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25 Dec
Tethering Widget

Posted by ACM64 in Tools | Dec. 25, 2013 | 76 Comments

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This widget allows you easily share internet in one click. Please take attention to following:

1. This is Widget, not App, if you install it, you should go to Launcher(press Home), Menu->Add->Widget. Android Market OPEN button won't work.

2. Some devices does not support TETHERING. This mean that there's no way to have my widget working. Please read tutorial before installing.

3. Some devices require password. Please follow this link: it might help.

4. Again, this is Widget which helps use Tethering, not featuring your phone with it.

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ACM64 part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Dec. 25, 2013. Google play rating is 78.7536. Current verison is 1.4.3. Actual size 244.0 KB.

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David McAlister

Does not work after upgrade I recently upgraded my software and this app no longer works as it did. It will now check with the carrier and only allow tethering if you pay for the AT&T service. Essentially, no better than the native tethering tools in android.

Prahphet Theskycap

Upgrade of GalS3 killed it Used this for years. Grandfathered into AT&T I still have unlmtd data for almost nothing. I could tether forever lol. Upgraded my androidware, asks for service upgrade to tether now. :-(

A Google User

Sprint Galaxy S - Worked Effortlessly!! Download, widget shows up, select choice, create password, and you are in! Soooo simple. Nothing to put on my laptop..and just as fast as my cell! Love it!!

FTA Electronics Enterprise

The USB thethering will not turn on After installed on my Samsung Note2 USB thethering was working. But after 2 hours stoped turning on or off. Have to go manually in to settings to enable USB thethering. Tried to reinstall, after couple times USB icon is red and will not turn ON.

Marlo I.B.

Incompatible to Galaxy S4 Kitkat I used to have this widget on Galaxy S3 LTE. After I upgraded my phone to S4 KitKat, the phone vibrates and refusing to accept this widget to home screen.

A Google User

Does what it says, awesome widget:) At first had a little problems setting it up. But got it all situated.. just add the widget to home screen then connect . Everything works perfectly fine. Using my wifi router to android phone to a computer with no wifi adapter without a problem. ;) awesome widget

Tristan McNeal

Crashes Worked well on Galaxy Nexus. Immediately crashes on Droid Mini. Numerous error reports sent with still no fix. Ongoing issue now for months. 5 stars had it worked on my new device.

A Google User

Simple HTC EVO w Sprint Simple to use. Simplifies the pre-installed sprint hotspot. In case people are wondering, you do need to subscribe for the sprint hotspot feature for this to work. If you don't have one, it still creates a network, but no internet. You'll see the 3G icon disappear.

William Lee

Doesn't work right On my Atrix HD (CM 10.2), it only starts working after I manually go to settings and enable USB tethering. Before that, pressing the widget button does nothing.

A Google User

Works great but... I just updated to ICS and it stopped writing is this something Verizon did or does this app not work on ICS yet? Droid razr

A Google User

Great Widget! Absolutely love this widget! Much more convenient than going to tethering though the settings! I have had no faults or glitches with this app and it also looks really sleek.

A Google User

The widget you need Functionality-wise good. The logo is ugly as f***! Sometimes on boot my 1x1 widget for WiFi tethering shows the both switches for a while, nothing too bad but looks confusing.

Matt Schiedermayer

Works great, but one suggestion for perfection. This is a perfect shortcut to tethering options for phones that don't come with a shortcut app/widget out of the box. This is not intended to get around tethering subscription plans, but to offer an easy toggle. I would recommend an enhancement. If WiFi is on when you turn on mobile hotspot, the widget appropriately shuts WiFi off. However, it would be amazing if the widget took into account the status of WiFi before hotspot is toggled, so when you turn the hotspot off, WiFi will be turned back on.

Keith Little

Utter garbage Seemed to work at the start, until I realised it was constantly flipping portable AP on and off (even though I was trying to use USB tether). Then USB tethering switch stopped working and the portable AP kept going on and off even after I junked the widget. Had to restart phone to get it to stop, save yourself the trouble and avoid this garbage.

Angel C

Tethering problem When I first installed the app, I noticed tethering wasn't working. I had to manually turn on my tethering (through settings) and then I was able to toggle it through the widget. After rebooting, still saw the same thing and tried it out with rebooting and plugging/unplugging my S3. The error occurs for both and is very annoying. Please fix this. Other than that, Mobile Hot Spot works perfectly.

