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15 Aug

Posted by Network TEN in Entertainment | Aug. 15, 2016 | 197 Comments

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Live and on demand, the best of TEN, ELEVEN & ONE is yours to enjoy anytime, anywhere. Catch up on or relive your favourite shows: with episodes on tenplay straight after they’ve been on TV, missing out is a thing of the past. Watch live news and sport: entertainment as it happens, real-time viewing is all part of the tenplay package.

Network Ten’s tenplay application brings all the great features of tenplay to Android, including;

- Create personalised playlists: line up your TV picks and watch whatever you’re in the mood for, whenever you want it.

- Track your top TV: with latest video alerts, and reminders for when your show is on TV and the app, tenplay connects you to what’s new.

- Access a complete TV guide: featuring full free-to-air and Foxtel listings, with tenplay you’ll always see the big picture.

Whats new

    + Stability improvements
    + Bug fixes

Network TEN part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Aug. 15, 2016. Google play rating is 53.2242. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

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chloe scholz

Why not available on samsung smart tv??? Every other channel has an ap available for smart tvs. TENplay is only for apple tvs. Seriously channel 10. How many people have an apple tv???

Kin Bin

Useless on xperia tablet after update. I used to love this App, but now if I press play an advert will load & start to play, then the whole app closes down. This has only been a problem since my last system update yesterday. I've uninstalled and re installed the app but it still won't work.

Kent Williams

Broken Nexus 10 with a decent ADSL connection, Android 5.02 - works well up until trying to play a show, appears to buffer for a little bit, then crashes by simply disappearing.

Kurt Ams

Good, only when it works Constant video freezing while audio continues to play. Crashes often, mid-show. Too many ads, even worse when skipping through an episode. It's time for an update please.

Elke B

Please fix bugs! Constantly crashes on phone app. Won't even play videos on pc app. I am willing to forgo channel 10 shows altogether if this doesn't get fixed, it's been going on too long and is very frustrating.

Lily Richardson

What's the point of having a TV catch up app when the app won't allow you to play any of the listed shows across the 3 listed chanels? seriously. Not one. Tenplay and plus7 need to properly fix their apps.

Maryam Tirabadi

Not fun Not only crash most of the time, also now you can't watch anything if you have Android 5 !!!!!

Stephen Seawright

Can't watch anything As soon as you press play to watch your program, you get the spinning icon to show it's loading, and just as the show is about to start, crash to home screen. Must be the most useless app out there!

Ericka Darlene

Commercials and more commercials.. Getting a lot of error fetching video data when trying to watch various programs. A lot of 30 to 60 second commercials 4 times in one break. I enjoy getting to catch up on missed tv shows, but what's the point when you get 10 minutes into a program and it stops? Then back to start up, commercials and having to start the show over again.

Nick Carrigan

A fairly poor effort. I'm glad to see Network Ten at least attempt to deliver something on Android, but this is disappointing and getting worse. Now crashes on both my devices when I press play. At one point it would work on my phone, but streaming was unstable even over fast connections and the app was packed with advertising. There is also no way to select or track favorite shows or save playlists without signing up to the website so that they can spam you.

Dina Gofman

Why am i spending my data on watching commecials? I don't understand - I pay for data already and I'm not watching this live. Why am I watching up to 10 min of commercials for a 30 min show!!! This is ridiculous! Highly annoying app and not a single other app in Australian TV is this horrid!!

Liz Watt

Worst app ever Constantly crashes. Then when you start it again you have to watch the same ad repeated twice and then it crashes again. I played a 40 minute show to test and it actually crashed 14 times and took an extra 40 mins to watch. Don't bother...

Krishneal Raniga

Crashes when it streams a video Motorola Moto G, Android 5.0.2, The app will download, it will open up, you can search for all of your shows, as soon as it starts to play a video, it just crashes and goes back to home screen, there's no sign of the app saying it crashed, or not working. It's like you never opened it. Moto G is a very good everyday phone, but when you're streaming, customising or trying to achieve something creative, it will crash and thats one thing that will never (maybe, in the distant future) be fixed.

Lisey Lou

Doesn't Work Watch catch up ten on my PC all time. However this App was a waste of my downloadable limit. Tantalises me with shows on offer then won't play any of them. Obviously another app only any good on specific devices. I say why bother putting you time & effort into it ten? Wish I read reviews first.

Erik Lundberg

won't play anything anymore So, it worked for a little while... the loosest possible Microsoft-ish 'possible to use' sense, if you are patient enough to suffer the buffering... ...but suddenly since the lollipop upgrade it crashes instead of playing video, so it is a bit useless. Please fix it! I want to watch NCIS. I have since tried out Netflix and so now fully comprehend what a bodgy piece of rubbish this tenplay app is!

