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18 Aug
The Adam Carolla Show

Posted by Carolla Digital in Entertainment | Aug. 18, 2016 | 201 Comments

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Take The Adam Carolla Show, and the rest of the Carolla Digital shows, with you everywhere you go!
With this app you are always connected to the show and all the latest episodes. You can also star your favorite episodes for download and save them to a list so you can easily access and enjoy them offline.
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    Corrected an issue with notifications.

Carolla Digital part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Aug. 18, 2016. Google play rating is 85.6845. Current verison is 2.0.44. Actual size 2.9 MB.

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Chris Harder

One step forward two steps back. Finally all shows together... doesn't do me much good if I can't download them.

Dominic Ramirez

Media Playback Error... I can no longer listen to any podcast on this app because of a "media playback error." I'm going back to iTunes until this issue is fixed.

Mark Pulsipher

Nice... when it works I like being able to put all of the shows together on one Playlist. All of the shows together makes it great. But the app crashes multiple times daily. And one of every ten episodes do not download right and I will only get half of a show or less. That is really annoying when I am listening and it just cuts off in the middle of something neat. I am going to have to ditch this app which really sucks because I like the potential of it. Can I please find a podcast app that works for android. They all stink!!!

Armen Ourfalian

Very clunky user interface This app is very hard to use when in a car. Please add a widget (like a music player), or make it work better with a Bluetooth audio player

Bobby Ballswell

Well they finally fixed all the problems so I can give this 5 stars. Fast forward works, you can pick up an episode where you left off and they finally added all the shows on the network!!! Very happy! Keep up the good work.

Jon Krieger

Great but needs a few tweaks Love this but it needs a "currently playing" button so I can go back to play controls. Kinda annoying right now not having that. But anyway get it on!

Matthew Hintz

Slow response times. When I try to pause, rewind, or skip when listening to TAK, app will respond after 8 or 9 seconds. Also takes 8 or 9 seconds to open and close TAK podcasts only. App had no lag time with all other podcasts. Whatever u guys are doing with TAK, it's giving me problems. Too bad I can't listen with a different app. Love the Ace man, but his app is very flawed. And I'm sure he has no idea it's bad.

Kevin Sullivan

Love the show hate the app I need my ACE man fix. Please repair the app. Shows either don't download or take so long they time out and self cancel. Other content from other sources download so it's not my bandwidth

Ben Currier

Needs UI update for S5 Premium subscriber for the Take A Knee series, unable to access via android Samsung 5 device [Gary]. Please fix and I'll give 6 stars!

Jay Scranton

Works a little Sort of weeks sometimes,I would subscribe for TAK, but the app is too flakey and I'd rather use another... I will keep tabs on it and try again in a few months...

Madjpey W

Yes! All shows back on The whole gang's here! The best-The only podcast you need! Thanks Adam and crew

Drew Kallmyer

All the shows together again! Finally, all Carolla digital shows in one app. Awesome. Mandate get it on!

Dave R

No longer updates Nice update...I no longer get the new podcasts. I guess I'll just listen to joe rogan all the time now.

Mike Craighill

Newest download makes this a perfect app! If you love ACE, this is the perfect app for you! All of the Carolla Digital podcasts pin one app! Love it!

Michael Obermeyer

Love the show hate the app This should not be slow on a nexus 4. Crashes, unresponsive and does not have a fraction of the options Doggcatcher has. Why not let us use a proven off the shelf pod catcher for TAK? No need to reinvent the wheel.

Don Dill

Delete after firing Removing app after Alison Rosen firing. Been a great 5 years Ace man. Sorry.

Jacob Gronemeyer

So much easier than the other internet stations I also love the limited amount of commercials.

Mikel Olsson

Media Player Error! I keep getting the following error message: "Media player error! Playback stopped for Adam Carolla digital." Can't listen to any episodes!

Justin Palmer

It's great that you can get all the shows from one app.

Kevin Harris

Likes to stop playing halfway through an episode Then when trying to start again will not pick back up and often wont even let you skip to the correct location. Downloading works only half the time, I have to star and unstar then star again to get it going.

Jason Trumble

Love the show, app needs work If you're going to a subscription format (which I have no problem with) you had better keep up to date on the app. This is the first update in God know how long, and it still sucks. When you're in the list of shows, half the time when you hit the back button it exits the app. Also, why not have a currently playing button? Anyways, at least all of the shows are here now. We'll see how quickly the updates come.

laportrait v.k

What Did U Expect ? A Freaking Year Later its released, Patton troll or not.. cmon a year!

