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16 Feb
tapDancer Virtual Datasette

Posted by Kicaco in Entertainment | Feb. 16, 2016 | 51 Comments

Apk file size: 1.4 MB

tapDancer TAP/T64/PRG/P00 / TZX / CDT / UEF / CAS to Audio (WAV) Converter ( C64 / 128 / VIC20 / SINCLAIR / AMSTRAD ACORN / BBC / MSX / ATARI)

*** Features ***

Convert .TAP / T64 / PRG / P00 / TZX / CDT / UEF / CAS to audio-out * Pause, stop and re-start playback * Remembers previously-set volume level * High-precision render * Auto-pause functionality * TurboTape compression (Commodore 64/128).

tapDancer converts archives of vintage games and other software into audio waveforms that your classic 1980's-era computer(s) can understand and plays them back, allowing you to once again use these programs on your cherished system(s) using your mobile Android device, and a tape-interface cable or CD-to-cassette adaptor (depending on the computer.)

Currently, tapDancer supports Commodore (TAP / T64 / PRG formats), Sinclair ZX Spectrum (TZX / TAP), Amstrad CPC (CDT), Acorn Electron / BBC (UEF), MSX (CAS) and Atari (CAS).

tapDancer sports a fully-featured playback interface to assist you in reliving those beloved memories of the past. Other features include the ability to auto-pause on tape silences for ease of loading programs, and TurboTape compression of Commodore T64 / PRG / P00 to let you reminisce sooner!

Simply copy your archived software files (of programs you own!) to the SDCard storage of your Android device, then run tapDancer. Press the 'Eject' button, and then navigate to your files. (If your device has multiple SDCard directories, you can switch between them in the Settings menu -- see the documentation for more details.) Select your desired archive and tapDancer will then render the audio. tapDancer even supports extracting files from inside .ZIP and .T64 on-the-fly!

After the audio renders (anywhere up to two minutes, or longer on slower devices), press the 'Play' button after commanding your classic computer to LOAD. Adjust your volume to around 10 (for starters). With luck, in a few moments your computer will recognise the file, press SPACE on your Commodore 64 (for example) as soon as it says 'FOUND *GAME*'. (This step will vary depending on your computer system. See documentation for further details.) If it doesn't, try adjusting the volume up or down, press 'Stop' in tapDancer to reset the audio playback, reset your computer, and try again.

Placing your device into 'Airplane' mode is a good idea, as mobile 'chatter' can disrupt the playback. Also, be wary of magnetism -- keep your datasette / mobile device away from any CRT monitors!

For more detailed usage information and a user forum, tap the Help (?!) icon on the main tapDancer interface screen, or visit the tapDancer website at or by tapping the WWW icon on the main tapDancer interface screen.

*** Highlights ***

* TAP / T64 / PRG / P00 / TZX / CDT / UEF / CAS support (Commodore 64 / 128 / VIC20 / etc., Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, MSX-compatibles, Acorn Electron / BBC Micro, Atari 400/800/XL/XE)

* Configurable TurboTape compression of T64 / PRG / P00 (Commodore)!

* Intuitive user-interface.

* Auto-pausing functionality (for ease of loading.)

* Ability to extract files from .ZIP and .T64 on-the-fly.

tapDancer is a product of, copyright 2014 by April and Melody Ayres-Griffiths.

Whats new

    Version 1.81:
    Fixed buggy UEF support (BBC Micro / Acorn Electron)
    22khz playback support for Spectrum (selectable in preference menu)

Kicaco part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 5000 to 10000. Last Update Feb. 16, 2016. Google play rating is 86.7841. Current verison is 1.81. Actual size 1.4 MB.

Download tapdancer-virtual-datasette.apk 1.4 MB


Sam Unwin

Great app! Works great, some stutters here and there, but for the most part, this is an app I would gladly pay for. I do wish I could be able to save files to a .TAP file though. However this is fantastic in itself

Spanner Nick

cool but.. Some games have loading error on the Atari 800XL,it seems that its the 15 minute loading time ones..werid. Thanks for a great app. EDIT: It works great on my C64C but can't load Prg files,I can load them by converting them to wav using PRG-WAV. The other problem with TapDancer is that it uses alot of space on your SDcard,maybe add a option to be able to move the TapDancer folder to a different sdcard to free up space.

bobbi iddod

wonderful app! if you have an old puter, then TapDancer is probably one of the most useful apps you can have on your android device... i've been finding more and more of my old tapes failing when i try load them on my collection of older computers (they're 30 years old after all) but now, either with a cassette adaptor or a mini jack to jack lead, i can load games pretty much perfectly every time... the only times it's ever failed me has been when the volume has been set too high or too low, but once you find the right volume level for your particular device you can leave it there and the app will remember it for next time, excellent stuff... highly recommended!