Liz B

HAPPY JAN Perhaps a polite review might be a good idea to get your message across instead of rude ones. I did just that and now works fine for me. Good luck! Deserves a far better rating than 3.1. Today installed on latest samsung tablet and it works even better. Check your devices you are using as some are rubbish.

Michael Clarris

Extremely disappointing Video doesn't play smoothly and it stops with audio continuing. Amount of adds is a disgrace, if I wanted the ads I would watch the show on TV not to mention having to waste my data on ads!

Brooke Chilvers

Disappointing Was so excited about it because I love modern family and can never watch it on normal TV. I thought that you would actually be able to 'watch' the shows, but whenever you do, it just glitches back to the home screen! It is so annoying and disappointing!!! Please fix this and then I will give 5 stars.

Julie Windsor

Good design, bad bugs Great design for the app, better than other networks. The main 2 issues as others mentioned, are with it either crashing or starting to play, but not showing the picture...just a black screen. I noticed that it works fine when first setup but if you log in with facebook, google or twitter so you can use the playlists. That is when the error occurs. As soon as you log out, the picture returns and no more crashing. 2: having the same ad played @ max volume, is very annoying. Lower volume & switch ads pls!

Phil Masters

Beyond Useless! Far too many adds! Rubbish interface. Doesn't remember where you were up to on a program when accidentally pressing back. When scrolling to find your position again you face Many adds. Content is outdated and incomplete. And did i mention there are Far Too Many Adds!!!! Uninstalling! I feel insulted... what BS. Your programming content available in-app isn't worth the amateur app experience.

James Walter

I'm deleting this app Way too many ads. App freezes then you have to rewatch same ads. Don't download this app if you want to keep your sanity

Synthia Halliday

Disappointed This app crashes and having ads on catch up is ridiculous! Tenplay needs to look at iview it is a fantastic app that just keeps getting better.

Matthew Lehmann

Still no chrome cast? So I finally find something worth watching and I still can't use chrome cast? And one star IS warranted. I don't care about the app I care about watching stuff on my TV. Using Chromecast. The app could be perfect but if it can't stream with Chromecast it is useless to me.

Terence O'Donoghue

More ads than content. I load a video, three ads, 30 to 45 seconds each. If I so much as skip forward a minute or two, three more ads. This app is so choked up with advertising that it's completely unusable.

Wendy Ngo

Crashes and commercials! Crashes everytime I try to fast forward or skip to a certain time of the show. Funny how it never crashes during the commercials though. If there was an option I would have given zero stars.

Chris Thomas

Terrible. Won't even play ads anymore. No Chromecast support. Why do companies release these untested, half assed apps? No wonder channel ten is in trouble.

Simon Bland

Pathetic. I can understand that its free, but it is useless. It renders shows unwatchable. Channel Ten should remove this app and bow there head in shame for treating its app users like chumps.

Diana Kelly

Don't bother! Not worth the bother. Crashes all the time so a wasted effort! Can't watch it on my tablet or computer so the problem's not mine. Fix it Channel 10 or you'll lose viewers. You've lost me already.

Trent Murray

Nice GUI but needs Chromecast support Nice graphical user interface, good content but you need to be able to stream to TV via Google Chromecast. Also 50% of the time your bandwidth is being used to stream ads.

Nikki Carlson

Tl, dr. Broken The interface and layout is good, however since the purpose of the app is to play videos, and since it can't do that on my nexus 5 or nexus 7 2013, (both android L) ima say don't even bother until channel 10 gets their act together and updates this crappy app. Funnily enough, ten is the only channel I watch who's app is not functioning, nine, seven and ABC all work fine on my devices, but then ten was the last one to make an android app so it's hardly surprising that their still trailing behind.

Nicole Sharma

Crap Despite working for a little while it now does not. Plays a little of the show then stops 3 minutes in. Come on lift your game!!

Thee Jay

Doesn't work Titles are selectable , then just as you get to open the popcorn box, the app crashes and disappears when the streaming should commence.

Yvette Roma

Frustrated Why doesn't the app show episodes which i know have aired already? A number of shows only have the premier episode available!

Sarah McLeod

Looks great, but not one title will play Sadly I have not been able to watch any shows with this ap. Easy to navigate and has a great list of shows unlike some that limit the titles. Like many others when you select play the ap crashes and closes.

Dominic Lotters

Press play and watch... Watch the app just close It gets your hopes up then beautifully dashes them!

Peter Emm

Rubbish Ads play OK, so it's great if you want to watch ads. Don't bother if you want to watch an actual program. It crashes if you do. Why are developers allowed to put such an app on the store? Obviously, it's not been tested properly.

Ray Wenzel

Not happy ? Great if you like watching adds as soon as the show starts it crashes then you restart and watch all the adds again, this app SUCKS big time ?

liana irvine

It continues to say it cannot fetch video. It worked well for a few weeks but now it doesnt work at all. Please fix as I really enjoyed this app

Victor Yee

Awesome.... In being useless. Crashes, doesn't load. Works well as something to take up space though.