Ernie Valenzuela

Entertaining This gets me through my day at work. Dont know what i would do without it.

Bob Loop

Great show, terrible app All the shows are now together, however, they won't download or stream.

David Shriver

No downloads Why can i only download episodes if i use data...always worked on wifi before

Mark Primas

One reason I score it as low as possible is because I love the show/content and I CAN'T GET ACCESS to any on a consistent basis. ACEMAN is making it difficult and too much like a job. Same complaints as stated by many users. ANDROID user. Is it really that hard? Come on, Man!!

Ryan O

Get it on man! This app is as great as his Podcast! Get it as fast as you can.

James Gardner

All the shows and fixed lollipop issue!

Sean Wachob

Much better This latest update is great. All the shows on the network are now available, and whatever problem I was having on lollipop has disappeared. Thanks for continuing to work on the app!

Christopher Ware

Great content, flimsy app I love having all the ACE programs in one place, but the app crashes every 20 min or so.

ryan wellman

Getting better Still some glitches with downloading but now that the lawsuit is over and all the shows on the network are available it's much better.

Lee Katrincic

Working great after update TAK no longer crashes for me

VM v19m77

Constant download issues This app hardly ever works. So bizarre. I think it's android related as well.

Sean Zimmerman

Great app App works great and the content is the best in the world. All the features you want with none of the bloat. I'd give a 6 star rating if they would let me.

Mason McKernan

Doesn't load anything Can't even see the shows to download and it manages to crash even then.

john whalen

Ace is the man Awesome app has all the shows! Get it on!

Erik Belonger

Good, yet not so good... Finally added all the other shows, but now can't download any of them.

brandon sing

Thx for the update Finally all shows are on the app. Thank you for the free content!

J. Ball

This app sucks Can't seem to download anything

sonia alcocer

Pointless You can't even listen the majority unless you pay.

Matt Muellner

My boner for this app is fading. Dont get me wrong, I love the content, however I cant even listen to a full show without fiddling with it. Stitcher is a million times better & I miss getting my ACS content there. Is this some type of conspiracy to get me to drink more mangria? Please fix all the errors

Jim Halvorsen

Getting pretty good. The latest app is much more usable than the previous versions and is better than any pod cast player out there. It sometimes get stuck telling you it can't connect to the network and gives you two useless options (its an app, its ok if the network is not always available, stop telling me especially when there is nothing that can be done to fix it except wait) And, a great feature would be to have a button on all screens that takes you the currently playing pod cast. I does a reasonable job of getting you to that screen by default, but 10% of the time it loses it and it is either hunt for the pod cast entry or manually kill the app. And with the latest Android OS update, there no longer are play buttons on the lock screen that were so nice. I would be great to have those back. But those are minor gripes. Excellent app!

Leonard Walker

Issue with the app For some reason, I'm not able to play most downloaded episodes... this was never a problem on the previous platform

Jean Serrano

Volume and navigation problems. Volume constantly changes on its own when you tilt the device and or change apps. Also, navigating the podcasts is a nightmare. Want to change from ACS to Reasonable doubt? Be prepared to mash the "back" button anywhere from 3-15 times.... If you're lucky. The button will just dump you to the home screen 3/10 times.

Tom Garrett

Love the content, hate functionality Great shows, but the random volume jumps are almost a deal-breaker. If I get a text while listening, I'm SUDDENLY DEAFENED BY A HUGE VOLUME INCREASE. All-caps used only as a demonstration.

Justin Goff

Love you Ace but the app is not working. Ever since this new update I have had problems with connectivity and Bluetooth constantly freezing and dropping in and out of the audio. I have to turn the Bluetooth on and off again to get the audio to play which was never a problem in the previous version. Love the new design now but will update my review to five stars once the problems are fixed for now I'll have to use podcast 1

Nick Haase

Numerous problems Navigation through the app on my Nexus 6 is very cumbersome - when I back out of an episode to go back to the list, it immediately takes me back to the episode screen. Also, the auto download function doesn't work for me at all. Additionally, the app periodically drops the volume suddenly when I am connected to speakers via Bluetooth. This is the only audio app I have that does this. Due to all the bugs, I am deleting this in favor of the Podcast One app. I hope these problems are unique to me.

