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24 Mar
Terra Monsters

Posted by Social Titans LLC in Casual | March 24, 2015 | 114 Comments

Apk file size: 31.0 MB

**If you came here looking for Terra Monsters 3 this isn't it, go to this store page instead! **

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Rid the region of evil with the help of your loyal Terra Monsters in this open world creature capturing game. Battle your way to become the champion of the Dart region while solving the mysteries of Terrarium. Are you ready for the adventure? Terra Monsters is a free download but costs 99c to unlock the full game.

- Collect, raise, train and battle 178 Terra Monsters, including 7 legendaries!
- Create unique monsters with talent traits and over 200 moves to choose from
- An open world with over 10 different regions to explore
- A thrilling story line and mysteries to solve
- Amazing Monster designs
- Your own ranch to care for your own Monsters
- Hours of gameplay

Whats new

    1.1.1 - Daily Prize Wheel - A chance to earn many in game premium items for free! Play for 10 consecutive days to win a premium monster!
    1.0.9 - Major Bug fixes related to crashing on completion of a select number of quests.
    Improvements to the way the world is explored.

Social Titans LLC part of our Casual and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update March 24, 2015. Google play rating is 76.093. Current verison is 1.1.2. Actual size 31.0 MB.

Download terra-monsters.apk 31.0 MB


ethan gonzalez

I would give it five stars if you don't need to pay I mean why do need to pay i had this game then i stopped playing because i needed to pay

Jadyn Myles

IT'S SO AWESOME I played this game nonstop. People don't listen to these haters they don't know what they are missing. This is actually a fun game. I agree with all who rate 5 or 4 stars.?????. I'm going to go try Terra monsters 2 Thanks for this great game.☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺. I didn't even have to pay to evolve my Terra monsters. People you are wrong! I didn't even have to pay to evolve my Terra monsters. If I ever get around to trying Terra monsters 2. This Terra monsters is impossible to stop playing to me thanks so much!!!!????

Shatter Me

My favorite game This game was AWESOME! Yes, you have to pay, but it DOES say in app purchases. However, the ice region thing had people that were nearly IMPOSSIBLE to beat. Other than that, I loved it!

Justine Ferol

wtf pls fix dis game hayyss..... i only had whitescreen plus weird sound maybe that sound is from the game... i want to play this game so pls fix my problem as soon as possible ...

Emily Koch

Good game but there's no option to reload purchases I played the game when I had my old galaxy s3 mini but now that I have downloaded it onto the new phone it says I have to pay again and that's sad because I enjoyed the game a lot.

Kurt Justine Hugo

Need to BUY Full version I liked it but when i' m playing it says that it needs to buy full version. :(

Marissa Banks

Terra Monster ? The game is fun and exciting to play with your friends plus it only costs. 99 cents to unlock the full game and if you want to get some extra features then choose from any of the three packages available for purchase by using a Google card and your password

Charmaine Joy

I love this game but why have to pay.. Why have to pay..why it just few storyline..Pls extend more storylines and quests....

Sketch 24/7 Pineda

Awesome! This is a lot like Pokemon, with different trainers, regions, but with its own twist

Kylor Ford

How do you get past the second place? But I love this game and you should play this game!

gir the gamer

i loved it!! I really love this game but the only thing thats bothering me is you have to pay to play more of the game.

Brian Rankin

Awesome For people who can't play, boohoohoo,I Love the way you guys designed Wintail he looks so cute

Journey Wayman

Lots of problems I really want to play this game, but all I see is a black screen then a white screen, and all I can hear is weird music! Please, please, please fix this issue!

samuel kidane

Free?! You have to pay before you can can evolve your first creature! How do you call this free? First few minutes you go on few quests then have to pay to go on!

Jeylan Ramirez

Is this a internet game because I haven't tried it yet

Remi Griffiths

Very annoying!!! It was great until Easter up date. Ever since I've been getting a black screen. Need to fix It!!!

fiona lucey

It won't work When I enter it's just a black screen pls fix this and I'll give more stars

Alice Rose

White screen.... When ever I tried to play it was just music and a white or black screen.. plz fix

Lara Cross

THE HECK? I love this game in all but what the heck is with buying it! No I wont!

Mina Sahnd

My friend recommended it so I tried it. 1 word - AWSOME!

No. Yes.

