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18 Aug

Posted by Team Tasks in Productivity | Aug. 18, 2013 | 86 Comments

Apk file size: 2.6 MB

Tasks brings the full Google Tasks experience to Android.
* Sync with Google Tasks at the core *
Sync with Google Tasks is not just another bullet point in an endless feature list, but lies at the heart of the application. Our goal is to bring all the features you are enjoying online to your Android device.
* Tuned to the whole Android ecosystem *
Tasks uses the modern design language introduced with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich throughout the application. However, that doesn’t mean that we compromise on compatibility, as we made sure that Tasks runs on Android 2.2 or later. And whether you have a phone, a tablet or anything in between, the UI just feels right for the screen you are holding in your hands.
* Additional Features *
Due date reminders
Multiple Google accounts
Light and dark theme
Integration into Android sharing system
Sort by rearranging or by due date
* Versions *
Next to the paid version we also offer a free, ad-supported version which will start showing ads after 10 days. Both versions offer the same functionality and features. You won’t lose any data if you decide to upgrade from the free to the paid version as all the data is synced with Google Tasks.
* Move to SD card not supported due to problems with widgets *

Whats new

    - In-app donations (reason for permission change)
    - Google Now integration (speak “note to self: …” in Google Now)
    - DashClock Widget integration
    - Support for related emails for tasks added by Gmail
    - Ability to snooze reminders
    - Alphabetical sort mode
    - Implemented support for 3rd party widgets like Pure Calendar Widget, Agenda Widget and others
    - Improved Calendar Picker: Added shortcuts for today, tomorrow, next week and current day is highlighted
    - Indicator for overdue tasks
    - ...

Team Tasks part of our Productivity and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Aug. 18, 2013. Google play rating is 89.1795. Current verison is 1.5.3. Actual size 2.6 MB.

Download tasks.apk 2.6 MB


Calvin Phuong

Great until.... In 'my sort order' the tasks will no longer move on my Note 4. I've changed sort modes, rebooted, uninstalled and resynced, etc. Nada. Not a deal killer, but for a paid app it needs to be fixed I've reached out to the developers with no response. It hasn't been updated since August of 2013 and it looks to have been abandoned. A pity, as this was a good app. It just needs to have the tasks re-order sliders fixed for Android 4.0+

John Cable

"Note to self" in Google Now stopped working "Note to self" on android wear and Google Now on the phone has stopped working.. Tasks no longer shows up in the list of applications when you click on "continue in notes app" in Google now.

Rick Cattell

Rearranging doesn't work Reordering of the task list doesn't work on my Samsung Note 4. The drag-icons on the right don't work like in the video overview. I thought this might be an advanced feature, but I paid for the full app and still nothing.

Mandy Herreid

Functional but incomplete I love the simple way this app works, but I would really love to see it have the capacity to do repeating tasks. There are several things (like rotating a mattress or work chores that I do monthly or every other month. Help!

Neale Devenish

Where have you been all my life?!? I have a feeling I tried this app out a couple of years ago, and maybe it was different then... but I could be wrong... But either way, this app is EXACTLY what I have been looking for for managing all the things that are on my mind. It does everything I want it to, without doing anything more or less. Almost as if I had directed its production (I did not - I'm in no way affiliated). If this personal tasks/to-do app is not exactly what you are after, take solace in knowing it is exactly what I was after :-P

Shane Becker

No updates? Loved this app, but it seems the developer has abandoned work on it. No update in over a year!?! WTF? I just switched to the Astrid Clone tasks app which now sincs with Google Tasks, has reminder priority settings and task repeating options. Not exactly as efficient as this app, but has all the features you need. This app is now obsolete. Nice job devs...

Quinn Farol

Bulletproof until 2 weeks ago... I've been using this app for years and it's always performed flawlessly (5 stars) up until 2 weeks ago. Now when I try to check an item as complete and subsequently clear all completed items from the list, the app errors out and closes. Upon reentering the app, boxes are checked but not cleared out. Seems like syncing isn't working correctly. [Android 4.4.4 N900V.07 on Galaxy Note 3].

Abc Xyz

One little problem I have this great little app on 2 phones. I used to be able to change on one phone and have the change appear on the other..... for some reason I cant do this anymore. Its a shame because sharing a live shopping list with my wife was v v useful.....

Lawrence Petrone

Help! I've been using this app for years, love it, but I'm now unable to rearrange tasks by long-pressimg and dragging via icon to right of each task. Am using T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 and looks like others have had this issue. Please help! This is a critical feature for me!

