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6 Sep
Tangerine Banking

Posted by Tangerine Bank in Finance | Sept. 6, 2016 | 199 Comments

Apk file size: 46.0 MB

The Tangerine Mobile Banking app makes your banking experience even more convenient than ever before with a fresh and intuitive design. Manage your Accounts, review transactions, transfer funds, locate ABMs, and receive important notifications. It’s a perfect way to do banking on the go.

In today’s fast pace world, we know you’re busy and always on the go. That’s why we make it simple to do all of your banking with us anytime, anywhere.

You can Save Anywhere™ with your smartphone or tablet at or through our Mobile Banking app. Check your Account balances, review transactions, transfer funds, send Interac e-Transfers, locate ABMs, pay bills, buy and sell Tangerine Investment Funds and even deposit a cheque with our Cheque-In® feature.

• Ipsos Best Banking Award for Mobile Banking Excellence (2014) Tangerine shared the 2014 Ipsos Award for Mobile Banking Excellence among all financial institutions.
•IBM Mobile and Cloud Innovation Award at Impact (2014)

By tapping the button or by downloading the Tangerine Mobile Banking app published by Tangerine Bank, you consent to the installation of this app further described below and to its future updates and upgrades. You can withdraw your consent at any time by uninstalling the app. To request removal or disabling of this app, please contact us.

You acknowledge and understand and agree that this app (including any updates or upgrades) may (i) cause your device to automatically communicate with Tangerine’s servers to deliver the functionality described below and to record usage metrics, (ii) affect app-related preferences or data stored in your device, and (iii) collect personal information as set out in our privacy policy.

To learn more, Contact us at:
Tangerine Bank
3389 Steeles Avenue East
Toronto, Ontario M2H 3S8
[email protected]


Cheque-In is the easiest and fastest way to deposit a cheque. No line- ups at bank branches. You simply snap a photo of your cheque using your device’s camera, enter a few details and voila - the cheque is deposited into your Account. It’s that simple.

Quick View:
Quick View is a fast way for Clients to view their deposits, withdrawals, bill payments and Email Money Transfers (EMT).

Android Wear:
Get quick and easy access to your personal banking information from your wrist. You can review:
- Account balances
- Recent transactions
- Transaction details
- Important notifications

Sign Me Up:
Simple and fast Account enrollment using Cheque-In.

ABM Locator:
Helps you to easily locate nearby ABMs.

ABM Locator Widget:
Find the nearest ABMs from the Notification Center.


View my Accounts:
View your Account balances and details for all your Tangerine Accounts.

Move my money:
Transfer funds now, later or schedule ongoing transfers.

Pay my bills:
Register or manage your bills and pay them now, later or schedule ongoing payments.

Orange Alerts:
By choosing to receive Orange Alerts, you’ll never have to wonder if payments or deposits have occurred. Orange Alerts send you emails when your money is in motion, to ensure you're on top of it at all times.

Refer a Friend:
Refer friends and family for great Bonus offers.

Language Supported:

® Cheque-In is a registered trademark of Tangerine Bank.

Whats new

    Feedback from our Clients is very important to us, since it helps us find ways to create an even better banking experience.
    Latest Updates:
    - Extended to Tablet users
    - Fixed other minor issues
    If you’re experiencing any issues with our Mobile Banking app, please share your feedback: [email protected]

Tangerine Bank part of our Finance and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 6, 2016. Google play rating is 78.1744. Current verison is 2.0. Actual size 46.0 MB.

Download tangerine-banking.apk 46.0 MB


crysta la

Horrible You would think for a mobile app it would function properly. Once the app is opening, a notification automatically pops up saying 'this app has stopped working'. This will happen twice before I get to the main page. And the 'cheque-in' is always down!

Jason K

Poor ui Essentially a glorified Web app, with the interface breaking every design guideline on the Android platform. Confusing navigation and lag does not help. PCF mobile app is far superior.

Hailey Nordstrom

*Throws App in trash* Can't send money via interac transfer without getting errors & or/crashing. Actually, same error problem on their desktop site and mobile site as well. Super frustrating.

Steve Vandevelde

Check-in stopped working with latest update. Preview looks good, then becomes too grainy just before upload.

S.Hasan Rizvi

Worst Banking App Signing up for an account is painful. If you accidentally leave the sign up screen, you have to re-type all your info, from scratch. I know people who had to uninstall this app because it will keep on crashing and hanging the phone...

Robert Morin

Needs improvement Good app but not all accounts are included.

Brendan Thomas

Broken For whatever reason, the app says that my device isn't supported.

Eric Mueller

Check in doesn't work anymore.

Turker Kafar

Does not work Cheque in does not work anymore

Laura Kathleen

Awful app I get paid by cheque. The app deposit was lovely. I've never had a problem. Thanks to the update, now my cheques are suddenly blurry and not depositable. Only change, the app updated. Again.