A Google User

Works great, Samsung gs3 Before I couldn't turn on my mobile hot spot, after I downloaded this widget... It works great... I have unlimited data usage, wifi tethering, is an excellent convenient... Thank you

A Google User

Please add ics support It's stop working after i upgraded to ics. Please fix it

A Google User just like I wanted Beaut. Suggest making the widget icon more subtle...any reason for it to be so big?

Bob Walker

Great App All users that give this app 1 because their carrier does not support tethering should read what it says on the tin ! It short cuts the convoluted menus to turn tethering on and off. Minor bug. a very quick tap turns on (or off) the tethering but does not give the indication on the widget. this requires a longer tap. Galaxy S3

Will Kemp

half works I like this widget, it works fine for turning on the wifi hotspot, but unfortunately it doesn't turn on USB tethering on my Galaxy S3 and i still have to trawl through the stupid menus.

A Google User

USB tethering doesnt work USB tethering didn't work even the cable is plug to PC. WiFi Hotspot work very well. If this can be resolved then 5 star rating for you..

Brian Mirante

Some problems. I'm using gs3 and I could npt get tethering to work. I used wifi hotspot but it notified my carrier and woulnt let me use the internet.... figures

Kasif Hast

Nice, easy and fast This software has not been updated for a year but it works like a charm. Easy to install and use. It doesn't mess around with your phone settings. No wonder it still works without any software updates.

Minh NN

Simple with small issue Work well in general with simple widget, this is good. However, turning on USB tethering doesn't work: it must turn it on in system setting menu first, although configured, then off from widget, then on, off work. Strange!

felicia swan

Invisible 0 stars Tried twice, No app, No icon!!! Installed it and went to open it from the notice on the status bar and it took me back to the Google store and still no option to open, so I checked my apps screen and it wasn't their either. Found the app in my downloads but just like Google store, it only gives me option to uninstall.

Halos Gametag

Verizon Galaxy S4 This little widget is amazing. I had been working on using other more "advanced" apps to get a wireless tether working but it just wouldn't broadcast. I was skeptical but I installed this little widget, literally pushed ONE button to toggle it on and BAM, my devices immediately saw my wireless tether and it worked like a champ!

Ron Jackson

No longer works vzw s4 Oh well. Was nice while it lasted. Installed vzw update like a dummy and now it wants me to do subscription.

A Google User

USB does not work on 4.3 / N4 Even if I plug in the USB cord the tethering button stays red. Enabling it in the menu is still possible.

A Google User

USB doesn't work on Xperia Pro On Xperia Pro. USB widget turns green when tethering is on. But tapping the widget does nothing, I have to go into the system settings menu to actually turn tethering on/off.

A Google User

@alexander Verizon will not charge you because they can't tell what the data is being used for without going out of their way to check. So unless you use obscene amounts of data while tethering they will have no idea if you're phone is using the data or say a laptop. App works perfectly on Samsung Droid Charge. I'm getting consistent 10mbps download on my laptop using Cleveland area 4g

A Google User

works brilliantly Just what I wanted, a simple way to turn USB tethering on and off from the home screen without having to navigate all the way through the different menus. On my Sony Xperia Pro this works perfectly, does just what it says on the tin. I would personally have liked this to be a shortcut not a widget so I can move it to the SD card (and save memory), but other than this, I have no complaints at all

Haley Boone

Help!!! I downloaded this app and I added the widget to my homescreen and I cannot figure out how to work it, please help me. I would love to be able to create a mobile hotspot.

A Google User

Not charging Works great but my phone won't charge while tethered....been stuck at 20 % .... is this normal?

John Hitchcock

Still don't know yet if this app works in my phone. It seems like my carrier has tired their hardest to make sure that both Tethering and WiFi Hotspot will not work unless you sign their sub toilet paper grade contract! But, if it doesn't it's the phone, not the app. This app's creator actually went out of his/her way to describe how to make it work, minous your phone's possible inability to complete the function and stupidity error. It was extremely helpful to me because no one else wanted to explain past the typical basic app installation instructions and I hadn't been able to figure it all out. So, THANKS FOR THAT!

A Google User

Useful! I found it useful to just trigger this little swith widget than have to swypes and taps just to turn the tether on!

