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1 Aug

Posted by 505 Games Srl in Adventure | Aug. 1, 2016 | 251 Comments

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DIG! FIGHT! EXPLORE! BUILD! Join the community of millions of Terrarians!

“Terraria so damn engrossing. And it makes those comparisons to Minecraft seem a little half baked.” - Pocket Gamer

"This is the full version of Terraria, built from the ground up... If you loved it on PC or consoles, you’ll love it here.” - Slide To Play

“Terraria takes a different approach to a formula proven by Minecraft in perspective, combat, immersive-storytelling and – most importantly – moments of discovery.” - Touch Arcade

**Requires Android OS 4.0.3 and above and 512MB RAM (1GB RAM recommended).**

***If your device has less than 1GB of memory, you may experience performance issues if you create an Expanded World. The option to create Expanded Worlds is not available on devices with 512MB RAM or less.***

In Terraria, every world is unique -- from the floating islands in the sky to the deepest level of The Underworld. Adventure to the ends of the earth, and battle villainous bosses along the way. The world is your canvas and action-packed, sandbox adventures are just a pickaxe swing away!

- MULTIPLAYER - Local WiFi games support up to 4 players cross-platform on any mobile device!

- 1360+ CRAFTING RECIPES - weapons, armor, potions, and more!

- 450+ ENEMIES!

- 100+ BLOCK TYPES to build anything you can imagine!

- 30+ PETS!

- 20+ BOSSES!

- Over a DOZEN environments to explore!

- Dynamic water & lava, day/night cycles!

- Create worlds as large as 4200 x 1200 tiles ("Small" worlds on PC)!

Every pixel of Terraria has been crafted for the BEST possible mobile experience!

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    Critical fixes.

505 Games Srl part of our Adventure and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 1, 2016. Google play rating is 83.7361. Current verison is 1.2.12785. Actual size 103.0 MB.

Download terraria-1.apk 103.0 MB


Swootie Mcflydown

Wow Yet again terraria is not working what a surprise ill give it 5 stars when you let me type my charactors name and making it stop when I load it up. But right now your game sucks and I think everyone else agrees

Hunter Sugarbaker

Still wont work... Please fix the fact that I can't create a character now because I can't name it!! If you fix this I will rate 5 stars but no one should get this game untilled fixed. Don't waist your money people.

Tyler Gates

Character creation Okay, i reinstalled, and now it starts, but now i cannot create a character. I can pick hair color, etc. But i cant name my character. I click on the box and it wont bring up my keyboard. Wtf?

Chris Walton

Oh my god!!! When I play it on my s4 it and when I play on it for a while it says terraria is not responding and then it closes and when I re open the app my character isn't there even on the drive characters I have it on the drive character so I won't loose it but look what happens it's frickin gone fix the stupid problem

Chuy Lopez

Can't make a character Tried to play and when I get to the point where I make my name the keyboard won't come up! Obviously my keyboard is working cuz I just typed this review.

Ankdoesgaming 0523

CHARACTER NAME! It doesnt work on my LG Optimus, I want to record this game, but it doesnt let me write a name for my character, atleast put a botton that says, Random Name, atleast

Jackal Core 505 please fix the bug where you can't type a character. Name then I will rate 5 stars thanks!

Lava Rocks

4.2 Keyboard Fix For all those who want a fix to the keyboard, Your gonna have to install a 3rd party keyboard app, such as GO Keyboard. It's either that or wait for probably a LONG time for an update.

Alex Reid

Key board ways to fix Well if you get go keyboard 2015 it will let you type in your name sucks but it's the only way you can get it done just gotta wait for them to fix it good luck

Alexis Saldana

do not waste your if you get this game 5 dollers gone look at the coments they all agree. please fix please fix now this game is making me mad. im done i had this game for a week and it still dosent work please fix it...............then the next update comes it still dosent work please fix

Antonio Maravilla

Needs some fixing Creating a character doesn't work. Cannot type name for bug. Please fix it soon!

Mark Smith Jr

Love it but... Ive played terraria before so i know for a fact its a good game, but i cant create a character so that makes me sad. 5 ? because i know about terraria already just wish i could create a character

LeeLoe MeeMee

Can't join other games Jot the game at the first model and I loved it but now I can't join any game. I go to a hole lots of web sites saying how can I join and I did every one of them. I am in the same internet with the guy I am trying to join and no joke 2feet away and its not letting me join I would really appreciate it if you could look into it and fix it please for an lenovo. :-(

Turd Ferg

Don't bother Can't name my character therefore I can't even start the game. Don't waste your time on this version. I will update review if they fix.

CJ Sturgill

Not working I love this game and always have and I thought it would be great on my g3. Its not even working. I have to touch my screen hard to select things and it won't even let me type the name of my character. I'll give it t stars once I can actually play it

Gabe Harding

Keyboard? Every time I try to name my guy the keyboard won't come up also it says no download so I can't play the game

Boulder games

Wont load Really love this game probaly my favorite game for my phone but sense the last couple of updates unable to play just says fetching download url please fix.

ItsNuKe _

Cant type name I try to create a charecter and keyboard wont even pop up this sucks cause i have it for Xbox360 and i would like to have it on my phone 5$ for a bunch of bullcrap

Deryk Kunzmann

Why can't I type There seems to be an issue regarding character creation, I cannot type my name I love this game I have it on all my other devices but can't seem to get the name creation to work now

Luke Nuzman

Still won't load Still says "fetching download url" with the spinny plant thing whenever I try to open the game. I love the game and that's why I rate 3 stars. Fix for 5.

Fly till Vatten och morgon

Solution for kb issue - switch keyb in andr settings An amazing amount of content for the price paid. Fight collect craft build repeat. Fun for a while. This port works as well as the lin / mac / win version. Different controls but not less playable. Stop deleting my review gplay!

Kuzma Sh

Sometimes crashes and takes away my stuff. Also doesn't let me into somebody's world when I'm sitting right next to them. Otherwise great game.

Nicholas Gonzalez

Can i get my character? The game won't take my hard mode character profile off google drive but it's there can u fix this????

Dominic Fauskey

Great Game but doesn't work I bought this game and I can't create a character which means you can't play the game please fix and then I will rate 5 stars

robert flores

Can you fix this problem now their more Thank you people I love you game thank you for fixing and also the easter update is cool.From your biggest friend and fan the 11 year old Steven

tojeto ukaz prdel

Keyboard Terraria is a great game, but in this times, I can't create character ( keyboard doesn't pop up) I am not the only one, so please fix it

Ajay Flegel

Found a way to fix bug for 5.0 users! Download SwiftKey and it will work when you enter a name. Boom! Problem solved! Really fun game, love the console version of this, so I thought I would give it a try. And it is really fun! Now I can play it on the go!

Jake Miller

Waste of money until fixes As everybody else is saying, the game is useless until a fix is made to allow you to actually name your character ?

Seth Caston

As people are saying... Still doesn't work. The keyboard doesn't appear when you try to type a name. It is wayy to easy to accidentally randomize your character, and when you scroll in char creation, multiple boxes are selected as your finger moves over them. If i could get to playing at minimum, i would bump that up to 4 stars, but probably 5. It's usually a good game.

Juan Martinez

You can't make a new character When i try to type to make a new character it doesnt allow me to type. The text box is in the upper left corner. Please fix it, i didnt pay money not to play!

Marcos Salas

Materials When I try to create a tool the materials needed are covered up by another ingredient causing me to collect vast amounts of ingredients please help also the game loves to crash alot so when I get something the game crashes soon plz fiz

Anthony Penfield

Won't work Keyboard is off screen and won't let me finish creating my character, so I can't play, I'm playing on a ZTE Rapido LTE... please fix

yabriel rrotti

Needs fixing Dudes every 10 second the game lags me out to the home screan so please fix it. Can any of you show me how to find a "wild moon charm" cause I want one so really badly ok. Wheres that UPDATE!!! >:-(. I really need the update cause I have a boss spawner to use and kill. You fools the update didn't do ANYTHING

My Real Name

What the hell.. Terraria hasn't been working for a long time, yet I paid the full price for it. Devs are the grab-the-money-and-run type I guess... I mean even as incompetent as they are, they could at least have the decency to put back the older working version and stop trying to "fetch download URL"... (What in the name of the holy [email protected]%+ is it trying to download anyway?)If you have no means of keeping your servers up make it 100% offline or refund everyone, even if it means you crooks have to eat ramen for a whole year.