Adam McEachern

App is unresponsive Cannot load anything other than the main screen. I'm able to log in, I just can't do anything worthwhile.


Crashes on startup Every startup this app crashes now! How am I supposed to do my banking?!

Samer Serhan

Android wear Apple watch but no wear? Dead to me

Matty C

Umm Where's the option to use the finger print scanner?

Mohammad Mostafaei

Crashing all the time Keeps crashing on Note 4 Lollipop

Bradley Beek

Freezes every time I can't login because the app keeps freezing during the login process. Sometimes I can't even enter my client number. Once I got as far as entering my pin but couldn't get any farther. 100% unusable.

David House

Works Beautifully What more can be said than the title? You can do pretty much everything you can do on the website. I liked the look and feel in the ING version better, but whatever. Oh right, it was the first in Canada for depositing a cheque with your phone. That's pretty awesome.

Ian Gresel

Needs android wear

Sancho McCann

The photo check deposit doesn't work now Due to a recent update, taking a photo of a check doesn't work well anymore. I don't get to see what the photo I took looks like. The flash doesn't trigger, so all my photos are too blurry (says the app; I can't actually see them to confirm). And, it doesn't auto-detect the check like it used to.

Julien Letrouit

Mmmh, not even able to login... I would love to rate the app, but after 5 min of loading, I can't even login, so I don't really know if it is good or bad. Looking at the other review, recent version of this app seems a disaster. I would wait before wasting my time retrying it. Update: finally unblocked and worked as expected. I have been able to deposit a cheque, check balances on my account, etc.. So after a few install hickups, it is good!

Kit Sune

Recent updates have ruined the best banking app Bring back the automatic photo system for cheque deposits! This feature is completely broken now. Thought this was supposed to be an ONLINE bank without brick & mortar locations for me to have to go to. And for goodness sakes fix the layout! There was no reason to move the menu to a fly-out that covers the top right of the page. WORSE THAN USELESS DESIGN. Hire competent UX designers!!

Jay Walker

It's gone from good, to ok, to crap. I haven't had the same problems as other people with things crashing. Taking a picture of the cheque on the tangerine app doesn't work as well as it did on the ING app. It doesn't crash for me, but it doesn't want to focus right either, and takes a few tries before it does it properly. Given that the cheque-in is the main purpose of the app for many people, you'd think they'd get that right. I don't understand why anything needed to change other than the name of the app when they went to Tangerie (I also don't understand the need for a new name, but whatever) - the ING app was good and this is a step backwards. ====================== Edit: With the newest version as of Feb 2015, I have the the problem that many others have - taking a picture of a cheque results in a crashed app. Updating my rating to 1 star. It boggles my mind how they went from the ING app that functioned beautifully, to this. Also, why do I need to click "I'm a client, let me in"? I'd wager 98.7% of people using this app are clients, and want in. Why waste time with that stupid menu?

Simon Partridge

Update removes functionality Newest update is junk. Moved the universal settings button from the lower right android button to an upper right in-app button. It also defaults to open going over the login screen... What's the point of providing me a page if you're going to cover it up? Transfers now end with three options... Back (which doesn't go back), logout, settings... Not a logical set of steps. Stupid upgrade, I feel like they're trying to shed customers.

Lisa Morris

New version: Hate! The automatic menu that pops up when I log in is annoying. I don't know how many times I've hit options I don't need to, only to go back where i was every single time! Can we not have a number pad instead of the keyboard for our pin number? The iPhone version was like that and was much better. Overall the app has become SO slow ever since Scotiabank took over. Not impressed with this app now at all.

David Fullard

Fix the annoying pop-up menu Does the job but that pop-up menu every time I select an account is annoying. Can't say how many times I've accidently pressed something. Menus should not open automatically.

Matthew Scheffel

Functional, but dumb Why is a dollar amount field a full textbox instead of a numeric entry field? Why is the pin entry the same? Little, trivial to fix things like these make the app clunky and inconvenient to use. Several versions have passed and this remains the same, so I suspect the people making it haven't tried to use it or they do not know any better.

Annie Belzile

Photo check deposit doesn't work! I just created my check account and now I want to make my initial deposit using this app but I can't! I'm taking a picture of the front of my check (works fine), but when I take the picture of the back IT DELETES THE FRONT PICTURE! I cannot even finish setting up my account! Correct this soon or you're going to lose a lot of customers!

John H

Needs an Overhaul Tangerine is a great bank. My issue is primarily with the UI for the app. I feel as though it is a bit outdated.

Nilton G Couto

Galaxy Note ii Nice app for financial purposes... but still needs improvements!!!

