Download TEXAS HOLDEM POKER OFFLINE apk 2.3.4 free for Android smartphone

17 May

Posted by Youda Games Holding B.V. in Casino | May 17, 2016 | 215 Comments

Apk file size: 50.0 MB

Play Poker Offline! Best TEXAS HOLDEM POKER: Play Poker, Win houses, claim assets, win back Texas.

This mobile poker game simulates the well-known Poker game Texas Holdem, also known as Texas Hold' Em, and will give you hours and hours of offline Poker fun. Win poker chips and use those chips to buy houses, win transport and travel to other texas cities!


Best way to describe the app:
• Great Poker Game!
• Unlimited hours of Texas Holdem Poker play time: 19 cities to win!
• Offline Hold'm Poker: Single Player, no internet connection required.
• Best poker Story: Use your poker earnings to win back Texas; no pointless online multiplayer poker progress.
• Great Poker Engine: Will challenge beginners and poker pro's alike.
• Learn how to Poker: Great poker tutorial, learn poker handranking and learn poker odds calculation and rules.
• Become a true poker star!
• Play Texas Holdem !

Officially licensed by Youda Games Holding B.V. as part of Governor of Poker

Whats new

    Changed in Texas Holdem poker update 2.3.4
    - bug fixes in poker
    - fixed bug with transport
    - award missing certificates
    Thanks for playing Texas Holdem Poker and please send any issues to [email protected]

Youda Games Holding B.V. part of our Casino and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update May 17, 2016. Google play rating is 83.4539. Current verison is 2.3.4. Actual size 50.0 MB.

Download texas-holdem-poker-offline.apk 50.0 MB


Stephen Lawson

Won't let you keep playing without paying real $$$ Don't waste your time. You cannot advance without playing at least one poker game, if you are out of chips you are forced to pay to progress in game. It's designed to bluff you out of your real cash!! Great game if designers weren't so greedy.

Douglas Kramer

Terrible I had a High Straight Flush, and a player beat me with a simple flush. Dont waste your time.

Michael Bradford

Awesome game BUT You don't get the full game only first few games you have to buy the whole game so not worth even downloading if you want a free poker game.

John Benjamin

Annoying app. Too many ads Way too many ads. Cant pkay in silent mode as most ads are video and too loud. Off to find a better app.

Joseph Bryant

Wouldn't load It won't let me even get to the main menu

welakuh andrew

Addictive and fun but am still unable to buy chips

Cory Callahan

Horrible Theres much better Hold Em apps out there. Theres adds every 2 seconds, and the cpu players raise pre flop EVERY hand, which ends up bein a hassle. It takes forever to get to the action. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME, GET A DIFFERENT ONE

Jeremy Clark

Freezes/glitches Second time I have tried to play through this game after purchasing the full version and it still freezes mid hand and won't let you continue or leave the table, essentially forcing you to start all over and lose your progress. I want a refund... Update 4/21 froze again with 3rd play through on updated version in town of San Angelo in the middle of a hand and can't leave the table or continue... Game completely broken email sent to support with more details waiting for reply.

Michael Thacker

Fab Brilliant game, love the buy town side but would like other colours to use for the players as all blue can be a little dull but still a wicked game

Ανδρέας Βιδάλης

Great game and it doesn't require Internet connection. ;)

Andrew Woodson

Latest update sucks The cool fonts and names in the poker rooms are gone. You can't move very well from building to building any more. And not being able to finish the game without paying is a joke.

tom bb

Not worth it Only can play 2 levels before you have to buy it. Lots of ads

Adam Thuringer

nah Adds with a touch of poker

bleu wulf

Don't download Game is completely broken due to ad-rape. Also detects in security apps as infected,may have ruined my tablet. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!

Allan Litwin

Governor of poker 2 Forces you to open the full table or won't let you travel to other cities its all about the DOLLARS the hold you captive.......

