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6 Sep
Take Control of the Tower

Posted by in Casual | Sept. 6, 2016 | 101 Comments

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Do you want to know what it's like to be an air traffic controller?

In Take Control of the Tower you have the full control over the airspace. At a blazing pace you decide what the departure- and approach paths are. Do that for more and more aircrafts along the game.

Can you handle the pressure and stay 'in control'?

Take Control of the Tower, a game of Dutch Air Traffic Control (LVNL).

Whats new

    Version 2.3.0
    - Bug fixes
    Version 2.2.0
    - On higher resolution devices, the runways are positioned in the right way
    - Fixed other bugs
    Version 2.1
    - New interface
    - Added a new achievement
    - Fixed different bugs part of our Casual and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 6, 2016. Google play rating is 73.66. Current verison is None. Actual size 0 bytes.

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Michael Hunt

Great until the takeoff level. My planes won't take off I keep swiping and it just turns red. Over and over until 15 seconds and it says game over. The rapid closing and opening of runways is stupid and doesn't even warn you. Thus should be stressful instead they gs impossible and stupid.

Paul Delavan

Alright The runways continually closing is ridiculous. Never happen IRL that much. Try once MAYBE twice per level.

mohd.khairul fadly osman

This game is..... Very fast close runway...but slowly open the new runway...and the plane is fast...until can't wait to the new open runway...please don't let the customers feel not happy with your product...

A Garagem Lagoa

Great app This would have been my dream job ... but now I'm too old ;-(

Dimas Rahadian

Good but not best I really enjoy the immersion of this game compared to others BUT: - please fix the bug where i cant managed to give route for taking off aircrafts. The edge area are buggy - give more area around airport a bit so i can give some aircraft a holding pattern - add a customized never ending mode to our pleasure

George Macwan

Very good and kind of puzzling Lvl 2 is very hard for me the ruways take a long time to open and you dont even know where to land the planes if the runway suddenly closes

R Pellens

GRAPHIC issues Too hard to control planes. Planes could be smaller. Dull colors. Didn't keep, but there's potential here to a good game. Will check back.

Ragavan Rajan

Tough design- Could be more flexible Could be little more flexible. But very interesting to play. More Brain stuff and patience required for every stage!! Kudos to developer. Amazing game anyway

rajeev nirala

Very good game but very few stages...

steven bishop

Could be much better planes won't take off!! The runways are too thin to line the planes as sometimes it takes a couple of attempts and I dont even have fat fingers. Also not very responsive. planes and runways too small. harbour master and the other airport game is much better

Jonathan Chung

Amazing! I have been searching this app for days

Anh Tran

Average At least you can warn a few seconds before closing a runway. It's annoying when 4 of your 7 planes are scheduled for a runway when it's closed and replaced by a smaller one.

Vivek Sharma

Very nice app.. Takes your skills to the ultimate test.. Well done developing such an app :)

Chris Pearcy

Too Many Bugs! Could be a fun game but too many frustrations. Game freezes and force closes. Bricked my phone twice. Too many time controls to land plane don't work and planes just fly off the screen, even after the new "update".

Darren Curtis

Very unresponsive touch controls means planes don't quite fly where you would expect them to. The amount of times the runways close is rediculous and you are always changing course of the aircraft due to this. The learning curve is also very steep.

Edy Junaidi

Nice but lack of sensitivity to control Great game fun to play but lack of sensitivity make the gameplay a little bit problematic, please fix it

Sibusiso Habile

Super good and much more realistic too!!!

Arso Nugroho

Its a great game, landing a plane with various challenge..

Shane Salem

Best air controller game out there

Sumit Tiwari

Excellent game with lot of varieties . Nice . I can say it is the best game I have played as of now in my phone . Nice

Glenn Muscat

Great Same problem as Michael though. Takeoff level is bugged

Yoram Klein

A good gane Not sensitive good enough

Paul Finch

Great game Simple and challenging. A lot of cheap fun! Brilliant!

Mohd Syahir Ridwan

Need improve Make the airplane crash. Make it more realistic

Rasheme Richardson

One of the better air traffic control sims Good set up and flow very challenging

Albert Chen

Pretty decent Especially the audio

ronnie cool

Heights of awesomeness Awesome game awesome created ....... u rock guys ......