Maxim Gorchakov

Works but that's about it I really wish this was a fully native app rather then little more then a mobile website

Connor Bankes

Definitely needs improvement Very clunky app, feels more like a mobile site. I often find myself waiting for menus to pop up, etc. Also the login security is a bit overkill; not sure that security questions are really necessary just to check my balance. Would be nice if I could optionally disable this.

Richard topfer

More material design If you guys followed googles material design guild lines more you could have the best looking banking app out there.

Jeff Elliotson

Fix it. Recent update makes taking pictures of cheques broken. Super frustrating.

Austin Headley

Fail My camera won't focus when in the cheque deposit section of the app, so the pictures are useless and I can't use the feature at all. edit: This was fixed by reinstalling the app. The camera now focuses. The fact that I had to reinstall keeps this from getting 5 stars.

Matthew Thomas

New to Tangerine When logging in it asks for my PIN so why show the full keyboard? It should just pop up with a number pad. Remove the automatic pop up menu on login. Otherwise nicely designed app that is simple to use.

Adrian Dobrin

Great Bank and app No issues until now

Tyler Brown

New update won't start New update and now it wont even open

Michael Kuzmin

Cheque deposit stopped working After some recent update the cheque deposit feature doesn't work making the app and the account useless to me.

Chris Bornhoft

Excellent Works great and very easy to use; including the photo deposit system. Using on the OnePlus One

Alex M

Does not install on Motorola XT886 (RAZR V) It gives me an error "Insufficient storage available" while I have 1 Gb of iternal and 5 Gb of external free and available!

Doreen Ng

Deposit feature frozen Every now and then, the deposit camera feature gets frozen. It doesn't respond or let you snap pic of the cheque ... kinda annoying!

Jason K

Poor ui, fingerprint support Essentially a glorified Web app, with the interface breaking every design guideline on the Android platform. Confusing navigation and lag does not help. PCF mobile app is far superior. Needs Samsung fingerprint support.

Vanessa Y

Keeps crashing Can't even get to the log in screen, crashes every time I try to open it. Please fix. Using galaxy s5 on Kitkat 4.4.2

Elizabeth H

Annoying popups non stop annoying "refer my friends with orange key code" keeps popping up. and also even when my even rotation is disabled the tilt screen keeps showing me to seems feedback. fix it or will Uninstaller program. too annoying.

Turker Kafar

Does not work Cheque in does not work anymore

Malik S.

Access to my microphone at all times? Explain why this is necessary for a bank app.

Daniel Taylor

Not the best Please give update notes. Is it that difficult?

Chris Nicholas

Must Have! Pros: Very functional. Extremely useful features. Simple to use. Cons: Looks like its from the 90's, needs a refresh in style.

H Tra

Update The last 3 updates are horrible. The first version did not freeze as much

Don 242

Why do you need access to the microphone? Best explain this a little better.

Bethany Holmes

Email my $ doesn't work anymore! Now the app crashes every time I try to use the 'email my $' feature. It's not useless, but it's no longer nearly as useful as it was.

Alex McGunn

Now app requires permission to use microphone. Why?

Julie Bouchard

Very convenient Except it doesn't show couche tard, 7 eleven or quickie stores where we are supposed to be able to withdraw for free

Annette Ledoux

Can't get past the log me in screen without timing out

C. Tonge

Basic I haven't experienced any of the issues some other reviewers have. It works well, a tad slower at the initial load up than I'd like. On Blackberry OS, it works amazingly.

hassan malik

Terrible app & on desktop too This app is website ui tangerine should improve users experiences

Jonathan Chircop

Question. Why does a banking application require access to my device's microphone?

Ammar Altahan

It does what it suppose to. Nothing special.

Gabriel Bauman

Needs access to microphone for no discernible reason. What's up with the permissions, Tangerine?

Jason Carlson

Why does update need to be recording audio? Love tangerine and the app was pretty good but latest update now records audio of which there is absolutely no reason.

Mike Poulin

Why microphone access??? What are you listening to?

kevin kooblall

Tangerine Future of banking on the go, innovative features that save time money. What's not to like

Alina Ramos

Great app, too many permissions! The app is great, it just asks for too many permissions (including microphone).

cuong pham

Great banking! good app and easy to use and alot of feature.

Skyler Dillman

Garbage This is advertised as an easy way to do online banking. However the Cheque In feature does not work. If you are looking at opening an account for its online ease of use turn back now.

Kyle Schmitz

Works for me I use the app every payday to cash my cheque and it hasn't failed me yet. No issues with any other features, I would love to use this app for tap and pay.

Spencer Ford

Camera is broken Messaged them months ago when I got my Nexus, and it still isn't fixed. It's a simple API change, and every app that was having this same issue had fixed the problem right away. It's a mind puzzle every time I have to deposit a cheque - maneuvering an upside-down camera. For a bank that has no branch and 100% relies on the web and this app, their response is deplorable.