Vickie Fox-Weeks

Awesome app but... Use it everyday but it could use a priority listing... flag and notify when a task has a high priority. Everyday tasks can get lost in the shuffle. Color code ability to highlight important tasks? I've had one before so I know it is possible. Great job!

David D

Force closes whenever it refreshes Great app with one MAJOR bug preventing it from being perfect. The app constantly force closes on my Galaxy Nexus. I don't even have to be using the app. The force close window will just pop up randomly and frequently while I'm using my phone. It should be noted that this bug wasn't always existent. It came along with one of the past few updates. This is unacceptable in a paid app. Please fix.

Nathan Wild

How did you manage to out-Google Google?! This app performs perfectly and fills the curious void left by Google's complete lack of an effective way to manage tasks. Any limitations in this app stem from the underlying framework. This app looks, feels and works exactly as it should and accomplishes it's stated purpose simply and elegantly.

Scott Diener

Major bug please fix. I have been emailing company for over a month and no response. Reorder function does not work. I have sort mode set to my order and I grab an item on right side with the little grab lines and nothing it won't move. So disappointed. I even paid for this app. Sucks that we are ignored.

Marc Cheung

Unknown error code during app installation -24 Have been using it for my Samsung GS2, Samsung GS4, and Nexus 7 2012 have been working perfect until my Nexus 7 Lte 2013 the captained error occurred during installation could developer kindly fix it? Thanks!

Vincent Torralba

No longer reliable on Kitkat 4.4.2 Used to work great on my Jellybean phone, but after upgrading to a Note 3 recently, it no longer runs as reliably -- been getting force close issues every time it tries to sync, or if you try to change the settings. Wishing for an app update soon.

Ryan Plate

Simple and works great. Looks similar to Gmail's task list and it's easy to use. No fancy features, it just works. Paid version has hourly sync option which is perfect. You can also sync manually. Thanks for keeping it simple and straightforward!

Brad Ogle

Lightweight & Simple enough to not get lost in list making Works Perfect, Simple to use & Looks good

Kevin Chan

Overrated It has a clean interface and synced reliably - that's why I bought it two years ago at a time when alternatives were few and somewhat crude. But since then it has done very little to extend the features of Google Task, and there are now better alternatives available, some even available for free. This developer, playing catch-up only occasionally & often belatedly, changed its name & adds in-app donation to a paid app. Time to ditch this and switch to another app. Bye.

Lynn Phan

Awesome The app does exactly what I want, it's simple, it looks nice... ***The only thing I want is for the widget to be able to sort tasks as it does in the app...I sorted it by due date but the widget only has it in the order I added them.

Leonardo Rojas.

Needs repeated events support Also, needs a more resizable widget, it doesn't fit easily where the user would like to place it, takes up too much space. A 1 x 4 widget (resizable) would be very useful. Thank you! Xperia ZL 4.2

Joshua Nyden

Great little app - Well worth the price I am perplexed that Google doesn't offer this functionality by default. This app works. Plain and simple

A Google User

Simple, effective Not bulky or confusing. Does just what you need it to do... unlike a certain other app (cough cough, Astrid) that ruined itself by forcing updates with unnecessary features and expansion packs. Flows Android UI Holo design guidelines, and the interface is very nice. Fits everything I look for in an app: no ads, no nag screens, no in-app-purchases, nor spam that I've run across.

Perry F

It just works..... Great I've tried almost every to do app and this one beats the all. On other apps you have to go through multiple steps to add all the info for your reminder. Here its easy and on one screen. Much better than any do, wunderlist, todoist etc. Synchs great with Google tasks. Mark it down on your to do app, get tasks!

ravishankar km

Excellent and simple...needs little improvements Kindly add recurring tasks Reminder time option Automatic Sync time gap should be less than 10 minutes. Minimum of one hour is too long for regular user of the task app.

Madi Mukash

good but sum revision is required I use this application a long time. There is a problem with widget - it shows tasks which are labeled to do first (by time) at the end of list. So you are not able to see what task you are to do at first (need to scroll list to bottom). And it would be useful if you add the feature to clear completed tasks automatically. At current you can clear them, but every time you have to do it manually. thank you

Doug Thackery

This is the one!!! If you are a google task user you will love this app. I bought the pay version and it was money well spent. The usability of Google Tasks is improved by this app hence i use it more now. I wish i had a desktop app as good as this. Try the free version and i bet you will buy the paid one within a day.

