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18 Aug
Tasks Free

Posted by Team Tasks in Productivity | Aug. 18, 2013 | 73 Comments

Apk file size: 2.6 MB

Tasks brings the full Google Tasks experience to Android.
* Sync with Google Tasks at the core *
Sync with Google Tasks is not just another bullet point in an endless feature list, but lies at the heart of the application. Our goal is to bring all the features you are enjoying online to your Android device.
* Tuned to the whole Android ecosystem *
Tasks uses the modern design language introduced with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich throughout the application. However, that doesn’t mean that we compromise on compatibility, as we made sure that Tasks runs on Android 2.2 or later. And whether you have a phone, a tablet or anything in between, the UI just feels right for the screen you are holding in your hands.
* Additional Features *
Due date reminders
Multiple Google accounts
Light and dark theme
Integration into Android sharing system
Sort by rearranging or by due date
* Versions *
Next to the paid version we also offer a free, ad-supported version which will start showing ads after 10 days. Both versions offer the same functionality and features. You won’t lose any data if you decide to upgrade from the free to the paid version as all the data is synced with Google Tasks.
* Move to SD card not supported due to problems with widgets *

Whats new

    - Fixed crash on 4.3.
    - In-app donations
    - Google Now integration (speak “note to self: …” in Google Now)
    - DashClock Widget integration
    - Support for related emails for tasks added by Gmail
    - Ability to snooze reminders
    - Alphabetical sort mode
    - Implemented support for 3rd party widgets like Pure Calendar Widget, Agenda Widget and others
    - Improved Calendar Picker: Added shortcuts for today, tomorrow, next week and current day is highlighted
    - Indicator for overdue tasks
    - ...

Team Tasks part of our Productivity and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 18, 2013. Google play rating is 84.7145. Current verison is 1.5.3. Actual size 2.6 MB.

Download tasks-free.apk 2.6 MB


J. Philip

I like it. I like it alot. Nice UI. Well done app. I found this after I didn't like the last update on GTasks, and have come to really like it except for one thing....... If it had the repeating reminders I would say it would be the best task manager available, even better than GTasks. It would be worth the price plus some to have repeating tasks.

Eddie Staples

Excellent Google Tasks interface on tablet! Very reliable and well-designed. You won't regret it! Off to download the paid version now (a steal at 99 cents!)

Jason Skau

Needs Repeating Tasks Perhaps because it is integrated into Google's Task system, repeating task are not possible, but they are a sorely needed feature (and frankly, what is preventing me from purchasing the app). Otherwise, with what it can do, it works well.

James Allen

About those repeating tasks What most other users fail to realize is this app is just a tool that connects to GOOGLE tasks. Google does not offer repeating options on their tasks. Yes, it would be nice, but don't fault this developer. Overall, great little app. Google tasks are real simple, so it's not complex. The only concern is it hasn't been updated since August 2013 (writing this review December 2014). So this app may have issues soon with Android 5 when that day comes.

Lucas Koelman

Needs recurrring tasks Dear developer, If you're willing to implement a recurring tasks feature I promise to upgrade to the payed version and recommend this app to my friend. Maybe it isn't much but I've seen similar request of other users on the payed app page, so you should consider it!

Tom Hales

Great but needs repeating tasks Remind me to pay my rent every month! I don't want to make 12 tasks with the same details!

Tim D'Annecy

Awesome This is the best Google Tasks app on the market. It's definitely worth donating to this project. No bugs and it looks great.

James Kaufman

Fails to sync between devices I have it set to sync with my Google account on both my phone and my tablet. Yet, if I add a task on my phone, it never shows up on my tablet. The syncing does not work.

Geoff Phillips

Best easily I have tried many ToDo task apps, and this works best/brilliantly. Syncs effectively, clear interface. A few more widget sizes would be helpful.

Kevin H.

Missing one feature: Please decouple the Due Date and Reminder dates. For this app to work as a homework list for me, I need reminders a day or two before the assignment is actually due, but I would still like to have the actual due date set for the assignment's entry.