Fantastic app, clean interface, reliable I've used other bank apps but this one is my favorite. There is a quick log out button. It has a ton of features and every one I've tried work. It's easy to share your Orange key with others. The only thing I would change is having the app load directly to the login screen. If I only use this app for one bank account, I don't need a home screen with 8 options. Probably 95% of these extras people will not use. There is the added bonus of this being an awesome bank tho!

Yan Duchesne

Broken on Nexus 5X Inverted image on marshmallow + Nexus 5X makes the cheque-in feature impossible to use. This is a key feature that was/is being advertised and yet, months after my phone came out, it is still unusable. Desjardins now has this feature too and it works perfectly.

Patrick Manning

Pretty good, when it works Overall the app is very good and user friendly. That being said, about 20-30% of the time it won't log me in first time, says sorry for the inconvenience blah blah. As soon as I try again it works, every time. Also, I hate apps that don't do everything you can do on the actual Web site. What's the point if you have to log in another way to do certain things?

Dana Galizia

Newest update keeps crashing App used to work great until today's update, and now it keeps crashing on my Asus Zenfone 2. Basically can't do anything any more, so app is useless. Why don't app designers leave well enough alone?

Ramy Salama

Camera Problems. Upside down photos Nexus 5x and 6p pictures are upside down. Now completely broken with latest update!!!!

Louis Drapeau

Very bad photo cheque I use CIBC's app and deposit without a problem, this app requires a lot of retrying, they should try a bit harder

Michael K H TANG

Smartphone version I have no problems using this app on my tablet, I noticed there is a tablet version. What is the difference, is it spacing and font size. Don't make me switch to the tablet version.

Clyde Gonsalves

Cheque Deposit Broken on 5x Cheque Deposit feature does not work on Nexus 5x. Image is inverted and image frame is askew.

Max La Mitraille

Refer Friends ? WTF ? What is wrong with this refer friends thing ? I have no way to access my informations without having to send an e-mail or a text message to my friends ? Get the h*** out of here ! Fix this broken thing right now ! Thank you !

D Chi

Camera needs work Camera won't always work so I have to resort to depositing cheques via other banking institutions' apps. Otherwise I like it


Sometimes Unuseable The refer a friend pops up and forces you to send referals and blocks the screen so you can't access the app.

John Michael Mayo

Slow. So slow. My TD and BMO open up and loads quickly. But this one is just so slow and not responsive

Eric Thorsen

Good app but cheque deposit is broken on the OnePlus 2 using Android Lollipop. Camera is briefly flashing in gray and is closing right away. Please fix as it is pretty much the only functionnality I'm using in this app.

Vincent Pouliot

Camera app never opens to be able to take a picture of a cheque for "Cheque-In Deposit". Useless app!

Brandon Nikel

Check in broken Camera won't focus in app for check in. Was fine before update

Matthew Thomas

New to Tangerine When logging in it asks for my PIN so why show the full keyboard? It should just pop up with a number pad. Remove the automatic pop up menu on login. Otherwise nicely designed app that is simple to use.

unamed none

Auto capture crashes up App works while autocapture is not used.

Ryan Brownell

Update the Camera API! This app uses an out of date camera api which results in check in not working properly on the nexus 5X.

Chris Sylvestre

The perfect app for the web savvy banker Create you own accounts, set up scheduled transfers etc. Love this app and never going back to anything else.

Aaron Mclellan

Always seems to be down when I try to log on.

Glenn Wilson

Great app I just installed this on my Sony Z 3 compact with Lollipop and it works perfectly just used the check - in deposit feature camera function worked great all other functions work great so far

Fred S

Can't see my account balance anymore!!!

Holly P.

Great App Tangerine is an awesome bank and their banking app is great. By pressing on the Orange Snapshot you used to be able to pay bills, but now you have to actually log in to be able to do that. Increased security now, thank you Tangerine!! You guys rock!

Andrew Baron

Latest update broke the camera. No longer functions.

Chris Darnell

Can't view account details Recently I've been seeing only the link account page with no way to view the account activity.

Sunny P

Dated GUI Update your app with Material Design

Sierra Pemberton

Broken for nexus 5x. Please fix. Makes it impossible to deposit because the camera is wonky.

Karan Sharma

Easy to use app

Christine Evans

Good Have been having some problems with it since the batch of recent updates. Blank screen on Nexus 6p. No problems before then. Reliable (albeit dated-looking) when it works.

Robert Raposo

Best bank The only issue I have is that on my nexus 6 in Orange Snapshot I cannot expand my savings accounts via the plus icon. I tap it and nothing happens running Android 6.0.1. Not an issue on my s3. Perhaps this is marshmallow related? I can expand as normal when logged in.

