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15 Jun
Test: Are you a racist?

Posted by Survey Master LLC in Entertainment | June 15, 2012 | 58 Comments

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We often think we are open-minded and have more interactions with other races and cultures, when in reality, we are limited in our experiences. Take this test to see if racism is more a part of your life than you care to admit.

This test will gauge whether or not you have racist tendencies. Answer truthfully, remember this is private so only you will know your results. There are varying degrees of racism and you should know exactly where you stand.

For a more in-depth survey (additional questions) and no advertisements download "Test+:Are You a Racist?"

If you have suggestions for new questions or requests for a new test, don't hesitate to send us a note at: [email protected]

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Bob Usualis

Liberal test. The test references flattering black stereotypes but negative white stereotypes. Everytime I hear white people its in a negative context. Nothing new here. Disgusts me.


The quiz itself is racist This test is targeted towards white people. If this test says ur racist it shoes a kkk member. Why can't it show a black panther or some other racist group? Many other racial targeted propaganda towards whites being racist and no one else. Whoever made this is either extremely stupid or racist themselves. Shame on you!!!

James Wallace

Racist app Bad questions. Very bad. Id say whoever created this is racist or ignorant. Or both.

Robert Howard

Complete crap I'm a racist because I won't date a black chick. I just haven't seen very many I found attractive. And stereotypes yea every stereotype is true to the mass population of each race. Should have multiple test with different questions for different races. But apparently only white people can be racist.

mark Wilkinson

Def not racist WTF!!!! Was retaking the test and just out of curiosity hitting all the racist said i was a "radical conservative" and displayed a confederate flag! Know its just a game but What kind of brainwashed liberal idiot made this. I guess white conservatives are the only ppl who can be racist....uninstall

Ubah Y

Educational It had good intentions and might hopefully open the minds of certain people who are in denial about their racism.

Ed Rogosky

Test Are you a Racist? This quiz, while short, covers the elements of white privilege. It will make white people uncomfortable as it hits at an essential truth: Even good people will act in self-centered ways to avoid standing out from the crowd.

A Google User

Lame The app itself seems a little racist. Only generates "results" that deem the tester racist OR someone who "race doesn't matter to", BUT still apparently cares enough not to allow themselves the possibilities of bestowing themselves to a partner OF a different r-...r-..RaCe?¿???.... bull****

gabby starks

What the.... It said i was pretty then it said the d word and then racist like i feel bad i don't know i was that racist i was just being funny but i guess i really am racist and btw this app has some things that makes me think that they ate racist too


it says Im not really racist, Dude im totally not racist at all I have friends of all races, plus im in fifth grade and I like a black girl, and a white girl.

Sarah Ramsvik

WHAT! I'm a mixed person black and white. Some of these questions make me feel angry. I think you should re think alot of ur questions. BECAUSE IM NOT AN ABOMINATION!!!

Jas M

Terribad If you have to ask in the course of the questions if the test taker is racist, your racist test fails. I'm pretty sure this was developed by a child. I'd give it zero stars if i could.

SX Heavens

Very basic.. Probably designed by someone with very little knowledge on psychology, and social matters.

Apocalyptic FTW

Not really a racist Even if i do own a nazi cross I'm Not really a racist lol

Borat Sagdiyev

This is for ENTERTAINMENT People taking this app seriously are morons. Like "OMG the app itself is racist" stfu. Anyway it's really fun.

A Google User

Works. It works. It told me that I wasn't racist, but will probably mary within my race. I agree with it.

Talin Campbell

This test is only for white people. It has negative stereotypes against Blacks and Hispanics but nothing for whites, so unless you're white... I wouldn't get this app.

Simon Boucher

Neither funny nor interesting Wow, couldnt be more overly simplified if they tried! Bored by question 7.

A Google User

I knew it I took the test and it said i was open minded and the peace symbol showed up it aslo said cause of people like me there would be less hate in the world

Richard Sequeira

I am not racist. I came out as optimistically open minded, but the quiz is a joke. A lot of the questions itself are racist.

Chris A.

Great! Add more questions Adding more racially motivated questions would be great to answer

Rex the pig

Its ok The person who said they where of ended by the question about mixed races seems to have forgotten that the test is to find out if you are racist, and only a racist person would say that.

U people l

Good job I could have told you I wasn't racist my wife is white and my girl friend is Mexican

Rebel Man

Hahahaha Wow who would guessed hahahaha

David Stephens

Hah... This app was made by a black person who is discriminate towards white people. No point in downloading. Not even just to mess around.

Sweg Muhnster

Cool Its a pretty sweet app for a bit

A Google User

It's good. Said I'm not really racist. But wish they would better questions. Plus I would date different race. Not Same.

Beverley Hunt

I am racist its mainly aimed at white steryotypes


I am kinda racist...not bad

Desirée Weaver

A the end it described me perfectly

Nic martin

Bad quiz It asks if u think good things about black people are true and if white people are ugly. And, that mexicans jump borders.