Brendan L

Crashes on playing Wow a great app so to see what content you can't play. Impressive fail

Dave Sheludko

Fails to start Hangs on startup, message reads "downloading app config", but never finishes (waited 30 mins, network connection ok, tried reinstalling still fails). Nexus 6. Edit: finally worked after leaving it for 1.5 hours on the app config message.

Krystelle B

nexus 7 2nd gen So far so goooood!!! Was having trouble before update but now it seems to be working fine. I notice the image is freezing at times while the audio continues but otherwise great!!!! ?????

Dianne Copes

Asus Nexus 7 (2012 model) Update on 9/06/2015 has corrected my playing issues . All good for now. Use VLC as my player.

Bruce Herford

NO LONGER WORKING PERFECTLY :-( UPDATE June-2015: TENPlay was working perfectly about 90% of the time until 6 months ago. Now, the app's developers have given priority to ad content at the expense of real programme content. Multiple crashes make resuming the programme a nightmare. What you get is a repetition of 5 mins of ads each time until you find the approximate spot to continue viewing. As well as time consuming, the frequent restarts with ads starts to chew through your data quota because of the excessive - 6-8 ads! TEN, you need to do the following. Please stop the app from crashing all the time. Please limit ads to 2 per break instead of copying your on air model. Please also consider Chromecast as this would make your app a must have. This app is nowhere close to the near-perfect ABC iView or SBS On Demand apps. Kudos to Ten for at least producing an Android app which is better than the Nine Network's jumpin & the Plus7 app rarely works so TENPlay has an opportunity to take advantage of the catch-up TV space as far as it's commercial competitors are concerned.

Pedro Costa

Too many ads! Beyond a joke! Seriously disappointed, went to watch an episode of the project and just got bombarded with ads! 3 at a time! And in regular intervals. I'm not happy, a perfectly good app with too much crap.

Toby waoscar

Not so live timing Advertise live stats and car position for F1. Not much point if it is 2 laps behind the live broadcast. Quality looks like a low quality web cam pointing at a tv screen.


Doesn't work Don't waste your time. Will not stream, continues to show errors every time.

Alex xelA

Listen To Us Ten! Program freezes while audio continues. The over play of ads work perfectly. Since recent update, when app is launched it says it failed to fetch show data. And displays a black screen with just the side menu available. When program is selected in the A-Z part, it shows 'failed to fetch show data'

Ryan Ford

Pointless Plays adds fine every time, but never streams the show, I refresh, get even more adds and still nothing. Maybe if you put the effort in to streaming like you do advertising you will have a winner.

Jason Whiteley

Please include offline viewing Youtube has offline viewing for Australia now, where videos expire after a few days, and other free to air TV networks around the world have had this for years. How can I catch up with neighbours on a plane or when I'm travelling without offline viewing mode? Please implement this.

A Google User

Does not keep the picture going. I have just spent about 2 hours trying to watch 1 episode. Have had to suffer through the sets of ads many times. IT is not working.

Justin F

Latest Update is Good Still would prefer TenPlay on Telstra TBox or on Samsung Smart TV / HT.

Carolyn Twyman

Hello Channel Ten, THIS DOESN'T WORK. Time waster. Hasn't worked for ages. Frustrating, freezes, blacks out, often can't get in at all, too many ad breaks, ads repeat. Stops working half way through. Channels 7, 9 & abciview work ok but never tenplay

Nathan Basile

All perfect Never had a problem after this update 9/10

Daniel Harper

Finally a release from pesky regulations Long dreamt of and fiercely sought we have finally found a place where the television channels again control the length and volume of advertising. Too many adds that have too high a volume jump compared to the show being viewed and that are too long.

Jeremy Cockle

Useless. Needs chromecast support! If I want to watch a show that I missed on your network, why can't I use my TV and chromecast to watch it? Pointless having the family huddled around the tablet when we could use our 55 inch TV.

Nick De Ieso

Place Ad Here ..... Whats with all the advertisements? Useless app. Uninstalled.

Mark T

Good app, except for the Ads The app works really well on Android 4.4. What is disappointing however are the amount of ads inserted and sometimes repeatedly. This chews through my mobile data download unnecessarily and at the very least I'd like to see the time and frequency of ads reduced, along with better subroutines to ensure ads aren't repeated during a session.

Tim C

Good app Its alot better than it was. Good to see progress

Junade Latif

Needs chromecast support Uninstalling this app since it doesn't support chromecast.

Tania Osborne

Havent been able to get on for 5 days after update....

Natalie Johnston

Doesn't chromecast Uninstalling since it doesn't chromecast. Useless without it.

Josh Chamberlain

Needs support for Android TV and Chromecast. Needs to support Android TV and Chromecast.

Morgan Tucker

Too many ads Get rid of the ads

Meg Read

Fixed! Playback issues are fixed, hooray!