J.v Sagar

Super game I got mad to play this game

laila hassim

How do u depart the aircraft?????

Md Jaman

Very good

pubudu sanjeewa perera

Great game I love this game. That is awesome.. Air traffic control is not easy as much as we think. Any way i have completed that every level.

Wahid Shaikh

More levels should be added but its good

Denise Shashati

Love The graphics, the sound effects, and the challenge make this game addictive

Saky Saky

Is a great time pass

Pat Vankeer

2 planes collided. Why? How do we tell the altitude. In real you can put one plane higher then other so no they all seem to fly at the same altitude?

Chad Hosn

This is more than love..Wow .. glued to it..Sweaty hands .. I hate when people call while in flight.. these people need to land safely.. There's lives a risk here People Addictive to the MAX 10 out of 10

Travis Schofield

That's funny. I gave a bad review and they had it deleted the next day. The main problem with this game is they often have situations that are impossible to fix. Takeoff must be done in 10-15 seconds. But many times there's a helicopter along same path. Can't wait bc time. Can't go bc collision.

Richard Pacheco

Awesome! Good time killer. Runs smooth on my Galaxy Note 5. Entertaining for work.

James Logan

Awesome Love this game, although I wish there were more levels, like a bad weather level, snow, rain, other than that I am hooked.

Curtis Elkshoulder

An awesome game. I downloaded it, it took sometime but I finally finished. It was a very good time killer and a great challenge, so good I almost picked up smoking LOL. Thanks for this game. I will retain it on my device for a while.

Helen Mary

Great - just needs more levels Love it but got to the last level very quickly, would love some more content

ShanurRahman Zahid

At take off level when you have specified that 7 planes have to take off in right direction than why the hell game stops when I don't take off 8 th plane

James Jefferson

Take control of the tower I really like the game. You have to be alert at all times. Lot of fun.

Usman Aslam

Very good game It'll surely keep you busy for some time

Viktoria Alby

Stupid This is more for a small child - try unmatched air traffic control... this was boring

Judge John Deed

Good game but needs update! Overall its a simple yet enjoyable game...but I have found on many occasions on Low Fuel level...some aircraft are impossible to land in time as the time is so short and distance so far...bit like a fair ground game when the rings cannot fit over the block so you are tempted to keep paying more and trying again as you think theres a chance!

Cedric Genevieve

Good but could give more than these in the same app

Graeme Willox

Good game Varying degrees of difficulty. Shame there aren't more levels.

Stephen Hamblen

Take control of what? This isn't a very good attempt at a game like this. Unmatched Air traffic is way way way way better.

Travis Hoover

Im having fun, oh wait now I'm not 1 level fun, level 2 fun, 3 level .....what the hell

michael buck

Poor design try again! Not well thought out. Hard to see where the land planes and flight paths are hard to see

Kenneth Chan

It would be great if I can switch off the sound when I am listening to music...

Michał P

Fun but challenging Fun but last challenge seems way too hard for tablet screens. I would like to see new airports and a challenge that is more possible for smaller screens.

A Garagem Lagoa

Great app Great game but helpdesk can improve their service (they requested input, i sent input, no response AT ALL)


Really nice game but Nice game and improved alot.

Jonathan Cage

So addictive Just needs a few more levels

Lukas Scowen

Fix this! Way way WAY too many planes at one time after a few levels.

Madhav Vij

[SOLVED]In the latest update, when the app is opened it shows the logo then gets stuck on white screen, nothing happens after that.

Bobo Miezi

Super game for the mind thinkers You deserve my 5/5 for the job well done. All the best

Leah Sheridan

?... Why is it that it loads and the screen goes white and then it just takes me back onto playstore??????

Germano Crespo

Love it It puts you to the test

Austyn Young

Love it but.... I had so much fun but i Wish there was more levels :/

sarah bingley

Great game This game is very addictive. Love it!

Shaista Rafik

Bad They don't show how to play

Michael Toombs

Awesomely Good Yeah Very Good I Reccomend it

Nauris Veits

Too fiddly Too often change of active runways.

vaughan clarke

Very good game

Seas Aviation

Tower control Really a great game

Jaap Nieland

Fun and challenging

Jacob Deese

Awesome! Very fun! Absolutely love this game. A great game to play when trying to burn time.