A Google User

Nice looks great but has anybody got it to work with the samsung intercept? garbage phone i know but neat app just wondering if it worked for anyone out there.

Zunair Fayaz

Works on Note II (SGH-T889) Very essential peice of app :D Both wifi and usb tethering worked after some mods

A Google User

The Solution I tried different Apps but this is what I'm going to stick with. Easy to use and works as it should what else can you ask for.

A Google User

Works great! This app works just as it should. If you get the pop up to pay you obviously don't have your phone set up the way it needs to be.

Mary Azer

Doesn't work anymore I would have given it 5 stars but I tried using it today and now its requiring a subscription to the Verizon hotspot. I didn't need that before. Not sure if it's just since the update or what? Please fix this if you can and you'll get 5 stars! It used to be awesome!

Pavel K

Not working on lg nexus 4 Usb tether widget not workking in ics 4.2.1

Alexander Romanenko

Usb Usb work fine after activate usb-modem on phone

Алексей Шихов

Super! All is great!

travis spence

Verizon extortion plan required Seems it would've been a good widget if it didn't require getting screwed by Internet provider..searching for a legitimate tether app such as fox if that will actually let me tether my unlimited data

Ved Prakash

Probems encountered Can't say it a problem with the android or the widget code. Most of the times the tethering fails. And once it fails it becomes impossible to tether with that mode(mainly with wifi). If the tethering with the widget fails the only option left is to usb tether without the widget. I would like to know why this is happening.

Lanie Applegate

Disappointed Installed, appears to be on phone, but I can't connect to hotspot on desktop or tablet because I don't know the network security key. Otherwise it would be a five star.

Jolinda Smith

Stopped working after I upgraded my software :O not even after I reinstalled it. Fix PLEASE . Make it work again.

izzy maldonado

Eh...... Htc desire with lolipop 5.1, didn't work. Ill be on the lookout for an update wich will probably be the solution. Looks nice though hah

James Harrington

Love the widget, but... ... Wish it would work on my Nexus 5x! I love the simplicity of one touch toggle wifi hotspot which I use very often, and can't stand multiple taps to locate the switch to activate it. Sometimes it worked on my galaxy light, but hotspot kept turning off. (I blame the lousy phone & samsung, not the widget, as problem persists with other apps/widgets). I was excited to use it on my new Nexus 5x, but sadly it's not compatible.

A Google User

Says hotspot active then Network is unavailable and whenever i click on the USB port nothing happens D: someone please help Optimus s Sprint

A Google User

Hailey Does it charge your Sprint bill? I have the HTC EVO and when I go to open the app it tells me I don't have sprint hotspot contact service provider. I quickly ended and called because its a 29.99 charge so I need to know before I use it if it does or doesn't charge... Please help(:

Tom Evans

Outdated and poorly documented The Play Store thinks this is "compatible with my device". It isn't ,as mine runs KitKat. This page says it "Requires Android 2.2 and up", but it should also say it can't possibly work with Android 4 and above. Maybe it only worked with 2.x - it would help if it said.

Bruce Wade

Exactly what was desired, perfectly done I wanted a simple button on my home screen to toggle WiFi tethering for my tablet and avoid multi-step process required even after setting it up. One has to chase down the widgets option with a long press on one of your home screens, then step through until the Tethering App shows up. Drag and drop to the screen of your choice. Nice feature is the active LED bar on the bottom edge that shows active or not.

sarath narayanan

USB Tethering doesnt work the first time WiFi hotspot works well, but usb tethering was what I was looking forward to, and it doesnt work the first time. You can use the usb tethering switch once you have first connected it manually, which is not much of a use. You have to connect manually again if you have disconnected the data cable.

Nick Fieldss

Simple and works The other apps have lots of requirements. This one just suddenly works. Its outrageous how much time i wasted with the other bs apps. Im using metropcs now as a free hotspot to watch netflix on my tv basically. Can be utilized many ways for those without cable or net subscription.

Mikhail Iakhiaev

USB tethering is broken on MotoX, Android 4.4.2. Cannot turn on USB tethering when I just connected USB cable: have to do through menus and manually enable it. After that, I can use this app to turn tethering on and off (but what's a point?). If I disconnect and reconnect USB cable, I have to go through menus again. So, the widget is useless for me.