Steven Ebsary

Fix ads and seeking problem Too many ads and bugs. Add tv and chromecast support! Drop outs too!

Katie Hadges

Best tv app! Tenplay is the best tv app, way better then 7plus and 9. It always works and i have had no problem with it whatsoever!

Lindy Neale

5 ***** Like this its good

Paul Rose

Now working on nexus 7

Liam Cox

Finally works now.

amanda percy

Crap Hasnt worked for ages.. freezes, error msgs.. so I uninstalled. Now I cant even install it

Robert Jurd

No chromecast Where is the chromecast support?

Hang Two

Tablet support pleaseee TEN developers, please fix ur support for tablets! Always crashing. You are missing a big market in which other channels are already capitalising on.

michael ta

Too many ads Shows freeze to show ads ( 4 ads in a row ) and use to much data 1gig for 1 hour foxtel not use that much data what a load of crap . I would much rather download than use this

Troy Howarth

No chromecast Seemed to have fixed the streaming/buffering issues but still no chromecast support?? Really painful having to mirror my screen, leaving my screen on and phone unusable while trying to catchup on TV I missed. Add chromecast support and I'll give 4 starts, you get 5 stars if you vary the ads. Bit sick of watch the same ad 5 times in a row.

Debra McCulloch

Freezes Starts fine gives me approx 10 minutes just enough to peak my interest then freezes. What is that....

Greg Miller

Not bad Ads repeat too much & still cut in in the middle of a character saying a line. Not terrible but could be better.

Tokana Hennequin S

I wish I could give TenPlay a higher rating, and I would have a few years back, but unfortunately I cannot. I really liked the TenPlay app once upon a time, and I would watch the shows provided a lot. Unfortunately I could no longer keep the app on my device, but I expected the quality to be just as good, if not better. Is this too much to ask? I think not. You'd think developers would improve their product, fixing all bugs, such as this one, therefore skyrocketing and becoming even more successful, but it seems that Network Ten have taken a nosedive. While I can see their catalogue of shows, I cannot load any of them - the app says "failed to load video," and the homepage won't load, either. I do admit that it's a bug, but it's something that bugs me to no end, and I will uninstall it until they've fixed this bug; it's a waste of space for this application to sit on my tablet and taking up space that could be used for something else if I'm not going to use it for the simple fact that it won't work properly! I genuinely hope that Network Ten fixes this bug, and sooner rather than later, because I'd love to be able to download and actually use it again.

Michelle Kline

What a disappointment! Rewinds by itself, lags, out of sync and the ad placement is terrible. This is an embarrassment to Channel 10.

Fiona Hall

The ads seem to play fine but the show you are watching freezes continually. When you try to go back the ads bombard you again. Very annoying.

David Hall

Too many adds No chromecast support, too many ads, keeps resetting to start of show, this app is rubbish. Don't bother downloading it. Bring on Netflix, Stan and torrents.

Dan Rob

Uninstalling this garbage, Cant watch a full show without a freeze. Cant even resume back without freezing. Almost after every add it stops and wont resume

Peter Gilligan

Can't cast to Chromecast Why would you build an app that can't cast to Chromecast. Really???? The app crashes and lag. Why publish this if it doesn't work. If you can't make something that works then don't pretend you can.

Darren Glazer

Ten PAY That's what you should call this app: Ten PAY, because of ALL the revenue you must be raking in with the RIDICULOUS number of ads you run!!!

Russell C

Faulty content Works great then you get one faulty add ie the 10 second coke add and it locks up the app.

Richard Haynes

Ten Play I know this is how you get your $$$ Chanel 10 but sooo many ads, it's worse than live to air... I'll download the series or go get the DVD instead, no ads...

Ryan Johnson

Please develop support for AndroidTV, and perhaps allow live channel streams to integrate into the Live Chanel App

Edward Coffey

Still no Chromecast support - disappointing. Check out ABC's app - they managed it.

Glenn Spence

No live tv Need to keep up with demand. Otherwise not a bad app when it wants to work.

mark stokes

Annoying adverts Decent app but when it doesn't hold your last spot and makes you watch a minute of adverts everytime you try and guess where you were up to it becomes an unusable app

Tony P

Pointless No chrome cast or full screen video apparently, yay... NOT!

John Morgan

No Chromecast? Why Good app but..No Chromecast makes it a useless, just use the tenplay website with chrome and you can cast it to your tv.

Andrew Luks

This is the worst thing in the world Hate that I had to watch x files on this because we missed taping it. I would rather get kicked repeatedly in the nuts than sit through the ads that continually pop up (three consecutive times watching the Bundaberg rum ad anyone?) even when you're just trying to get to the part of the show you were up to! Morons who created this garbage take a bow

Kyle Dent

No chromecast? Seriously. It's 2016. People want to watch catchup TV on.... TV! Why do Australian TV stations get it so wrong so often.