Jay Leone

Love the content. App leaves something to be desired Just not user friendly. Doesn't update podcasts. Slow. Cumbersome....

Dennis Estes

COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT THIS! These podcasts are all great! Adam's a genius! There's a podcast for everyone. I listen to all of Adam & Drews shows religiously. Even got my wife listening to his wifes podcast (For Crying Out Loud). Couldn't get thru the work week without this app! Very easy to navigate, very organized, and updated daily.

Marcos Gonzales

Guys, I updated the app and it's telling me that the whole show is premium and I have to buy a subscription to listen.. I hope this is a bug and not the new ACS saying you are no longer free to listen.

Bill Bixby

For recent crashes Guys, if you are having the crashing bug when backing out of a show the fix is to uninstall and reinstall. First real bug in this app that they continuly improve. I like it.

Felix Vasquez

Premium episode? I know Take a Knee is premium, but since when did the ACS become premium as well?

Thomas Oliveri

App is such a POS, fix it. The update is no bueno.

Kenny Guzman

Prefer the old one More clumsy, this one.

Barry Harmon

Latest update is bad App is crashing constantly now. Please fix

Tim Frost

Newest update erased all my favorites, now I have to download an episode and listen to it too find out if I've heard it already, I had hundreds of favorites

steve smith

Wont restart from last played position, restarts episode if alarm goes off.

Michael Myers

Works great on Note 4 Love the new app. Took a little to get used to. Not bloated, as I use almost all the features of this app. Especially, like the car mode with big buttons and how it keeps the screen from sleeping. A nice touch would be a button to nav to car mode. As rotating screen can be tedious when phone is mounted.

Kevin McMillin

New app has tons of bugs The new app is so buggy that it is unusable at times (Android 6.0). The updates for the new app have not helped. Still having major issues. Will give The Ace Man the 5-star that him and the team deserves when these issues are resolved (#GetItOn).

Trafton Foster

App difficulties Adam Carolla is the man! But this app doesn't work very well on my galaxy s5. Very few apps give me problems. There needs to be some trouble shooting here.

Bonnie c

Liked the old version I liked the old version better. Can't download. Hard to skip back and forth. Please fix or bring back the old the version.

Matt Rakow

Worthless App Cannot play downloaded episodes because my device is offline....I thought that was the point of downloading episodes. Even when I am connected to data I receive a playback error. At least I could listen to episodes on the last version.

John Erickson

H8 new look Multiple revisions and still works horribly. They lock up non premium shows. Appears they also have employees rate high to bring rating up. Pathitic.

Ryan Hutchins

Love the show, not the App Episodes are not always available when they should be, and have to switch to Podcast One and episode is available there.

Josh Gaston

Can't stand the new version Since the latest update, the Carolla crew made it so the shows aren't immediately downloadable. I love all the podcasts, but this new version is TERRIBLE. The old version was simple, clean, and easy to use. The new version is more difficult to use - especially when trying to play a different episode when working out or driving. Please bring the original version of the app back.

Dan Siska

App is garbage, shows aren't uploaded properly and can't be downloaded half the time.

Kevin P

Not as easy to use The new update sucks.the app older app was much simpler to use.

Justin Cheever

App crashes alot on note 5

brandon dinato-koontz

Adam is awesome

David Wateski

Good shows bad app Old app was tolerable bad. This new version is hard to use bad. Really hard to navigate. Especially back to menus. And no method to delete downloads ( only after x auto downloads)

David Shriver

No downloads Episode STILL stops playing if I do other things on my phone...even after multiple app updates

David Crane

Improved Have found this app has improved. Makes it easier to play the shows on my device... Still room for improvement sometimes episodes stop at random.

Frank Crowley

Broken! All episodes are locked, even the free ones.

Dave Hennessy

Awesome. The functionality is superb. They thought of everything. I wish sirus xm would take notice.

Loring Mercil

Episode titles no longer show Episode titles no longer show on my truck's BT display.

Zach Gowen

So bad I can't get over how terrible the new app is. Please bring back the old one

Jo Str

Adam for president! He man is a genius and fun as hell

Jean Serrano

Volume and navigation problems. Volume constantly changes on its own when you tilt the device and or change apps. Also, navigating the podcasts is a nightmare. Want to change from ACS to Reasonable doubt? Be prepared to mash the "back" button anywhere from 3-15 times.... If you're lucky. The button will just dump you to the home screen 3/10 times. Want to fast forward an episode... Good luck with the nonsense circular navigation method of scrubbing through an episode.