Charlie Sanders

I know how to make character People have been having trouble about being able to type to make a character all you need to do is get an app called swift key Witch is an app where you can get custom keyboards and then you can see the keyboard in the character creator

Sam Trujillo

Awesome. Some bugs though... A. It crashes. A lot. B. There are only 5 hot slots. The screenshots show 10. C. Recipie icons are too large. You cannot see the number of materials you need. D. Night is too short and pumpkin moon spawns too slow to get far enough to fight pumking. eclipses are too slow. I've logged almost 100 days in my hardmode world and have had one solar eclipse event. Please fix this.

Kenneth Bryan Armand

Will there be an update that allows you to dye accessories? Will there be an update to dye accessories 505 games? I like dyes a lot ( Well, not too much ) so I like colouring armors. If there is an update to dye accessories. That will be so cool!!!!! Can you please add that? Thanks 505 games! PLEASE REPLY ME!!!!!!!!!!!?

Amanda Brownless

Can't name character! My son was looking forward to playing this and we can't even name the character so we can't get past the create part! Please fix!

Kageki Willis

The Problems with creating characters (and worlds) So I've been looking at many various individual reviews and i want to say it was not like this before (obviously). Yeah I am also a little ticked that I wasnt able to make a new world for my new character i had made before the update (since my other worlds were already hard mode) and I couldnt progress with her. I dont understand why they added this little text box in the top left corner but I would also like to have it be fixed in the next update and please soon! I am also changing my rating till fix.

Kawaii Beast

Character create I cant create a new character the name part the keyboard doesnt pop up only a little orange box please fix for android.

Joey Gumbert

Great game but... The app will kick me out for no reason even if I have four bars of internet. I've even tried restarting my android and still nothing happened. please fix.

Xavier Arguelles

NPCs won't move in I have the space and I get the message that they want to settle down but they don't, both my cloud world and character have vanished twice now, these things need to get fixed before I give a 5 star rating.

Justice Swoap

Is it the update or the new phone? Can't switch between hotbar items with out having to attack the screen with finger pressing. I also cannot open the main crafting area, so there goes most of the game play....

cole tidwell

I can't create character It won't let me finishing typing the name please fix. Droid ultra. Update. Fixed thank you :) great game

Jackal Core 505 please fix the bug where you can't type a character. Name then I will rate 5 stars thanks!

Alfredo Torres

Recipes I'm having problems where my recipes won't show up like the recipe for the adamantite forge and the wings and a few other stuff like the boss recipes please fix.

mike lynn

Wont let me craft I created a new character and i had 200 hellstone ore, 200 obsidian, 20 iron bars, 200 gold ore, and 300 wood ? and it wont let me open the crafting menu.

Artik Masterson

Even without online The game is still badass. More times than not i prefer terraria over MCPE. I just wish online play came with some sort of explanation. Like how it even works!

Mac Chazz

This is the best. I am loving the game and im addicted to it. I bought this game in my ios device now i bought this game in my android device. This is the best game I have in my android device. There are a bug that when I spawn every blocks are gone it's invisible. Pls fix it.

Jasson Villasenor

Bug I tried loading my cloud saved character, and it says that the file it was saved on was on a newer version of terraria and wont be able to load him. Im done with this game, I've lost too many worlds and characters.

MCpigbros Gaming

Great game but Its a great game, love it, but i worked so hard to get the hoverboard and i got it but apparently you cant hover without a bluetooth controller. PLEASE MAKE IT SO WE CAN HOVER WITHOUT A BLUETOOTH CONTROLLER. And i have gotten pretty food so theres not much else to do so could you add some items and new bosses and like online playing from echothers house then this game would be totally the best game ever and could you make heros outfit green

Isaac Kissinger

Cany change items In the hot bar i can't. Choose my sword,acorn or hellstone and it also made me not able to tap anything when I was trying to reset it. Plz fix and ill give.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Jassiel Salinas

Major Bug There is a bug where you spawn Automaticlly with Obsidian and HellStone. Yes its a new world and yes its a new character. I have no other Character please fix

chitra patel

I hate this Can you get rid of the lagg out and return my npcs they dissapered fix it and all my adamite disseperd in my invetory I had 46 (samsung)I acidently destroyed my skyware chest it had a picksaw 65 souls of night 45 souls of might 293 souls of flight 34 souls of blight and abroken hero sword 723 cholifi the green ore not emeralds the hardmode one fix it gi e it for free only to me gosh btw how can you destroy chest with loot with them??.?

Robert Johnson

Great game! Aside from the usual love them/hate them touch screen controls this is a great game that is well supported by the devs and publisher. Still hoping for bluetooth controller support one day.

Brendan Nerbonne

Like the update I really like the auto save feature you guys added.also next time you update terraria on all versions make it so that NPCs that sell weapons defend themselves.

Matt Parks

Wont let me pick first two items? Its not letting me use the first 2 items on my action bar, i can only select the last 3. Please fix otherwise 5 stars

Riley Lochman

A great game with a great story! You explore, fight, mine upgrade! Sounds like Minecraft? Well it isn't. Terraria is a deep game with a nice storyline. And yes it crashes, a lot. Overall this is a great game!

Daniel Vasquez

Close to the PC version It's a pretty good port of the PC version. My only problem is the spawn rates. A Blood Moon on mobile is basically a normal night on PC. On a normal night, you might be lucky to find about 5 zombies. Other than the spawn rates, the game is pretty fun

Admin Joes

Fix this now I ran the game and started a new character. When I tried to craft it wouldn't let me use it. Basicly is wouldn't knowledge me pressing on the left top corner (held sideways)

Luc Medio

Good but one major issue I love this game and I play it a lot. I'm not to annoyed about the random crashing but I can't connect to other android devices only apple devices. Plz fix!

Daniel Santic

After 2 Years..... Since, 1.2.6787 I haven't been able to even start up Terraria on my Samsung tablet. After spending about two years trying to get this working it finally works. This just isn't good enough. You need to step your game. I spent hours looking in random forums when in the game description you should have a link straight to a Terraria support page which I'm sure you don't have. If you have an old device don't buy the game because it'll most likely not work and you won't know how to fix it.

My Real Name

Now launches but... Now launches on my HTC One m7. But, weapon selection in the item bar is not sensitive and works in a tiny sweet spot only. Worst thing, to enter the crafting window, I have to tap the screen erratically while tapping the craft icon for a minute or so. So it basically doesn't work and makes the game pretty much unplayable. Thank you for fixing it but it needs a little more work.

brad chiconella

It won't let me craft and every character sponds with all that stuff now u can creat e more and more characters and get unlimited stuff plzz fix

Abigail Sparks

Why So i played multi player with my friend and my world called thas world was replaced by his any way to get it back it alzo crashes every 19 minutes and the world being replaced its also just his house on a floating block

Kenneth Bryan Armand

When will the update that gives out the Meowmere and the other cool stuff be released? I can't wait for that update!!!!!!!! Meowmere is even better than the Terra Blade and I want it now!

Robertas Urbanas

Awsome game! Love this game! Controls are little bit difficult at first, but got used to them. The only problem is Cloud saving. Lost many characters and worlds that way. I'll give 5 stars when cloud saving is fixed and it's possible to export a character from local to cloud save.

Lisa VanDenHeuvel

Terraria Great game but sometimes while playing slot one of tools doesn't work. It does for a while but then stops. Please fix and I would rate it a 5! Thanks!