Laura Odland

Fun, confusing n not fair Its a fun and unusual premise. I find it xonfusing where I can go to just play a game without going through the town storyline. I also noticed as someone else did that sometimes when I win the game the opponent get their chips back and the game continues. If they play all their chips when I win those chips I should get those chips and game should be done. Why dont you get money from all buildings you own each day. Rather than just the town you are in?

Yusak Agung

This game is great!!!!!......

Mike Benysek

Bugs with the ads When a game starts, everything appears normal. Then, an ad will play. Once the ad is done and I close it, the cards disappear, and only the corresponding numbers or letters show up. No chips. No suits. Very disappointing. Was a fhn game until this started to happen.

King Louis'

Best poker role playing game ever made!

Marcus Casperson

Not fair at all The game is rigged against you so that you are never able to win. It always seems to be the last card dealt is the card they need to win, or they always seem to have one card better than you. I cant believe I payed $5 for this piece of junk. Do not buy it!!! It would be nice to get my money back

Veela Alliance

Would be awesome... If the game could be played whole it only lets you play 2 maps and cant seem to progress without buying the game

Eddie T

Game freezes on Samsung galaxy s4 Buttons are either hard to press or cant be pressed maybe because I'm lagging..?

Melissa Grace Chavez

Concerns Why is it Texas Holdem poker if it is governor of poker 2? Oh, the game is bit laggy (please fix it) and it would be better if we wouldn't need to purchase the game just to play the whole game. Uninstalled, got nothing to do since I'm done with the game (free, I didn't purchase)

sharonda Thompson

Samsung Galaxy S 5 Active This game is very addictive and fun to play but it always sticks. Please fix this issue and I will rate it five stars.

Quyta B.

I exactly like the game. I wouldn't bought the full version if I didn't. But dang! I keep getting the same cards over and over in the tournaments. And the AI's pretty much win over and over. Well if that's random, ok.

Brent Haglund

Can't find how to get car or carriage. Fun game but it gets old when you can't go any further.

David De Lille

So many intrusive ads. No wonder the file size is so big. It has unskippable video ads at the end of every day. Just another game where income is more important than fun.

Cheyenne Fraser

GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK How do I get a refund?? I went against my better judgment and paid for the full game.. awesome game play, really fun... until it glitched mid hand... I shut my phone down, restarted the app and it was still stuck. Then I uninstalled then reinstalled and all my progress was lost.... I want my money

Chad Lewis

1 hour of play only Very limited unless you buy the full version. Full of video advertisements

Gary Pendry

SORRY PIECE OF TRASH WONG OPEN I don't know why these stupid app makers continue to waste people's time. Have you got nothing better to do? You get what you give jerks.

Михаил Бухтояров

That's it The Governor Of Poker, old and good...

Sammy Sumarjono

Where's the different? This is the same app with GoP 2... ?

Dranreb Tabuzo

All in!! One of the best offline poker game

Aaron Castillo Operana

Just having fun and i really love the challenges playing card

Ralph Gonzales

Not good for an offline game Good or great if all towns are unlocked upon install, such an anti-climax game in which you get the hang of it then suddenly you are stranded because you need to buy the full game. Wtf?? This is an old game in the pc and its playable up until the end for free so its such a waste putting it up on mobile then charging users for playing it in full swing. Too bad. Uninstalling

Santiago G

Fun and addictive with minimal issues Enjoying the game play. My only complaints are that too many opponents go all in during opening rounds and I have been dealt same 2 cards back to back during the same game too often to be accounted for by real odds.

Jon V

Ads I can live with ads between transition screens, I get it that's how you pay for program and design, but during the game? Sorry I'm done!

Walley O'Grady

Fun It was fun while it lasted. Finished it under an hr. Don't wanna pay.

Mariam Antaru

I love this game, it amazing

Michael Covel

I would like to give this 5 but.... Yeah, so many ads it messes the game and my phone up. You could pay to get rid of them, but paying to remove obnoxious verts is not fun. And it seems you can't get out of the first city no matter how well you play.

dean hassan

Great game. Would be nice if I can play entire game without purchase.

Claode Oliver

More like real poker Ya having fun

Bobby Greiner

Decent game It was working until last Android update on LG tablet. Even after reinstall it black screens and never opens.