Brandon Van Minde

Love ACS but so disappointed in this app Adam tell somebody w this app to do your best!!! WTF, only listen to take a knee on this site and its a chore to listen to them.. About to just forget it

Sam H

New app worse than older one I realize the devs wanted to present a new format, but this isn't working. Loses place frequently, the search buttons are way too close to the episode drawer tab, and there is no longer a Quit option. This means let the app run in the foreground or have to enter apps in settings and manually Force Stop it. This thing is a mess. Love Ace's Podcart though.

Remy Garth

New update glitches Audio glitches, and jumps forward skipping words quite often after last update.

John Erickson

H8 new look...still Multiple revisions and still works horribly. They lock episodes 2 days old. Podcast One app. is way better. Best podcast with worst app.

Hunter Long

I'll take ear buds out, remove buds from the phone, close the app and then app starts playing the show randomly through the phone speaker loudly! Also, the app controls disappear when app is closed and I have to open the app all the way up just to pause, etc. The app controls should not go anywhere unless app is closed.

Michael Duran

My best, not Adam's best... I have the Samsung S6 active, and when my screen locks I no longer have the ability to back track 30 secs. without unlocking my screen. It also frustrating that I can pause the show like other podcast apps. with just my headphones. I'm not sure it's not a problem with the iPhone, but it is with my phone. Please fix and I'll change my rating to 5 stars.

David Nelson

Good. Not as good as previous version. As best I can tell, it doesn't indicate which episodes I've listened to. I try to hit stop just before the end so I can tell which episodes are"done".

Dan Kilpatrick

Almost as good as the last version of the app App is clunky, takes a long time to refresh new episodes. Every once in awhile it'll randomly play or stop playing when I turn the phone to horizontal mode. Aside from that it's a great way to keep up with all Carolla digital content. Really enjoy the podcast itself, but the app could use a little bit of work. I actually like the last Carolla digital app a lot better than this one

Andy Messer

Good app Overall a good app but does skip back ~15 sec to repeat. Minor annoyance worth the price of admission to have access to the Carolla Digital library

Erik Hammerquist

Good, but could be better This is a good app with a pretty good player interface. However, about once or twice a week, the Adam Carola podcasts get marked as premium and can't be played until several refreshes. Not good when driving.

Carlos Torres

So many problems I don't know where to begin I write this knowing that this is a free app. But there are so many bugs with it. I'm not sure if it's because the Android system. But I much prefer the older app which is flawed but not as bad as this one. The frustrating part is it just stops. You have to reopen the app and start from the beginning you have to find the episode that you were listening to. Sometimes it runs in the background where you can pull down the curtain and see the episode that's currently playing so you can choose pause for stop.

Matthew Stisher

Good option for accessing the shoes I only with that the shows wouldn't pause so badly when a notification comes in. Overall this app has a good interface and options. Sometimes it is slow to update shows that I don't regularly listen to.

Ll Kk

App annoyances Often shows a 'premium' lock icon for regular shows, for which I must exit and reenter to make them playable. The red circular progress bar is draggable but its effective area is so tiny my finger usually can't do it (and I have small fingers). Buttons are WHITE text on GREY background! Are they trying to make us visually impaired folks feel as frustrated as possible? The 30 sec skip forward and back is great.

Sean Zimmerman

The new app update is awful. I just updated the app and it's aweful, it's clunky, slow, and counterintuitive (sort of reminds me on the podcast one app which i deleted). I love the ace man but this app is garbage. If it's not redone soon I'll just go to your website and download from there.

RJ Elder

Great stuff App works great. All the shows are verry entertaining. Great job to all who are involved in creating this.

Matt Hellman

Marshmallow update is causing glitches during payback, hope it's fixed soon, otherwise great app.

Marty Greffin

Carolla Rocks!! I so enjoy ACS and For Crying Out Loud. Just started listening to Joy Koy. Love Resume also.

Benjamin Walls

the control for rewinding/forwarding is poorly thought out. you have to have micro fingers to operate it. god help you if the show is 99pct played and you want to go back or start over.

Kurt Clickener

Bad app Since we're forced to use it, they appear to have no motivation to make a functional or navigable app. I stopped listening even 10% as often when I was forced to switch from Stitcher to this crap.