M. Braums

Atm or abm locator is kinda dumb It doesn't differentiate between a machine located in a business EG.7 Eleven or an actual branch. How hard is that? Why don't they give balances from the transaction record. Talk about an archaic banking system. So much dislike for Scotiabank. Stupid move on part of ING I mean Tangerine to have them as partners. GUI is also ancient. They must've used children to create it.

sebastien whissell

Blank screen on note 4 can't use it, please fix this.

Jakub Pustol

The new widget is great! Gets me to the things I need most fast!

Anthony Eng

Cheque deposit image is inverted on the Nexus 5X

Adam Y

Fix please Last update is causing constant app restarts

Yohan Mahimwala

Used to be better

Tezera Mogess

Excellent App needs to have the client number clearly displayed somewhere in the app.

Andrew Laplante

At least it works! Overall the app does what it needs to do. Comparing this app to CIBC mobile banking it's kinda disappointing. To be honest for a bank that is completely online I was expecting something a little more impressive in comparison to my old bank! As simple as it might be spruce it up and it will become a much more appreciative feature :)

Mike H

Totally broken I have a OnePlus Two. Gets hung up on the loading screen, I have to try opening/closing the app a few times to get the login screen. Then, the app breaks my camera on my phone even outside of the app, I have to reboot my phone to use my camera in any capacity. Just a total joke. I just opened a Tangerine account I think I'll be closing it pretty fast if this is any indication of how the experience will be

L B Gent

Love this app, I make all my deposits, pay bills, transfers all through my phone !

Erik Rasmussen

Holds phone ransom with orange key screen Have submitted in-app feedback for months. No resolution with the new updates. Brutal. Also kicks out multiple times trying to send email transfers making user log in again. Painful and going backwards.

Julia Marcoux

Love this app... Almost perfect. Love the app but we should have access to the same things than on the web site. Since new update, pictures of checks are upside down.

Matthew Welke

Major problems with this app now that I'm using a OnePlus Two. Half the time the app won't open, hangs on the white background loading screen. And when it does load, the photo cheque deposit doesn't work. Tapping the button to start the camera causes it to hang for a few seconds, open the camera, then instantly close the camera.

June T

Things can be a little slow sometimes, and I'd love to be able to get account information (such as bank and branch ID) from within the app. The navigation can feel a bit outdated and clunky (no convenient slide-out menus from the side, for example; it feels like an old PC app). Also can we please have an option to turn off the 'flip your phone to get referral code' feature??

M. Braums

Atm or abm locator is kinda dumb It doesn't differentiate between a machine located in a business EG.7 Eleven or an actual branch. How hard is that? Why don't they give balances from the transaction record. Talk about an archaic banking system. So much dislike for Scotiabank. Stupid move on part of ING I mean Tangerine to have them as partners. GUI is also ancient. They must've used children to create it.

Nathan Rose

Won't open Nexus 5x No longer works on my Nexus 5x. It worked before but when I would do deposits the camera would be flipped upside down.

Molly Elliott

App broken on OnePlus Two Anytime I try to open it, the screen gets stuck on the logo. Also opening the app causes the camera to stop working everywhere else on my phone until I reboot it.

Mihir Sonara

1 Star until you work with Android and Apple Pay. I know you're the reason it's not in this country yet. You're holding back an entire country.

rollie hui

Maintenance Why do you say not schedule maintenance for the night when people are less likely to try and log in instead of middle of the day? Honestly I liked ING better and there was interest on my chequing account and an overdraft where as now I have none.

Bill Sanders

This app has been working well for me

Ian Gresel

Needs android wear and mobile payments (NFC). Design could also use an overhaul, lack luster compared to other financial institutions

M. Braums

Atm or abm locator is kinda dumb and app is stupid AF App doesn't differentiate between a machine located in a business EG.7 Eleven or an actual branch. How hard is that? Why don't they give balances from the transaction record. When you complete a transaction you're in limbo. Why don't you return to the main menu? Talk about an archaic banking system. So much dislike for Scotiabank. Stupid move on part of ING I mean Tangerine to have them as partners. GUI is also ancient. They must've used children to create it.

Jadin sauer

Wow. I looked at this app on the Apple app store. And the comparison is horrible. Apple's version of this app is so much nicer. They really haven't tried at all with androids. Stupid considering this bank is all online.

Michael Halcro

Needs a UI refresh The Tangerine app is embarrassing. I've recently noticed that CIBC and RBC have put out some beautifully designed banking apps. They utilize the minimalistic material design and offer intuitive features like opening an account via the app. For a bank that relies on its web and mobile presence, Tangerine is sorely lacking behind its competitors. A top notch bank like Tangerine deserves a top notch app (and a tablet version too)

Vince Pugliese

Screen rotation On my phone I have 'screen rotation' off, yet when I lay in bed and try to do some banking before bed, tangerine ignores my phone settings and rotates the screen anyway, making the app unusable. Fix it.