Dean Lee

Lol I was in 2nd place!

Erdogan Diri

game is very nice but i have to buy somethink to advence which makes it enjoying

Greg Torres

Love it. It's the best card game ever. You even have a quest to complete. That's what makes it great.

DeShayne Hinkle

Really fun

Willian Jhonson

It good It a good app

Anthony Siguido

Too many ads It was fine before. Now I get an ad every 2 hands.

Gary Maxell

Game mechanics broken It's an ok game to pass the time but don't play this if you're serious about poker. I've had my flush beaten by a pair of Queens, two pair beaten by one pair, etc. But the most common glitch is how it splits the pot when you and the AI have the same hand. It's usually 70/30 in favor of the AI.

Gill Martin

Better if still working Crash to black screen , and can't play after first tournament win!

Henry Choy Rojero

Lenovo a390 Fun game but...there's a lot of bugs. Can you fix it?

Chuck Carr

Only one thing keeps me from giving it 5 I would have given it 5 stars if only you could shoot someone at the table. Come on people it's supposed to be the west and occasionally I just feel like it after a bad beat. I admit if you do you should be hanged game over but it would be worth it LOL

Devil Shark

Just not worth time Not worth downloading to many adds can't get a full 1 min of game play

Bader Bourisli

It is very entertaining offline game.

global teknikal

Nice game Very addictive!!!

Kevin McCarthy

Terrible Makes you play Monopoly between poker tournaments. Might be ok if you are into the micro payment game thing, but no good as a poker game.

Darrin Musselman

Dont get rewarded for sharing on fb. Uninstall ing it

Salizwa Sigcu

Not bad The game does not give you options when making a bet or when raising as to how much you want to bet or raise . The cards are put away way too quickly even at a setting of the lowest speed.

Marie Heyser

Loved it until... I had an A-2-3-4-5 of clubs straight flush and it had me lose to 2 flushes by the other players. You need to fix that.

a fareed

Needs this Needs a easy mode it's too hard!!!!!!!

Jan Dee

Texas Love this game. But now Google play services won't let me play this offline game without downloading it's app. Why?

Mike Perry

It was great until they updated or something and I lost all my chips.

hardik shah

I can't cross more than 2 level as it say to unlock you have to pay

Paul mortby

Not bad Great game just needs more towns to play in without paying for. More free towns = 5 stars.

Tony Dark

Takes to long to build rep and money

Austin Madussi

Need to be able to play in all towns for free

Emz Balibolista

Love the game Try this friends

Chris Skindilias

Good enough Very predictevily when blofing

Ryan Rowe

Money pit Too many ads and if you run out of money there is no way to get more except to buy with real money. Don't waste your time.

Bindu Purushothaman

Rigged I get that it's supposed to have levels but poker is random chance not blatant rigging. All of this is so that you purchase their green gems. Please make this a game that's like poker and don't rig it

Timothy Hudson

Too many ads! There are other apps that are just as good without the bombardment of ads.

Matt McKinley

To many adds To many adds you have to sit through for no payback in coins for play time. They are trying to force you to spend money to play. Other than that would rate higher

Evan Amaral

Addictive!!! Wow really addictive game I can't put it down!

reza pahlevi

not bad but must full version for play to all cities. if you want your game more success ,let player play to all cities without must full version. because if not like that ,all player will bored with this game.

Mark Cimadon

Wasted time Silly childish bubblegum version of an adult card game. Not worth the download.

Kenshin Xerxes

Very nice I know now how 2 play poker

Rob Kolar

Lots of fun without having to be online but pay close attention to the betting

Daniel Kitachewsky

Ads with sound = NO When I set all sounds to silent, I expect the app to be silent. Period.

George Ridings

Too many ads. Uninstalled

William Osuch

Very good offline The card action software is very close to playing real people. Well done

aj lavetoria

good game..its like a true poker...nice one guys!