Felix Pena

I love adam. Period When using a bluetooth device its hard to pause,answer a call and then play where I left off at. I have to completely disconnect an reconnect to be able to have said functionality. Please look into this guys. Love the material, the shows . Thanks

Marissa Tefertiller

Love the content, hate the new app I find the new version of the app difficult to navigate, the icons don't seem to display correctly, and it seems like the app just randomly closes pretty regularly. I have an android phone, so I don't know if that is the problem and the apple version is better.

Tom Nolin

I can't believe I get ti listen to so many things, so many different types of entertainment, for no cost. I'm going to pay for premium, and it'll still be a fantastic deal. Get it on.

Jess Herbert

Love the content, but sometimes the app closes. The audio still plays but then I have 5 steps to get back to pause or stop the playback. Doesn't always stay open in my notifications bar.

Riley Robinson

Good app I enjoy the app and the design, very easy to navigate. My only issue is sometimes it skips while playing and then will skip back on occasion.

Tommy Hollender

Great app and Adam is awesome Great content to listen to while driving, working out or yard work. Adam and his team do a great job!

James O'Sullivan

Galaxy s6 edge This app. Has to be the best for play back. There are other comedians who's apps will stop every time I get a notification. With this one all I need is a few mins of WiFi and I have the 3 main shows I never miss (ACS, Car cast & On The House). Plus Koy Pond). No worries about data or having to unlock the phone 462 times a day to restart.

Lee Katzmarek

You live! So glad this legendary duo is still giving us street and sex smarts!

Gregory S

Hesitate to say it Don't like the new app. I'll still listen every day. It won't affect how awesome the podcast is. But the old app was just better.

Cameron Arnoldi

This Is Carolla Digital A great app housing the podcasts of Carolla digital. The design is clean and simple, and finding and downloading your favorite podcasts is a breeze. Slight hiccups when network / Wi-fi is inconsistent resulting in errors. Also when exiting the app, the media sound icon does not disappear without a force stop. All in all, if you're a fan or just a little pod-curious Carolla Digital has you covered. Mahalo.

Dan Fisher

Adam Carrola is the hilarious This my favorite podcast it is better that Howard Stern in my opinion. Get it on.

David Smith

Good but glitchy Could be my phone, but occasionally the feed will shut down when leaving a WiFi connection and transitioning to regular cell coverage. Otherwise, a good app with all of carolla's podcasts available.

Matthew Rumbel

My daily dose of the Vicar of Christ So glad the guys are back together again. There's just something about Adam and Drew that makes my universe right. If only they could work in D.A.G. a bit more it would be perfect. Thanks for all the free laughs guys!

Phil Raymond

Galaxy S6 App used to work fine but the recent update turned this app into complete garbage. I hope someone fixes it soon cuz I don't even listen anymore.

Matthew Bapst

Not compatable with Marshmallow Ever since my phone was updated with android Marshmallow the app skips, jumps all over the place.

Joshua Benton

Great and funny as ever! I've been listening to Adam for years and if he's changed at all it's been for the better. The app works well and has all of his shows with the options to auto or manually download any. It'd be nice to have him on the new Google Music podcasts but not worth taking a star off.

Paul Lampton

Great content great shows. A few minor bugs in the app otherwise it would be five star

Justin Palmer

It's great that you can get all the shows from one app.

Ben Darnell

Main man mayonnaise Great app to constantly get new podcasts for each category

Tim Townley

Ace is the place Looking to make yourself a better person? You found the right spot Adam tells it like it is no candy coating. Bald Bryan, unbelievably talented.

Edward Bellamy

Great app but... For a podcast app this rox! Problem is Adam tries to drill in jokes, repeats himself and is kinda boring.

Darren Walters

Makes my day This is one of the VERY few apps I just couldn't do without. My work day wouldn't be complete without it.

Lawrence Y

Great pod The app seems to work now, I've been pre-downloading shows then deleting after listening.

Andrew Stratton

Love it Listen every day on the comute to jobsite and working round the house.

Kourosh Toumadje

Best podcast around Inject a little Adam in your life and you will not be disappointed...obviously there might be a glitches with the app, but nothing that would keep me from recommending it

Azurien Bellatrix

Love Adam, app is bad Annoying problems like trying to force you to dl each ep, starting over and impossible to ff/ rewind if you get in the wrong spot

The Epoxy Resin Store

Great show - Bad APP The App never fully shuts off. I have to manually go into settings and close the app through settings. Show is great and love content, app needs some tweaks

Jeffrey Stange

Best podcast period You don't need to love the AceMan.. but he certainly doesn't lie to you. And BTW AceMan.. goat cheese is Awesome !!!