Nat I

Prefer it to Evernote. Dated tasks (including subtasks) sync to Google Cal This, with Google Calendar, is a simple way to get things done. I have a separate list for each of 5 general life domains, and then special lists for projects. That's it. Dated tasks get synced, I get reminded (just once, but that's Tasks, not the app. I just review the list daily & as/when). I mostly refer to my phone for tasks, not other devices. I use my own symbols to indicate priority, or shift them up/down. You can set dates for subtasks. Simple and really, good enough.

Wajd Tohme

Loved it I was shocked to find something called Google tasks but considering Google kind of is leaving it in limbo, I seeked an app to use Google tasks on. I'd like to have this remind me the night before the task is due. Otherwise awesome app.

A Googler

Dear, Developer ***IMPORTANT*** Only rating 1* to get devs attention as this is pretty important. Please, devs PLEASE implement the option to add repeating tasks/reminders. I am NOT the only one who thinks this feature is long overdue. Everything else about this app is great, especially the UI, it's just that one little thing that causes this app to seem subpar. Thanks.

Sameer Aggarwal

Excellent app Exactly wht i was luking for.. found it aftr installing n deleting atleast 22 othr such to do apps.. giving 4 stars only for 1 reason tht strangely search option is not there which is v v annoying n surprising... d moment they include search option of d task... i m gonna give it 5 stars...

Leebeloola L

Good but can't see today and tomorrow easily Needs priorities and recurring tasks. There are lots of features here, but there is no way to see tasks from different lists that are scheduled for today or tomorrow in one place. Notifications are ok. Also, every time you move a task to a different list the app takes you to that list. I think this should be optional as sometimes I am rearranging tasks and it is very tedious.

Calvin Phuong

Very good!! Well worth the price after a week of comparison shopping. I just purchased the full version for $0.99 as this version is well worth that much at least. It has the cleanest and most useful UI of all the Google Tasks apps. The widgets are clean, functional and have dark and light themes. This is basically everything I was looking for in a Tasks handling app. Try it and you won't be disappointed. There are many other developers doing the same thing, but not as well and charging nearly $4 for their full versions.

Meredith Martin

Needs collapsing/expanding sub-groups Collapsing the sub groups would add great value to heavy users, providing a simplified skim of tasks. The addition of indenting tasks has made organizing and grouping sub-tasks manageable but the groupings can quickly get long. Collapsible groups clean up the busyness of life and makes the task list easier to see on a mobile device. As a heavy user, with 8+ full task list on the go, I am always hoping for this feature anytime updates pop up. Will the next update grant my wish?!?!?

Jon Manilenio

Looks great! 2 suggestions: for time picker, allow direct input. For widget, allow sorting and easier way to change which list is being shown instead of having to delete it & starting again. Also need to have importance level to be able to sort more effectively.

Laura B

Pleased I'm happy with this overall, one of the best task apps I've used, & I've literally tried almost all of them. A couple key features I do see lacking though are: 1. Ability to insert task into a specific place in the list, not only on top, & 2. Ability to sort list order individually (by date, manually, etc.), not have that order apply to ALL lists. If those were added I'd rate this a 5.

Michael Jones

Great, but could benefit from some improvements! At its core, this app works wonderfully: a shell for Google Tasks that allows it to work on a mobile device. I prefer this approach over a completely separate task manager because I use Google Calendar heavily for work, and having my tasks sync up with the calendar is important for me. However, it suffers from the same setbacks that the native Google Tasks has: no collapsible lists, colour coding or ability to set recurring tasks. I wouldn't think these are difficult to implement, but for some reason they've been absent from Tasks since its inception...

Nishit Sapra

Great but falls short Hi, have been using Gtasks since 2 years and bumped into your app, looks smooth and the indent feature is great. Also like the fact that one can use multiple accounts, fantastic otherwise, but.... This app does not have a search tool. I have multiple task lists and multiple tasks under each list and I cannot search! Something very basic unless I'm missing something. Also as all others have commented that recurring tasks are not possible. Upgrade these 2 points and for me it's a five star else one as search is a very basic tool required and it's missing.

Maria Huemmer

Keeps me productive!! I love this app, keeps me on top of tasks across my work and personal accounts and I can seamlessly update tasks from my google calendar and vice versa. This app is a key element of my high productivity!