It's one of the moves. It's stupid and makes no sense when moves that let you go first, like swift strike, don't even let you go first, even if the faster enemy doesn't use the move.

Victor Manuel

Good Could you make more updates for my son he really likes this game thank you

JT Laverty

Come on! So i bought the game and when i upgraded my phone it said i had to re purchase it. Like wtf im still keepin the game just in case you guys fix that!

Queonte Martun

Awsome COOLEST thing that came to the world

Bad Gamer

White screen do not buy This game I have played before on my device now it's stuck on a white screen with the game music playing if you want 5 stars then tell me how to fix it I have already Uninstalled an reinstalled to many times


Horrorble I cant play it all I get is white screen and music it asked me once to log in thru googgle and white screen all I get now.

Half Life Fan123

Can't play!! I open the app and all there is on the screen is blank white.Plz plz plz plz plz fix this plzzzzzzz.:'(

Dana Khalid

I loved it This game blew my head of its amazing like why does it only have 1milloin players it should have more!

Irsyad Handan

Opening song and a white screen after purchase Really enjoyed the game but i was dissapointed when suddenly my terramonsters app have this bug where when i open it, it just stays in this white screen and have this opening song (0r whatever) playing, worse yet it happened after my purchase for the full game.. had no idea whats going on but please fix this..

A Google User

DOES NOT LOAD Whenever i tried openig it the screen just goes black plz fix

Aidan Chewning

Terra monsters It is cool

Yogesh Dahiya

Daily spin week problem I unlock dark dozer yesterday in daily spin but I am not able to find it anywhere can u plz look in the problem

Edwin John

This is good Terra monsters 2 is bad

Lydia Rabino Masong

The best but, It only shows me a black screen. Please fix.

Janis Hart

Not good Not its not good because everytime I try to play it just puts up a white screen and it won't it just plays music and it won't stop playing until I actually get out of the game going my little phone title screen click the little button that has my apps on it that I had just laid in swipe it away and then it'll stop playing music so that is why I don't like in this deal is very long cuz I'm talking to the microphone is coming up picking up what I'm saying so yeah and that's all and I hope that they fix t that

Ethan Alvarez

It a OK game but I don't like to pay

Kerri Vaz

Love this I don't need to pay and I love monster

Brianna Champneys

Bug fix please (android smartphone) Whenever I tap the 'open' button it goes to the game has black screen for a few minutes then lightens and takes me to the home screen. I do not like this bug because I love this game it earns five stars although with the bug I have to give it four stars sadly... I really need this bug fixed but if you cannot fix it well game goes to the trash for me. If you do not have this bug then good for you!

Julie Meyer

I bought the full version, it works great, but then one time my game bugged out and I got teleported to an area I can't get out of. And now I have to restart. This is pretty disappointing.

Brendan Tirol

Stopped working After sometime, the game just crashes until this time where my avatar in the game went to the furthest map. I still had my monsters and gold but I didn't have any items. The map also didn't work, all the locations had '?'s.

Shadow Demon

Fix the entering I hated that the game doesn't let me play the game when I enter the game the screen goes blank white but can hear he sound plese fix then I well give a good review of the game next time. Plese fix this and let it be playable.

Luis Lanza

Love it It's just super cool to me i love it

Jakobe Anthony

Why do you have to pay???? I've played this game before and I loved it and I loved this game so far but the you have to pay for the game really isn't right and I think everyone thinks this too

Clarice D

Have to pay Awesome game, but you get so far and then you have to pay to continue playing. I WILL NOT PAY TO PLAY!!!

Donna Rippy

Black screen I've played this game on and off payed for it once and quickly relized if you go more then 24th without play the game glitches and won't open now o two of my devices I can't even open the game to the fist page just black screen whole time

CK2 Benoit

You might as well make us pay for the sequel. Everything about the game is awesome(In my opinion). But really..? You have to pay for the full game? I deleted my hard work, on the sequel, for this..? I should've looked the descriptions...

Anthony101 Herrera

If I like it you should too It is good because I know it about Dragon and my friend has it

Alex Hill

Im giving you a 5 stars if youmake were I can play when ever I try to play it it doesnt load All in all its looks like a good game

Dillon Dugard

Player it before, loved it.. Downloaded it again, when it opened there was nothing but we white screen and the back round song..