Samuel Havard

Good only to many advertisements

Daisy Fabrigar

Stupid very slow

Rayne Blood

Its awesome

Marion Cutler

I had a problem one time with the game, and I received the best help from the support team. I love this game, and I would recommend this to everyone :)

Jt Overstreet

Intrusive Playing is fun, but the constant attempt to sell chips is annoying. I don't want anything to be linked to my Google account or Google Play, whatever that is, but every time i open the game, it ‘complains’ about my refusal to link everything up. Finally, although I paid for this app, I don't seem to have gotten the paid version on my tablet. I don't know if that's normal for games, but that hasn't been the case for other paid apps.


Not perfect, but good, and entertaining. Fix the crashing bugs and it'd be worth 5 stars.

Jules Jacob

Best free offline but we pay from our pockets go figure How do people find this game so great. There's so many better poker games than this. Why would anyone in their right mind want to buy a hat? Bcuz all you see is heads!! Like seriously. It's poker, not Barbie fashion. The A.I is crooked like Al Capone. So often I get dealt crappy cards, A.I is often Lucky wins. Only this game out of all I find most horrible. If you want to play an awful game offline, I guess this is the one. I wouldn't pay a cent for this, Amen!

Aditya K Sharma

Best game ever because it works without internet I am looking for an offline game

Josh H

In apps Was having a great time until I got about 5-10 minutes of gameplay total (2/19 boasted cities). $7.59 barrier to unlock the rest of the game seems a little steep.

John Bellanca

Cannot play story mode without paying an additional $6.99 U.S. Even through the story states that it unlocks a couple cities after you own the coalmine.

Marshall McMahon

Add pop ups introduced Love the endless adds popping up now five stars reduced to three

alfredo aviles

So it's good. Just getting ready to see them grow.

milton chevez

Love poker. An its offline it's even better for me. Thanks.

sabari vasan

Nice game Story mode based Texas Holden poker

Matthew Lyon

Brilliant way to improve your poker skills offline. Ive tried a number of poker games and the AI is generally poor. This game however has a number of different personalities to provide continual challenge

dexter llanes

Nice game Nice game but cant have free chips without viewing ads.;-)

Flavio Henrique Simoes

The best! Is the best off line poker!

David Bass

Love it It's an awesome game

yves patrick

Best poker game Really fun game

Scott Baker

It's ok

Jesse Dennison

Too many ads. Plus every single hand all the other players raise dramatically before the flop even gets shown. The only way to win is to just get lucky or fold every hand so you don't run out of chips. Skills don't matter in this game.

Ricky Winfree

Nice game but Not free!! Only 2 levels free. Then have to pay for more levels. Need to be up front about cost.

alfred alvez

Great being free.... Wish you could just add to more places for free.....

mr north Carolina

Fun Wish u could play full game 4 free

afd joe tasdiqi

Cant get full access I already purchased all acces but still cant go to anothet city, and ask me to purchase again.why??

Johnny Rebel

I don't like how you have to buy other cities defeats the purpose of being free very weak guys very weak shame on you for that

Vikram Kumar

nice game but too much ads

Andres Erives

Too much publicity It has too much publicity

Larry Kreuz

Can't go on without paying

Mevs Akrawi

One word Fun Easy to interact. Fun

Billy Read

Not bad not bad at all

Jurgen Beyer

Really amazing

Marvin Lee

It's a pretty decent game, the game screwed me over once and messaged for help but wasn't ever made right, and the trophy room is bullshit I can't tell you how many times it's shortchanged me on my trophies and not given me credit for what I did, but overall it's not to bad it'll teach you how to play Texas Holdem

anymomas venture

It's good but...... Just one thing while in a poker game their was an ad over the fold call raise etc, all the time it isn't your turn, it's kinda really annoying so if that was removed I'd give it a 5 star rating, oh also the game should have a little more instruction of what to do in the game, overall though it's pretty fun for a poker game

Aundrez Abren

Good game it's fun but the players playing dumb hands like a pair of Deuces and go all in unrealistic you just have to wait for your good hand and play them

Samir Lohmann

Too many ads It would be a nice game if they didn't ruin it with ads everywhere, all the time.