Paul Davies

Volume not load enough for my Spectrum Converts files excellently but unfortunately, not loud enough for my Speccy to pick up :(

Andrew Beer

Excellent app Does exactly what it says, and works every time! I use this to load tapes on my C64 and Electron.

Chris C

Works perfectly on cpc464 Really nice app, a huge thanks for taking the time to develop this. The only thing that would be real handy would be an option to forward or rewind the tape so I can playback from a certain point of the tape

Zane Manhal

The pause function does not work When i pause a tap file and then play it it resets the tap file to the beginning

mark gomersall

? Used to work great but for some reason can't get anything to load on the c64 anymore

Stuart Johns

UEFs made easy! This is such a handy app for me and my Electron.. saves wear and tear on my cassettes too! Thank you

Peter Seymour

Unable to access memory card. :-( Short term workaround would be to copy files to internal memory but support for addition memory ssd1 directory would be handy. Unable to browse to the root in order to select. If I'm being silly then I'll happily re review.

Vasily Khoruzhick

Usefull app for owners of retro-computer Works like a charm! I was able to boot my spectrum clone with this app!

Derek Camilleri

Great Have not tried it yet but from the reviews i have read i can't wait to try it then i will adjust my rating and most likely give it a five star rating

Don Mctague

Best App on my Phone!! Tried many times to record on to tapes Via my laptop with little success!! Within minutes i found the volume level needed and loaded a game!! you will need a Cassette adapter... Now i have a app that is actually useful!!!

Chris Kelsall

Thank you! Have been looking for this for years now... Thank you soooo much!

Vincent Gill

Awesome What a great idea thanks

Trevor Dunne

works Perfect all tap files i have tried work great using c64

michael coxon

Great Be nice if .p files added for zx81

damien lander

Works most of the time For some rason though the app crashes whenever I try to change storage location to SD card . otherwise would give 5 stars.

Geoff Viggers

Brilliant!!! Works perfect on lg g3!!!

James Churchill

Useful, but buggy and chooses style over usability. I'm having trouble getting this to work playing CDT files; it tends to get locked up often when unpausing - the UI says that it is playing, the counter bounces up a few numbers, counts back down to where it was, then sticks at that number indefinitely without any audio output. The scrolling information line is also exceedingly frustrating - you have to wait several seconds after pressing a button to find out what tap dancer is doing, as it excruciatingly slowly scrolls characters into the line. Please kill this and replace it with a reasonable static prompt! Finally, it'd be really nice if it responded to remote signals; I can wire up a tape cable that converts my CPC's remote relay into android headset buttons; this would make a lot of games work that rely on computer control of the pause button.

Scott Robertson

Fantastic! I was told about this program today and it's great. I'm using it to run CDT games from my Xperia phone to my Amstrad CPC 464 and I love it. Not all games I've tried loading have worked but that might be a problem with their files for all I know. I have successfully played Death Wish 3, Seymour goes to Hollywood, Roland on the Ropes, Ghostbusters so far and even loaded up some of my own CPC-style graphics done on PC onto the real CPC thanks to this and Java CPC Desktop. :)

Warren W

Works great on the C64 Easy to use quick, work great on my xperia go. Can't wait to relive those old memories.

Gary James

Fantastic This loads tzx files into my spectrum plus 3 no problem. Unfortunately it does not load onto my 48k spectrum. Neither does tzxplay on my PC though unless I set the output freq to 22050 hz. If we can have an option to change output frequency I am sure it will work. Otherwise fantastic app. :-)

Janez Valant

Almost perfect! Great app! I do however miss ZX Spectrums TAP format... Also, didnt found a way to change to external SD card. Otherwise, nice app!

Andy Mason

Amazing Recently obtainted a C64 and looked for a way to get some of my favourite old games running. This app worked first time with an old in-car tape adaptor. Well Happy! !

Allan Bentham

Very good! If it could access online repositories (wos etc..) it'd be perfect. I'd pay for that!

Anton Macarthur

An amazing solution All the features I requested have been put in place and I am blown away. An amazing piece of software that now works with the majority of tap & prg files.