Brandon Marshall

Good game Except from the fact u need to pay fpr full game because im stuck leveling my monsters up to level 100 sigh its kinda biring that part but other than that its ammmmmmaaaaazzzziiiinnnngggg

Manx Minuent

Damn disap0inted The game had a p0tential but its very disap0inted because i nid t0 buy the full versi0n i think the devel0per 0f this game must make the full versi0n free at fix all bugs!and an0ther 0ne thing the devel0per must give freebis t0 all players 0f this game!

Jose Arguedas

So short I know its not the full game but it just so short

jose medina

Love and hate I like that its almost like Pokémon but the point that the storyline is so short really sucks... And to pay for the full game is kinda dumb... Please make it free.

kretly vaik

I love it but Jou need to pay to play thats rude plase fix it then but 5 stars and now

Varunave V.S

Nice.. but.. I paid and bought a crystals pack but I never got it... pls fix this

Pinky Pruthi

Any one please help I am trapped on a quest don't know what to do its Leave Greenway . How to clear this quest i dont know so please help me

Lily Fox

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I unistalled it before because u had to pay now i reinstall and its a black screen then it flashes white with a loading spinny wheel thing then it goes to black and stays there it finnnaly loads and i play it and im like this is cool but then find out that i have to PAY for the full version SEARIOUSLLY????

Antonio Caro

Bug it doesn't work on galaxy tab 3 plz fix it made me mad when i couldn't get to play

Ana Souto

Cool game, but there should be more types of terra monsters, and why can't you make it so that we CAN beat the inferram? And yeah, why should we have to pay if we want to continue? I dont think thats fair.

Robert Munoz

Has issues I clicked on the monster I wanted to evolve and it gave evolve stone to a monster that can't even evolve? I don't even know how that's possible. And none of the monsters have any accuracy in battle.

Diego Sarca

Black screen and white screen I played this game on my ipad and its amazing but on my phone there is a black screen with music. Please fix this and it will be 5 stars. :( when this games actually works I will play but ive read reviews that you have to pay and I will not pay once I have to pay. It sucks because I loved this game but now its not working plz fixia ask soon ask possible

Mackrafter Macky

Paying full version for a pokemon copy!?!?!?Seriously!?!? Guys open your internet then open the app if this help pls put ;-) at the comments thankyou.After I played for 3 months straight I finally got a full pack premium monsters full set and all are 20 plus and the mechadozer 27 plus but that inferram is just to impossible to beat like I mean my terra monsters got wipeout,they even have any chance to attack and that part was stupid and crap

Tatyana Tarasenko

What? Why is Inferram the VILLAGE ELDER'S TERRA MONSTER!?!?!? I WANTED TO CATCH IT WITH THE MEGA STONE!!!!!!!!!!! AND WHY NOT YOU LET US LEVEL UP AND KILL INFARRAM TOO AND MOVE ON IN THE GAME? rlly, I dont wanna play it IF YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR ALMOST NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! Why can't you also have more types AND let us CATCH the legendaries? Oh wow, pokemon just embarrassed you, BADLY! ALSO, why is the village elder EVIL? rlly? He must of sent his infarram to burn all the crops °~°

Fierce Samurott

One of the best games ever! It's really fun and all, But the disappointing part about it is that it costs to get the full version.

Eman21 AJ

I love this app! The only thing is, i had to pay $0.99 to unlock the full version, which in my opion is perfectly fine. Compared to most other games which cost much more. Another thing though, i cant catch a few monsters. I lower its HP enough, and give it treats, then throw a terra crystal, but nothing happens. I've spent about 500 terra coins on one terra monster, but failed to catch it. Please fix. Other than that, as a 14 year old, this game is the best! I loved pokemon, and if you do too, than you'll love this game also! <3

Alexandra Peck

Are you kidding me It was a great game, but then it said i have to pay money to continue the game. You suck. I am a ten year old kid who has no money. Why do you think im gonna pay money to continue playing if i dont have any money to pay.

Anthony Stoner

Very cool but Very cool but this game need to be fixed i played this game once an than................ A COMPLETE BLACK SCREEN come on if you want five stars you'v got to earn it upgread this game please i begggg you please am a big fan of these type of games even say by september you guys can may be make some ajustments hear my cry i love this game and please make it does not use internet please i worship your work thank you please don't let me down.