Aaron Cochran

Great podcast, crap app Adam, Drew, Bryan, Gina, and the gang are amazing. The app is about as good as a cat turd on a white hot hibachi. Please fix the glitches.

Tom Garrett

Love the content, functionality has improved Great shows, and the functionality has gotten much better over the past several months. Far fewer glitches than this time last year.

Nathan Edwards

I love to listen to Adam App sucks but the contents is awesome. Needs to be easier to navigate and downloads are sometimes spotty

Victor Suriano

Too many bugs Seriously I love these podcasts. But this app needs to be fixed asap. I have to force stop it cause it won't close. And now no shows will download. Please fix. 5 stars when it's working properly.

Erik Hammerquist

Good, but could be better The recent versions keep temporarily marking ACS shows as "Premium" even when already downloaded which is highly frustrating when driving and freeze up and / or continue running after shutdown on my S5. PREVIOUS REVIEW: Tis a good app with a pretty good player interface. However, about once or twice a week, the Adam Carola podcasts get marked as premium and can't be played until several refreshes. Not good when driving.

Mark Primas

Much improved from last vers Works very smoothly now on Android BUT fails to perform auto shut down or it WON'T turn Off without manual intervention. Please FIX THIS you guys! Getting closer to a 5star.

Ken Biddinger

Complicated comedy I love 98 percent and that other 2 percent is just hard to take. Adam really makes you look inside while you laugh. Its intense and then other times you just die laughing. Nothing is greater than his condiment belt idea

Eric Lundgren

Decent, poor operation I lined the app layout and the as it makes it easy for me to get the episodes and keep track of what I have listened too, however, the functionality and operations are lacking. It won't respond to the Bluetooth in my car. I can connect and listen to it, but fast forwarding doesn't work, I can't hit play, and it doesn't report track information right. It won't exit, leaving the notification at the top that it is playing and I have to force close. All my other players work fine except this one.

Everyday Life In Humboldt

I LOVE Adam This app is HORRIBLE, but Adam and the gang are so awesome that I deal with it. The previous app worked much better and smoother. More graphics doesn't improve an app. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Never had any problems before. 5 stars when the app is better.

Greg Dalrymple

How do you unpolish a turd? Ask the guy who redesigned this app. I had been waiting and hoping for an update to this app. Be careful what you wish for. The graphics and layout are terrible. Copernicus would fall on his sword if he had to navigate this app's workflow.

Marty Greffin

Carolla Rocks!! I so enjoy ACS and For Crying Out Loud. Just started listening to Joy Koy. Love Resume also.

Benjamin Walls

the control for rewinding/forwarding is poorly thought out. you have to have micro fingers to operate it. god help you if the show is 99pct played and you want to go back or start over.

Jonathan Scott

A lot of the podcast episodes are behind a pay wall with their deal with Podcast One, unfortunately. Other then that, the app is great.

Sam H

New app worse than older one I realize the devs wanted to present a new format, but this isn't working. Loses place frequently, the search buttons are way too close to the episode drawer tab, and there is no longer a Quit option. Even worse? If you're streaming a podcast and you receive so much as a TEXT message, there's a good chance the stream will shut down due to interruption. No other audio streaming service I use does this. What a mess.

B Taylor

App issues. But great entertainment Am I rating the content or the app? The content is five stars but the app is three stars. It has broken downloads sometimes.

John Throckmorton

Get it on! Love the Ace Man! Loads of entertainment. Most of it is free and the paid subscription isn't ridiculously priced.

ro p.

Doesn't work half the time Won't load and won't play easily have the time. When you download an episode it won't play if the "pod is expired " liked the old version from 2years ago

Hector Gallardo

Shows great app terrible The app has a lot of issues. Skips and plays back. Takes a while to download the newest episodes. I have a edge 7 and on WiFi and my 4glte I have issues with good app

Seth Bailey

Great show poor quality Other apps override the show and stops the playback then resumes a little while later.

Guy Vaughn

What a mess Huge fan of the show but there are issues on an almost daily basis. Incomplete episodes, shows that stop/start/rewind for no reason, episodes that won't load. Never have these issues with podcasts on stitcher. Pretty frustrating.