Don King

I'm Asian and hate niggs and this test said I'm sum wot racist

Luke O Doherty

PURE CRAP It was 100 per cent CRAP

A Google User

Trae crabtree claremore oklahoma Pretty darn racist. White power. Down w jungle bunnys border hoppers, slant eyes n gooks.. Nine juden.

spawn carpenter

Fair test, the questions of course are going to be racist oriented, but to cry about it being aimed at a certain race then just too sensitive. Probably shouldn't be taking this test

Travis Pike

Ok So I took this test honestly and it says I am really open minded. Problem is my wife took it and answer racially to see what it stated and it said really racist. That said why is there a Confederate flag picture on there? People like you give that flag a bad rep. $500 says you don't even know what it truly stood for without googling it. That's an issue I'd like to have fixed please as it offends me to see a good flag disgraced.

Chase Carbee

Pretty Racist App I went through this app with a wide spectrum of answers and got multiple results. Overall, this app is very liberal bias and the most offensive part is that the developers use the Confederate flag when you score "racist" results. That's plain wrong and slanderous. Not only that, but if you get "racist" as a result, you are called a "radical conservative!!!" This is by far the most offensive and racist app I've seen yet!

Mr Vidification

I came out with a clean slate. The quiz seems to ironically aimed primarily at the majority of caucasian US. Some questions do seem racist or just stupid, but I think that's the point, to force the closest answer out of you, to your way of thinking. The downfall is that it's hard to tell just how accurate it is, and if you would rather answer 'sometimes' you only have the option of yes,no, or don't know.

Manuel Mejia

Incompetent Questionare These questions do not actually frame what racism is and how it works. Not that I support the imbecile that compared the kkk to the Black Panther Movement.

The Aardvark

At least i came out as not racist Which is something considering the black/white answers to some downright ignorant questions

Michael W.

Cool app The only people hating on this app are closet racists themselves. These questions are actually pretty fair and unbiased.

Kedarreis Kirkendoll

Im dead When I saw the steriotypes about black having big d***s I was roflmao, but it is kinda true

A Google User

I knew it I took the test and it said i was open minded and the peace symbol showed up it aslo said cause of people like me there would be less hate in the world

Luke Harries

This described me The summary at the was 10/10

Ian Jones

LOL Im not really rasest. I love joke games like this ( neads more ASINS lol jk )

Taniyah Jenkins

Haters I Think You All Are Saying A "Black" Person Made This . All These Comments Are That Black People Should Be On The Racial Part Instead Of A Confederate Flag Those Flags Are Pretty Racial,But It's A Game That Doesn't Mean Anything. Grow Up I'm In My Teens And I'm More Mature.

Thom Thumb

Idiotic! The Dev's seem to think that only White people can be racist against others. Two of the most racist individuals on this planet happen to be Black; Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson. And why do they show a Confederate flag to signify racism? The flag has absolutely NOTHING TO DO WITH RACISM! It was and is a Battle flag! Nothing more, nothing less.

Nicholas Leiber

I'm not racist It said I'm racist for not dating outside my race but I have African American friends + Hispanics I think this test should be the Democratic liberal test maybe al sharpton would pass this test cause he's supposably not a racist


Can a black man be labelled a racist if he's racist against a white person? The answer is no. What a load of bollocks. The royal family are racists because they gave the order to murder princess Diana because they wanted nothing to do with a muslim baby that she was supposedly pregnant with.

Liam Collins

Good It's very good so it's getting some maners

TrapQueen Love

Yay I'm not racist ;^)

Brandon Garcia

Not really racist I have only one race I hate and they are the Whites (the ones who think White People are superior). I'd date and African or Asian (mostly Japanese girls due to "Otaku"enza). I'm pretty sure a black guy can have only a 0.12 caliber vs. my 0.21.34 caliber (penis size) I don't think stereotypes are truthful but their funny.

jasmine crawford

Omg... It said do black men naturally have bigger D%#ks.. Ha wow... This app is to funny i mean it would really make a person upset it seems to aim toward the white culture .. Some of the questions are funny

Very good Test! I'm "Optimistically Open minded" ! The thing is the questions are too obvious. And someone in denial of their racism could cheat. Most closet racist don't want to admit they are racist, or live in that dark space. Like many of the reviews suggest, a lot racist are not willing to accept they are white supremacists. Black is beautiful, 2/3 or the earth's population are made of people with brown skin whom most call black! Africans, Native American, Indian, Arab, South American, Pacific islanders, southern Asia

Billy Medlin

Wth The questions on this app are from a liberals point of view. Stupid questions. Recommend to remove so no one else wastes there time on it

Lil Jamaican Warrior

Racist test I Like its fun

Pete C

Pretty funny Turns out I'm racist

Tom Brown

Worst app I've ever seen. This is literally to apps what cancer is to health.

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