Fernando Felquer

No chromecast support I might come back when you've introduced chromecast support.

John Winkler

Improve your app The lack of Chromecast, poor advertising frequency and rotation, difficulty in navigating - and the fact that users have been requesting this for ages - is a bad look for Channel 10. It looks like you can't afford to invest in the app or can't see that the future is already here. This app was obviously well intentioned when launched, but its failure to keep up with the online TV revolution is not befitting of Ten's image as a serious player. Invest in an overhaul and respond to the feedback.

Ed Tollway

Freeze my screen Has been good app but lately clips wont start or stop randomly before freezing. Never affects adds though. Not happy.

Daniel Ruben

It's ok Not compatible with Chromecast or smart TV which is a big drawback. Why??? If you want us to use your app make it universal.

Silver Brandy

Ok... Win some ,you lose some. Welcome to the real world.

Christy Hayes

Can you please put californication on your app PLEASE

Lachlan M

Wont stream Wont stream, some stupid chrome cast. Crap app

Jessica Richards

Amaze balls Now I never miss a show!:-):-)

Andrew Kenneally

Chromecast No chromecast support yet :(

khalleg ash

Live feed is not up todate plz fix

Lance Griffiths

It has no law and order svu It all my fav shows but not law and order svu

Phillip John

No chromecast No chromecast. That's me out

Lee Peacock

Doesn't work Fantastic app for watching ads, shame the shows don't play :(

Beau Bright

Terrible Constant 'error retrieving video data' error message on most of the content i try to watch. Disappointing app.

Amir Ansari

Crashes every time Every time an ad appears, the app crashes on my Samsung Galaxy Note S. Waste of my time.

Stacer Elkin

Samsung Galaxy Note 3, 5.0os STILL BROKEN AND IF NOT WORSE IF THATS POSSIBLE THAN IT WAS! SINCE RECENT FREE VIEW CHANNLES UPDATE, WELL 9 NETWORK DID ANYWAY, ITS BAD! Adds adds adds and buggy and don't share anything to anywhere! Come on now! All Australian apps are bugs its insulating

Craig Antos

No chromecast support. It's useless without chromecast support. I don't own any other media device and everything else I use supports it.

Bronwyn Mitchell

Always getting "error fetching video data" message, so cant watch anything. "My Shows" doesnt work either

Jatin Mistry

Too many ads Seriously too many ads

Andrew Waddington

Yet another half-baked catch-up TV app For Pete's sake go license iview from ABC and get an system that actually works. I add a show to my play later list but there is no place to go to the play later list. I track a show I'm told I'm tracking the show but no it doesn't remember that I'm tracking a show or 20 shows and asks me to select a show to track. The player has no pause function, it has no full screen function and has no memory or where I may have stopped watching and come back to and no function to fast forward. Useless app

Trent Thompson

Terrible The videos have errors when loading, why are Tens videos so bad. Your website is incompatible with every computer and every web brower ive ever tried. They work on my phone but have 5 adds for every few seconds of actual show. It's a joke like this app.

Mark Riley

Even more ads than TV Ads injected throughout an episode of X-Files with far more frequency than normal TV. Hated it so much I deleted the app and will not consider reinstallation.

Like to Wallace

To many ads there's 13 minutes of ads when I watch a 20 minute show not that I ever get to watch a whole episode due to crashes. Then when you try to skip back to where you were on the show you have to watch all of the adds all over again.

evangelos frangos

No Chromecast Do we have to pay to subscribe or something to get Chromecast. Seriously it's 2016 , we should have to have the opportunity to Chromecast the screen. Please fix it and I'm sure you will get 5 stars.

Tim Deaves

No Chromecast support The app and service generally, has the potential to be great but without support for Chromecast it's useless to me and a lot of other people. Fix that issue and I'll use it.


It's rubbish Videos play now but their extremely dark. Poor selection of content.

Horrace Bill

No Chromecast support Wow.. I seriously can't understand this. Fire your entire tech team immediately

Tania Koutsonikos

Works fine with my note 4 yes a few adds but i still get to watch shows i missed. The lastest is now i can watch my shows telmovies etc says ERROR IN LOADING VIDEO.So bloody ennoying. Can't watch anything. Please fix it straight away so can watch shows i have missed. All other catch tv work beautiful. Lost some stars.