Chris Jackson

Almost perfect All this bank needs is mobile phone proximity payments. After that 5 stars. I am a long time client of 6 years. Love everything but other banks like rbc and scotia are already on the mobile phone payments. Im very let down that the tangerines not there yet.

Sv C

Love the app design but lacking one very important feature. Really like the user interface and features but what I would really like is the ability to make mobile payments using my NFC phone at stores. Really hope that this will be a feature once the new MasterCard will be available to everyone.

Manny Lee

Mediocre It works. That's as much praise as one can give the app. Tangerine seems to have time traveled a high schooler from the 90s to develop this.

Pete Morawski

Overall a fine experience, but still needs work. Cheque deposit has photo issues, and rarely do I get confirmation in the app that the cheque was deposited (I always get a white screen).

J0nathan nahtan0J

Weird I can't login using this app. Let me try it again...

Queena Yu

Doesn't work on my one plus 2 The app launches but freezes before the login screen. Any fixes in the works?

Rosario Chavez

very happy with tangerine.... and my new credit Tangerine card....

Adolfo Nuncio

Need the tablet layout Or at least support auto rotate

Jordan Martin

Good It's a good app, but wish I could use the finger scanner instead of adding passwords over and over again.

Shakithyan Puvithasan

Works It gets the job done!

Josh Brooks-Budhoo

Works fine (but not great) but the interface looks really dated.

Robert Foster

Disappointing This app is very slow, it almost seems like they just encased their website in an app. Compare this to the other 4 financial institution apps I use, and thus is left in the dust.

Ron Bond

Not loading Just installed it and log in normally, but afterwards it no longer load and stay with a black window

Jomo Elliott-Jackson

Make the app able to be stored on SD storage

Jon L

Useful for cheques Useful for cheque deposits. But the mobile website has more options and is more stable for everything else.

Bevil Tabbett

Banking at its best I love Banking with Tangerine, excellent app

Richard Von Zarquon

Meh Gives standard features, but first log-in always fails ("Sorry for the inconvenience "), and the connection to the new MasterCard is slow and buggy.

Ana Cristina Gaitán

Can't transfer my money This app ALWAYS stops working when I'm about to write the amount I need to transfer between my accounts so I have to always use the computer for that, that's the only reason I wanted the app, to avoid going to the computer, bank or use the phone... UPDATE: I re-installed the app and it works :)

Tony Xiao Wang

Need update Tangerine is a nice digital bank with lots of great features. But how come the mobile app is not as good as some traditional banks? Wonder when would Android app get its update?

June T

Things can be a little slow sometimes, and I'd love to be able to get account information (such as bank and branch ID) from within the app. The navigation can feel a bit outdated and clunky (no convenient slide-out menus from the side, for example; it feels like an old PC app). Also can we PLEASE have an option to turn off the 'flip your phone to get referral code' feature??

Pete Morawski

Overall a fine experience, but still needs work. Cheque deposit has photo issues, and rarely do I get confirmation in the app that the cheque was deposited (I always get a white screen). Also, many times I am shown the "your orange key is" page when trying access my account, and it is confusing to get past that page.

Tristan fletcher

Worst banking experience ever I have had my account frozen while in my overdraft i have had my account frozen while i had a car payment supposed to come out this company is a joke since scotia bank bought them out this bank was perfect prior to scotia buying them out now they go around withholding your money on you also limiting the amount of money i can take out as well i used to be able to take MY OWN MONEY out when ever i wanted now i have to call every second just to get my account un frozen screw that you have lost me bye!

Vinod S

Some of the features that I would like to see in a bank that is operating online only. NFC payments for all android devices including nexus. add a feature to track the spending based on the transaction history, this helps customers save lot of time reviewing their transactions.

rick mawn

Tap You need to add tap and pay to card and android.. Also visa debit.. I may have to switch back to scotia if u guys dont get visa debit.. as this helps for online purchases..

Marc-André Ipperciel

Camera won't focus with Samsung S7 Unable to take a clear cheque picture since I switched to a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The autofocus won't work, and there is no manual focus option, so cheque pictures are always too blurry to use. That was my main use of this app.

Timothy Catibog

[SOLVED] Crashes on Marshmallow Crashes when invoking the sign-in activity from main (OnePlus One, 6.0.1 non-root). EDIT: Works again after deleting data/cache, uninstall, reinstall.

Aaron Adams

Terrible compared to iOS The new iOS app is great but this is real bad. Slow, ugly, and I even get ads to download the app while I'm inside the app! Poor first impression.

Saman Azizkhani

to be honest with you this app is awful, but your service is good.

Dennis Ting

keep on the good work, new staffs are take time to come

heeter23 Lyn

Simple to Use No problems here..simple to use..bells and whistles not needed. ?

Sumeet Gill

Just a webview A native app is basically the bare minimum these days.


Could use work Design needs a overhaul and also needs NFC payment features

Maulin Thakkar

Why android app lags so much in terms of update when ios app got overhaul almost 6 months back??