Swapnil Divekar

Swapnil Divekar with Lenovo vibe k5 plus Nice game with some extra activity

Keith James

This challenged me for a bit. I wish the game was longer.. I had fun, thanks...

A Google User

Very good This fully simulation game and very fantastic better than air control 1 and 2

Tom Seidenthal

Finger Drag I don't like this type of ATC game, where you drag the plane to its runway.

harry holmes

Good game can you put some new levels and airports and things in the game please 5 star game

Mitch Allen

It's okay This game is good but quite unrealistic. On the low fuel level, you have very little time to land planes, and also the constant runway changes, I put all planes into a flight path to avoid collision, then runway changes and I have to then change the route of 5+ planes without collision then run out of time. If I don't organise into a flight path, and just land everything as quick as I can then I always get a collision. It doesn't help that planes can come from all directions as well. Not the best ATC game.

H-man Nalbant

Boring boring boring Waste of time

Hekmatullah Hekmat

The most comprehensive air traffic control simulator. Everything is arranged properly. A chance to learn more . thank you for the good job

Jason McCutcheon

Alright 14 seconds into the game, and I had to rate it.

Stan Prig

Addictive Had a play for five minutes and then fully addicted ?

Nicholas Jackson

It's made to make you fail. But addicting.

Love the graphics...way better than other fc games I've tried

John Murray

Needs improvement It needs language change to English and which runway and airport it's supposed to be landing at.

Sami Puro

Meh Description says "Discover what it's like to be an Air Traffic Controller in Take Control." ...well this is just like all other mobile "atc" games where you just drag planes around to hit the runway and it has nothing that relates to real air traffic control. Well they do play some atc-like recordings in the background but they are completely random and have no relation to what you actually do (just annoying)...

Titus Ahciarliu

Great but could improve It's a great game but here are 2 ideas for improvement. 1. Make the notifications on top-right either smaller, transparent or keep just one at a time because when u get 4-5 at the same time they cover up that part of the screen and you can't control what is going on there. I crashed lots of planes 20-30 mins into the challenge due to this. 2. It's frustrating when I take off a plane and send it in a direction and exactly as it's about to exit the screen a new plane pops out and they crash. Fix and u get 5?

Barry Bestpitch

Fun game Great game, but I wish IT HAD A DIFFICULTLY setting or a setting to slow planes down or speed them up. And if you direct a plane to land on a certain runway - don't close the runway while the plane is trying to land...!

brad burchett

Keeps freezing up Game might be fun. But after one round it freezes up on me. Had to uninstall and reinstall it. Same issue.

Vignesh K

Great Game Need more Levels Interesting Game, can't stop playing. Required more difficult levels, and improved controls like speed increase & decrease. Can't zoom the screen, Fix it .

Akhil garg

Nice game keeps busy Nice game keeps me busy, hard challenges very nice. I really feel better after playing this game and after ending this game .


Good graphics and really tough Hope you can reduce technicalities in phases please

Jozsef David

Good game Small planes and no speed control or flight level control,missing hold pattern too

Boring The most boring game ever

Andrew Wiliams

Doesn't work wastes of time

Eric C.

Not easy to play

Karthi A

Best strategies Good graphic nice timings and interesting game

Alexander Malongo

Best app Iam interested to use it

Anthonette Marie Moleta

Obviously needs work Why do we have to make planes run into birds!? this is not good. Because in a real life scenario you avoid bird strikes because it costs millions of dollars and can cause loss of life and a bird strike is obviously a bad situation, and running into birds is the most stupid idea ever. And one problem is that why can't airplanes go in different attitudes. And also can we have a warning that a runway is closing. It will be very helpful. And as a airplane inthusiast I want this to be more realistic.

David Nightingale

Way too fussy! The approach must be, without the slightest variation, exactly, precisely, in line with the runway. It's as if there are no pilots.

G Macc

Horriable Hate this game so stupid one runway open and like 50 aircrafts wtf is this i hope you guys have common senxe what real atc is your a fukin disgrace to air traffic

Joel Mc Gillivary

Shaded areas but... I'll call it challenges! Addicted

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