Kris D

The app is very well done - simple, powerful, effective, and fast. My only complaint is the interface makes it extremely easy to check off/delete tasks. I have done this multiple times without even realizing only to remember after it is too late. This issue is the only reason I would switch task apps. Five stars if the problem is fixed.

Filip Miletic

No brainer five star. *The* application to sync with Google Tasks Phenomenal application, and phenomenally done. This is the only application that has a no-frills integration with Google Tasks that works without a flaw! Other applications tend to blow up at random times, to support way too few or way too many features. This one is just right. One feature I am missing though: the presentation of tasks could be more efficient. They don't really need to replicate the appearance of Google Tasks in Gmail. The current application displays one list per view. It could just as well show multiple lists side by side as if post-its on a wall.

Alexander Brisebois

Works well I tried all of the top to-do list apps in the Play Store and is easily the best one. The excellent, good looking widget and simple interface are exactly what I was looking for. I would be nice, however, if there was an option to make alarms go off early -- being reminded of a meeting that's at 7 *at 7* doesn't do me much good. Also, it'd be great to see a Lollipop-esque UI update, or even just for the widget as a second choice. Thank you!

Brett Rhodes

Simple, elegant, immediately useful... ...what more could you want? Oh...integrated with Google tasks in Google Calendar...check. 5 stars. Thank you for this imminently useful little app.

Trevor MacPhail

Stability Issues Unfortunately the otherwise decent app has been causing pretty bad stability issues on my phone when I use the widget. Within a day, other apps stop functioning and eventually the phone reboots itself. After removing the widget these problems went away.

J Slater

Great task / to-do app Syncs and works very well between computer and phone! Great widget, very clear and simple to use. Shame it doesn't have a mosaic view (to see all lists at the same time).

Jeff Brown

Organized well, flawed features The way you can organize tasks into categories and further into sub-tasks and indented sub-items is great. Having checkboxes, notes and due dates w/notifications is fantastic. BUT, it inadvertently deleted my grocery list, a very long list because of an entirely avoidable, unecessary and quite frankly, stupid feature: a pop-up button asking if you want to delete ALL completed items that appears EVERY TIME you check-off (mark complete) an item. So I hit it accidentaly and now my re-usable list is empty PITA!

A Google User

Close, but needs to implement some competitor features Decent app, but missing some key features from competition like GTasks, etc. namely: * an "all" list * the ability to set different sort modes for different lists * custom list order. with GTasks i have my most important lists first, but here it's just alphabetical and a few design tweaks could help: * once a task is selected (by holding down), sliding left and right should adjust the tasks indent, not cancel and switch to the other lists * Allow moving tasks in "order by due date" mode (keep the "arrow drag" on the right as shown in "my order"). ** Moving into a due date section should set the due date to that, moving it to no date should remove the date (pop warning, with "do not show again" option) ** continue to show indents for tasks sorted with due date mode if the tasks don't have due dates.

Keegan Elliot Fonte

Perfectly syncs tasks for multiple accounts between phone and computer. I love that this app can handle multiple gmail accounts, I can switch back and forth between them so I have work lists separate from home lists(my personal gmail account) and so on. Everything lines up perfectly when I open Gmail on my computer and I couldn't be happier. I also appreciate that when I complete a task on one device, it completes on the other without problem. This app is indespensible for my every day life. I also appreciate the new widgets available, as I can now see what's left on my list in an open page on my phone. Developers: I'd love to see a "group all" feature, so that I could open all of my tasks from gmail in one big long list. Or a way to connect "task lists" from two separate accounts. I have a "work" to-do and a "home" to-do, and I'd like to sync the two lists together in one place sometimes so that I can see everything I need to get done in one day. I'd also like to see a Chrome extension with something similar if possible. Thank you for a great app! It really fits my needs.

Paddy Landau

Lacks some basic Google Tasks functionality, making the app incompatible. The app has a clean, easy-to-read and easy-to-use UI, which makes this app most desirable. The widget is well designed. Unfortunately, this app lacks two basic Google Tasks functions. 1. Subtasks (i.e. indent under a parent task). This means: (a) You can't create a subtask from the app. (b) When you sync a subtask created in Google's native browser app, it is shown in this app as a separate task, not even next to its parent task. This lack can cause confusion when moving the parent task to a different list, and makes it incompatible with Google Tasks! 2. View and restore deleted tasks, a function available in the native app and, for example, through Google Tasks Organizer. These omissions need fixing before the app is fully compatible with Google Tasks. A great refinement would be push-to-synchronise, so that the app is always up-to-date. Another nice-to-have feature would be to add repeats; although this is not provided by Google, you could add it in with a custom-marker within the description. In short: great promise but sadly unusable for now.