Alexander Cheney

Ugly, Needs Updated The app is janky and not intuitive at all. It really needs to be updated to be on par with the iPhone app.

Roo Macropod

That "share orange key" screen does not let me log in!! Come on!!

Jason Greaves

Needs UI Update Works, but desperately needs a UI update. Make the app useful for people who bank with Tangerine, not an advertisement for those who don't.

Daniela Acosta

Its functions at times.. I find it extremely annoying that this app is continually suggesting that i refer people and that there is no option to exit. So inconvenient when i am im a rush and am trying to get things done immidiately.

Oleg Vorobiov

Please add features Display notifications about recent transaction in Android notification area (top left of screen) and lock screen. Beats email notifications. Please add NFC support for Interac Flash and MasterCard PayPass, since Tangerine cards do not support contactless payments. You can change it to Android Pay when it becomes available in Canada. Finally, please send the users to main screen after a transaction is completed. Why must we press the back button to get there? Thanks.

Reza Zohouri

Why am I switching from TD? Yes I'm getting charged $10.95 a month but that pays for reliance on their apps! Need to be able to rely on this App and I certainly don't feel confident in doing so. Won't even let me login.. Though I can online my computer. FIX ASAP.

Yvan Auger

Why have you changed your apps? No longer able to deposit checks. Older version was exactly like Tangerine : Quick and Easy. Now you are catching up with some other banks. Slow and Clumsy. Please make sure people involved in the new apps do not touch your website which is still fantastic.

Laura Fluegel

Takes some adjusting to I have always liked the Tangerine app compared to other banking apps I've had to deal with and am pretty thrilled about the new update unlike many people below me. I like the fact that there's a lot more information available on the app if you go looking for it but the basic design gives you the quick overview we're used to. Things are in different places and that will take time to get used to, but once you get the hang of it it's intuitive. My only criticism at the moment is it lags a bit.

Joey Chan

Why no more snapshot? It's the best feature of any banking app and Tangerine had it first. I have multiple bank accounts, tangerine had the best app before this update. 80% of the time all I want to do is quickly check my balance. The other 20% is sending transfers and depositing cheques. I don't want to login everytime I need to quickly check a balance. Why did you take away the orange snapshot feature? It was the best thing you had.

Jonathan Tupper

Unnecessary update The design reminds me of something that was developed 5 years ago... Clunky, slow... Frequent failed logins where I've never had an issue before. They've tried to cram too much into the interface.

Why on EARTH would they remove the widget? This app is useless to me now. And also the app says Eyeverify isn't supported on my Nexus 6P even though it IS under the list of supported devices.

Ritto Thomas

Sorry we are unable to upload your cheque this time. Try again later. This error message pops up whenever I try to deposit a cheque with this app. Deposited the same cheques using Scotia app with no problem.......


Unnecessary change to app New app I find not as easy to use. Too many options for a phone app. Just make it simple and quick. Also have no clue why the app can't give the right exchange rate to USD, always rounds it off for some reason. When I go to buy it they don't round it off so why do it on the app?

Jamie Weir

Went downhill. While the new update has a shiny interface now, they either removed or very well hid my most used function, which was a single click option to pay the current balance on my credit card. Now it only shows the last statement balance on the transfer screen, so I need to go view the current balance, remember it, and type it in manually at the transfer section, instead of use the single click option. It seems like a trivial thing, but when you have a nice user experience and then remove it, it's very irritating.

Turner McKay

Attn Tangerine. Drop everything and work on this app. I just opened my account and I was very excited to do all of my banking via electronic means, specifically through my phone, and unfortunately this app's features are continuously experiencing errors whenever I try and do anything (cheque deposit, phoning help line thru the app, finding my acct number, etc) fixing this app should be tangerines top priority at the moment. I've lost at least three referrals because I go to show them features, they don't work. You're losing potential customers!

Xuan Vy Nguyen

Technical Issues Still not working... Amazing deals, but on a technical POV, very unreliable. How can I trust the money flow on this defective online app? I won't even give a star if I could.

Stanislav Kogan

Serious security issue The application doesn't log out automatically. Unless I hit the logout button, next time the app starts it doesn't ask for a pin.

Sam Choy

Regressed Significantly Was a great app until latest update. Clunky navigation. Can't exit app with back button. Orange alert can't be reviewed without signing in. You get the idea. Keep it simple and functional please.

Kayla Green

Fix the app I'm a new banking client and heard good things about tangerine bank so thought I'd give them a try. But all the app does is force close. I can't deposit a cheque through the app. What's the point ìf I can't do anything. Maybe I should just find a different bank. I'd like to make a deposit but well I can't. Fix it or I take my business elsewhere.

lindsay smith

Not functional You got rid of more than half of the features!!!!! Pointless to use now have to log on to a full computer to do my banking the only thing NB I do with this app is check balance! Worst update ever! Back to PC financial I go!