Carole Wallace

It's cool and all... I really enjoyed the game. It's just that I personally think that the entire game should be free. I'm not going to pay for a game that I originally thought was going to be able to be played all the way through for free. It seems deceiving to me. I also don't like how Inferram just obliterates your monster, throws the blame on you, then proceeds to say that you need to pay in order to play the whole game.?????

terence gomez

I Cant purchase even I have strong connection I will rate it 5 stars when you fix it

kaleb bobbitt

I purchased the full thing And now I don't have it any more because there's no restore purchase option

Le Moth

The start is fun however... It is repetitive with most the game play being grinding for higher levels and has no engaging story.

Brad Paddison

Awsome game but... I love this game exsept when i tryed to deleat a charecter it came back so i tryed with my main and lost it and i used a lot of money on it any way to get it back?????

Nathan Eikenberry

WTF I downloaded it...bought it...played for a bit all seemed okay...but as soon as I left and tried to go back I get nothing but black screen so um...I have to force stop it to make it work

Dany Pach

It's good but I think that you don't have to buy the full version in order to go to other places

Jannis Coetzer

What Comon guys just downloaded and it doesn't let me buy the full game wtf fix it then i'll give 5 stars

Emily Santic

Got about 10 mins of play time Even if i wanted to continue playing this Pokemon copy I wouldn't pay $1

Hypnova The Derp

Samsung Tab 2.0 Doesnt load. I re installed this game 3 times and it never even went to the title screen. I really hope thats a bug that can be fixed in the near future, becacuse this game seems really fun.

Dayne Flynn

Fix bug I would have given it 5 stars but when I tap it the screen is either all black or all white with music playing PLEASE fix bug

Blanca Rosa Rodriguez

Fix it I played through the demo and was about to open the app again to buy the full version,but it glitched. First the screen was completely black, then a blank white screen popped up and the music was playing as if the game had opened normally, I waited, but it stayed on that white screen. Now I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app twice, but the same thing keeps happening. I love this game and will change my rating to five stars when you make an update fixing this issue.

Olivia Higbee

Why do we have to buy full game? I love this game but we have to buy to full game? I got it because it was free but then we have to purchase it? Why?

sadia zairoodin

Refund please? I have bought the full 'verson (R10) but i cannot get the full game,please help guys..i really want to play this game oh and i have a Samsung galaxy tab 10.1)

Shannon lobdell

Good but.... I paid for the full version a couple years ago and had to get a new phone do I have to buy it again or is there some way to get my old progress back or switch it so I can continue playing I don't think I should have to buy it twice.. Please help.

Joie E.

ISSUES This is awesome game, but it doesn't work anymore. When I try to log in, it either gives me a black screen, for the longest time, or a white screen for the longest time with music. Please fix this because I paid for the full version too..... If you cannot fix this, I would at the least, get my money back. Thankyou.

Sanjay Vija

It's now amizing I love it it so dam cute but the monsters are fully weak could you guys fix that issue but biside that it is good

Jeffrey Jones

Me want freedom Why can't we just get the entire game not cool man I want new terra monsters and more quests this game isn't free

Brendan Tirol

Stopped working After sometime, the game just crashes until this time where my avatar in the game went to the furthest map. I still had my monsters and gold but I didn't have any items. The map also didn't work, all the locations had '?'s.

Parker Gilbertson

Good but Every time I try to get on now is a white or black screen please notify me when u fix this please and I will give 5 stars thx

Adaeze Nweze

I clicked on the game and it just shows blank and sing it's song please fix it and I will give you 5 stars


Opening screen I couldnt even get the game to load up or start it would play the soundtrack but stay as a white screen. Plz fix this!

Kaitlyn Stockdale

Won't let me access. I bought this game over 6 months ago. I got a new phone and went to download but its trying to make me pay again. Fix this issue and you will receive 5 stars.

Kris Brown

Bought game but now after download i can't play full version. I bought this game over a year ago. Now that it has been downloaded on my mega i can't play or access my full version. Fix this and i will give 5 stars.

Olivier Lauzon

Game is good, support not so much! Originally played fot free, then bought it. At a point I changed phone and went to reinstall it, could not recuperate my purchased game. Got in touch with support, Andrew... Everything was going great up until I was asked what version of the game I was running.. Been 3 months I have not had an answer, even after repeat sent emails...