Yury Yakimuk

very crude programm I'm spectrum user: 1. no FF, RW. (or previous/next block). If You skip a moment to press pause, you must play from beginning. I rate 2 stars with great sadness and a desire to rate 5 after update 2. seem's incorrect playing speedlock tzx files (I will edit after additional researches). At least (files from WOS, Hardware +3 and ZXM Phoenix) Target Renegade : error after loading of 1st level; do not works both Batman.

Jez Harrison

Very handy! Haven't tried the .cas support to see if it'll work with my Dragon 32 yet, but it's a great app for loading .tap files on my Speccies with my S4 and Tab 3 - the addition of .p support for the ZX81 would really be the icing on the cake. Unfortunately the app crashes if I try switching the source to my external SD, but it's a minor gripe.

Krzychu B.

Okay, but something makes my C64 freeze. Something is wrong with output, loading programs seems good, but after loading in most cases C64 freezes. Maybe it loses some bits or something?

David graham

Good I had to rollback to a previous version as update caused app to close upon selecting any file on my galaxy a3 yet worked fine on older android device. Works great with c64 files but have troubles trying to load spectrum. Only limited success loading spectrum.

Pet. A.

Uef files Does not seem to work with uef files it loads the file and says to press play then it comes up with a message saying stopped? and will not play if I press on play.

Sindre Lausund

Love it. But doesn't work anymore on my tab after rooting it when I select SD card. It (the custom rom/root) seems to have changed the name/how it accesses the SD card.

Vincent GR

Worked well with an S2 but not anymore with S4. Anyway it is a great app.

Mark Williams

Great for Amstrad games I used the app to load games onto my original Amstrad CPC6128. It works really well with cdt files.

Stuart Sinclair

Speccy Lover Well, this app was 110% absolutely great, but it seems there maybe a fault. Will there be an update, 5.1... Thx app makers.... I work for the media, might put a good word for you.

Jason Birch

Tapdancer works. ...simple Easy to use, easy to install. This app should be making you money. I'd buy it!!!!

Paul Bennett

Perfect A simple solution to play games on my spectrum without the hassle of tape hunting :)

Geoff Tynan

Works like a charm Obviously some thought has been put into this. I can't believe how well it works :-)

Dave Cope

It worked great for me. You may need to spend some time adjusting volume settings on your Android device to make this work properly.But that is no fault of tapDancer itself. Also, make sure to read the instructions about pausing playback and about pressing space on the C64 when the tape program is first found. Thanks for creating this great program. :)

William Ferris

William I couldn't thank you enough ,

Ben Gleeson

Other systems Please support the Oric-1

Frank FJS

Works well for C64 Had to fiddle with settings and volume, once I figured that out was successfully loading C64 tape images with ease. Very handy to be able to do it from your phone as opposed to laptop/PC. Can't seem to get the auto pause feature to work well for me, it seems to pause when I don't want it to. Also the manual pause button doesn't resume playback correctly, it starts playing from the beginning once unpaused instead of resuming where you paused from. Best to sit there and hit space immediately.

Martin Harvey

Good but UEF support still broken Great app. Worked great on C64, Speccy etc. Sadly can't get any .uef files for Acorn Electron to work though. TapDancer freezes after selecting the .uef and the convert progress bar stays stuck on 0%. If fixed TapDancer would get full marks

Sofa Anders

Works pretty well once you figured out how to properly use it. For C64, it sometimes stops after the game has loaded, and you have to press PLAY once more for the game to begin.. Like it's waiting for some last bit of data. Apart from that, the scrolling display is kinda annoying. There's no reason it should be scrolling, and not just static. As it takes a second or two for the scrolling text to appear, you're left wondering if it's actually playing or not. That's a bit silly. The overall functionality is great though!

Simonida Kadic

Buggy It does the trick, but for me at least it keeps pausing randomly (i have auto pause off), and often it won't resume after a manual or automatic pause.

Peter Smits

Needs inprovment No way to access sd card so 1 star

Andy Welch

great app works really well, please add support for zx81 .p files!

Alex Brown

Sometimes works when it wants to, most of the time not. Playing wav files is far more successful.

Scott Heinz

Works perfectly!!!! Thanks so much for creating this app!

Pet. A.

Uef files Does not seem to work with uef files it loads the file and says to press play then it comes up with a message saying stopped? and will not play if I press on play.

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