Michael Clarris

Sort it out This app is by far the worst I have ever used. I am a huge fan of ch 10 and it is I fact the ch I watch most however the tenplay app is absolutely atrocious. The playback issues I constantly encounter on all forms (be it my tablet or Android TV's) is totally unacceptable. A lot of work needs to be put into this app to come up to scratch. Please work at this. Regards, Michael

Bjorn Ogle

Too many ads Tried to catch the last few minutes of a recorded show that was cut due to the show running late, took 5-10 minutes to find the spot and go through all of the repeat adds, to see only the last 2 minutes. Annoying!

lorena shaw

Freezes way to much,,, Very annoying stop freeze play freeze grr

Kayla N

To many ads but it's a good app

Skip In Perth

No chromecast There is no support for Chromecast trying to mirror phone screen is usually a workaround but the video breaks up like a broken codec. Come on surely you can make a better app than that. There are dozens of people asking for Chromecast support over at least 2 years and still you don't read these comments or ignore them? I find it interesting that ABC and SBS a miles ahead of the other free to air stations apps you guys are cave men in comparison :-)

Chloe S

It doesn't work I try to go into it to catch up on bondi rescue and it doesn't even open up to the first page!? All it says is that it is trying to retrieve show data and then says 'TRY AGAIN'. yeah well IV tried to try again about 50 times and it still doesn't work! Ahhhhhhhh so frustrating

Elizabeth S

Not good ... I'm going to uninstall this app because it crashes ALL the time. The ads appear to work better and then once they're done ... nothin'. Developers, please look at how iView operates. If the ABC and SBS can do it, then there's NO real reason why Channel 10 can't either. Heck, even Channel 7 works better, and that's saying something. At this point in time, I wouldn't recommend downloading this app to anyone. Sorry. And oh yeah, the ability to Cast would be super. Cheers.

Alek Hillas

Very dissapointing that this app doesn't support Chromecast. Does Channel 10 think that people only want to watch TV shows on their phones or tablets? No, we want to watch it on our TVs, too, or at least have the option of doing so.

david richardson

Piece of crap Just like the version on telstra TV, ten play is crap when you return from an advert you lose sound as have to stop and then resume. Since I am using my Internet why are you putting adverts in. Put them at the start of the program not in the middle of the program. If you can't produce an app that works don't put it on Google play. As someone else said, but the licence from ABC Iview, rebadge it for 10 play

Mathew Kelson

No full screen Thought I'd try the app since I couldn't get a show to play all the way through on my smart TV, or my PC. Unfortunately the app had its own issues, it has a full screen button which does nothing. Support for casting would be good to.

Peter Spinda

No chromecast no point Nothing to say other than the developers behind this app should be fired and a new team brought in. One that listens to the feedback from consumers.....why anyone would build such an app with no chromecast support is beyond logic in todays world...

Rik G

Still No shows play. Another useless update. No shows load. Keeps giving errors. App completely useless as nothing works

Sadeed Ahmed

Works perfectly Watched Bondi Rescue with only 2 adds per break and nothing weird happened. Don't know why you guys are fussing.

Shane Van

Poor play back If you start watching a show and want to finish it another time, you have to try and guess were you are up to then sit through 5 set of the same adds 5 times before you can continue on. I give up.

Wiremu Donald

Sony z2 Works great so far I guess the bugs are fixed

Laura Nokes

Not opening Been trying to open app to watch my shows but app isn't loading is stuck on configuration

Martin Magee

Advertising It's fine if you watch without skipping forward. Skip forward and your bombarded by adverts. Watching The People VS OJ and skipped forward, watched 5 adverts saw 20 seconds of the series and watched 3 more adverts!! 5 minutes and same advert again!! This continued through the whole episode. Stupidity.

Jody Pearson

Always freezes to many ads in watching catch up shows

Lisa Holtze

Volume issues on live play When watching a show live, there's volume for the ads (of course) but the sound is non existent on the actual show. Will improve rating when this is fixed.

Diana Garraway

Freezing all the time Drops out, freezes constantly. Incredibly slow to load. Has stopped 4 times while watching masterchef and now won't load at all, right as they're up to the votes. Have no issues loading any other tv apps on my tablet including abc, 9 and 7 as well as foxtel go.

David Chadwick

Crap Wont load shows, gives wrong region, needs some major fixes. Waste of time..... also would be nice if could follow channels 9 and 7 and add channels one and 11 to app

Andrew Webb

Don't waste your time Why you no chromecast 10? App is buggy and slow

Henry He

Network 10 must do something about this app Keeps cutting off when I watch masterchef and other shows. Stops like every 20-30 seconds, its annoying as hell. It has happened for quite a while now, Network 10 must do something about this urgently!!!!!

Kallista Smith

Rubbish Wont load even the program list. Downloaded it 20 minutes ago. Very short lived app. Pathetic. Don't waste your time or data!!

Jay Walton

Fine for phone with live Rugby I can't comment what it is like to watch shows with this app because I have a severe allergy to crap. (Which makes up 99% of the programs on channel 10). For live sport, such as Rugby, it is seamless and works perfectly on my Galaxy. Much better than the NRL digital pass offered by Telstra...

Ian Beaton

More work needed Needs Chromecast support to be useful on Android and I can't work out how to control the show being streamed, including full screen and pause. Not really usable as is

Simon Liang

Ads galore I have seen more ads when streaming than the shows themselves. Had to watch 4 ads in a row to keep watching the show, then it freezes. Not a good product.