Darla Stoneking

User friendly, productive, & worthy.... If you are a maker of lists or a tender of tasks then this is your dream application made reality. Love that it synchronizes with my google account! Highly recommended & I've test driven a [email protected] of these types of applications.

Joshua Miller

Brilliant app, no Android wear support. If I could mark a task as complete or dismiss it from my watch, this app would be of great use, but for now it's no better than stock alarms.

Scott Kolman

Simple, maybe too simple Nice simple design like Google Tasks. Widget should be more customizable as far as fonts, font size, spacing, colors. An option to show the title bar would be nice. - I don't need the name of my list taking up valuable space on my home screen.

flash gordon md

almost perfect! aside from not having a search function, this is just about a perfect task app. I imported tasks from Astrid, and it did a good job. I use it multiple times a day. Highly recommended!

Vivian Perez

I used to love it This app used to work perfectly. I upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and I can't rearrange the tasks manually anymore. I uninstalled and reinstalled, and nothing. It's still grayed out. I've written to the developers twice, and no response. I'm very disappointed.

Eric Gagnon

Great tasks app It's simple, easy, and all but feels like a native Google app. Honestly, I like that they don't make it more capable than Google tasks, extra bells and whistles made me not use most task software.

Mike Oles

Almost great There is only one problem I have with this app. When I change the name of the list, it changes back next time I add something... other than that it is excellent

Tracey Jozwiak

Simple and works good. This is my new life saver. With three kids to keep track of, this app is very helpful. I love how simple it is. I don't need lots of extra features. I have no problems syncing like some other reviewers. I would like if I could change the notification sound. Sometimes the notification gets lost since it sounds like everything else. I would also like repeating tasks. Other than that, no complaints.

Adrian Walker

Good Like this one as well. Was using simplest reminder pro, that's pretty good also. Would like to see number of days left till a task is due. When you create a task and type it on the blue background it kind of looks odd, maybe it's the theme. Don't like the UI to confirm date and time changes UPDATE. It no longer automatically advises me if a task, only when I open the app

Mark Bliton

A basic app but a good start. POSITIVES: - Syncs well with Google Tasks - Easy to read - Ability to change completed date for complete tasks NEGATIVES: - No task search capability - No recurring tasks - No prioritization of tasks - Does not track both due and completed dates - No task badges/notifications

Malarie Perelshteyn

Doesn't sync anymore! Have loved this app forever... Just recently it stopped syncing any of my tasks that I enter in Google calendar "tasks" and vice versa. Please fix!

Mike Dzialo

Used to love it. Used to sync fine. Now I go to Accounts-Google-Sync Tasks on Galaxy S4 & Tasks haven't sync'd since 10/30 2:39am. Today is Nov. 3. This driving me crazy. Fix it & i'd rate a 5.

Tasia Paschke

HELP! It keeps CRASHING I would normally give this a 5 * rating because I absolutely LOVE this app, but it's not loading and I keep getting an error message to check my internet connection. My connection is fine but it WILL NOT SYNC. When it's fixed, I will come back and give this app a 5 * rating.

Suraj Sharma

Outdated design, adding tasks not the same as Google Tasks, lacking innovation Lacking Material Design & placing all control buttons at the top of the screen makes this app unintuitive to use. You can't easily add tasks below one another by pressing enter like on Google Tasks. Lack of essential & innovative features such as priorities & repeating reminders prevent this app from improving beyond Google Tasks. Overall the Tasks app is a mediocre affair -- neither matching or exceeding Google Tasks -- resulting in an app that misses its huge potential.