David Apperley

New Verizon update broke this app Verizon has a new S4 phone update that will render this app useless. I have unlimited data and this app was 5 stars when working before the S4 update. Dont Update if you have unlimited data. It will not work.

Donald Keith

Sadly doesn't work Unfortunately this widget doesn't work on my device. Clicking the USB tether button does nothing, although if I go the traditional route (through settings etc...) then it comes up green, but that's pointless considering the reason I tried this widget. And yes, my device definitely has tethering, and other apps work well on it.

A Google User

Sweet!! After a call to V to find out they wanted to suck MORE money out of me to hotspot/tether... even though i already pay for unlimited data. What a screw job. I found this widget ..problem solved. Thank you. Razr maxx.y

Shaheed Campbell

Having issues This app was working fine but stopped the last few days. Also, I can't get it to work on my sisters jelly bean optimus g. I'm looking to upgrade myself soon so I hope there isn't an issue with jelly bean phones

A Google User

Works really well! Wifi hotspot turns on within 2 seconds :] Too bad it doesn't let me choose the bluetooth hotspot tethering option samsung added to my phone with ics :[

A Google User

Droid RAZR Maxx with ice cream sandwich I used to tether to my laptop all the time to use my internet, but ever since my phone updated itself to the ice cream sandwich software it won't work!!! I'm so disappointed. I wouldn't have accepted the update had i known this app wouldn't work with it. I hope changes can be made so the two are compatible.

Divvva Starzz

It's Just a Ghost I have successfully downloaded this a pp but it's not visible on any screen except for the Application Manager screen. Sprint is blocking my tethering and hot spot on my phone. I hate their greed!! Even though I have Internet via Bright House Cable Co., Sprint "the Losers" have me blocked! Uninstalling!! Sprint SUCKS!!

Jason Morford

Broken This is broken for the galaxy s3. You cannot turn on tethering, but you can turn it off. As of other comments it looks like this is common and because of the latest patch.

A Google User

Ics problem. Problems with galaxy s2 ics. Widget wont work until settings are arranged in the 'phone settings'. Wont connect or start thethering with single touch. Was excellent b4

Ron Spomer

Does not support new FW I have the S4 and this app has not been updated to accommodate the new FirmWare. This widget is now useless. Please fix!

A Google User

Works like a charm! Works on Galaxy W (android 2.3.6) beautifully. However I'd love a smaller icon. The 'small' icon is not small enuff for me. A bit smaller less obvious icon gets a full star from me ;)

Charlie Patterson

Finally!! I rooted my Galaxy Note 2, Kept the original rom-AND FINALLY FOUND AN APP(or Widget) THAT WORKS!!! One button to push and blazing fast! I thought I would never get around this AT&T block!I already have "grandfathered " unlimited data, and can finally use it! Great Widget! 5 stars all the way!

Jonathan Maddox

Does not recognise insertion of USB cable. The USB tethering button remains red when I connect the USB cable. If I go through the old settings menu and enable tethering once manually, it turns green in the widget and I can then toggle USB tethering off and on via the widget, but it goes red again when the USB cable is removed and still does not recognise reinsertion. The WiFi tethering switch works fine.

Malachi Greb

Tethering My goal was to turn on tethering with out having to go deep into my setting. This app solved my problem and I like how the widgets look like the onboard android widgets.

Mary Galloway

Ok Was working just fine on my S4, then out of the blue my phone would check for subscription status when using this widget to activate the hotspot. Uninstalled and reinstalled - same problem. Guess I'll have to uninstall for good.

sargent Sue

1 use only After it working the first use, now it is coloured red and doesnt engage tethering as its supposed to. I have to go into the menu to activate it manually, then the widget turns green. Now its only usefull for switching tethering off which is not very handy

Sam Allister

Wifi works great but usb doesn't The usb button wont activate tethering. All you people complaining about it not giving you free internet are you completely stupid. Nowhere in the description does it mention free tethering this is a shortcut only. Stop leaving poor reviews and find some common sense.

A Google User

Great app just like another one! I go between this app and another app because 1 is secure the other one is not so take my advices and both, have fun and remember to say thank you to these guys too

Liz Park

Awesome app! I had an issue with my unlocked phone from T Mobile on Wind Mobile network not able to tether but this app fixed the problem after calling multiple places for help!! Honestly, thank you so much for making this app!

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