Denny Lee

Not bad but ...... Okay AI in poker games but you need to pay to get beyond a certain point no matter how well you do even though game is full of ads

vikas maheswari

Good but access other city purchse needed Accessing other cities after coal mine its asking aboit paying money is yhere any other way to skip it..

Igor Mendel

A lot of potential, but Poker dynamics are hopelessly flawed. Constant & excessive raising (9/10 by who ever the big blind is) gets old quick.

David Gregory

Want you to buy full version after the first town. However, the game itself is pretty cool.

Karthik Kuppuswamy

Not good - bought this game.. Always ask me buy more chips with money Not good... There is lot of ads in the. free version... So I bought the game for around $ the ads are gone... But we need to keep buying houses and needs money and ask to spend more money on this game to buy more chips... Also the bots does not simulate real poker player... The cards look like I am getting the same cards again and again... Not fun anymore...

Avery Parker

Looking for something different this would be the game to play, loads of fun and entertainment

Josh Dewitt

Awesome game Good way to kill time. Easy and addictive! Wish the videos would load to get free coins. Every time I try it doesn't even bring up a video

James Chichester

Every ad crashed the game The game crashes after every ad and doesn't play well

Tom Grimm

Perfect I'm new to Texas holem and this is teaching me a lot.

Monicious Motana

I'm still new to poker but hey I'm enjoying this game

Saeed Tabrizipour

ADVERTISEMENTS!!! Wow cannot play because it is full of ads. I literally see more than 10 ads for EACH hand. Not enjoyable.

Armstrong Tido

Like it very much It's like im playing it real! Thanks a lot devs.

Dustin Bishop

Sucks It only let's the ai win win all the time this game sucks

Lucky Fabros

Cool!!!! I love this game. So easy to learn

Brian Mendoza

Great Good job guys u did great on this game love everything about it

Cole Miller

Great Its nice to see a game that isn't online

Gafar Azeez

Gaf Play 5 games and didn't win any, somehow the computer always had better hands.

khaliil ross

Fun easy to play wish this version had couple places to unlock

lesley anne falcone

Great game I wish i have a lot more chips.

LaVern Baylor

Good game to play while waiting.

Christina Varrechia

Governor of poker 2 It's fun

Bob Lohr

Poker Game play is ok but game hangs up consistently. Ads freeze up game as well. Not worth the money they are asking.

Ace Benson Ledesma

Poker Nice offline game app

tinchu sebastian

Great experiance.. insted of running out of chips

Deniel Estellero

Good I've play this in y8

Karan kumar sharma

It's a good time killer

Trent Crapo

Ok Just slow and can't really play fast cause of adds

Kris Brendel

Payment It's great to play until you run out of chips and wild cards. Then you can't play the game. Sleeping requires you to play poker beforehand, which you can't do without chips and cards. Take off that requirement and allow us to skip to the next day and I'll rate higher.

Chop Chop

Ads To many ads

Christopher Johnson

Nice and easy to play

Alana Bosland

Fun Great way to sharpen yr Poker Skills pardner!!

Edgar Constantino

Awesome It's addictive challenging and it's really fun I recommend it for everyone

Michael Hersman

Says way! Never seen so many suited flops and bs catches on the river for computer opponents. And it says own the town and win the mine you can travel to other towns...not so. Too many adds and pau to continue.

just Ahß Gil

Seriously! It doesn't do what it says so. Offline for one(1) city. Then wants you to pay to travel to the next city!

Mookie Mookie

Do not Download It Nothing but adds, and it keeps freezing. The worst app I have ever had.

Corey Williams

Royal Flush Offline and challenging. Have been playing Poker since I was 6yo, it still entertains me. Admittedly theres nothing like playing for cash but this app is great training, Time waisting. PS am in my mid 40s.

Julie Mitchell

Jools For a learner, it is far too fast. No time to see what hand won the pot before the cards disappear. Little hints don't stay on the screen long enough to read them and I haven't found any buttons to change the speed

Anindya Chakravarty

Nice gameplay, too, too many ads. One ad pops up after every loading screen. That's very annoying. I enjoyed playing, but uninstalling now only because of the annoying ads.