Lawrence Cenotto

Show = ALL BALLS, App = JV The show is the best but the app interface sucks.

Jeffrey Jean

I'm a big fan & I use the app on a daily basis. However, since the last big overhaul, it shuts off if I do anything else while I am listening. You'll get your five stars back when you fix this annoying problem. ? P. S. I'm a premium subscriber.

Mortimers lunchbox

Keep up to date and in the laughs Adam is keeping a male role model position and reminding all they don't have to be sooo thin skinned. Enjoy the interviews, the regular skits, and chemistry of a pretty solid group backing Adam right now as well. Enjoy

christopher curl

Love the shows, hate the app Galaxy S7 , the app causes the episodes to skip around , and sometimes rewind back to the beginning uncontrollably. Makes listening to the show almost impossible

Darren Walters

Makes my day This is one of the VERY few apps I just couldn't do without. My work day wouldn't be complete without it.


I love listening on this app. Doesn't close. I love listening on this app to Adam; have had no problems with it except that I can't close the app sometimes. Sometimes there's an x when I pull up active apps that will close it, sometimes not. Currently it's stuck open until I reset my phone.

Jasin Anderson

Adam rocks, app is lame The content is amazing, but the app itself is pretty lacking. It really needs Chromecast support and better user controls.

Justin Sauer

App sucks Constantly skips, then replays content already listened to. Constantly pauses itself must touch play to start again.

John Blake

Hilarious Carolla is so couldn't find better value if this app cost lots of money. The fact that it's free makes it a no brainer. I just sent them a message about a glitch on one episode and it was fixed in less than an hour. Great work guys!!

Cassandra Knepp

It's the 90s, only better! I love being able to listen to my Main Man Mayonnaise whenever I want! Awesome shows guys. Keep up the great work!!

Rich Barzyk

#1 downloaded podcast for a reason Best podcast out there from the godfather of has a few glitches but still manageable

Sam Chehab C

Adam rocks Love the app.. Can't get enough if the ace man.

John Erickson

Amateur app for great podcast Buttons too small, takes too many button pushes to exit. Won't stay updated to new shows. Horrible navigation around app. Don't do your best app writer, do Adam's best. Now have to force stop app. Keeps getting worse. Podcast One waaaaaaaay better.

Justin Lukasik

Mostly works well The app works well except for not being able to remove it from task bar after closing app. I have to restart phone to remove it. HTC One M8

clinton smith

Would give 5 stars but, app needs to have access to buy premium, need access to entire directory of podcasts, please add classic loveline..

Efrain Madrigal

The best Number one pod cast app. Long live the pirate ship......

Dave Mahlin

Great Content but the app is garbage 5 stars for content (which is really irrelevant to the app) but the navigation on the app is very poorly executed, bad navigation. The ONLY reason I use it is because I subs five to Take A Knee and the app is the only method I know of that automatically populates new episodes. But for that, iTunes and other podcast apps are the way to go

Tom Jones

Unbelievable amount of commercials There are so many commercials. Probably 1/4 to half the program is either cold reads or official commercials. Is it possible to make this app worse? What ugly, poorly made update. The UI is just plain tough to use. Bad. This is a review of the app not the shows.

Jean Serrano

Despite updates, the app is still crap Navigating the podcasts is a nightmare. Want to change from ACS to Reasonable doubt? Be prepared to mash the "back" button anywhere from 3-15 times.... If you're lucky. The button will just dump you to the Android home screen 3/10 times - which then makes you relaunch the app which sometimes takes you to the last episode and you can start hitting back all over again. Good luck with the nonsense circular navigation method of scrubbing through an episode. Just put the podcasts on Google Play.

Nick Schultz

Carolla is fun. App is crap. As others have said, this is a terrible app. Navigating in an episode with the wheel thing is poorly done: between episodes and shows is clumsy. Often have to shut app down with app manager. 30 second back and forward jump is good.

Maria Ng

Great pod I've been listening to Adam for years and years. A little too much political ranting these days, but there is no one like him. The app itself serves its purpose.

Dennis Cleveland

Good but still some bugs Gets the job done well, but still buggy. Such as not being able to completely close the app without going into app manager and force stop. Galaxy Note 4.

Chris O'Shea

Love it! Can't get enough of the Ace Man, the Adam Carolla podcast app is an easy way to access all of his shows and the premium subscription is worth it.