John Lynas

Too many ads A couple of ads every ten minutes I can live with, but not four or five every six or seven minutes is just annoying!!

Tiny Good

No Chromecast and tablet poor Does not work well on my Samsung android tablet and will not chromecast. Come on Ten. You can do better.

Alex Cook

No Chromecast, too many ads Doesn't support Chromecast and too many ads for a streaming service, worse if you want to continue from part way through an episode.

anitaaldridge DeepRiver&Fire

Seriously Channel Ten? Crap, crap, crap. Nothing loads, nothing plays. Same with your website. Garbage ?

Dean Argiropoulos

Too many ads! I understand you have to make money off this somehow. But had to sit through 2 ads at the beginning, then when I wanted to fast forward , I was subjected to another 5 ads before the video resumed. ?

Jacqui Cherry

App wont even open Seems like a waste of space on my tablet. Doesnt even open. Uninstalling

Kelly Rush

Dissapointed I love the shows but it struggles to "download show data" all the time so I cant watch anything.

James Woodward

Useless Stopped working the second day after installing it, had "Error loading shows." Also froze every time an ad came up.

Big Fella

A few things need fixing The ads are not to bad for me like I might get 1 or 2 before every episode. But... they need to fix the amount of episodes because you only get to watch a few episodes and after about a week they take the episodes away. They need to keep all the seasons so its long lasting to watch and you can watch all the time you like.

Elke B

Get rid of the ad!!!!!! Can't watch anything because of a mobile phone ad. I have written and told you about it a couple of times. By the look of things, I'm not the only one with the same problem. Come on ten play. Do I have to give up all together? What is it going to take?

Absolute pile of rubbish. Get to watch 6x the amount of ads because this bug riddled pile of an app. Spent more time watching that stupid phone add than actual shows themselves. Don't waste your time

David Rigbye

Garabge Absolute garbage. Cannot see the point of releasing a buggy app that doesn't work! Guys.. Test the app before you release it. Everyone else, do not download. If you already have delete it immediately.

mathew Norman

Bad bad bad If you try to fast forward to find where you were last up to you have to first watch 2 minutes of commercials and then the same again if you have to skip again and then the he same again if you skip again. BAD BAD BAD. Commercials should air after you have watched like ten minutes of play not before you can even have a look at the program. Bad bad bad

Celvin Shovelar

Don't waste ya time peeps, use the tenplay webpage in Chrome and Cast any and every show without FLAW Good Grief Guys, Still doesn't play a dang thing, Just a spinning loading animation for ALL shows. The Web Page manages to play EVERYRHING without flaw, Google cast works perfectly in Chrome too. You need the ABC developer to sort your ? out..!

Ken Brown

Probably the worst app I have ever downloaded! Keeps falling over when downloading region and channel data. Lift your game Ten! EDIT: Still the worst app ever! Dodgy ads, stuttering performance! Get a grip Ten!

Fiona Trengove-James

Ads are repetitive and very slow to load Ads are also not integrated properly. If I want to rewind or fast forward you end up watching a huge amount of ads some of them 2 or 3 times in a row.

Jessica Brooke

Not worth downloading! All I wanted to do watch an episode and pick up where I left off, but all I got was ad after ad. Extremely frustrating. Will uninstall now.

Barbara Clifford

Buffer nightmare Out of all the tv replay apps i think this is one of the worst. The ads i can tolerate and of course play just fine. But the program endlessly buffers despite restarting twice and watching ads again and again. 15 minute of ads, I'm over it. I'll watch in a web browser maybe.

Samiul Kabir

What's with the ads? Whats with pushing ads constantly guys? I can understand pushing ads every 10mins or so but if I pause it, or receive a msg or interact with any other apps it will throw back more ads. C'mon! You know how annoying that is? I just started using this for the first time today just because of the Survivor show and I'm already over it..... Great show but really really annoying app! Gets 1 star....

Emily VG

Doesn't remember my place in a show This app is terrible!! I only have time to watch bits of a show at a time & even though I pause where I'm up to each time I go back in it has lost my place in the show so I have to go forward to where I'm up to but then it makes me watch all the ads again that I've already watched before I can continue viewing my show!! Not to mention if I pick the wrong spot in the show I have to watch ads everytime I rewind or fast forward. Takes 10mins just to get to the right spot. Terrible! Get a better app!

Adrian Finck

Can not watch it Freezers When I try to watch live streaming. It stops the show to go to an ad then freezers. As I can watch programs on other apps with no problems it is not my end that is an issue.

Chris Kernahan

It took 25 minutes to buffer through 10 seconds of the ad that was on before the episode.. the episode only goes for 21 minutes! Dreadful app.. 7Plus is brilliant.. why cant u guys do something about this!