Aaron Kim

Good while being offline! Its good game for the off time. Cheer up!

Michael Thacker

Fab Brilliant game, love the buy town side but would like other colours to use for the players as all blue can be a little dull but still a wicked game

Natasha Gill

Good game however; The game is very laggy paid my 7.00 for this game and still tends to freeze up. I like the overall experience of the game and the time and placing of the old west as u play the game. Like I said the laggy part I could go without and tends to freeze up now and again other than that like the game.

yams mcdag

Disappointed! Why I can't access the full game cities? Anyone who can help with this?

Phininder Balaghan

An extremely well made game You are a person who is being for governor of texas.. How don't ou do that? By playing poker! You play for chips, which in turn allow you to buy out buildings in various villages =) A great offline game :)


It is nice but I don't know how to play poker

Josh Mackenzie Haines

Best offline game... I guess. I've been playing this for quote some time now and it is definitely the best offline poker game. As soon as you lose all your money just uninstall and reinstall. Now I'm at 100,000 chips and I haven't left he first town. According to the "game bank" I can purchase 50,000 chips for $25 which means I have roughly $50 worth of chips. I think I should be able to cash the chips in to get the full game which is $6.99. Anyways, 10/10 would recommend but wish there was more!

tony bigbee

I recommend this If you want to learn how to play poker with out being bored get this app

Dean Franchini

Great Game You'll enjoy every second

Beth Neill

Govenor poker Spool much fun and real!

matthew barnes

Paid to remove the ads and they still appear. WTF?

Wendy Hays

Levels Why do we have to pay for additional levels?

Anthony Prado

One City!!!???Seriously... How it can be so fun?

fajar yusuf

Not free Only got one city to play, if you want to play to another city you must pay

Budok Concengco

How can i get the full game for free?? Is there any possibilities to get the full game for free?? Please..

Samuel Rodriguez

Hi im Sammy This is a good game

Russell Robinson

Fun game, however adds are to aggressive.

Pangkhum Tripajayakorn

Best! Best poker game since PC days. Very addictive. Nice animation. This game rules!

Vicky Savero Mahendra

Some bugs I clik transport but Its still notification full transport. Many bug in this game.

Joanna Collis

Govenor poker I love this game so much. Its so much fun... i can play it for hours.?

Frimad Firdizzy

Time killer Good for killing time. And i can play this without internet.

Jaina Mariella Ricafrente

Perfect app! Works really good, no ads whatsoever!

mandy walker

Gop2 Great free offline poker game

Roland Bastian

Tough to win. ? Realistic?

Robin Jervis

Poker Really fun!


Excellent game Very addictive

Le Tyler

Governors poker Love this poker game

Aleks Prengzi

I am stuck because in coal mine!!

Jodge Funcion

I love this game

Robert Wilson

Fun for travel Great offline game for when you are flying.

Paul Franklin

Unfair after paying AT FIRST IT was fun.... then i paid the 5 bucks to sign up for more and it became unfair. You need to pay or win every hand to move forward. screw this game... totally dumb and a waste of cash.

Abel Robbins

This is the worst poker set up by lies. When advertised by lies as free poker n need to pay money, I curse this game actually in Jesus' name Amen. I would love it but cannot support liars. What a shame. Change your ads from free to pay after winning first town or something. Anyone who supports this does not understand poker set ups.


When getting what you ask for isnt just a dream Very realistic AI opponents, bluffing with strategy instead of with a calculator feels natural for once. Sense of actual progress encourages play to win or bust instead of pointless buy ins where it feels like no stakes before flop. Available cheats not even mentioned during base play ??Stable, fast. Spend more time learning poker hands than getting game to work

Trenton Adams

Not so great Decent game, but... Woke me up in the middle of the night with an app alert, that's very annoying. Paid for the app so that I could fully play the game at different towns. As soon as I'm low on money, and want to travel back to another town with easier poker players, the app makes the train ride 7 days away, and ups the price from about 160 to 1120. So now I don't have enough money to play anywhere. SOL I suppose. Certainly worthy of 0 stars, but you have to select at least 1. It's just a money grab, they want you to have to pay real money for chips.