Suraj Sharma

Outdated design, adding tasks not the same as Google Tasks, lacking innovation Lacking Material Design & placing all control buttons at the top of the screen makes this app unintuitive to use. You can't easily add tasks below one another by pressing enter like on Google Tasks. Lack of essential & innovative features such as priorities & repeating reminders prevent this app from improving beyond Google Tasks. Overall the Tasks app is a mediocre affair -- neither matching or exceeding Google Tasks -- resulting in an app that misses its huge potential.

Greg Sullivan

Needs an "all tasks" option I've only had a very quick try, but it appears to be missing a way to view a summary of all tasks, from all lists. The visual appearance is very nice though, and I will revisit it if/when it has this missing feature.

Scott Wallace

Great but... ... task synchronisation doesn't appear to be very effective. I have automatic synchronisation configured but then "period synchronisation" takes effect. I'm guessing there no "push" for tasks?

gagan singh

Reminder should not depend on due date and Today/Tomorrow view missing. It would be best if we are able to set Reminder independent of due date of task. E.g. If due date of some task is tomorrow, I should be able to set reminder for that task today at some time or may be earlier, which should not really be same as due date. Although it is not included in google tasks but users will atleast be able to set reminder on individual devices. For tasks scheduled for today or tomorrow, they can be under "Toady" or "Tomorrow" respectively instead of date for easier view.

Kelsey Freitas

I cannot function without this wonderful app! I like how it synced with Google tasks. I can edit my list from my phone or computer and they update automatically, no matter where I am in have a current list. Another feature is the sorting option, I can rearrange my list making last minute changes in my day easy. Also with a list like this you can see what you need to prioritize. You can also set reminders. Very useful for anyone who likes to be productive and organized.

William Lorton

Could be great One of the best looking Google synced task list apps/widget available. However, it doesn't allow for assigning colors for different task lists. Gtask is not as polished of an app, visually or interface, but that one simple feature is a huge advantage and identification of tasks much easier. Add that and I'll switch apps, until then I'm stuck with Gtask.

Arthur Hennes

Suggested Ameliorations I love this app, but it has 2 major issues: 1) When I accidentally clear the due tasks notification, I cannot call it back, unless I update the due date of all my due tasks to the current day. And I do accidentally clear the due tasks notification often. 2) Clearing a task in the widget sometimes does not work. I would love those two issues to be corrected so that the app can be perfect.

Collin Crites

By far the best. I have tried all other viable to-do-list apps and none are close to being up-to-par with this one. The only thing I'd like to see in future updates is more customizablility with the widget. I run a very minimalistic mono black color scheme on my phone and the dark theme would work perfectly if not for the blue border lines. Thanks developer.

Adrián Suárez Pérez

Great app to manage your Google Tasks in an easy way. I like it and I use it almost everyday. It includes notification + adds the possibility to add the time of the day for those notifications (which Google Tasks don't) Only missing some kind of displaying all tasks together in the same list by date so you can have a global overview of all your timelines


G Tasks was becoming a real turd. Especially on my android 2.3.3 This interface and ease of use is great! Even on my dinosaur. With limited storage I do wish it was SD loadable. Some developers give you the option and tell you widgets don't work on SD. Just sayin:) It's not a big app, so just being cheap with my storage:) Unless this app goes crazy, I think I'll pony up the 99 cents. I'm also looking for a replacement for my stock calendar which I can't even read... it's the pits. Wish you made one. Great app!!

Paola Bueso

LOVE IT! Words can't explain how much I love this app. After such a long and frustrating search, I think I've finally found the one! Thank you devs for creating such a flexible, simple & easy to use app! ? No fluff, just the features you absolutely need and nothing else. Very well thought out. I love that you can choose to clear completed tasks without deleting them completely and then you can just uncheck the tasks and they appear again on your lists in the exact same order. So practical! Again, THANK YOU! ?

Christopher Lovejoy

Used it for a while, time to move on I used this app for many months, and it was very useful, but I found myself missing a few features. It's difficult to get an overview of what to do next, if you have a large list. It's helpful to have your task which are due today appear in the status bar, but due dates are not easy to edit, so I would still need to look at the whole list. I found another app which fits my style of to do list better, so I'm uninstalling this today.

Torab Abdullah

One step to becoming the world's best task app. This app has all the options one needs to arrange daily tasks. I loved the interface. Please never change it. Suggestion: in widgets the tasks should be classified under "overdue", "today" and "tomorrow" section. And present date should be displayed on the top of a widget. These will make things easier to follow. Thanks you.