Erin Laver

Hate the new app My primary chequeing account is with Tangerine. I pay my bills and manage my accounts using the app on my Nexus 5. The new update is pretty but I have 2 major problems. 1. When typing in my pin, my keyboard covers the field and I can't see what I am typing. 2. I can no longer cut and paste the bill payment confirmation number to enter it into my budgeting app. This is very frustrating as I like to keep a copy of the confirmations. I hope this is resolved soon.

Alex Grasic

How do you exit??? I've logged out and now I can't exit the app, I'm just staring at an orange I missing something here?? Go back to the widget interface...much more friendly

Linda Gardinor

Update is absolute rubbish Been using the app for a long time. Recent update is impossible let to work with as it us so slow! Adding a person to my interac email list is ridiculous as the keyboard covers the questions. Sad that I have to now ditch an app that was working perfectly all this time. Time to go back to RBC so I can still bank on the go...

Steven JY. Lee

Why the unnecessary update? I really liked the older version, quick and easy. Now this app is just like the big banks. Please roll back.

Joe Lastoria

New UI is nice... I'm not sure if the other recent reviews were for a previous version (before the possible big fixes) but the newly redesigned app is fast and smooth on my Samsung tablet. Login was fast and simple, and it seems all functions are easy to find and use; I'm not sure what options were taken out, if any.

Robert Hardy

Please reverse recent changes I hate them. Update purged all app data forcing to re-enter it. App now hounds you about unauthorised changes to your device on every launch. I secure my device. Changes I make to MY device are authorised by definition! Anyone who uses a unmodified device they do not control is significantly at greater risk. Please keep your invalid opinions to yourself and get rid of the annoying requester on every launch. The old app worked and worked well. Other regressions: New GUI wastes a lot of space. Transactions are huge and what used to take a line is now up to seven lines. I can fit a lot more on my screen. Back button should exit the app not open a menu.

Jean-François Champagne

Can't deposit cheques The application worked well before but since the last update, it crashes everytime I try to deposit a cheque after taking the picture. You should fix this...

Andrew Sangho Lee

The UI has improved significantly compare to previous version. But it looks like it doesn't have Android Wear app. Previous version had Android Wear app; where I could quickly check account balance and recent activities. Can we have those features back? Thanks,

Dakota Hourie

Good attempt, bad implementation. The interface has improved significantly, but removing orange snapshot was a mistake. Also it says my device has been modified, it has not.

Ross Duquette

Love it! Love the new update. The new UI looks great and the added features like sliding on the account to make quick actions is a great feature. I have not tried depositing a cheque with the new update yet, but according to some of the other reviews this may now be a problem? Also I think Quick View is a huge improvement over Orange Snapshot. Well done.

Sumit Guleria

new update is heavy New update is way too heavy for Nexus 5. It used to be pretty smooth in speed, now the bootup and quick look at the accounts, takes forever.

D Pitchford

Changes While updating to this new version, it purged my data so I need to add it back. There is also NO reason for a banking app to require access to our contacts. NONE. First load took way too long, seems huge and bloated now. And I haven't even logged in yet.

Joel de Leseleuc

Since last update I can no longer deposit cheques. Very disappointed! I have come to rely on depositing cheques via my phone. This is very inconvenient since of course there are no Tangerine banks in my area!

Hard to use Please return to previous version. New app is slow, clunky, and simply a pos design.

H Tra

Update It gets worse on every update. To login it took me 5 minutes. It is suppose to be smoother not the other way around.

Dave G.

Nice UI but slow Wish you guys would use native Android components. Good job with the UI but everything is so slow to load.

Alexander Diana

What happened? I'm not on an iPhone, why do I have a crappy port of an iPhone app for my banking now? Why does the back button open a menu? What? Please, follow the Google design guidelines.

Alan Tanaka

First version was the best Too long to open, even on WiFi. Constant error notice. I just open on my browser. It's more stable.

Nick Wilde

Garbage Keeps saying this function isn't available. Good thing Tangerine is just my backup bank.

privacy problem can't update this application without giving it permission to access my contacts list.

Vishy Ramakrishnan

The upgrade removed features The app used to have cash back categories that we can pick. Now it's gone. I am also hearing from other reviewers that cheque imaging is gone too. Tangerine, please fix this soon before everyone moves to PC Financial.

Devin Grosz

After some thought and usage. This app sucks now. It's harder to do things I could easily do in the old app and it didn't add any usability.

Michael K H TANG

Smartphone version on tablet I have no problems using this app on my tablet, I noticed there is a tablet version. What is the difference, is it spacing and font size. Don't make me switch to the tablet version. Tried the tablet version, order the smartphone version.

Jeff Santos

To slow. Doesnt work very good. Always lagging

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