome the graphics are good,sound is also good some voicing wish it had some sort of online play....please make an online mode

Gabriel Secrist

Bought for the graphics Lags even on an S7

Anthony Walsh

Just a blank screen, menu stutters, getting refund

Eth er

It is broken

Roberto Stewart Jr

Crashes a lot. Found the game enjoyable until crashes during battles. I am no longer interested in playing. Would rate higher if this can be fixed. Nexus 6 / OS 6.0.1

polad saher

Loading screen... loading screen everywhere... most of the game is loading screen... some times it loads for ever... why? also the game is laggy all the time. I'm starting to think the game is being rendered at 1440p...

Jesse Moses

Poor compatibility Purchased for use on Nexus 7 2013, where it crashed so frequently progression was impossible, despite using a separate settings app provided by developer to decrease graphics, frame rate, etc. Later after purchasing an Nvidia shield k1, gameplay now works, but there is no sound. Any ideas on how to fix this?

William Garcia

Shield tablet I once bought this game, and after 30 minutes of playing the audio completely stopped. I proceeded to refund it immediately. Yesterday I decided to buy it again, and I'm glad I did! Interesting story and challenging battles, what more could I ask for?

Chance Zumwalt

Will not load up. I play everything else with my tab but this won't even start. Dammit! I'm bummed.

James Farmer

Great game ruined by loading times It's a great game and well suited to mobile devices, but ruined by frequent lengthy load times - whenever you move between scenes, or go to a building in camp, or even open the map, expect to be spending 10-20 seconds staring at a black screen.

Sam R

No sound!!! The game is fun and all, but I'm only getting sound during cutscenes. No sound at all during gameplay and menus. I really wanna play this but its quite annoying to play without sound.

Rodrigo Dias

Awesome game Engaging story and great, rewarding combat. Great soundtrack. Voice acting could be a little better though. Amazing work guys. Looking forward for the next two games :)

Alfredo Parrilla

Great A bit lag but it that happens with any game even in consoles, this game is great and interesting narrative I feel like am reading the subtitles to a show

Jeffrey Basemoine

No more sound After latest update I have no more sound, running the game on shield tablet

Al Farnsworth

Galaxy tab S2 Stuttering fixed, now I have this wonderful game on my tablet.

Double Derp

Blast to play, immersive, beautiful art, good replay ability, fun and challenging combat, and a good variety of game choices.

Matthew English

Gorgeous and engaging I can only hope more game makers follow this mold.

Nicolae Iordache

Superb artwork This game is truly captivating.

Joshua Webster

Great Just a beautiful game.

Mike Wijdenbosch

Hey devs! Just finished it and had a wonderful experience. Great artwork, nice writing, and exciting gameplay. Just one thing, when I reached the ending a glitch muted the soundtrack in the ending scene! First thought the silence was intentional and just a bit of an unexpected creative choice, but checked YouTube, and there's quite the elaborate music piece that I missed! Might want to look into that. ;) I enjoyed the story very much, and am looking forward to the next part when it comes out on Android!


Terrific Highly recommended! Emaculant story, great background theme, good combat system, outstanding compilation of events based on prior decisions. Superior product for devices- good port over. Congratulations! (When is part 2 gonna be released for devices-?)like a startling site that fate has finally found me .. feel liked the truth is to realize. The creators new divide he spaced between us became a canyon in your eyes

Troy Dalton

Great Game Android games have finally reached the point that they feel real, not like cheap knock-offs. TBS is one of these games and is great, though it is large. On my Samsung Galaxy TabPRO SM-T900 12.2" with Android 5.1.1 and 3GB of RAM, I luckily don't have the problems others are reporting. Loading screens average about 5 seconds for me and I haven't locked up yet, so I'm having a blast. I was reluctant at first, but I'm glad I bought a license. I highly recommend the game.

James-Lee Breen

Black screen on new game Played on PC, so I know this game is great. Sadly this port is unplayable, and an unusable app gets one star. Starting a new game, I see the message that the choices will alter story. After that, everything is black. No visuals at all. Can still hear music and sfx, but that's all. Please fix, devs!

Austin Coover

4.6 Best game I've played in a long time I've played through at least 6 times. Its Unique game play, strategic and tactical descions, great art and story, and more make this the full package. A little more care on the port to remove glitches would make this a total 5

Austin Friar

Love it but can't play it. I installed the game and opened it and it took me to the downloading screen. The download reached 100% however it stays stuck like that and will not continue to the game. I love this game and will raise my rating when this is fixed. I use a ZTE Android. I tried re-installing and such.

Daniel Lewis

Great Game Tactical RPG meets game of thrones. your favorite characters will die or leave you party for extended periods. lot of strategy and decisions to make that'll have you second guessing every decision by the end.

Jon Mckane

Load times This game has the potential for 5/5 stars but the load times are terrible on my Samsung Note 4. It also crashes after waiting over a minute. Very disappointing because when you get to the gameplay it's very well done.

Sean Meece

Will change review upon problem solved When the opening cinematic starts, it just shows a black screen with all music, sounds, and narrating still going on in the background. A good friend highly recommended this game to me, so I'm eager to play it, but as it stands right now, it's not working correctly. I am awaiting a response from the Dev to advise me on how to fix this issue, and will update my review pending this. HTC 10 Android 6.0.1

David Tippens

Galaxy s2 problem Would like to enjoy this game on my new tablet, but frame rate issues and graphical bugs ruin it. I would like to play through this one before the second one comes out.

Geoff Hinton

Great story, great game Kind of a cross between Oregon Trial and FF Tactics. The story and my choices pulled me in and I couldn't put it down. Ran perfectly. Worth the money

Thibaud Pellerin

Masterpiece This game could cost 15£ and still be worth it. The universe is fascinating, the story unique and captivating, artwork of high quality and the fight is great and detailed on top of that. Must play

troy turini

Black screen 2 mins in on galaxy tab s2. I bought this game cus I love rts, sad now, if it blacks again... now let's me play then freezes in loading. Wtf. I bought this product, if it doesn't work don't sell it.


Awesome Ending F'd up but game is great. Replayed it. Vognir dies at beginning. I kept him safe this time. Not one HP of damage. We won. After battle he's dead still. Weakens replay value.

Jonas Vitikka

Nvidia shield tablet For a game developed for mobile in the first place this is not a good show of optimization. Loading times range from 20-60 seconds, even for simple things like entering the hero screen, or looking at the map. Doesn't make me want to delve deeper into the lore exactly.. the lack of a way to speed up some aspects is frustrating at time as well. There's no saving of game state if you close the app because you have to do anything else either. Other than that it's a good game with solid gameplay.

Tommaso Barbugli

Terrible gameplay Nice graphics but it you spend more time waiting than playing. Nice idea terrible execution.

Sion Hughes

Fantastic looking game but I cant get past a certain point due to the touchscreen becoming completely unresponsive. Dissapointed.

rachel mcdonald

endless loading screens if you like looking at loading screens for two minutes at a time every few minutes on your high spec device then buy this game otherwise avoid

Ivan Rosas

No sound The intro vídeo runs just fine. Sadly, there are no sound effects nor BGM. Seems like a fun game but didn't even finish the tutorial since playing without sound kinda spoils the experiences. Please, help me.

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