David T

Currently have to give it a "zero" star for lack of ongoing support Have been using this for years. bought the pro version - but it hasn't been updated since 2013 and has been intermittently failing to correctly sync with Tasks in my google/outlook. Have tried on different devices and uninstalled, reinstalled and deleted task list and recreated, but no matter what I do it still ends up with old data not synced. Currently looking for a replacement app, any suggestions are appreciated.

David Paul

Superb If I didn't know better, I would think this was the native Google Tasks app. It integrates seamlessly with Google Tasks and follows the Android Holo design guidelines to the letter. I am very pleased with this app.

Maria Carra

Great, but confusing message I think this app is simple and easy to use, like all things google which is great and to the point. One confusion element is that it states that they cannot sync with Google Tasks, however, I noticied that tasks sync both ways! Glad to have the syncing but the message saying it cannot should be eliminated.

Brenden Keene

It's handy Great minimalistic design, syncing between devices, and integration with popular services. Only thing keeping it from 5 stars is the addition of recurring tasks and some kind of monthly/weekly view option instead of just a list. Should have a more calendar feel for better apprehension of due dates. Please add!

Dov Armon

Simple and useful This app is very simple and easy to use, this is a great app for using Google task. It has good widget as well

Anupam Sahu

Very good task app! Elegant design, easy and quick to fill, and the best thing is the extremely reliable reminders. Only thing it needs is repeating reminders.

Justin Cram

missing so many features! I use business task with business calendar best ever missed call reminders etc sync with Google. this task has potential but will not get good rating for now from me due to not having premium functions added just beside ad removal etc. like t should add in call log click contact our touch and hold add context menu to create reminder or task I think that's an no brainer right what about missed call popup with time out to add to calendar events or categorized missed calls tasks so I could get references. nothing off the sort. last update was 2013 and now we're going into 2015 less then a month away it's safe to say dev abounded app!

Gregory Opera

Very Handy to Have Around Synchronizing with Google Tasks, this application works flawlessly and is fantastic for staying on top of things. Thus far, the best application of its type that I have found. I do wonder however, why there is now a "donate" option in the menu, when I have previously purchased this... Clearly the developer has suddenly become a little greedy.

Derryk Boyd

Great app This app is smooth, looks good and works really well. I would love the ability to check off an item with one click on the widget instead of bringing up a second menu. And maybe more customization for the look of the widgets. Otherwise it's perfect.

Sari Beard

I will give it five stars once my tasks can be moved manually. It worked fine on my Note 3 but after getting the Note 4 it will not allow me. I have uninstalled it and redownloaded, messed with the settings, and it still won't let me manually move them.

Filip Miletic

Works as expected. Unfortunately, also stops there Doesn't really go above and beyond in Google Tasks integration, though what it does, it does extremely well. It does Google tasks, and does it well. It doesn't attempt to present the information any different than the native web tasks widget in Gmail, though it could. A few suggestions: present task list in Keep style. add snooze options: snooze until tomorrow, snooze until next week. and similar. I disagree with folks that request repeating tasks. This is what calendar is for.

Tin Siladin

Great app and feature requests This app is amazing. It has helped me improve my effectivness in getting things done, and allows me easy access both on the desktop via the Google Tasks interface, and on my Android phone. I even installed it on the phones of my family members and assign tasks to them, which then get displayed in their widgets :). I have two requests for the UI which would make things even easier for me: make it possibly to have different sort orders for different task lists (In some lists I prefer the due date sort, in others I like to use my order). It would also be nice to be able to collapse subtasks in the UI (in some lists I have 50 or more tasks which are in different subtasks, so it takes a lot of scrolling to find what I'm looking for. Fantastic app nonetheless. Willing to make donation if you implement these features.

Jevin Ramjattan

Great - some improvement possible This is totally what i was looking for. Other list managers [e.g. wunderlist] are too complex. I wanted something simple and a good alternate to "reminders" for apple ios since i recently switched to android [samsung s4]. I even bought the ad free version since it was so useful in it's "clean state" [this was the first app i ever bought in my life!!] The ads were pretty and did not bother much anyways but i just wanted the clean version. Improvements possible: 1) swipe to "today" tab to view all reminders/tasks for today? is there a way to do this currently? I know you can bring down the "notifications window and select tasks due today - is there an in app possibility for this? maybe the notifications panel due tasks is even better, i will try it out and see. 2) ability to change the color of the "Indicator for overdue tasks" [the small triangle exclamation]. It would be great to customize this to yellow or red to more easily see the tasks overdue or due today. I know the app is supposed to be simple and clean but this would be a good option. 3) I agree the widget needs some tweaking - swiping to show multiple lists, etc.