Jose Magallanes

Still bug and ideas 11 or 10 it kiks me out of the game I need to be in a rush so fix this bug plz, this is a idea fix key board to jump so you can add wings and plz fix my bug too :) but still cool game

Skyler Wilson

Wtf I play this on my phone with no problems but when I play on my tablet there's black blocks on everything I know its not my tablet because I just got it and it has no problem with running any other app

James Crockett

Great Game Terraria is quite the game. Loads of fun for any amount of free time you may have. I love 'nearly' everything about it. Now, what that 'nearly' doesn't apply to is the frequent crashes and various bugs. Bugs such as NPC's not moving in despite having the space and proper rooms. The touch screen controls could also use some work. Grappling hooks get quite difficult to use and take a lot of figuring out. Spawn rates are....less than what they should be. Blood Moon nights are a walk in the park.

mastaginge 88

Some things can be added On android you can't stretch out hotbar, if you can, how! Also add more NPCs, such as fisherman and truffle. And can you add the ability to zoom out more when playing, like PC zoom I know its a lot to ask, but it will make the game so much better!

Antonio Arcos

Plantera is hard Every time I fight plantera he/she has to go crazy like it becomes fast when it spawns

Logan Dockham

Game keeps quitting. I am a fan of the game but the game quits on its own every 15 minutes, resulting in a loss of progress and items. It also freezes frequently. I have a droid maxx. I want this fixed or my money back.

Sully Tang

Excellent Its a really fun game to play with my family but the only problem is that it disconnects randomly whilst playing but every thing else is fine.

Ascorbyl Palmitate

Great game, but Selecting items in my hotbar is very finicky & difficult. Usually takes some frantic tapping. Never had the issue a few months ago when i played.

JJ Schouweiler

Omg You guys really improved thanks for the new updade especially the new auto save saves my life some times. You guys are the best and thank you for all of the terraria's The PC, Xbox and all of the terraria's you made and i am really glad you have made it I remember when there was no hardmode or Plantera or the new wepons or armour there is today congrats. And i am Hyped for the 1.3 update for pc

Jaime De La Garza

THANK YOU I CAN FINALLY PLAY! I havent been able to play for 5 months because I couldnt open the app now I can play but it crashes randomly it sucks when you are almost done with the pumpkin moon and then crashes and you lose everything you got plz fix this I have a samsung galaxy tab 2 btw

Jack Morgan

Issues with game ! When game stops working you have to uninstall the game then you lose your progress in 1.3 update I think that should be a good idea. On Xbox360 Terraria is the best game ever ! So it isnt the game it the fact that it just suddenly stops working. You don't have this problem on console.

Zach E

Hack app You guys should make a hack app because the wall of flesh can one shot me even with full molten armor a "Warding Cobalt Shield............yahda yahda yahda you get the point I hope:(

The Gamer Geek

Well it did work... My device is no longer supported so all my worlds and stuff is gone because of this please fix this, i have a s3 mini! Other than that great game!

Lance Norris

Meh. Not much mobile exclusives, PC is always better in games like this. Update: New update really helped, adding another star. Keep em coming 505games!

Jacob Ascher

Love it. This is one of my favorite games of all time. The one downside is that the controlled aren't the best, maybe change it to a D-pad? Otherwise, a great game overall. :-)

Liam O

This is a disaster It just says downloaded url and just loads so I left it on over night and still loading at this point in time. Do you know what I have to do?Please fix this immediately on terarria.

Dom Ader

I got scammed We and my best friend were playing and all of the sudden it was all taken away I go on again and everything on my account was gone.:(DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS CRAP.And plus a bunch of random ducks crashed the game and I'm like :'( now all my accounts are deleted!

Akheel Waugh

It's a great game It keeps crashing on me at the most important times like when I'm fighting the pumpin moon or frost moon and its soi annoying even boss fights and I end up loosing the summoning items could you possibly fix this

Liam JeffreeN

Since update Can't even open the game since last update, money wasted! I don't recommend downloading, uninstalled lost all progress reinstalled and still doesn't work

Wyatt Troudt

Epic Game! I love the bosses, weapons, armor, etc, in comparison to minecraft, but the game is often slow, many times saying.... "Unfortunately Terraria has stopped", and then i have to close the app, and anything that i did in the past 2 min. was erased... So that is why I rated this app 4 star, but otherwise, awesome game.

Zack Grimes99

Please fix this ?? I got back on my game and it said my character was created in a newer version when I haven't updated or gone down a update and I had so much good stuff. I had rated it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ but now that it did this my spirit is crushed when it wouldn't let me play as him I had a meltdown I've played the game for 1 year and if it doesn't fix I will loose all progress and it won't let me play on my worlds. Just please fix this and I will praise you like a god . just please fix it

Req ual

Cloud save... Cloudsave does NOT work! Lost hours of progress! World gone! Character gone! Plus the game still lacks online multiplayer...

Teamman Tim 25014

0 stars You need to fix your goddamned cloud save feature or give us a refund because most of us with cloud saves (like myself) have had them deleted at one point or another. Hear me 505 Games we are not happy with this.

ivan cavazos

failed download/install ?? It's not starting up all I see is this odd thing spinning in the center of the screen

Erika Bahling

Love it but better creative I love this game but it needs 2 modes I'll rate 3 stars if you don't add creative

Cool Chilion

I find this amazing I mean when I got this game through online for free and not paying for it it didn't have problems such as server connections or losing cloud saves and etc. But I loved the game so I bought it now you know what I kind of regret it now since cloud saves not working and losing connection to servers I mean why do I need to connect to the web to play even though apk can get pass through that so just remove to requirement of online services and improve cloud saves then just maybe I'll install an apk and play it for free with out online bugs lol

William Wrightington

Shouldn't be rated T Terraria should definitely NOT be rated T. It should be rated E or at the highest E10 because it is exactly like the free version (E10). The only difference is the full version has more monsters and has a WAY bigger island. Anyway this is one of the best games I have ever played. Definitely worth the $5.

Clayton Smith

I want refund I love the game there is nothing wrong with it but if you get this version then expect it crashing every 3 mins. Actually don't even waste your money because you can't get anywhere in the game with the crashes. The other thing that sucks is the multiplayer. Nobody is ever on or has a server turned on so basically you can't play with other. The third thing is that the controls just simply suck and they need to give us the option of the dpad.

enchanted memes

No I'm writing a bad review because I had the best items in the game and my character with all the items were gone the character was on saved cloud I whent Into Google drive and it's in there but not showing up on my terraria application please help.I've also read other complaints with the exact same problem hope you fix it


What are you doing!!!! Why have you taken away the zoom out feature! You were ment to allow zooming out more before the map loads. If map is so important please put a small map button somewhere. Why haven't you put in the option to change button size like kindle version. Im sick of the top inventry buttons taking up soo much screen. There has been loads of update now since i highlighted these issues & you still haven't fixed them. I dont use a small phone the buttons dont need to be that big!

jovaan moyo

Crashed Okay I love this game I have it on Xbox and pc but know this amazing game is crashing left and right fix this and u get 5 stars.Also living loom to rare I've been on 10 worlds but nothing.

Hunter Bishop

Update plz It is awesome but need to be better because it get boring and i found a funny bug that when u get a wine glass and place it down and break it drops teal mushroom wicth you can use to farm for gold coins

Oliver Corton

Fix the crashing. I've had this game for years now and it's still been constantly crashing at every important thing I do. It makes the game almost unplayable. It has been so long now that if you don't try and fix it soon I will uninstall and definitely NOT recommend to my friends. Why would I recommend a game that crashes?

nicholas wolff

A little less Can you please make the destroyer and the twins have a little less health and less damage because th ey are to hard even thought I have full mythril armor, a demonic cutlass, a quick marrow, and 5 great accessories. Also the game crashes every 5 minutes. I rate 5 stars still because this game is AMAZING.

YoBro Gaming

Bugs everywhere So you see I tried to give my other account some things and they kept on getting deleted in the chest in which I put them. It also freezes sometimes when I try to play. Also, if i stay on a chest for a long time, ny character freezes however i can still use my quick select bar. Can you guys just please fix these bugs

Caleb Oliver

Great update Great job,I love what you guys are doing and I hope only the best reviews.but what really matters is the game itself....there is nothing like it...tremendous amount of fun.