That Guy

INFERRAM BULL**** This game makes me mad cuz a mission 'put out the fire' is blaming me because i dont have the full game WHAT KIND OF BULL**** IS THAT? forcing people to pay to get the full game this game was fun until lil mission there was a person at the dock why he didnt see the inferram ?!?!?! BULL****

Amber A.

Pretty fun I like the game is fun. But it's kinda annoying how every time all my creatures die i get sent back to the beginning. And I don't wanna fight every person I come across so there should be a no button if you don't wanna battle.

Annamonster W

Full game I really want the full game but my mom told me the a year ago my dad told me if my phone bill is a dollar higher than we will have problems or something like that. Also she said I should ask him about getting it with my own money. And I whish the people you plays as had a more real life look and more animation.

Carole W

It's cool and all... I really enjoyed the game. It's just that I personally think that the entire game should be free. I'm not going to pay for a game that I originally thought was going to be able to be played all the way through for free. It seems deceiving to me. I also don't like how Inferram just obliterates your monster, throws the blame on you, then proceeds to say that you need to pay in order to play the whole game.?????

Lisa Noriega

Good game but.... I love the game. It's a lot of fun, when you first start it. But as your monsters level up, it becomes more tedious than fun to keep training. And if you don't pay money to unlock the rest of the game, you end up being stuck training your monsters to level 100.

Kati Nuckolls

confused It's a great game really, but since I paid the $0.99 I have not had the full version. I would like to know why. The purchase went through for 2 and 3 however.

Jadyn Myles

IT'S SO AWESOME I played this game nonstop. People don't listen to these haters they don't know what they are missing. This is actually a fun game. I agree with all who rate 5 or 4 stars.?????. I'm going to go try Terra monsters 2 Thanks for this great game.☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺. I didn't even have to pay to evolve my Terra monsters. People you are wrong! I didn't even have to pay to evolve my Terra monsters. If I ever get around to trying Terra monsters 2. This Terra monsters is impossible to stop playing to me thanks so much!!!!????


Love game big problem support non existent I have previously paid 19.99 on both Terra monsters games. I had to reset my phone and now it's asking me to repay I have sent an email regarding the problem but still no answer after 3 days

John Tilyou

Stupid thing What, you expect me to whaste my space on my phone? This game won't even show up to the title screen. What a rip off.

Kyle Whitis

Gaming problem I paid for $20 full game and now its asking again. Plus i cqn put my game on another phone to be able to play it

Linda Abbitt

Made it to level 6 Well to start with, the game is more for kids. It's to simple!!! The worst part though would be that I've only made it to level 6 and they already telling me to pay for the full game, WTF!!!!!!! The only part bout the game I did like was that the animals are really cute, but other than that the game sucks!!!!! Will be uninstalling

Jakebacon0 Sullivan

I haven't even seen a loading screen! Fix the bug and I'll give you five stars. And if you're going to make the download free, then it's only fair to make the whole thing free.

Brayden Sexton

Stupid story I don't have a credit card. I'm only 11 so I don't have 1. Pokemon is my game and I am a master at it. Pokemon is so much better than this game. Hope number 2 I don't have to pay

Brenden Carbin

Need help I would like to get the second terra monsters but it days not compatible with your device. Please fix, I really want to play it also if u do fix it I will give 5 stars

army commander

Great game Only one problem every time I try to get on it is a black screen what can I do to fix?

pokefans english

Not working Every time when I open it a white screen with music appears and after some time the music also stops. PLEASE FIX IT !!!!!!! I will give 5stars.

Cookie Monster

Full game You need to buy full game which i think is sooo unfair that u have to buy it. And u left people where they would want to know what happens but it is a fun game but it left u on a cliff hanger. It was really fun but u left us at cliff hanger or something like that.

Puja Behl

When I played the game just a white screen came and some sound. Terramonster 2 is way better than this .

Jayden M

No fair Its great I love it but.. I think it's messed up to pay to continue the story quests. Please make it so you don't have to pay.

Elizabeth Toll

not cool game makers(I'm chloe liz's daughter) I can't beat inferno, because inferno cheats, not able to attack inferno, it goes first and kills me, I'm not paying for full version and please get rid of inferno or game's deleted

Kipper Sheimi

Nice Google Play store crash as I was writing a less than perfect review. Well, it was ok. Not worth the money, esp. since it no longer works without WiFi. But was good for a time.


Pokemon & Terra monsters This is like pokemon but I wanted to have a lot more

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