Samuel Lipman

Fraud I own all of the first town and beat the mine and it still is trying to make me pay to unlock what i was told i unlocked already. Waste of time. This game sucks

Amanda Johnson

Fun but... two many ads, coins take too long to regenerate. NOT RANDOM AT ALL TOO MANY ADS! It takes 2 days collecting 200 coins a day to earn the 355 coins needed for buy in once u run out if u don't have any houses to sell, or have sold them back already. And once u have watched videos to get more coins, u can't watch any more, ever. U are forced to watch them after every load screen. And some are long. And they put ads over the select bar during tournaments. I would be OK with the ads if I could play more than once every 2 days. Also hands are not random at all.

D Aiello

Great offline Texas Hold em Playa well offline. Minimal pressure to buy things all the time. Can't play with friends but it's still my favorite poker app.

Cosmin Balanoiu

Awful How the f it is offline is beyond me. It consumed 1 gig of traffic. Leaving that aside it is full of ads popping up all over. I know you gotta eat but damn. Leaving that aside as well it is incredibly poorly optimized. Once you get a few ads the app starts performing like it was running on Galaxy S1 (btw tried tis on a 5x). Leaving that aside there's nothing left to give a positive poker experience.

Harvey Handy

Too many ads This is the worst app I've seen for the amount of advertising. Good candidate for deleting.

Tony Jensen

Great idea for poker Tired of these partial games...cmon people. If I wanted to pay for a game I would so stop offering a purchase to unlock full game

Jon Perez

Cowboy Hold em at its best Saloon style playing with non gaming fun added.

lhyn obaldo

Why i cant travel to another city.. i stop playing in coal mine, because it doesn't work anymore. I tried to click the townsign that shows in the game but its not working. How can i play to the next level then??? ?

Jeenee Xiong

Good Overall Game, But... Needs to say "contains LOTS OF ads" not just "contains ads". Every now and then is OK, but you guys over killed it.

Lee Wade

Computer play is rigged, defies mathematical odds Too many times the computer has had royal flushes, flushes and full houses. Statistically unlikely.

Veronica Martinez

Game freezes Everytime I try to play this game it freezes 50% of the time, so I'm going to uninstall it.

Sagar Parave

This is fake offline game If you telling that its game for fun then why you guys want money for full game

Luc Bourget

Time killer Adds in this game are annoying as hell, they just keep coming one after another. I stoped trying to close them no point anymore.. other then that it's a fun game to kill time with

David Kerr

AI is a little too lucky AI will constantly make large bets on sorry hands then wind up catching cards on the turn and river to win the hand. Obviously, this in itself happens in the real world as well, but the frequency it happens in game is BS.

Nicholas Morrison

Okay but playing this way in real life would result in huge losses because you can't always bluff when you have bad hands and think that's stragy

Arth jade Lantano

Not good What is this you will stack in one town only and you need yo pay if you want to go because its not a full game. Disappointed

Carl Mutumante Hespen

Too many ads Ad plays after every tournament, it's very very annoying

Krystaffur Smith

Great game Isnt free smashed the first little city on hard then bought everything and it told me I can purchase the full game with money


No purchase processing It only gives message of processing but no progress...i am stuck in one city with coal mine purchased

james thompson

Texas Holdem Offline Great game to practice and have fun with it also gives you other things to do while playing thanks Developers

Angela Ellsberry

I love this game. Simple but addictive. Hard to put down and I suck at poker

Jae Aumua

It's ok I made it upto the Cole mine and now I have to pay to get to the other towns ? I really like this game but sux you have to buy..

AB Mumbai

Crap game Bunch of cheats. Can't go to next town without buying full game even after winning coal mine!! Rip off!!


ALL about that money Loved the game at the beginning, but once you get through the coal mine which is the second town,you have to pay to go on. The full game will cost you $6.99. So I'll be deleting this game

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