Anki Padilla

OMG Ever since the new update came out I've been playing it all day the thing that you should add is that martian madness and lunar event including new better bosses and expert mode other then that the game is great

Gavin Kavall

Game stops causing me to lose progress Every single time i feel good about playing this game i turn it on and i play for about 30 mins before the game just turns off i turn the game back on to see what happens and it turns out every thing i had just done had been deleted and this happens all the time. The last time i played it was when i replaced my armor with clorophyte armor when i went to put it on i did and all of my armor and accesories had been deleted.i will check if new update fixes problem if not im deleting.

Jameson Wells

Needs to be fixed Every time I fight the destroyer, greater health potions don't work. The potion is consumed and I get potion sickness, but I don't get the effect. Makes it impossible to defeat the destroyer.

John Campbell

Crashes and force closes often This game used to run smooth before all the added updates and newest features to the game. Now it will crash and force close on me at least 2-3 times an hour which sometimes causes me to lose some progress depending on when the last auto-save took place. Please fix these crash issues. This is a fantastic game with limitless potential. Once crash problem is fixed this will most definately be a 5 STAR game!

Brian Kraft

Awesome Love this game... Now even better with the new update. Only thing is the inventory is a little buggy but that's it. Great game!

Alex Fernandez

MY MOST FAVORITE THING I WOULD rate it 10000000000 out of ten if it was posible. It is literally the best thing in the UNERVERSE mhuaaaaaaaaa (I had 2 platinum coins and I wasted them reforming stuff MY sister nearly sabotaged my caracter)

amelie french

HELP I WILL GIVE THIS FIVE STARS IF YOU GIVE MY OTHER PERSON BACK!!! I got the update and my guy was gone!!! I have created a new one but my old one was SOOO good!! Plz replace it (idc about the look) along with the hardmode gear!! The gear is what I'm upset about cuz my guy was HOLDING ITTTTTTTT

wesley lo

Bring it cloud back! I've been playing this for five days! And my cloud save world is gone!!! Character is still there... Pls... I've been working really hard on that world. I didn't do anything... it just GONE!!! PLS get it back, pls pls help me... if it's back, i will rate 5 stars!!! My world name is 'world beauty' thx...-well,this is de next comment, after I left that first comment up there, then I start to play terraria, guess what?? My character is gone as well!!! This I unacceptable! I demand a refund (if posible)fix it!

Kasper DG

I love this game on every platform I've played it. Only things I would like to see are maybe better touch controls and the ability to transfer local saves to a new device. I don't like to play in the cloud save only because I don't always have internet, and my kids share my account on this game. I lost all my time put into building when I got a new phone.


Fun but TOO MANY CRASHES Please for the love of all that is holy fox the frequent crashes that erase progress made within a certain amount of time prior to the crash! For example, I only just finally killed the Destroyer and soon after the victory the game crashed and removed all of the items that I gained from killing the Destroyer from my inventory but still used up all of my potions and hundreds of bullets I used during my fight, please!!! MAKE IT STOP!!

Makayla Ramirez

It wasent this app that was was my tablet I just got a phone and it's so fast sorry for that last rating

Hanzel Santacruz

? It's a very fun game but when the update came out it wouldn't let me sign in into my cloud save please fix it

kyle the gamer

still some bugs like out of nowheres the screen freezes and only audio can be heard. and after a few seconds it force closes and the sucky part is that I spawn to My spawn point, not where I was mining. so please fix this. I have a Samsung Galaxy core Prime.. 4 stars until issue is fixed

Tyler Walsh

Broken on galaxy s6 Playing on new galaxy s6, I am unable to drag items in the inventory, this cause the game to be unplayable. Fixing this I would instantly change to 5 stars cuz I love Terraria.

Joshua Cornell

Near Perfect Work 505 Games completes a new take on survival builder games that other developers can't pull off. Still in works for being a problem-free game, but masterful nonetheless.


Error 919? So I transfered over to this phone and I can't download because error 919. Could you please help?


Can't instal I remember playing the game but know it says I have an error -2 help please then I will rate 5

Soniel Flores

I was op then it happened I had it all demon wings blood knives and i was op and all of a sudden a up date comes and i loose all even my worlds????NO FAIR IT TOOK ME LIKE 6 moths to getall of that plzz fix it

Brittaneè Kessinger

Great game, but still a closing issues. So it is still force closing me while in the middle of a game I even made a normal size world to see if maybe it's just my phone, but it is still closing. Is there a way I can fix this or is it just something with the app? Please help me fix and thanks for the great game. :)

Evil E

Frost Hydra staff Tried to summon it and it doesn't summon so if that can be fixed that and five stars well be something I would look into in the future

Sharon Smith

thank you so much I can finally play terraria and i just got wings now that it does not crash

Eddie Tan

Cant downlode error 2 Please fix this when i downlode it says error 2 and i cant downlode this please fix then ill rate 5 stars

Chris Gutierrez

Some thing that I want Can you please add for android edition to extend the hot bar please.??

Brandon Rohloff

Fix it I was playing this game, and got an ice biome key mold (1 in 2500 drop, or 0.04% from enemies killed in ice biome) and put it in my chest. Then I went off the game and came back on, only my mold wasnt in the chest. I have been having a lot of problems with the game, including it crashing. Please fix this and give me my mold back and I will fix my rating.

Christopher Morales

Oh GOD not a other updated All ways is the same thing we I enter the games say there a new updated and deleted my character the I hate sow much

Tetiana A.

Can't install the game. I have tried to install this game multiple times, but no luck. It says game can't be installed, error -2 (have no idea what that number means).

Harvey Dawson

Can't install Why can't I install this game.i had it on old tablet bought a new one and keeps saying unknown error code 504

Mario Galaxy S4 Mario Galaxy Note2

Will never download got rid of all my games and it says installing and then it goes back to 1 and then says trouble downloading.

Gabriel Pizaña

tl;dr [DO NOT BUY: ERROR -2 CANNOT INSTALL] I created this alternate account and another so that my two kids can play this game together. They downloaded the demo and it worked fine on their tablets. The Google Play store says the game is compatible with their tablets. I personally love this game as I have it on PC. When trying to download it to the tablet it'll download the extra file it needs to be the full version then stops with the error message ["Terraria" Cannot be installed etc. (Error code: -2)] press ok... Well I tried everything. Checked software versions of all google play software. Checked memory sufficiency. Went as far as resetting the tablet to factory and updating all the google software. Before resetting also tried flipping in and out of airplane mode. Flipped in and out of the wifi to data connection. Tried sending the game from the PC to the tablet. No avail and would not download whatsoever. I've submitted a ticket with 505games already and they gave me a link of things to try. Tried them all and still nothing. Even went as far as using a fix off google search where you use the file manager to delete and move some files. Nothing works. Get it on PC instead.

Jason Strange

Found a bug Every time I try to buy a different hair style/color the game force closes and nothing is saved prior to that unless I've manually saved or the game has auto saved. Anyone else with this problem?

Joshua Cornell

Near Perfect Work 505 Games completes a new take on survival builder games that other developers can't pull off. Still in works for being a problem-free game, but masterful nonetheless.

big jelly10

Amazing game but... The game is super fun but it over heats my tablet making me have to cool it off with something. But aside from that its a amazing and fun game.

TJ Penson

Error -2 The game was working fine, i reset my phone earlier and everything else will download but Terraria. And the help you gave the other people with my exact same problem did not help at all. I have no updates for play services, so i deleted it and re downloaded it and nothing. Please fix soon or help.

Skyelord Phoenix

Amazing I don't play alot of mobile games since they're too boring and get repetitive over time, but terraria on mobile? now that's a dream come true, even though it crashes alot I've figured out saving every now and then saves you alot of problems but other than that the only mobile game I play on my phone, loved it on PC and love it on mobile

Caleb Melcheck

Love trerraria I love that you made this game it has taxes me out of some bad times and I love trerraria I play it every day when I get home from school and on the week ends so thanks for making it wrote by 11 year old boy.