The Best so far I have tried the rest (, Wunderlist & Todoist) and Tasks is the best. It is simple, intuitive, clean and yet powerful! Adding a task is such an effortless thing to do. Most importantly I love the widget which is very, very effective unlike others which are laid with bugs. Tasks has really made my life easier and better.

Lawrence Isong

Cant move and arrange items anymore Pls check the manual sort mode. The items no longer move when i tried to arrange it to my own order. I use an infinix note. It was working perfectly before the upgrade. Meanwhile, anyone who knows where i can download an earlier version pls let me know.

Robert W

Awesome but... I can't rearrange or sublist tasks anymore. I have been accustomed to this great feature that has vanished. Please bring it back. Highly recommend getting the app---best to do list (as I left anydo b/c it lacked some features I was looking for) the only reason I lowered the rating is the loss of a feature that previously worked on my device. Please fix & y'all will all be my favorites again. Thank you. Overall---suggest the app, just want back the ability to rearrange and sublist! Please...Thanks y'all!

Kevin Mihalich

Syncing correctly again! I stopped using this for awhile and gave it one star when it stopped syncing once I got my Nexus 6P. However, I opened it today to discover that the syncing is working again. Not sure what changed since it still hasn't been updated, but it's back to being my favorite task app again!

Jejomar Cariaga

Still works greàt for me but This maybe not as important as others think, but I am hoping you'll update the app with material design, material designed widget. Thanks!

Nick Jenkins

Was awesome until very recently, when syncing of tasks broke. Now any changes do not get synced, and manually pressing the sync button does not work either. Sure, a cosmetic update to material theme would be nice, but cloud sync is absolutely essential for this app. One star until sync is fixed.

Hunter Moliver

All of a sudden it stopped syncing. App hasn't been updated in over a year so I doubt a fix is on the way.

Stavros Virvidakis

Not synchronizing For some reason, it has stopped syncing with my google account in my Samsung Galaxy s4 phone. I receive the message to check my internet connection which is properly working. However, it does synchronize my tasks with my Samsung tablet and the same google account.

Adam Burr

Big problem: It has suddenly stopped syncing (on Oct 23rd). I can't use it any more because of this. Help!

Lawrence Humblet

Great but Great for a while, but it's 2015 and everything really needs a cosmetic update doesn't it? The widget is pretty ugly too. Searching for a better looking tasks app now

Todd Henkel

Doesn't sync. Read this was a good application. Jumped to the "purchase option" instead if the "trial." Doesn't sync my business or personal tasks. I will leave installed in hopes that a fix is in the works.

Stefan Lucian

Doesn't work! Bought the app awhile ago and worked fantastic. I don't know if its mashmellow but the app now refuses to sync with Google tasks. Even after uninstalling & rebooting, the problem still persists! Please fix cause otherwise the app is 5 *

David L

For some reason doesn't sync on marshmallow I get an error that says: synchronization failed please check your internet connection. Edit: I see why, last updated 2013.

Berry Boen

Broken yet no support The app stopped syncing a couple weeks back and despite repeated requests to have it fixed, no single word back from the developer. Paying customers deserves to be treated more better. I've uninstalled tasks and switched to Gtasks and I will not be turning back. Google should have just yanked this app out of Google play store, if the developer just won't commit to giving support to customers.

Octavian Petre

Was a perfect application... It used to work very nice. Since a couple of months, it crashes when I try to change the date/time. Wrote the developers but no reaction. So, I moved to Google keep which has few nice features like reminder at location, and attaching pictures.

Ken Stillson

Was great- used many times a day, but seems to have completely stopped working around the time I upgraded to Marshmellow. Tried clearing data and re-installing, now just say "sync failed" without further explanation. Works as a stand-alone task manager, but basically no longer functions for it's primary purpose. Sent email to the development team, got no response.

Robbin Hjertstedt

Used to love it till it stopped syncing on 10/25/15. Bummer cuz I used it all the time!! 11/8/15 Still not syncing. I had to install a different app which is working beautifully. Update 11/11/15: Sync is working again, very thankful!

A Google User

Stopped syncing with Google Tasks a few days ago, after years of reliable service. Now it's pretty useless... Edit: it syncs again! I'm guessing the problem was related with something Google...