Kevin McCluskey

Great content vs clunky navigation. First off, any method that allows me to get my daily dose of nasally drone without dealing with the old Mac, is a leap forward in my book. I just hope that those stick up artists over at Personal Audio don't try to claim that use of the Latin alphabet on a mobile device, is covered under one of their bullshit patents. The navigation is a tedious but well worth it. And what the hell, it's free.

Travis Bettfreund

Great content App needs to be polished. I like access to all of Carolla digital. I usually have to push back through several cycles before I get to the main screen. Each update it gets better though

Tommy Hollender

Unable to link premium account Great content to listen to while driving, Adam and his team do a great job! Now please fix login issues

Kory Crafton

Fix this damn app I only listen to Adams pod casts and I don't want to get my pod cast somewhere else I want his app to conveniently work.

Shawn D. Sessions

Tale of two cities Love the content and crew, hate this app with a passion. So many bugs and edit issues. Come on ace man!

Adam Petersen

Used to work better Show titles no longer display. Can't download to music player anymore. Starts eating up memory.

Sean Keenan

crap Same topics and guests on every pod cast. No one cares about Jo Koy and Vinnie Tortorich is a lisping idiot who has no idea what he is talking about. No one needs to here from these people 6 times a month.

Curtis olsen

Families and Education Love Adam's common sense approach to everything! App works great for both streaming and off line listening. And remember: don't do your best, do my best.

Nathan Edwards

I love to listen to Adam App sucks but the contents is awesome. Needs to be easier to navigate and downloads are sometimes spotty

Smart, funny, honest I may not always agree but appreciate intelligent and unscripted hilarity. Sidekicks, Bryan(eases Adam's razor edge) & Gina are icing on the cake.

Lawrence Y

Great pod The app seems to work now, I've been pre-downloading shows then deleting after listening.

Carlos Pacas

Super Easy It's so easy to listen to my favorite podcast now it plays the next one on its own. Now I don't need to touch my phone when an episode ends while I'm driving. Thanks!

John Pyne

Do my best 5 stars for concept and content. Please fix the navigation (back to top) issues and make it easy to auto download on Wi-Fi.

John Coe

The APP needs work. The content is great, but the APP itself needs a little fine-tuning. Any notifications stop it from playing, and you often have to hit Play directly, instead of /w your earbuds or on the quick-menu.

Content Rating Only App isn't great, back button others mention is annoying but not a deal breaker by any means.

Raymond Griswold

God of pod I have been a long time fan and couldnt image my work day starting any other way. Thank you Mr. Carolla

Frankie McCalmont

The best out the It's simple easy to use and always works plus the ace man what more could you need. But that's not all you get all the others on Corolla network!

Absorb the Ace Man's wisdom of life!!! Ace Man!!!...Get it on!!!...Excellent app! I listen to this podcast everyday without fail. Wide range of guests and topics. Adam Carolla presents a no holds barred approach to life. The best around! Thanks!

Mark Mowbray

Great program from Corolla Digital I have had no issues with this pod cast platform. It's a great portal to all of Adam's different shows.

Don stone

Ace man is it!! Love all the free content Adam ,ray,matt,Chris, and everyone involved you guys are the best love you guys like a red headed stepchild keep the hammer down Adam best podcast in the world thank you

Benjamin Walls

Not great Wonky. Poorly thought out. Pain in the ass.

John Doe

Great content, lousy app. Adam deserves an app equal to his talent.

Octavio Gonzalez

Content is great. App needs some work. It's constantly skipping around.

Googleplus Isterrible

Good app Works well. Some hiccups but overall pretty good.

Doug Swartz

Fix the horrific navigation and this app will be great.

Jeremy Casteel

Yeah man! Great app. Would love to be able to view thru the app the images discussed on the podcast. Otherwise, get it on.

Guillermo Hernandez

Love it! Been listening to Adam carolla for about 10 years and there's still always something interesting to listen to

Alexander Drake

Don't do your best,do my best I can't live a day,without this app!

Lauro Palma

Ace man is the king of pod cast can't go a day without using this app

Frank Flores

Best app ever All the knowledge and information from the ace man Adam Carolla to be a good citizen and excell in life

Richard Wine

Good App This is a good app, but I'm still waiting for the rest of the shows to come on this app.

Stephen Brown

Great show, good app I give the show 6 stars (out of 5). App is good as well.

Bart Phillips

Ace Man! My personal philosophy had no Title until Carolla!

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