Jaden Bencz

GIVE ME MY MONEY???? I try to install and it says erred code -2 so I press ok. Then I want my money back does not say refond be careful getting this game you can loose $6...........FIX THIS????

Bebeth Basa

Bad I really like terraria but, when I have good items or summon like mechanical skull , I put it on the chest so when im stronger I could defeat it , but when I look for all my chest its gone. And there's one bug you didn't remove , its a bug that jumps off my home screen. When people said that they could defeat Skeletron Prime on Palladium Armor and I saw them, even I have Mythril Armor but I cannot defeat him and Wyvern . :( Can you pls fix it . Just reply

R.J. Walther

Great game. Terraria is one of the top 5 best games Play has to offer. It's like a 2D Minecraft, only with loads more content (valuables, weapons, enemies, bosses, materials...) and things to do. Better, really. Game crashing bugs exist, but it's worth the pain.

Gabe Hanna

It's a pretty big blast of fun I really like this game it is really pixleated and good fun to spend whith

The gamers Channel

It's kinda boring Updated it so the moon lord is in it because I have defeated all the bosses and there's nothing to do.


Perfect. Thinking of buying this game for a long time and decided to buy it. Perfect fight scene! Awesome gameplay! Smooth on +512ram devices! The best one? Lot of bosses and weapons. Better than minecraft! My friend had problem downloading. It will say (error -2) EVERY DEVICE AND EVERY DIFFERENT WIFI! FIX PLEASE

Carter Erickson

Too Buggy This game has way too many bugs. Every once in a while, the game will crash for no reason. There won't even be an FPS drop beforehand, just, BOOP. Gone. The game seems to have an issue with saving too. I was just playing my world happily, and exited out as usual. I saw the saving sign, as usual, so it should've been fine. I go back on later, and... WHAT?! MY NIGHT'S EDGE IS GONE! I worked so hard for that sword before Hard mode, and now it's gone. Forever. Thanks a lot. Also, my items keep turning into fishing rods? They keep having numbers under them, the same as my bait amount, and when I read their descriptions, it says "22% Bait Power; Requires bait to catch fish". Therefore, it makes the item unusable and I need to reload! All of these bugs have turned a great game into something you must reload over and over, something you must pause to save every minute, and overall just a bad experience. Fix these bugs, and I'll rate better. For now though, this game. Is terrible.

Jerry Marhz

The gold standard of sandbox! Constantly tweaked and updated! Countless numbers of things to do!

Jarred Crowell

Elite Detailing! Details are exquisent, much like the PC edition, there's no beating it! But I'm really mad at your saving technique... You say it auto saves every five seconds, but it's your game's fault I lost three Death Sickles within a two week period. I'd really enjoy some sort of compensation.add moon lord

Bethany McAleavy

Error: -2 problems Tried multiple times to download, have cleared play store cache, updated play services and ensured sufficient space on device. I've done everything short of sacrifice a goat and that's being delivered tomorrow

Sam Jones

Love it but now I cant install Great game, I have it on like every device I own, but I'm trying to install it on my new phone and after installing it says error code -2 could not install. The play store is fully updated and it doesnt happen for any other apps. I'm so confused.. please help!

Meg Pahl

ARGH!!! Its a reallllllly good game i love it soooooo much but why 3/5 stars u ask... well thats because of one thing u wanna no oh its just SHUTTING OUT ON ME AND SAYING UNFORTUNATELY TERRARIA HAS STOPPED ITS SOOOOOOOO ANNOYING woooof but its still really good if u fix it i would give it a 5

Carlos Briseno

Crashes Love the game great controls great bosses its one of the best games i ever played but it heats my phone like crazy and is crashing around every ten minutes. Plz fix for five stars

Rocket Thomson

Terraria I love terraria it is my favorite game. But sometimes it takes forevere to load I mean about 5 days it has done that since I got the update try to fix it please.

Siang Ling Chew

Cannot download I can't download it and it always says 'Terraria.' cannot be downloaded. Try again, if this continues (error code -2) please fix I really like Terraria ?? I accidentally delete this bcuz I was deleting an app beside terraria I deleted it by mistake... and I have a very pro account with a very pro world please I lost my terra blade bcuz of a glitch and I'm working for it again... please fix I am 75% accomplished with 'terra blade mission'

Alistair Bell

I loved terraria so and I've got it on my tablet before but it cant be downloaded its saying error -504 and i have tried everything that you replied with but nope not working please fix then I'll give you 5 star rating

tyler smith

Come on Terraria For YEARS Iv'e had this problem the game is fun and all but every time I have OP stuff and then a random update come and boom I try to go in the game and then it backs me out to the home screen I have a Samsung galaxy S4 and it still doesn't work it did it on my nexus didn't work other phones didn't work like come on.

Lucas Ferreira

My character does not load After so much time put on the game, out of the sudden the app gives me the message: "The save file .cs was created with a newer version of Terraria and could not be loaded."

Jakob Koziel

How to fix error code -2 To fix this error u need to go under application manager and click on google play store app and then click unistall update and it will askcu if u want to restoe it to it's factory settings and say yes. Once tht is done go back and reopen the play store app and dowload app again and it should actually install this time.

Dani Scatch

Too buggy cant play Opens, but everything has black boxes around it, making the game not a smooth game and more of a prebeta test.

bob mon

Inventory slots? How do you get the 10 hot bar slot as shown in on EOF the pictures? I've looked it up on YouTube and it shows there being and option to change it but it's not there

Xx red death xX

Some thing that I want Can you please add for android edition to extend the hot bar please and fix the dye when you put it a color like blue in the breastblate and red in the greavs it turn is all red plz fix it.?

Bebeth Basa

PLEASE Please fix this bug . When I play Terraria for a few minutes , theres a bug that when I play it jumps off my homescreen and my progress was lost. Please Fix this and ill rate 5 stars . Please I like This Game

Collin Truong

One thing The multi player system doesn't work. Every time I try to do it no worlds come up :(

Barry Gardiner

Controllers Needs controller support, the only real thing missing. Great game but ths touch controls aren't ideal in my opinion.

Sora Skyy

I love this game, but... It's WAY more addicting than Minecraft! I really love the game, but could you please update it because my game keeps crashing at certain points of time and it's really affecting my game experience! Please fix it and I'll give 5 stars!

Xyhart Panem

Nice but... It seems that whenever i create an expanded world i cant seem to find any underground corruption occurring naturally. Other than that and some occassional crashes it is a really well made game. But can you please fix this issue.

Faithboy 95

PLZ ADD PC ITEMS Plz add PC items for Android and I will rate 5 can u plz reply to this comment because on PC you have way more stuff and it's harder to earn stuff plus PC has moon Lord plz add all these things and the op swords and will rate 5

cupcake with sprinkles

great game but please allow the option for a larger hot bar on nvidia shield portable, it makes the game less fun to constantly have to go to the inventory to swap things out. please fix soon, right now i cannot give this game more than 3 stars, its just too hard to play. another thing that needs to be changed is a way to hide the hints at the bottom of the screen that say what each button on the controller do, all it does is cover up the screen


Error 919? So I transfered over to this phone and I can't download because error 919. Could you please help?

Cristian Tobar

What the hell? I lost my cloud save character because of a stupid glitch. I lost 2 OP characters already and I worked my balls off for them. I had a Death Sickle, Ice Sickle, Paladin's Hammer, Bananarang, Terra Blade, Vampire Knives, Rainbow Gun, Piranha Gun, Magnetic Sphere, Crystal Storm, Headless Horseman's Blade, Picksaw, Wisp in a Bottle, Venom Staff, Ice Rod, Inferno Fork, Shadowbeam Staff, Spectre Staff, Bat Sceptor, Slime Staff (very rare) Raven Staff, Devil's Trident, Tactical Shotgun, and a Razorpine. Fix this!!

geckogun gaming

WTF MY PHONE FROZE Alright im gonna say i had a cloud save with chloryphte armor and good stuff then my game froze making my entire phone freeze when i turned it back on my cloud save disappeared and i got so mad i had so much good stuff farout and the worlds are still there

King Cobra

Just some tips for terraria Hey, I have several ideas to make this more awesome lol we should add yo-yos and have different mods that should be added just to make it more PC like but for Android. And I would love the game even more if you added the underworld background more like the PC oh and one more thing y'all should add marble I love this detail of marble houses but there's no marble on the Android version but those are just some idea ive had I'm mine but I hope y'all read this and use my ideas. Thanks

Einnor_Gamez_ Addiction

Awsome but Please on the next update make all the data saved on the device because my little cuz accidentaly deleted this game and all of my hard work was gone and i dont want to lose it again if this game was deleted again... please add that content.