Nick Jenkins

Update: Sync restored! Old review: Was awesome until very recently, when syncing of tasks broke. Now any changes do not get synced, and manually pressing the sync button does not work either. Sure, a cosmetic update to material theme would be nice, but cloud sync is absolutely essential for this app. One star until sync is fixed.

Anthony Rotolo

Elegant. Near-Perfection. But... I've found many celebrated task manager apps to be clunkers. This is elegant, nearly perfect. But PLEASE let us adjust the type size. Need smaller font options. Note how Evernote does it. I want to be able to see more tasks on the screen.

Omar González

Loving it but I want to see some things added This is everything I've ever wanted Google tasks to be. But I have some questions: 1) Will this app get material design? Please make it happen! And 2) Is there a way you guys could make an exact copy of this app for ChromeOS? Would love to get this on my Chromebook. If you guys could do this I would happily donate through the app!

Harmony Wu

Subtasks would be awesome Immediate update: it seems one CAN create subtasks n using indent. It shows it in the video. Will give it a try. Thanks! ------' I love the simplicity of this app and widget. The only thing I need/want is the ability to create subtasks/child tasks, and then the ability to show/hide those subtasks. Right now I'm using the Google Tasks Organizer app to ADD subtasks but THIS app as widget and check-off list. Having all this in one app would be perfect. Hope to see such an update! Thanks!

Joanne Todd

Love This Task List I use Google Calendar on my Android phone, computer, iPad. I run a very small web design firm and have been trying out many different Task Managers that might work with Google and actually display tasks right on my Google calendar tasks list. This one does just what I was hoping for. I can add a task on my phone and it shows up on the Google calendar and on Google task list (when I view from my PC and through the Tasks app on my phone). I can add a task on both my computer and on my phone which is important to me! So, thanks for this great App... no problems that I have found. Decided not to mess with my iPad because I don't really use it for this function.

Rick Huff

Has stood the test of time. I have tried a list of note apps but I kept coming back here, I decided to use Tasks and I haven't changed for a couple years now. It's simple enough to be usable, but customizable enough, (especially when paired with Google notes) to be as powerful as any other note app. For me, syncing with Google and the quick interface make this the clear winner that I actually use. Thank you devs!

shavonne burke

FIX SLIDE OPTION ON GALAXY NOTE 4!!! ANYONE LOOKING FOR A BETTER AP USE gtask AP.. IT'S JUST LIKE THIS AND SYNCS ALL YOUR STUFF FROM GMAIL!! :) This gets a two because the slide option to reorder tasks don't work please fix asap.I'm thinking of finding another ap but I've had this so long

Jasper Cook

Reliable task management app The app is very simple to use, but surprisingly powerful given that it uses google tasks as its service. It does a good job adding functionality like reminders/times to tasks. Last updated at the end of 2013, but that's not the end of the world, since it works quite well still (even on my 5.1 Nexus 5).

Steve Rockett

Was awesome... I relied on this app for my all of my Tasks, it was awesome and perfect for tracking everything from within Google Tasks too. Although it's just stopped syncing with Google Tasks, now it won't run after reinstalling, won't sync to any account and complains about there being no internet connection. Maybe it's to do with a Google update? Not sure but I'd rather know what's up devs, than start using another Task list. Will update review after fix. Thanks.

Reed Markee

I've been using this app for a few years now and very quickly purchased the upgrade. It integrates well with the Google tasks. The main item that I don't like is, when backing out after making a change (ie using the back key on a tablet or phone), the changes are saved. At the least, it should ask; otherwise, it should treat it as a cancel.

Brian Soria

Almost perfect but widget needs work I enjoy how tasks is blacked out and out of the way in the app. The widget however doesn't reflect that theme. If you could add a way to change the theme and settings in the widget, I'd be grateful. A good example is the way business calendar executes its widget. It also has a tasks widget that is very clean. Making a nice widget is something I'd appreciate. Thanks a bunch!

philip irvine

Very impressed I've tried a couple different tasks apps but this was by far the easiest to use and sync. Works great with my sol calendar and my Google calendars. Can't think of anything it could improve on... Except when I switched from the free to paid version it reset all of my due times to 6am... That's not awesome.

Christopher Webster

Super intuitive for a techno dummy. Have recently been through several Apps trying to find the one I can understand, and make work without high levels of frustration. So far (10 minutes) this has done everything I wanted. Bulk removal of completed tasks?? If it isn't in there could the clever people write in that function please.

Dan Thoma

Gets the job done I checked out a a lot of task managers, and settled on three to actually download and test. This one came out tops. The sync works (beats Task List there); and it's not bloated (beats there). Gives me all the functionality I need and none of the garbage.