Should be called adplay Piece of crap app that just continues to play ads then glitches and loads to play more ads and after you've already watches 5 ads you come back to the show watch it for 10 seconds then you get more ads. Do not download

sarah marantelli

Waste of Time Get rid of the Huawei ad. A 30 second ad that takes 20 minutes to run due to stalling! Also, doesn't remember where you were at during a show and starts from the beginning if you need to exit. Will take there users advice and watch through chrome on laptop.

James Elphick

Useless Installed to watch the rugby, set a reminder and it didn't remind, tried to watch from 8:10 and it just switched between still shots of the rugby and a still of some kind of advert. Wose then useless if only I could award negative stars ? ps I have WiFi and 4g available ?

Ads If i could give this app zero i would. Unable to watch program as ad wont play.

Kylie Brantingham

Stupid Hate it. With all the $money$ you have, you'd thing you would invest in a good app.. "Good" would be better than this junk.

Robert Condon

Virtually unusable Crashes and make you watch 15 ad in a row to get back to where you where some ad will freeze. ; ads repetitive and overwhelming ; need chromecast support ;

Brock Rogers

Why are the adds so much louder The adds are at least double the tv show. Its a poor/low way to advertise. Please have the sound at the same level.

Renita McDonald

So many things need fixing Most annoyingly it skips and doesn't save where you are up to when watching something. If I click out of it, get a message, phone call or anything it's starts back at the start. You can't resume play. Also there are sooooo many ads! I have all the tv apps and watch online because I don't have an antenna. I understand free to air require ads to make money but literally for every 5 minutes in this is 1 minute of ads. I've timed it, I'm not exaggerating. PLEASE, PLEASE consider updeting these issues!!

D Parker

So many ads You close it for 20 secs and go back only to be forced to watch another 60 seconds of ads and then an ad break. Such b$

Hank Oerlemans

Rubbish like most of the commercial offerings. Worse in that they refuse to honour "remove subscription" link in all their emails. So now ten play is marked spam in google -I hope that makes it's way out to all the spam filters.

Amy Dunigan

please delete the Huawei Add i have been waiting for an hour to watch the Batchelor and this crap add wont play its been weeks remove it!!! I dont have time to wait

Suzzie Schulze

"29 second ad before your show starts" More like 29minutes to get it to buffer. Love watching my tv shows online because i always forget they are on/am working but looks like im missing out on survivor all together now, guess ill just stick to the block. Cheers for nothing tenplay.

Shehan De Silva

Absolute rubbish app Terrible app. Can't watch episodes as the ads will either freeze or not load correctly. Can't even work around it.

Lots lots lots lots of ads Frustrating fast forward/rewinding and having to watch so many ads (can't preview). Has a good selection of content.

Tracy McLean

Too many ads The amount of ads is ridiculous, trying to skip to where I'm up to and i have watched ad after ad.

Haley Bracknell

The Jetstar ad is waaaaaay too loud! And the Huawei one SUCKS! I don't have much trouble with freezing and stuff, but those 2 ads I mentioned above really make me dislike this app!

glen hilton

Ads stream perfectly. Broadcast continually interupted. If you cando a half decent job dont offer the service

Elise des Landes

This app is super glitchy and not intuitive Firsty everytime you leave the app (not just close it but change temporarily to another app) you loose your place in the ep. Then when you try to skip to where you were you have to watch all the ads you've already seen a million timea AND if you don't find the spot the first time you'll have to skip again and watch all those ads again. Another issue is that the ads themselves are glitchy, quite often freezing or jumping although the episodes themselves play fine. Overall it's been a frustrating experience

Emily Doblanovic

Could of been better It has inside app costs because each tv show you watch the more It costs. I think it should of been all free cause it charges your TV bill.

Harris aka SirrAh

Talk about ad timing Only use this app if you are extremely extremely desperate.

Ten played you fool This app is a piece of sheet. I don't understand how it is allowed on the play store.

Penny Presley

ABSOLUTE RUBBISH!!!!!! This app does not work. All I've seen is ads & they freeze on 1st one. I'm uninstalling.

Jeanette Hickey

Ridiculous It is virtually impossible to watch anything because the advertisements keep buffering and there are so many of them. Can't believe this app has received 2 stars!

Clare Heath

Worst streaming app ever I can handle the ads. I expect them but running 2 of the same ad one after the other is ridiculous. What I can't stand is the constant freezing. This is the worst tv streaming app I've ever used.

Justine Fisher

Full of issues End up watching 2 blocks of ads if you are half way through. Then another set if you don't select the right spot. Also if you need to do anything else on ur phone you have to watch them again. Even if you accidentally press the screen off. Sooo annoying. Doesn't remeber your place.

Susan Walker

Complete waste of time don't bother It doesn't remember where you are up to in a TV show even if you only switch between apps on your phone. It makes you rewatch all the advertising from the start and now I can't even get it to stream the show at all. Complete utter garbage of an app. Maybe will boycott channel 10 all together.

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