Jacob Bermudez

Love it!!! Love it no1 for me only problem is my character got deleted and i was very good on it i was on hardmode and killing bunnys and boom my character was gone had to restart

Joshua Smith

Can't drag items in the inventory on a Samsung s6. Makes the game unplayable as I cannot use any items past Copper tools, wood and acorns...

Robert Moore

AMAZING This is the first game that I have ever bought off my phone and I'm definitely pleased with it...I only wish that it stopped freezing randomly while I play which makes me lose some progress..

Nate 9577

Great but This game is awsome but I go into terraria and guess what my pro is lost my pre plantera character gone as so my 106 hard grind platinum coin long story short make a better save thing

Filip Nawrot

Great game, annoying bug I dont know how many times now I lost all my characters and worlds. I have a Huawei P8 and every 3 days when I'm trying to launch the game, I'm getting toast message telling me that something is missing and I need to reinstall the app. It wouldn't be such a pain if game files were available to back up so I wont loose my progress every time. Cloud storage does not work either. I can see game files stored on my Google Drive but for some reason the game does not not synch with it.

Mark Wan

please dont spend any money to buy this game. this is crashing too often. samsung note 5 and huawei media pad x2. not playable at all.


Love the game but... It was fine then all the sudden every ten seconds it kicks my off I read the stuff at the beginning of the expanded world but I have enough data usage!! Pls respond and help me I even factory reset my device just now to try and see if it works! And now it won't let me download due to a error 905! Great 6 dollars down the drain

Ryan Strickland



Rate 5 Stars! Best 2d game ever!! Hardmode is awesome! But, you need to fix 1 bug. Whenever I play for longer periods of time the game freezes and then crashes. If this is fixed, I would be so grateful ?

Irfan Asmadi

Like it but... I've defeated all the bosses and its getting very boring...Pls add celestial/lunar event! Would love pc items lyke the yo-yo.ALSO PLS FIX FROST HYDRA STAFF BUG IT TOOK ME FOREVER TO GET IT!

Famille Hakimian

Amazing but just one thing :/ The ice dragon staff doesn't work. Love the game. I'm one of those terraria nerds :)

Exo Proxy

YAAAAY Yes ??? It downloaded thx for fixing the error code I'm having so much fun with the app it's a awesome game and 5 STARS like I promised ???? and amazing graphics

Amdrew m8

Love it my favorite game The best lil time consuming I have Ben waiting for the recent update for ever yaaa. And also to all thos who would like the game to have creative! Go back to Minecraft! Lol

Daniel awesome

Lower graphics Look, I love this game and it is truly a work of art how much fun this game is, but my phone is not the greatest. I would really appreciate if you could add a setting to lower the quality of the graphics, I really want higher frame rates, and it is vital for a game like this. Thank you for porting this game to mobile.

Dusty Christopher

Very cool game Just discovered this game and I'm addicted cool graphics great controls hopefully we get more building content and bosses like the PC version ( ive been on YouTube ) no complaints it does drop out but not very offten but I'm using a samsung note 3 so could be the old phone , can't wait to see what's next love it great game you must try it

Nicolaus Alling-Silfverstolpe

Can you make an update when you can get pet flying dragon and be able to ride. And my friend got an frost hydra on Samsung and he can't spawn it so can you fix it

Mark Kevin Chavez

This is the best 10/10 Thanks 505, keep up the good work this is the best, I am addicted to Terraria. Please add Yo-yos to the mobile version

Austin Dicer

Best of the Best I love how they keep updating this. It's basically the same as the pc version before the lunar update! Go Terraria! The game may crash often depending on your device's power. I play on an LG V10 and my play is flawless. Also, for those having trouble with Multiplayer, you have to have two devices using the the same Wi-Fi to connect. Hope that helps! :)

Faye Wood

This is actually the best game ever buy it now for a magical, extremely fun experience The game didnt work but they immediately fixed it. When you get it it will seem like a 2d minecraft but keep playing it's 100000000 times better than minecraft with a ton more bosses, items, weapons and mobs get it NOW and i promise it will be one of the best games you've ever played.

Snivy L1nk

Still amazing! I've had mobile Terraria since 2012/2013. And gosh, it's changed alot. So many new things have been added that make the game SO much more fun and worth it. It's one of the few gems on Google Play if you ask me. It may not be as great as PC- but it's still good in its own way.

Nathan Adams

Hundreds of hours Literally. Tons of fun and content, proving single player games on mobile can be great. Also, recent patch broke one of my world's, causing me to nearly flip a table. However, within a week there was a critical patch to fix it. Great support, and they continue to add content. P.S. Please maybe add default controller controls instead of proprietary game pads.

Coal Anonymous

Great game! 2 problems.. 1. I crafted the Master Ninja Gear and dashing is somewhat difficult, especially to the right. I suggest adding a 'fixed' joystick option. 2. I would love to see online multiplayer. Local is fun but not always an option for obvious reasons. If you happen not to add multiplayer soon, at least add a way to type. I can't communicate to anyone unless we are literally talking to each other. Thanks for making, updating and maintaining this game, I've beat this version, can't wait for more!

Christian Von Spaamdump III, Jr.

Incredible mobile game, even for older gamers! Incredible mobile game, one of the first fully realized AAA titles on Android. No stupid IAP, micro-transactions or paywalls after initial purchase. Vast, procedurally-generated worlds with numerous biomes and biome-specific items, bosses and events, making for great replayability. A deep, relaxing game of crafting and building OR a PVE game OR multiplayer. Even has a great tutorial and cloud save to sync across devices. Playing on Nexus 6p and I have no problems with controls, even as an older gamer.

The Afro Brony

It's a great game! I just have some bugs/issues... I love this game a TON, but I have an issue. It won't let me connect to Google Services and on my 1 only world, it gets rid of my door and 1 wood on my house on the left, but it only changes that. It also deleted 100+ wood I had in my inventory for no reason. It's kinda starting to aggravate me. But I just bought it today and I KNOW it's a great game. I hope you guys can fix it. Thank you! (Will rate 5 stars for sure if fixed)

Xx red death xX

Some thing that I want/HAPPENED Please fix the dye when you put it a color like blue in the breastblate and red in the greavs it turn is all red plz fix it.?and online multiplayer so it wont be soo boring by your self. AND NOW MY BEST CHAR IS GONE IT SAYS BILL NYE SOMETHING SOMETHING WAS CREATED IN THE NEWER VERSION OF TERRARIA!!!!! WTF!!!! and iv already tryed to uninstall and install, AND NOW THE CLOUD DATA FOR WORLDS WONT LOAD IT CRASHES MY GAME!!!!!, but i will still keep playing :) just fix it please


Love it! Thanks for updating all the bugs in the game that I've noticed you guys are so good at keeping the customer happy. Just two things 1 we really Need yoyos in mobile and for some reason the pet turtle won't hatch and I really want a damn turtle jk jk.Thanks for this grate game 505. And also for everyone asking for moon Lord and the pillars and the cultas and everything else in pc you have to realize that mobile will never be able to have all that pc haze because of space issues. All I want is a yoyo?

Sam Shirley

FOR OLDER GAMERS...WAY MORE CAPTIVATING THAN MINECRAFT! 2D Minecraft with a BETTER feel AND visual vibe and (HEY!) PLAYED IT FIRST ON PS4... STILL THE SAME GAME(minus a few perky items only on ps4...) still has most of the awesome items, but come on... can you expect a full overhaul of ps4 arcade on a phone? (In the near future, my friend... but for now?) This is better than the Minecraft franchise... Thanks for making a type of Minecraft that I can enjoy... I HATE 3D BLOCKS! "CASTLEVANIA: SOTN" AND "SUPER METRIOD" WILL SURVIVE THE NUKES! YOLO!