Just one thing Very useful app and very well made! My only complain is the fact that even though I have the tasks sorted by date, in the widget they don't appear as so, just randomly. If you could fix that I'd easily give it 5?

Andrew Piechocki

Great app This app works very well. But it needs some features. Recurring tasks (e.g. Bill reminders). Reminders (I forget to look at it sometimes and don't see a task until it is due. Maybe an option to setup warning time to make it buzz a set time before due?). And the sort feature did not work sorting by date when looking at widget. GS4A 4.4.2

Scott Anderson

You found the task app! I've tried 'em all. This one is best, and links to the online Google tasks when checking web gmail/calendar. If there's a better basic task app then it's probably not free. This is well worth 99 cents for add free and a steal with the no cost version. I use it across all my Android devices, no stupid web logins or special accounts. Just syncs up and lets you create multiple lists. Relies on Android for the reminder type stuff, so it is what it is there. Overall this app is great!

A Google User

Best To Do Great UI. Optimized for Android. Great error free syncing with Google Tasks. And it has a free version. For assigning deadlines for each task, currently we can assign time up to a specific minute. This setting can be changed to provide time increments of 15 minutes or 5 minutes at the minimum. Would help prevent scrolling through the entire list.

Lee Myers

Subtasks desired, repeats workaround Great app! Only thing missing from Google Tasks is subtasks. For the widget display the subtasks with a character, like a plus, before the task. I have worked around not having repeats, which Google doesn't have, by just changing the date instead of marking it complete.

Amy Stanley

Please fix I loved this app, but after I had to reset my phone and redownloaded it... it wants to sync to my Gmail and errors out on no Internet connection. (Which there is) It doesn't let me proceed. This app is now useless to me.

Shawna Beals

Good app, could be better I love that you can have multiple task lists, multiple tasks in each list, and indenting to allow as many levels of sub tasks as desired. That alone sets this apart from many other task list apps. Allowing simple swipe motion to delete rather than having to select task to delete, open menu, select delete, then confirm yes to delete would be great improvement. Needs Expand & collapse ability of indented levels/sub tasks. Adding these 2 things would make a 5 star app. I'd gladly pay for it!

Minty Huynh

It does the job I'd like a checkbox next to tasks in the widget. I use Google Tasks as a to-do checklist, and would like the same functionality in the widget. I would rate 5 stars if they add checkboxes to the widget. Additionally, the lack of recurring task creation is not the fault of the app creators, it's because of Google Tasks. To date, I have not been able to create recurring tasks in Google Tasks. I have recurring events setup in Calendar, but that's not the same thing.

Gigi Paquette

Excellent Program I am so happy I found Tasks Free to use for my To Do Lists! I had to look back through the tutorial to learn how to do some things but it was explained clearly. I really like the indent feature that defines a task other tasks fall under. I didn't get that with other programs. It could be improved with an option to have repeating tasks.

Brian Moreno

Daylight Savings This apps screws up your reminders whenever its daylights savings time. My phone has to the right time but the app is one hour behind, so 3pm in real time is 2 in the app, please fix!

Perry Carmichael

Great task manager! I don't leave many reviews, nor do I purchase many apps, but this is the exception. It is easy to use, easy to read and has a great widget option. Handily adds tasks, simple to update a task and immediately updates Google Calendar on my laptop. Well done!

Kevin Cunningham

Awesome app Does everything I need it to. One thought was that collaboration could be used. Not sure if this is in the works for the future or not. For instance when my wife and I go shopping for food. Would love to have the capability to share one of the lists and check off items simultaneously.

Rosan Iliev

SYNC stopped working. Xperia Z3 Android 5.1.1 NO updates were done since it stoppedsyncing. Keeps asking for internet connection, while I keep trying different networks, that work for all other sync apps...

Kuan Bartel

No sub-tasks Although the app will display subtasks entered in the web indented correctly there is no way to indent and unindent in the app. Plus, a new sub-task cannot be added at the end of a task which already has subtasks. Moving it to the end of the task unindents the task making it not a subtask. Disappointing.

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