Keira Olszewski

Great app, stopped working, please support! I love this app and became fully dependant on it, I use it everyday. But then it stopped syncing. And after trying several things, uninstalling and reinstalling, I still can't sync my lists, so I have no lists on my phone now. I tried contacting the dev but my emails have been ignored. Please help, I loved this app and want to continue to love it!

Douglas Ball

Simple to use, and fast. Easy to sort and make sub-tasks. Big problem to my mind is that the calendar is available only for the current month. And you can't enter a date unless it's within that month. Either make the calendar for say 6 months in advance, or allow the user to put in whatever date is needed. How simple is that!

Greg Paque

5 stars, really. Seamless integration with Google accounts. Makes Google tasks useable! Compared to similar apps, superior design. Many features are more intuitive than competitors. I "wanted" to like others and then realized I simply like this app the best. I am not easy to please with software, I'm very picky. This is useful and satisfying .

William Steele

The best one! Has been the best for me. The widget is great. The app looks great and is not super complicated. Its quick and easy to enter in things that you want to remember, add a date and time and be done. You can also manage multiple lists (or categories) I have my general todo list as well as an upcoming movies list with release dates (because I'm weird like that). Super useful and worth the upgrade to the paid version.

Ricky Thomas

THE BEST BUT NEEDS UPDATE SOON Basically, after using DOZENS of apps, I keep coming back to this one. PROS .... stable syncing .... Easily switch between Multiple accouns .... clean interface. Sharing tasks to other programs is a big plus. Sorts list alphabetically. ---- CONS ---- No repeat task option. When you have two Google accounts, all reminders are thrown together in the notification panel. No priority option. No option to select just the time and skip the reminder.

A Google User

Simple, and perfect. But needs an update. Not sure why Google didn't just make an app for Google tasks themselves, but if they did make an app for it, it would look and perform exactly like this one does. I love how this app actually follows Android design principles, and shows up in the Google account sync list. Couldn't ask for better! ... Except for an update every once in awhile. Needs material design!

Tim De Mey

Can't see task text When creating a new task, the text is white on a white background. So can't read what I'm typing. That's the only bad thing. For the rest it looks great, nice widget too, intuitive and never crashes. Edit: lowered rating as this issue is still not solved. Edit: still not solved!

Kapil Easwar

Nearly perfect For 5 stars: The one thing that's missing is a success popup when manually syncing tasks. Sometimes (like when WiFi drops out in the middle of syncing), I'm not sure whether it synced successfully or not. Other than that, the app is great. The interface is not over-complicated, yet it has all the features I want in a Google Tasks app.

Frank Caceres

Worked great till it crashed I really did like this app and used it daily for a couple of years. It was the best app to replace my BlackBerry task app. But it crashed and I can't get to do anything or even get any kind of tech support after two request. I even bought the paid version to see if it would do better but still nothing and no tech support. I had to move to gtask that's not quit as good but it gets the job done. If I could get help with it I would probably go back to it.

Dennis G Daniels

Sharing tasks from a list Finally! Sharing tasks from a list at last! Voice activated note to self is also super cool. Loving this app already. No search though and synching is not dependable. Shame Google treats the Task API like chopped liver. Patents getting in the way?

A Google User

The app no longer works! Sync doesn't work. I have a new Marshmallow phone (Nexus 5x) with no sim card. The WiFi works and an Internet connection works fine however the app says, "Synchronization failed: please check your internet connection and try again". I love this app and used it all the time on my nexus 6, but have not been able to use it on my new phone.

Colin Carter

This is a brilliant piece of s/w that works the way I work. It couldn't suit me better. Easy to reassign priorities by moving items up and down. And if you have sub-items, they move with the heading.

Harv Pavicic

Note 4 with 4.4.4 issue This is one of my go to daily drivers and on Note 3, everything worked perfectly. On Note 4, running 4.4.4 i cannot manually rearrange tasks (drag them up down via the right side slider). Would love to see this fixed. Otherwise, 5 stars.

Peter Jones

Great app but it hasn't worked for around a week - Keeps saying "synchronisation failed, check internet connection", etc even when the connection is fine. Seems to be a problem with Google sync. Would be great if you could investigate as I rely on this app... thanks!

L G Boex

Used to be my favorite app ... until the free and paid versons stopped synching, worldwide, October/November 2015 and the developers were completely non-responsive for weeks. Eventually, they did fix the problem in a new release but this wasn't communicated.

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