Nation Harris

Best Game I've Played On Mobile I love this game, there's some flaws but it's great nonetheless. I own the PS3 version too, which I bought at the same time I did the mobile version and I've put so much more time into the mobile. The ability to just whip out my phone or pick up my tablet and build and mine using the touch controls does work. My only real gripe is the controls kinda bug out sometimes. But still, worth the £4.

Chris Darby

Any Devs Reading? It sucks that, down to a little UI flaw, i feel i can only give 4 stars, but such is the scoring system i am given. This is in no doubt the most content filled, inspiring game on mobile, but if any of you 505 devs manage to see this under the waves of reviews, offering no advice on how the game could benefit from a subtle change, then could you please consider changing the menu from a drag and drop to individual taps to swap items? The drag and drop doesnt really function as well on touch screen. Thanks 505

Toxic Burn

I always come back to one of my favorites! So yes I was angry when before the most recent update the update that added extra world slots it completely stopped working and i had to erase it which erased all my progress( I was in hard mode and had a very very large house and many high weapons.) But know I finally got my favorite game again and am progressing pretty well. Still so cool!!! P.S. I really enjoy the newest update! Keep up the awesomeness!!!!!!

aces achterbosch

Favorite game I have been playing Terraria for over two years now and I still love it. When I first got the game on steam I could not stop. I eventually got it for mobile as well. I lost intrest for a little while and am in Brasil now. I decided to give it another go and it's amazing. Although I had to buy it again for mobile this game will not get old for me.

Emmanuel Rubio

No changes These past few updates have supposedly fixed and added stuff, however for me they do not work. When i try to open up my cloud save world it just crashes the game. If it doesnt crash the world wont render completely making the game quite unplayable plz fix soon


Cloud save problems.. I really enjoy playing this game, it's a ton of fun and very entertaining but the only problem I have is with the cloud saves. I have both my character and world on a cloud save but my character doesn't show up sometimes. Not sure what this is because it seems as if my character was deleted. Please help..

Sabrina Murcia

Cloud save issues and Gliches My son put ALOT of time in this game and had 2 characters dissappear within 2 days he's only 7 and super upset at all the time that he's now wasted because there's no getting them back! I recommend that this be addressed in future updates!




Best game ever Plz bring accessories 505 u did Great I can't wait for when we get the extra accessory slots and dye slots. But one last thing can u plz up the spawn rates for the solar eclipse in my experience the rate is very low.

D Wyatt

This is a fun game, but like so many other apps it does not work correctly on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It works great on my tablets (Asus Nexus 7 and RCA Viking Pro). Maybe the issue is Samsung's, but since there are so many Samsung Galaxy devices out in the world, this needs to be addressed. The problem I am having is I can't move things around in my inventory. Seems like a simple enough function to fix. Hopefully 505 Games will get on it.


Help? When I try to play this it says "Connecting to server" then "failed download/install" then stays on the loading screen. I used to play on it with no problem. I have updated it. I am reluctant to reinstall it as I got far in it, and have killed skeletron. EDIT: I have now reinstalled the app, time to test it. 2ND EDIT: It now works, thank god, but it does kinda suck that I lost my stuff...

Wy Doc

Awesome game but... It has this glitch and it will get you off if you're playing with a friend and both of you get in the same chest. Also you'll lose a bunch of stuff. Please fix this glitch. But apart from the this game is awesome! It would deserve a 5 star rating if it weren't for this glitch. Also don't play this if you are very busy because it is very fun and addicting. The game is very fun to play with fiends too because you and your friend will get sucked in and do tons of stuff. Also I would like to have expertmode.

Chris Barnett

Great Game! This is an awesome game for mobile! Brings the same great game play from pc and consoles to a mobile platform! The controls take some time getting used to and every now and then, it doesn't seem to recognize what I am actually trying to accomplish. I've had several times where it would get stuck and I'd run like a mad man swinging my sword. I would love to see more controller support without having to have third party mapping apps. Great game that keeps getting better!

Mike Russell

Great game Everything is great about this game, except the extremely annoyingly difficulty in picking up items. If u ever so slightly move ur finger while long clicking an item, you'll just scroll the screen instead of picking up the item. Wastes an insane amount of time just picking crap up to trash.

Joshua Buchholz

Great game, critical fix needed I love the game and have all pc, console, and mobile versions. But for whatever reason some of my world's on mobile are broke and I can't use them. It wouldn't be a problem if one of them wasn't my main world with all of my things. Even if I back them up they still don't work.

Ariadna Fernandez

Plz Add Mothron! In the Next Update Can You Add Mothron?? Because I've Fought 30 solar eclipses and only got 7 broken bat wings.. so plz add him to the game so we can enjoy getting the terra blade and the yo-yo eye of cthulu

Apollo Malabanan

I just need 2 things... First, can you add social slots and dye slots for accessories. Second, could you improve the screen resolution of the game, its difficult to see high-flying enemies. I will immediately rate 5 stars if you do all this.


Cloud save crash Every time I wanted to back up my worlds, it crashes. I tried reinstalling the app, I lost my worlds but I could save again. Then another random day, it crashed again when I tried to back up my worlds. Please fix as fast as you can.. Cause I don't want to risk getting my progress deleted again.

Randy williams

Awesomeness anywhere anytime Love this game. Very addictive. I have this game for ps3 as well too bad the new company will no longer update ps3 but luckily they will update mobile so i dont have to get a ps4 or pc to be up to date with everything. Love the creativity u guys put into this game.

Edgar Bucio

A glitch...i think... When i made a new world, after defeating the wall of flesh, i went to destory some demon alters to get some colorphhlyrite and all it did was give me 3 ores over and over, i made multiple worlds and the same thing happened...plese fix it. Also Great Game

electron 525

My chracter just got deleted after i exited the game As soon as i left my game to charge my phone my character was deleted and said it was made with a newer version of terraria. Even tho it was made with an older version . This is the bull crap i go through when i pay for a game and work hard to aquire many rare items on and leave reviews to help support it. Now in starting to get even more pissed off with the game with constant bugs and constant errors that i have to report to the creators and all they can do is give me 900 hellstone

Reese Gilbert

Fun, and Different, Major Problem! This game is amazing in content, and has so much surprises to give out. Although it crashes quite a bit every now and then, which could be a problem. May want to fix that, to help gameplay.Yet overall this game repeatedly forces more and more new items waiting to be discovered, creating so much more than the visual content, which is highly relatable, and amazing. Although every update deletes all things in your inventory and items on. Then you rage quite forever, when you had the best of everything. Fix it!

Julian Ruiz

Newest update had me all excited??? Really was hoping for more of the PC stuff to come to android, well I guess thanks for not totally forgetting about us mobile players. This game is freakin awesome! I've been playing this since the early pc betas (classic icyTerraria rip) and its just as cool... if for some odd stupid reason, your phone can't run it... well you need a 40$ cheap quad core like me I guess. Oh yeah and TAACCCOOOO!!!!!

Stephen Anderson

Very solid game. Who would have thought you could rack up 80+ hours on a mobile game.... Start from scratch and build anything your mind can create. Aside from a few bugs, one of the best games I've bought on mobile. Good work guys, keep it up.

Gabriel Condon

Please help, 505 Games! It's back again. The thorn chakram loading screen. It will say "connecting to server", then it will say "failed download/install". What do I do to fix this? I really like to play this game but now I can't! Please fix this, or tell me how to fix it. Edit: Almost 2 months, nothing has been done about it. Great.


Good Amazing! This game is good! I have Terraria on Phone, PS3, and computer and they're all great. Please fix cloud saves please. The cloud save option would delete my characters and worlds sometimes. But now the game won't work because it said that I am missing obb data and to reinstall. I have tried this multiple times and it still didn't work. Please fix this too please!

Ninja Starfish

Doesnt work anymore I love this game i play it all the time but after i got the new android update terraria stoped working. All it would say is "fetching download data" then it would never stop loading. PLEASE FIX and i will give five stars.

Mad Dread

Best in the play store. Great game I've gotten the farthest on this platform. Needs to be optimized for newer devices ad the right stick on the controller to point the hookshot when its not in the quick slots. Shield owners use app optimization and choose 2 CPUs and max 50%. This will increase playtime from above 1 hour to close to 5 hours. Great game

Dlera fox

BEST. MINECRAFT - ISH. GAME. YET ^w^. Oh, and a tip for new players: DO NOT summon the eye of Chutulu in the corruption. Along with all the stuff there... Well, yeah. So summon him near a nurse building if you have one, so you can go straight back to battle!EDIT: ohwait,can only be summoned near a altar. I have 2 boss areas near my town: Skeletron and Chutulus eye. Yeah, I'm lucky.

Nathan Taylor

Ever since the new update... It kicks you out of the game i mean i still love it to bit and i beat the game but it makes me mad when i get like a very rare item and it kicks me out of the game and i lose the item and never get it back. So plz fix that i would appreciate it :)


Picksaw Problems I battled the golem 10 times and i still did not get the picksaw! Can you please fix this? im still keeping five stars because of your non-stop work to improve our gameplay, thank you for your attention.

Jolie Rodriguez

Cloud Saved Worlds Whenever I try to go into the Cloud Saved World tab the game always force quits. I've tried undownloading and redownloading and I get the same results. I just went into the game and realized all my locally saved worlds were deleted. Similarly, a few days ago my only person was deleted and I thought someone else deleted it, but looking at other's comments it seems as if their characters were deleted too?? I'm about ready to just remove the game for good if this isn't fixed soon.

Kyle Bleser

Amazing game with new additions from its old self! Love this game. Played back when it first released on PC a few years ago. Love the new additions. Some complaints though with phone port: would like to use items without equipping like Magic Mirror in backpack. More transparent color when zoomed in for blocking. Compatibility with Stylus pen--cannot move while using Galaxy stylus. A map. And better navigation of menu of inventory/equipment.

Randy williams

Great game. More Moga Pro functionality plz.q Love the game. 505 games please add the QUICK SELECT feature for mobile terrarians. I use the Moga Pro bt controller which is similar to an XBOX controller and i would like it to feel more like the console when im gaming. Also please add a feature so i can control the zoom. I zoomed in by pinching the screen and i cant zoom out also i need to control this feature through my Moga Pro bt controller. Plz fix rapid fire hook issue when using L trigger.

Jeffrey Mercer

The game is fun as heck, but... I'm leaving a one star review until 505Games decides to add Android HID controller support, especially considering that the PC version now has it, and the slow rise in android TV gaming setups. Heck, last I heard, it worked on the Amazon fire TV! If that is still the case, they have a controller enabled android apk already made! I'm considering a Shield TV, so being able to use the cloud save between that and my phone with a controller mount would be amazing!

love bug

Terraria Fanatic Terraria is a fun game if you want to lose track of time. Although, I would like to suggest a sort of chat option when I'm multiplayer mode. Also, I think itd be great to have more spaces in our backpack to carry items and a few more spaces to wear accessories on our person. Other than that it's an amazing game I love it.

Jen Myers

Cool but... Love it! In my opinion, this is better than minecraft! Sadly, I want a new character, but it always says:"Character name:Silvia was created with a newer version of terraria" Also, when it crashes, it sends the terrain back to before I played the session, but keeps inventory and chests. Wish the game would have a manual save (not like, doesn't save by itself, but saves when you press it) button. Also, wish there was an option to not show certain accersories on character.

Gamerdavid 1221

I love it but... Pls add more! The desktop has so much more than we do. I beat golem looking for the cultist trying to start the lunar event.NOPE! I then realized it was DESKTOP ONLY. Things like the solar echlipse lack major things in the mobile edition. I may be asking for a lot (and im sorry) but I think we really need it.

Zane Bennett

Better than Minecraft I had some other comments, but I accidentally deleted the review I made. I do have some things to ask. 1. a fixed joystick option, 2. The lunar event and all related stuff, 3. Moar achievements, 4. Renaming worlds and characters, and 5. A bigger option menu. I wouldn't have enough space to state my reasoning, so, yeah. Still better than MC, Keep making this game greater!

Fabian Mocanu

Amazing This game is so good but version 1.3 on mobile needs to come out asap because I love this game and I cannot wait until 1.3 comes to android and ios. Also can you please please make an option to have 10 inventory slots on phones because my phone is big enough. Edit: Come on I've been waiting for version 1.3 to come out on mobile for ages. I really want it to come out soon. I will give the game 5 stars if version 1.3 comes out on mobile.

Junyu Junyu

A thing u could touch up on I love the gunslinger class but often i spend more than 5 minutes to just buy ammo it would really help if u added a buy 100,500,999 button at the sides with the price. This would make buying ammo so much easier i really hope u can take my suggestion seriously thanks

Gobby 85

Great but Solar Eclipses don't happen often enough. I am literally sitting at home waiting for a Solar Eclipse because I have the best sword possible without having to craft it with a broken hero sword. I have beetle armour and vampire knives, but I'm waiting for a solar Eclipse to get a true nights edge or a terra blade

Shiny Emeralds91

Multi-player Developers of terraria can u plz add multi-player on terraria Android and iOS devices. I have been playing terraria for quit some time and I enjoy it. I've gotten alot of people to download and buy this game. I would enjoy it more if you added multi-player with other people across the globe but yet still make it able so we can play offline as well. I hope you respond to this message and have a great day.

scorpio scrarer

My character is GONE! I know i love this game but please fix the cloud save... my character was gone while i was on my menu tab.pls bring back my character back from my cloud...PLS. i work hard on took me days to make it perfect a-and now its just gone. I had to use my local save that is sad :(

Ethan Watson

Great, but, controller support? This is one of my all time favorite games, and I absolutely love it, but what happened to controller support? It's on IOS so why not Android? Please add ASAP and 1.3 has been out for over a year now so can we get that soon too please? (OnePlus 3)

Rayzor Blayde

Developers need to read... A really awesome game and you have ported it very well. I own it on pc and ps3 but when i bought this i had such a blast. The only problems i have are no controller support and no 1.3. Im sure this is coming in the future but i can't wait. Please respond if and when you are adding 1.3 and if you are adding controller support. Awesome game and i love it on all platforms ❤❤❤

Mason Newlin

Everything is gone I had a really good profile with top tier pre hard mode weapons armour and equipment on a cloud save. when I got on today EVERYTHING WAS GONE please if you are going to buy this game DO NOT make a cloud save character. Otherwise I love this game and I really don't want to restart. It is definitely one of my favorites.


I think I deleted my character + the stuff in the inventory hard to move I was distracted while the "select character option" was on and then i pressed the home button when i pressed terraria my character was GONE i had ALOT of good stuff and im so disaponted becouse i love this game. But my world is still saved. They were both in cloud progress. Pretty sad :/

Anthony Vidas

Wanted to give 0 stars Let me start by saying i love this gane on my console but on my galaxy s6 its unplayable! I cant move things out of my inventory and the controls are VERY touchy. Double tapping does nothing except move my screen. Extremely frustrating.....if this issue is not fixed i will be forced to uninstall.

wormy mcsquirmilton

Stop ignoring people and fix your game I started playing and I made my world and character cloud saves. I had been playing for a few days and everything worked perfectly, but now, it won't load my cloud save because "it was created in a newer version". I went in my drive and all my files were still there, but no matter what I tried I couldn't get them to appear in game. According to the forums, this has been happening to lots of people since cloud save was first introduced and you guys have done nothing to fix it.


Good but Good but all you need is a map folder where people can install other terraria maps without root because some rooting can cause viruses.This would be pretty good and i will rate 5. I ain't lying cause this is a good game. We only need a map folder where you create and share maps like Minecraft.

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